Prayer Requests

February 2020

NORTH AMERICA, UNITED STATES, NEW MEXICO, SHEEPSPRINGS, John and April McDaniel —They share the following report and prayer needs: “We thank the Lord that there have been some great blessings in 2019! Fourteen souls came to Christ in salvation. We were able to double the support going to our missionaries and take on a new missionary. Five people enrolled in Discipleship class, and there is an enthusiasm for church and serving the Lord.

We are trying to get documents for our mission site lease. The paperwork allows us to legally have our church on the Navajo Reservation. We never received our copy of the documents, and it is difficult to deal with the Navajo Nation government to get the paperwork. Pray that we get the mission site lease taken care of soon.

• Souls to be saved and discipleship to be completed
• Materials and manpower for our home construction
• Repair on a broken water pipe underneath our church building
• Safety”

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, SAN MAGUEL de TUCUMÁN, Larry Owens —He shares the following: “Please pray for our country. A socialist leaning president won the recent election. He wants to implement laws concerning homosexuality and abortion. Our youth camp began January 27. We are in the summer months here in the Southern Hemisphere. We had more than 100 who attended. Our special speaker was from Bolivia.

PRAYER REQUESTS • Please pray for us as we are planning to leave our church we started in Monteros and plant a new church in Concepción, a city of about 80,000 people.
• Please pray for a man who was recently saved. Pray also for him and his wife.
• Please pray for a man who came to church recently and was saved and is now coming with his whole family to church. Pray for his health needs.”

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, BARQUISIMETO, LARA, Carlos and Susan Arce —They share the following report: “Recently, I was preaching in one of the last churches that we started. Five adults raised their hands to be saved and many others came forward to get their lives right with God.

Coming back home in our pick-up truck as we were leaving people at their homes on the way, the pastor’s wife shared with us that the Sunday before they did not have anything to give to the children to eat as they do every week. Many of these children are hungry since they have not eaten but once a day. Many times they just get a small cup of black coffee. She said, ‘Preacher, I was praying to God to help us. My husband and I had gone out Saturday with other people from the church on visitation. The owner of a bread store/bakery in town stopped us and said, “I have something for you! I know you give out food every week to the children that come to church, and I like that very much. I do not know why but I felt the desire to fix something for you, and here it is.” There were two huge cakes about two feet long each. They were huge cakes! So that Sunday we had a great time giving out pieces of cake to each child and the adults who came.” She then said, ‘Preacher, I do not ever remember giving out food this way before, but now that we are going through the worse time there has ever been here in our country, and with God’s blessing through the boxes many of you have sent, we have been able to feed those that come to church every week.’

Praise the Lord, dear brothers and sisters! Thank you for your help and love offerings and the boxes of food and clothes and medicine you have sent for our people here. God will reward you greatly beyond your biggest expectations in glory! May the Lord bless you.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth —They share the following report: “God is still working in the country of Chile. We have seen more people saved and the church continues to grow. A woman was recently saved. She and her family are friends with one of our families and recently had a child. Through some conversations, they decided to attend our Sunday services. The husband really had no interest in church. However, the wife continued to attend church with her kids. One Saturday as Tiffany and I were visiting with her, I asked her about making a decision to receive Christ as her Savior. Of course, with her Catholic background, there are always many questions because Catholics just assume they are good in the eyes of God. However, after sharing some Bible verses with her, she realized that she was not all right with God and she made the decision to pray and receive Jesus. She continues to attend faithfully with her kids but her husband still has no interest. Pray for this family that the husband would get saved and that she would continue to grow.”

CARIBBEAN, NORTHERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, NAGUA, Jeffri and Pamela Polanco —They share the following report and prayer needs: “The first week of January, we held a baptismal service at the beach. We had a Haitian man who has been saved for a few months, one of our most faithful teens, and a recently saved convert follow the Lord in Believer’s Baptism. We are thrilled about their decisions to obey the Lord in this area of their lives, and we pray that they will be an example of obedience to others. It has been hard to get people baptized because Nagua is a very Catholic town, but we trust that the Word of the Lord would have free course.

• Our first service in our new church location
• Our church immediate needs to be met
• Spiritual and numerical growth of the church
• Our health and safety
• That the Lord would bless our efforts of putting the book of Romans in people’s hands
• That we would have visitors come to church and souls saved as a result”

WESTERN EUROPE, SCOTLAND, ABERDEEN, KINGSWELLS, Rick and Sarah Demastus —They share the following report: “We held our church services in the St Nicholas Church in Kincorth for the last three weeks of 2019. We had Christmas Sunday, Vision Sunday, and New Year Sunday. Each week we had visitors and they returned. We went over some goals for 2020 and our theme of Growing in Christ. We added a couple ministries to the church, including Care Home ministry and Youth ministry. Our first Youth meeting was on the January 25 and the Care Home ministry started the first week of February. This year is packed and we are excited about what God is going to do!

PRAYER REQUESTS • Souls to be saved, baptized, and discipled
• For Sarah’s outreach with the local mums
• For Open Door Baptist Church and its growth
• For us as we reach out to our neighbors and witness to them
• To find a more permanent building for services
• For purchasing a van to pick up families for church
• For us as we continue to save funds for our Visa renewal in August 2020
• For Gracelyn’s recovery
• For possible option on a building in Garthdee, an old Church of Scotland facility.”

SOUTH AMERICA, BRAZIL, SÃO PAULO, LIMERIA, Garry and Pam Tyler —They share the following: “Our son, Jeremy, fell through the roof in his church in Vilhena, Rondônia, with injuries so serious that he was taken to Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo where they did surgery and saved his life. Pam and I stayed in Vilhena for a month taking care of his church and family. Then we flew back to Limeira in the southeastern part of Brazil with our three grandsons. Jeremy and his family have been staying with us since then to recover and do therapy. We praise the Lord that Jeremy is walking and using his right arm to eat. God did a miracle in his life! They left to return to Velhena on January 18. In the midst of all these things, God was at work. While we were in Vilhena, we saw four people saved, and the time was very enjoyable serving the Lord in Jeremy’s church. After returning to Limeira, we had the ordination of Alexandre Ferreira who plans to go to Venezuela as a missionary. He is in the far north part of Brazil today getting his documents worked out to go into the country of Venezuela.

• Pray for Pam and me.
• Pray about a pastor for our church here in Limeira.
• Pray for our son, Jeremy, and his church.”

USA MILITARY, SICILY, MOTTA S’ANASTASIA, Al and Elizabeth Hamilton —They share the following report: “Individual discipleship continues to be a hallmark of our work here. Recently, we have had more adults than children, which means plenty of discipleship opportunities with many of the adults taking the course. Sadly, some do not finish but that does not happen often. We praise the Lord for how He has used this course to strengthen our people.

Elizabeth has a nice size children’s class, which allows her to focus on teaching instead of crowd control. Her group continues to respond very well.

A highlight each month is our Men’s Prayer Breakfast. One of our men has taken on the work of cooking the same breakfast each month—now known as ‘Dave’s Breakfast’—and it is as deadly as anything Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans has to offer. After eating, I bring a brief Bible study and then the discussion begins. It is always encouraging to all of us. The ladies have been gathering every quarter, and they are looking to have it each month in the future.

Your prayers for our continual health as well as things mentioned above are so appreciated.”

EAST AFRICA, UNGANDA, NUNDA, Dan and Amie Dwire —They share the following report and prayer needs: “During January 14–17, we had our annual East African Baptist Youth Camp, sponsored by a sister church across town. It was an eight-hour drive to their camp facilities. We were thrilled that eight teens (including our own Abbie and Emilie) from our church were able to attend this year’s camp.

COLLEGE: East Africa Baptist College resumes in February. We are expecting a record high enrollment of residential students again this year, in addition, we will be piloting an independent-study program for married and professional adults who wish to take classes but are unable to attend on campus. Please pray for wisdom as we prepare for this semester and this new program.

PRAYER REQUESTS • The start of another semester at East Africa Baptist College (in February)
• Wisdom, direction, and patience as we search for affordable land for the church.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, DANGRIGA, STANN CREEK, John and Robin Harris —They write, “We finally moved into our new building and there was a church that gave us a third of what we needed. I assure you that every shilling (a quarter of a dollar) was spent within the same week that we received it. Much of the construction was completed as well as most of the painting. We still need quite a few things, including more chairs. We are trusting the Lord to supply the needs here. Please continue to pray about these needs.

We have been averaging in the 20s since our first-year anniversary service. One Sunday we had 35 in attendance. We added two ministries, which includes a monthly youth night as well as a ladies’ fellowship.

A man approached me a few days ago following his release from prison. He was heavily involved with one of the cartels in Belize. After talking with him for an hour, he realized that he was searching for something and so I introduced him to that Someone and he was gloriously saved. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, ONTARIO, NORTH YORK, Cory and April McTague —They share the following: “Our church was able to put up a subway ad in the same neighborhood as our mailing in a station that has 28k people come through it daily. At the same time, we opened a YouTube channel that included a salvation video and the first video in our #Finding Authentic Faith series. Throughout this, we have seen much increase in our online traffic. As this city operates much like Nicodemus, searching for answers secretly, we are pleased with how God is beginning to use these efforts. To our knowledge, these are unprecedented efforts in our area.

The Lord has continued to strengthen the believers who are faithfully attending. They have been faithful and are hungry for our mid-week service. We are all excited about getting a new room in our community center that looks just like a church! What a blessing! Our people are unifying in spirit and loving each other! This is all very encouraging as we plan to start the steps toward chartering very shortly.

Please be in prayer with us as we are attempting many new projects in reaching our city. Pray for those that have visited for our special events and those who are researching us online. Pray that the Lord will touch their hearts and draw them to Himself.”

WEST AFRICA, IVORY COAST, Kristine McLaughlin —She gives the following report: “The Lord gave me a special blessing on New Year’s Day. I called the national pastor of our church plant in Zangue (zong-gay). He said that the new believers there decided to come to church to worship together on December 31. They told him, ‘It is the last day of the year. We cannot stay in our houses. We will give this day to God. Our prayers must go up to thank God for His blessings in 2019.’ It touched my heart to hear this news! Praise the Lord for these dear villagers who have trusted Christ as their Savior. One was the first to be saved on the church land in the early part of 2019, and another uses his megaphone to invite people to this medical day.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SAN PEDRO, Nate and Christine Saint —They share the following report: “Last year was full of blessings as we faced some of life’s challenges. We took some giant steps of faith while others walked away from the Lord. A man and his family have been faithful the last few months, and they have been a tremendous blessing. They are facing some personal challenges as well as some health issues. We would appreciated your prayers for them and their spiritual maturity.

Another man and his family have not attend church at all during the last two months. We have visited them and he explained that he has been attending his father-in-law’s church right by his house. He knows this church has doctrinal problems but claims he is trying to straighten out the church. Please pray for he and his family to follow the Lord’s leading.

His daughter and her husband have been very faithful to our evening service. They have even started a mid-week discipleship study in our home, and we are excited their eagerness to learn more about the Lord. Please pray for them to continue to grow and be witnesses for the Lord.”

We continue to wait for the Lord to provide the church property here in San Pedro. We have been waiting for it for over a year and a half, but it is still tied up in legal paperwork between the construction company and the city government. Please pray that we would soon be able to use this property to reach our community with the Gospel.”

December 2019

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Peter and Elizabeth Putney —They share the following report and prayer needs: “The Lord has blessed our church numerically as we near the end of 2019 and it has become necessary to have more chairs in our auditorium. After consulting with the owner of our building, we received permission to turn the rooftop patio into an enclosed room and to knock out the walls of one of our classrooms to increase the space in the auditorium. It was a blessing to see the men of our church help with much of the work of this project. The upstairs office and classroom are now complete, and we hope to finish the auditorium addition soon. The change should add about 20 more seats as well as give us an extra classroom. We have already started a new kids’ class.

• Spiritual protection for our church while we are gone
• Traveling safety during short furlough
• More missionaries sent to Colombia”

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, BEILINGEN, Rusty and Karen Pilalas —They share the following interesting account of their ministry to the military in Germany. SO READ THEIR LETTER, PLEASE! “Our burden for the military people and their families living overseas at Spangdahlem Air Base is ever so pressing on our hearts, and lately we have been reassured by the Lord how important one soul is to Him too!
Meet the M. family. T., D., R. (8) and A. (6). They were in Germany for 1½ years when D. met a woman from Eifel Baptist Church. Every time A. saw Danielle and the girls at the playground or around the base, she would invite them to church. One day they came and brought the other member of their family that A. had not met yet, Sgt. T. M. T. is a great military sergeant, husband, and father, a nice man and rather quiet. D. told us that she was saved, but T. was not raised in church and was a bit skeptical and not to push him too fast or he might back off. We took that advice and prayed for him, asking the Holy Spirit to draw him in, and to lead us in talking to him. He was listening intently to the preaching, fellowshipping with our folks and fitting right in.
One Sunday during a potluck, Karen was sitting near them and started talking to D. about serving in the music ministry. She asked if they could go to a quieter place to talk in private and asked T. if he wanted to come join in the conversation. He did join them and listened to Karen give her testimony of salvation and then D. told hers. Then Karen asked T. if anyone had ever shown him the verses in the Bible of how he could know for sure that he would go to Heaven. He said that nobody ever had. Karen asked if it would be OK for her to do that and he said, ‘Sure.’ After the verses were read and explained, T. bowed his head and asked Jesus to forgive him of his sin and saved him. PRAISE GOD!! A few weeks later, T. got baptized and for the next year and half the M. family came to church faithfully, learning, growing, and serving. Unfortunately, as all of our people do, they got orders. They were going to Holloman AFB in New Mexico. On September 24 we were so sad to see them go, but we knew that is the way of military missions.
Ten days later at 2 AM we got the message from D. to pray for them because she and T. had been in a bad car accident. A semi-truck had skidded on wet roads and hit them very hard. T. went into a coma immediately and D. was hurt pretty badly, but praise God, nothing serious. Thankfully, the girls were staying with relatives at that time. A few days after the news, and after some prayer, Rusty decided to go be with D. and the girls. They needed their pastor. Four days after Rusty got there, he held T.’s hand as he slipped peacefully into eternity. PRAISE GOD, we knew he was greeted by Jesus at that second. Words cannot describe the peace that D. has, knowing that T. is out of pain and suffering and in Heaven.
We are not so prideful to think that T. could have been saved at another time or place. But we know that the Lord had us here at this time to reach him.”

WESTERN EUROPE, SCOTLAND, ABERDEEN, Rick and Sarah Demastus —They share the following report and prayer requests: “Sarah had a ladies fellowship the week after Anniversary Sunday and a few new ladies were able to attend. The focus was on prayer. We had been working fervently on practicing Christmas hymns for our Singspiration in December. It has been great to have folks over to the house each week and growing confident together. Pray for souls to be saved and families to be reached at this event. We have seen a couple new families start to attend regularly. They both grew up in Baptist churches and they have enjoyed the fellowship and preaching.

• Souls to be saved, baptized, and discipled
• For our supporting churches
• For Sarah’s outreach with the local mums
• For Open Door Baptist and its growth
• For us as we reach out to our neighbors and witness to them
• To find a more permanent building for services
• For purchasing a van to pick up families for church
• For us as we continue to save funds for our Visa Renewal in August 2020
• Singspiration in December, singing Christmas hymns”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, Dave and Debbie Board —They shared the following report: “Recently, we had a special Sunday morning service that focused on the Great Commission and missions. We were blessed to witness 18 new believers baptized, to see five babies dedicated to the Lord, and to hear testimonies from our members who have been saved.

We would like to ask you to pray in a specific way for a couple of new soul-winning outreaches that we anticipate starting during the month of December and into the new year. It seems that God is opening a new door of influence into our community. Please pray for a special outreach that will take place at Christmas where our members who have been saved reach out to their friends and loved ones. Our national believers believe that now is the appropriate time to take two steps forward, so please pray for wisdom, the Holy Spirit’s working, and protection as these two events take place.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, Matt and Dallita Goins —They share the following with a testimony of salvation: “Recently, a man testified of the way he came to Christ, and I was reminded of God’s sovereign working and abundant grace. He was hanging out with a teenage boy who sporadically attended our church. One Sunday morning both boys were making plans to go downtown, but in order to get permission they lied to the other young man’s mother and said they were going to church. Their charade included waiting at the church bus stop and even riding on our church bus all the way to its destination but then catching a public bus that was headed downtown instead of attending church. While they waited, a light rain started up. The other boy’s uncle happened to be driving by and he offered to take his nephew and the boy to church. Instead of dropping them off at the most likely spot on the main road to the church, the uncle decided to turn down the dirt drive and dropped them off right at the front door of the church where we were waiting to meet the arrivals for the church service. The boy was made to feel welcome, even though he remembered feeling awkward for wearing shorts and sandals. With resignation, the two friends made their way to find a place to sit. Human plans thwarted; God’s plan on target. He heard the Gospel message that day and God worked in his heart to return the next Sunday with his girlfriend. They both confessed their faith in Christ shortly afterward. FAST FORWARD ten years and he and his girlfriend have since married, have three children, and faithfully serve in the ministries of their local church. He surrendered his life to full-time ministry and has been studying in our Bible institute for the past three years. He and his wife are being prepared by our ministry partner to work with the deaf in our community. He is scheduled to be ordained to the Gospel ministry in March 2020. THANK GOD FOR THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF THE GOSPEL!”

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis —They share the following report: “Although we have known Ms. F. for many years, she fell away from the Lord several years ago. Sin was in the process of destroying her life. She came periodically to some of our church services in our apartment, but not regularly. When a person falls away from God, it is a terrible feeling. One day she said she wanted to feel closer to God. Recently, however she started to come frequently, and recently made a profession of accepting Christ as Savior. Please pray for her and her son.”

CARIBBEAN, GRENADA, HOPE CITY, ST. ANDREWS, Joseph and Donna Childers —They share the following report and prayer needs: “We praise the Lord for His work in growing our church. We have one woman who started coming recently along with her son and daughter. On her third Sunday, she raised her hand acknowledging her spiritual need and asked Christ to save her. Praise the Lord! We also saw a 74-year-old man accept Christ during soul winning. We also thank the Lord for a retired Grenadian pastor who ministered for 42 years and has started coming to Lifeline. He and his wife have proven to be a good source of counsel and encouragement to us.

Please pray for us as we finalize the purchase of the land and for continued growth in the church. We have our third annual Christmas program on December 22, which has always brought more than 100 in attendance. Pray also for the second term of the Bible institute, which we plan to start in January. Finally, pray for Joseph’s family in Pennsylvania as they are undergoing some trials right now. Thank you to each one who lifts us up in prayer faithfully and for your faithful support for our family and ministry.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, James and Rebekah Scott —They shall the following report with prayer needs: “Over the past year, there has been a lady attending our church who is from Malaysia who speaks perfect English. Her husband is a Japanese Buddhist, but she grew up Catholic. She had been wondering about the difference between Baptists and Catholics for some time and she finally came to us about those differences. I was able to explain from the Bible what those differences were and what we believe and she was amazed. She said, ‘I never thought about that before.’ I asked her if she wanted to accept Christ as he Savior and she said yes, but then said she couldn’t. When I asked her why, she said she was too worried about what her husband would think if she truly became a Christian. Her husband does not like Christians and she is worried that she might lose him if she gets saved. This is a very common problem here in Japan. Please pray as we continue to minister to her that she will accept Christ soon.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, Nate and Christine Saint —They share the following report: “We just returned from a quick trip to the States to see our family…. It was a time away from the ministry that was much needed.

S.’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and it seems to be somewhat advanced. She is lost, so we are praying for her salvation more than the physical healing.

A couple has moved into their new apartment just a block from our house and they have come to the last two services we have had. You may recall that they recently got married after living together for several years. We pray that they will be faithful and grow in their walk with the Lord. Please pray for him as he is currently without a job.

Shortly before we left for the States, Nathan met with another couple in Panguipulli. They shared that they had decided to get married after living together for 20 years, but then a lot of circumstances just didn’t work out the way they wanted. They began to question if obeying the Lord was worth it. In short, they are in a spiritual battle, and we ask you to pray that they would trust and obey God. We are still praying that God would work out some financing for us to be able to purchase a place to stay and hold meetings in Panguipulli in order to be able to invest more time in that mission field.”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, NUNDA, Dan and Amie Dwire —They share the following report and prayer needs: “This fall Dan had over 40 students in his classes at East Africa Baptist College. On Friday, November 8, 22 students received certificates for successfully completing the programs between one and four years (32 to 128 credit hours). One of these students completed the 4-year Pastoral Theology program, and he is pastoring a church about an hour away from us.

God also continues to amaze us with the attendance to our church services. Several Ugandans faithfully attend Sunday school; our children’s ministry has blossomed to around 20 each week; and our Sunday morning services have been averaging 50–60 people. We are thankful for the expanded space (seating capacity of 70 instead of 40 in the old space), but it is filling up quickly. The new space at the church has also given us an extra classroom in which we have begun a weekly group discipleship class in addition to the one-on-one lessons.

• Two couples from our ministries getting married on December 7 as they begin their lives together
• Wisdom, direction, and patience as we search for affordable land for the church”

USA MILITARY, ITALY, Chris and Lou Anne War —They share the following report: “Two men recently believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and were born again. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I baptized them. Please pray for these two Air Force men and their spiritual growth. Pray for one’s wife, as she is deployed and is due to return in January. Also, pray for the salvation of their daughter.

Please pray for our families here in Italy and in the States. Pray for the faithfulness of many folks who have recently trusted Christ and were baptized at our church. We now have a lot of newly saved folks. Please pray that God would send some mature and faithful Christians who can help in our ministry. Pray that God would continue to use our church to reach military folks and their families as well as our Italian neighbors with the Gospel.”

WEST AFRICA, COTE D’IVOIRE (IVORY COAST) Kristine McLaughlin —She shares the following: “It is interesting how God answers prayer. These last 10 years, as I have overseen the Bingerville village ministry, our most fervent prayer has been that our villagers would one day have a church of their own.

In Bregbo, C. is our most spiritually advanced villager. She was saved fairly early when we started the ministry, and she has completed our discipleship lessons. Just after her salvation, we were doing visits in Bregbo when we met Christine in tears. She was six months pregnant at the time. She shared with us that she had a prenatal appointment the previous day during which the doctor said that he found no baby. She was devastated. My heart went out to her. We prayed with her, gave her a verse card with 1 Peter 5:7 printed on it, and promised to return the next day. ‘I have fetal heart beat Dopplers in my storage’ went through my mind. I was hot, dusty, and tired from the trip to the village. I parked my SUV, picked up the keys from my storage room and prayed, ‘Lord, I only have energy to try two of my Dopplers. Help one of the first two that I try to work.’ It had been months since I had used a Doppler. The heat and the humidity in the tropics really take a toll of equipment. I put batteries in the first Doppler. Nothing. The second Doppler worked. I breathed a ‘Thank you, Lord’ and packed it. The next day, we pulled the Doppler and found a heartbeat. She was thrilled. A few months later, she had a baby girl. We packed a gift of soap, which is customary to give when babies are born in Ivory Coast. On the way, I asked the team if they knew how the delivery went. They said, ‘She had twins. One died, and one was born.’ We visited her. The baby who had died was unnamed and there was no funeral. The situation was hard to take in. Death happens all around us. The age expectancy is 59 here. Maybe this callous response helps our people cope. Maybe—but all of this was foreign and strange to me. The value of life seems to lower in the culture founded on Animism.”

• Safety on the road—just had my first cracked windshield!
• For missionaries to be called, specifically for another medical missionary as the ministry is growing
• For souls to be saved and a Bingerville village church to be planted through future missionaries Josh and Katie Pate”

November 2019

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, WATERFROUNT KONEDOBU, Sam and Mary Beth Snyder —They share the following report: “Is it not amazing how God is concerned about individuals? The worth of one soul is far above rubies for whom Christ gave his priceless blood to redeem.

A woman arrived at our clinic late one afternoon earlier this year with pregnancy complications. She had walked for two days to get to the clinic. She ended up staying with acquaintances in a nearby village for a week, during which time we worked hard to help her the best we could. After much prayer, the Lord provided the needed chopper through an oil company to transport her to the coast to the hospital and doctor who performed a C-section. The rain and wind settled at just the right time for the chopper to land and depart. We had witnessed to her and prayed for her salvation, hoping her life would be spared so that she would have a chance for the Holy Spirit to work in her heart and that she would receive the gift of salvation by grace through faith. Several months later, she made the journey back up into the mountains and stopped by the clinic. We had recently left for furlough, but the team still there treated her infection and shared with us the good news that she had accepted Christ’s salvation. Please pray for her growth and discipleship as she lives far from our church.”

EUROPE, CROATIA, Ron and Rachel Winkler —They share the following: “The ministry has been busy and exciting the past several months. We are thankful for the opportunity to share with you some of the great things the Lord has done.

In our last prayer letter, we told you about the need for more room, the opportunity to purchase a building, and the funds that were needed. What a joy it is to report that the building was purchased and God provided all the needed funds! There is now a Bible-believing independent Baptist Church in the Kursanec Gypsy village. We continue to have programs with the children every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Shortly after getting the new building, a Wednesday evening service was started for the adults. There are now a few regulars who attend faithfully, and almost every week we have visitors. The most exciting part is that three men and one woman have accepted the free gift of salvation. God is working and blessing.

In September, Brother Leslie asked me to start teaching a teen class. Besides our two children, there are four other faithful teenagers who attend the church. There is also a university student who attends and is part of our class. All of these young people speak English, so I can teach in that language. My plan and goal is that someday I will be teaching in Croatian.

Please continue to pray about some financial needs that were mentioned in the last prayer letter. We would like to let you know that we have moved to our house and we are so thankful for the structure it brings to life. Thanks for praying for us!”

SOUTH AFRICA, WHITE RIVER, Richard and Laura Badgett —They share the following: “Thank the Lord for 11 folks baptized in two of the churches! Please pray for those who desire the milk of the Word and that God’s grace will be strong in their lives. Please pray for me, Laura, and Sreyas as we disciple these and others.

Srey Yan Yon arrived October 18 and is adjusting well and so excited to be serving the Lord here. Laura and I are refreshed and blessed by her joy and ‘can do’ attitude. She is a woman of great faith and is excited that God has finally brought her to South Africa. Please pray for Srey as she adjusts to the new land very different from her home.

Please continue to pray for Brother A. M. as he continues studies in the Bible institute. Also, please pray for us and the White River Baptist Church to grow in faithfulness and number.

Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church in Msholozi. She is having some real spiritual battles right now.

Legogote Baptist Church is very close to having needed funds for the land. We are praying for the 4,000 blocks, cement, steel, and fencing to provide for the security wall once the land is paid off. Discipleship, Sunday school, and worship services are going very well there.”

CARIBBEAN, THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Joy Wesson and Family —They share the following: “I sought the Lord in prayer for many weeks and even months, praying for wisdom and guidance on how to find deaf people and how to reach them, claiming James 5:16.

I praise the Lord for hearing and answering our prayers! Just in the last several weeks, we have had EIGHT deaf visitors! This past Sunday night we had 26 deaf in attendance—the most we have ever had!

One of these new deaf is a 13-year-old boy. Since the first time he visited, he has not missed a service! I had the wonderful privilege of leading him to Christ on his front porch two weeks ago. I am looking for the Lord to do great things in his life.

Others of these new deaf are a set of twins girls, age 20. They are precious! We are praying for them that they will understand their need to be saved and give their hearts to the Lord.”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, GULU, Nate and Sara Wright —They share the following: “God has opened the door for one of our ladies to begin a ministry reaching out to prostitutes. The goal of the ministry is to tell these women the Gospel and get them out of their lifestyles. It is not an easy ministry, as most of the women involved in prostitution are from troubled homes and are not able to go back to their villages or extended families. They have no support from anywhere. They are prostitutes as the only way to pay their rent, feed their children, and provide for basic needs.

So far, we have seen seven women come to church and receive Christ. One of these women is poorly educated and cross-eyed. She received Christ, and G. tried to take her back to her extended family in her home village to see if there were any way they could help her leave her lifestyle. When her grandmother found out that she wanted to come back to the village, she refused to even let her onto her land. The grandmother would talk to G. but not to her.

We are still new in this ministry, and we are learning things by trial and error. We currently are renting a small room for a few women who seem committed to change. The room is close to the church and G.’s house. PLEASE PRAY FOR WISDOM AS WE CONSIDER HOW TO PROCEED IN THIS MINISTRY.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross —He shares the following report and prayer needs: “This past month we had another baptism. One of our young men named came forward for baptism. He is a first generation Christian. When he told his family he was a Christian, his dad said he did not want to talk with him. Fortunately, this did not last long. However, the emotional strain lingers in his heart. It was a whole year before he came forward for baptism. This is common in Thailand and there is a strong undercurrent of spiritual and emotional pressure. However, it does not manifest itself physically like in other countries. We praise the Lord that he came forward to follow the Lord! May the Lord Jesus Christ be praised!

• Salvation of four individuals
• Salvation of another’s mom
• Learning language & culture
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take root in hearts”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth —They share the following: “The last 48 hours have been tense here in the capital city of Santiago due to extreme rioting and destruction. It all has to do with raising prices and the destruction is wide spread. We were able to hold our Sunday morning service, but on the way home, we passed a group of looters breaking into a large furniture store and loading a pickup truck. As we got close to home, our grocery was in the process of being looted and the military came right up beside us on the road and started unloading soldiers to control the situation. Last night, after the 7 PM curfew, a group of rioters were just up the road from our house and we could hear the turmoil. We started hearing loud booms and as I went to the window, rioters were in front of our house and the police/military were shooting tear gas into the crowd. One of the canisters landed in our front yard and since the houses here are not sealed, we can say that we have smelled tear gas. Fortunately, before it got too bad in our house and got to the rest of the family, one of the rioters kicked the canister further down the road.

In total, 71 subway stations have been damaged or destroyed and several grocery stores have been burned as well as other buildings. We greatly need your prayers for protection and provision. We very much need God’s wisdom as we deal with the situation as a family and as missionaries in the country and community.”

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jonathan and April Flowers —They share the following report: “This month at Hope Baptist Church we are having our missions’ month. Would you please pray that God would have His will and way in our people’s lives? Since our last missions’ month, we have had many new folks added to our church. Most of them know nothing about how to help get God’s Word around the world. This is a great opportunity for us to teach the Great Commission and help our folks get started in this great missionary journey. Please understand that these that are learning for the first time are learning about the joy of giving so that others may go and share God’s wonderful message with other people.

Please be in prayer for a few folks in our church. These are folks who are either presently going through discipleship lessons or are getting ready to start. We want God to continue to work in their lives. Would you also pray with us for the salvation of three others?”

USA MILITARY, ITALY, SICILY, Chris and Lou Anne War —They share the following report: “A young married military couple trusted Jesus as their Savior about two months ago after a morning service. A week later, I had the privilege of baptizing them. They continually have a multitude of questions about the Bible. They remind Lou Anne and me of how we were when we first trusted Christ many years ago.

I met with the husband on a Saturday morning, and as we were talking, I asked him, ‘Why do you think that once we get saved God leaves us on earth rather than just taking us to heaven?’ Without hesitation, he looked at me and said, ‘Pastor, to tell others about Jesus so they too can be saved.’ He then ended with this statement, ‘Pastor, that is exactly what I want to do. I want God to use me to tell other how to be saved.’”

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis —They report, “One young man has many ups and downs in his life. He still struggles with marijuana and other drugs. He also has a violent temper and has threatened his mother many times, even talking about killing her. Recently, he assaulted her and the police took him to jail for a few days. Since his mother did not want this attack to go on his record, she dropped charges. A few weeks later, he was back in the house again. On the other hand, he is a nice guy! He comes to church, takes notes, and is interested in spiritual things. Pray for his addiction and that he might become a stable person.

Our 40-day fast had 120 slots of six hours of praying from August 1–September 9. Someone signed up for every slot. During this time, I commented to Sabrina that I could feel the difference. One very good friend took part almost every Monday for fasting and praying. In fact, many people fasted and prayed for us! Thank you! We continue to persevere and believe a door will eventually open for us.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, ST. PHILIP, Robert and Rhoda Smith —They share the following report: “Sunday, October 27, 2019, marked 15 years since we formally organized our church here. In the past years, many have trusted Christ, and some have produced obvious fruit for the Lord. A member of this group is now with the Lord. Although the years have marked some changes, some things have not changed. Our purpose—to preach the Gospel, to win the lost to Christ, to baptize those who would follow the Lord, to train our converts for God, to witness to others, and to help start other churches that will do the same—HAS NOT CHANGED!

One came with her mother as a very young girl to our first Sunday morning service in 2004. They have been in church nearly every Sunday since. Today, she goes on Saturday afternoons soul winning with Becca. What a joy to see them together seeking to reach people for Christ!

Our church building site is on rented land. We have until March 2021 to purchase land of our own and move the building. Although we now have permission to build, we do not have the entire sum to purchase the land. Please pray that God will guide our thinking and, if it is His will, He will provide the balance needed to purchase the land. The Lord has been gracious and generous to us, especially in the past year.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, DANGRIGA, STANN CREEK, John and Robin Harris —They give the following report: “What a blessing to be able to share the blessings God has bestowed upon our ministry. This past September we had our annual Back to School weekend. This is our second year conducting one. Our first even was when we were still meeting as a simple Bible study. This year we had 37 people attend the event, we had a good time with games, singing, and preaching. Fellow BIMI missionary Jonathan Shertzer was our special speaker and many heard the Gospel through this event.

September 30 was one full year since we officially started Grace Baptist Church of Dangriga. As far as we know, we are the first independent Baptist Church amongst the Garifuna people. October 20, we had a celebration for this special occasion in the history of our church. Pastor Doug Rogers was the speaker and a group of 26 people from Berean Baptist church in Adrian, Michigan, and Wing’s Bearing Precious Seed assisted us. We also distributed Scripture in several schools.”

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. and Debbie Brosius —They share the following report: “The Lord has been keeping us busy for the past few months with services and special events in both churches. In Templo Bautista Emanual in the Capital area of Buenos Aires, we baptized five people in September. One came to Argentina with her family from Venezuela, seeking employment. Her husband has not accepted the Lord yet, but comes to church regularly. Please pray for his salvation! Pray that they can find good jobs in spite of the economic problems in Argentina right now. Two of those who were baptized are from the annex.

Please continue to pray for wisdom for us in counseling couples with serious marriage problems.

We had a Friends of the Everlasting Nation meeting in September with a good attendance. I taught the ones present about the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashannah and even blew the shofar to bring in the new year. Our goal is always to reach Jewish people and to teach our churches the same.”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, SOROTI, Kerri Phillips —She shares the following report: “In the beginning of July, I met a deaf boy who did not know how to communicate, and God truly opened the doors for him to receive help. My sign language teacher and I started our Wednesday with prayer that God would help us find where this little boy lived. As I was driving up and down the roads around where I met him, I saw one of my students from a nearby school, so I stopped and asked her if she knew where the deaf boy lived. She said, ‘Yes, Madam, that’s my brother.’ God ordered our steps and answered our prayers that day in a mighty way.”

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, SAMAR, Layne and Nelia Jones —They share the following report and prayer needs: “God has been so good and always is good! We have seen over 1,500 saved this last month through all the ministries here. There have been four new students to move into the dorms.

The radio station is going strong. We need electrical equipment to hook up the 3,000-watt transmitter. If you would like to help with this need, please send your contributions to BIMI, P.O. Box 9, Harrison, TN 37341. Also, please pray for a new educational building for the Bible college. It is rainy season and the students need new classrooms. They are presently meeting in waiting sheds for some of their classes. We also are in great need of another vehicle to transport the students back and forth to Catarman. Also, please pray for a new piano.

Please pray for our graduating students starting churches. The devil is trying to stop them. Several need land to build buildings. Several have land and need church buildings.

Please pray for the children. We reach over 1,000 every Saturday morning, through our extension classes. Please pray we can get them to come to church Sunday morning.”

