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Central America

List of Central America Missionaries

Love Thy Neighbor

God's Word teaches us that we should love our neighbour. But like the lawyer of Luke 10, we may ask: Who is our neighbour? Generally, we think of our neighbors as those who live in close proximity to us; those who live on our street or in our community.

When we think globally, we must think of our neighbors just south of us in Mexico and Central America. Here at BIMI, we see Central America as those countries from Mexico all the way down to Panama. There are almost 150 million souls in Central America, about half as many as the United States. God has raised up many great works throughout the region, but there is still much to be done.

The prevalent language is Spanish and the majority of the population professes Catholicism as their religion. Will you pray that the Lord of the harvest will send more laborers to the fields of Central America?

Missionaries in Central America

Terry & Kaye Jones

   John & Robin Harris
   Jonathan & Elizabeth Shertzer

   Richard & Patty Comer

   Jeremy N & Michelle Blanz
   Rick L & Shannon Dove Jr
   Brent M & Jennifer J Hoffman

   Cesar & Christine Cerna
   Adam & Esther Fridenstine

   Joel J & Marilu Marsh

   Debra Anner
   Kristen Dow
   Matthew & Dallita Goins
   Rachel D Kiefer
   Brandon & Kathy Lane
   Mark & Brenda Liedtke
   Nathan D & Cori Eve Mortenson
   Jason A & Cassandra Tate
   W Evan & Maria Williams

   Thomas & Frances Bruchie
   Jeffrey Donald & Elisabeth Carney
   Donald A & Carolyn Carney
   Ryan & Sarah Case
   Frankie H & Paulette Gant
   Ronnie J & Jeanette Goodman
   Marie Jones
   John & Diana Klink
   Gary D & Ann Layne
   Mark & Karri Lockhart
   Luis S & Audryanna N Lopez
   Esteban & Alejandra Marquez
   Luis A & Magdalena Montano
   E Josue & Rebekah Ortiz
   Tim & Brittany Pontius
   Jorge L & Aimee Rodriguez
   Nick & Patricia Sutmaier
   Mark & Donna Whiffen

   Bob & Sabina Dayton
   Ricardo J & Angela Portillo
   Daniel & Heather Sutton

   Franklin & Brenda Booth

Central America Director

Terry & Kaye Jones

Read more about the Jones Family. He can be contacted through the BIMI office: (423) 344-5050.

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