Prayer Requests

USA, BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, GEORGIA, MCDONOUGH, Bill and Gwen Griffin — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Thank you for praying for Enrichment Week. The week was a great success, and I believe that all who attended had a great time and were blessed. I have heard from a number of missionaries who were there and they have shared how much the week meant to them. Some of them have already returned to their fields of service.

As of think of the fields to which they have returned or will be returning soon, I think of the challenges and sometimes dangers they will be facing. We are living in a dangerous world and even here in the States there are many dangers. Some of our folks are serving in places where Americans are not welcome. Please pray for missionaries wherever they serve that God will bless and protect them.

BRAZIL, GOIANIA, Bethany Thompson — She shares the following: "I praise the Lord for the privilege to talk with a third-grader about her need of salvation. I learned the next day that she accepted Christ that night at home. We are preparing to open enrollment for 2016. The inflation in Brazil is high and economic uncertainty is affecting Christian schools. This year we will be adding fifth grade, and the classrooms in our church building will be in use. Pray for God to send us students and the teachers we need. Please continue praying for wisdom and direction concerning plans for school expansion. We really need the space to grow. We received the construction approval documents from the city. I have met with the engineer, and we are awaiting blueprints and an estimated cost. Please pray for the financial provision for this project."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross — He shares the following report along with special prayer needs: "The Lord opened a door recently with a children's home. It is a small home in the nearby province of Pha Yao that cares for ten teenage boys. I have been able to do some preaching and Bible studies with them as well as host a soccer game. In addition, we were able to give each teen a new complete Thai Bible as they only had New Testament Bibles.

Several of the teens are saved, while others are still unsaved. It is very encouraging to see these young men receiving Bibles and hearing the Gospel. What a blessing to be an ambassador to bring God's Word and the good news of eternal life! I also continue to hold home Bible studies. Many good seeds have been sown. Paul said, 'For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.' Doors are opening but there are many adversaries here in Thailand. SO I thank you much for your prayers as I'm sure they are the best defense against the adversaries here.

Prayer Needs
• Powerful salvation of M. and S.
• Learning language and culture
• H's father to get saved
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take root in hearts"

SOUTHEAST ASIA, KIRIBATI, TARAWA, Joel and Brooke Daku — They share the following: "We recently baptized three teenagers and one junior age girl. We were excited to see these young people baptized. Each has a least one parent who is saved, baptized, and a faithful member of Tarawa Baptist Church. Two of the young people were the last in their families to be saved and baptized. It is exciting to see God at work in the lives of these families. It brings us great joy to know that two entire families are saved and on their way to Heaven. Continue to pray for the families of Tarawa Baptist Church. The devil's attacks are strong and real. Pray that these young Christians will be strong in the Lord as they face trials, temptations, and persecutions from friends and family….Thank you for partnering with us to reach the I-Kiribati people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

EUROPE, UKRAINE, ODESSA, John and Dawn Spillman — They give the following report: "Please continue to pray for the politics of this country. The government is trying to distance itself from Russia's influence, which is opposite of what Russia wants. During our travels, we were informed that flights from Moscow to Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa in Ukraine will be stopped somewhere around October 15. Since we are planning to fly from Moscow in December, I'm not sure where that leaves us but in God's capable and loving hands. I expect there will be other options available for travel when the time comes.

We praise the Lord that we received visas at the beginning of September, though the answer is not exactly as expected. We did receive 3-year multiple entry visas. However, we can be in Russia only 90 out of 180 days. That precludes us from moving there permanently unless we gain residency status at some later date. Nonetheless, there is work to do, and we seek to please and follow the Lord in the tasks He gives us. Please pray for wisdom in helping that church to get back to His ideal and working to fulfill its commission from our Savior. Please pray for the Odessa church to be faithful to the Lord in our absence."

CARIBBEAN, PUERTO RICO, FAJARDA, Jerry and Liz Harmon — They give the following report and prayer needs: "Jerry got to preach in Ponce, a city in the southern part of Puerto Rico, a couple of times. We also brought a group from Tennessee to the same city. We passed out about 1,400 books of Romans and witnessed to about 15 people, two accepting Christ as Savior! Jerry also witnessed to the grandfather of the youth director who led the group. The family didn't know it but he had received Christ two months earlier. This was a relief to his family, several of whom had traveled from New Hampshire to be with him.

Liz continues to teach second grade in Fajarda, and she is a wonderful example to the other teachers and to the administration. She loves the students in her class and they love her back! Ben continues to look for a job. Pray for him. He had several interviews, including a call-back, but he has yet to get a job. I know he gets discouraged, even though he doesn't say much about it. Nathaniel lost his job at Sprint, but he is beginning one as a telemarketer for T-Mobile."

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, Christian and Emma Dogor — They share the following prayer needs: "We applied for a resident immigrant visa 17 years ago but could not meet the requirement, which is visiting the U.S. frequently, due to the field work and my health problems. That visa has expired. The U.S. Embassy here in Accra, Ghana, cannot issue any other visa unless we renounce the resident immigrant visa status. The BIMI office is currently working on that for us. We hope to know the outcome sooner or later. Meanwhile pray for us and BIMI as they work to resolve this issue with the U.S. immigrations."

FAR EAST, MONGOLIA, ULAANBAATAR, Jason and Mary Ritchie — They share the following report and prayer requests: "There's a difference you know." Zach and I were talking with U. after church one Sunday. 'Coming to church to spend time with the children of God is not the same as being a child of God yourself,' I explained. 'God will receive you, forgive you, and make you His child if you come by faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.'

She had been attending our church while we were in the States. Her past is one of hardships and low living. Our dear friends and partners in the ministry, Zach and Amanda Whitener, had laid a good foundation with Bible preaching and teaching while we were gone. That afternoon, as we reason of 'righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come,' U. came to the knowledge of the truth. Her prayer was one of the most heartfelt I have ever heard, and through many tears she poured out her soul to God, asking for salvation through Christ. Since that time she had been faithful to church and discipleship sessions. Please pray for her."

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, WATERBURY, John and Abby Lafreniere — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We praise the Lord for one year of ministry at Fairfield Baptist Church. On September 27 we held our first anniversary service. There were many in attendance, and we had our very first 'pot luck dinner.' Following the dinner we had a touching anniversary service as many thanked God for specific ways that the church had been a blessing to them. The spiritual growth is evident in many of our people as four have completed discipleship and three are currently being discipled. As we enter into our second year, I believe that God has put together a good core of believers who will allow us to be more effective in our community.

During the anniversary service we honored the custodial staff that helps each week. We presented them with a plaque for their exceptional service over the past year. One of the custodians brought his entire family to the services! Please pray that our church will see the salvation of D., M., and J.

We are encouraged by your continued prayers for Abby. Her positive attitude throughout this disease is a result of God answering prayers. As for as her health, we are praising God that over the past few months, her breathing has been sustained at 50%! However, her arms and hands have become so weak that it has become impossible for her to feed herself and at times extremely difficult for her to operate her power wheelchair. Please pray that God would give us wisdom in selecting the best care for her and the funding to secure the care. Elijah is growing up so quickly, he is such a blessing to our family and our church.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!"

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, LEON, Miguel and Leticia Parada — They share the following: "This month of September we have seen the Lord work in the hearts of some young people in a community called Las Chacaras where we have been knocking on doors, sharing the Gospel. Several have already accepted Christ and have been attending our weekly Bible studies. We are completely focused daily to soul winning and discipleship. Please help us pray for these young people that they may continue to grow in the Lord and that we can establish them in the faith.

The Lord has also been good in allowing us to collaborate with other pastors in Managua who have allowed me to preach in their churches. Above all, we are emphasizing missions and soul winning and have already seen fruit. Many churches are now supporting missionaries and some people have been challenged to serve the Lord full-time."

EAST AFRICA, KENYA, Luke and Tonya Shelby — Though on furlough, they share the following: "Please pray for the pastor who is overseeing our church in Rongo. He was attacked and beaten by thugs who broke into his house, which is on the church's compound. They beat him pretty badly, and he had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Please pray for his full recovery and safety.

Three of our orphans lost their grandmother (their closest guardian) this past month. As far as we know, she was not saved, but she was witnessed to and heard the Gospel several times. Please pray for the precious souls in Kenya who are dying without Christ! We will need to do more to help these three children, but we are not exactly sure what will be decided by their distant relatives. Please keep them in your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Tonya's health. There have been a few meetings in which she was not strong enough to travel to due to the continuing issues with her blood deficiencies. This has also caused problems for her in catching several viruses and having a relapse with malaria this past week, which is due to her low or compromised immune system. Please pray for us that her doctors will have wisdom in helping her find the best treatment options possible while we are on furlough this year."