October 2019

FAR EAST, JAPAN, AKASHI CITY, Jimmy and Sara Pak —They share the following report: “Our family had a wonderful time in the summer with church and family time. Nishimaiko Baptist Church had a Children’s Festival on a Saturday in August, and we had four new families visit for the first time. We are praying that God will continually work in these families so that they may continue to come and be saved…. Please pray for Jimmy as he will be visiting Hokkaido at the end of this month. We are praying for God’s direction in this area. A national pastor in Hokkaido asked us to pray about the possibility to work together in the near future. We are leaving this prayer request open to the LORD, and please pray with us as Jimmy visits the area.”

• We just started our new semester of language study a couple of weeks ago. Please pray for continual wisdom in learning the language.
• Pray for the health of Sarah and the baby. The new boy is due on November 9.
• Pray for Jimmy’s trip to Hokkaido.

BRAZIL, BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, Paul and Sharon Pritchard —They share the following report and prayer needs: “We mentioned in our last prayer letter about raising money to send a 40-foot container to the mission field. This container is filled with Bibles, John and Romans, and Gospel tracts in the Portuguese language. We are sending 20 tons of literature. The cost is $800 per ton. We have raised $7,800. We appreciate your helping us reach our goal to get these Bibles and tracts to the mission field.

• For precious souls to trust Christ
• For the Lord to use us and fill us with His Spirit
• For our strength and health
• We praise Him that the knee replacement surgery went well and I (Paul) am still recovering.
• We praise the Lord for your prayers for Sister Sharon’s health. It is your prayers that helps her go forward.
• We praise the Lord for all of you!

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, Alan and Elena Sutphen —They share the following prayer needs: “In July we participated in medical clinics with two different groups from the States. The purpose of these clinics, as always, it to get the Gospel to every patient we see. Between both clinics, the teams saw 2,950 patients, and 380 professions of faith were made! Both clinics were at or near an independent Baptist church plant, with the names and addresses supplied to the pastors for the follow-up of these new believers.

This month we held two baptismal services baptizing 26 people including 16 of the children at SOAP. We thank the Lord for these souls, young and old, who stepped forth in the first step of obedience.”

• Spiritual growth for believers I am discipling
• Successful follow-up of newly saved through the medical clinics
• Primary school registration to proceed unhindered by corruption
• Finalizing plans to begin construction of the new church in Soroti.

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, ST. PHILIP, Robert and Rhonda Smith —They share the following: “We praise the Lord for gifts that have helped us in our church building repairs. We put up sheetrock and lighting in the Sunday school room behind the auditorium, replaced some of the rotten wood boards outside the building, and installed outside lights in the back of the building. We are waiting for some material from the States to clear customs to do more repairs. We are so grateful for your prayers and help to do these renovations. What a blessing!

Pray for our new converts to grow. A woman was invited to church by one of our men as the two of them rode the 5 AM bus to Bridgetown. Becca and I had the privilege of leading her to Christ in her home. She has been faithful each week at church.”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM AN RHEIN, Walt and Thrasilla Hornung —They share the following: “The Lord’s church here in Mainz is very challenging and interesting. It demands great commitment, and of course, it is a great responsibility. About 50% of the church people are German. The other 50% of the people are from various counties; primarily from the eastern bloc countries, and Russia; also from Iran, Asia, and Africa. This, of course, demands sensibility and wisdom. As you know, we have visitors almost every Sunday. Sometimes it is overwhelming and difficult to have the proper help.

We are pleased to report to you the Lord’s church here in Mainz has four men now who do a good job preaching biblical messages. One of the men has taught through the book of Revelation with the help of PowerPoint. Now he is starting an introduction to the Minor Prophets. Another man has managed to get on a secular radio station, preaching six to eight times a month. Each time he has at least 1.5 hours to present an excellent salvation message and it does not cost us one cent! The Lord also gave us two excellent youth leaders. One of the leaders comes from a very difficult background of drugs, alcohol, and you name it. He is very sensitive to the needs and difficulties of young people and gives them spiritual principles for a victorious life. We have three good children’s teachers with others learning. Several men meet at 6 AM every Friday morning for prayer.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth —They share the following: “Three people have been recently saved. One of them is a 94-year-old woman. She is a family member of one of our families in the church. She has not been in good health and we have been praying for her. The family members from our church have spent a lot of time sharing the Bible with her and finally she decided it was time to place faith in Jesus Christ. Regarding the other two people, during our time on furlough, we shared with you that a family from our church had moved to the coast because of work, but at the same time, they had a desire to plant a new church. We will be helping them with this church plant and have already been sending Bibles and discipleship materials.

I am happy to report that we are already seeing fruit on the coast. Two people recently accepted Jesus as their Savior. As of this moment, the church plant is only in the Bible study stage in homes. Those in-home Bible studies will continue and next year, we are looking to officially planting the church. Pray with us as this work continues to develop and pray for the couple who will be heading up this work. The husband served as our youth pastor before moving to the coast. We are excited to see what God will continue to do on the coast of Chile.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, QUEBEC, NEW BRUNSWICK, Dan and Jennifer Post —They give the following report: “Please pray that the Lord will use our various outreach efforts. We are praying that the Lord will guide us in getting the Gospel to those around us herein St-Quentin and Kedgwick, New Brunswick. The school year has started, as well as the sports programs. We pray the Lord will open up opportunities through football and Judo. He has already worked in the hearts in the past and we pray that this season will provide many opportunities to share the Gospel. Our Sensei wants Justin and me to progress in our belts, which takes much effort.

Jennifer has been a faithful volunteer at a nursing home, which has put her in contact with many families in town. She has the opportunity to play volleyball on Monday nights, which has helped her to have more contact with women in the community. People in general have questions and problems and as a Christian we can be like Peter and say of the Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.”

CARIBBEAN, GRAND CAYMAN ISLANDS, Malcolm and Jan Gregory —They share the following report: “We praise the Lord that a man who escaped from Communist Cuba recently accepted Christ! One Sunday morning in Sunday school he blurted out, ‘That day you came to my house and talked to me, I was not ready to accept Christ as my Savior, but I am now!” What a pleasure to lead him to the Lord after the morning lesson. Pray he will follow the Lord in baptism and continue to grow in faith. Also, pray the Cayman government will soon grant him political asylum, which will permit him to legally work on the island.

We would appreciate your prayers for another man concerning salvation. He also is a Cuban refugee waiting on a permanent visa. He came to Cayman on a makeshift raft with eight other men and survived a horrific storm at sea. He is basing his ‘salvation’ on the fact that God helped him escape from Cuba and saved him from dying on the voyage to freedom. Pray for his eyes to be opened and he will understand God’s plan of salvation.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, Ricardo and Angela Portillo —They share the following report: “We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary as a church and it was a great day! In the morning, we had 176 in attendance, saw one saved that day and several as we followed up on visitors. Again, we rejoiced to see the unity and service from the heart displayed by our church family. We gave out some discipleship and baptismal certificates, presented a clear Gospel message, and fellowshipped over a meal afterwards. Many visitors from this service have come back even twice, so we are praying for fruit that remains. As we approach big events like this, we teach our church family that we are not going to all this effort just for the excitement, free food, or to fill chairs. We want our people to hear the Gospel message and have their lives changed for Jesus.”

WESTERN EUROPE, SCOTLAND, ABERDEEN, Rick and Sarah Demastus —They share the following: “This past month we elected our first deacon to Open Door Baptist Church. He has been such a great help to the church. He meets the qualifications and he and his wife have proven themselves to be faithful. The church is excited to have him in that position.

We continue to knock on doors and give out the Gospel to those in the streets. This past month I had the privilege of leading a man to the Lord. He has been coming to church faithfully since that day. We have started weekly discipleship and he has had a ton of questions. Every day we get to see his growth and invest our lives into him. Pray for God’s leading.”

• Souls to be saved, baptized and discipled
• For our supporting churches
• For Sarah’s outreach with the local mums
• For Open Door Baptist Church and its growth
• For us as we reach out to our neighbors and witness to them
• For us as we seek a permanent building for services
• For purchasing a van to pick up families for church
• For us as we enrolled our church as a charity
• For our Anniversary Sunday, October 6
• For us as we continue to save funds for our Visa renewal in August 2020
• For those who were baptized September 22”

USA MINISTIES, NEW MEXICO, SHEEPSPRING, John and April McDaniel —They give the following report with prayer needs: “We had our Vacation Bible School and 12 souls trusted in the Lord as Savior. A youth group from California came out to help us and it was a blessing! We had a Ladies Luncheon. Ms. April taught the ladies and they had good fellowship. We also were able to attend a fellowship meeting at Mt. Powell Baptist Church where I preached.”

• Three were baptized and one started discipleship.
• Safety: our church van was rear-ended and there was only minimal damage to it, while the car that hit us was totaled.
• Camp at Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Ranch was a blessing! Many children were saved too! Our church collectively memorized hundreds of Bible verses.
• A couple got married. They are serving together at Naschitti Baptist Church.

• Souls to be saved and discipleship to be completed
• Safety of our family, church family, and community
• Materials and manpower for home construction

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PHILIPPINES, Layne and Nelia Jones —They share the following report: “The 1,000 watt transmitter is hooked up and running, but the 3,000 cannot be hooked up yet. We need many electrical repairs before we can hook it up. Please pray for this need. Keep praying for 104.5 FM Christian radio.

The Bible college girls are enjoying their new two-story cement dormitory. Please pray for more Bible college students to train to start more churches.

We have several pastors who still need support, land to build a building and a new church building. If you would like to help a pastor for about $50 per month, they would certainly appreciate it.

I was able recently to lead a Filipina woman to Christ on the phone. My wife was able to lead an 86-year-old Filipina lady to Christ as well.”

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, Mark and Katie Gerosin —They share the following with praise and prayer requests: “Last October I received a call from a Christian woman who wanted assistance at a women’s foundation she had begun. It was centered on teaching social and business skills to oppressed and abused women. The founder was a Christian and wanted to present the Gospel to these women and their families but was not sure how to do it. About nine months passed until we heard from her again.

Suddenly, she called asking me to come and preach and bring some of our Romans booklets. We have been going for just two months and already seen 24 people saved! We just had to wait to His timing, and He has been faithful to give fruit!”

• 24 saved at the foundation!
• 7 saved at our church!
• 23 saved on the trip to the Amazon!

• God to guide several regarding ministry
• Wisdom regarding our previous church building
• Team unity
• Institute students
• More laborers for His harvest field
• More to be saved and baptized.

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKU, Dan and Terri Gardner —They share the following report and prayer needs: “We have started the AWANA Program now, so many children have been coming on Sunday afternoons to be in the club. They are learning many Bible verses and God us using this program to help them become stronger in the Lord. Of course, we totally use Japanese, so it gets challenging sometimes.

In September, we had a BBQ at our house for all the church people and our neighbors. Please pray that those who attended and listened and many trusted Christ as Savior.

October 19–20, we will be having evangelistic services, so please pray that God would work in a great way during this time. We will be passing out 15,000 fliers/tracts for the meetings.”

• 2020 Olympic project
• Evangelistic meetings in October

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, NTINDA, Dan and Amie Dwire —They share the following: “September 1 was our two year anniversary at Faith Baptist Church. It was also the dedication of our new space, and the first time we could baptize in our own baptistery instead of renting the use of a public swimming pool. Three people were baptized! We also packed out the new space with nearly 70 people. Our church choir sang two songs, the children recited verses they had memorized in the children’s church ministry, and a national pastor who has been a great source of wisdom and counsel, especially to Dan, preached for us. Praise the Lord for the provision of His Word and His Spirit to draw men to Himself and unite believers into one Body!”

• Those who have recently been saved as they begin discipleship lessons
• Wisdom in ministering effectively to our growing local body of believers

• Those who have been saved and baptized recently
• The new space and baptistery God has provided to expand our ministry opportunities
• Two years of Faith Baptist Church

CENTEAL AMERICA, BELIZE, Jonathan and Elizabeth Shertzer —They share the following: “We praise the Lord for a fruitful summer! Faith Baptist Church held its first Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the middle of July. It was a blessing to have a team of our fellow missionary’s home church join us. We rejoice with them over 10 souls saved throughout the VBS! They also helped blitz the neighborhoods around the church and paint the church wall.

August presented itself with many new ministry opportunities. In the previous update, we asked you to pray for the University Bible study. Administration approved the Bible study and allowed us to set up a booth at the University Kick Off. I was even given the opportunity to present the Bible Study to the audience attending the kick-off. However, since that time, one of the officials at the University has questioned the Bible study and does not want us on the campus. We are simply praying the Lord softens her heart and allows the plans to move forward. Please pray with us that this opposition will subside and the doors will continue to open.

As the Back to School time approached, Elizabeth was given the great privilege of conducting teacher training in two local schools. The teachers were very grateful for the instruction. She had complete freedom to share the Gospel, pass out New Testaments, and invite the teachers to church. A number of teachers acknowledged their need for a Savior, so please pray they will attend our services and be saved!”

USA MILITARY, SPAIN, Don and Patsy Drake —They share the following: “Since returning to Spain, we have been busy saturating our area housing (hundreds) with tracts with the Gospel and a notice of a new church in town (Victory Baptist). We are excited for we have met a new contact in our area that has been a great help for us. He, being retired Air Force, told us about The Coastline, the base paper at Rota Naval Base and Moron Air Base. We contacted the editor and he gave us a free editorial page write up, and we purchased an ad for Victory Baptist Church in the August 29 edition. Praise the Lord, we finally got on base by way of The Coastline! We trust the Lord to speak to hearts on the base about VBC and trust that many will visit us in the days to come.

Pray for our Military and for the local people, for we include a Spanish tract along with our English tract as we distribute literature in our area. Pray the Lord to send forth laborers into His harvest.”

September 2019

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, QLD, Joseph and Melissa Marshall —They share the following: “During the first two weeks of June, we had a missions team with us. They were a great help in our community outreach weekend. We started it out with volleyball on Friday night. We encouraged our people to invite unsaved people that they know to join with us for some free volleyball. Amazingly, we had 12 first time visitors. Brother Baughman was able to share the Gospel with everyone during a devotional and snack break.

On the next day, we had a church BBQ. A couple in our church did a great job planning this event. It was a great time of fellowship that everyone seem to enjoy. Although there was concern about rain that day, God held off the rain until literally the last item was packed up before we went home. The next day (Sunday), we had a community outreach day planned. Our youth and young adults did a great job planning, building, and running the carnival games for the day. During the morning service, one of the visitors from Friday night came back and after the service he accepted Christ as his personal Savior! During the carnival games, we had 23 visitors. Overall, we had 35 first time visitors and one saved during this outreach weekend!”

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, SAN FERNANDO, HUIXQUILUCAN, Nick and Patricia Sutmaier —They share the following: “It was the strangest thing that a little over an hour before the service, the Lord changed the message I was going to preach. The new message was titled “Instead of Running from Your Problems, Put God First—He Will Lead You Through.” After the service, when her cousin told me what had happened, I almost cried thinking that she could not have had a better message for her situation. Just a week before visiting our church, a dear lady found out she had cancer. When it was confirmed in the hospital that she had cancer, she was devastated by the shocking news. She was ready to end her life. She saw no hope. At the metro station she told her cousin, ‘I should just end it all right here and jump in front of the metro train.’ Her cousin and family invited her to church and she heard the Gospel. She trusted Jesus and was saved!

What would she have done? Where would she turn with such a burden in her life? Thank the Lord that we were here to tell her of the Good News that Jesus saves! She has been coming faithfully since she got saved.”

BRAZIL, SP, RIBEIRAO, Carl and Cindy Johnson —They share the following report: “We are excited to see the deaf church growing. Several deaf who were out of church have slowly started coming back. Shortly after we returned to Brazil, Michael Douglas and family moved to São Paulo to further their language studies. Our deaf church had a Going Away party for them; they will be greatly missed.

We celebrated the hearing church’s 4th anniversary in July with a three-day conference. We handed out over 15,000 fliers, advertising for the conference. A young mother received a flier, but she did not want to wait until the conference to visit the church, so she came a week earlier. During the invitation she raised her hand for salvation and Cindy had the privilege of leading her to Christ. She has been coming since then and even brings her little boy. She has a broken home and is praying for God’s intervention.”

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, SANTO DOMINGO, Michael and Anna Doering —They share the following with prayer requests: “We have had a very busy spring here in Santo Domingo. Thank you for taking the time to read about what God is doing in our ministry.

• Pray for the Lord’s provision for laborers and resources in Carmen Renata, an area where one of our couples has been working to establish a small group.
• Pray for our church to stay passionate about being a witness for Christ and making disciples of those who receive Him.
• Please continue to pray for our national leaders—they are the future of this ministry.
• Please continue to pray for some unexpected financial needs we have—thank you to those who have responded privately.”

WESTERN EUROPE, SCOTLAND, ABERDEEN, Rick and Sarah Demastus —They share the following report and prayer needs: “The Lord continues to grow our church! It has been a joy to see visitors come to church and then continue to come. We are continuing to reach out to the families that attended our special events in hopes that they would get saved and make Open Door Baptist Church their home church.

Currently, we are looking at two facilities that could possibly work for our church. The Scots own them and the problem is waiting for them to meet and talk about allowing us to rent from them. This will provide us with a facility all year round and room for growth.

• Pray for souls to be saved, baptized, and discipled.
• Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the people of Scotland—to be opened to the Gospel.
• Pray for our supporting churches.
• Pray for Sarah’s outreach with the local mums.
• Pray for our church and its growth.
• Pray for us as we reach out to our neighbors and witness to them.
• Pray for us as we seek a permanent building for services.
• Pray for us about purchasing a van to pick up families for church.
• Pray for us as we enroll our church as a charity.
• Pray for wisdom as we elect a deacon for the church.

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, Nathan and Marilorys Arce —They share the following: “Since our arrival in the United States, many things back home took a turn for the better and for the worse.

A turn for the better: The church continues to grow in number, and the love of believers for the Lord and for gathering together overcomes all obstacles of transportation or weather.

Several baptismal services have been performed for new believers. The food ministry has provided, without fail, food for all children and young people who attend church; and by the grace of God, many adults have also been fed. This past Sunday 413 people attended our church.

A turn for the worse: The electricity cuts continue to happen, so the loss of equipment and appliances that have been damaged is huge. This includes the sound system that we have used for 11 years. The car gas lines can easily be a 2- or 3-day wait in much of the country. The cost of food, medicine, and personal hygiene items is unattainable for our people. As one example, the minimum wage is barely $6 per month and a dozen eggs is $7.

In the darkest moment in the history of Venezuela, the church of Christ has risen and is strengthened to preach his name in every corner of the country! Let us continue to pray for PEACE and FREEDOM in Venezuela.”

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jon and April Flowers —They share the following: “After we finished with all the renovations to the building, we had a week and then our English day camp started. This year we had 33 kids registered for the camp. It ended with the children putting on a skit in English. We invited all the parents to come. This year we had over 90 people in attendance. This was a great opportunity to share the Gospel and we thank the Lord for blessing our camp. Thanks for praying.

We also want to share with you a big need. Would you please pray about taking part in our English camp? We already have a group planned to come help us for 2020’s camp. We are looking for 2021 and beyond. Every year we have our camp on the last full week of July. If you are interested in taking a mission trip and/or would like more information (such as what we are doing, cost, etc.), please feel free to contact us at”

FAR NORTH, BRITISH COLOMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Debbie Mackay —They share the following report: “On July 28, we hosted our first ever Community Barbecue. My heart has been burdened for the Queensborough neighborhood of our city. So, Tyler organized an outreach and barbecue to reach out to this area. Before the event, he led the church to knock on all the doors of 3,000 homes once and then deliver two invitations to the barbecue. He also had a John and Romans mailed to each home. All of these efforts paid off and God blessed with about 400 guests at the barbecue. We had 102 connection cards turned in. I preached a simple Gospel presentation at the end of the barbecue. Tyler organized follow-up visits for that Saturday, and we visited over 50 homes. We were thrilled on Sunday when a Muslim lady came to church with her two sons. She came to the barbecue because her sons are interested in Christianity. She does not wish to convert to Christianity but is willing to allow her sons to learn about our God. As she talked with me, it brought tears to my eyes. She explained that her boys had just been to a Bible camp in our area. Another independent Baptist church here hosts a youth camp and some of their members took these boys to camp just before our community outreach. Isn’t that amazing? God is so interested in the lives of people who are seeking Him! This family promised to be back in church next Sunday. Several other families told us that they plan to come to church.”

CARIBBEAN, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, Paul and Amy Valles —They share the following: “With many of our young people off the island for the summer, we have put a hold on Friday nights youth group and Paul is spending much time learning Creole; instead, he is speaking with the local Haitians. He is able to carry on short conversations so far, and he is praying that he will quickly learn this language to effectively communicate the Gospel and reach a large, yet basically, unreached people group with the Gospel in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He recently received a Creole Bible and has started translating Bible verses when he preaches. He also received Creole tracts to help him share the Gospel with Haitians. He is not yet able to share the Gospel in Creole but knows it is nice to give a tract to Haitians so he can understand the language quickly.

We had two saved recently. They, like most other people here, are very hesitant to be baptized after they are saved. It is very obvious to see their spiritual growth stunted as a result of their disobedience.”

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, Mike and Tonda Pinson —They share the following report: “In military churches, summers can be very difficult. Summer is PCS season, the time when many sailors and their families rotate to a new duty station. Often, it seems as though we are starting all over again. We have seen many of our faithful workers move on during the last few months. Praise the Lord that some have already joined new churches! We are always grateful when these families continue to serve the Lord. Although we are excited to reach the new families who will arrive in Yokosuka, it does leave us short on help in the church. We are praying for some mature Christian families as well as the opportunit to share the Gospel with the newcomers.

In our last prayer letter, we told you about a young Japanese lady who trusted Christ as Savior. After completing a discipleship course, she decided to follow Christ in believer’s baptism. It was a blessing to see her so eager to obey and follow Christ.

In the last two months, two people have surrendered to full-time Christian service. One is a 5th grade boy who has a great desire to serve the Lord, and the other is a sailor who has been saved for about one year. He and his wife have grown by leaps and bounds, and we are so excited to see what God has planned for them.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, Matt and Dallita Goins —They share a Prayer and Praise report: “God sees our need before we do and has already provided to meet that need before we realize it. We praise God for providing for a need we had this past month through a generous gift that came at just the right time. God sees! God knows! God provides in His way!

• Children’s Home Ministry
Pray for the new children in the Children’s Home to adapt quickly. Also pray for the Gardner family and the Hope of Honduras staff as their tasks have just multiplied. Pray for the salvation of these little ones.

• Church Property in Santa Barbara
Please continue to pray for the Lord to show us the right piece of property for the right price for this young church. Pray for Pastor Alex and his family.

• Rearick Surgical Center
Pray for is as we are in the final preparations to be able to use the surgical center and help with so many physical needs while also preparing hearts to hear the message of the Gospel. Pray for Dr. Frazer and his family as they prepare to move in January.”

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, LEIXLIP, KILDARE, Bob and Kathi Zemeski —They share the following: “We had the good news of a man’s salvation decision the week after we left Ireland. Kathi and I witnessed to this man a few weeks before we left for the States. Evangelist Bob Jones, who spoke at our church four days the last week in July, assured us his decision was solid. Since then, he has been coming every service when not working. As to our meetings with Brother Jones, he said, ‘The Lord has wonderfully blessed, and I believe this has been the best missions trip I have ever taken…. In the second week of July we had a Neighborhood Bible Time with 15 children coming over the week. Tuesday—Thursday we had Bible time with the teens with 11 in attendance.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross —He writes, “We had one young man come forward for baptism this past month. He believed on Jesus Christ about a year ago. We had several other young men who are candidates for baptism as well. Each has received Jesus as their Savior, and each have been coming to church and studies. However, they are reluctant to follow the Lord in this important step of obedience. For some believers in Thailand it is difficult to follow this ordinance ordained by Jesus. There is an undercurrent of fear from family and society to step out and stand with our Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, our young men are first generation Christians. SO, they have no good Christian example to follow. They are setting the example, which is not easy for Thai men.

• Salvation of four
• Salvation of a mom and two others
• Learning language and culture
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take roots in hearts”

USA MINISTRIES, NORTH CAROLINA, HENDERSONVILLE, Ed and Barbara O’Brien —They write, “We asked in our last letter that you pray for a man and his daughter who have been saved. They both changed jobs and have not been in church in over two months. Please continue to pray for them that the Lord will supply other jobs and work in their hearts to trust Him for their needs.

We also asked you to pray for a woman and her children who have continued to come more faithfully since we asked you to pray for her. Unfortunately, they did move to California. Please pray that they will find a good church to attend where they will continue to grow in the Lord. Please continue to pray for a man who has been missing church because of his job but has recently resigned and is looking for a better situation. We are praying this will allow him to get back into church along with his little brother and sister. His older brother has started attending church but is not yet saved. Please pray that the Lord will soften his heart and bring him to receive Christ as his personal Savior.

We thank the Lord for a new couple who began to attend church the last Sunday in July. Two weeks later, the man received Christ as his Savior. The wife was resistant because of fear and peer pressure from some in her family. We praise the Lord that she finally received Christ on August 8 after we finished a discipleship Bible study with them in their home! They are excited about their new life in Christ and are in church for every service.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, ST. PHILIP, Robert and Rhoda Smith —They share the following: “We have had some wonderful blessings in the last few weeks. Personally, I have been privileged to lead 10 to Christ as we have gone door-to-door. One of these came with us to church last Sunday. Pray that he will grow and that others will hunger and thirst after righteousness!

Second, my work permit has been approved again! Praise the Lord! We will have another 3 years to serve Him here. Pray that God will give us a season of great growth in our church. Pray that God would raise up young people surrendered to Him. I would like to see churches planted in every village across our island.

This past June the Victory Baptist Church that the Lord allowed us to start in Ibadan, Nigeria, celebrated their 23rd anniversary! The national pastor has faithfully pastored there since we left Nigeria in December 2002. I praise the Lord for his faithfulness and the church’s continuing to serve our Lord for all these years! This is fruit that remains and abounds for your account.”

August 2019

CARIBBEAN, NORTHERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Jeffri and Pamela Polanco —They write, “A few months ago, I had the privilege of helping three siblings learn how they could be sure that they would go to heaven when they die. They accepted the message of the Gospel and from that day on, we began to see the joy of the Lord in their lives as they began to grow in the Christian life. Even though they are young, their desires are to grow and let the Holy Spirit direct their lives. We had a baptismal service at the beach and it was a great joy to see them share their testimonies of salvation and take the next step in the Christian life. They have countless times told us that they love us, are grateful to be in our church, and that their lives before Christ had no meaning. It is converts like these that just gives us a spark to keep on going.”

• Discipleship and spiritual growth
• Different building to have church
• Vacation Bible School in August
• Container of tracts and Romans—still trying to get them out”

AFRICA, TANZANIA, MOSHI, B. J. and Cathy Schultz —They share the following: “In May, I taught a class to first time pastoral students. These students came to our school because they believe God has called them into the ministry. They have been active in their local churches, assisting their pastors and getting ready to plant a new church in a needy area…. I spent eight days teaching a New Testament survey class. The other teachers taught verse-by-verse through the Gospel of Mark. The students prepared a 10-minute sermon to preach every evening. Believe me, it was difficult, but the students kept asking for more. Our next class takes place in October. If all goes well, the students will graduate in mid-December.

Pray for Cathy’s mom. She received very bad news from the doctor about her health…. Pray for God’s supply, comfort, and healing according to His will. Pray for our health as well! Seasonal allergies have led to bronchitis, sinus headaches, and sore throats.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, DANGRIGA, STANN CREEK, John and Robin Harris —They share the following report and prayer needs: “Lately, we have been trying to have a fellowship time with the church each month. This past May, Robin and our church hosted our very first ladies fellowship in honor of Mother’s Day. We had fellow missionary Brenda Liedtke as the special speaker to the ladies. It was a great time and the women told us they learned a lot from the message. We had 21 attend the event.

Our next big event is our second annual Back-to-School Sunday Weekend. We are planning to have something similar to Vacation Bible School. The date for that activity is September 3–4 and then on September 5, school begins. Please pray for this event as many from the area will hear the Gospel and receive salvation.

• Please pray for my family as we are in a spiritual battle. One thing about living in Dangriga is that there is a spiritual oppression felt, but God is still good.”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, AM SCHUTZENHAUS, Dan and Tricia Dubbe —They share the following: “One of our church members who is a police officer invited an old friend to a motorcycle tour sponsored by a Bible school. After the evening message and the film A Case for Christ, the friend said to me that he wanted to talk. The three of us sat down and I asked him if he understood the Gospel and what he needs to do. ‘I am in’ he said, shook my hand and asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. The police officer had tears in his eyes as he hugged his friend. Over ten years he had stayed in contact with him, prayed for him, and witnessed to him. It paid off!

• Church Motorcycle Service ‘Powered by Jesus’ — Our area is great for riding and we are having an evangelistic service for bikers, followed with a guided tour and then great BBQ. We are praying for over a hundred bikers to come.
• Family Conference on Marriage and Child Rearing — We believe in holy matrimony between a man and a woman and children reared to honor God. Please pray for this important training for our families and a statement for our area.”

CENTRAL EUROPE, CROATIA, Ron and Rachel Winkler —They share the following: “GYPSY VILLAGE MINISTRY — Every Saturday morning 40–50 young children crowd into our meeting room which is a 20-foot shipping container. Now that the Leslies have returned from their furlough, we have another service for the older kids on Sunday afternoons. About 20–30 kids attend that service. THE PROBLEM — We need more room! THE ANSWER — A building with plenty of room is for sale. The total amount needed is $25,000. The exciting news is that $17,000 has already been raised. We only need $8,000! Would you give toward this need so that a great impact can be made in the Gypsy village? Most importantly, will you pray that God will provide the needed funds? Please take a few minutes and visit our Facebook page Winkler Family Updates for lots of pictures and even a video from Brother Leslie with more information about the building.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, OTTAWA, NAVAN, Jeff and Kim Smith —They share the following report and prayer needs: “The first Sunday in June marked the one year anniversary of holding services in Vanier. We had 14 in attendance on Anniversary Sunday. We have a small faithful group, occasional attenders, and regular visitors. Please pray that more believers who are attending will catch a genuine burden for a church to be established.

• Please pray for our son while he is in Michigan, working a job for the summer. We do miss him in Ottawa!
• Please pray for us as we host a group of teens who are on a missions trip to Ottawa.
• Please pray that God will use the group mightily for the progress of the Gospel in Ottawa.
• Praise for small signs of progress in the Vanier church
• God brought a distraught couple into our path for a short time. The man prayed to receive Christ.

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Peter and Elisabeth Putney —They give the following report and prayer requests: “In the time that we have been here in Colombia, we have gone through many seasons of ministry. Right now, we seem to be in the season of reaping. In our El Carmen church plant, we have seen many people getting saved, joining the church, and being discipled. A few weeks ago, we met an elderly woman who has been praying for the last 15 years that God would send a Baptist church to El Carmen. When she heard about us, she walked around for days looking for our location. What joy she had in seeing God answer her prayers!

It is time for expansion again! We have been having many visitors in Rionegro, so many that we needed to enclose our upstairs patio to make an office and to knock out the office walls to expand our auditorium. We are thankful for the men of our church who have the skill and desire to help with this project. With the new space, we should be able to add about 25 more chairs. Please continue to pray for the many people who have recently been saved.

• Spiritual growth for new believers
• Finalization of our church’s legal paperwork
• Victory in spiritual warfare
• Souls saved
• New believers baptized
• Growing soul-winning ministry”

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, JUNDIAI, Larry and Lydabelle Barrett —They share the following: “We are almost finished with our new Sunday School/Activity Center that we have been working on for many months! We plan to have an official inauguration service, but we used the building for our fellowship time after our institute graduation and Libras classes. We are so thankful for this new facility that we will have. It is so important to our ministry.

Everything we plan and do is done with the purpose of winning the lost. Since our last letter, we had two people saved in our church in Almerinda Chaves (Friendship Baptist Church). Also, in our main church (Emmanuel Baptist Church), we had a man saved. He owns an automotive repair shop on the same street as the church. He has been attending the services. Please pray for these new converts and for our two churches—for souls to be saved.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, James and Rebekah Scott —They share the following with prayer requests: “June has been a busy month! Another missionary here in Japan, Brother Henry Ward, will be starting a new church, Lord willing, in the near future and has been working on renovations of a building for the church. Our Japanese pastor and I have been making trips over to the church to help with the renovations. It is a privilege to get to help with the church plant in any way I can, and while studying Japanese, I have the privilege to watch a church get started here in Japan. As I write this letter, we just finished helping out at the Bible college near us, preparing it for a much needed renovation. Much of the building is many years old and has been in need of some repairs. Over the next couple of months, many of us missionaries will be helping renovate some of the building.

• We are so excited that we are only one month away until we get to meet our little baby girl for the first time. We are doing our best to prepare for the birth of our Lily Grace Scott. Please pray that all goes well and there will be no complications.
• With only a few more Kid’s English Time classes left, please pray that some of these families will commit to coming to church.
• Please pray for the renovation of the new church plant.
• Please continue to pray for our Japanese language study.
• Please pray for the renovation of the Bible college. I am praying that the school will be able to do the renovations and it not cost them any more than it has to!”

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, David and Terri Long —They share the following with prayer requests; “In May, the father of a girl who faithfully attends our children’s ministry passed away. Even though the father went to a different church and was to be buried on Monday, the wife and family asked me to do a Remembrance Service on Saturday before the burial. Of course, I preached salvation by grace (through an interpreter) and five people were saved! The oldest teen son was saved and has faithfully come to our church since that service. He has been an encouragement to other young people. We have seen 15 saved in the past two months.

• Pray for all our soul winning efforts and for our converts as we disciple them.
• Pray for God to give us a young man who speaks Tagalog & English who could help with the ministry.
• Pray for our daughter as she is with us and for her to get a job when she returns to the States.
• Pray for us to get a vehicle.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, Jeremy and Michelle Blanz —UThey share the following: “The last month has been a very busy one for us. We are now leading the church in Atenas full time. Jeremy has been preaching on the Gospel of Christ, the Baptist Distinctives, and the book of James. He has also been visiting each week with a couple men from the church. We were able to share the Gospel with many and saw two men receive Christ as Savior. It was a blessing to see one with tears in his eyes confess his sin to Christ and call upon Him to be saved. One is Nicaraguan and his brother is Costa Rican. Their mother came from Nicaragua and the whole family has been attending with us for about a month. Also, one mother who received Christ last month has also begun attending with her two sons. For Father’s Day, we did a special service and saw several fathers attend who had not come for a long time. A couple have made commitments to continue attending. Last week, we saw our highest attendance yet. Michelle has been working in the nursery and in children’s church. At the end of the month, she organized a ladies activity. It was a blessing for all who attended. On the last Sunday of the month, Jeremy began a series on church membership. We hope to see many follow the Lord in believer’s baptism and become committed members of the church.

• That God will bring the increase and save souls as we bring the Gospel to the community
• That those who received Christ will follow the Lord in baptism and church membership
• That God will bless our ministry and remove any other obstacles”

USA MILITARY, SPAIN, UTRERA, Don and Patsy Drake —They write, “Thanks be to our ever-loving Lord, we are doing well. Praise the Lord, after three months of daily driving-school, Don received his official Spain Driver’s Permit on May 28.

We were asked to fill-in at Bethel Baptist in Rota from June 6–July 7. It has been a blessing to be a help in our military churches while their new pastor is on deputation in the States.

• Please pray as we plan to blitz our area and present a new church to our area—Victory Baptist of Utrera.
• Pray for our troops.
• Pray for laborers for the harvest.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Jason and Cassy Tate —They share the following with prayer requests: “Several years ago, a man we know was trying to immigrate to the United States. On the way there, he stopped at a house in southern Mexico to ask for food and water. The soulwinner at that house led him to the Lord and brought him to church. After receiving discipleship and attending a Bible institute, he returned to Honduras with his wife, whom he met at that church. He felt led of the Lord to take the work at El Paraiso, the city near us that is located just minutes from the Nicaraguan border. This young couple has done a tremendous job of reaching that city for Christ. This past month we had the privilege of ordaining him as the pastor of Faith Baptist Church, El Paraiso!

