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Steven & Christy Maldoff

As a young teenager growing up on Long Island, New York, Steven came to recognize his need for Jesus Christ as his Savior in 1986. After a family move to Cleveland, Ohio, the Maldoff family attended Cleveland Baptist Church for many years. It was there while participating in a mission team trip to Mexico that he felt the leading of God to serve the Lord with his life in missions work.

This call by God in 1991 led Steven to Bible college to prepare himself to pursue a life of missions. While in Bible college, he met Christy Shelton who was also preparing for a life serving God overseas through the skill of nursing.

After marrying Christy in 1995, Steven stayed on at college to become an assistant to one of the administrators. This role allowed him to oversee many different people in a variety of responsibilities as well as encouraging and helping the college students.

Completing his tenure on staff in 1998, Steven and his family moved back to Cleveland, Ohio, to serve as an assistant pastor for the Lakeland Baptist Church. While obtaining practical skills of the ministry in this capacity, Steven and Christy also began the process of heading to Australia after being accepted as BIMI missionaries in 1999.

In late 2003 the Maldoffs moved to Buronga, New South Wales, which is a remote rural community located near the Australian outback. It was here they established the Murray River Baptist Church in early 2004. Throughout the years the church has become a thriving, self-sustaining Baptist church with strong leadership and governance.

In early 2013 Steven felt the leading of God to move him onward from the church and turn the responsibility of it to new leadership. Having decided this and seeking what God would have him do next, he was asked to consider a leadership position within BIMI. December 10, 2013, Brother Maldoff assumed the position of Assistant Southeast Asia Director, and on June 1, 2014, he will become BIMI's Southeast Asia Director.

Steven is excited about this new role in assisting the missionaries serving the Lord in the various countries of Southeast Asia. Having lived for over a decade in that region of the world, he has been able to see firsthand the great need for more messengers of the Gospel. One of his great desires is to see more people submit their lives in service to God in one of the many countries located throughout the region. Other passions that he has are in the area of discipleship and apologetics.

Steven's family includes his wife, Christy, and their three daughters: Sarah, Emily and Abigail.

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Southeast Asia Director

Steven & Christy Maldoff

Read more about the Maldoffs. He may be contacted through the BIMI office at (423) 344-5050.

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