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, ROSCOMMON, Stephen and Katie Finley — They write, "We had a number of first time visitors this month as well as some 'nearly first time' visitors. Most of these are unsaved. A friend of T. has been asking T. questions about salvation; and she wants to sit down soon to talk with me and Katie. Please pray that a weekend job that has been offered to E. V. will not keep her out of church. Also, she has been having strange, debilitating health issues that began about the time she started to attend church in early September. Strangely enough, one of our folks, who is saved but who is in need of biblical baptism, began to come down with severe, unrelenting migraines and anxiety attacks right about the time he began to give to Faith Promise, and he is still being afflicted. The enemy always seems to attack people physically whenever they begin to respond to God's Word. Please pray that the enemy will be bound.

Please pray that a Christian who has been attending with his two girls will soon become a member. He had been biblically baptized and would like to join us. Right now I am preparing to go through our statement of faith with him. Thanks so much for all your prayers and may the Lord richly bless you as you serve Him."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, BANGKOK, Brian and Jamie Cone — They give the following report and prayer needs: "I would like to introduce you to a young lady named P. A pastor from Ohio emailed to inform us of a Thai exchange student who was saved during her time in America and he had hoped to find her a good church in Bangkok. Because Bangkok is so large, I was praying it would be possible to find a church near her. As we Googled her address, as we often do to find any location, we found that she lived in our area. Not only that but also she lives just down the road from Grace Baptist Church. With the help of some of the church members, we were able to make contact with her and she came the very next Sunday! Our family rejoiced and was able to visit with her during the service, lunch, and also on the ride home. She has been faithful to church ever since and has already made friends with other young people in the church. Pray as we minister to her family because, like most families in Thailand, they are all Buddhists. Please keep another very special young lady in your prayers!"

USA MILITARY MINISTRIES, SPAIN, AVIANO, Chris and Lou Anne War — They share the following: "The drastic reduction in our military has placed much more stress on military families. There is no doubt that military folks have to accomplish increased missions around the world with fewer people. This equates into longer and more frequent deployments that separates families. Even while not deployed and at their home station, many work extra hours to complete their missions at home. Lou Anne and I counsel many married couples who are having marital problems because of that stress. Please pray for our military folks, their marriages, and their families. Pray that God would give us wisdom in counseling them and helping them."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They write: "We led a sweet Filipino couple to the Lord last month on door-to-door visitation. The husband attended church once, but the wife seems hesitant toward us now. We aren't sure why. Please pray for them to follow the Lord.

We baptized four adults in September. One was saved in August at our church. Another was saved in the Philippines. S. was saved as a child here in this city but had never been baptized. D. is a college student from Nigeria and was saved as a teen but had never been baptized. These four have been an encouragement to us as they have all been faithful to church and are excited about following the Lord.

Our bus ministry was launched on September 13, and we had 12 riders. Our people were very excited! I had to drive the bus the first two Sundays because R. wasn't able to get a license. One of our other men got his license last week and wants to be a back-up driver. So, he will drive until R. is able to get his license. L. is a young married man in our church, and he is working to get his license, too. He will be a permanent driver once he gets his license. Please pray for these men to get their licenses very soon!"

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Kirk and Kathy Hickok — They share the following: "In July we had our annual bonfire for our area teens and again had Pastor Tim Barrett come to give the challenge. We are holding this event now at the church plant in Barrinha as they have the space in front of the church. Then we had the privilege of having Tim preach for us in the morning service at Sertaozinho. Their family is always a blessing to our church.

In August Kirk was well enough to preach a conference at the third church we started for their 28th anniversary in the city of Pitangueiras. They had a wonderful crowd every night and many people at the altar. We pray the decisions will be lasting and fruitful for our Lord.

In September our first church here in Sertaozinho held their Anniversary Conference celebrating 37 years of existence. Our guest preacher was Pastor Klebar who is pastoring at the newest work in Serra Azul, the church started by the Antioch Ministries. We had over 200 people here. (I am sorry that I don't have a picture of a very crowded church, but my camera batteries decided to die on me.) When we get the four churches together, we have a packed out church, but of course, it is new converts that we long for. We even had some visitors from the distant work in Serra Azul. Many rededications were made at this meeting as well."

WEST AFRICA, IVORY COAST, BINGERVILLE, Kristine McLaughlin, She shares the following report and prayer needs: "Little Villagers — Lots of Fruit You all have been such faithful partners in ministry over the years. It is always a joy to share fruit with you. In June a group of Sunday school teachers came to me with the idea of hosting a special 'Sports Day,' as they called it, for our village kids. They were eager for an opportunity to attract new children to hear the plan of salvation in their village Bible club. It was neat to see how the Lord blessed their efforts as nine 'little villagers' prayed to trust Christ as their Savior on a Saturday in Bregbo!

Would you please pray for an important prayer request? The Ivorian government is set up for presidential elections that occur every five years. The 2010 presidential elections acted as a catalyst that launched the country into a political crisis that ended in over 1,000 deaths. (I was in Ghana at this time.) Please pray that the presidential elections that are scheduled for October 25 would take place peaceably and that the election results would be accepted by the major ethnic groups."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, Danny and Haruna McKittrick — They report the following: "Thank you for praying for Vacation Bible School. We averaged 35-40 kids attending every night. One night, three young people responded during the invitation and placed their trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! Amen, that is why we are here!

Another blessing of VBS was that we were able to make several new contacts with Yokota Air Base families who sent their children to our VBS. Because they visited our church, we were allowed to follow up and visit them on base. We are not allowed to go 'door knocking' or 'house-to-house' while on the base, but we are allowed to visit the homes of folks who have visited our church. We pray that these new contacts might open the door for a bus/van ministry to bring those kids to church.

I am beginning to disciple a single airman named Anthony. He is brand new out of Basic Military Training and has finished his technical training. Yokota Air Base is his first military assignment. One of the single airmen in our church invited him to visit our church, and afterward he said he really loved the passion of the services. Amen right there! Thank you for supporting us so that we can reach young airmen like Anthony before the 'bar-row' and other worldly attractions of Tokyo and military life get the grip on them."

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, COUVA, David and Terri Long — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Four teenagers in our church went to teen camp in August. One of our teens said that the week was the best of his life. He talked to some of the teens in his cabin, prayed with them, and encouraged them. By the end of the week, two of them trusted to Christ. He was really excited about what happened.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for us to have more people saved, for more people to come to our church services, and those coming now will be more faithful.
• Pray for more people who have been saved to be baptized.
• Pray for the children, especially the teens who come to church.
• Pray for us to be able to purchase a van ($8,000 needed).
• Pray for the 'Religious Instruction' class we will be teaching in the local high school starting this month."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin — They share the following: "On June 1 we started our highly anticipated and very necessary renovation project. We praise the Lord that the project has now come to a close. During these past few months the value of the US dollar has skyrocketed. Once again, our God knows exactly what He is doing, and our finances reached much further than expected, allowing us to add another improvement to the project not previously planned. Not only is the interior more spacious and beautiful but also we actually have curb appeal! Several people have stopped by, admiring and wanting to take a peek inside. We have also had visitors as a result. Praise God! Our Lord is worthy of a beautiful temple from which to worship Him.

Prayer Requests
• Dedication service 9/27
• God to call a national pastor
• Bible campaign in October
• Baptism of two
• New Ladies' Bible Study group
• Bible shipment to pass through customs problem free."

USA MINISTRIES, ARIZONA, WINDOW ROCK, NAVAJO PEOPLE, John and April McDaniel — They share the following: "We had a few meetings on the Navajo Reservation. We got to spend time at the Navajo capital of Window Rock, Arizona, where we met the Navajo Nation Vice President, Jonathan Nez. Mr. Nez, who is a Christian, said he would come to our first meeting when we start. We also purchased Rosetta Stone for Navajo called 'Dine Bizaad.'

Needs Our minivan's AC compressor went out when we were in New Mexico. So we have had no air conditioning in our minivan for almost two months now, but the temperature has been cool considering it is the middle of summer. Thank you Lord for the cool weather! I purchased another compressor online for a good price, but we are praying about getting it installed.