• Please pray for the 5th Annual Pastors Training Week. We are expecting 300 pastors from all of Central America.
• Pray for the five students studying for the ministry.
• Pray for the works in Danli, Los Robles, El Paraiso, Ojojona, El Ocomupe, and La Esperanza.
• Pray for the adoption of the twins.

USA MINISTRY, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield —They write, “We have had several saved during soul winning and two baptisms. We have enjoyed game night, the annual ladies’ banquet, a baby shower, a BIMI field conference in Missouri, Easter family pictures, graduation services; and we have hosted a pastor’s fellowship with 20 pastors from all over Texas!

We are seeking His wisdom on the activity building for which we had been saving. However, the church needs more parking so people do not get stuck in the mud and the roof needs to be redone. Our Sunday morning attendance is rapidly outgrowing our tiny auditorium and we have no more room for more Sunday school classes. The decisions required of a pastor are overwhelming at times and I covet your prayers!”

July 2019

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, SAO JOSE do RIO PRETO, Charles and Peggy Vaughn —They share the following: “We continue to ask that you remember Peggy in your prayers as you read this prayer letter. She is still having some issues with the ‘anemic problem.’ We are finding out that it may take six months to a year for her to regain all vitality.

In the month of May, we had a woman in our church whose husband passed away. He just refused to come to church. There were lots of problems with his children; they tried to take everything that they could from her. She has been having many physical problems and has been trying to get disability. Please remember her and the family in prayers.

The church is doing well at the present. Not as many souls are being saved as we would like to see; however, the people who are saved are being faithful. Please pray that souls would be saved, Christians would be revived, and God would be edified.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, Robert and Rhoda Smith —They share the following report: “A man and I were out soul winning and were able to lead two to Christ on a Friday evening. The next day, my wife and I were out knocking on doors and led a young adult man to Christ. Last Saturday after walking down a lengthy dusty drive, my young teen partners and I met an older man from the bush area, and he trusted Christ! From the bush to the heavenly boulevard ministry! Hallelujah! It is not every week that someone will listen or will trust Christ; this has been refreshing.

Our home church, a dear friend, and a supporting church in Trinidad gave an additional $3,650 to help us with our building repairs! Praise the Lord! Our main construction workers are busy on other projects of their own now, but they should be able to resume in early August.

We will begin soul-winning training in July. Pray that our folks will come faithfully and they will work diligently to become strong soul winners. Keep praying for our work permit and the progress toward student visas for our son and daughter.”

WORLD MISSIONS CENTER, TENNESSEE, HARRISON, Dan and Sharon Daugherty —They share the following: “May 16–17 — A man and his son came to take down two dying trees and to grind up several tree stumps. Praise the Lord for their help!

May 17–18 — We spent one and a half days to re-shingle a mission home at a church near us. Praise the Lord for safety!

Dan and the boys finished spreading mulch around trees, buildings, and flowerbeds just in time for Candidate School June 2–7. There were a total of 52 missionary candidates. Pray for these folks to quickly raise their prayer and financial support.

Enrichment week begins July 15. Pray for us as we care for the 5–11 year old children each evening that week.”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, BAVARIA, BREGENZ, Todd and Kim Lapato —They share the following: “BBQ Fest is the biggest event of the year for our church…. Todd smoked 175 pounds of pulled pork. This year was much easier with the new smoker. Several churches provided for the new smoker and we are now able to do much more with the BBQ ministry. We had a guest pastor from a German church give the Gospel. We also set up a table with tracts and books that were free. We were thankful to hear that many of our people had several good conversations about the Bible and Christ. We are now praying for all those who came that they will respond to God’s offer of salvation. We estimate that between 150–200 people came.

The church in Neutraubling has grown over the past four years. The growth is not just in numbers but also in love and dedication to Christ…. We have been working with a family in this church plant. With so many places in Bavaria and Austria with no Gospel preaching churches, we felt the Lord leading us to find a new place to serve Him. They will continue to lead the church here, while we move to Schongau (Bavaria). There is a small church plant there in need of leadership. It is very small and not very old. They were considering disbanding as a church, but are now excited we are coming. This will put us closer to the Austrian border and Bregenz (Austria) where I go once a month to pass out tracts and fliers. We trust to see a Bible study started in Bregenz, and maybe one day a church. This move allows us to better reach both Bavarians and Austrians. The Lord even provided a house better than we could have imagined. It is just across the road from the small storefront that the church has been using. We are excited to continue planting churches in Bavaria and hopefully Austria as well.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PHILIPPINES, ANTIPOLO CITY, Stan and Mollie Prussia —They share the following report and prayer requests: “We traveled to Banaue, the home of rice terraces, for a medical mission organized by La Lama Baptist Church. The large team included soul winners, receptionists, nurses, pharmacists, cooks, two dentists, and three doctors.

We also attended a pastor’s retreat in a mountainous area. Stan spoke to the entire group and to a group of singles who were church workers and the children of pastors.

The roads around Antipolo City are also quite steep from our home to Mountain View Baptist Church. We visited a poor area one Saturday, promising pencils and paper for the church on Back-to-School Sunday. On Sunday, we had to make two trips in our van to take 58 children to Sunday school and church! Praises: We praise the Lord for safety when traveling, and 65 salvation and other decisions at the Banaue medical mission. Prayer Requests: Wisdom and strength for teaching at the Bible institute and spiritual growth of members. Mollie’s treatment for osteoporosis-drug and timing of travel to the USA.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross —He shares the following report and prayer needs: “Several months ago, a friend of one of our church members came to Bible study. I gave him a John and Romans booklet with a tract. The tract I gave him, an explanation of salvation, was one that we prepared and printed ourselves. We did not hear from him for several months. However, during this time he had been reading the book of John and the tract on salvation. He also experienced various troubles in his life. We later learned that he had prayed for salvation, trusting in Jesus Christ as his Savior. This was the first salvation from the tract that we created. Needless to say, this is a blessing and an encouragement to our guys, and shows the power of God’s written Word.”

• Salvation of several specific individuals
• Learning language & culture
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take roots in hearts

FAR NORTH, CANADA, ONTARIO, NORTH YORK, Cory and April McTague —They share the following: “‘Hey, can we meet again?’ This text popped up on my phone from a Columbian man who had recently immigrated to Toronto. He comes from a Catholic background but still has lots of questions. We meet regularly at a coffee shop where I teach him the Bible. Please pray for him and his family to be saved. This is just one example of Toronto ministry of a well-educated immigrant who is looking to make a better life for his family, but traditional religion leaves many questions unanswered.

One of the forms of outreach is to visit ‘Little Tibet’ in Toronto and try to meet and befriend the people there in hopes of sharing the Gospel. One of the relations we have cultivated has resulted in him and his wife promising to try to come and visit our church. Please be in prayer that God continues to work on the seed planted in this couple’s hearts.

• Multiple church groups coming to help pass out 1,500 Gospel invites
• A church community carnival at a local park, July 6
• Rent a field for a soccer outreach for neighboring churches and our lost friends and family members”

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Josue and Rebekah Ortiz —They share the following report: “In March we began to reach capacity in the building we are renting, averaging over 150 people every service. We had already been planning to begin two services starting in the summer, but we soon realized that it would be necessary earlier. In March and April, we planned the logistics of this change, including serving teams, children’s workers, parking, and timing. On April 28, we began two services at 9 AM and 11 AM. We also have a service at 5 PM on Sundays. The people have responded well to having two services. We have continued to see steady growth in the past few months, now averaging 150 people at every service. More than ever, we see that the clear preaching of the Word of God is the critical element for healthy church growth.

We are beginning to look for a permanent location for our church….Please pray that the Lord will provide one for us in the near future.”

CENTRAL EUROPE, MOLDOVA, SOROCA, David and Stephanie Gross —They share the following: “The first two weeks of July, we will host Vacation Bible School, one week at our house in Zastinca and the other week in Soroca. Please pray for us as we finalize our preparations and for God to work in the hearts and lives of those who come.

About a year and a half ago, Jacob and I led a woman to Christ. Up to that time, her life would remind people of the life of Job. God continues to allow her to relate to Job’s life. Please continue to pray for her as she battles cancer, other health issues, and financial challenges.

For several weeks now, I have been meeting with a couple I mentioned in the last prayer letter, using the Creation to Christ Bible Study. Since we hold the study in their office, each week is like a different road. Some weeks we have few interruptions and others are very bumpy, taking three hours to get through due to the flux of customers. This setup works for them well and I do not mind, as long as they are hearing and understanding God’s Word! Please pray for the man and his wife as they seek to know God personally.

Over the past couple months, we have had vehicle issues, new kitten born, pets die, dentist visits, gardening, unexpected witnessing opportunities, and more. Please pray for us to stay faithfully on course, regardless of how the road is.”

USA HISPANIC MINISTRY, OHIO, HAMILTON, Jeff and Traci Garrison —They share the following: “Though we are still meeting new Hispanics almost every day, we have not been able to see them attend church! We will continue pressing on. Traci is doing a great deal of translating for the Hispanics in our area and meeting lots of new people at her work. Most are here in the United States illegally and do not speak English, so she is a real blessing to them. I asked Traci to share a little note:

‘Re-entering the work force has been a challenge but I am thankful for the opportunities to meet so many newly relocated immigrants. It seems we take the need in the United States to reach other cultures somewhat for granted. The old saying that speaks about the world coming to us is so true. I speak with people from 4 or 5 different countries on a nearly daily basis. Today, I helped an elderly man understand some insurance information he received. Afterward we were discussing how the Lord would be coming soon. He was so happy to share with me how he was ready for the Rapture since he knew Jesus as his Savior!’

• Pray for a laptop computer for our services.
• Pray for Jeff’s health—dealing with asthma and sleep apnea.
• Pray for Traci for her right ankle, and she has an appointment with a doctor soon.
• Pray for our soccer camp coming up.

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jon and April Flowers —They share the following: “In our last letter, we asked for prayer concerning a van. We are so happy to share that God heard and answered this prayer. We found just what we needed in the city of Taichung.

We also asked for prayer concerning our finding a new location for our church. Three weeks ago, we found a location for rent not far from our present one. The new place is two floors and double the size of our current location. I immediately felt that this could be where God wants us to move. The only problem was that we needed to negotiate with our current landlord. Our contract was through the middle of September, but if we waited until then, the new location would be gone. When we sat down with our church landlord and told him what was happening, she told us ‘For you and the church, I would let you out of the contract with no penalty tomorrow.’ Praise the Lord! One of the men of our church was with me and as we left, we stopped and prayed to thank God for His kindness to our church.

After our services on June 17, our church walked down to look at the new place and then we had a time of prayer to thank God for His answered prayers. We also dedicated the new building to God. What a blessing! Our people are very excited about this move. Thank you for praying for us concerning this move. We look forward to what God is going to do in our new place.

• Pray for April and the baby, due at the end of August.
• Pray for our church’s upcoming English Day Camp, July 27–28.
• Pray for the hearts of the children who will be in attendance.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, COJUTEPEQUE, Adam and Esther Fridenstine —They share the following report and prayer needs: “This year marks the tenth anniversary of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Cojutepeque. We have lived here just a little over eight years, but we have been part of the church here since the beginning.

We have been seeing a multitude of youth and young adults accept Christ as their Savior and receive the security of their salvation. We also had several baptized and others preparing for it.

We had one of the young men surrender to God’s call to full-time service. He is so excited about what God has for him next. He is finishing his technical degree in graphic design here in the country, taking our seminary classes, and working part-time in our ministry.

• A young man in our high school diagnosed with leukemia
• Wisdom for Esther and me as we begin online Master’s Classes in Christian Education
• Protection for or family
• Repairs on the transmission of one of our buses”

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, WATERBURY, John and Emily Lafreniere —They share the following: “Thank you for praying for our needs that we presented in our last letter. We are still in need of financial help for the leftover construction costs. Please continue to pray for this need.

We are so thankful for a new couple who moved from California recently and have joined our church. Also, our discipleship ministry has a new believer in the first phase of discipleship and three believers in the second phase of discipleship. We are looking forward to our upcoming baptismal service, so please continue to pray for both spiritual growth and numerical growth in our church.

Recently, we had a member in our church experience a death in his extended family. At the funeral, Christ was presented. A friend of this family attended our church, and the mother and 11- year-old son received Christ. They were baptized at the end of June.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUNEDIN, Bob and Diana Rutta —They share the following: “We recently had a BIMI Connect Team come and spend a week with us. They came as short-term missionary volunteers to be a blessing to the missionaries and get hands-on experience of ministry overseas. They stayed busy while they were here and were a great blessing to us and our church. They helped during our church services, shared the Gospel throughout the community, did some projects around our church building, and even took a day to help some of the other people in our church with things like yardwork, stacking wood, landscaping, and cleaning around their homes.

When their time with us was finished, we drove them five hours north as they finished out their time in New Zealand, helping BIMI missionary Sam Hutchens in Christchurch. The team was a blessing and encouragement to us!

As you are starting to enjoy your summer, our winter winds are starting to blow. We have already had a bit of snow in the hills around us. No matter what the season, we are thankful to know that you are faithfully praying that the Lord will continue to do His work in the hearts of the people here.”

WEST AFRICA, GAMBIA, Daniel and Sarah Jenkins — They share the following: “It is amazing to think we have been here almost two months! We began Wolof language study just a week after we arrived here, and we are learning more and more each day. The language is quite fun, especially when we mess up and everyone laughs, but we are slowly being able to speak and understand more and more.

While the language has been our primary focus, we have also been able to get a few important things accomplished as well. We were able to obtain our driver’s licenses as well as apply for our permanent residency and alien ID cards. Please pray with us that we will be able to receive these soon.

• Opportunities to share Christ with the Gambian people
• A man who has expressed interest in reading the Bible with me
• Wolof language study
• Sarah’s pregnancy (due early November)
• Need of $12,500 to purchase the vehicle we need”

June 2019

WEST AFRICA, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Bingerville, Bob and Rebekah Mach — They share the following report: “As we finish our fifth term in the Ivory Coast, we certainly consider the opening of the Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute (FBBI) to be the high point of this term. The need for this institute and seminary was very real.

In this term, we offered 13 institute courses and 3 seminary courses using a total of 10 well-qualified pastors and professors in order to provide the best possible training. Our institute averaged 25 students while we typically had 32 in our seminary classes. Perhaps this testimony from one of our students says it best:

‘The FBBI has been a considerable help to me as a student of the Scriptures. Spiritual maturity parallels biblical knowledge, and both are God’s will for the believer (2 Peter 3:18). The institute has led me to consider biblical truth in a new light. I understand better many of our interpretations of Scripture that I did before, given that the institute has given me the cultural, historical and geographical background. It is as well an honor to receive different courses through different instructors who are all qualified and well experienced.’”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Jim and Carol Stackhouse — They share the following: “We have received a good report from the church, part of which I will include in this letter: ‘Last Sunday we had 24 souls being baptized and added to the church family with one mama wanting to become a member on testimony. All of these baptized 24 souls were young people, most of whom got saved during the 2018 Camp Gary and a few during church services. God is still saving souls here.’ The commencement at the Christian school has been postponed until next year. There was not sufficient time to prepare and enroll students for this year. Thank you for praying for Haven of Rest and its many ministries. God continues to bless this church for His name’s sake.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, LEON, Miguel and Leticia Parada — They share the following: “In February we were back to our rhythm of witnessing and soul winning. We have had many professions of faith, and we have focused on the Fundesi area of town in the El Calvario neighborhood. In these neighborhoods, there are a lot of young students from La UNAN, the most prestigious university in Nicaragua. I ask that you pray for a young student that I am counseling who is interested in learning more about the Gospel. Also, pray for a young couple who has been attending church services for the past few months but have not accepted Christ into their lives.

In March, we continued our normal church activities and followed up with home visits to those who came to Sunday and/or Wednesday services. We also visited the sick in the regional Leon hospital.

In April, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary. There was a great spirit of fellowship, and of course, great preaching of the Word of God. We had Pastor Santos Casco preach for us from Iglesia Bautista Renacer. God has been good and continues to grow us where He has planted us.”

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, SUNYANI, Seth and Melissa Acree — They write, “Ministering in Ghana is difficult. Most churches here are viewed differently than how they are viewed in the States. Here they are social clubs where one connects with family and friends, and churches are also something to invest in. To give an example, the size of the funeral and how the surviving family is treated depends on what they gave to the church while they were living. Culturally speaking, to leave that kind of setting and join a Bible-preaching church means one has to be willing to abandon their “investments.”

That type of belief and works for salvation is endemic to this population. Many have a hard time accepting that what they have heard their whole lives are lies and would rather willfully live in ignorance of the truth.

• Church growth — in numbers and spiritual maturity
• Bible Club attendance (fluctuates with school and people moving)
• The next step in our paperwork process

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following, “We rejoice in God’s blessings on our Easter service. We had 129 in attendance. We have had several return to church in the weeks following the Easter outreach and it is always encouraging. In early April, one of these returning visitors accepted Christ. She found our church online and decided to visit on Easter Sunday. As we visited with her after the service and gave her assurance of her salvation, we were blessed by her eagerness to know more about God and His Word. We have a baptism scheduled and she is planning to be baptized. She has brought her boyfriend to church with her twice. She is a new believer also. Would you pray for them? They are in their 30s and seem eager to follow the Lord.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, SAN FERNANDO, Nick and Patty Sutmaier — They share the following: “Right after a woman was saved, she told of her rough life in which she was not a good mother and now her children are living the consequences of her past. After showing her from the Scriptures that she was a new creature in Christ, I was able to encourage her about becoming the right kind of mother. With tears in her eyes, she asked for prayer. We were able to disciple her and she began to grow. One by one, she brought each of her grown children to church and they all trusted Christ as their Savior.

Two weeks ago, I received a call from her daughter-in-law at 7:30 AM. After asking her if everything was okay, she reported that her mother-in-law had died of a heart attack. She was only 58 years old and just started growing in the Lord. Her life was impacted by the Gospel. She allowed Jesus to transform her heart so much so that all her children and grandchildren have been saved in the last four years. It breaks my heart to think of how things would have turned out if it were not for each person who gives to keep us on the field, and for everyone who prays for us. Thank you for being faithful!

CARIBBEAN, PUERTO RICO, Jerry and Liz Harmon — They share the following: “In March we had our annual Bible-reading month and broke all records. We hosted an island-wide pastor’s retreat in April with about 40 people attending. It was great to see some fellow preachers whom we had not seen in quite a while. We had a great time of preaching, fellowship, and eating.

Jerry has preached in chapel at the school in which Liz teaches several times, as well as preaching in chapel at the deaf school every week. Liz had another outstanding year teaching at Lighthouse Baptist Academy. Several of her students got saved! She was awarded the ‘Teacher of the Year’ this year, even though she was not able to attend the ceremony due to her recovery from her knee-replacement surgery. She looks forward to returning to teach in the fall, Lord willing.

We appreciate your faithfulness to us as we serve our Lord and YOU here in Puerto Rico.

• Liz’s continued recovery from knee-replacement surgery
• Jerry’s recovery from the bad cold he got at the hospital
• Wisdom for summer ministries
• Souls saved, baptized, and discipled
• Wisdom in all we say and do”

BRAZIL, TAUBATE SP, Ed and Maribel Johnson — They share the following: “In March, New Life Baptist Church held its annual missions conference. We renewed our Faith Promise missions commitment for the following year and challenged the church to expand its evangelistic vision to reach our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the world. We also reinforced our need to purchase land.

I would like to finish this prayer letter by highlighting the testimony of A. and his family. He is a career officer in the Brazilian army. He and his wife were moral people, but for most of their lives they did not go to a Bible-preaching church. Upon being transferred to a western city in Brazil, they, along with their daughter, started going to an independent Baptist church that had been established by one of my dad’s preacher boys. They received Christ as their Savior and started growing in that church, but they were once again transferred to another city. The Lord, however, had plans for them and saw fit to transfer them to our city where they started coming to our church. Shortly after arriving, the wife received assurance of her salvation and they continued their Christian growth very rapidly. The husband is a soul winner and works with our teens along with his wife. The daughter got saved last year after realizing that she did not have a Christian testimony, and now all of them are studying in our Bible institute together as a family. The mother and daughter help with different ministries in the church as well such as the nursery, decorating, and the church bookstore.”

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Rick and Kathy Anderson — They share the following very urgent report and prayer needs: “A few weeks ago, our lives took an unexpected turn. After having stomach pains for several weeks, Kathy was hospitalized. A week in one hospital left us considering the possibilities of parasites, typhoid, appendicitis, and diverticulosis. Finally, a colonoscopy showed two tumors. Immediately she was sent to a hospital where one of the top surgeons in Peru did emergency surgery. After waiting nine days, we received the results and she does have colon cancer. She needs to recover from this surgery before we can move on to treatment for the cancer. We are hopeful that the surgery removed most if not all of the cancer.

We are thankful for the prayers of so many people. We have felt the peace of God during this time in a great way.

WESTERN EUROPE, GREAT BRITAIN, Graham and Melinda Forbes — They share the following report: “We have been ministering in the West Midlands for the past eight years and have seen God add to His kingdom and change people’s lives. I have been discipling two men. I spend lots of time with them, pouring my life into them. In return, they pour their lives into the Life Groups.

Melinda, too, takes a very active role creating deep friendships with their wives, helping them to also reproduce other believers who have a spiritual maturity and depth. Our biggest challenge is the building we have. Being 200 years old, it has developed cracks that stretch from the foundations to the roof. This has shown a need for a heavy investment in order for it to last another 200 years lest the Lord tarry. We are at present speaking to builders to put all that is wrong right and create space for more people to be added to the family of God! PRAY!”

USA MINISTRIES, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They share the following: “While on visitation one day, I stopped by a man’s apartment. He recently had an operation. As we stood outside his door, F. E. walked up the steps. His nickname is “S.” After a while, I gave him a tract, and told him that the world was out to destroy his life. After quoting various Bible verses to him, I told him he was a sinner. He quickly agreed to this truth. He seems to be earnest in his prayer to accept Christ as Savior. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!

During our time in the Bronx, I have been robbed five times, attacked three times, and our apartment has been broken into three times. We have had no less than ten vehicle accidents. Our mission church has been in five major places, but none of them has been conducive to middle-class church growth. The city of New York has also given us two summons for not being legal and has forced us out of the last major place because we could not get a permanent Certificate of Occupancy. Even though many have given up, GOD DOES NOT WANT US TO QUIT!”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM AD RHEM, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following report: “Many things have happened since our last letter. At three locations, we had important literature distribution events. The first distribution was at an ideal location in the pedestrian shopping area in the inner city for two full days on Friday and Saturday. We had about 25 helpers and distributed Bibles, booklets of various subjects, salvation tracts, and other literature in about 35 languages. These were excellent opportunities to speak with the people about the Lord and salvation. I was able to turn a blond, blue-eyed student from this atheistic, evolution theory to the creator God. The two other distribution centers were in front of our church building with similar literature, also in various languages. We are thankful to the Lord that we could give out over 5,000 pieces of literature to mostly lost people. We are praying and waiting for the harvest.

This past Sunday after the worship service an older lady accepted Christ as her personal Savior. Praise the Lord! The Lord has been working in the lives of two couples, one with three children who attended some of our services and wanted to get married and live their lives to be pleasing to the Lord. We pray and trust they will become productive members of our church. Another couple got engaged and wanted to follow the Lord. THEY NEED OUR PRAYERS!”

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, PUERTO PRINCEAS CITY, David and Terri Long — They share the following report and prayer needs: “Our island has been experiencing a drought since early January. Since the middle of March, we have been under severe water rationing. We may sporadically get one or two hours of running water per day, and sometimes not even that. (Unfortunately, this is the first house we have rented on a foreign mission field that did not come with a water storage tank.) We mostly live with buckets and containers or water that we fill each time the water comes—IF we are in the house when the water flows. However, God has been good. Two times we have been down to about two buckets of water, and God brought running water. However, every difficulty has a ‘silver lining.’ Due to the lack of rain, this is going to be a great season for mangoes, which we have already begun enjoying.

• Pray for all our soul winning efforts, and for our converts as we disciple them.
• Pray for God to give us a young man who speaks Tagalog & English who can help us with the ministry.
• We would like to start a Bible study in the main part of the capital city—Puerto Princesa. We are praying for God’s leading about that.
• Pray for us to get a vehicle.

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Michael and Anna Doering — They share the following report and prayer needs: “We are preparing now for a busy summer. The youth group is organizing a youth camp, which will take place in August. We have a young lady who has volunteered to lead our annual Vacation Bible School. Anna is working closely with her and others who are helping. Michael continues to mentor our leadership team. We will have our church anniversary in just a few months, where we will take a hard look at what went well, what did not go so well, and where we see God taking us for 2020.

• For our national leaders to lead with character and integrity
• For a continued passion among our congregation to share the Gospel message
• For God to provide financially in several areas where we have needs
• For God to allow us to see the church continue moving forward towards being self-supporting

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Peter and Elisabeth Putney — They share the following report and prayer needs: “There are many times on the mission field when we can feel like we are doing a lot of sowing but not a lot of reaping. And then there are other times, when we definitely see the fruit of our labor. Our church has always been faithful in weekly soul winning, but lately I feel like God has been rewarding us for our efforts. Our church has seen an influx of visitors and more importantly, souls saved over the last few months. I personally have led many to Christ, but what brings the most joy to my heart is to see our people winning souls. Our Saturday soul winning team has also been growing and growing. What a joy it is to see people who were saved and baptized in our church, and now they are on the streets telling others about Jesus Christ!

Most all the believers in our church are first generation Christians. They often struggle with the consequences of their past sinful lifestyle and lack of understanding as to how a godly home should be. Despite these obstacles, our church families have a strong desire to see their children and teenagers grow up to serve the Lord. This year we began a Saturday afternoon teen ministry. We have seen the Lord blessing it and using it to encourage them. Our children’s ministries are also flourishing. We have many young people growing up in our church who will be the future of Colombia. Please pray for these young people that they will not fall into the world, but rather give their hearts and lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support.”

May 2019

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, JAEN, JAEN, Michael and Jen Helton — They share the following report and prayer needs: “March and April have been a time of adjustment. We spent most of the month getting used to the new city and changing paperwork. We were able to meet a pastor in the next town over who has a burden to see churches planted in his region. In April, we started meeting every Thursday night for a time of prayer. We shared the news by word of mouth, but it remained only our family. However, during the same time, Jen was able to develop a website and we established a social media presence. We felt led to start a Bible study on May 2 and advertised it through the website. We have already received several contacts. Please pray that we are able to reach people through this as we continue the process of starting a work here.

• Outreach and Evangelism
• Start of Iglesia Bautista de la Gracia in Jaén
• Outreach in Jaén
• Isaiah in college
• Abbey as she prepares for college
• Our neighbors (old and new)
• New contacts in Jaén.”

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, SAIPAN, Swante and Linda Lindquist — They share the following: UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS! In February, we were returning home from church when our car started making unusual sounds. The next morning, the mechanic discovered a blown head gasket and piston ring breakdown in our car. The repair would cost more than the car was worth. So by God’s grace, we were able to sell the car to another mechanic for what the repair would have been. Long story short, the Lord has provided a great, almost like new, 5-door Mazda CX-9 wagon. We now have more room to transport people and haul supplies for the repairs at the church. The Lord took our catastrophe and turned it into a blessing!

THE BEST FOR LAST! A 19-year-old man in our church, who has been coming since he was three years old, accepted the Lord! There were tears of happiness not only from some in the congregation but also from the young man himself. When asked why he was crying, he told me they were tears of joy! AMEN!

How we rejoice to be laborers together with you in this field of Saipan. Your prayers and financial support are immensely appreciated!”

CARIBBEAN, HAITI, Don and Bridgitt Dryden — They give the following report: “One of the 19 baptized in the first quarter was the 69-year-old son of a deceased man who got saved many years ago and was baptized and became a Sunday school teacher. Pray that his son will grow as his dad did and that his family will trust Christ for salvation. Recently, at the close of a morning worship service, a 48-year-old woman declared her faith in Jesus Christ and what He has done. While we were gone, another woman, 51 years of age, put her trust in Jesus for salvation at Eglise Baptiste Indépendante Desroulins. There are five presently in the baptismal class waiting to be baptized.”

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Larry and Lydabelle Barrett — They share the following: “In March we had baptismal services and seven followed the Lord in obedience to Him. There are five from our church in Vila Hortolandia and two from the church in Almerinda Chaves. One of these was our grandson, Benjamin.

• Building project — that we will be able to finish it
• Health — Larry recently diagnosed with diabetes and taking three medicines daily to keep it under control
• Salvation of souls and spiritual growth of the lives of those who have been saved
• Direction from the Lord as to beginning new churches. We actually have people trained and ready to serve, but we do not have the funds to begin anything just yet.
• For the church Almerinda Chaves (Friendship Baptist Church).”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross — He gives the following report and prayer needs: “Bible Baptist Church is doing well. This month we baptized a young woman. She is a third-year student at the local university and was saved seven months ago with our group. She has been faithful in coming to church services and to Friday night Bible studies but has not come forward for baptism. However, this month she asked to be baptized. We did another study on baptism for her and several others who had yet to be baptized. We are thankful for her salvation and now for her decision to follow the Lord in baptism. Pray that her testimony will work in the hearts of others. Several others have not been baptized.

• Learning language & culture
• Churches in Thailand”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, WATERFRONT KONEDOBU, Sam and Mary Beth Snyder — They share the following report: “Being part of a village in a remote rainforest, we sometimes get to participate in the joy of a new birth, both physical and spiritual, and at times we also walk with believers through the death of their family member. An elderly man recently passed away, but before his death, he told Pastor Ben that he was trusting in Jesus for his salvation. He heard the Gospel faithfully proclaimed at church for years, and it had borne fruit unto eternal life. Some of his sons are church members, and it seemed to mean a lot to them and other friends when Sam and Thomas spent most of the day with them, learning more of their local burial and haus krai (house cry/funeral) customs.

Discipleship is part of everyday life, and we are encouraged to see growth in three young men and one married man. Please pray for them that they will remain faithful, especially the married man as he has had many trials within his family. We spent over three months teaching a marriage and family Sunday school class in which we covered a wide range of topics. Some have come to us expressing their thanks for teaching them about biblical marriage.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, DANGRIGA, STANN CREEK, John and Robin Harris — They share the following: “Grace Baptist Church of Dangriga has been growing both numerically and spiritually. People are hearing the Gospel regularly, and we have seen people raise their hands for salvation. We have seen a good number of adults who are now attending regularly. The people are inviting people, which is a huge blessing. We were thankful for Pastor Mark Liedtke who was our special speaker for our morning service in March. We had a special day of both food and fellowship. Brother Liedtke also preached while using art or what he calls chalk talks. One of the major blessings was that I only drove five people and Robin only drove four people to church, while the rest either walked or road their bicycles.

• Pray for the people of Dangriga. We have seen an increase in violence here as of late.
• Pray for the people who heard the Gospel and for the salvation of their souls.”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KASESE, Alisha Stensaas — She gives the following report: “One year ago, when I first started teaching at St. Agnes College, J. and I clashed a bit because he is the son of a reverend and didn’t like that I did things differently than the normal religious way that he was used to. We began talking and he always had questions for me. Recently, I talked with him about salvation, but he also wanted to think about it. The next week, he had more questions and then he told me (I did not have to ask him) that he wanted to trust in Christ to save him. The prayer does not saved you but I loved what he said as he was praying. It is something many people think. He said, ‘Lord, I thought I was with you, but now I have seen from your Word that I am not with you.’ Many people think they are with God because they are religious. I am so thankful J. learned the truth. He is our first student saved at St. Agnes College.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Kay Mackay — They share the following: “Our Sunday school has seen seven children accept the Lord since January. This has been very exciting. One of the little boys only attended our church one Sunday. His parents had been taking him to a very large evangelical church in our city. They decided to visit our church because they saw our church sign very near their home. The little boy was very knowledgeable of the Bible. That day our Sunday school teacher’s lesson was on Cain and Abel and this little boy eagerly responded to the invitation. His young heart was ready to accept the Lord, but no one had shown him how. Lisa told the teacher that we might never see this little boy again, but God used our Sunday school teacher to bring him to the saving knowledge of Christ. Another little boy has been coming with his dad for many months and trusted Christ in February. His dad is not a believer but faithfully attends each Sunday. One of the little girls has grown up in Sunday school and sweetly trusted Christ two weeks ago. The other children ride our Sunday school bus and they responded to the invitation in Lisa’s class. We rejoice in these young lives receiving the Gospel!”

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, Lee and Eva Johnson — They share the following report and prayer needs: “A deaf man from the jungle city of Iquitos, Peru, graduated from our Christian school back in 2012. In our last prayer letter, I mentioned how the Lord had laid on his heart to start a church in the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Three fellow Peruvian pastors and I had a time of questions and answers with him, dealing with his call to the pastorate and understanding Bible doctrines and truth. To our great delight, he responded wonderfully and soundly. I am happy to report that on the last day of our second annual conference for the deaf, he was ordained to be a preacher of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Praise our blessed Lord!”

• For God to greatly use him in his new role as pastor
• That God will give us wisdom on how to go about fixing the roof of our new church building”

WESTERN EUROPE, SCOTLAND, ABERDEEN, Rick and Sarah Demastus — They share the following report and prayer needs: “Thank you all for your prayers and special offerings for the Super Spring Spectacular (SSS) we had this month. We were happy to have Bible Baptist Church in Fairfield, Ohio, help us with the event and many other things to help with the new church plant. We had 79 registered kids/teens and 45 adults during our two-day event. Each group received the Gospel, and Open Door Baptist Church got a good name in the community. With all the thrill and excitement, one of the women in our church boldly witnessed to her mum and she was SAVED! She had been praying for her for over 20 years. We helped her along when she first started coming to learn how to lead someone to Christ. She had never done it before and she lacked the confidence. I was glad that through the teaching of God’s Word, she was able to reach her family with the Gospel. We continue to have visitors through our church and it is always a blessing when they continue to come! Pray for these families as they grow in the Lord.

• Souls to be saved, baptized, and discipled
• For God to prepare the hearts of the people of Scotland to be open to the Gospel
• For our supporting churches
• For Sarah’s outreach to mums
• For the growth of our church
• For us as we reach out to our neighbors and witness to them
• For Sarah in her pregnancy with Gracelyn Esther
• For us as we seek a permanent building for services.
• For us as we reach the families that came to the SSS event”

USA MILITARY, ITALY, AVIANO, Chris and Lou Anne War — They share the following: “A couple of months ago, we received a call from a young lady who recently joined the Air Force and just arrived at Aviano Air Force Base for her first duty station. She asked if it was possible for someone to pick her up for church on Sunday because she did not have a car yet. Lou Anne was happy to drive to the base and pick her up for church. She seemed to really enjoy the Sunday services and we asked her if she would like to come to our house for coffee after church. As we sat and had coffee and talked, she told us she had just been married right before she transferred to Aviano. Her husband was waiting for his paperwork to be completed and approved so he could join her in Italy.

