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List of Far East Missionaries

Over a quarter of the world's population is found in the countries of the Far East. Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Animism, Islam, and Catholicism have dominated and continue to dominate this part of the world. Since the early 1960s, BIMI has had outreaches in Japan, China, the Philippines and the Micronesian Islands. We are getting ready to send missionaries to Taiwan and Mongolia. The response has been greater in some countries than others. Some have a modern lifestyle, while others have great poverty. Some places speak English, but most have difficult Oriental languages. All have their own beauty. The thing that stands out more than anything, however, is the great need for someone to introduce people to Christ. Our Bible college in Japan is producing graduates, but most Japanese know nothing of Christ. Huge cities are still unreached. In the Philippines, our missionaries are seeing many saved, but millions are still unevangelized. Over a billion in China need the Lord. We have great potential and great responsibility to reach this part of the world.

   David & Jenny Harris

   Stanley & Mollie Prussia

   Kevin & Roxanne Akana

   Roland & Sandra Simeonsson

   Stephen & Kimiyo Canter
   David & Glenda Carter
   William & Terry Craig
   Carl J & Amy L Durden
   Dan & Terri Gardner
   Daniel & Heidi Gardner Jr
   Paul & Sarah Johnson
   Henry & Celeste Ward
   Ethel Wilson

   Jason & Mary Ritchie
   Charles D & Tammy Weber JR
   Zachary & Amanda Whitener

   Peter & Nenita Denisi
   Frank Denisi
   David & Virginia Diamante
   Rick & Gaylene Fannin
   Phil & Rachel Frasier
   Christopher & Ivy Hurst
   Layne & Nelia Jones
   Rick & Rebecca Martin
   Rose Pyles
   Bruce & Jeanne Rice
   Douglas & Becky Sisson
   Jonathan & Ellen Sparks
   Eddie & Rebecca Trimble

   Roger & Liz Workman

Far East Director
David Harris

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Thursday, April 24, 2014