We appreciate your prayers and support. We are living by faith, and God is using you to accomplish His will in our lives. We are learning, growing in faith, and preparing for a tremendous work ahead."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, BEENLEIGH, Tim and Bonnie Meyer — They share the following report and prayer needs: "God has continued to open doors for us to start a family ministry using baseball as a means of reaching into the community this summer. We have started a ministry directly out of our church and the response has been encouraging. We anticipate many of the kids I coached last year at the local club participating, and two of the local schools have asked if we would also allow students to participate (which of course we will). So please pray for us, we are looking forward to seeing what God will do through us in Beenleigh.

Please continue to pray for the ministry to the Solomon Islands. In June and July we were over there teaching in the Oceanic Baptist College. We were joined by Robert and Lisa Gunter and a young Aussie lady who were working with the deaf in the Solomons. We also had Valerie Terre-Blanche with us surveying the possibilities of putting together a medical team and ministry later. Her stay with us was primarily survey work, although she was asked to work in two hospitals for several days, one being very remote on the other side of the island of Malaita. It gave us the opportunity to gain some knowledge so that we could better plan our medical ministry. Please pray for us that God would give us wisdom regarding the stewardship of such a ministry….Right now, I have a burden for the training of our Bible college students and perhaps another Bible Project getting Bibles out to the rest of the provinces."

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, TALLINN, Rob and Angela Willoughby — They share the following: "Building our Sunday School: We hope to build our youth/children's ministry this fall. I have been preaching in Estonian on Sundays and teaching in English a mid-week Bible study. I wish we had more people attending, but I am thankful to minister to the few who do come. My relationship with U. and R. has improved, and they have been coming to the Estonian service when they are not working. Praise the Lord! I finally got a call from the young man who was in prison! We were able to meet together and pray together. He is really having a hard time getting on his feet. He has promised to come to our services, but so far has not shown up. Pray for him. R. is one of those Estonians who had a hard time finding time to meet with me during the summer. However, he had been coming rather faithfully to our services. I really hope to continue going through some discipleship material with him this fall….Remember us in prayer as we seek to build our Sunday school and services and as we reach out to new people through our courses."

USA MILITARY MINISTRIES, GERMANY, STUTTGART, Joseph and Laura Passaro — They share the following: "The Lord has led us to a building where Gospel Light Baptist Church will meet for services. God has given us a beautiful building used by a Methodist church, but only sparingly, so because of this we are able to use it for services on Sunday and Wednesday evening. Also, the rent is very reasonable and we are very thankful. Please pray as we will start a flyer distribution, an advertisement in the local newspaper called 'The Citizen' for the soldiers here in Stuttgart, and a soul winning program. Thank you.

Once again our purpose here is to win souls, disciple, and train them to be servants for Christ. Your prayers and support help so much in seeing this new work become a foundation for our military soldiers and families for years to come. Thank you for 'Holding the Rope' while we serve in Stuttgart, Germany.

Prayer Requests: My health, GLBC to see growth through visitors, souls saved, and all the needs that come with starting a new church."

SOUTHEST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUNEDIN, Bob and Diana Rutta — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We are coming to the end of the winter season, ending one of the coldest winters that we have faced and we are thankful to see it gone. The bad weather has affected our church attendances, causing them to be lower than usual. Dunedin is a city of many hills and when they get snow and ice, it isn't safe to be on the roads. Even so, our youth ministry that we started last year continues to see God's blessing. We had our highest attendance in August. The teenagers have been inviting their friends and the friends have been returning. We focus a lot of attention of Bible memorization, and they seem to be loving it.

I would appreciate your prayers for the deacon in our church. Over a year ago he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease. It is slowly taking away his ability to use the muscles of his body. He can no longer speak or eat (he uses a feeding tube)—but he is still always praising God for how great the Lord is. He is faithful to church and his love for the Lord is an example for the younger ones. In my last letter I mentioned a new family that visited our church. They are still faithfully attending, and they have brought their daughter with her husband and children a few times also."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We are pleased to announce that Grace Baptist Church will begin in October. It will be started under the auspices of Open Door Baptist. The pastor and members, along with our family, will be working together to start and establish this new church. We will have an open air evangelistic service as a 'launching pad' to start this new church. Land has already been provided for us to begin. We will soon start a building project. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Since the church will be starting in October, we have already begun survey work and personal evangelism. One Saturday afternoon I was in the street when I came in contact with J. L. He was walking from the store and was extremely frustrated. I began to share the Gospel with him. He gave me his phone number to call him. I called him back the following Saturday. He asked me to come to his house. We talked for almost two hours. That day he got saved. He is excited that Grace Baptist Church will be two blocks from his house.

We are truly grateful for your faithful prayers and financial support. It is an honor for our family to serve our Lord on your behalf."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, QUEBEC, NOTRE DAME-du-PORTAGE, Dan and Jennifer Post — They give the following report: "As I mentioned in our last prayer letter, we have moved an hour away to Riviere-du-Loup in order to be of more help to missionary Maxime Rioux and the church. Brother Rioux passed away on October 4, 2015. We would like to assist this young work through the process of finding a pastor. This will give us more experience in French-speaking Canada. There is much to learn concerning the culture and language. It is an area with strong European influence. We enjoy learning these things because it is an essential part in reaching other nations for Christ.

The Lord has kept the door open for us to be a witness to our friends and neighbors in Edmundston. The Lord has been good to our family in this area. Thank you for your prayers and support."

USA MINISTRIES, TENNESSEE, Grant R. Carter — He shares the following: "I just crossed over into my 89th birthday. The Bible Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, made it possible for me to come down and preach to the students and alumni. I can't drive at my age so my daughter drove me down. I had such a good time. I also stayed over and preached to Mount Zion Baptist Church, the church that hosts the Bible Institute. Brother John Bailes and his wife came down from Chattanooga to represent BIMI.

I still have the radio station and bookstore in Kingston, Tennessee. I am also busy in church. Keep praying for me. At 89 I am close to my eternal home."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEPAL, Cory and April McTague — They share the following exciting experience: "At first I couldn't believe my ears. I looked at my assistant pastor to confirm what I thought S. said. Did he say yes?! I restated the question, 'Are you ready to trust Christ as your Savior today?' For the second time S., a former witchdoctor and a man we have for several years been working with and praying for, was finally ready to trust Christ. I numbly grabbed my Bible and went through a few familiar verses with him. Moments later S. was born into the family of God by faith! I know many of you have prayed for him. A plea for his salvation was on our most recent ministry DVD. By patience, prayer, and the amazing grace of God, this man's life was changed from darkness to light.

A few weeks later he publicly followed the Lord in believer's baptism. Since the time of his salvation, he has faithfully attended discipleship classes. His hunger for God's Word and desire to grow is truly a blessing. He has since changed some things in his family, including singing several songs and leading in prayer with his family every morning and evening. This man has a lot of influence. One younger relative recently called him because his daughter was sick. He called thinking S. was still a witchdoctor and was looking for a solution. S. turned this into a witnessing opportunity. This is one of the numerous open doors to spread the Gospel that God has blessed us with in Nepal.

We are thankful for the generous donations from all of those who gave as a result of the earthquake. It has helped our family in the aftermath of the earthquake. We are thankful that in part, due to your care and generosity, we were able to stay the course in Nepal doing the ministry God has called us to do. It has, by God's grace, resulted in eternal fruit that abounds to your account. He has given much grace, patience, and guidance during this time."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Jason and Cassandra Tate — They give the following report and prayer needs: "Building Projects — One of our biggest needs for the church in Danli is more room! With only two classrooms, we have had to move classes around. We are using the buses as classrooms as well as one of our church member's house! The Lord has provided the funds necessary to begin the construction of a new educational wing that will provide the space the church needs to continue to grow! This project will also house the Bible institute classes and allow for future church pastors, missionaries, and leaders to be trained. Please pray for the Lord to supply the remaining funds to finish this project.

Los Robles — The work there continues to march forward. The work celebrated Day of the Child with over 70 in attendance! Please continue to pray for Brother Pedro Avila and his team as they reach that area of Danli for Christ.

Prayer Requests and Praises
• Praise for seven souls saved in the past two months
• Praise for the start of construction on the Bible Institute
• Praise the Lord for the growth of the works in Ojojona and Los Robles.
• Pray for the finances to finish the construction of the Bible Institute."

BRAZIL, Milton and Sharon Nunes — They give the following report: "We call on you to praise the Lord with us for a number of souls who have recently trusted in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Please, diligently pray for them as we disciple them so that they will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. We will never cease to wonder how it really takes God's own power and grace to save lost sinners. Alleluia!

Continue to pray for the church in Bonfim Paulista. Praise the Lord for many other souls recently saved there and for the way He has faithfully provided for our own people to make the monthly payments on the 12-year loan for us to have the lots we wrote you about not too long ago. Just a couple of weeks ago we baptized in the 'Mother Church' seven precious people as fruits from that work. Alleluia!"