Lou Anne continued picking her up for church until she was able to purchase a car. She received a call that her grandmother was dying, and she went back to the States to see her. She came back the following week accompanied by her husband. That Sunday they came to church and stayed for all services. We invited them to stay for dinner. As the women were in the kitchen talking, the husband and I were in the living room, I asked him what he believed it would take for a person to get to heaven. He explained that he was not sure but thought it was being a good person. I asked him if he would like to see what the Bible teaches about going to heaven, and he said, “Yes.” I walked him through God’s plan of salvation for man through Jesus Christ. I asked him according to the Bible what would happened to him if he died. He said he would not go to heaven but would go to hell because he had never trusted Jesus Christ to take him to heaven. As we talked, I could see the conviction of the Holy Spirit on his face. I asked him if he would like to trust Jesus as his Savior and he said, “Yes.” He prayed and trusted Jesus Christ to save him. They have been faithful to church and recently found out they were expecting their first baby. Please pray for this young couple and their spiritual growth.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Jason and Cassy Tate — They share the following with prayer needs: “Pastor Gustavo Silva, the pastor of the Light of the World Baptist Church in Ojojona, began ministry in the village of Aragua near Ojojona. After studying at the Bible institute in Ojojona, he felt called into full-time ministry. Eventually, the church in Ojojona called him to be their pastor. This past month I had the privilege of participating in his ordination along with several other national pastors and missionaries.

• Please pray for the Bible institute as we phase into the new system.
• Pray for the five students studying for the ministry.
• Pray for the 25 saved and the 12 baptized in Danli.
• Pray for the works in Danli, Los Robles, El Paraiso, El Ocomupe, and La Esperanza.
• Pray for the adoption of the twins.
• Pray for our oldest daughter, Audrey, as she is now studying at West Coast Baptist College.”

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire — They share the following: “Brother Alan Brooks and I have just returned from Papua New Guinea, and we are beginning to see the harvest from much seed that has been sown. We had volunteers from Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, and Japan during this trip. Many of the national church pastors and laymen are also involved in a great way. We are rejoicing in all that was accomplished on this trip. We are fast approaching 600,000 Bibles given to school and university students and teachers.

We are receiving reports of students and teachers accepting Christ as their personal Savior, schools being transformed by the power of God’s Word, and families beginning to attend a local independent Baptist church because their child was given a Bible at school. Every Bible is stamped with the contact information for a church near the school. Check our updates at “Bibles for Papua New Guinea.”

April 2019

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, MADRID, Julio and Andrea Velasquez — They share the following: “We have been having unusually warm weather for this time of the year. This has allowed us to go out and do street visitation with some of the people of the church. It is a blessing to share the Gospel with those who have never heard. Please pray that we will have the boldness to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the people will respond and get saved.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, AKASHI CITY, Jimmy and Sarah Pak — They share the following report: “We are so glad that God has provided a gracious church for us to serve with as we are studying the language. Nishi Maiko Baptist church has been a very essential part in giving our family a smooth transition. They were able to help us choose a home, register with the city, find a vehicle, and acquire much of the regular necessities that a family would need to live in Japan. We are so grateful for Pastor Omote and for his family members who have provided so much of the help.”

USA MILITARY MINISTRY, ITALY, AVIANO, Chris and Louanne War — They share the following: “Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church in Aviano, Italy. Our church is very small as it is, and this year we have several people moving back to the States and others deploying for six months. Please pray for souls to be saved, baptized, and added to the church. Please pray God would transfer some good, solid, mature, and faithful Christians to Aviano to be a part of our church.

Please pray for our family in the States and in in Sicily. Please pray for a missionary family to come help us in Aviano to reach the Italians for Christ and to help with our Italian ministry in our church.”

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI COUNTY, Jon and April Flowers — They share the following report, “We want to introduce to you a family in our church. They have been attending our church for some time now. They both have a servant’s heart and are a great blessing to our church. Since they have been attending our church, we have been praying for the husband to find a job. In the past few weeks, he had an interview. God answered our prayers. He starts his new job sometime in April.

Please pray for our church. We need to find a new place to meet. We are outgrowing our present location and this is good. Our lease is up in the fall, but we are asking you to start praying for this NOW! Please pray for the Lord to open the doors for us to find a place that is the right price and size and that is close to our present location.”

EAST AFRICA, ZAMBIA, Brian and Amanda Collins — They write, “The work continues to go well here in Zambia. The Christian school continues to average 70 students. Currently, we have grades K-5 through 5th. The students are in class 4½ days per week with chapel on Wednesday. It has been such a blessing to see children who have come out of the bush, having no Bible knowledge at all, and now quoting Bible verses in chapel. It has been a blessing to have Ms. Sue with us. She has been instrumental in helping the school get started. She is currently training others to help the school operate when she leaves. Please continue to pray for the continued growth and development of this school. Additional resources are needed to fund teachers and increase the futures of these children by offering grades beyond 5th grade.

• The weekly Bible study for pastors.
• Souls saved and people to surrender to God’s call on their lives
• The power of God on our lives as we share the ministry
• The Christian school
• Our kids to see our love for God as we obey Him
• For the salvation of our younger children

BRAZIL, PIRACICABA, Coy and Nancy Shaw — They share the following: “The last day of February was absolutely wonderful! In the afternoon Nancy and I visited a home in which the lady of the house recently trusted Christ. During the visit, we were able to lead the man of the house to the Lord as well as their teenage son. That night Pastor Marcos visited a home in which he was able to lead an elderly couple to the Lord. Please remember these new converts in your prayers.

One of our church families lives on the other side of town and they have opened their home for special ‘house services.’ Several people have already been saved, but transportation for getting them to church is a problem. We have been praying about a van for the church and Lord willing, within the next few weeks we will see the answer to our prayers. We ask you to pray with us concerning a van for the church.”

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, Glenn and Charlotte Palmer — They give the following report: “We have been asked to go to England and fill in for missionaries who have not had a furlough in about nine years. We will be going to Market Harborough, Northants. This is a ministry that we are familiar with as we have assisted in a building project and preaching about every six weeks while ministering in our own church in Spalding. What a privilege to serve the Lord in this wonderful opportunity of ministry. We also are excited about meeting with an Englishman, who has been praying about starting a Bible-preaching Baptist church in his town. Pray for wisdom and direction from the Lord for his new step of faith and for him and us. The Lord has so many open doors for us to serve Him and we are ready to go to England as the Lord has directed.”

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, BOVES, Carey and Susan Abbett — They give the following report and prayer needs: “Thank you for praying for the Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Children’s Bible Club. We praise the Lord for the new kids who are being invited regularly.

We keep reaching out to the adults around us and old contacts as well as trying to make new ones. They show very little interest in spiritual matters, but we know the Lord is able.

• Praise the Lord for the first teens’ meeting and the first time comers
• Thankful for a good week of VBS and for one who asked for a Bible
• Pray for our teens’ meeting. How wonderful it is to see them come to the Lord now before their hearts are older and harder!
• Pray for two ladies who are going to a ladies retreat this month.

Reminder: For those who have a Facebook account, please feel free to look at our family’s ministry page, ‘like’ it so you may receive notices and see pictures of what our prayer letters talk about. Just type: The Abbett Family to France.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, BELMOPAN, Jonathan and Elizabeth Shertzer — They share the following report: “The last two months have brought about a lot of exciting transitions. During our first three months in Belize, we earnestly sought a permanent location for a long-term ministry. With a future church plant and Bible institute in mind, we had been praying about the central part of the country. While exploring, we were blessed to spend time with veteran BIMI missionaries Mark and Brenda Liedtke. They were preparing to start a brand new church plant in the centrally located capital of Belmopan. After much prayer and wise counsel, we saw the Lord leading us to assist them with this new work. In January, we transitioned to our new location. The Liedtkes recently began holding services in their home. Please pray that God will give wisdom as we search for a more permanent meeting place. We were able to assist with passing out Bibles, creating a church logo, and searching for available properties in the city. Besides helping with the new church plant, I have also enjoyed helping Pastor Mark with other ministries such as juvenile prison, school chapel, and installing a new restroom in their previous church plant. Elizabeth was even able to do a full-day teacher training at the Belizean school. When coming to Belize, we desired to work under a veteran missionary for a year, and God has certainly answered that prayer.

We have watched God work over and over again in the past couple of months. We find so much joy in serving the Lord on your behalf. You also reap the rewards of souls being reached in Belize.”

USA MINISTIES TO CHINESE, SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, Ken and Nancy Lalman — They share the following report: “We just finished celebrating the 2019 Chinese New Year, which is the year of the Pig. We had a wonderful service with over 30 people and 6 visitors. Many made commitments to serve the Lord even more this year and get more involved in working to help build the Silicon Valley Chinese Baptist Church. I am so grateful for each one who is taking an active part in serving in many areas. I am truly amazed that in the midst of difficulties in this area, God is still working in people’s hearts!

Starting a new church definitely has its challenges, but I love watching the Lord do amazing things in helping His church grow!”

SOUTH AMERICA, ECUADOR, GUAYAQUIL, Richard and Anna Hurst — They share the following report: “God has given us a wonderful opportunity lately to minister in one of our daughter churches. Jonathan and Yolanda are missionaries here in Guayaquil. Yolanda is one of our converts from years ago who studied in our Bible institute and left as a missionary to Peru. She married a pastor there and they have come to our city to plant a church. They located in the most southern and one of the most poverty-stricken areas of the city. Both Jonathan and Yolanda have spent the last two months in Peru having surgeries and recuperating, which has given some of the other local pastors and me and opportunities to preach in Jonathan’s absence. It is refreshing to see the new church plant where many of the members are new converts.

We still have a goal of starting a church in the far north of our city. This area is relatively new and there is very little in the area as far as churches are concerned. The problem we are having is that pretty much all the area is residential and has been zoned only for residents. They are constructing shopping centers near these neighborhoods and our hope is that we may be able to rent space at one of these places. The only other option is to purchase land nearby with the hopes of being able to build something in the near future. CONTINUE TO PRAY!”

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, NAGUA, Jeffri and Pamela Polanco — they write the following: “In February, the Lord gave us the opportunity to have a Friend Day, serving during the week of Valentine’s Day. We had 33 in attendance, four new visitors, two salvation decisions, and a few salvation assurances. Everyone left with a beautiful box of tasty cupcakes that was beautifully decorated by my wonderful wife. Also, on February 22, we had a teen activity and 13 teens attended. Two of them were our neighbor’s children. We had invited them countless times to different activities and services but something always came up. We praise the Lord that on that activity, we had five professions of faith—two of them were our neighbors! Our teens really enjoy these special activities. Please pray that it will have a lasting impact on their lives.

• Discipleship and spiritual growth
• Anniversary service many souls would be saved

CARIBBEAN, PUERTO RICO, AQUADILLA, Steve and Ann Buchanan — They give the following report: “January 6 is a very special day on our island. It is called Three Kings Day. This is referring to the three wise men that came to see Jesus and offer their gifts to Him. On January 5, the child places a box of straw and grass under his beds for the camels and the wise men. On the morning of January 6, we spend time in the Word of God with the children teaching them the story of the birth of Jesus and how He is the Savior of the world.

On February 10, we celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the Bera Baptist Church. What a great day of singing, preaching, and teaching! Many old friends came for this special day along with many visitors that our people brought with them. Many heard the Gospel perhaps for the first time. Thank you, Lord, that you promised your Word would not return void.

The biggest event of the year will take place June 7. This is the day I will be turning the church over to David Arroyo. He will become the official pastor of the church at this time.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, Nate and Christine Saint — They share the following report: “The city still has not granted permission for the sale of the church property. That should not surprise us because this is Chile, but we pray that maybe that will be soon! There are 180 low-income houses that just opened 100 yards away from the church property, and apartment buildings right across the road opened up a few weeks ago. The neighborhood is growing and we would love everyone to know there is a place where he can hear and learn about Jesus.

We had some first time visitors recently. They live near a member who invited them to church. They have a Baptist background and they were looking for a church, so they came and promised to come back. The man also happens to have experience with getting building additions approved by the city, which might come in handy when we get ready to add on to the church property. We hope to soon have some time to sit down with them and see how we can help them in their walk with the Lord. Please pray for people we met on visitation or at the store who have expressed a real interest in studying the Bible and coming to church.”

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, TOKYO, Danny and Haruna McKittrick — They share the following: “E. got saved on January 29. Thank you for praying for him. He, along with TSgt. H. (a faithful member of Yokota Baptist Church) came over to our home on that Tuesday night. I asked E. if he were to die tonight, did he know where he would spend eternity. He said he hoped he would be in heaven and he told me he believed in Jesus. I then asked, ‘What do you believe about Jesus?’ but he could not answer. I took the Bible, showed him the Romans Road, and shared with him that Jesus died on the cross to pay his sin debt. At the end of presenting the Gospel, I asked him, ‘Is there anything stopping you from calling on Jesus Christ to save you?’ He said, ‘Nothing.’ I then asked if he would like to call upon the Lord and he said, ‘Yes!’ so we bowed our heads at the dinner table and he trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior! I had the privilege to baptize him two Sundays later. On a side note, TSgt. H. was thrilled to be a part of the experience. He later called me and expressed it. He is the one who first invited E. to church. The old saying is still true, ‘Soul winning is better caught than taught.’”

March 2019

SOUTH AMERICA, PARAGUAY, ASUNCION, Clint and Rita Vernoy — They share the following report: “On my birthday, the 11th of February, our church received our official incorporation number. With this number, we are now changing the title deeds so we can build on the property and open a bank account and work through all the other details of the legal operation in Paraguay. This is a very important step as Marcos and smugglers have used fake organizations such as churches as fronts for their illegal deeds and money laundering. I know—we live in a wonderful town.

We have also been able to rent the rest of the house where we have been renting storefronts for the church. We will again be able to do activities that were eliminated by the lack of space. This is a great answer to prayer. We have always hoped to purchase the house that abuts the church property. We have money saved towards that goal. The owner, however, was not interested unless we paid her price, which is almost double the fair market value. God is working, as she had begun coming down in price and negotiating the possibility of sale.

This is exciting! It feels like coming through the desert and crossing the final dune to see great open green valleys. God is working in the people; we have some souls preparing for baptism and others are stepping up to serve. God is great!”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, Dave and Debbie Board — They share the following report: “We are happy to report to you that things are moving forward in regard to the preparation for the construction of our church building! Please continue to uphold this project in prayer as a great door of opportunity has been opened to us but there are many obstacles that must be overcome in order to see it completed. The devil does not sit idly by as his territory is invaded, but through the power of prayer and your partnership we believe victory will come. Our folks here in Cambodia are sacrificially giving toward the purchase of blocks, but we need help with the most expensive part of the building—the foundation and the pouring of concrete for each of the three stories. Based upon what it costs to legally build here in the capital city, we estimate that the entire building will cost around $225,000. In addition to the amount that God has provided to purchase the land, construct the concrete fence around the property, raise the elevation, and drill a well, we have currently raised around $100,000 toward the building. We thank the Lord for those who have already financially invested in helping to see the church built.

WEST AFRICA, TOGO, KARA, Randy and Jeanette Alderman — They share the following: “We are greatly privileged to work with some wonderful people here in the churches of the Kara area and the village of Pagouda. Many stand alone for Christ in the midst of an unsaved family who ostracize them and seek to force them to continue in the depraved fetish culture. This pressure is especially evident during the ‘coming of age’ ceremonies held in the summer months.

We have seen many of the members of the Lama Feign youth group invest their time and efforts during every stage of the construction to help raise their church building, now near completion. They indeed present a vibrant future for this growing church. During our years here in Togo, we have started many of our church plants with groups of young people but very few adults. It has been exciting to watch young people grow up, mature, continue to walk with the Lord, and develop into adults who are now leaders in these various congregations. We greatly appreciate your prayers for the spiritual development of these young people who represent the future of strong reproducing churches here in Togo.”

SOUTH AFIRCA, KIMBERLY, Chad and Vicki Branch — They give the following report and prayer needs: “All of our regular activities are going strong. It is a joy and privilege to conduct morning assemblies and Bible studies in local schools during the week, which enables us to reach hundreds of children AND their homes with the Gospel. The Bible institute has started back up and Bible classes on Friday nights are well-attended. The monthly children’s outreach in Greenpoint is continuing to see great results with two children receiving Christ in January! We are praying for God to open the door for us to start a church in this community soon. We also enjoy going out on the streets on the last Saturday of the month for evangelism and soul winning. This past Saturday, we prepared 200 John and Romans with a church tract inside and stood on a busy intersection in the city and handed them out to passing motorists. We are trusting Psalm 126:6 and Isaiah 55:11 for the results to God’s Glory!

PRAISE the Lord for souls saved and homes and families being changed for the glory of God!
PRAISE the Lord for meeting another independent Baptist missionary family, working in our province in the city of Upinton (about four hours from us) that we did not even know was here!
PRAISE the Lord that we were told that we can continue to request extensions to our 3-year volunteer visas immediately! This takes a lot of pressure off us as we plan for the future here.
PRAY for the church as we conduct Family Month in March with preaching and teaching on how to have a biblical home and family. It is such a tremendous need in this culture!
PRAY for the young men in the Bible institute. Satan is working very hard to pull these young men away. Your prayers could make a difference!
PRAY for the country of South Africa. There is a growing unrest and concern about the future of this nation. Pray that God will keep the doors open here.”

USA MINISTIRES, CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIED, John Lafreniere — He shares the following report: “Here is a blessing that is a result of your faithful prayers. Our location is in a building that is shared with a dog groomer and a hair salon. One of the hairdressers has been coming regularly since we moved in. She has a Catholic background, and after Emily shared the Gospel with her one-on-one, she recognized her need of salvation. She trusted Christ and is now going through discipleship, and she wants to be baptized soon. We were also able to baptize two other believers in January.

Please be in prayer for the operating expenses of our ministry. Some may not understand that geographically we are in the New York City (NYC) metro area. That means we live in an economy that is just as expensive as NYC. In the past several months, we have lost financial support from some ministries that only agreed to partner with us for a few years. This loss of support, as well as the believers who have left our church, has stretched our faith tremendously. Please pray that God will continue to provide for our church.

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. and Debbie Brosius —They share the following report: “In December we had the Friends of the Everlasting Nations meeting to which we invite Jewish contacts. This month we taught about Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, and the True Light of the World. We plan to have our first such meeting in our new church soon. From that work, a radio program has been started. Three men who have been serving in the new church are broadcasting twice a week for an hour. Please pray that people will hear and be saved from the Word being presented.

Lately, we have had an increase in members going out on Saturday for evangelism. In February, we baptized four adults. We also have a Sweet Heart Banquet for married couples planned for both churches. We have been counseling a couple and several troubled adults lately. The couple has serious marriage problems and we would appreciate your prayers for them and for wisdom to help them restore what has been lost.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, COJUTEPEQUE, Adam and Esther Fridenstine — They share the following report: “Our church is off to a great start with an amazing spirit among the people. We want to learn, grow, and see God use us to bring others to His saving grace. We have already seen six precious souls saved this year and five baptized and a married couple finish discipleship. Last week we had our big Friend Day where we had 20 family units visit the church and many more promising to come within upcoming weeks.

• We had a great time with some of our couples for a Couple’s Night last week.
• Our second church bus has license plates and permission for full-time use—thank you to ALL who had a part!
• We are beginning a construction expansion project for our school. Please pray for wisdom, safety, and provision.”

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, JAEN, Michael and Jen Helton — They share the following: “We are now writing from a new city! In January, we moved three hours away to the city of Jaén, in the province of Jaén (easy to remember). It took some time to get settled, but already we are seeing the hand of the Lord in special ways. As we find our way around, we have been able to make contacts. The city has over 120,000 people and no clear Gospel witness. There are the usual groups, but no one preaching the Gospel. Within the province, we are only aware of two churches so far that preach the Gospel. In February, I had the opportunity to meet with two pastors in the province and find out more of the region. We also had the privilege of spending time with a believer from Sevilla, attending the university. It is very exciting to see what God will doing in the coming months as we start to plant Iglesias Bautista de la Gracia (our new church name).

• Outreach and evangelism
• Start of Iglesias Bautista de la Gracia in Jaén.
• Growth of Iglesia Bautista El Olivar in Dos Hermanas
• Abbey as she finishes high school
• Isaiah in college
• Our neighbors (old and new)
• New contacts in Jaén”

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, GRAFENWOEHR, Chuck and Susan Sligh — They share the following report:

• Several people have put their faith in Jesus for salvation, including an African American!
• Our annual Christmas Eve Service outreach was phenomenal, with many visitors!
• We launched a new teen ministry with new volunteer teen leaders. Our teen ministry has been the weakest link for years at GBC. Now it is one of the most vibrant ministries with a weekly Bible Study and monthly teen activities and service projects.
• Out Spring Ladies Bible Study launched on January 22 and has been one of the best attended and most powerful ones we have had, having an impact on several women struggling with deep spiritual needs in their lives!

• Please pray for some families struggling with continued and sustained attacks on their marriages that they will follow God’s Word and not the world’s counsel. • A Men’s Bible Study is needed for our men. The problem with sustaining one is that an Army community with two infantry brigades are called upon to counter Russia’s mischief in Ukraine and Baltic countries. This requires our men to be almost constantly either in intense training or to be sent on mission to countries all over Europe as force-projection. Scheduling a time the men can meet weekly over a prolonged period of time is practically impossible. Please pray for a solution! Our men need it!”

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Larry and Lydabelle Barrett — They share the following: “We have our regular activities and weekly visitation, preaching, youth meetings, choir, and children’s ministry. We also operate our church website, where we make available various materials and studies to help other churches. We continue to give out tracts and witness and try to win the lost to the Savior! There have been four salvation decisions since the beginning of the year!

• The salvation of souls and spiritual growth — We will be having a baptismal service. • Our building project — We are praying that we will be able to complete it.
• Brazil’s political situation — We are so thankful for a conservative new president and are praying for decisions to be made that will help the country.
• Our health.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, Robert and Rhoda Smith — They share the following: “We started the year with two baptisms! What a joy! I had the privilege of leading a mom and her daughter to the Lord last year, and they wanted to start the new year off with their baptisms. Since then she and her daughter have been very faithful to the services. The daughter has even been soul winning with us on Saturdays. Praise the Lord! It is wonderful to see people making spiritual decisions and steps for the Lord.

Please continue to pray for us to be able to purchase the land that we desire for the church. We have applied to Town and Country Planning for permission to put a church there. If they approve it, then we will moved forward to buy it. Our church is yet unincorporated and it will need to be in order to purchase its own land. We need wisdom to choose which men in our church should occupy such positions of trust in the incorporation. Pray also that God will supply all of the money needed for both land and lawyer (about $88,400 USD). The church building fund presently has about $26,000 (USD), and it is slowly climbing.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITASAKAGUSUKU, Dan and Terri Gardner — They share the following: “The church in Okinawa, Shinko Baptist Church, is doing well and God is bringing in visitors on a regular basis. There were 10 children saved at the children’s Christmas meeting for which we are thankful. Pastor Yoshida is doing a great job of ‘holding down the fort’ while we are gone.

• The new church plant in Nago City started by our son, Dan Jr.
• Registration of the building in Nago City
• Financial needs for the building in Nago City
• Terri and me as we travel on furlough March 13–15
• More missionaries to Japan
• KIBBS Bible School Conference and graduation March 13–15

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following report: “This year is off to a good start! We had our Vision Sunday on the last Sunday in December and we shared our 2019 calendar and plans with our people. We have already enjoyed a ‘Speed Fellowship’ activity where everyone spent three minutes visiting with someone before the timer went off and they moved to sit with different people for the next three minutes until they had visited with half the congregation. Our people really enjoyed this as it gave them the opportunity to talk to people in the church that they had never visited with before.

We led a woman to the Lord on door-to-door visitation. She is from the Philippines. We have not seen her come to church yet but are praying that she will come soon. We have several people who need to follow the Lord in baptism. We are praying that they will soon take this step. Our neighbor was saved several years ago. He never really followed the Lord but recently has been faithfully coming to church and growing. He told us recently that he quit smoking a few weeks before. We are amazed at how our Lord loves people and never gives up on any of us! Please pray for him to be baptized and continue growing in the Lord.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, ALAJUELA, ATENAS, Rick and Shannon Dove — They give the following report: “We have stepped into 2019 with a greater desire to see God bless and work here in Costa Rica. The theme for our church this year is Draw Me Closer to the Lord in 2019. This is truly our desire as missionaries to be drawn closer to the Lord and to teach people here how to continue to grow in 2019. We have a desire to see more souls saved in 2019, more people discipled, and more people trained to work in His service. The Lord has blessed us, and we were able to start the construction of the roof on the back part of the church building. This will be a tremendous blessing to us as we get closer to the rainy season. This will enable us to get down to the restrooms and nursery under the roof without being exposed to the weather. We are still in need of $5,000 to finish all of these projects.

February 2019

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA (PNG) BIBLE PROJECT, Alan Brooks, Coordinator — He shares the following report and prayer needs: “As the new year has arrived, it is with joy that we report on the ongoing progress of the PNG Bible Distribution. Schools have been closed from November through the end of January for their summer break. We will be returning February 1 to continue. Much communication has been made with our national pastors concerning the plans for the continued distribution of the Bibles among the students, grades 4–8.

We are excited to report that on the island of Bougainville, Missionary Kenny Keck will be starting a new church in an area where there are no Baptist churches. We will be partnering with him by distributing Bibles in all the primary schools in this area. All the Bibles will be stamped with this new church’s information and contact numbers. What a great way to introduce the people of the area to this beginning church!

Only eternity will truly reveal all that God is doing in Papua New Guinea. Please pray that God would touch the hearts of people to give toward the Bibles and for our own support as faith missionaries.”

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, MADRID, Julio and Andrea Velasquez — They share the following: “In December, we had our annual Ladies Christmas Party. We had a great turnout and had several visitors. We have such a great group of women in our church who love God and are growing in the Word and have a desire to see their families and friends come to know Christ as their personal Savior. Please pray for the salvation of three of the lost husbands.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, AOMORI, Paul and Sarah Johnson —They share the following report and prayer needs: “The last part of 2018 was full of exciting events and we saw God work in a great way. Aomori is famous all over Japan for their delicious apples and every fall we host an “Apple Party.” Sarah teaches the women and kids how to make American apple pie; we play some games, and I preach a short message. This year we had over 40 people in attendance! I preached about Adam and Eve’s sin and everyone listen attentively. Many of the kids there did not understand the concept of “sin” and I tried to communicate it in a way that was understandable. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of those who were there.

Much of our ministry in Japan is planting seeds and we planted many seeds of the Gospel over Christmas. We hosted a Christmas Eve party for college kids and young adults. There were over 20 young people there and they all heard the Gospel. Over the month of December, we were able to share the Gospel with more than 80 separate people. We planted, and watered, and prayed that God would do His work and give the increase. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of our family.”

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Tim and Lidia Barrett — They give the following report, “December was a busy month as always. One of the highlights was our young people going Christmas caroling at homes of church family members. Many people from other houses came out to listen to the music, and we handed out hundreds of Gospel tracts. We are so privileged to serve the Christ of Christmas!

There were many other activities and programs during the month of December, and we thank the Lord for those who were saved and grew in the Lord last year; but now we look forward to a new year and many more opportunities to serve the Lord. Please pray that we will see many souls saved and much fruit in the new year.

EAST AFRICA, TANZANIA, MWANZA, William and Terry Brouwer — They share the following along with a prayer need: “As we reflect upon the passing of another year, we must give all the praise to our great God for His faithfulness and goodness. When we moved from Kenya to Tanzania in 2005, we inherited a newly planted church in the village of Fumagira. We also began working with a young preacher named Pelegrino. It was at this time we began praying for Pelegrino that God would use him to start many churches in the Mwanza area. God heard our prayers, along with the prayers of our supporters, and God has greatly exceeded our expectations.

During the 14 years in Mwanza, God has used Pelegrino to plant 10 churches and many of them in villages with no churches at all. Not only were these village evangelized but also new believers were discipled and leaders were trained. Each one of these churches has their own piece of property and a church building in which to meet. God has now raised up a group of Tanzanian pastors from these 10 churches who are committed to continuing to plant churches in needy villages. This past 2-year term, Tammy and I spent the majority of our time meeting with these pastors and their wives to provide advanced discipleship and training. We continued working in our Bible institute as we oversaw the teaching of our classes, many of which were taught by our Tanzanian pastors.

This leads us to ask you to pray with us very specifically about the next step we should take in regards to our ministry in Mwanza. We certainly do feel as if our work with the national church planting team in Mwanza is finished. However, we do feel like a transition to a new area would help facilitate the further advancement of our Tanzanian pastors. Please pray that God would give us clear direction in this matter.

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Erik and Holly Johnson — They share the following: “Throughout out our almost ten years here in the Dominican, we have seen steady spiritual growth in the lives of the believers. As we approached our short furlough this winter season, we were confident that the church leaders were spiritually mature enough to take the reins of the church in all areas of teaching, preaching, outreach, follow-up, and even the often daunting Christmas event planning. As was expected, they did an amazing job in our absence.

It was joyous to come back in January to hear the encouraging reports from each member who had a part in seeing the church not only maintain its love for the Lord but also even grow in our absence!

Prayer Requests
• Renewed commitment of the churches to faithfully serve the Lord in 2019
• Upcoming ordination and launch of a new church plant in 2019
• Bible Conference, February 6–8

USA MINISTIES (Spanish Church Planting) NORTH CAROLINA, HENDERSONVILLE, Ed and Barbara O’Brien — They share the following report: “We are excited to share that the LORD has been faithful again as we celebrated our second baptism on October 28 when S. obeyed the Lord in Believer’s Baptism. S., whom I mentioned in our last letter, is from the country of Nicaragua. He has been faithful to all of the services and has made incredible strides in his growth in the Lord. On a recent Wednesday night service, he brought his brother who had been to several services over the past few months. At the end of the service, the brother and another man, who was visiting for the first time, both received Christ as their personal Savior. Their last service with us was on Sunday, January 13. They returned to Nicaragua because their visas were ending a few days later. Please continue to pray for their growth in the Lord. Please also pray for a man who came to church one time. He seems interested but his work schedule prohibits him from coming right now.”

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, ROSCOMMON, Stephen and Katie Finley — They give the following report: “This past month we handed out 600 Christmas packets during our street preaching. These packets contained a Christmas tract, a few candies, and a handmade tree ornament with Isaiah 9:6 printed on it. Many Irish folks were pleasantly surprised that we would give out these little gifts for free. Having grown up in the Catholic religion, they are accustomed to paying good money for a little thing that has to do with ‘religion.’ (It is normal for them to pay C50 to a priest to visit their home and mutter a few words.) One elderly woman vigorously tried on a couple different days to give Timothy money for the packet that she had received; but he steadfastly declined. He told her that since Christ has freely given to us, we freely give to others. MANY people verbally expressed their disbelief that we were offering the packet to them for free, and we were thus provided with an opportunity to tell them why God’s gift of salvation is ‘without money and without price.’ ”

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, Justin and April Grinstead — They share the following report: “In our last prayer letter, we asked you to pray for a friend and his mother. We are thrilled to report that he and his mother were able to attend our Christmas cantata, a great answer to prayer. They also attended the following Sunday morning to hear me preach. I was excited to hear the mother enquire about the possibility of getting a Bible.

Please continue to pray for the two men that work at the vegetable market. Also, please pray for one’s wife. They have not yet attended a church service, but we feel like we are making progress with them little by little.”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, GULU, Nate and Sara Wright — They share the following report and prayer needs: “We were able to buy Pastor M. a piece of land for the church in Amuria. A building existed on this piece of land, but it had no roof and it was basically unusable at the time. However, over the last two months we have been repairing this building with a new roof and preparing it for a home for his family along with a meeting place for the church. We are delighted to report that his family has moved into the building and they even had their first service there January 20. This was a huge answer to prayer and it is very encouraging to see Pastor M.’s leadership in his home and the community.

Prayer Requests
• Pastor M., his family, and Grace Baptist Church of Amuria
• Growth for our leaders, new believers, children, and teens
• Approval for the tower and God’s continued direction in the radio ministry
• Our family—spiritually, physically, and emotionally”

FAR EAST, OKINAWA, Daniel and Heidi Gardner Jr. — They share the following: “On November 11, 2018, we had our very first service in the city of Nago to plant the Seaside Baptist Church. We are excited to say that it was a great day and the whole weekend was a testimony of God’s Hand on the work. On Friday, a group of Christians from the Grace Kobe Baptist Church flew in to help us with our ‘Launch Weekend.’ They cleaned, passed out flyers and invitations, and practiced special music. They were helped wherever they could. On Saturday, we finished some preparations and conducted the dedication service of the building (although not yet finished) and property. Many came to show support and encourage us in this church plant. On Sunday, we had 16 people for our first service. One visitor is not saved. She has been to almost every service of the church and has been talking with me about trusting Christ. Please pray for her salvation. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for the Seaside Baptist Church and us.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth — They share the following report and prayer needs: “While we are on furlough, there are Chilean leaders in place in the church and the work is doing very well. They recently had a baptism where two people went public with their faith. They are also planning an evangelistic outreach in a park close to the church as part of our outreach to children. Pray with us that many young people would come to Jesus during this outreach.

Prayer and Praise at a Glance
• Thankful that Tiffany and the children arrived safely
• Thankful for two baptisms
• Prayer for new outreach to produce fruit
• Prayer for safety as we travel on furlough
• Prayer for new financial and prayer support”

CARIBBEAN, NORTHERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, NAGUA, Jeffri and Pamela Polanco — They share the following: “The beginning of the year brought many good things for the ministry here in Nagua. One of them is that many of the people who were missing church services because of the holidays are back in town and in church. On Sunday, January 20, two very special young people were recognized for having completed their biblical discipleship program, ‘First Steps for New Christians’ in a period of months. Samuel and Nicolas have worked hard to complete this program.

It was a great surprise for the young people when on Monday, January 21, we went to pick them up in the new van for the church. For months, we have seen them pray that the Lord would allow us to get it before this activity so that more young people would have the privilege of attending. We want to thank the Lord for His wonderful provision and the churches that gave love offerings to make this possible. Also, thank you for praying with us for the van. We are anxious to see how many more routes we can start and all the people that will be reached as a result of this blessing.

• We had 30 during our special Christmas service. Six of them made professions of faith and four were first time visitors. Thank you so much for praying for this activity.

• Souls to be saved as we evangelize and preach the Gospel
• Spiritual growth among the Christians
• Discipleship of new converts”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUNEDIN, Bob and Diana Rutta — They share the following: “Our church has been doing well. We are rejoicing as we have been able to start the year with a number of visitors in our services. On a recent Sunday, we had eight visitors! As we tried to hold back the tears at the end of the day, my wife and I were in shock and kept saying again and again to each other, ‘We had eight visitors!’ Only two of those visitors were from out of town. One had been reached by our soul winning efforts the day before. One had been to one of our ladies’ fellowships before and decided to try our church. Then we had a family of four that had just moved to town. This was a Filipino family. They have not been able to attend church for a while because they were living in a town in New Zealand with no doctrinally sound church anywhere nearby. They had checked our website and even had their pastor in the Philippines to verify that our church would be safe. We have several other Filipino families in the church who helped to welcome them warmly into the family. God is so good!”

MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Ryan and Sarah Case — They share the following: “Over these months, many of our church members took to heart the responsibility of their church and have committed to ministries, giving sacrificially for the construction of much needed classrooms.

This, in addition to the sacrificial giving of many of our supporting churches, has resulted in pushing the project into its final stage of completion. Soon, children and babies will be welcomed into a beautiful, comfortable nursery, and a lively youth room will be ready for our youth group as well as other classes. As of now, the youth group is meeting in the unfinished rooms, but the small ones will need the project finished before they can use it.

When the project is finished, we want to start classes for the many people in the area who want to learn English. I will be using a Bible-based program, and all who come to the class will hear the Gospel. Pray for those who come for this opportunity.”

January 2019

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, SOROTI, Alan and Elena Sutphen — They share the following report and prayer needs: “I have been meeting with the 12- to 17-year-old orphans every Saturday to discuss ‘life issues’ in separate boy/girl sessions. There are many unwed parents in Uganda and we do not want our girls or boys to end up the same way. I have covered topics of boy/girl relationships, their responsibilities in life, and purity. I have given frank advice for avoiding being alone with the opposite sex. These children have no parents and get no such counseling in their villages. I hope to provide them biblical advice to help and encourage these children to make a difference for the future of Uganda.

Life in Uganda — I have been volunteering at the main hospital in Soroti, working in the sickle cell clinic once a week. I am trying to learn more of the diagnosis and treatment of this neglected population in remote villages. I hope to establish sickle cell outreaches in these local village clinics that lack supplies and medicine. During the next two months, I hope to identify locations to begin this work with the goal of not just treating the disease but getting the Gospel of Christ to all families that we see.

Prayer Requests
• For spiritual growth for two as they are discipled
• Safety for the orphans while in their villages for the next seven weeks
• Salvation of souls in future sickle cell village outreach clinics
• Protection against those who wish to interfere with this ministry”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross — He writes the following: “Christmas opened the door for us to give real meaning to the name of Jesus. Our church created a Christmas show with costumes. In addition, we developed some banners. There were several parts to the program. First, we played a couple of Christmas songs and did the Christmas script. At the end, we used the banners to explain the Gospel. We presented our show at children’s homes, in villages, and even a leper community. It was a tremendous opportunity to explain the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It also helped establish and build relationships. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Prayer Requests
• Salvation of four
• Salvation of one’s mother
• Learning language and culture
• Seeds to take root in hearts”

USA MILITARY MINISTRIES, SPAIN, UTRERA, Don and Patsy Drake — They share the following: “We arrived in Spain on December 13. We were unexpectedly greeted at the Seville airport by Justin and Grace Hayes and by Mike and Jenn Helton. What a blessed surprise! The Lord knew we needed that surprise! They are BIMI missionaries serving in Dos Hermanas. They have been such a wonderful help. They have taken us to the very places we needed to go and have spoken for us. They also introduced us on Christmas Eve to the Chaplin at Moron Air Base. He is sponsored by the Conservative Baptist in NW USA. I offered my services; hopefully, we can work together to reach our Military with the Gospel.”

BRAZIL, GOIANIA, Bethany Thompson — She shares the following report: “We completed our 10th year of operation in December with a kindergarten and 5th grade graduation. I praise the Lord for all He has done these past 10 years. Eight kindergarteners accepted Christ in December. We have seen around 130 saved since the school opened.

Prayer Requests
• Please pray for our enrollments. The school year begins on January 21.
• Please pray for the Lord to send us the students and families for us to reach this year. Praise the Lord our inspection to renew the school’s operating license has been approved.
• Please pray for our teacher/training clinic January 15–17. We are expecting the participation of schools from other cities as well as homeschool parents. This year we are investing in recording the clinic, which I hope will help reduce the need of some of my traveling.”

USA ARM MISSIONS, Glenn and Charlotte Palmer — They share the following: “After a good report from my neurosurgeon, I made plans for a missions trip to England and Armenia. In early September, we arrived in England just two days after the funeral of one of our oldest members in Calvary Baptist Church, Spalding. He was 93 and had graduated to heaven. We were so blessed to see how the church, which we started in 1985, was growing under Pastor Cowdrey and reaching the lost in the town.

With great joy, we were able to load a 40-foot container of humanitarian aid to Armenia. From England we traveled to Armenia in October and the Lord gave us opportunities of service by speaking nine times with a man coming to faith in Christ, visiting the ministries of Bible clubs and aid distribution, and doing electrical work on the building.”

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, QUITA SUENO, Joy Wesson and family — They share the following report with testimonies: “As we close out the year 2018, may I share with you the testimonies of some precious souls who have been reached for Christ through the deaf ministry of Calvary Baptist Church in Quita Sueno, Dominican Republic, over the last several weeks and months?

W. is a 21-year-old ‘hearing’ young man who comes to deaf classes with his family. He has accepted the Lord as his Savior and has been baptized and is faithful to church each week.

His mother is one of our deaf ladies, who has very little communication skills in sign language or otherwise. After many weeks of teaching and explaining the Gospel, she too has accepted Christ as her Savior.

C. is one of our newest deaf converts. She was ‘hearing’ until the age of nine at which time she came down with a high fever and became deaf. Her mother then gave her to her grandmother. She is a precious young adult and soon-to-be ‘mother.’ It was my privilege to lead her to Christ several weeks ago.

My most recent blessing is to have the help of a Dominican deaf couple. I led the wife to the Lord on Thanksgiving Day 11 years ago. Her husband was gloriously saved in my living room two years ago, shortly after I returned to my mission field following Josh’s death. He comes from a rough background and is a ‘walking miracle’ of God’s grace and unconditional love. He has been dramatizing stories from Chick tracts for our deaf class each week, and our deaf are loving it. He is studying in the Bible institute and has been influential in bringing new deaf to church.”

MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Jorge and Aimee Rodriguez — They share the following report and prayer needs: “Salvations: Please pray for the spiritual growth of a 12-year-old teen who put his faith in the Lord Jesus. I also had the blessing of seeing another man put his trust in Jesus as a result of doing a discipleship study with his wife and daughter.

Prayer Requests
• Please pray for several women in the church who are having physical complications.
• Pray as we go door-to-door in a predominantly Catholic area that they would be open to the Good News of the Gospel. Pray for safety.
• Please continue to pray for property to buy or a house to either buy or rent for the church. We have found several potential properties to buy that need a lot of work and the average price is about $70,000. Would you please prayerfully consider giving toward this need?”

USA MILITARY MINISTRIES, ITALY, Chris and Lou Ann War — They share the following soul winning encounter: “A man proceeded to tell me the story of his life but started first by saying that he was praying to God that I would not give up ringing the bell and leaving but that I would keep trying to get in. We were there for over an hour in the cold, but I did not feel that cold any longer. After he finished with his life’s story, I was amazed because his sounded a lot like my own story before I was born again. He told me he was afraid of dying and going to hell. So, that morning in that cold garage, he trusted Christ as his Savior. He then told me, ‘Pastor, that heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders.’ He cried with joy and so did I. I asked him where he had gotten our phone number to give to the pastor in Missouri. He told me he found a tract in his mailbox weeks earlier with our phone number on it. It was one of the most amazing soul winning experiences I have ever had and I give the praise and glory to my Lord for it. I would also like to thank a couple for passing tracts throughout our town. Please pray for the man’s spiritual growth and the salvation of his wife and three children.”

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield — They share the following: “The church has grown to a point that I called our first men’s church meeting. Seven men came and after I served up breakfast in our new fellowship hall, we hashed out some important logistics as to the governing of the church. We are scheduled to meet again this month. Please pray for wisdom as we make important decisions.

Please pray for James as he has a problem with his knee. The “two weeks” he was told for recovery time turned into eight. He is in physical therapy and following their advice. He has just recently gone back to doing some electrical side jobs, as the extra income is needed; however, it is still swollen and stiff. PLEASE PRAY!

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following: “I was recently reminded of how important it is to be ‘ready to give an answer’ to those who are looking for the truth. A man told me the other day, ‘You said something that I have never forgotten back when we first met.’ During our conversation, I learned that he was taking things to heart more than I realized. This man is not saved yet, but the Lord is showing him the difference between religion and a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are praying that the Word of God will bring conviction and salvation.

The ladies who were baptized this summer have be coming faithfully to church. We presented each of them with a Bible, so please pray for them as they continue to grow spiritually as well as the others who attend. The husband of one of the ladies just found out he has cancer. We are praying for his healing and also his salvation.”

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. and Debbi Brosius — They share the following. “Exciting things have been happening in the church plant that we started a year ago in the Ing. Budge neighborhood. We were able to rent a locale to hold services, which gives us more room and provides Shana a classroom that allows the children to sing loudly and not have to be hushed. Most of the kids are from poor families and run around in the streets with little parental awareness.

Praise the Lord a widow accepted the Lord last week here. We have many needs for this church plant building to be safe and useful. If you feel led to donate, any designated amount given will be used specifically and be appreciated greatly by our group worshipping there.”

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, TEMA, Fredrick and Antoinette Kearney — They share the following report and prayer needs, “A faithful young man from Togo joined our church last month after searching for several weeks for a soul winning, fundamental Baptist church. He has since brought six friends to church, three of whom accepted Christ and two who followed in believer’s baptism this past Sunday. Pray for S. and M. as they continue their discipleship classes.

We finished our second semester of Faith Bible Institute last week. We presently have four Bible clubs in four different locations. At the pastor’s conference, we received a character-building program, Gospel tracts, John and Romans, and missionary coloring books from Rock of Ages Ministries. We immediately put them to use in soul winning, Bible club, and school chapel outreach.

Prayer Request
• Please pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of people to give generously toward the replacement of our church bus.”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM AM RHEIN, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following: “Even though we are not the youngest, our church is most of the time a very busy place. We are looking back to an instruction weekend for child evangelism, including how to lead a child to Christ, how to teach understandably the Word of God to children, and how to help problem children, etc. Our calendar, literature, and tract distribution in front of our church shows, so far, we have distributed over 900 calendars in German and in various other languages plus many other important booklets. We trust and pray that in the coming days our outreach will be even more successful and bring fruit and honor to our Lord.”

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, SAMAR, Layne and Nelia Jones — They share the following report and prayer needs: “Many were killed and others are missing because of the recent tropical depression. It rained continuously for two days here at our place. Many could have been saved if they had heard 104.5 FM Christian radio. The 3,000-watt station will reach millions more. Pray for the $15,000 remaining balance. If every church would give $500, we could reach more with the Good News.

Pray for two of our first graduates and my wife’s sister and her husband. They will break ground on a new church building on January 7. Their son graduated from Bible college last year and is now pastoring the church his dad started. There are several new graduates that need $2,000 for land. They can build a small church building with a room on the back for $1,000. These pastors can live on about $50 per month.

Please pray for the students’ needs. They make about $20 monthly. Many are persecuted by their Catholic parents, friends, and relatives. They are faithful in winning souls.”

WEST AFRICA, COTE D’IVOIRE, BINGERVILLE, Robert and Becky Mach — They share the following: “This year 2018 has been a very productive one for us in the ministry. We conducted five institute classes and two seminary classes in our Bible college, three major medical projects in two city areas and three villages, our summer VBS program, and our pastoral conference. All of these have gone a long way toward evangelizing the lost and training the believers. The Bingerville church has made great progress toward autonomy as have our churches in Zanapledougou and Man. During 2018, we received nearly 80 visitors from the States and Canada who helped in major initiatives.

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, GRENADA, ST. ANDREWS, Coco Chan — She gives the following report and prayer requests: “I thank God for the privilege to work with a wonderful group of children at Lifeline Independent Baptist Church during this year. I have them in my Sunday school, on Wednesday evening classes, and again Friday Bible Club. At times the classes could be challenging because of the age range (from 4-13 and sometimes their younger siblings too), but I would not trade anything for teaching my children.

The Bible class at the secondary school is during the lunch hour. The first week I had six in the class and 16 the following week. Now the class has grown to 28 to 33. Many of them never miss any class. It blessed my heart to see the students are willing to come and listen to the Word of God while eating lunch.”

Prayer Requests
1. Just before Christmas break, I got the news that another secondary school will allow me to do a Bible class starting in January. Pray for wisdom and strength.
2. A nine-year-old in my Sunday school class made a profession of faith. Pray for her to grow and to come to church on a more regular basis.
3. Pray for the Lifeline church, which needs drivers for our manual transmission bus and pray for a piece of land.
4. Pray for the teenage boy I asked you to pray for in my last prayer letter. His grandmother has stopped him from going to church completely.

December 2018

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, Brett and Jenny Hoffman (on deputation) — They share the following report: “We have been on full-time deputation now for eight weeks and during that time have been in 16 churches, including four missions conferences. In all, we have driven almost 8,000 miles. Already, three churches have partnered with us to be bring our support level to 11%. Other churches have shown interest in supporting us in the future.

When we left Florida, we had 24 churches scheduled and it is up to 37 at the present. This means the Lord has added 13 additional churches to our schedule. We have been able to share our burden for New Zealand and participate in Sunday school classes, Junior church, ladies’ classes, men’s classes, preaching in school chapel, taking part in door knocking and church visitation. We have also helped pass out John and Romans booklets in the New York area. What a privilege we have of serving the Lord.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following: “WOW! Shocked and amazed would be great words to describe our response to what God did for us at our Thanksgiving Outreach Banquet on October 7. We had 190 people come! We have about 85–90 on Sunday mornings, so we estimated that we had almost 100 visitors that night! Can you imagine the excitement and joy? The Gospel was given clearly by three different people who shared their salvation testimonies after the meal. Seventeen families or single adults turned in visitor cards and most of these indicated they were not Christians and would like to know more about Christ. We have written a personal letter to all of them and are working to get them in church or in a Bible Study. I met with one of the families a few days after the banquet, and the wife accepted the Lord as her Savior. The husband was already a believer, and they have faithfully attended every Sunday since the banquet. I have spent quite a bit of time on the phone reaching out to the others and will continue to work to reach them with the Gospel. God did exceedingly above what we asked! We had enough food for everyone, but we certainly did not have many leftovers!”

USA MILITARY, ITALY, NAPLES, Matt and Diane Olsen — They share the following report: “It seems that our days fly by and before we realize it weeks have passed. As we approach the end of the autumn, we are reminded of the depth of the riches of God toward us. He has blessed us beyond measure as the work of the Lord continues here in the greater Naples area.

We hosted the South of the Alps Ladies Conference in October. This annual event was well attended by women from four countries. The women shared testimonies of how God used the lessons about ‘Hidden Treasure’ to enrich their lives.

We had a baptismal service after church one Sunday afternoon at a church family’s pool. Five people were baptized and added to the church.

As we look ahead we anticipate a busy, yet, joyous Christmas season ministering in this field where the Lord has planted us.”

CARIBBEAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS, Malcolm and Jan Gregory — They share the following: “Greetings from Grand Cayman! Recently, we celebrated our first year of ministry among the multi-cultured population of the Caribbean. We had the opportunity to witness to a 24-year-old Hindu man from Bali. He politely and patiently listened to God’s plan of salvation, and we are grateful for many unique opportunities like this to freely share the Gospel.

In September, we traveled to Bolivia to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church in Sucre and to participate in the Charter Service of Iglesia Bautista Esperanza Viva in Santa Cruz. It was a whirlwind of a trip with a lot of activity in the Lord’s work.

Thank you for another year of faithful support and prayers. May God bless your faithfulness and give you many opportunities to serve Him in the approaching new year!”

USA DEAF, GEORGIA, SMYRNA, Bruce and Vicki Kelly — They share the following: “On October 13, we had a booth at the 258 Deaf Festival in Atlanta. About 2,000 deaf people came and eight of them were saved. We passed out salvation tracts and information about our Deaf Camp next year in July.

We had our Deaf Spiritual Leadership Conference and Workshop in our church on November 17–18 and had two deaf people saved. Deaf people learned about how to be a leader, a missionary, a deaf worker, and a soul winner. We are praying for more deaf leaders to be deaf missionaries and preachers. In the month of December, we will have a Christmas potluck at our church, and we are praying for many deaf and hearing to visit our church. Pray that this will be a great opportunity to share with them the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I plan to go to Brazil in February to preach to the Deaf at a camp and pass out Gospel tracts. PLEASE PRAY!”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, Alan and Donna Brooks, Southeast Asia Assistant Director — They share the following: “First Phase Complete! It is with great joy we announce that Phase I of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Bible Distribution is complete! When we first began to give Bibles to the students of PNG, the magnitude was overwhelming. Distributing Bibles to all the secondary schools would be a massive undertaking. It was necessary to raise $810,000 for Phase I. God is so good and God’s people responded over and above what we could ask or think. Bibles have been purchased for the secondary schools and another 500,000 for the primary schools (56% of the Bibles needed for all the primary schools). Donors have contributed $2.3 million. THANK YOU! We have completed all we can do at this time with the secondary schools. Those that have not received the Bibles are mainly in the earthquake areas and the schools are not open. We are continuing to pray for the needed $1.5 million to complete Phase II (all the primary schools).

Many have asked what they can do to help.
1. Pray for travel safety for the distribution teams.
2. Pray that God’s Word will find good ground.
3. Continue to give—$3 puts a Bible into a student’s hand.
4. Share this tremendous project with others.
5. Pray about coming to help distribute. Spots are available for men only at this time.”

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Tim and Lidia Barrett — They share the following: “Every week we have the joy of handing our hundreds of Gospel tracts and visiting door-to-door in Jundiai and Almeria Chaves. The Lord has blessed our work, and we have seen souls saved, baptized, and disciples growing and maturing. Soon we will be graduating one more group of eight students in our Bible institute, which is another very important part of our ministry.

We continue to work diligently on the construction of the fellowship hall/ Sunday school space on the main church. Our people are giving sacrificially, but we do not have enough to finish. We truly covert your prayers for this important project.

Please pray for us as we enter our end-of-the-year ‘marathon.’ Things getting extra busy at this time of the year! There are lots of special programs and outreach activities planned for December. Our main choir is working hard on a Christmas cantata, and we will be singing it both in the main church here in Jundiai and in the church in Almerinda Chaves. Please pray for souls to be saved!”

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Peter and Elisabeth Putney — They share the following report and prayer needs: “Several years ago we had the privilege of helping with a Bible project in which 40,000 New Testaments were distributed in Medellín. Last month, I received a call from a ministry in the United States that was looking for missionaries in Colombia who could distribute Romans pamphlets. I was thrilled and immediately accepted the donation. Within a week, we received hundreds of boxes of Romans totaling close to 500,000 pamphlets. We have already begun to distribute them and found that they are much more readily received than just Gospel tracts. In addition to Romans, we received over 1,000 whole Bibles. God never fails to provide the resources for His work!

Our El Carmen mission has opened many doors for reaching the lost, but it has also highlighted some needs in our ministry. One such need is for a 16-passenger van that we can use to transport people to and from services as well as transport soul winning teams. Thanks to some special donations we recently received, we already have a good part of what would be needed to purchase such a vehicle. We are praying that if it be the Lord’s will to give us a van, He would provide the rest of what is needed.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, ALAJUELA, ATENAS, Rick and Shannon Dove — They share the following: “September found us with a group from our home church. We are so thankful for Pastor Fedo and his family and the Hispanic church coming to be a part of our marriage conference. As our focus was on the family, they taught the couples. While we were in sessions with the men and women, the kids had their own activities. We ended on Sunday where we celebrated Kid’s Day and had a churchwide meal. God has been good to us and we continue to see growth in the families of our church.

In October, we praise the Lord we were able to finish construction on a new Sunday school classroom. We are able to divide the kids’ Sunday school and have a class for the younger children as well as one for the older children. We praise the Lord for our faithful Sunday school teachers who work with our children, teens, and adults. Please pray for us as we will very soon have a Sunday school clinic to train more teachers.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, ONTARIO, NORTH YORK, Cory and April McTague —They share the following: “It has been four months now since we started Sparrow Baptist Church of Toronto. We have seen repeatedly the great need for a Bible preaching church in this city. God is blessing our church regularly with visitors. We have had over 50 visitors come through the doors in these last few months, a number of whom have returned and many have become faithful attendees. We also have had the pleasure of beginning discipleship with two of these regulars. There is a great need to reach the loss of Toronto but also a great need to disciple those Christians who find their way to this great city.

God has given me the unique opportunity to teach at FaithWay Baptist College in Ajax, Ontario, on a regular basis. I am thankful for this opportunity to influence the next generation of Christian leaders and missionaries in this way. One of these students helps Sparrow Baptist every weekend.”

November 2018

SOUTH AMERICA, PARAGUAY, Clint and Rita Vernoy — They share the following report: “We finally were able to take the next step of paperwork for the church and property. It took three trips across the country, lots of papers and signatures, and getting different forms from the very same people that gave the forms the week before. Try to understand my frustration when we make three trips across country and the first thing they say EACH TIME when we give them the forms is “Where did you get these forms?” I breathe deeply, pray for patience, as I look into the questioner’s eyes and say in the calmest voice possible, “You gave them to me a week ago.” God blessed and the papers were accepted, so we now wait 15 working days for their return. Pray for patience.

My wife, Rita, is in the United States while I am here. She is undergoing therapy for PTSD. Many of the experiences we had in Venezuela, the jungle, and now here in the Tri-border area have been traumatic, to say the least. These experiences along with her constant pain have weighed on her soul in a way that neither of us recognized. God had delivered us from so many dangers throughout the years.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, Dan and Terri Gardner — They share the following report and prayer needs: “We have been working hard getting our building finished while atU the same time getting ready for special meetings that we had recently with Pastor Wakimasu (wah key mah sue). It reminds me of Nehemiah when they were rebuildUing the temple wall. The Bible says in Nehemiah 4:18, Every one had his sword girded by his side, and so builded. We have been building the building for the new church plant and also handing out literature and witnessing to many people to try to get them to come to church. We passed out 25,000 flier/tracts for this purpose.

We were praying for ten new visitors to come to church and five salvation decisions. We had ten new visitors and one salvation decision, which is a great victory in Japan. Pastor Wakimasu preached some great messages, and they were a great encouragement all who came and to us. Please continue to pray for those who came and anyone who received a flyer/tract that they would respond to the wonderful message of salvation. PRAYER REQUESTS
• More Japanese to be saved and surrendered to God
• Our present work to support a national pastor full-time
• The Nago new church plant and all the needs to start a new work
• Japanese Bible College in Kobe, Japan. We just had an open house for the college and four new young people surrendered to attend next year. Praise the Lord for that!
• Our upcoming furlough and trying to schedule meetings for January 2019 through June 2019. By the way, if you are interested in having us, please contact us at our email address or our telephone number 763-245-2167.”

CARIBBEAN, HAITI, Don and Bridgitt Dryden — They share the following report: “Bible School classes started on August 16 with 134 students aggregate in our three centers for study. I am enjoying teaching. In addition, Benji goes weekly (one hour away on dirt roads) to the Post Metier center as our coordinator (a graduate of the Bible School) is very sick with diabetes and has recently had toes amputated

The first week of September, Pastor Jen Beril Pierre Louis (the first national pastor I met upon our field arrival in 1975) preached five days to the young people and brought us closer to Him and His Word. We soon will have a revived youth committee who will keep them going forward in His way!

We continue our open-air meetings every fourth Saturday, mostly done by church folk. Recently, we baptized one of those (along with others) whom Benji led to the Lord after the meeting closed. Just this past Sunday, I was privileged to lead a 13-year-old to the Lord. I remember his birth to one of our faithful ladies in our church.”

AFRICA, SOUTH AFRICA, John and Chrystal Matney — They share the following report: “As many of you know—in our fifth month on the field, the Lord has paved the way for us to plant Faith Baptist Church. Much planning and prayer went into the first service on September 30. We set up the auditorium and put out enough chairs for 40 people. By the time the service started, almost 80 people were there! We were blown away by the response to our invitations. Many of our neighbors came, those we had met at local businesses, the owners of the church property, and many whom we met while out canvassing the area in weeks prior to the launch of the church. I preached a clear Gospel message and many received Christ. After the service, we had a lakker braai (good BBQ) for the adults and pizza and a jumping castle for the children. Many people had never experienced a church service like ours before. They know church as a somber, religious place, and not a place of singing, fellowship, and good, solid Bible preaching. Everyone enjoyed himself to the max. We are approaching our one-month anniversary now and souls continue to be saved. In two weeks, we will have our first baptismal service. The people are very excited about this. On Thursday evenings, we have a Bible study and are having 15–20 attend regularly. Please pray that God would continue to bless and give us wisdom as we disciple these precious people.”

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, DUBLIN, Daniel and Elizabeth Canavan — They give the following report and prayer needs: “ART CAMP — during the summer, Irish parents put their children in various one-week day camps. As it is part of Irish culture, we have sought to tap into the ‘camp’ culture and use it to bring the Gospel to the kids. We began back in 2012 with Holiday Bible Clubs or a Vacation Bible School. This year we added sports camp and had our 2nd year of Art Camp. We had church kids, non-church kids who came last year, and some new kids. Beth carefully prepares for the art aspect and the spiritual opportunities the camp presents. Each day the children have a craft time, game time, snack time, and a Bible story time. An additional benefit was that after spending three weeks together in these camps, the children and teen youth groups grew closer. As we went into September, both the children and teen groups also increased in numbers. We rejoice that our influence with families who sent their children continues to deepen. PRAYER REQUESTS
• Salvation: A., S., M., J., A., M.
• Church Mortgage: Offerings enough to cover payments
• Housing: for a woman to sign needed paperwork

WESTERN AFRICA, CANARY ISLANDS, LAS PALMAS, Terry Sharp — He gives the following report: “I will not waiver from proclaiming the Truth in this battle for souls. The Truth delivered two from the power of darkness and translated them into the kingdom of God’s dear Son. I have never experienced such spiritual warfare after leading others to Christ, but this time the difference is the local church, Christ’s building a church where His Truth will be taught and doctrines of demons will be exposed.

I thank the Lord for saving M J. She remains faithful to the Word even though old friends and family have been enticing her to attend a ‘new’ church.

• A ministry of preaching, teaching, and discipling to grow in the prison and addiction center
• Souls to be set free from the prison of their own hearts
• God’s protection and care over M. J., for faithfulness to the Lord
• My spiritual and physical needs in this spiritual warfare over souls and the Gospel
• The protection and growth of Iglesia Bautista en Las Palmas
• That the Lord will help K. B. and me with the finances for her to come here and speak in December (flights to Islands are expensive), that I might find a local sponsor if she speaks in a public venue for them. This would give the church good exposure in the community.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following: “Thank you for praying for the back to school retreat in Quebec. I was able to preach in French twice a day for several days. The Lord worked in hearts and blessed the efforts of all who were involved. I know that it was a blessing to the young people. It is wonderful to see young people who had a desire to serve the Lord with their lives.

Thank you for praying for our paperwork. As I mentioned before, everything has been submitted and we are waiting for a response. Someone told us that there is an increase in applications, which has slowed things down. Please continue to pray that all will go through well.

Please pray that the Lord will allow us to make a difference in people’s lives. We continue to look for opportunities to get the Gospel to such a needy people. God alone can save souls and give eternal life. Thank you for your part in sharing His message here in French-speaking New Brunswick as well as around the world.”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, SOROTI, Lawrence and Rebecca Lantz — They give the following report and prayer needs: “Sorry for the long delay of this letter. I wanted to make sure of what I was seeing. In the last five weeks, we have seen close to 500 people receive Christ!

At this point, we have held 18 crusade meetings in surrounding villages about 10–20 minutes away from us. God has opened many hearts. In some villages, 20 or more people have been saved. God is saving them in groups!!!

In one meeting, we had Ugandans walking up to members of our church team and saying, ‘I want to be saved.’ This was before the service even began! There are times we have had to stop the singing because people were coming forward to be saved. There are times we have had to stop the testimonies because people are coming forward to be saved. There is no special formula, or special invitation song. When people are ready to receive Christ, they just come forward. PRAYER REQUESTS
• For God to strengthen the new believers who are meeting in Kococwa, Aciisa, Tilling, Kobwin and Kodike
• For God to help us disciple these new believers
• For unity during this time of growth
• For God to prevent ‘wolves’ from destroying these new bands of believers (Acts 10:29)
• For a spirit of giving to come
• For God to clearly show us what to do”

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Dan and Becky Bennett — They share the follow report: “On Saturday, October 6, we visited in the home of a single deaf man who lives with his hearing parents. He has been coming to our church for months. He is saved, intelligent, and has a hunger for God’s Word. However, his parents are Catholic, and he has a burden to see his family saved. We went over and spent 4½ hours at their apartment, and most of it was spent talking about spiritual things. We showed them Bible verses, but their Catholic teachings were hindering them from receiving the Truth. We left without seeing them saved, but we made a friendship with them, and we were invited to go back next month. Please pray for the salvation of these parents.

On October 21, 2018, a new church plant was launched in Aruja! This will be a daughter church of our church in Sao Paulo. Our co-workers, Jon and Hannah Speights, are holding services in their home each week. Please pray for them as they teach, preach, reach, and disciple the Deaf in this new church in Aruja.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, Jason and Cassy Tate — They give the following report and prayer needs: “As we begin our last session of Bible institute for this year, we have been blessed to have several of our students doing practical ministry work. They have been filling pulpits, teaching in the public school ministries, as well as serving in the ministries of Bethlehem Baptist in Danli. Two of our young men are also helping us to administer the soul winning and evangelism ministry in the absence of a local Honduran missionary pastor who went to raise additional missions support. As a result, many souls have be saved in different areas, including five police officers who have made professions of faith in recent days.

1. Pray for the funds to purchase property and construct a building in El Paraiso. It will cost around $25,000 for the property.
2. Pray for the works in Danli, Los Robles, El Paraiso, Ojojona, El Ocomupe, and La Esperanza.
3. Pray for the adoption of the twins.
4. Pray for our oldest daughter who is studying at West Coast Baptist College.”

USA MINISTRIES, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They share the following: “STRUGGLES OF AN EX-DRUG DEALER — A mother prayed for her son, who at the time was a drug dealer on the streets of the Bronx. Surprisingly, he showed up in church one day. It was amazing to see how effectively the Bible works in the lives of some people. Since then, he has come to church constantly. God has supplied him a temporary job, and then a permanent one. He is now trying for an extra security job to keep him away from temptation.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following: “September 2 was our Grand Opening service in the school building, and we had 102 in attendance. We had one child accept the Lord that morning in the service. We had many visitors come and hear the Gospel. We have now been in the school for two months and we have so many things for which to thank the Lord. The set up teams have been on time and faithful to be there each week to set up. It takes 10 volunteers about 45 minutes to set everything up each Sunday morning. Then our tear down team has been able to get it all taken down and put away in about 25 minutes after our Sunday evening service…. Our hearts are full of thankfulness to the Lord for all His blessings!

Three of our young people have followed the Lord in baptism and we are so thankful for our dedicated Sunday school teachers who invest in teaching the children each Sunday. We would like to ask that you pray for us as we begin to plan and prepare for 2019. We want our church calendar to be exactly what God wants for Metro Baptist Church in 2019!”

October 2018

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, TEMA, Fredrick and Antoinette Kearney — They share the following report: “God has been good even though we have had some challenges. Our church bus was stolen in July. It is a definite need in our ministry. It brought many families to church, so please pray that the Lord will provide a replacement.

• We have acquired most of the necessary items and are making final preparations for the new church plant in Zemu.
• Our Bible institute classes started a second term last month. Thank you for your generous giving towards this work.
• A few of our literacy program students, who successfully completed the program, have enrolled in regular schools.
• Our teachers were recognized on Teachers Appreciation Sunday. Aunt Marian will be returning to the United States soon, and we thank the Lord for using her to be a blessing.
• We had a successful ‘True Daughters Purity Retreat.’ All the teaching was done by our very own ladies who committed to purity seven years ago when we had our very first purity retreat.

• Pray for strength and wisdom as we make the final preparation for the new church plant.
• Pray for those who will lead this new work,
• Pray for a young woman, whom Antoinette is taking through our discipleship program, to grow in the Lord.
• Pray for emotional, physical, and spiritual strength for our family as the needs and challenges on our family are great.
• Pray for Ghana immigration to grant us our resident permit soon so that we will be able to attend the West Africa Missionary Conference in Ivory Coast this November.”

CARIBBEAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS, GRAND CAYMAN, Malcolm and Jan Gregory — They share the following: “It has been a challenge working with the migrant Hispanic population. To our disappointment, several of our faithful believers have returned to their homelands because their work permits expired. Immigration is requiring them to leave the island and they may reapply for visas if they are offered a work contract. Pray the Lord will bless our effort of evangelization and we will see new folks come to Christ.

We are grateful for the opportunity to witness to the English-speaking as well. Large portions of the immigrants are Jamaican and we meet many on door-to-door visitation. Recently, I had the privilege to lead a young Jamaican man to Christ. He, like many immigrants, works seven days a week and we find it a challenge to get them to attend our services. Pray for us as we encourage new believers in spiritual growth.

In September, it was our privilege to travel to Bolivia, where I preached ten times in three churches. It was very special to see friends whom we have known through the years when we served there as church planters.”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, Ingelheim, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following report: “We wish to tell you about a very blessed and fruitful weekend the Lord gave us in the middle of August. The start of this evangelistic event was eight days prior with a God-led prayer meeting of the burdened church people. We prayed earnestly and fervently from 7 PM until 10 PM that God would bless, send conviction, and that souls would be saved and many more needs met. A pastor from an American Baptist church came with his youth group to help with Vacation Bible School at the Wiesbaden Baptist Church. They also wanted to be involved in a German work, so we prepared in many ways for them to be with us on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday at 9 AM we started with prayer, went to the sidewalk in front of the church building, where we had information tables, and distributed tracts and invitations there and at the nearby train station and in various places in the inner city. By two o’clock about 30 people, Americans and Germans, gave out over 2,400 tracts plus literature and Bibles in about 25 different languages. The pedestrians greatly enjoyed the Gospel songs and the instrumental accompaniment of the American group. The Lord blessed the Sunday services. Pastor Albert Shrock preached a powerful message. Niko Thomas did an excellent job translating. We were pleased to have a full house, about 120 people, with eight first time visitors. We were disappointed that no one was saved, but they heard clearly how to repent, accept, and have faith in Jesus Christ.

We have a very important prayer request. Please pray fervently that a good number of people in our church who have received Christ as their Savior will commit their lives fully to Christ and follow Him in baptism.”

USA MINISTRIES, CALIFORNIA, SANTA CLARA, Ken and Nancy Lalman — They share the following: “God has given us fruit for our labors. On August 19, 2018, we were able to see people saved and three men followed the Lord in baptism. We are able to use a Spanish church’s baptistery. It was a blessing to the Spanish church, as well, to see Chinese people coming to Christ and following Him.

It has been a tremendous encouragement to me to see people coming to church and being faithful to Him. We have started Wednesday night services too. I have been teaching the basic doctrines of the Bible. Many know very little about God’s Word. One man told me that he had never had anyone come to him and share the Gospel personally with him until he was 20 years old while in college. Before that time, he knew nothing of Christ or Christianity. I love to see how the Gospel is changing lives!”

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin — They share the following exciting report and prayer needs: “A young couple from our Bible institute had me over for a visit. They asked me to take over what they had started with the young people in their neighborhood. I told them they were doing great and recommended they continue to stay the course.

They did just that and in the past couple of months, they have brought almost 50 visitors to church, seen at least a dozen people saved, and seen six people baptized. God has blessed their efforts more than they ever thought imaginable. Praise God for those who are willing to work!

• 12 saved
• 7 baptized
• Lots of seed sown
• Church bursting at the seams

• More souls to be saved
• Those who are saved to be baptized
• God to guide three men regarding ministry
• Direction for the ministry as church continues to grow”

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. and Debbi Brosius — They give the following report and prayer needs: “Since our daughter Shana graduated from college, she has returned to work with us and is active in both works. She has started a class in our new church plant in the section of town called Budge and has been training a girl from that area. In August, we had Children’s Day Festivals in both churches and opportunities to reach new children and their parents. Shana planned the first Children’s Day Festival in Budge annex and we had 50 kids present. In our main church, we had 65. The Gospel was preached and new parents were present in both.

Please pray for the salvation of some who have been attending frequently but have still not put their faith in the Lord for salvation.”

FAR NORTH, GREENLAND (on deputation) Gage and Aleah Gilbert — They share the following: “It is hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. This means that school is back in session and fall is right around the corner! Our summer ended with meetings in Florida, Virginia, and Oklahoma. In between meetings, we spent the last 1½ weeks in Oklahoma with Aleah’s parents. God orchestrated the circumstances for us to be in town to assist her parents in settling in their new home. We spent time house painting, cleaning, and organizing. Praise the Lord for the ability to spend time with family and lend a helping hand!