FAR EAST, MONGOLIA, Zack and Amanda Whitener — They share the following report and prayer requests: "Thank you for praying for us as we filled in at the English services for Faith Baptist Church and all the services of Khaan Mountain Baptist Church this past month. Khaan Mountain is a church plant started by our dear friends the Ritchie family. The Lord has blessed and a few weeks ago a lady started coming to the services at Khaan Mountain. She has faithfully attended the services ever since. Well, this past Sunday, she and Brother Ritchie were talking after the services and she wanted to become a child of God. She asked Christ to forgive her and be her Savior. We are so glad to see Christ building this new church. Please pray for her as she grows in grace, and please pray that she maintains a good testimony before her lost family. Another prayer request is for a man who is a friend of ours who was attending the church regularly in the past. He had been going through some hard times recently and it is our desire that God would use his current circumstances to draw him to Christ. He is not yet saved, so please pray for his and his family's salvation."

EUROPE, MOLDOVA, SOROCA, David and Stephanie Gross — They share the following testimony and prayer needs: "During my first trips to Moldova during my years in college, I worked in Eric Chapmans' evangelistic camps. I have often wondered if I would run into campers later on during our ministry here.

A couple of weeks ago, Jacob and I were traveling back to Soroca and picked up a young man who needed a ride. We found out this young man actually lives in our village, not far down the road. While on the way to his house, I started sharing the Gospel with him. He then told me that this sounded very familiar and that he had heard this at a camp almost ten years ago. After talking, we found out that he was at the Chapman's camp the summer I was there. His life right now is far from God but he is open and wants us to talk more. He stopped by yesterday and we talked some more. Please pray for him to repent and become a follower of Christ."

USA ARM PERSONNEL, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire — They share the following report: "Let me share one testimony with you that was a blessing to me and our team. Last Saturday a young couple in their twenties stopped to look at the three door unit just as we began to pack up for the day. As we began to talk with them, they shared their plans to soon be married. When I invited them to the back table to look at God's Word, they said they knew that in order to have a right start in their marriage, they needed to be right with God and could I help? It was such a joy to see them trust in God's Word, pray for forgiveness and salvation, and express faith in the living Christ. We directed them to a good church in their hometown and hope to hear good reports in the future from this fine young couple as the begin their lives with a Christian home.

Our foreign mission relief work is going well also. We have received good reports from our time in Belize. I have received a request for help from a missionary and his church in Aruba for a short time help. I was there August and September helping in that church plant until another missionary can come in October. I anticipate being back in time to spend 10 full days at the big Georgia National Fair, working in the soul winning booth with Amazing Grace Missions again this year. Their booth is always right on the midway, manned from opening to closing each day. At the end of October, we will be making a trip back to England for a short stay. Please join in praying for more doors of opportunity to open wide for 1016. I would really like to get as much of the year booked ahead as possible."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, EL PROGRESSO, Matt and Dallita Goins — They share the following report and prayer needs: "A couple of Sundays ago a new family visited our church. As we greeted each one, we became aware that an older gentleman in the group was deaf, and we were unable to effectively communicate even the most insignificant information, like giving our names, let alone share the Name that is above every name! Every Wednesday, we have an open door to teach the Bible in a local private school. There are at least five deaf students there, receiving bits and pieces of the message by other students writing key words for them to follow along. There is a cross section of our community that must be reached with the Gospel. We are pleased to announce that Marie Lea-Wilson, a proficient interpreter for the deaf as well as a registered nurse, is currently raising support to join our team to help us meet this need."

USA MILITARY, TINIAN, CENTRAL NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS, Roy and Ellen Smith — They share the following report: "We have been filling in for the Workmans who have been missionaries on Tinian for 17 years and have pastored Calvary Baptist Church….We arrived at the start of the typhoon season, but God has seen us through three typhoons and one tropical storm in these few months.

Besides having the regular church services, I started a youth Bible study for the summer on Thursday afternoons with seven in attendance. These young people enjoyed the Bible study on making right choices using the book of Proverbs. Ellen would always provide a nice homemade snack for after the Bible study and would play a few games of dominoes while we had the air conditioner on at church. After the a typhoon I would pick up the young people to bring them back to the Workmans' house to do yard cleanup from storm damage and then reward them by taking them to the store to buy refreshments of their choice. We really appreciate their good working spirit. The church men also volunteer to help put up typhoon shutters."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They write, "Evangelism efforts are now underway in the area where we will begin a new church. We have come across a wide range of religious belief systems. Years ago, the majority of our prospects came from Catholic backgrounds. Now, we are making contact with those involved in an array of eastern religions mixed with Latin culture.

The new church will be started out of our first church. In our beginning days, we were in charge of everything. This effort will allow us to establish a body of servants for the work of the ministry. We ask that you pray with us that God will give us wisdom as we make these preparations.

Recently, we found a piece of property that we believe will be conducive for a new church. Land prices, in many cases, have quadrupled. The price is being negotiated at this time. The current owner quoted us a price and we are waiting for him to accept our counter offer."

WEST AFRICA, BURKINA FASO, OUAGADOUGOU, Randy and Tonya Smith — They share the following: "On many occasions we have had the privilege of handing out God's tracts, John and Romans booklets, and Bibles to many people who have never before had the joy of owning a copy of the Scriptures. It is a great joy of missionaries to be able to dispense this most valuable gift that God has given us, yet we are only the last link in a great chain of God's servants who have been used to deliver His message to those in need. We are very grateful that the Lord has put us in partnership with other individuals and churches that buy, print, put together, and deliver this precious resource so they are able to share its light in our dark world.

This past month we had the privilege of meeting two valuable links in this chain. We were very thankful to be able to get in touch with Brother Samuel Martin, a retired Army Colonel who has dedicated his life to getting churches together to get copies of John and Romans into the hands of missionaries. He called to let us know that he has arranged to give us 50,000 French copies to take back with us when we go back to Burkina! We also had the joy of helping one of our faithful supporting churches, the Grace Baptist Tabernacle of Fort Scott, Kansas, in putting these same booklets together! I was so overjoyed to be able to get to see this work in progress, knowing that the very pages that I was holding here in the States what we will be handing out 6,000 miles away in Burkina Faso! God is so good!"

EASTAFRICA, UGANDA, Matthew and Sherri Winkler — They share the following: "This year has been very slow for church visitors and for baptisms. However, I want to mention a couple of people who have been coming. The first person is a doctor in a nearby clinic. Sheri invited him to come to church a few times before, but just this month he has come three weeks straight and even started bringing his wife. He told me on Sunday that when he is around, he will be coming to church. We are going to visit them this Sunday after church to share the Gospel with them. Pray for their salvation.

J. is from the Karamajong tribe in the northeast of Uganda, but he has lived here for some years. I first met him during a discipleship class and witnessed to him. He then came to church a few times, claiming that he had already received Christ. However, last month he went to talk with Pastor Basco, our national pastor, about his salvation. The Spirit was really convicting him. That day he received Christ. He is now more faithful than ever and is working to save money to buy his own Bible. Pray for his spiritual growth."

EASTERN EUROPE, RUSSIA, Adam and Angela Young — They share the following: "Our children's Russian tutor has started discipleship. We met her through the football team. She has a teacher's degree and works at a business doing birthday parties for kids. She is not saved, but was willing to study the Bible with me. We are going through the Gospel of John as I try to make clear to her that the Bible can be trusted. Please pray for her understanding and for her salvation.

We started discipling V. who we met through tract distribution into homes. He contacted me after receiving a Gospel tract in his mailbox. After giving out 87,000 tracts in this way in the last two years, he was the first individual who was willing to meet with me. I have had phone calls, and I tried to meet with those who called, but 80% of those calls are to tell me that either Orthodoxy or Islam is the only real truth. I met V. a few times in a park by his building so he could get to know me a little bit. After a couple of weeks, he agreed to study the Bible with me in his home. He has a severe case of diabetes and is considered an invalid. He gets government support, which is all he lives on. He is saved but needs to find God's purpose for his life."

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, TALLINN, Rob and Angela Willoughby — They give the following report: "God's power was seen at our June VBS, which was the best attended week of day camp ever in our ministry. We had up to 21 kids on any given day with three teens helping run PowerPoint, fixing meals, and assisting during game and craft times. Nine children from RoseLynn's school came for the first time, two of them in her same class. As for follow up, we are working to get some of the children to come to Sunday school and continue learning about Jesus. This is very difficult during the summer as many families vacate Tallinn on the weekends, so please pray for the success of our follow-up.

As I mentioned in our last letter, much of the missionary's time is spent trying to develop people spiritually, and at times, we get a glimpse of God's life-changing power. I regret to say that my relationship with U., and consequently with R., has become very unstable due to the fact that he has simply refused to get some things right in his life. I ask for your prayers so that I can be a faithful pastor to him and that he would repent and truly make Jesus Lord of his life. As for O., I have not yet heard from him since he was released from prison in early June. However, I must add that Ro. has been a source of joy and inspiration to me as I have been watching him grow spiritually and come as often as possible to our services. Pray that his faith would grow stronger every day and that his whole family would come to Christ soon!"

MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH, Rebecca Pope — Rebecca gives the following report and prayer needs: "I was home long enough to pack my bags and supplies for Nyahururu, Kenya, where Medical Mission Outreach served with Pastor Philip Warutere. He has hosted MMO teams on several occasions and informed us that two churches have been planted as a result of previous missions. We worked at three different sites on this trip—two established churches and at a displacement camp where they hope to plant another church. Our team of 23 treated over 2,200 patients, and 127 of those began an eternal relationship with the Savior!" Please pray for Rebecca and a team of over 100 who are in the Dominican at present. Should you be interested in this endeavor of reaching souls through Medical Missions Outreach, please contact the CLAIM office at BIMI.

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They give the following report: "Our summer evangelism has kept us very busy, and God has rewarded our labor. We saw nine people come to Christ through our street evangelism. We saw three children saved during our Vacation Bible School. One parent accepted Christ at our VBS awards service. We are so excited and thankful for these blessings!

The three days we spent camping with our teens were really special. The preaching was practical and helpful. The teens came home encouraged and closer as a group. Our junior campers had a great time at junior camp and were challenged to love and serve God 'with their whole hearts.' We leave this week to take our teens to youth camp. Lisa and I will be very tired at the end of it, but we are trusting the Lord to do great things in the hearts of our teens."

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, JARDINOPLIS, Paul and Sharon Pritchard, Sr. — They share the following: "We continue to witness the Lord working in the lives of people, for which we are very thankful. The church continues to grow spiritually and in number. We have a wonderful orchestra that is doing a great job for the Lord, and we have other groups that sing for the Lord.

There is more great news. M., a man in our church, was called to preach the Gospel and has already preached his first message in the men's prayer meeting on Thursday night. We are having some good prayer meetings with 18-21 men. I am using the men who are preachers (seven in our church) to preach in this prayer meeting that continues to grow.

Prayer Requests
• Souls to trust CHRIST
• The churches to continue to grow
• The construction of the new church
• Our spirituality
• Our health problems"

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, SAN MARCOS, Jeremy and Michelle Blanz — They give the following report and prayer needs: "On July 12, we had the Inauguration Service for Iglesia Bautista Biblica in San Marcos, Nicaragua. While we prayed for a great turnout and rented 100 chairs, we were pleased to have approximately 110-115 who came for our first church service! During the Inauguration Service, there were two men who came forward to receive Christ as Savior. Despite being a very small and new church, we have seen dramatic growth in our children's ministry. This last Sunday we once again reached our Inauguration Day attendance of 12-13 children. Due to a very small classroom in which to meet, we are now making plans to better accommodate this rapidly growing ministry. Last month we had an additional 13 people pray to receive Christ and a few others rededicated their lives to the Lord. Now we are teaching a series on the doctrinal aspects of salvation because so many have never heard the Gospel and others have recently received Christ as Savior. Thankfully, we have seen a few new faces each week.

God is good and we all need Him daily. This month, please pray for the following:
1. God's protection on our family, especially Ellie and her recovery
2. That God will grow His church and help us reach the families of the children
3. That God will lead us daily in His work here in Nicaragua"

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, David and Rose Maskey — They share the following: "Twice a month our church is permitted to hold services in the Port Harcourt prison and we have about 15 of our people who are now helping in this ministry. Recently, we added some of our ladies who visit the female inmates and they have been seeing a lot of good results. Our men have a certain group of inmates they are assigned to visit, called the "CC" men (condemned criminals), and one of our men, BU, usually preaches to them. Last month, however, they let us have a much larger group with most of them hearing from us for the first time. When Brother U started preaching to them, one of the inmates in the front row had a seizure that caused a commotion. Unsure what to do, Brother U just stopped and began praying for the man. By the time he finished, the man seemed to be okay and Brother U continued preaching, but this time he had everybody's attention. When he gave the invitation that day, 44 of the inmates received Christ as their Savior! So far this year 229 have been saved in this ministry, which is the most we have ever had.

Praises and Prayer Requests

1. We arrived back in Nigeria on June 25 after a short time in the States for Carissa's graduation, and it was a blessing to see everything still moving forward in our absence, and it was a blessing to have Carissa with us again for a little while! It was an added blessing to see the main church in Port Harcourt have their highest attendance ever for the month of July as well.

2. The new church plant in Omoku is doing well in spite of some difficulties there, and in their last three months they have been averaging around 30 on Sunday mornings with a good number of souls being saved also. Continue to pray for Pastor O. and the Grace Independent Baptist Church."

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Stan and Mollie Prussia — They give the following exciting report: "At the end of May, we traveled to Quezon, Bukidnon, on the island of Mindanao to do a medical mission in an area where a church in Davao wanted to plant a church about four hours from them. We hired a 12-passenger van with a driver for the eight-hour trip. As we approached the area in the late afternoon on the day before the medical mission, the road became very rough. Finally, with mountains on one side and rice paddies on the other, the road became so steep and rocky that the driver could go no further. So, we sent two of the male members of the mission team into the tribal area on foot to scout out the situation.

As the rest of the team sat in the van waiting for their return, the nationals in the van realized that conditions were unsafe for us. The only way in was the only way out, and if rebels attacked, there was no escape. That evening the pastor from Davao arranged to do the medical mission in a small town near the main highway. He asked the local authorities to provide a truck to bring the patients to us in the morning. However, it rained heavily that night, making the road impassable for even the truck. There we were—eight hours from home with a 12-member medical team and all the supplies needed for a medical mission—and no patients. The pastor from Davao quickly spread the word that free medical exams and medicines were available. We did not have to wait long. At the end of the day, it was the best medical mission we ever did. The soul winners commented that the people seemed ready to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. God knew where to plant a new church!"

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, TEMA, Seth and Melissa Acree — They share the following report: "When we first came to Ghana, our intention was to work with the Kearneys in a team ministry, but for many months now, it has been obvious that the Lord is leading us away from Lighthouse to start another work. We are not sure of all the details regarding the where and the when, so over the next several months, we will be taking survey trips to several needy areas within Ghana. Pray for clear direction regarding the specific location the Lord would have us relocate. If we are able, we would like to go ahead and move to that area as soon as possible so that we can immerse ourselves in the language. While we have already had a good amount of language preparation, it has been very slow due to the preoccupation with ministry responsibilities (not a bad thing) and the fact that English is widely spoken here in Tema. It is bittersweet to be leaving the ministry into which we have poured our lives over the past 18 months, but at the same time, I can hardly wait to start a new church.

Prayer Requests • Continued learning of Twi language
• Guidance regarding the when and where of our future ministry
• Protection during upcoming survey trips
• Problems with immigration

USA MINISTRIES, Connecticut, Terryville, David and Annette Townsley — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Putting together the John & Romans was a great blessing! Many people told me this after the missions conference. The joy was in doing something hands-on that would count for eternity. About thirty people helped with the assembly of about 5,000 Scriptures. These are for the Reitenbach family and the new church plant in Greenfield, Massachusetts that is planned for September. Pray with us that the Lord would provide a meeting place for the church and housing for the Reitenback family.

Prayer Requests
1. Provision for the new radio station ministry
2. Complete healing for Annette from Lyme's disease and the herniated discs
3. Discernment and strength for fighting spiritual battles
4. People to grow in their service for the Lord
5. The many people facing spiritual challenges in the church"

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jon and April Flowers — They share the following: "We want to thank you for praying for us as we start this church. God has been hearing and answering prayers. On May 3 we hosted our first Ladies' Tea. God blessed and we had 12 in attendance with five first time visitors. April did a wonderful job and God blessed her as she taught His Word. Please pray that God would bless His Word in the hearts of those who were there.