• Four more supporting churches
• Safety on the road
• Time with family
• Encouraging meetings

• Opportunities to witness
• 2019 schedule to fill
• Dwayne’s salvation
• More laborers to Greenland”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KASESE, Alisha Stensaas — She shares the following incident in her life: “We found C! It was quite an adventure to get to him, but it was well worth it. First, we had to go to the Congo border to pick up one of our High Standard School students. Then we drove back to the village. We found another student and C’s uncle. They proceeded to show us how to get to C. Up into the mountains we went. The view was breathtaking! We found him in a plastic chair. I cannot say that he was sitting, because he cannot hold himself up and his wheelchair was left at school. We talked for quite some time about him, his wheelchair, and God. M. C. and R. are in ‘Soul Winning Translation Training’ and they did a good job. N. came along to help to make sure they were translating correctly in Lukonzo. C. came to the conclusion that being disabled and in pain and in a wheelchair was worth it because it led him to us so he could hear the truth about salvation. They are hoping he will be able to be fully recovered by next year to return to school, but we know now that if anything happens to his little body, he will go straight to heaven and have a perfect one with the Lord!”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKA, Dan and Terri Gardner — They give the following report and prayer needs: “August was a busy month starting with family camp. It seems like it is getting harder and harder to get people to take time off to go to camp, but we had a blessed time this year. There were 21 total in attendance and several made good decisions for the Lord. Our camp speaker stayed over for the next weekend and preached on soul winning and having a burden to reach the lost. It was very challenging.

Also in August, we were able to go up to the Bible College in Kobe, Japan, and work on the new chapel room. We are thankful for all the workers who came and helped us on the project. Dan Jr. and my grandsons, Ty and Cody, also went to help. They were a great help and the Lord gave us strength to finish the project. We are still in need of some financial help with the project, so if you can help us it would be greatly appreciated.

• The new church plant in Nago — They have finished the foundation and now are starting on the outside framing of the building. Pray that the remainder of the building will be done on time for the opening services, November 11.
• Our upcoming October meetings on the 20th and 21st with Pastor Wakimasu — We are passing out 30,000 flyers/tracts for this meeting. Pray that we will see many visitors and many people saved.
• Our upcoming furlough in 2019 — We are scheduling meetings from January through June of that year.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, YORO, EL PROGRESO, Marie Lea-Wilson — She shares the following: “M. and B. S. continue meeting with me weekly to study Honduran Sign Language and Deaf ministry philosophy. Last week our deaf teacher finished her 8-week contract with us. The Ss have learned just over 200 signs each! It is a great start, with hundreds of signs to go. Please pray for wisdom as I contact a different deaf teacher, Lord willing, for another week. Also, please pray for a safe delivery as B. is due with baby N.”

On August 17 a medical missions outreach team arrived to conduct a 4½ day clinic in cooperation with our church. About 100 volunteers joined with 76 volunteers and medical professionals who came. We were able to offer dental, vision, physical therapy, surgical, and general medical services to over 3,500 patients! Best of all, every patient was given a 1:1 presentation of the Gospel before they left the clinic.

This was the first year we were able to provide a sign language interpreter (me) for deaf patients. Eight deaf people came for dental, vision, and general medical services, and were given a DVD of the Gospel in sign language so they could watch it as many times as they would like!”

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield — They share the following report: “We stepped out by faith and purchased an 18x60 foot building. We were able to put half down on it and pay a small amount each month for the next two years. God has supplied the monies needed for us to develop the shell into a useable building right away! I am so thankful for the electrical knowledge I have as well as life experiences I have received over the years! After putting in long hours with my boys and a couple men from the church, we were able to have lunch in the building that Sunday. I finished the electrical that needed to be in place and we got it insulated—a MUST in order for the AC units to make a dent in the oppressive heat. Dry walling, bathroom, flooring, and cabinets are all on the agenda for the next few weeks.

Recently, we had a church game night, plus VBS with 48 kids participating with four new family contacts. Workdays, soul winning, men’s golf, ladies’ shopping, gun carrying certification class, and much more occupied our time! We had two adult men and one young boy (who was saved at VBS) all baptized last week! We are excited about two new families that have joined our church, one of which our family has invested in on a personal level since December! Little by little our family is being accepted in this community, and we are excited about the Lord using us to accomplish His will here!”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, DAVE AND DEBBIE BOARD — They share the following: “We continue to be amazed to see God’s hand at work here in Cambodia …. One of the major barriers in this country that tends to prevent people from being saved revolves around their superstitions and various customs relating to funerals. This past week one of our members was promoted to heaven and we facilitated the funeral. The eyes of everyone in the neighborhood where he lived was on our church as they waited to see what would happen. Local governmental officials even feared dealing with the necessary paperwork to issue a death certificate because of the fact that by our member’s written instructions were that no Buddhist monks or lay priests were to perform certain rituals. We are so thankful for the solid testimony of the national believers who lovingly and energetically joined together to help make the funeral not only honoring to the Lord but also a great testimony in the community. I believe that there will be people saved in the future because of their example in helping to prepare the body for burial, as well as digging the grave. In fact, this funeral may have been one to the most significant events to take place in our ministry over the past 12 months. One of the unexpected blessings that came through this funeral was that our church was able to obtain a good size piece of land through a gift that was given by the gentleman who died. The land is going to be developed into a Christian cemetery, which will become a ministry of our church. Please pray that the events that transpired at the funeral will result in many Buddhists and Muslims coming to Christ.”

USA CLAIM MINISTRIES, Carl and Glenda Vonnoh — They give the following report: “While on our missions trip to Germany with the Christian Laymen Assisting International Missionaries (CLAIM) ministry, the Lord gave me the privilege to preach on Sunday morning, August 26. A couple came forward after the service and trusted Christ as their Savior. On Sunday evening, when Brother Weeks preached, a young man came forward to trust Christ as his Savior. Praise the Lord for these salvation decisions! This is the primary goal of our CLAIM mission trips. We desire to see more precious souls come to know Christ as Lord and Savior. We are grateful for the couple who accompanied Glenda and me. We all worked extremely hard in completing our mission project work task.”

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jon and April Flowers — They share the following: “I had the privilege to baptize two ladies in July. You have been praying for them for a few months. They have been coming since April and they both have been showing great growth in their walk with the Lord. In August, one asked us about what to do with all of her Buddhist good luck charms and fortune trinkets. In Taiwan, these are a big, big deal. In their beliefs, they feel that they need these to have good health, good fortune, and good standing with the spirits. We encouraged her to get rid of them by burning them. One Saturday after Bible study with April, she came over to our house and threw all of those charms and trinkets in the fire. She was so happy to get those out of her life and her son’s life. We thank God for her growth and her desire to obey God’s Word. Please continue to pray for C. and her son.” Please continue to pray for our church, Hope Baptist. We are looking forward to a great fall!”

BRAZIL, Leland and Naomi Johnson — They share the following report: “We invited two single missionaries to visit us, both of whom had experience with children’s ministries when they were in college. The goal was to help a new house church ministry that the church has started in a public housing area. We planned to knock on doors, distribute tracts, and do a small Bible club on one or two of the afternoons. We prayed to God to save souls and for 50–60 kids to show up to the club.

Brazilians are not really known for being on time, so when about 50 children and parents were present ten minutes before the start time, I knew it was going to be something big. Fifteen minutes later, we had over 100 kids. After about 30 minutes, we had over 150. We had only prepared 100 snack bags, which held the church information and tracts, so while the guys were busy doing the program, I jumped in the car and raced to the store to buy more snacks and bags. By the time I returned with 75 more snacks, we had about 100 more people there. I ran back to the store and bought all the individually wrapped snacks they had, and when I returned, there were at least 275 people there! At the end of the program, they were able to give a clear presentation of the Gospel, and we believe that many people responded, but with the overwhelming number of attendees, it was not possible to deal with people individually. Weeks later, we are still seeing dividends as people from that day continue to visit the service. Pray for us and the folks here that God will continue to work in their hearts!

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, GRENADA, ST. ANDREWS, Coco Chan — She shares the following: “The attendance of our Sunday school went down somewhat during the summer, but as school started back the first week of September, the children came again on a more regular basis. To help them more effectively learn about God, I began a class on Wednesday evening during the Bible study and prayer time. The first week we had nine children but the following week the class doubled in size. Please pray for God to give me wisdom, strength, and good health to work with these children.

• Pray that God will raise up a driver within the church. We own a manual transmission bus, but none of us can drive it.
• Pray that God will provide us a piece of land so that we can have our own property.
• Pray for two teenage boys who both have extremely difficult home situations but have been faithfully loving and serving God since they got saved.”

September 2018

SOUTH AMERICA, BRAZIL, JARDINOPOLIS, Paul and Sharon Pritchard — They share the following report: “Since Sharon and I are not able to do what we have done in the past because of health issues, the Lord is helping us invest our lives in the men and women in Brazil. Thus, today we have many preachers and workers who help us in the churches that we have started. As we continue working with them, I trust the Lord will help us start more churches. The need is still great but the laborers are few. I am so glad that the Lord has allowed Sharon and me to give our lives. The fruit is the wonderful reward that we see in the lives of the people in Brazil. Our furlough was in 2017 and I was in Brazil three months during that time because of the need there. I was also in Brazil 49 days this year because of the robbery in our home in Jardinopolis, São Paulo.

We ask that you continue praying and supporting our ministry as I continue traveling to Brazil to help win souls and start more churches with the men who have graduated from Bible college in the great harvest field of Brazil.”

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They give the following report: “Every summer we go to various parks in the Bronx to share the Gospel with the children using puppets and a Bible story. Each neighborhood park poses a unique and challenging opportunity as we go to areas that are predominately Muslim, Hindu, Hispanic, or Jewish. On one particular occasion, we went to an area I thought was mainly Hispanic. To my surprise, all I saw was as sea of black. Muslim women covered in black from head to toe were sitting on the park benches. As we circled the park inviting the children and moms to hear a Bible story, the Muslim women quickly pulled their children away. However, all was not in vain. As we presented our message, many children of other nationalities gathered around, even some Muslim children managed to listen in from afar. Truly a joy to behold!

Please pray for us as we continue to go to various parks, presenting the simple plan of salvation to children.

• Souls to be saved and the ‘fruit remain’
• Our desperate need of a building
• Good health and safety
• Young mother attending our church who is facing much difficulty”

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Jason and Cassy Tate — They give the following report and prayer needs: “We have had an eventful summer of ministry once again. Two young people whom we have had the privilege of seeing saved, baptized, and grow in spiritual maturity were married in mid-July. The wife serves full-time in the children’s home and the husband is studying in the Bible institute. Pray for them as they seek the Lord’s leading for future ministry in missions.

We continue to pray to God to provide a piece of property in the city of Santa Barbara to help Pastor Alex and Iglesias Bautista La Verdad take the next step as a church. We have looked at several options. One in particular is a good location with great potential. We are asking God to provide a specific amount and that the owner of the property would accept the offer.”

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, Layne and Nelia Jones — They give the following exciting report: “Thanks for praying for the World Missions Conference. There were over 150 saved in the services and 15 baptized. There were many decisions among Christians. Last Saturday there were 1,906 children in our extension classes with 56 saved. Twelve were saved in the Sunday AM services. Two of our graduates preached and did a good job.

Please pray for a new battery backup and power surge protector for our 1,000-watt transmitter. Please pray also for a new 3,000-watt transmitter, 50 feet added to our 150-foot tower, and new three-bay antenna.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following: “August 12 was a special day as we were able to have our first baptismal. Two women who had been coming faithfully were baptized. They had been saved for several years, but never had the opportunity to take this step of faith. It is a blessing to see them grow spiritually and to see their excitement! The river was cold but the sun was shining and the Lord was good to us.

Isaac and Justin had a great young men’s camp this year in Quebec. The theme was prayer, and the Lord worked in all of our hearts. I was asked to take the place of the pastor who had to cancel, which gave me the opportunity to be blessed as well as trying to be a blessing.

Please pray for Isaac as he starts Bible college in September. He will be joining two of his brothers as he seeks the training needed for the Lord’s service. Please pray for the Lord to bless in this transition.”

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, LEIXLIP, CO. KILDARE, Bob and Kathi Zemeski — They share the following, “The training of A. J. is going well, but his wife’s recent illnesses has slowed our progress. She has been hospitalized numerous times with no definite diagnosis. Recent analysis of her blood seems to indicate an infection somewhere in her body. Maybe something will be found out soon. The company where he works has closed and he is without a job. With that and his wife’s illness, this presents quite a challenge for them. Besides training A. we are discipling two families. Between two classes, we had 19 seminarians attending in May.

USA MILITARY MINISTRY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA, Mike and Tonda Pinson — They give the following report: “It is our goal to let this community know what a wonderful Savior we serve. Several of our sailors have be ‘underway’ since May. This is a perfect time to reach their families with the Gospel of Jesus. Although these separations are very difficult on them, many have opportunities to witness while on the ship for long periods of time.

We have seen two precious souls trust Christ as Savior this month. Two were baptized and a family joined the church. Summertime is a heavy Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season. It is never easy to say goodbye to those families who rotate out to a new duty station. We are praying that God would send us new families to help pick up the slack and serve the Lord here with us. Several new families have been visiting; we are praying they will join us soon.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, TORONTO, Cory and April McTague — They share the following: “Within a week’s time, two things happened for which we have been working for a long time! FIRST THING was on Canada Day, July 1; we had the first service of Sparrow Baptist Church of Toronto, Canada. God gave us 18 that first service, some of whom were solid prospects. Toronto has nearly 3 million people in its city limits….Along with Tibetans and Nepalese, God has put us in the middle of this huge city with very little Gospel witness. We are committed by God’s grace to reach as many people as possible in the years ahead. We are so thankful for a great start.

SECOND THING that transpired was that my family moved into a rental house considerably closer to our church. This has cut our commute time in half. This has made ministry opportunities MUCH more accessible. We are very excited to be settling into our new life and ministry. There were months of preparation that went into starting the church.

One of our weekly outreach ministries is given to the Tibetan population here. God is opening doors. We are starting to be recognized in the neighborhood as the ‘white family who lived in Nepal.’ Tibetans here seem very talkative. We are very excited about the future ministry. God has also helped us in assisting a Christian family in their adjustment to Canada who have emigrated from Africa. They contacted us via another missionary contact. Part of our ministry is ministering to Christian immigrants looking for a solid Bible-preaching church.”

CARIBBEAN, NORTHERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, NAGUA, Jeffri and Pam Polanco — They share the following report: “The 3rd week of July, a group from a Baptist church that has been established for many years came to Nagua to perform special services dedicated to adults, teens, and children. For the adult activity they preached and performed a drama called ‘Black Light Theater.’ With illuminating cards, they shared a clear message of the Gospel in the dark. We had many show up whom we had invited to the church for months and what a joy it was to see them. One of them was the landlord of the building where our church meets. She visited us for the first time and was saved that night! Also, the mother of one of the girls who attends our church on Sundays visited us and told us that her daughter constantly talks about how much she enjoys being in church and how she has learned many good things. If you would, please pray that these adults would come back and grow in their faith.

• The discipleship of many new converts
• Souls saved as we evangelize and preach the Gospel
• That the Lord would provide a van for the church
• That we can have a baptismal service soon”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following: “We are so excited and thankful to tell you that my cancer is in remission. My CT scan in July revealed no tumors on my neck or spine, and all lymph nodes have returned to normal or very close to normal.

Our outreaches have been encouraging. All 27,000 of the John 3:16 tracts were passed out during the three-day blitz with our area churches. We still have about 1,000 of the new Gospel tracts to pass out, but this week our people will finish passing out the 8,000 door hangers announcing our new location. We have seen visitors almost every week this summer, and that has been encouraging.”

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, David and Rose Maskey — They give the following report: “This summer we will be hosting our annual SMITE youth camp, and we were very concerned about how we were going to pay for it, but praise the Lord, someone here recently gave a substantial gift to help with all the expenses. One again God supplied our need! Because of the economy, our medical outreach needs have also increased, but we had no way to finance it. However, once again just in time, a gift was given and we were able to help many who really needed it, so we thank God for that!”

• In June, the church in Port Harcourt had ‘Visitor’s Month’ with a total of 328 first time visitors attending, over 200 saved, and 31 were baptized.
• We are still praying for the $5,000 needed to start the work on our next church plant in Yenagoa. It would be wonderful to see that happen before the end of the year.
• It seems now that a door has been opened to start a church in the nearby village of Ahoada. One of our members owns a house there that is unoccupied and is willing to let us use it rent-free for a new church. Please pray with us for God’s direction and provision as we look into this possibility.
• We are praying for God to do a work in the hearts and lives of our youth during our SMITE youth camp. We have had a great response in the last two, and we are hoping to see the same again.
• We now have 27 graduates from our Bible institute and four of them are now pastoring. Please pray for God to use them in a great way here.”

USA CLAIM MINISTRIES, Joe and Linda Leleaux — They share the following: “Since our last letter, we have been in Seattle, Washington, and have just returned from Cambodia. Our ministry in Seattle included helping church planter Lawrence Morris with a storefront building. We were able to put up all the petition walls, run the wiring, install the lighting, and get the drywall hung and finished. We had a group of seven combined with seven men from the church which made a great team. Brother Morris is doing a great job and has a great vision for that area.

Then off to Cambodia for two weeks. This was a combination evangelistic and work trip. Every day was packed with activities as we went soul winning five times, assisted the nationals on work day, and visited several ministries established by BIMI missionary Dave Board. It was a very eye-opening experience. What a contrast between the rich and the poor! I dare say that what we call poverty here would qualify for well off in Cambodia. It was also a blessing to see the ministries led by national pastors whom the Boards have trained. If the time were to every come that he would have to leave, this ministry would continue for sure.”

CENTRAL EUROPE, MOLDOVA, SOROCA, David and Stephanie Gross — They share the following: “We were thrilled to see the numbers grow this past spring on Sunday mornings, and we began making plans for having our Charter Service to begin membership. Since our last prayer letter, ‘M’ has disappeared from town. I do not know what has happened in his life, but please pray for him.

In addition to losing him, our two Peace Corp volunteers, who had been with us for the past year or so, finished their contract and have left. We also had two dear women who sold their house and moved to the capital city. For a small group, this drastically changes the dynamics.

In spite of this, we moved ahead with our plans and had our Charter Service on August 5th. Please pray for this step to help lay a strong foundation for moving forward.

This year we ran Vacation Bible School in three locations: at our house in Zastinca, our church rental in Soroca, and the children’s center in Cosauti. Our theme this year was the life of Joseph. We felt the children who came listened the best of any year previously. Several children that had come to Sarah Bodaly’s children’s ESL classes attended. One of the girls who came had trusted Christ last year. What a joy it was to see those who had come in the past and several new faces, too!”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, ONTARIO, EMBRUN, Jeffery and Kim Smith — They share the following report and prayer needs: “In our last prayer letter, I wrote about the Nanier outreach services. We had had 21 visitors come to the four services. We have our summer service left, so please pray that God will work and guide as we work to plant a church in Vanier.

• We have had two teen groups come to Ottawa and spend many hours in the community distributing flyers and showing the love of Christ via acts of service.
• Two people prayed to receive Christ in July during the Vanietr door-to-door flyer distribution.
• A few people have prayed to receive Christ through the ministries of our sponsor church.

• Please pray for our family to be healthy, happy, and faithful in the service of the Lord.
• Please pray for the new believers to grow spiritually.
• Please pray for the Crosspoint Baptist/Vanier outreach services.
• Please pray for continued opportunities and fruit from the labors of the two groups that just served in Ottawa.”

SOUTH CENTRAL AFRICA, ZAMBIA, NDOLA, Andy and Jill Schultz — They share the following: “Jill is teaching and training the ladies of the church in Ndola and has found that they often lead a very difficult life. Many are rearing children on their own due to widowhood or abandonment. Many of the single mothers who have jobs are also expected to take in extended family members to house, feed, clothe, and educate with no financial assistance. Finances, which are small to begin with, are often stretched to and past the breaking point. Although the ladies of our church are very smart, some are uneducated and cannot read or write. For some of those who are married, their lives are filled with emotions and sometimes physical abuse. A normal loving family situation is rare. Will you please pray with us for the ladies to whom we minister?

Please remember this prayer request and also please pray for more laborers for this amazing and worthy field of service.”

August 2018

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Josue and Rebekah Ortiz — They share the following report: “We have had several busy months, full of much work and many blessings. We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support of what God is doing here in Mexico City.

In April, we were able to rent a camp facility on a Saturday to be able to have a family activity. About 90 people from our church, as well as about 90 from the church that Josue’s father pastors, came together for preaching, food, and fellowship. The following day we had a special family day at church and had several visitors attend the service and fellowship after. We also have a family of four follow the Lord in baptism that day.

On May 1, we began remodeling the new part of the church. In just five days, we were able to convert the empty space into an office for Josue, a children’s classroom, a nursery, and another restroom….At the end of May, Josue had the privilege to perform his first wedding. It was very exciting to see this young couple follow God’s plan for their lives.

July has been a very busy and profitable month. We received a group from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newington, Connecticut, at the beginning of the month. They were able to offer free English classes to the community and were a great help in passing out thousands of invitations to our church…. Please pray for our church that God will continue to grow His church.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, ATENAS, Rick and Shannon Dove — They share the following report: “God continues to bless our church here in Atenas. We have seen much fruit over the last two months….In June, our daughter and her friend came for a visit. While here, they were a tremendous blessing to our church. In our Saturday Bible Club, they did a wonderful job with the activities. Over 30 children and adults attended. In that group was a neighbor and daughter. We praise the Lord that the mother accepted Christ as her personal Savior that day. She is now faithfully attending church and is involved in a discipleship class. We are praying for her husband to be saved.

Our Vacation Bible School was in July and it was thrilling to see our people become involved in making it a success. We had over 40 children and adults attending each day. Praise the Lord for five children who received Christ as their Savior!

It is a real joy to see the Lord doing his work in the hearts of our people here in Atenas. Please continue to pray for us as we strive to reach Atenas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


CARIBBEAN, GRENADA, ST. ANDREWS, HOPE CITY, Joe and Donna Childers — They share the following: “Our people have shown their dedication by attending faithfully our services. On Mother’s Day, which was also our first day with the new bus, we had a record 74 in our Sunday morning service. Normally, we average in the mid-60s. These numbers have been down a bit over the past couple of weeks due to the Carnival season, however, the spirit as has been good with more responding to the preaching of the Word.

Once again, we have had issues with lack of space as we try to do much for God’s glory. We have looked at several pieces of land, yet nothing so far. Please pray for the Lord’s leadership in this matter. We know God will make a way, in his timing.”

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Dan and Becky Bennett — They share the following report: “First of all, we would like to convey our utmost gratitude to those who have given toward our vehicle fund. We found and purchased a 2006 Hyundai H-1 Starex, a 12-passenger (diesel) van in good condition and with low miles/kilometers. For those who gave and prayed for this need, we are thankful and it will be used in our ministry here.

We love how the Lord is using the ministry of Facebook Live around Brazil. Toward the end of March, some Christian women in Curitiba, a city 6 hours south of us, began commenting on our services. Later we discovered that one of the women had taken a sign language course in her seminary up in the northern part of Brazil. Through our Facebook livestream ministry, God had touched her heart to do something with what she had learned. She began a sign language class at her church on Sunday nights after the service. She recently showed a video of her class signing a special music presentation. There were 26 people signing! God seems to be lighting a fire for the deaf in Brazil. Pray that the fire would burn long and the Lord would bring new families to Brazil who are burdened to see the deaf saved.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKA SHI, Dan and Terri Gardner — They share the following: “On June 17 we had a special service for Father’s Day with a good number there, for which we are very thankful….On July 14, we had our summer Tomodachi (toe moe dah chee) time, which was a Summer Carnival Theme. Because it was a Japanese holiday that weekend, our group was down, but we still had 42, including our workers. Six children raised their hands for salvation. We also had three new mothers who attended.

On July 15, we had Brother Henry Ward as a special speaker at our church. He has served as a missionary in the Kobe area for 27 years. He preached some good messages that were a challenge to all.

Our family camp will be held August 7–9 with Brother Yoshinobu (yo she moe toe) Omote (Oh moe tay) as our speaker. He is the son of Pastor Omote and is now working as his assistant. He will also speak in our Sunday service after camp.

Please be in prayer for:
1. Summer camp August 7–9.
2. Bible college remodeling — Cost is $17,000 for the completion. If you can help financially in any way, you may send your gift to BIMI/Account #5KIBBS. Thank you in advance for your help.
3. New Church Plant in Nago (nah goh) — Dan, Jr. — Opening services November 10–11, 2018
4. Special meetings at our church October 20–21 with Pastor Wakimasu (wah key moss soo)
5. New Bible college students
6. Our church would see more people saved”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Chris and Becca Reed — They write the following: “These past six weeks have been some of the busiest we have had here so far. We had the privilege to host a couple of mission teams. It was a blessing to see people use their time and money to help us. It is always encouraging to be around people with a heart for missions and a desire to see the Lord’s work accomplished. We were able to re-roof our kitchen here at the children’s home, as well as finish some painting projects. We also traveled to some of the church plants in the hill tribes. We had a time of prayer and testimonies with pastors and some of the church members. It was a blessing to hear their stories. One pastor, about 30 years of age, came to Thailand from Burma. He heard the Gospel and received Christ when he was still in Burma. The ministry that he was saved under originated from Adoniram Judson. If you are not familiar with him, he was the Baptist missionary to Burma in the early 1800s. He translated the Bible into the Burmese language. He was faithful for over 40 years. It is amazing to still hear about people being reached with the Gospel through the ministry the Lord allowed him to start.

Continue to pray for a Brother and his family as they prepare to start a church in Udon Thani. Also, pray for the church in Nong Waeng. The Lord is blessing and they are seeing people saved almost every week. Pray for the new Christians as they are being taught the Word of God.”

USA MILITARY, ITALY, CATANIA, Al and Elizabeth Hamilton — They report the following: “The annual exodus of folks is slow so far and we are expecting only two families to move on this year—both have been with us from the beginning of their tours three years ago. Some new folks have come in and most of them are in the process of learning to be consistent in attendance and participation. We are praying to have the opportunity to disciple them one-on-one. Overall, we have grown and are seeing very consistent attendance in the mid to high 50s on Sunday mornings. Our core group of 25–30 is extremely tight with one another and very faithful. Please pray for all of us to be bold in our outreach to our community when it comes to sharing the Gospel of Christ with others. Elizabeth and I thank God for the opportunity to reach our military personnel and their families with the news of His saving grace and life changing ways.”

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, Danny and Janice Flowers — They report the following: “Baptisms: In our recent prayer letter, we introduced you to two Nigerian refugees who trusted Christ in the spring. After a recent Sunday morning service, we crowded 20 people into a few cars and drove to the little village of Houldizy where we held their baptisms in a church member’s pool. Both young men gave testimony of their faith in Christ; it was a real encouragement to our church. We also pray that it touched the hearts of several unsaved people who attended.

Progress: In ministry sometimes, a temptation is to focus on what does not go right or on how many turn away from the truth. It is easy to forget the progress. One of the first to be saved through our ministry here told me something the other day that struck me. She said, “I just want God’s will for my life.” It was a simple, yet profound, expression from her heart that shows she is moving forward in her spiritual walk. Every week we see lost people come to services where they are hearing the Gospel. Every week believers are growing and learning how to be like Christ. Every week invitations to our church are being handed out. Progress is being made!!

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, VITACURA, Clifton and Tiffany Booth — They share the following report: “The last two months have seen a lot of activity here. We have seen three people saved, one who has been visiting the church for several weeks. Her name is M. She approached me one Sunday and expressed her desire to be baptized. Before I baptize anyone, I do a Bible study with them on baptism as we have so many different diversities of backgrounds of people. I want to make sure they understand the purpose of baptism. During the Bible study with one woman, she admitted that she had not truly put her trust and faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. She then bowed her head and prayed to receive Jesus as he Savior. I also had the privilege of baptizing one of our youth. She had been attending for several months and is becoming more faithful in our youth ministry. We thank God for these decisions and pray that more people come to Christ.”

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They share the following: “One of our converts told me recently that his mother was sick. She smoked for many years and now has lung cancer. One day Sabrina and I visited her in the hospital. I explained to her the simple Gospel message and she prayed the sinner’s prayer. She died about two weeks later. While doing the funeral, I preached about the ten virgins in Matthew 25. Approximately 5–6 other individuals raised their hands for salvation. Yes, “silver linings” are in dark clouds.

New York City is like Mt. Everest. Nobody sprints up this mountain. Some may not know that it is also one of the most expensive cities in the entire world. During our time in the Bronx, the city of New York has given us two summons for not being legal. We have had two great opportunities for a church facility, but we came up short both times. If enough churches would help us with $25 a month to account #965, we would eventually have a breakthrough. Right now, we have about 15.5%.”

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, Peter and Elizabeth Putney — They share the following: “In our last prayer letter we focused on the tremendous amount of preparation that was being done in regards to the opening of the new El Carmen mission. We are excited to report that since May 20 we have been holding weekly services on Sunday afternoons. The Lord has given us a good number of prospects in this city and we have had a good group faithfully attending every week. We also have had a number of people from the church in Rionegro attend as well. I have been blessed to see them labor in the Lord’s work. The opening of this mission has been a project of our Rionegro church from the beginning and I believe the Lord is using it to help people grow spiritually….Several weeks ago, we saw two people saved as a result of the new mission opening. One man was saved after a service and a woman was saved at the church in Rionegro after first attending in El Carmen. When souls are saved, it makes all the effort worth it.”

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield — They share the following: “The new growth has come with some difficulties. We want everyone serving in the church to first be a member and then have a background check. We have many newcomers who are not members yet and it leaves very few of us trying to accommodate the various needs like nursery (up to 10 kids–2 years and under sometimes!), kid’s classes, and music! Please be in prayer that more will join in and get “in the yoke” with us. A man in our church has a heart for kids and is teaching archery to the children on Sunday afternoons.

My wife was able to lead a woman, who has been coming since Easter, to the Lord. She desires baptism, which we are planning. She brings her one-year-old, but recently she brought her husband! A Nigerian college student who has been coming faithfully for over a year was able to immigrate his wife and two young boys! They moved into a tiny one-bedroom apartment that has a shared kitchen and living room! The people in the church all got together to provide food, bedding, clothing, and general household items for them…. It is exciting to see all the people to whom God has us minister. Only heaven will reveal all the rewards of our labors and much will be applied to your account for your faithfulness.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOA, SAVAII, ASAU, Jim and Emi Civale — They share the following: “Earlier this month, we welcomed Miss Anna Stockman who is teaching grades 3–5, as well as tutoring some of our 7th and 8th graders. Anna is a gem and we wish her two months could be two years or two decades with us in Samoa! She is doing everything right and we praise the Lord for her.

I spent a week this month over in American Samoa at our first church plant to clear our latest container of 11,000 Samoan Bibles. We are very thankful to our sending church for covering all of the customs and clearing costs and to a wonderful organization called “Wings Bearing Precious Seed” for paying for the shipping container and to Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries for printing the Bibles and 20,000 Samoan tracts. Pastor Thrun was gracious to host me in his home, and we had a lot of time to plan for the upcoming year when I will be overseeing the church there, distributing Samoan Bibles and attempting to start Samoan services to grow the church, which is currently an English-speaking church.”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KAMPALA, James and Cheryl Pridgen — They share the following: “East African Baptist Ladies Seminar had 83 ladies who came and they were encouraged in their service for the Lord….As Bible college starts this month, we will have men whom we have trained and/or who are training, preaching, and/or helping in eight different churches. We praise the Lord for the privilege of training these men in the ministry. This year we have also seen 154 saved and 16 baptized. There are several more who should be getting baptized soon, and every month we have had people completing their discipleship material.

ARUA PROPERTY: Please continue to pray for this ministry. Last week a woman was saved there, and we now have two young men from there who are preparing to come for Bible college to train as pastors. Also, be praying as we plan to have our first YOUTH CAMP at the new property in January.

We still need to raise $38,439 for the purchase of the land, and we still need an additional $56,700 for renovations, etc. The church here in Uganda has already given over $2,484, which has gone mostly toward the monthly cost for running the property. Please pray that these needs will soon be met, and if you would like to help with this then you may give your gift through either our home church or BIMI.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, Nate and Christine Saint — They write, “A man and his family officially decided to leave their church and be a part of our group in early June. They left for the right reasons and have been faithful ever since. We were thrilled to have their help. He regularly helps, playing the guitar, and his wife has started helping Christine with the children.

A woman has continued to come to church as she is able and has often shared how God is working in her life to direct her steps. She is also excited to have a new job opportunity that will give her a little more time at home, so we can resume our mid-week Bible study with her. Pray that God would continue to work in her life. We continue to pray for her salvation, but at times we wonder if maybe she is saved but is not fully able to express her conversion.

We met a new family on visitation who then came out to services. Pray for them and their daughters. We are not sure if they are saved but they seem eager to study the Bible.

When we last wrote, we told you about the wonderful opportunity to purchase a piece of property for use as a church building. We said that we needed to raise $60,000 by the middle of November. To our amazement, the repairs have proceeded much faster than anticipated, which means that the deadline for those funds has also moved up to approximately the end of September. We currently have about $8,000 raised or promised and are very grateful for those who have given already. Please pray for the Lord to meet that need according to His will. If you would like to contribute to help meet that need, please send your contribution to BIMI. Make sure you include a note that says ‘Saints Building Project.’”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUNEDIN, Bob and Diana Rutta — They share the following: “God has given us the sweet blessing of baptizing a husband and wife together. They both came from church backgrounds but neither had received Christ as Savior until recently. As they left the church one Sunday, I happened to see the wife stop at the tract rack and pick up a Gospel tract. The following week she told me what happened a few minutes later. They stopped at the grocery store on their way home from church and she decided to stay in the car and read the tract while her husband went in. She said that while she was reading it, she realized she had been trusting in her good works for salvation and that she was still lost. She prayed while sitting in the car and trusted Christ alone for salvation! A few weeks later, I was talking with her after church and she asked me, ‘Pastor, I’m concerned about some people I see each week in different stores. How do you give out tracts? What do you say?’ I told her what she could say as she gave out a tract and she picked up a half dozen or so. The next week she let me know that she has said what I told her to say and she was so excited that people had accepted the tracts. She let me know that she was going to pick up more and give those out the next week. Praise the Lord for the little steps that we see people take!’

July 2018

AFRICA, SOUTH AFRICA, WHITE RIVER, Richard and Laura Badgett — They share the following: “Our target date to leave for South Africa is August 7.... This is a stressful time for families and we would appreciate your prayers for others and us as we go through the process. Please pray for me (Richard) as I have cataract surgery for my left eye. Also, pray for Anne, eldest daughter, as she transitions to life here in the States…. Please begin to pray for an upcoming Scripture Project at our sending church…to produce and send 150,000 John and Romans and Bibles to White River, South Africa.

Finally, pray for the Village of Mshadza. We are asking the Lord to give us a venue to start a church there sometime after we return. Many have been saved there in revival meetings, 2009–2012. There is a congregation waiting for leadership and the start of a new independent Baptist Church.”

USA MILITARY, FLORIDA, JACKSONVILLE, Stan and Charlene Lane — They share the following blessings and prayer needs: “It has been a couple of exciting months in the ministry here. We have seen sailors trust the Lord Jesus as Savior, get baptized, and begin to grow in the Lord. Many have stayed faithful to the Thursday Night Bible Study.

E. trusted the Lord the end of November. She has remained faithful. K. trusted Christ the first of April and what a turnaround we have seen in his life. He remained faithful while here.

The Marines have been harder to reach but M. B. started coming recently. She longed for some Christian fellowship. The encouragement she received helped her stand taller for the Lord…. Another trusted the Lord on May 20.

The most recent to attend joined us the first of June. She knows very little about the Bible, but one thing she does know—once she was lost but now is found! Her testimony is that she had received six of our weekly fliers and had kept them all. She had laid them all out on her desk and looked at them often thinking about attending.

Then, on a field day, she looked them over again and considered throwing them away. She decided to keep them and took them out to the trash. However, at the dumpster she met two women who shared Christ with her and invited her to church. She went to their church the next evening and trusted the Lord. AMEN! She attended our Bible study the next evening and shared her testimony! Praise the Lord!”

CARIBBEAN, PUERTO RICO, AGUADILLA, Steve and Ann Buchanan — They share the following: “The ministry here in Puerto Rico is doing well. We just completed another great Teen Mania with Tim Carpenter and Bearing Precious Seeds with a like faith church in Mayaguez. Two of our young men took the leadership role in these meetings. As preparations for the meetings were taking place, the group entered into one of the housing projects to pass out our invitations to our meetings. They were met by a young woman who told them that they needed to leave. She said that two drug gangs were shooting at one another and it was too dangerous to be there. As a result of the gun battles, two people were killed. God was so good to us. He protected our group and we were able to continue with our plans to conduct our teen meetings. There was a good number of teens who received Christ as Savior.

Pray for my assistant and soon to be pastor of Berea Baptist Church. After many years, they are going to visit family in New York. David told me that he believes God has a reason for this visit, which is to share the Gospel and win his family to Christ. Please pray with us that God will use him in this way.”

USA MINISTRY TO SPANISH-SPEAKING, NORTH CAROLINA, HENDERSONVILLE, Ed and Barbara O’Brien — They share the following report: “Our Mother’s Day celebration was a great success this year even though we had fewer moms present. We celebrated the moms with a special gift of appreciation and a message preached by one of our preachers in training from our Hispanic church plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He brought a message dealing with the need to prepare the next generation of preachers and missionaries.

We began training him while we served in Fort Smith, and Pastor Chagory continued that training after we turned over the church to his leadership. Just a few weeks ago, I had the privilege to participate in his ordination and preach the charge to him as he and his family leave behind what they have known as home and move to the town of Wapato, Washington, to start a new church. The town of Wapato has approximately 15,000 people with the Hispanic population at 93%. The Lord has blessed them with a church building that was donated for this new work. PLEASE PRAY for this young pastor, his wife, and four children as they begin this new chapter in their walk with God.

Please pray for the one who preaches when I have to be absent, and we are praying he would take over this work one day. Because of his work situation, they have recently moved to Marion, North Carolina, and will no longer be with us.”

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace — They share the following: “Now for a special prayer request from the ‘Old Folks’ in Peru. When we return from our planned three-week family trip to the United States on August 1, it looks like we will be stepping into a new ministry that will certainly be a challenge and need your prayers. New Life in Lima Church aims at reaching the multitudes of expats who call Peru their temporary home. These are mostly Embassy, business, or professional people who speak English. The core group now, for example, includes Swiss, Dutch, Russian, American, Peruvian, and other nationalities. The facilities of La Molina Christian School with 24/7 security, attractive buildings, and parking inside the property, are a perfect meeting place.

Since 1968, we have helped start churches in remote Andean villages and prosperous Lima neighborhoods, but always in Spanish. We definitely feel the need of your prayers and God’s grace, wisdom, and strength as we take on this new responsibility where there is a great need and a wonderful opportunity. We will tell you more about it soon! WILL YOU PRAY FOR US?

FAR NORTH, GREENLAND, Gage and Aleah Gilbert (on deputation) — They share the following: “Deputation presents many opportunities for sightseeing. We spent the first few days of May in Washington, D.C. We enjoyed seeing some of the history of our capital and exploring the new Bible Museum. However, the best part was having the opportunity to share the Gospel with a young man. He was our driver from the metro to our hotel. When he learned we had visited both the Natural History and Bible museums, he asked us our worldview position. Through our conversation, we learned that he was open and seeking for the truth. He needs our prayers.

We praise the Lord for giving us several more supporting churches this month. He has continued to fill our schedule for this year and has already given us several meetings for early 2019!”

MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Jorge and Aimee Rodriguez — They share the following: “Since our last prayer letter, we have seen the salvation of three. Please help us pray for their continued growth and their walk with the Lord. Also, pray for the salvation of three who have been coming to church on and off over a year but have not trusted Christ. A troubled single mother is searching for spiritual truth and needs to put her faith in Christ. Another has been coming to church on and off and has a son and they have not trusted Christ.

Please pray for our upcoming Vacation Bible School that will be toward the end of July. We are still looking for a place to meet as a church (either a place to rent or something to buy), please keep praying with us for these special needs.”

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. and Debbi Brosius — They share the following report and prayer needs: “Here in Argentina, the ministry continues. The Lord has brought us a new challenge by bringing several alcoholics in the last few months. Please pray as we minister to them. One needs to trust the Lord for salvation. Another, though a believer, is struggling to establish himself.

It is winter and winter vacation for students is coming up. In July, we will host a youth conference for a number of churches in the metropolitan area with the theme, ‘The Heart of a Servant.’ It is a good service training time for our young adults.

The new ministry in the Budge district continues to go forward and a center for drug addiction in the area has allowed some of their men to attend. Please pray for them to accept the Lord and to have victory over this struggle in their lives.”

WESTERN EUROPE, BAVARIA AND AUSTRIA, Todd and Kim Lapato — They give the following report: “For the third year in a row, our church hosted a BBQ festival outreach in our community. I smoked the meat (over 160 lbs.) for this event over the course of four days. The first year (2016) we held the event, we were amazed at the turnout. Last year even more came, so we spent months planning and preparing games, prizes, crafts, face paint, a bounce house for the children, corn hole for the adults, and much more at no cost to the public. We estimated well over a hundred people filtered through during the four hours. The forecast predicted thunderstorms during our event, but our location remained dry. No doubt, we experienced a miracle that day.

We set up a book table where people could help themselves to free Gospel literature and evangelistic material. A fellow German pastor came and preached the Gospel to the crowd, and one of our own shared his testimony. Everyone present heard the Gospel twice!

Todd makes regular trips to Bregenz, Austria, to pass out fliers in an effort to created interest in a Bible study. Austria needs the Gospel and although it takes time, more Bible believing churches can be started.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PHILIPPINES, PUERTO PRINCESA, David and Terri Long — They give the following report and prayer requests: “After much consideration and prayer, we have made the decision to start a church in the city of Puerto Princesa (island of Palawan). It was a difficult decision to make because of the need of Calbayog (Samar Island) is also very great. When we visited Calbayog, we went to the City Hall and asked to see the mayor. After explaining whom we were and what we needed in the way of housing, church rental, etc., he gave us the use of an official vehicle and a driver who showed us around and helped us look for housing. If you know of someone who is considering being a missionary to the Philippines, please tell them about the city of Calbayog.

• Pray for us to find housing and a place to start a church in Puerto Princesa.
• Pray for God’s help with the language. The main language is Tagalog, though we have met some people who know enough English for us to communicate in a ‘basic’ way.
• Along with the last request, pray for God to give us someone to help us, especially someone who knows both English and Tagalog.
• Pray for strength and energy in the heat.
• Pray for Anna in Bible college. She just completed her first year.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, KIRIBATI, TARAWA, Joel and Brooke Daku — They share the following: “We are excited to share that the first phase of the Kiribati Bible Project is complete and has arrived on our shores. This month we received over 43,000 John and Romans with the Gospel message give in the first few pages. We already know of one soul coming to the Lord as a result, and we have seen many reading the booklets around our little atoll. God promised His Word would not return void. Thank you for your prayers and faithful giving throughout the project. Our church members are excited to distribute them and share the Gospel with those around us. The second phase of the entire New Testament is completed, and we are halfway done retyping the Old Testament. Please continue to pray for this important endeavor, for those actively involved in helping, and for many souls to be saved.

(Due to some serious health issues with their daughter, the Dakus have returned to the States for her treatment. Please pray for them.)

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOAN ISLANDS, Jim and Emi Civale — They share the following report: “We can sum up May in three words—motion, mothers, and mourning. With Mother’s Day services on May 13 and two funerals the week after, everyone in our church and village was in constant MOTION this month. On top of all that activity, Emi was on the run with her already understaffed school having one teacher out sick and another who traveled. We also help school wide performances for the parents and hosted a missionary from Australia for two weeks.

On June 2, Emi and I hosted Ms. Anna Stockman, a teacher from the state of Virginia, who is serving with us for two months. We are grateful for her much needed help and praise God for the way He brought the planning for this trip to pass over the last few weeks. Pray for comfort for those in mourning, pray for our mothers, and continue to pray for our ‘motions’ to reach souls for the Lord Jesus.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, QUEBEC, Betsey Reznor — She shared the following report and prayer needs: “What a blessing to work with young people! I get to encourage young people to know and serve the Lord while having fun at the same time. Our last teen activity was a nerf gun war. Quite a number of the teens have their own nerf guns, and it was so much fun to watch them trying to hit the other teams’ targets.... A pastor from a church about an hour away led the Bible study, and I hope the teens appreciated it as much as I did.

Please continue to pray for W. who is waiting to get back into a rehab program. For the time being, he is at home with a lot of time on his hand. His family would appreciate your prayers for him and for his salvation. I, too, appreciate your prayers! Having a busy summer, and as always, I need God’s wisdom in ministering to a People in Need.

• Salvation of Sunday school children
• W’s salvation and therapy
• Potential new ministry

• Children’s eagerness to learn Bible verses.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, ST. PHILIP, Robert and Rhoda Smith — They share the following blessings from serving the Lord there: • “Big Blessing #1 — June 4, our 30th wedding anniversary! What a wonderful life God has given by allowing us to serve Him together all these years!

• Big Blessing #2 — Fruit to your account! Pastor and Mrs. Ronnie Roberts — It was in the early days of our church when God gave us Ronnie and Ann-Marie Roberts as converts. Ronnie just took off after Christ like a fox with is tail on fire! He led is family in faithfulness, tithing, soul winning and more. Today, he pastors the Faith Independent Baptist Church in the parish of St. James on the west coast of Barbados.

• Big Blessing #3 — You kept our car on the road and serving the Lord.... Recently, it was off the road in need of multiple repairs, and we did not have the money to repair it. A young married couple, not knowing of our predicament, sent a gift that covered the parts necessary for the repairs. Now it is back in service. How we praise the Lord for His provision and for His people who give sacrificially for His work. Thank you, Lord!”

June 2018

SOUTHEAST ASIA, FIJI ISLANDS, Robbie and Amanda Leonard — They share the following: “March was a bittersweet time for our family. Amanda and the children remained at home for a few weeks, as Amanda recovered from a miscarriage. I continued to travel to our meetings we had scheduled for the next couple of weeks.

We started April celebrating Christ’s Resurrection at our home church, which was a real blessing. We were able to travel in three states to be in two services, both in Alabama and Tennessee.

We ended April with another local meeting before traveling to Alpine, Tennessee, for a missions conference. A true blessing during the conference was that my dad was the guest speaker there.

Continue to pray for us as we endeavor to finish our deputation this year. We are praising the Lord that 75% of our support has been promised.”

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, Rob and Angela Willoughby — They share the following: “Services continue to go well with new couples coming. We recently celebrated Easter with a time of fellowship at our house for everyone after the service.

Our greatest cause for celebration was that RoseLynn’s friend, R, made a profession of faith after our service on April 29! We knew she was ready since she has been absorbing and processing the Gospel message since our VBS last year. This feels like a major victory and a step forward toward seeing more people in our community come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for praying for our ministry in Estonia!”

CARIBBEAN, GRAND CAYMAN ISLANDS, Malcolm and Jan Gregory — They share the following: “Jan and I continue visiting door-to-door in the heavily populated west end of the island. Overall, we find the island population to be very religious or trusting in good works to obtain salvation. We are grateful that most are very kind and polite while listening to a clear presentation of the Gospel.

We enjoy working with our small group of believers at Calvary Baptist Church. Seeing their interest in the Word and their love for one another is very encouraging. Pray for a young man from Nicaragua who comes often to services. He shows interest but is confused about salvation. His wife, who we believe discourages him about the things of the Lord, recently returned to Nicaragua. Pray we will be able to use this time to help him spiritually and that he will come to Christ.”

NOTE: Please pray for the Gregorys, as they had to return to the States for Malcolm’s health needs.

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, Nate and Christine Saint — They share the following prayer needs: “The last few months we have asked you to pray for a particular property and ask God to open the doors for us to use it as a church property. God has heard our prayers and opened the doors wide open!

Yes, we have signed a contract to buy the future location of Misión Bíblico Bautista La Verdad! It is at the corner of what will be a main road in our part of the city and near a very well-known landmark. It currently has an estimated 30,000 people living within a mile of it with construction projects going on all around it. Within 10 years, it is not unreasonable to assume there might be 50,000 people within a mile of this location.

The last hurdle, a small one for God who owns the earth, is the MONEY! The price for the house is 2,300 Chilean UF, which equals approximately $100,000. We will need to have 60% of that ready to pay when the repairs are finished and the sale approved around November 15, 2018. The rest will be due at a later date. Our group of young believers has started giving to the Lord and we would love to see God take their sacrifices and multiply them.

If you would like to be a bigger part of what God is doing to reach this part of Chile, please send your contribution to BIMI. Make sure to include a note that says Saint Building Project.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, JAMAICA, MAY PEN, Fran Young — She writes the following: “God is blessing the churches of Jamaica. I STAND AMAZED with a heart of gratitude as I consider ALL GOD IS DOING! I understand HOW the Psalmist felt when he penned the words in Psalm 23 – ‘MY CUP RUNNETH OVER.’

Please continue to pray for my daughter, Janet…. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to all who enable me to continue serving as a missionary in JAMAICA, LAND I LOVE! EVERY DAY IN JAMAICA I AM BLESSED! THANK YOU to all who prayerfully and financially support me! GOD IS GOOD!”

USA MINISTRIES, NEW MEXICO, SHEEPSPRINGS, John and April McDaniel — They share the following report and prayer needs: “We had a family in our church give money for the materials to build stairs for the fellowship hall entrance. We had stairs before, but they were damaged and needed to be replaced. It is a blessing to see our people, who are not wealthy, give by faith and participate in ministry. Some other families have helped by painting and donating décor and flowers to make the church building have a welcoming atmosphere. It is still a work in progress, but it is nice to see the improvements.

I found a Navajo man lying by the road. He was having a seizure and dropped his can of beer. A young woman called 9-1-1 while I tried to stop him from rolling into the road. He took out his prescription medication, and suddenly he sat up with a blank stare and said, ’Do you see them, do you see them? They are coming for me because of my sin. I am freaking out!’ When the police arrived, immediately they said, ‘How are you doing, J?’ This apparently was not the first time they had found him in trouble. Please pray for the spiritual needs of our people.

• Children’s ministry and outreach
• Home site lease and construction
• Pastor Begay, as he is going to be used in the field of evangelism
• Newcomb Baptist Church need of a pastor — A young man on deputation is taking the work over when his support is raised.”

SOUTH AFRICA, MPUMALANGA, DIAMOND, Chad and Vickie Branch — They give the following report and prayer needs: “On two consecutive Sundays in March, we were able to baptize 10 new believers, some who had been waiting for quite some time while we found a suitable place to baptize. This was an important step as many of these were to become charter members of the church.

On Sunday, March 25, the Truth Baptist Church of Kimberley was chartered. Twenty born-again, baptized believers signed the charter, and the church was formally organized. Our hearts were filled with joy and praise to think that God was fulfilling before our eyes what He sent us here to do. To our knowledge, this is the first independent Baptist church in this city or province. All of you have a part in bringing the Gospel to Kimberley as we labor together with the Lord, and we cannot thank you enough. On the following Sunday, we held our first ever observance of the Lord’s Supper. Tears filled the eyes of many as they solemnly reflected upon God’s great sacrifice for their salvation. How exciting it has been for our family to experience all of this with this great group of believers! We know God has glorious things in store for Truth Baptist Church.

• Pray for the new believers to be discipled and become committed in their walk with God.
• Pray for our family as we prepare for furlough and begin our new visa renewal process.
• Pray for the Bible Institute and the College of the Bible.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOAN ISLANDS, Jim and Emi Civale — They share the following: “Earlier in April, we went over to American Samoa where I had the chance to preach at our first church and lay the groundwork for Bible distribution plans over there once our next container arrives later this year. We also brainstormed approaches to the starting of the Samoan-speaking branch of the church there (which is currently an English-speaking international church). It was great to see the enthusiasm about things to come and be back with some of the old, faithful members who were as hospitable and dependable as ever.

Next month promises to defy normalcy, too, as we will be hosting a young woman from Australia for several weeks who is praying about returning in July for long-term service in the school. Please pray for her visit and for our desperate need for teachers in the school. The many other demands on my time prevent me from being much help to Emi in the school. This has her working endless hours, as she is so short-staffed this year. She and the teachers continue to do amazing things but they need help. Please, not only pray but also direct anyone who might be interested to a tab on our website ( called Extra Mile Missionary Teacher.”

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield — They share the following: “The last couple months have been a whirlwind of activity! Just like the new growth of spring has exploded around us, our church is seeing new growth! We have had several new families visit recently and have had two new families (who have been coming for a while) join the church! For Easter we took family photos in front of a backdrop. We had two new families each with children attend. They have come every week since! One family is from our family’s efforts in door-to-door invites.

Our most recent problem is a good one! We are out of space! The auditorium still has space for pews for services but since these new families are joining in bringing lunch and staying for our weekly afternoon services, we need to set up tables in the auditorium and send some people over there to eat. We are saving and starting to plan for a fellowship hall/multipurpose building. My wife is planning a Ladies Banquet. Last year the building was packed so we are not sure where to hold it this year! We covet your prayers as we nurture this growing church plant.”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, SALZ, Dan and Tricia Dubbe — They give the following report: “Since our last report, we have had two Gypsy men preach for us. Their grandfather was in a German concentration camp during the war and was the only survivor of their family. He stayed in Germany and now has two grandsons who are in church planting and are ‘preaching up a storm.’ They both have a great heart for evangelism and are bold in their witness. It was a great time with them.

Last month an evangelist from Belarus preached for us and again encouraged our church to be bold in their witness for Jesus! A speaker from Hamburg just finished a conference with us and had a great finishing sermon on evangelism and prophecy. I believe God is sending people to Germany or using non-Germans to help stir this country up to reach others for Christ!

We recently watched a film at a home for unwed mothers and about half of those watching were Muslim. A Muslim man that we are trying to reach recently attended our church services. Please bring him to the throne of Grace for us!”

WEST AFRICA, COTE d’IVORE, BINGERVILLE, Bob and Rebekah Mach — They share the following report: “Shortly after starting the Bingerville church, we saw the need to start particular evangelistic ministries in an effort to reach specific people groups. It was a blessing to see how the Lord has honored and expanded these ministries for effective witnessing to those who would not normally see it.

The first of these was the literacy ministry…. Today we have over 300 students who are under the sound of the Gospel on a weekly basis. Our son, Bob, is doing an 18-month internship here at this time. He is conducting all of the Bible study work, and he is testing the students on what they have learned from the Bible classes.

In 2004, we opened a medical ministry to reach into the villages. The Bingerville villages have profited greatly as many come from the villages to our Sunday morning service in Bingerville…. This medical work has now greatly expanded through the efforts of our colleague, Kristine McLaughlin. Through her new ‘Access’ medical program, we went into the interior of the country last year and used medicine to plant a new church in the village of Zangue, just outside of the city of Oume. This year, this ‘Access’ medical program will reinforce our new church plant in the city of Man.

In 2007, we opened a Sports Center to reach out to the youth. In these 11 years, over 600 players have worked their way through an organized Bible study program, evangelizing them and training them from the Scriptures.

All of these ministries have succeeded on the secular level as we have received rewards and recommendations from the Ministries of Education, Health, and Sports in this country. What is so much more important, however, is the spiritual success we have in the lives of these people! These three ministries together have allowed us to evangelize thousands of people to whom we would not have had ordinary access for one reason or another.”

USA MILITARY MINISTRIES, GERMANY, SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Rusty and Karen Pilalas — They share the following report: “Let us tell about a dear family who had been in ‘church’ and had been saved as teenagers. They had never been discipled or had really grown in their faith beyond salvation and in fact, both had strayed a lot. The Lord brought them to us when they got orders to Spangdahlem AB. When someone gets here, it is scary. They might reach out to get into a church family for help and because the Holy Spirit is guiding them to a Bible-preaching church. They and their two children have seen God work in their lives, and they have made spiritual decisions to give up vices and grow their faith in many areas. We know that outer conformity to the world shows what is going on inside someone’s heart. It is so sweet to see this family walk into church early and look like clean-cut, modest people. Most exciting is knowing what is going on with their personal walk with the Lord. Anyone can clean up, but when we hear testimony from this couple about something they sought the Lord for help with and then got it, we praise Him!”

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire — They share the following: “Report on Overseas Ministries — I traveled to Papua New Guinea the end of January. I am helping the PNG Bible Distribution Project that is currently proceeding there. We traveled to many different schools in the Central Highlands District with the blessings of the National Education Department. While in each school, we met the local school board, spoke in the school assembly, and personally handed out a Bible to each student. Every one of these students heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and received one of these beautiful Bibles. We gave out over 120,000 Bibles during our stay there.

We also had the opportunity to have the entire PNG national football (Rugby 7s) team attend a morning service at Mirada Baptist Church in Fort Moresby. You should have seen the boys and girls as they met these icons of the sports world of PNG. They could not believe their team was attending their church. The best part was that eight of those young men accepted Christ as their personal Savior during the invitation that morning.

I will be returning to Papua New Guinea with Brother Alan Brooks at the end of May to continue with the project and to help the local missionary churches with the follow-up from the school visits. There will be a school break the end of June, and after it resumes will continue into September. Brother Brooks has asked me to assist him through this time and I am delighted with the opportunity.”

BRAZIL, SALVADOR, Leland and Naomi Johnson — They share the following: “In August of last year, we moved to Salvador, the city in which God has called us to work. We said then that we did not know why God was moving us at that time when our timetable was to move here in 2018. However, it is clear to us now that God moved us here for such a time as this.

The missionary that we are working with is returning to the United States on furlough. This situation leaves two churches with two missionaries in the USA and only one assistant to cover both. We have been asked to fill in for the missionary we have been working with while his family is on furlough.

The next seven months will be a test of God’s grace and faithfulness to us because the challenges are beyond our own strength. However, as King Jehoshaphat prayed when outnumbered by the enemy, our eyes are upon thee. Please pray specifically for several things over the next several months.

• Pray for our family that God will keep us together during this time.
• Pray for wisdom on how to handle the different situations, both spiritual and cultural, that we will face.
• Pray for souls to be saved.

We are not looking to put things ‘on hold’ for the next seven months because the devil will not be taking time off. We want to move things forward for the cause of Christ and see lives changed through God’s Word.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, ONTARIO, NAVAN, Jeff and Kim Smith — They share the following: “We are scheduled to hold five evangelistic meetings in Vanier near downtown Ottawa this summer. These meetings will be held as an outreach ministry of Crosspoint Baptist Church (CBC). The theme of the year at CBC is Forward by Faith. We are calling the meetings Forward Meetings, and we will be requesting that a Forward Team of CBC members will be committed to this outreach. The order of service in the meetings will be to inform (share vision for a new church), inspire (Gospel message), and interact (build relationships). Please pray that people will be saved and that believers will step forward in the Vanier community.

Two men were recently baptized at CBC. I have been spending time with one of the men. Please pray for these men that they will continue to follow the Lord and live victorious lives.”

SOUTH AMERICA, GUYANA, Noel and Charlene Shrivnauth — They report the following: “Over 23 years ago, God helped us start Victory Baptist Church, which I still pastor. Out of this church, we have trained men to start three other churches. Recently, I had the privilege to preach in a church that was started by one of the churches that we helped to start. Therefore, now we are seeing our babies growing up and having babies of their own, as far as church planting is concerned. I am thrilled! The name of this new church is Cornerstone Baptist Church. It is pastored by a man who was saved in Victory Baptist Church and was a former Hindu. His church is in a remote jungle village of the Amazon rainforest.

I also was able to preach in another one of the churches we helped to start. It was their third anniversary! The church is named Harbor Light Baptist Church because it is located in a place that is port for many ships. They are doing well, reaching the lost, running buses, and supporting missions. I was happy to see the work going forward!

Please pray for more ‘goers’ for laborers, for more people to be committed to the task of soul winning, and for more church planting.”

May 2018

SOUTHERN AFRICA, ZAMBIA, NDOLA, Andrew and Jill Schultz — They share the following report: “In Zambia there are so many opportunities to minister and to witness. One opportunity that is often overlooked is the large Indian population here. Because of Zambia’s ties to Britain during colonial years, most cities today have a large area devoted to people of Indian ancestry. Most are devoutly Hindu. Jill and I have many Indian friends to whom we witness and spend time in their homes and they in ours. Unfortunately, we have yet to see any fruit from this endeavor. Pray that our witnessing will bear fruit, and that the Lord will send more laborers to reach these various groups of people.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, ANTIGUA, ST. JOHN’S, Nathan and Renee Owens — They give the following report, “Our Caribbean Radio Lighthouse (CRL) staff continues plugging away at daily duties in Antigua without equipment problems. The ‘That’s Truth’ live call-in program we started in January has been going well. Although we do not receive many phones calls (due to phone rates), we do receive numerous text messages with questions from as far north as the British Virgin Islands and south to the devastated island of Dominica, as well as online listeners. As a result, we have heard from many new listeners— those who express gratitude for the clarity on the topics and those who are looking for a church that teaches the whole Bible. We have also heard from a couple who has requested marital counseling and even from an individual who admitted he is not a Christian. We are excited how the Lord is choosing to us CRL to change lives! Thank you so much for your continued prayers.”

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, David and Rose Maskey — They give the following: “We have seen some good results in the last two months as our people have been laboring in the fields. During the last week of February, we took about 40 of them to the village of Omagwa for a day of soul winning and inviting people to the church plant there. God helped us to see 84 souls saved that day and the following Sunday (the church’s one year anniversary). They had a record attendance of 199 with 124 visitors! I had the opportunity to preach to them that Sunday, and God really blessed in the service with 83 responding to the invitation to receive Christ as their Savior. The Omagwa church is already outgrowing the building they are renting, and we are praying now that God will open the door for them to get some property for a larger building.

Once again, we thank you for standing with us in prayer and your faithful support of our ministry. Thank us for being a blessing to us.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, LEON, Ricardo and Angela Portillo — They share the following report and prayer needs: “We have been thrilled to see the Lord use our church members in their neighborhoods. Last prayer letter, we shared how one couple chose of obey the Lord and get married. The wife was baptized and she has been on fire for the Lord. She has been going soul winning with her little girls on her street and invited some teens to youth group. These teens started coming faithfully, inviting their families, and now we have three households coming from that area. We are now in the process of discipling these families. She has been coming to soul winning classes and last month she led her first soul to Christ. Since then, she has continued to win souls and has seen three more souls saved. Last Sunday she was introducing her guest to everyone. We are impressed once again on the power of the Gospel in people’s lives. One of these women told us, ‘Before I was saved, I was sad all the time. I had not smiled in years. It is as if I’m a new person and I’m smiling again.’

• Church Planting — Pray for more laborers and someone to pastor the church plant in Santo Tomas Chontales.
• New Vehicle — We need a truck for church pick-ups. Praise the Lord, the church bus runs full and we are in need of a vehicle that can run on bad roads.
• Church Property — We are praying this year to buy land and start construction on a church building.”

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, CHICLAYO, Lee and Eva Johnson — They share their ministry to the Deaf in that country: “One of my favorite places to preach is the small city of Pacasmayo, Peru. The city is located about 1½ hours south of Chiclayo. The Baptist church started a new church about five years ago and asked me to preach for their anniversary service. It was a one-day event. PRAYER REQUESTS
• Pray for a couple who has stopped their discipleship lessons.
• Pray for M. and her studies at Pensacola Christian College.
• Pray that God will lead in the return of Miss Deidra and a group.
• Pray for the faithfulness of another couple.
• Pray that the servants of the Lord who received the water systems will use it as a soul winning tool for the furtherance of the Gospel.
• Pray for the people who made decisions during the preaching at San Pedro de Bloc.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, GRENADA, ST. ANDREW’S, Coco Chan — She shares the following report and prayer needs: “Concerning the ministry, so far I go into four schools to teach the Bible. The school system here is a bit different. There is no mandatory religious instruction class. Therefore, I do a morning assembly in some schools while doing a Bible club in other schools during lunch hour.

I am also going into a juvenile center on Tuesday to spend an hour with the young people. This is my desire and prayer that they would allow God to work in their hearts and make a difference in their lives. They long to have attention and to be loved. Please pray for God to use me as a channel to show them His love.

At Lifeline Independent Baptist Church, I am teaching in a Sunday school class and in a Bible club and working with children’s choir on Friday evenings. Thursday evenings is our door-to-door soul winning time.

• To get into more schools
• To find open doors for other ministries
• To have wisdom and strength to teach the young people
• To see souls to be saved.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following: “A teen girl began attending our church in January with her mom, who is a Christian. The teen had not been to church very often and knew very little of the Bible. She and her mom have faithfully attended on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings. Last Sunday the teen told me that she had prayed to accept the Lord as her Savior two week ago. We were so excited! Her mom is so happy. We are praying for the dad and brother to be saved too.

Another teenage girl came to our church about a year ago. Her dad brought her and dropped her off. We began talking to her after church and discovered that when she was five years old, she had taken piano lessons from Adrianna. That was nine years ago! Her family recently moved back to our city from Oregon, and her mom remembered our church because of taking piano lessons from Adrianna. Several weeks ago she responded to the invitation and got saved! Her parents (they are immigrants from China) have visited the church a few times with her, but they do not allow her to come every week. They wanted her to attend church so she could make friends. She found Jesus, the greatest Friend! She has a sincere desire to learn about God. It is really amazing how God works in people’s lives.”

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD John Lafreniere and son, Elijah — He shares the following report: “We are excited about the opportunity that God has given our church to occupy our own commercial space. Without a great deal of prayer, occupying a commercial space seemed impossible since the average commercial rent is $2,000 for every 1,000 sq. ft. God has blessed us in the elementary school where we have been meeting, but for a temporary location, the rent has been $3,100 per month that God has provided.

In a nutshell, God worked in many hearts to give us an opportunity to occupy a 2,700 sq. ft. space for just $2,750 per month. This is very uncommon in our area and we give God all the glory for bringing this to us. I have been praying in the parking lot of this space for three years while God continued to give me confidence that this was His will. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY AS THEY RENNOVATE THE BUILDING TO THEIR SPECIFICATIONS!

EUROPE, ESTONIA, KOHTLA-JARVE, Ronald and Rachel Winkler — They share the following: “In February we placed an ad in the local newspaper with the desire of reaching into more homes and making people aware of our weekly Sunday Bible Study. The ad also advertised a free English club during the week, with hopes of making new contacts. A woman was the first one to respond and now regularly comes to English class each week. She is a friendly woman and enjoys class. We have invited her to join us on Sundays and hope she will do that soon. Please join with us in praying for her to come and that her heart will be receptive to the Gospel. There were a couple of calls for English in response to the ad along with a call about Sunday Bible Study, but nothing ever came of them. Another woman saw the ad and showed up for English class. She said she was interested in coming on Sundays as well. A couple of Sundays later, as we were preparing to leave, she walked in. She was confused at what time things started but promised to return the next week. She did come and listened attentively for over an hour as I began teaching here about who Jesus is and what He did for her.

We are rejoicing along with the angels that this past Sunday morning she put her trust in Jesus Christ for salvation! After studying a lesson from John 3, she said she would like to receive God’s free gift of eternal life. I believe the prayers of God’s people helped prepare her heart for the Gospel. What a privilege that God uses us to bring others to Himself. Pray that she will grow and that she will desire to share with others what Jesus did for her.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUNEDIN, Bob and Diana Rutta — They give the following testimony: “Recently, we had a special blessing. One of our men was up early before church on Sunday morning and decided that he wanted to give out some Gospel tracts before church. He went out to do some “letterboxing”—putting Gospel tracts in mailboxes. A woman had been out of church for a while and decided that she wanted to start going to church again. She phoned a friend to ask where she goes to church, but it was too far away since she does not drive. As she was still on the phone, the man from our church put a tract in her box. He was wearing a bright red shirt with white letters saying “Jesus Loves Sinners.” While still holding the phone, she ran out and asked him where he went to church. He invited her and said that if she needed a ride, his family would pick her up. She attended that morning and then in the evening. After the evening service, I invited her to the Wednesday night service. She said she would be there and then she asked if it would be OK to start tithing. We do not see that very often. She comes from a Charismatic background, SO PRAY THAT WE CAN SEE HER GROW!”

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, MADRID, Julio and Andrea Velasquez — They share the following: “We are presently on furlough for four months, and it is a great blessing to receive reports of our church in Spain and hear how God is blessing. Our two preacher men are doing the preaching along with a brother from our son David’s church. We also have three women teaching our Sunday school classes and others in the church are taking care of other jobs.

Please pray as we continue our furlough that God will touch the hearts of many to help us with the great need of a larger church building. We still need about $47,000 to be able to purchase a building. Please pray!

BRAZIL, AMERICA GOIANIA, Bethany Thompson — Bethany writes, “Praise the Lord for the opportunity to lead third and fourth graders to Christ in our Christian school! The fourth grader has encouraged his whole family to come to our church and has been growing in his Christian walk. His mom commented on how he has changed since coming to our school. What a joy to be able to share that his change is due to his newfound relationship with God! Four years ago, another mom came to the school office looking for a school that could help her four-year-old son with tantrums. She told me that first day that she had never believed in God, but was willing to do anything we ask if we could help her son. He was enrolled, and with consistent limits, his behavior soon improved. His mom came to our church and was saved. They moved away and are now back, and now he has placed his faith in Christ. Pray for his dad to be saved.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, David and Debbie Board — They share the following: “K. lives a few blocks from our church in Phnom Penh with her husband who is openly hostile to the Gospel. Though she is not saved and does not have much of a spiritual understanding of what is preached and taught in our church, we do believe that God is working in her heart to show her she is a sinner in need of a personal Savior. PLEASE PRAY SHE WILL RESPOND TO THE GOSPEL AS THE HOLY SPIRIT CONVICTS HER OF HER LOST CONDITION AND HER NEED TO BE SAVED.

We encourage you to check our blogsite for current details about how things are progressing in Romdeng Village. It is a great blessing to see the adults, teens, and children who are being saved and discipled in the Word of God. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE NEW BELIEVERS IN THAT REMOTE VILLAGE.

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Kirk and Kathy Hickok — They share the following report: “ I have to say, HERE WE GROW AGAIN! Our key man in the ministry Agenor de Almeida is back with us and has taken over the pastorate in Barrinha. He and Kirk have always had a burden for Pradopolis, a city of about 15,000 people, that is almost an hour away from us. Over a year ago we took a good group of our church folks over there to hand out tracts and the people were very receptive. Agenor has been going over there and doing a lot of visiting and has a small group of people who are very interested in having him come over to teach them the Bible. There is no Baptist church of any kind in the city. The Lord opened the doors, and we have rented a storefront in the city and we hope to start meetings in April. Our days will be spent between Barrinha and Pradipolis. Please pray for this new opportunity to bring the Gospel to another city. As the Lord opens doors, our next step will be to seek out land for a permanent church.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, SANTA ANA, Cesar and Christine Cerna — They give the following report: “In our last letter, we informed you that we recently moved to a new location for church services. Initially, we were concerned with how some of the new members would be able to get to the new location. With the transition, we had to change our van route to bring some of our elderly members (who live close to the old location) to church. So, those who were accustomed to being brought to church were asked to find another way to come. By God’s grace, the transition to our new location has been smoother than we had anticipated. Those who were faithful in riding the van to church also have been faithful in coming to church on their own. In fact, in one case, God gave one of the members a car to bring a family to church! Since the transition, we are seeing more couples faithfully involving themselves in church. One has been faithful for some years now. He frequently goes soul winning with us and is even starting to preach at church. We had been praying for his wife to rededicate her life to Christ. By God’s grace, He has answered our prayers. She has been coming to church often and she is getting involved in serving. She is now part of the ladies Bible Study group that Christine is leading. Also, a couple has been coming to church for years. For quite some time now, we have tried to motivate them to get more involved, but to no avail. However, now that we are in a new location, they have both shown servants’ hearts that we would not have expected. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

April 2018

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, Danny and Janice Flowers — They share the following report: “We met two Nigerian refugees at a funeral in January. They have been in our area for several months and are awaiting word from French authorities on their request for asylum. Both are working hard to adjust to life in France, especially to the language. They were pleased to find out that we are Americans because they speak English. These young men showed immediate interest in attending one of our services and came the very next Sunday. After several one-on-one Bible studies, each prayed to trust Christ. This was the first time I have led someone to the Lord in English here at our church in Charleville. Praise God that the Gospel message is effective in every language! We are currently discipling them and praying for God’s will in their lives.”