Please continue to pray for the church plant. We will be having our first baptismal service the end of July. We have three people already committed to being baptized and we have a few more that need some prayer. Please pray for us as we deal with them and try to encourage them to take their stand for Christ."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, Dave and Debbie Board — They share the following report and prayer needs: "There have been some amazing things happening here in Cambodia over the past several weeks. We are excited in particular with the way God is working in some of the village ministries. New doors are being opened for the Gospel and the training of national leaders. With continued growth comes the challenge of finding places to meet for public church services. Lord willing, we will be signing a new three-year lease for the building in Phnom Penh next week. One major concern that we have is that property prices in town continue to rise at ridiculous rates each year. The reality is that we will, sooner or later, be priced out of the market. Please pray with us that God would provide a piece of land on which we could build in the future.

We just completed our three-day Youth Conference here in Phnom Penh. It was a wonderful time of preaching and fellowship with the young people. Friday and Saturday we met at the church but we rented an auditorium at the local university for our Sunday morning service.

Please continue to pray for the fifty or so young people who are part of our Ta Skov ministry as they grieve over the loss of T. He is the second teen who was saved through this ministry here but who was tragically killed."

WESTERN EUROPE, AUSTRIA, NEUTRAUBLING, Todd and Kimberly Lapato — They share the following report: "On Sunday, June 28, we had our first evangelistic guest service. A lot of believers in America ask us how 'open' people here are to the Gospel? Our guest service exemplifies the apathy to the Gospel in Western Europe. We passed out 5,000 invitations in June. I wrote an article for the newspaper. We invited the mayor, our landlord, and neighbors. We offered free Gospel literature, refreshments, and flyers at a book table in front of a department store on two separate occasions. After spending a month investing a lot of time and energy spreading the word, not a single lost person came. Several Christians from churches outside our area came in support. This is written not to discourage but to show the reality of the spiritual status of Europe. We strongly believe that God is pleased with our efforts for the cause of Christ. Although it is hard to see so many people reject the truth of God's simple grace, we cannot force people to accept that message. However, we can be faithful. I am always encouraged when I remember what God did a few years ago. We invited people to a guest service. A man came because he received an invitation. He trusted Christ to save him and was later baptized.

A plan for our next evangelistic ministry is already underway. We are praying about holding Gospel seminars in the city of Bregenz in Western Austria, near the Swiss border. We plan to take surveys about religion and invite people to attend our seminars. There is much to organize such as rent facilities, design and print flyers, plan survey trips, etc. Please pray with us for God's blessing."

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, Robert and Rhoda Smith — They share the following: "As I have mentioned before, a faithful man in our church and I take Thursdays to knock on 150 doors each week. Since we started this in late January, we have missed very few Thursdays doing so. I always end that day with a crispy sunburn, but it has been well worth it. I just wanted to share with you some of what God has done for us through this.

We met and invited K. S. in February. She and her children, Sierra and Kristian, were already saved and looking for a church. They have become very faithful . . . .I knocked on L. P.'s door last February. She trusted Christ and began coming faithfully each Sunday evening. Recently she has been having seizures. Please pray for her health.

We met P. L. one day as we were knocking on doors. He had lost his job and he was home with nothing to do. He was willing to listen to the Gospel. He trusted Christ that day, and he has been faithful each Sunday since.

I met M. A. one Thursday as M. and I were our knocking on doors. M. A. trusted Christ as his Saviour. He is a joy to have in church; he always has a smile for everyone. R. and R. are neighbors, and we knocked on their doors the same day. I was later privileged to lead one to Christ; the other one had already trusted Christ. Both carry some heavy burdens, but they are such cheerful people. Pray for them please."

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, San Marcos, Jeremy and Michelle Blanz — They share the following: "Our main focus last month was to work in preparation for our upcoming church plant in San Marcos. We are renting a house that will serve as the church's first location. After much cleaning, painting, electrical work, and the purchase of banners, chairs, etc., it now looks more like a church building. We have placed a strong focus on personal evangelism. The Lord opened a major door as the captain of a local soccer team received Christ. Since then, we have been meeting with the team weekly, preaching, discipling, and encouraging them. Nine more players have received Christ. We have also received help from three partner churches in Managua. Last week, we hosted a group of 15 members from one church to help us in an evangelistic campaign. Between this event and our personal soul winning, we have seen an additional 21 people receive Christ. Last Sunday, Jeremy was able to preach the Sunday evening service completely in Spanish at a nearby church in Jinotepe.

Next month will be a huge month for us. Please pray
1. that the Lord will help us in planning and preparation for the new church,
2. that the Lord will bless abundantly in our first church service, and
3. that the Lord will enable us to see more people saved and disciplined to follow Christ."

CARIBBEAN, PUERTO RICO, CEIBA, Jim and Kelly Shelton — They share the following report and prayer needs: "As for the ministry, God has tremendously blessed as always. Normally, we have a 'summer slump.' This summer folks for the most part have been faithful. We have been working on expanding our teen outreach, which is going great. Please continue to pray for this ministry; we NEED TO REACH OUR YOUNG PEOPLE! A couple of other prayer requests in the ministry:
• The remodeling of the old building into a parsonage
• Vacation Bible School
• Church Music Conference, August 21-22
• Souls to continue to be saved

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Alan and Beck Jackson — They share the following report and prayer needs: "This next Saturday we are renting a house to start a new church. We have property there, but we are still waiting on the funds to build. However, there are many people in this area who are in need of a good Bible preaching church. Many people in the church in Danli have volunteered to help in this new ministry. God has moved in the heart of one man in particular to be the preacher. He and his wife and daughter will oversee this new work while he is training to be a pastor.

The Bible institute is beginning to grow with more students wanting to be full-time. We are in the process of getting the blueprints for a new building. It will be located on the church property beside the church. Since the church property is limited, we are planning some dorm-style rooms on the property, which was bought for a youth camp. 'When it rains, it pours' is true! Yet, when it pours it makes one stop in awe at what God is doing."

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, BARQUISIMETO, LARA, Carlos and Susan Arce — They write, "What a week! God allowed us to have our 'Fuegos de Evangelismo' conference for all our churches. In the mornings we had divided classes and messages in our church, and at night we held the services in the auditorium of a nearby university. We had an average of 1,200 people every night! There were many decisions for Christ and many people coming forward getting their lives right with the Lord. The last night we had 70 come forward to surrender their lives for full-time service. Pray that we can start churches in every state of Venezuela."

They asked that you pray for a lady who is in desperate need of a medicine that is not available in Venezuela.

USA MINISTRIES, CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, Bob and Jennifer Larson — They share the following prayer needs: "We would appreciate your prayers when it comes to our late summer and fall church planting and restart projects. In addition to preaching a number of mission booster and missions conferences for new and established churches for the next few months, we will be working in church restart and new church projects. In early August we will be assisting in a large Scripture distribution for a church in Scottsboro, Alabama. Later in August we will make our way to Eastman, Georgia, to assist Calvary's Grace Baptist Church and church planter Jeremy Allen as he and his family plant a new church out of his sending church in Mount Vernon, Georgia. Right after the start of this new church, we will fly to California to assist in the restart of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Vacaville, California. Pray that California churches will be able to assist in this project and distribution of 30,000 door hanger packets in this northern California community."

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Larry and Lydabelle Barrett — They write, "The second half of the year seems to go so quickly! We have several things planned that will require a lot of time and preparation. In November we have our annual Family Camp, which is extended not only to our churches in Jundial but also to others in our area of Brazil. We feel this is a very important time for the spiritual needs of our people, and much time and effort and money are put into it! Beginning in August, we are making an all out effort to strengthen the church in Almerinda Chaves. We are going to use many people in the main work to go and spend time visiting and helping the pastor there in order to reach more with the Gospel! The devil has obviously tried to attack and discourage, and we consider that a good sign! We continue with our responsibilities, which include: weekly and monthly activities such as youth meetings, soul winning visitation, Children's Bible clubs, etc. We are always working on our translation projects, which include a daily devotional, children's Bible club literature, and music. There are so few good Portuguese translations and we consider this is an important part of our work here. The Lord has blessed in the ministry, and we've had the joy of seeing people saved and growing in the Lord and the church people working right along with us to serve Him and reach others for Christ! We believe that time is short, and we are working diligently as we look for our Lord's return."

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKA, Dan and Terri Gardner — They write the following: "The second Sunday in July we had a music concert with a Japanese Christian man from mainland Japan and also another lady who is a missionary here in Okinawa. We passed out 4,000 flyers for the meetings. We had a strong typhoon a few days before the meetings which kept us from getting out like we wanted. We still had over 30 people come to services and nine visitors. What a blessing to see all the people come! Pray that God will continue to speak to their hearts and that people will be saved and that people will come back again.