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, TEMA, Fredrick and Antoinette Kearney — They share the following report and list of prayer needs: “This year marks the 10th anniversary of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Tema. Our people are excited, committed, and encouraged to serve and start new works. They have come to know Jesus for themselves and have chosen His path for their lives. They have started a Bible club in Ashiaman — Community 22 area. They will also start another one in the Zenu — Zone 2 community after Easter with the hope of it becoming a new church plant. They remember when they were young people in our first Bible club and are now starting, leading, and teaching in Bible studies, Bible clubs and church plants of their own. To God be the Glory! Your faithfulness in prayers and generous giving has wrought this great work of the Lord!

• Pray for a new believer’s spiritual growth.
• Pray that during the rainy season it will not affect our church service times, Bible institute, Bible clubs, and other ministries since we will be meeting under tents.
• Pray for a successful medical outreach to two men.
• Pray for a man to get back right with the Lord.
• Pray for a 15-year-old to grow in the Lord as we disciple him.
• Pray for the successful registration of our literacy program.

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Dan and Becky Bennett — They share the following report: “This past Monday, a deaf lady contacted Becky on Facebook Messenger. She lives in the city of Rio Branco in the state of Acre in northern Brazil, about 30 miles from the northern border of Bolivia. She told Becky that she was watching the preaching that we show via Facebook Live. She is enjoying the preaching, and we are presently trying to find a good church there with a deaf ministry. Independent Baptist churches with any type of ministry to the deaf in Brazil are few and far between! Rio Branco in Acre is about 2,200 miles from our church, but we are able to use social media and modern technology to preach the Gospel in her home. She said that she wants to read and study the Bible so she can learn more about God. Please pray for her salvation.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, WATERFRONT KONEDOBU, Sam and Mary Beth Snyder — They share the following report: “Sam preaches in Pidgin at least once a week and helps with youth meetings. He also leads the Pidgin Reading Club every Wednesday while Sarah Glover is on furlough. We continue to disciple a young family in our church. We have been sharing some child training videos with Pastor Ben, and we were delighted that on his own he taught a series on that topic in church. Mary Beth helps with Pastor Ben’s wife with Sunday school and enjoys leading choir practices after church on Sunday afternoon.

The Lord has also helped Mary Beth and our national clinic worker deliver a few babies. One mother came in labor with her baby not lined up properly, and after delivering the breech baby, Mary Beth worked with the baby for several minutes before the baby started breathing. She is so thankful for the Lord’s help that night and the many times He has shown Himself strong. In these situations, we learn to rely fully on the Lord. Please continue to pray for the clinic ministry and the nurse. Mary Beth only works on Tuesdays in the prenatal clinic and helps with occasional emergencies.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following: “As I have mentioned before, we are planting a new church here in Saint-Quentin. At present, we are meeting at the community hall and library. It is a blessing to use these facilities to preach and teach God’s Word. It is a joy to see the Lord work in the lives of those who come regularly and see to Him touch the hearts of visitors. People are curious as to what we believe, as there has never been another church here other than the Catholic Church. Please pray that the Lord will touch hearts for salvation in this needy area. Tradition and religion have blinded the eyes of people for many years and only Christ can change hearts and save souls. We are praying for the salvation of many people we know personally and we continue to distribute Gospel tracts and reach out through His Word.”

ARM PERSONNEL, TENNESSEE, KINGSPORT, Gailen and Margie Abbett — They share the following report: “Since our last letter to you, Margie and I have received some emails from a faithful, dedicated missionary/pastor serving with the native Canadians up in Québec, Canada. He needs to be gone close to five weeks from his ministry, and he has asked us if we could take care of his work for him while he is gone….We did not say ‘Yes’ right away, wanting to have peace for ourselves and peace about the care my mother would receive while we were gone. God opened the door to a local home that will take good care of Mom on a temporary care basis, making our trip together possible.

So the first week of April, we will be making the 3–4 day drive to Malartic, Québec, Canada, several hours north of Ottawa, the Canadian capital. To put it in perspective, this is a 2-day drive from Havre-Saint-Pierre, where we served in a national church for a month about two years ago. This work in Malartic is mainly a work among the native Canadians, which will mean that we will have much to learn in very little time to know how to effectively help these precious people. I will be in charge of all church services, while Margie will have a children’s class to teach as well as any meetings with the women. Hopefully, I will be allowed to keep up the pastor’s weekly visits to a local jail. As always in a situation like this, our goal is to allow the Lord to use us to be a true help and blessing to the people we find there, to see fruit come from our labors, and to leave the work in good spiritual shape for the pastor as he returns to pick up where he left off. We expect to be home just before May 20. I cannot express enough how much we count on you, our friends, for your prayers that we know we will need so much in all of this.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKA, Dan and Terri Gardner — They share the following report: “At Shinko Baptist Church we have been having a Saturday church service for children who cannot come on Sunday. We are excited about those who have come and are praying that attendance will increase gradually. There are five young people going to camp. Please pray for two of them that they will put their trust in Christ for salvation. One has made a profession of faith but she needs assurance of salvation.

One of the men who has been coming to church recently has surrendered to be baptized. Please pray for him as he stands strong for God. Pray that God will continue to help him to be faithful.

• April 14 Tomodachi (toe moe dah chee) Time is when we invite many kids to come to hear a Gospel message, to make a craft, to play games, and to eat lunch.
• We have a new church plant going up in Nago (nah go). Our son, Don Jr., will be starting this work in the fall. We are presently working on the building construction.
• Pray that we will see more people saved and surrender to God.
• Pray that the hearts of the Japanese people would be softened so they would listen to the message of Christ.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, PANAMA, Brent and Jennifer Hoffman — They share the following: “February was Carnival month. For those of you who do not know, Carnival is a more wicked version of Mardi Gras here. It goes on for several days and with nothing but drinking and debauchery, starting at 11 in the morning and going until 5 the next morning. They then collapse for a few hours before they spend another day partying. I did not go out at night, as I heard how wicked it was, but I went out one day and I was surprised to find that entire families were showing up to ‘party’ complete with little kids and everything. I passed out some tracts but did not stay long as it was not something that I really wanted to spend a whole lot of time near. Then a couple days later, the people of the city walked a ‘pilgrimage’ to a basilica in another town to make up for these sins. The route happened to be one street away from our house. Therefore, I grabbed every tract we had in the house, about 500, and took the two oldest kids and passed them out to everyone we could. Please pray that some fruit will take hold….Thank you for all of your prayers and support; it has been an adjustment to move to Panama. We are in the process of figuring out exactly where in the country God would have us start a work. In the meantime, we are working in a church here, just learning the ropes.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, Nate and Hannah Saint — They share the following: “On January 7 we held the first services of Mision Biblico Bautista la Verdad in our home. We have services at 11:00 AM and 6:30 PM. We averaged 10 people per service, but we have been especially glad to see a woman and some of her daughters attend almost faithfully, as well as another and her adult son. Both have shared their testimonies of salvation but lack a solid foundation in the truths of God’s Word. We continue to pray for the salvation of a woman, her husband, and their daughters.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for A. and his family, R. and her family, H., N., and E.
• Pray for a new location. One is available and is ideal with as many as 33,000 people living within a mile radius of the property in mind.

CARIBBEAN, PUERTO RICO, AGUADILLA, Steve and Ann Buchanan — They share the following: “We come to you with thankful hearts for all the prayers and giving during these days of recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. We are glad to report that after two months we now have electricity and water! However, I ask you to please continue to pray for Puerto Rico, as there are 400,000 people, mainly in the mountains, who still have no electricity and only have water—sometimes.

We have finally finished with the land cleanup from the hurricanes. FEMA came and took away some of the debris. Thanks to the donations given to help us, I was able to hire a front-end loader, a dump truck, and a man with a chain saw to finish the cleanup. We were excited to have two first time visitors with us and we are asking God to give them direction. I hope that they will become a part of our congregation.

Please continue to pray as we and our people reach out to the lost here in Puerto Rico. Pray that we will be guided by the Holy Spirit and that He will go before us and prepare the hearts of the lost that He wants us to reach with the Gospel.”

FAR NORTH, CANADA, ORLEANS, Jeff and Kim Smith — They give the following report: “Our church had its Grand Opening Service in its new building on March 4. This was a very special day with many visitors and a clear Gospel message presented. One person made a profession of faith in the morning service! It has been very rewarding to be a part of the ministry team at CBC during this chapter in the church’s history. We praise God for His leading . . . and for your prayers and support to put us here for this time.

• Permanent residency status progress
• Ministry responsibilities and opportunities: visitation, transportation for services, church construction, preaching/teaching, and choir”

CLAIM MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH, Rebecca Pope, RN — She shares the following: “The first couple of months this year have started out much busier than normal! So far, I have been to the Philippines, Peru, California, and Arizona, and this week I head for Nicaragua.

Just a few days into the new year and we embarked on our first mission, going to Lagro, Philippines, to work with a new church plant. This missionary family with whom we worked had taken their first mission trip six years prior when they went with Medical Missions Outreach to Kenya. According to Missionary Calvin Houser, it was during that trip that the Lord confirmed a calling to missions, and now he and his family are serving in this suburb of Manila.

If your church or place of business would be interested in collecting used prescription eyeglasses, reading and sunglasses, please feel free to contact MMO or me directly. My email address is or you can call the MMO office at 410-391-7000. It is just one more way you can be involved in missions!”

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, TUCUMAN, SAN MIGUEL, Larry and Ruth Owens — They share the following report: “We just finished summer camp, and do not forget, it is summer here! This past week, two buses filled with teens went about three hours up in the mountains to a town called Mollar. They had preaching during the day and at night. Missionary Ferrari preached, and the Lord really blessed with nine decisions for salvation. Five dedicated themselves to the ministry and a lot of others who rededicated their lives to the Lord. We praise Him for all these blessings.

We really have a desire to start more churches in Argentina. The Lord has laid on my heart to start a church in the city of Monteros, Tucuman, a city of 60,000 without a fundamental Baptist church. We are in the process of renting a building for about $350 per month. We will be purchasing chairs and other needed items to start the work.”

CLAIM, TENNESSEE, CHATTANOOGA, Carl and Glenda Vonnoh — They share the following about their unique ministry: “The summary report for the Christian Laymen Assisting International Missionaries (CLAIM) ministry for 2017 is 23 mission projects and 5,183 professions of faith. Many missionaries and nationals were blessed and encouraged through our hard-working and dedicated mission teams.

Please continue praying and consider helping with the following upcoming projects including Antigua, West Indies, Dominican Republic, Dublin, Ireland; Germany; Honduras; Pacific Baptist Church in California; Unalakleet, Alaska, and others. For more information on these and other projects please contact me at 423-313-5391.”


Brazil, Steve and Yvette Huestis — Steve and Yvette Huestis are requesting prayer for Yvette. After arriving back in Brazil from taking care of her mother in the States, Yvette began experiencing numbness in her arm, followed by face drooping. She began passing out. Yvette was rushed to the hospital an hour away. The doctors were able to bring everything under control but found a brain tumor. She will be operated on as soon as possible and the doctors feel it is in a place where they can operate safely (on top of her head).

Please be in prayer for Yvette and her husband, Steve, during this time of uncertainty.

February 2018

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, Danny and Janice Flowers — They share the following report: "Our church village ministry around Charleville-Mezieres continues to move forward in spite of the winter weather. In the past months we have covered 12 villages. Yvernaumont, for example, is a speck on the map with 137 locals while Francheville (pop. 10,000) is more of a town than a true village. Regardless, each home received a tract as well as an invitation to our church. This spring will bring better weather and many more opportunities. Thank you to those who sent funds for the printing of necessary materials. We are confident God will bless your investment.

In December we had 10 guests come for our special Christmas service. For most of them, it was the first time they had heard the Gospel. It is an important first step, but we do not want it to end there. Please pray for these friends, all of them connections through basketball, that God will work on their hearts and draw them to Himself.

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM AM RHEIN, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following report: "Both our December 3 Christmas party and Christ’s birth celebration on December 24 were blessed of our Lord. Even though some of our regular people were away for the holidays, the Lord gave a full house in both services. Especially meaningful at Christ’s birth celebration was the reading of the entire Christmas story from God’s Word by different people. The sermon about receiving or rejected Christ, illustrated through the people in the Christmas story, spoke to many. Worshipping the Lord by bringing their personal gifts to the Lord and placing them in the manger that was placed in front of our sanctuary for their purpose was the climax of the service.

We are thankful that our New Year started with new determination and motivation. Already we had blessed services! The development in our church is that we have a new group of medical students attending Sundays as well as Wednesdays. One of the students is from Ethiopia and has started a little interesting research to find out if the eunuch of Ethiopia, whom Philip baptized, had perhaps started the first Christian church in Ethiopia. We do thank the Lord for His blessings and victories."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, WATERFRONT, KONEDOBU, Sam and Mary Beth Snyder — They share the following report: "We are excited to report many good things that have happened since our last prayer letter. After Sam preached during an evening service, a girl approached us to discuss salvation. I (Mary Beth) was happy to lead someone to the Lord for the first time in Pidgin. Sam is preaching through the book of John, and last Sunday he preached the entire sermon in Pidgin! Thank you very much for your prayers.

Additionally, Kotidanga Baptist recently held its first youth camp. That week, 17 made professions of faith and other decisions were made for Christ. One young man, who was helping cook food for the camp, was crying loudly at the end of one service, so Sam approached him. Sam and Pastor Ben talked with him a long time to make sure he understood the Gospel in his heart language. He said he had never understood before but that now he places his trust in Christ for salvation.

USA, TRENTON, GEORGIA, ARM PERSONNEL, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire — They give the following: "I am writing to give praise to the Lord and to ask for your special prayers during this first quarter of 2018. The confirmation came through that I have been included as part of a team that will be returning to Papua New Guinea to complete Phase 1 of the PNG Bible Distribution. I left on January 30 and will be staying until this project is completed, Lord willing.

Phase 1 is to get into every high school, secondary school, and vocational school in the entire country with a testimony and a copy of God’s Word for every student and teacher. Even some of the universities have been eager for their students to receive a Bible. Their summer school break will be ending soon, and we are looking forward to the challenge before us. All the Bibles needed for this first phase are already in the country now, so we will be able to hit the ground running (metaphorically speaking).

This will be our most expensive venture for the Lord, but we know God will provide. If God should lay us or this PNG Bible Distribution on your heart, would you consider helping? Thank you to every one who remains faithful with your prayers and support each month."

USA MILITARY MINISTRIES, GERMANY, SPANGDAHLEM, Phillip and Karen Pilalas — They give the following report: "We started Patch Club earlier in the fall and it has boosted our Wednesday evening Bible Study attendance to the 40s. Every six weeks the two different age groups do a little performance for the morning service and our people love it. Through this ministry we are teaching our kids to be faithful and to serve God. What great lessons to learn early in life! A little girl from a faithful family went home and told her mom that during the club meeting, she realized that she needed to be saved and wanted to take care of that right away. Praise God!

We had baptismal services in November and December with two new converts being obedient to the Lord. We have had others saved and are praying for their step of obedience as well."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, NAGUA, Chad and Cynthia Pape — They share the following: "It has taken us several months of house hunting and a few miracles along the way, but we have finally arrived in the town of Nagua. The move here was incredible. Because we had to move our things and the Polancos’ things together, we had to get a 40’ truck. The neighborhood where we live has narrow roads and low lying power lines. We had to use brooms and sticks to lift each cable high enough for the truck to pass through. Even then, we could still only get within a few hundred yards of the house. It took nine trips with three vehicles from the truck to the house in order to unload everything. Finally, at 8:00 PM we unloaded the last few things and spent the next hour and a half getting the truck back out to the main road. We are so thankful for Brother Ben Jordan in Santo Domingo who brought a group to help us pack the truck and Brother Erik Johnson in San Francisco de Macoris who brought a group to help unpack. We could not have done it without them! We also want to thank our home church Woodlawn Baptist Church and Pastor Tyson for helping us with the moving expenses, which were far more than we had anticipated.

Jeff and I have started looking for places to hold services. We are asking the Lord to lead us in this. We would like to be in a visible location, but not pay too much for it. We are all ‘chomping at the bits’ to get started, but need the Lord to open the right door. Please continue to pray the Lord will give us just the right meeting place."

MEXICO, MORELIA, Ron and Jeannie Goodman — They share the following report: "We changed our church location in the early part of the year. The Lord has given us wonderful opportunities to reach people in this area. Many have visited, and there are five families who are coming regularly to our church from the neighborhood. Two were coming before our move, but three of those families are new just since the move. I would like to tell you about one of those families.

When this family visited, they told me that they had already accepted the Lord. We began to get to know them and were able to start a discipleship course with them. It was not long at all before I realized that they did not understand biblical salvation and that they were trusting in their works to get to heaven. They now understand and have accepted Christ and His finished work for their salvation. They have now followed the Lord in believer´s baptism and are faithful to all of our weekly services. What a blessing!"

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, METAPAN, Kyle and Jodie Charters — They share the following: "God has given us some very unique opportunities to share the Gospel. Kaleb has been attending an all English-speaking private school this past year. Kaleb led his best friend to Christ back in August. For Thanksgiving we invited some of his classmates over along with their parents. We were able to have a very long and productive conversation about Catholicism and Christianity. Although they did not make any decisions, they are very open and have invited us to their home.

We are very excited about our newly remodeled Children’s church and Sunday school class. It is not just a new design or fresh coat of paint, but most importantly the initiative came from the young lady now in charge of the children’s church ministry. It is another step in the right direction of having an ‘indigenous’ church that is run and led by her own members and their own vision." Please pray for her and the ministry the Lord has given her.

SOUTH AFRICA, HILLCREST, Jeff and Robbin Demarest — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We praise the Lord that we are back in South Africa doing what God has called us to do! The year 2017 was filled with several trips outside of South Africa to finalize our 5-year work permits.... I was able to give a 28-year-old man from Malawi a ride to town and invited him to church. He came the next three Sundays, heard the Gospel, and accepted Christ on visitation. Pray for him as we have started discipleship classes, and pray for him to find a permanent job. Robin and I . . . are privileged to be on the receiving end of your prayers and financial support through 2017. We want to say thank you to all who pray and give. Your love was shown when it was needed most."

WESTERN EUROPE, SCOTLAND, ABERDEENSHIRE, INVERURIE, OLDMELDRUM, Rick and Sarah Demastus — They share the following: "Last January we were at 70% support with almost 100 meetings left. We purchased our plane tickets in February and trusted God to get us to Scotland by the end of August. HE DID! We kept busy traveling through our last year of deputation. We made many new friends in the process!

It was scary arriving in a foreign country, but God had friends waiting for us to help and guide us through the acclimating process. We managed to get all the items needed for our house and even a trust-worthy vehicle. We have even had the opportunity to see souls saved! Since arriving here, we have been involved in the Care Home ministry, helped in the updating of the church (painting/decorating), started a music program, gone soul winning in the community, and taken part in fellowship meetings. We look forward to seeing God work though us in 2018!"

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, WAKISO, Dan and Amie Dwire — They share the following praises and prayer needs: "It is hard to believe that we have been in Wakiso for a year! Much has happened, including settling into a new home and community and teaching in East Africa Baptist College. We had hoped to serve our fellow missionaries in our home and God has allowed us to host 78 different overnight guests in our home for a total of 100 nights. Our big highlight of the year was the start of Faith Baptist Church! We had new visitors all but one week since our first day and have enjoyed getting to know the group of believers God is assembling. Four are currently in discipleship lessons and two have been baptized. It has been a blessing to see our children participate in various aspects of ministry such as assisting Amie and the Children’s church, folding the bulletins, welcoming visitors, passing out tracts, and helping to clean and prepare the auditorium for services each week. New Year’s Eve brought 14 (plus our family) to our home to thank God for His blessings in 2017....

• His faithfulness to direct and to provide for His work here in Uganda.
• The two men who were baptized last month at Faith Baptist Church.

• Our ministry partners, the Tony Applegate family, during their furlough.
• The start of the new semester at East Africa Baptist College in February."

BRAZIL, Leland and Naomi Johnson — They share the following report: "I had the opportunity to take part in an evangelistic campaign on the opposite side of the country. A Mexican missionary, who is starting a work in a Portuguese-speaking border town, needed workers who spoke Portuguese to come and help Him do a 3-day evangelistic meeting. Each day we went door knocking and inviting people to come to the nightly services, and each night there were three preachers. It was a difficult but rewarding trip as each day the temperature was in the mid-90s during the day, and rain and thunderstorms were a constant problem. In the evenings we were able to average over 100 people, despite bugs descending by the thousands upon the area that tried to interrupt God’s work. During the door knocking time, God allowed me to personally lead three people to Christ, and we had many people saved in the services each night.

We are excited about 2018! We are taking every opportunity we can to better our Portuguese as we are looking forward to getting a new work started this year. Naomi will be getting even more involved with teaching children and the ladies’ groups, and I will continue preaching and will be teaching some classes in the seminary. Please be in prayer for my preparation to teach in the seminary next month. I will be teaching each night for two weeks for over 2½ hours each night."

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, Rob and Angela Willoughby — They share the following: "Something new in our weekly worship services began January 7. We combined our weekly Phiibikool (Bible school) with Sunday school. We now have a fun time of learning Bible verses, singing songs and earning points (our favorite things from Phiibikool) at 10:30 am just before our service starts. All ages will meet together for the song service, and then small children will be dismissed for Sunday school with Angela, while the older children and adults will stay for the main message. When our service is over, then the older children work on a Sunday school craft while the adults enjoy some coffee and the little children play. We actually have already been doing it this way without the 10:30 part for the older children.

Another opportunity for the new year is the possibility of starting a door-to-door visitation program with some interested Estonian Christians. Though, we will have to adjust our approach to door-to-door calling to the Estonian context. I have been deeply inspired to makes this a reality in 2018."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, OKINAWA, OKINAWA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the follow report: "The LORD gave me the privilege of winning to CHRIST, K., R., and D. They were visiting families during the birth of their grandson. They spent their Christmas here and got baptized in Maranatha Baptist Church, Okinawa, before they went back to the States. I led L. and N. to CHRIST. They are sisters from the Philippines. I led to CHRIST M. and M. during visitation with Brother Al. I led K. to CHRIST while he visited me. The LORD saved J., C., R., and A. after church Sunday and Wednesday services altar call. Maranatha Baptist Academy teacher Mr. K. led Y. and H. to CHRIST. Another one of our teachers led C. to CHRIST. Deacon Brother S. led D. to CHRIST after the Wednesday evening service. Elvie led two teachers from another private school and a teen visitor to CHRIST during the Sunday service altar calls. Deacon Brother G. led C. to CHRIST after the Christmas message for the Singles ministry. Elvie led an English-speaking Japanese lady visitor. Please pray for their follow up and discipleship. We praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST for all the souls HE saved and 11 baptized in Maranatha Baptist Church Okinawa between October through December 2017."

January 2018

SOUTH AMERICA, ECUADOR, Raymond and Anita Bradley — They share the following report: "My wife and I often pray for our loved ones who are not saved ever since the Lord found us…. As we visited Independent Baptist Church in Clinton, Maryland, some Peruvian cousins, who live in the Philadelphia area, came to see us, and the Lord gave us the joy of bringing three of them to Jesus. Thank God for His mercy! He brought us all the way from Ecuador to seek them and for the Lord to save them.

Please continue to pray for the different ministries in Ecuador and for our missionaries. It is a blessing to watch them rejoice in the Lord as they serve Him with sweet attitudes and hard work with the deaf and hearing people…. They are our joy and crown (Philippians 4:1). SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross — He shares the following report and prayer needs: "Bible Baptist Church put together a Christmas play designed to explain the true meaning of Christmas. We were allowed in three schools this year and one children’s home, ranging from 40 to 170 students. Praise the Lord for opportunities like this to present the Gospel to so many students at one time! Most have very little idea of why we celebrate Christmas. We also held a men’s outing this month. I was able to take six young men to a nearby mountain for a one-night stay. We had a good time of prayer and fellowship. One of the young men is not a Christian.

• Salvation of P, P, M, S
• Learning language & culture
• H’s father & family to get saved
• Churches in Thailand
• Seed to take roots in hearts"

SOUTH AFRICA, DIAMOND, The Branch Family — They share the following along with prayer needs: "We have just spent our 2nd Christmas in South Africa, and it was a blessed one…. Our emphasis on reading the Bible resulted in the people of the church reading over 4,000 Bible chapters together in three months. Missions Emphasis month was also greatly blessed of God as the church has been led of the Lord to take on our very first missionary! We will begin supporting a young man who has just graduated from Bible Baptist College for the Deaf in Johannesburg under the direction of missionary Chris Radebaugh. He will be going to the country of Zimbabwe to plant churches among the Deaf there. We had the joy of experiencing our very first wedding—E and M, who had been living together for over ten years, began coming to the church in February. M had just been saved and E was not sure of his salvation. He has since made a profession of faith in the Lord as they began attending faithfully and growing in the Lord. What a joy to see them take their great step of obedience and commitment to the Lord and to each other!

In addition to all of this, we saw two precious souls saved, the teenage son of E (mentioned above) and a young man who came to church with two of our Bible institute students. Praise the Lord for 17 souls saved this year, not including all the children and young adults who prayed to trust Christ during our children’s outreaches!

PRAY for Truth Baptist Church as we move closer to chartering the church in the coming year.
PRAY for the school ministries as we get started back with Bible studies and assemblies in January.
PRAY for the young men in the BIBLE INSTITUTE as they begin their second year of training in January."

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, Bob and Sabrina Dayton — They share the following: "Most of our ministry has been with the Spanish people. God has led us to branch out to the Mesquite Indian people. Over the last 10 years, God has helped us start many churches in the small towns. Now, with your prayers, we are reaching out to the areas in the jungle and along the rivers. The need is great and many are being saved.

We need a Bible institute just for training the Mesquite Indians. There will be a need of buildings and funds to reach them.

They can be reached for Christ if we go with broken hearts. Help us with prayer and join with us in this ministry. Over the past 10 years you have helped us build 10 churches in the Mesquite territory. I believe God has great things in store for us."

EUROPE, GERMANY/AUSTRIA, Todd and Kimberly Lapato — They give the following report: "On October 29 we held our first service in our new church meeting place. We spent the whole summer renovating the place. We tore down walls, built new ones, painted, replaced flooring, and installed doors and carpet. We are so thankful for all the churches that have financially supported these renovations. We have already held several events in the new place, and our whole church is thrilled about the space! On December 10, we held our first nursing home outreach. The children performed a Christmas play, Bob Radank shared the true meaning of Christmas, and our church family sang and passed out church calendars to the residents. The staff was so impressed; we were given permission to come back for Easter. What a blessing!

Several regular church people will be going through a baptism course. Simply put—God is incredibly blessing our church. New members, excited Christians, and steady visitors all mean more opportunities to share Christ! Please pray that our people learn and grow! In the spring of 2018, we will host a BBQ/Basketball outreach in conjunction with a missionary near Lake Constance (German/Austrian border). We did a smaller version of this earlier in the year with moderate attendance and would like to expand. Please pray for wisdom on how to proceed.

Our own annual BBQ Fest has become an anticipated event in our community (after only two years) in that we have been invited to the city planning meeting for festivals in our town—amazing! We praise God for opportunities to share the Gospel in our community."

MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Josue and Rebekah Ortiz — They share the following: "September was marked by a deadly earthquake that took the lives of hundreds of people…. Just about five minutes from our neighborhood, a school collapsed with dozens of children trapped inside. Twenty-one children died in that building. However, in the midst of the pain and confusion, the Gospel triumphs and is victorious. Many of you sent resources that were used to help, aid, and reach people with the Gospel. We have a family that is coming regularly because of that outreach and is currently in discipleship. Continue to pray for those who are still in need and pray that we can be a house of refuge for those who are hurting.

October was a great month. We were able to connect with several ladies whose husbands are not interested in church as of right now but who are seeking the truth in a world that is filled with confusion. Rebekah was able to start a discipleship class with four of them, but recently two more ladies have started to come. These are ladies who have never been to a healthy church or have never been to a church at all. We praise the Lord for this privilege and want to be faithful stewards of God’s sheep.

November has been a great month. We were able to sign a contract to use a parking lot that is just a few feet away from our building. With more and more cars, we are needing more parking availability. We are thankful for the space and praying to see what God has for our church in the near future.

Friends, in the last few months, we have seen a constant growth in our church. We are having almost 100 people every Sunday morning. Discipleship classes are very well attended. We will need to buy more chairs soon to reach the maximum capacity of our auditorium with 135 chairs. However, we are running out of space!

Please pray that this space becomes available very soon. We are having to pack kids in one classroom and have the older kids on the patio. We are excited, though, to have this problem. God is most surely blessing the preaching of His Word."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Jeff and Pamela Polanco — They share the following: "On the last Sunday of the month of November, we visited a church started by a national pastor, and missionary Chad Pepe had the opportunity to preach that night. He presented the desire of both of our families to go to the city of Nagua. During the service we met a brother, a native of Nagua, who expressed his desire for someone to go and reach his people. He stated that like Paul did in Romans, he had a great desire for his people to be saved. So this brother told us that he has a sister who is a leader in the town and that he was at our service to help us with whatever we needed. Each day the Lord confirms to us in one way or another that his new church plant in Nagua is His will at his moment for us, and it fills us with joy, although things go a little slower than what we anticipated. We know that God, the one who sent us, is orchestrating every little detail and that in His time we will see this work begin."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — Russell gives the following serious prayer need: "This evening the doctor informed us that the MRI discovered many spots of metastasized cancer on my neck and spine. This finding has totally shocked all the doctors involved. Tomorrow I will have a Cat Scan to try to locate the main tumor. The doctor said that it is certain chemotherapy will be a future treatment.

After the colonoscopy today to pinpoint the cause of the bleeding (that caused my collapse Friday), it was determined the blood loss was due to hemorrhoids. It had nothing to do with what they thought they were looking for, nothing to do with the cancer but everything to do with God’s guiding hand.

While I was lying in the MRI machine (trying not to freak out), I thought to myself, ‘I never imagined I’d be in here today.’ But God knew it all along and He provided us Dr. Fu. She is very sweet and her aggressive fact finding made a way for me to have the MRI today. Please pray that they can find and pinpoint the type of cancer we are dealing with. Please pray for Lisa, Adrianna, Erin, Austin, and Tyler. This news is very painful for them. God is able! With God all things are possible!


USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield — They give the following report: "Please be in prayer for our neighbors. We have become quite good friends, and they are the best neighbors a person could ask for! They are about our age, but though she believes there is a God, he is a self-proclaimed ‘pagan.’ Oddly enough, he was raised on the mission field by a Methodist family! He told me I was the ‘first real’ Christian he had ever met … and we live in the Bible Belt! We are treading carefully and make no bones about our beliefs. Please pray that the Lord will use us to bring these people to a saving knowledge of the Lord.

ALSO, please be in prayer for a 29-year-old mother of two who is a member and actively involved in our church. The doctors found a tumor the size of a softball attached to her lung. They confirmed it is an aggressive cancer and she went for surgery today to have it removed."

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, STUTTGART, Joseph and Laura Passaro — They share the following report: "Another year is in the books and the Gospel Light Baptist Church is still moving forward in sowing the seed. Recently, we had a young college student from Stuttgart University visit our services. She spoke of her need to have fellowship with Christians, but since that one visitU, she has not attended. I believe that music would determine her interest, and because we sing hymns she wasn’t so willing to visit again. Please pray that God will bring people that desire God’s Word and music that lifts the soul in an appropriate way."

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, Jon and April Flowers — They share the following report: "In our last prayer letter we asked for prayer for our October missions month. We want to let you know how that went. For our church it was our first time teaching Faith Promise Giving. Our folks are very excited to perform the doing of it (2 Corinthians 8:11). Our small church promised just over $700 (USD) each month. Please pray that those who promised will follow through. Our goal for 2018 is to take on a missionary or two.

Each spring, April and our ladies host a ladies’ tea at our church. We use this as a chance to get visitors in our church. The beginning of November, April and our ladies hosted another tea. It focused on the ‘Seasons of Life.’ They had a good crowd of ladies in attendance with two first time visitors. Please pray for our ladies. Many of their husbands and kids are not saved, yet they are faithful. Pray that we can encourage them."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KASESE, Alisha Stensaas — She gives the following report and prayer needs: "We have added another school to teach in, Rukoki Model Primary School. It has around 500 students and also has a few disabled children enrolled. We are now teaching in five schools and have over 1,600 students every week. What an amazing ministry the Lord has allowed us to be involved in! In my last prayer letter I mentioned we were struggling with a few of the deaf in RAP-CD school. They know very few signs and do not read lips. I was burdened on how we could share the Gospel so they could understand. Dr. David Snyder, the president of BIMI, graciously shared with me a website for such situations. Because of that video, two deaf students were able to understand and asked Christ to save them.

Before saying goodbye to the P7 class and some of the other children at RAP-CD, Sharon and I noticed that many did not even have a simple jacket to keep them warm in the rainy season. So we went shopping for some much needed clothes. It was like Christmas when they saw their new clothes. These kids are in such need of so much spiritually and physically. We are so thankful the Lord allows us this opportunity."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUNEDIN, Bob and Diana Rutta — They share the following: "We have enjoyed seeing several people baptized recently. One of those baptized was a 78-year-old deaf lady. She has attended our church for several months. She has been in church all of her life, with a variety of types of churches, but had never understood the Gospel—and most churches she has been in wouldn’t have even presented the Gospel. She was born at a time when New Zealand didn’t teach sign language to the deaf, so she was limited in vocabulary. Over this entire year another deaf lady in our church has been teaching us all basic sign language on Saturday each month. Our 78-year-old began coming to that class. The teacher got burdened for her and began going to her house twice a week, two hours each visit, to teach her new words in sign language and to explain the Gospel. The light finally broke through recently on a Sunday morning. She came up to me and signed, ‘I am a sinner and I deserve hell. I want to be saved.’ The teacher then led her to the Lord and she wanted me to explain baptism because she had seen me baptize someone earlier. I got to baptize her and a man in the church the following Sunday. Praise the Lord!"

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, TERRYVILLE, David and Annette Townsley — They share the follow report: "‘WANT TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT BEING BAPTIZED,’ D said! She and her daughter have been attending for one year. In that year, they both trusted Christ as Savior and have been learning and growing in the Christian walk. It was a great privilege to baptize them both. We try to make getting baptized very special…. Continue to pray for their spiritual growth and for D’s son’s salvation.

After many delays, we have seen much progress on the radio tower. We were able to secure permission from a neighbor to cut down some trees and tree branches that would block us from raising the radio tower into place. Then we were able to drop these trees. Cutting the branches required renting a lift to get 50 feet above the ground to clear the lane. Then we were able to assemble the ten sections of the radio tower together until it stretched out for one hundred feet! The tower goes right to the corner of the property but stays just inside the property lines! One year after I pulled the building permit for the radio station, the building inspector approved us to raise the tower! Pray that as we coordinate all of the people involved that we will be able soon to broadcast the Gospel from the new tower!

Please pray for:
1. Completion of the new radio ministry station
2. Complete healing for Annette form Lyme’s disease and the herniated discs
3. Church growth through the winter"

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He will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry; when he shall hear it, he will answer thee.

Isaiah 30:19b


I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men: For kings, and for all that are in authority: that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Please pray for President Donald Trump, United States of America.