The typhoon also kept the Yoshidas from arriving in Okinawa when they had anticipated. But they flew in on Saturday night before the meetings, so it is great to have them here with us. Please pray for them as they are looking for an apartment. He will also have to work some part-time for a little time until we can build that church up to support him."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin — They write, "On May 17 we gathered as a church, reviewed our finances, discussed our vision, and voted to rise up and build. After saving toward this project, we finally took the step to begin construction.

This project will do several things. First, it will increase our seating capacity 3-4 times. Second, it will give us a brand new kitchen. Third, it will give us a brand new roof. Last, it will provide various improvements including: new sanctuary, new paint throughout, ceiling throughout, newly designed façade and entryway, and more classroom space, among others.

We have continued to pound the pavement and go out into the highways and hedges trying to reach others for Christ. We currently have five Bible study groups going and are actively evangelizing publically every week.

In the past few months we have seen people saved in our San Cristobal Bible Study, others saved in our Bello and El Machete groups, and even seen some saved in our door-to-door visitation. Praise the Lord! God is blessing and saving souls in Colombia."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOTA, Danny and Haruna McKittrick — They share the following news: "By the grace of God, we have been allowed to baptize two more folks since our last letter. One is a German woman who is married to a USAF Master Sergeant. She had been saved in Germany just before they moved to Yokota Air Base. Upon arrival, she went looking for a good church and visited Yokota Baptist Church on a Wednesday evening. She has been faithful ever since! Haruna disciples her on Sunday afternoons, and two weeks ago she approached me wanting to get baptized. I was privileged to baptize her on Father's Day. Her husband attended that service. He is not a Gospel believer, so please pray for his salvation. He told her he enjoyed the friendly spirit of the people!

I also got to baptize a Yokota Air Base contractor. He visited our church on Sunday and afterwards, I met with him a few times. He gave a strong testimony of faith alone in Christ for the atonement of his sin. He shared that he was sprinkled as a baby but desired to be baptized according to the Scriptures. I said, 'Amen!' and had the joy of baptizing him last Wednesday night. Please pray for his family; his wife is Japanese and not a Gospel believer — yet."

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, ATHLONE CO ROSCOMMON, Stephen and Katie Finley — They share the following prayer requests: "Please keep praying for the salvation of those for whom we have been asking prayer. We praise the Lord that D. is now coming consistently on Wednesday again, and sometimes on Sundays, and seems to be listening. M., who has not come to church for the last half year, seemed much softer when I called on him recently, and commented that he missed the Bible studies that we used to do in his home.

Please pray for T. right now. He is in Dundalk (about 3 hours away) for an 8-week internship, and thus is not able to commute to RBC easily. He is travelling 45 minutes by bus to attend a brand new church plant that has been started by missionary Phil Tharp. He is consistently witnessing to his friend J., with whom he is staying for the summer, as well as to J.'s friends (all of whom are Malaysian). Also, keep praying for Tr. The sessions on Wednesdays have been growing longer as he asks me more and more questions. He had been reading some of our literature about what a Baptist is, and he just checked out a rather large book from our library about why Calvinism is a misrepresentation of God's character. He is seeing the errors of Protestantism more and more and realizing that the Bible alone is the authority. Please pray that he will take the 'plunge' (literally), and become a Baptist (particularly, a member of RBC)."

USA, CLAIM, Carl and Glenda Vonnoh — They share the following report and needs: "Since February there have been CLAIM/MMO missions trips to: Senegal, Africa; Long Beach, California; Panama, Central America; and the Philippines.

Pray for upcoming missions trips to: Belize, Central America; Harvest Deaf Ministries, Ringgold, Georgia; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Newfoundland; Long Beach, California; and Unalakleet, Alaska.

The following workers are needed: concrete, glass block, electrician, plumber, and finish carpenter. Please contact me for details. Also look on the CLAIM website for upcoming projects." Should you be interested in taking a WORKING missions trip, please contact Carl at 423-313-5391.

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, SANTA ANA, Cerna Family — They share the following: "Several weeks ago, a lady and her daughter started coming to the Sunday evening services. We recognized them right away because they live close to the church. About seven years ago, as Steve was door-knocking in the neighborhood, we came in contact with this family. This is when the lady's oldest son received Christ as his Savior. Soon after, he started the discipleship lessons and would attend some of the church services. The rest of the family was not interested in spiritual things. Nevertheless, we did what we could to help them and show them Christ's love. They never forgot some of the ways we reached out to them. After some serious difficulties in their lives, they realized their need to receive Christ as Savior. They are now a part of the church, seven years after trying to reach them. The mom and daughter are studying one-on-one discipleship lessons. The son is about to start studying again next week. We are grateful to see God bringing forth fruit from seeds planted many years ago!"

EUROPE, FRANCE, BOVES, Carey and Susan Abbett — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We thank you for your continued prayers for us and the ministry here in France. How happy we are to see a dear lady, to whom we have been witnessing for years, come to the Easter service! Over lunch with us after the service, which gave us yet another opportunity to witness to her, we gave her some answers concerning eternity. Unfortunately, as far as we know, she has gone home still lost in her sin.

As much as I would like to give only praise in our prayer letter, I know many of you read these letters in order to know how to better pray for our needs. I appreciate that, as I know your prayers for us are priceless.

• Please pray for the many contacts who already have heard the Gospel (many times for most). Please pray that their hearts will surrender to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
• Please pray for more French pastors as well as more missionaries in France. When was the last time you had a missionary to France come to your church that was on deputation and not a returning missionary?
• Please pray for wisdom and grace. We need to make many decisions for our own family and the ministries here in Amiens as well as the Bible institute.
• Pray for our family that I may be the father and husband who will help my family grow closer to God. Pray our children (Juliana, Timothy, and Joshua) will continue to grow, loving God more than the world or themselves."

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, TAUBATE, Ed Johnson Family — They share the following: "Greetings from Taubaté and the Paraiba Valley—our new home here in the southeastern region of Brazil.... Just a few minutes after we arrived in Taubaté two girls from the neighborhood came over to meet Abigail. They were excited about a new American girl their age who was moving next door, and we are excited about the first contacts the Lord was giving us in the city. We have had the opportunity to talk to them about the Lord and become friends with their families who have expressed interest in our new church plant.

Since our arrival, the Lord has allowed us to see souls saved and to start building relationships. We have also been working on the church materials as well as a website, familiarizing ourselves with the city and looking at possible church locations. The Lord has brought us in contact with three men who have been praying about going to Bible school and want us to start a Bible institute as soon as possible! More and more we are seeing the needs as well as the opportunities in the Paraiba Valley."

CARIBBEAN, ANTIGUA, ST. JOHN, Nathan and Renee Owens — They share the following: "Nathan would be the first to admit that he would rather work with equipment and wires all day long, but some situations recently came up that caused us to perform some managerial tasks such as meetings and research while Brother Jerry Baker is still on furlough. Renee has been digging through and organizing many of the radio station's files. While the task has been intimidating, it has also shown us a lot of the history of the radio station and the individuals who the Lord used to accomplish His work. We're grateful for that legacy!

Our ministry with the youth and 'older young people' at our church still continues. Our leaders took the youth on visitation, hosted a youth rally where two were saved, and went camping over the Easter weekend. Our church also had its annual missions conference, where Nathan was able to present Caribbean Radio Lighthouse as one of their supported missionaries. Thank you for your prayers and support!"

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, SAN RAFAEL DE HEREDIA, Rick Dove Family — They share the following: "Recently, I was able to take a young man with me out to Santa Maria de Dota, about 2 hours from Heredia. We visited Brother Bickel and family who are missionaries working with the indigenous Nobe people. The Nobe indigenous people come here and work picking coffee. This is a wide open mission field. While there, we held a service in the middle of a coffee field. Pray for us as we plan to take our church people out there sometime this year.

We are very thankful for our leaders and all God's servants who work so hard each week in their respective ministries in our church. We were able to take a trip out to Grecia (about an hour from us) with all the leaders on a Saturday. Our trip was so we could pray and make plans for the upcoming year. What a blessing to see the spirit of the church.... We had a good time and productive meeting."

It seems like the work here is always busy. We continue to serve the Lord in many aspects of ministry: preaching, teaching, counseling, soul winning, putting together Sunday school and discipleship curriculums.... We praise God for allowing us to serve Him."

CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following report and prayer needs: "A 32-year-old single man who arrived in Vancover in February is from China and is planning to settle in Canada. One of our families invited him to church and he accepted the Lord three weeks after he began attending. He is already in a discipleship class and is faithfully attending all three of our weekly services. Could you please pray for him to walk with God and obey Him? So many new immigrants leave God's house once they get here. They have great difficulty 'seeking the Lord first' and trusting Him to take care of them. It grieves us when we see them fall into this 'trap' of the devil. God has a great plan for Collin. We pray he will follow God with all His heart.

Our plans for our summer evangelism and Vacation Bible School are coming together! We are also designing a cover for a new John and Romans that we plan to mail to homes this summer and fall. We have several young men preparing for an intense ten days of street evangelism this summer as well. We are excited about the many opportunities to reach people for the Lord this year!"

SOUTH AMERICA, BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Sean and Stephanie Lunday — They share the following report: "The Amazon Open Door Project has been on our hearts for some time. God is raising up others to reach the Vale and Javari regions. This dense jungle area holds the largest concentration of uncontacted people anywhere on earth.

Recently, we visited areas in Columbia, Peru, and Brazil. We were able to provide Bibles and literature for several national pastors. We visited two Indian tribes very open to the Gospel: the Ticuna and Marubo. God is at work in this region.

During the trip we surveyed new areas to lay groundwork for a trip next year in September. On this trip we will take medical personnel to help open new preaching points along the Javari River, which borders Peru. We plan to work from a large boat to reach villages along the rivers which have no Gospel witness. Pray as we plan for that trip and assemble the team that God would have to be a part."

GERMANY, KASTANIENWEG, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following report and prayer needs: "In the work here in Mainz we are asking the Lord and are working toward the Lord developing more dedicated works and leaders for our ministry here 'who shall be able to teach others also.'

Please pray fervently for the following requests:
1. For a God-sent revival
2. For our next baptism that many will follow the Lord
3. For many lost people who we have contacted to be saved
4. For spiritual growth of many of the church people
5. For more strength and wisdom in the spiritual warfare
6. For God's perfect will to be accomplished in our lives as well as in HIS church"

USA MILITARY, OKINAWA, Gary and Karen Craft — They share the following: "The main purpose for the existence of Maranatha Baptist Church on Okinawa is to reach our military and their families. We are also aware of the many other English-speaking people groups on this island. Our ministry has many English-speaking Filipinos who came to the island looking for better jobs. In recent months we have had the opportunity to reach Filipino young ladies who are here teaching in an international school. That number has grown to require a church van to pick them all up for our Sunday services and a Sunday school class for them. Several weeks ago, they brought the Filipino principal of the school and her husband. On Easter Sunday at a dinner that two of our families hosted for these ladies, the principal accepted Christ as Savior. The auditorium was packed for our Resurrection Sunday service. The special music provided by our choir was one of the highlights of the service! Our 30 single GIs were present and were served a home cooked meal following our morning service. We are thankful for EIGHT families in the church who were part of rotating cooking teams who provide, at their own expense, home cooked meals on Sundays for our single GIs."

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, JAMAICA, ST. CATHERINE, Swante and Linda Lindquist — They share the following: "Victory Baptist Church is continuing to grow in good ways. Each Sunday we have Scripture memory (a new verse each week) and an organized prayer time for the entire church to be personally involved in coming to the throne of Grace when we all pray for very specific requests. This is in keeping with the year's theme of 'Walking Worthy' (Colossians 1:10). We have seen decisions for the Lord, and I am now starting a short instruction time to prepare for upcoming baptisms.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support in making us part of your ministry in the Lord's outreach in Jamaica. Truly, we are laborers together for the souls of people for whom the Lord sacrificed His life that we might have life eternal, surrounded by His presence. How blessed we are! May the Lord continue to enrich your lives greatly."

USA MINISTRIES, OHIO, MAINEVILLE, Mark Sage Family — They share the follow report: "We thank the Lord for seeing us through another cold and snowy winter. It is a blessing to see the spring come. As you know, it is in the spring that outreach is more effective and people who do not like winter venture out a little more. We are excited for what the Lord has been doing. We have seen several saved and baptized, even as late as Easter Sunday when a first time visiting teenager walked the aisle and trusted Christ during the Sunday morning service. We also had another young teenager trust Christ after a message that we preached called 'Five Minutes After . . .' touched his heart. He was then baptized the next week.

Thank you for praying about a bus and please—keep praying. We have an opportunity to buy a bus coming off the lot of one of the school districts in our area. Our church has already raised the money to purchase it, register it, and insure it for the first six months. Just pray that all goes according to plan—as we hope to receive the bus sometime after the school year ends."

EUROPE, SPAIN, MADRID, Julio and Andrea Velasquez — They share the following: "The end of January we were able to have another baptism. We were able to baptize two from Paria and two from Colmenar. The two from Paria are a brother and sister who we prayed for during two years that they could come to know Christ. Both were saved last fall and both were baptized in January. Their parents are so excited to be able to see their children follow the Lord in this first step. This is our first family where all are saved and baptized. The two that were baptized in Colmeanar were M., who got saved in November, and our grandson who got saved last summer at camp. This is our second grandson to get saved and baptized. Praise the Lord! M. invited her parents and brother to the baptism and it was a real good opportunity for them to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel and see their daughter follow the Lord in this way. Please pray for these four new believers that they will follow God faithfully all their lives."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They share the following report: "The most important purpose of our trip to Manhattan the last of February was to share the Gospel message to the lost. As the men were in line for their free food, I went down the line asking the men if they knew Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. One man told me he did not have the assurance of eternal life. So, I presented to him the plan of salvation. After he affirmed his belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I prayed with him to receive God's free gift.

A team of four of us from the Bronx traveled down to a homeless shelter in Manhattan on the last day of February for the purpose of giving out free socks, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, razors, coffee, sandwiches, and cookies. As one of the men came to our van, Sabrina noticed his cold hands and he said, "Please, I need a pair of gloves." She then gave him her gloves. The men were thankful."

SPANISH MINSTRIES WORLDWIDE, Jerry and Gail Reece — They share the following report: "What a joy it is to still be a part of sharing the Gospel of Christ in Latin America. Our ministry has been evangelizing, church planting, and training young men to preach and pastor churches. The young men are in several Bible schools established with other missionaries in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and the Spanish Caribbean Islands of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Many of our books and tracts are being distributed by missionaries, pastors, and us here and on the fields of harvest. We will be having more printed, and we will send many ourselves. We are also working with a new Spanish church, visiting, witnessing, and distributing tracts in a large Latin community here. A neighbor Spanish family has promised to attend soon.

Jerry is trying hard to get stronger with therapy/exercise and short walks. We need your prayers as we 'run [walk] with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith' (Hebrews 12:1, 2) — our life verses. We are not giving up serving Him! Your continued prayers and support are deeply appreciated. God bless you."

BIMI/ARM PERSONNEL, Chester Sheren — He shares the following report: "God willing, when you receive this letter I will be in Honduras! April 7 I will arrive in La Paz and have two days to finish Violet's grave before starting revivals. Plans are to preach 15 times from April 7-27. My daughter, Debby Sue, will be very jealous when I send her pictures of my spiritual daughters hugging me! Four families say they will keep me permanently in La Paz.

In January I met a lady in the post office and invited her to church. She and five children have been coming. Now I am visiting her mother and family near one of the churches where I will be preaching.

We are in need of good tracts in Spanish and English as I meet so many Hispanics and our pastor doesn't have enough to supply me."

USA WORLD MISSIONS CENTER, CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, Tim and Roxanne Leonard — They share the following: "It has been a busy start to the year. Although I have only had a few meetings this winter, we have remained busy with the work here at the World Missions Center. We have been working through our routine maintenance on our buildings and grounds such as changing the air filters, cleaning the lights, fixing a broken door, repairing the furnace in the east wing, and moving all of last year's records down to the storage building, and a hundred other little things that are needful for the ministry. A call to missions is a call to move! It must be done.

It is always exciting here at the World Missions Center. We can never tell what will take place or who we will see. Some time ago I had the privilege of helping one of our missionaries as they were on deputation, and this week they were here for their final interview before leaving for the field. It is a great privilege to see these young people as they mature through their deputation and leave for the harvest field."

WEST AFRICA, SENEGA, ST. LOUIS, Pat and Jody Russell — They share the following report: "About ten days after I sent out our last prayer letter, a young man who is about 30 years old began coming to the reading room (Bible Center) to do Bible studies. During the question and answer segment he referred to one of the comments that was made in a Bible study, 'to be sure the truth is not always pleasant to hear' (Ci lu woor, leeg-leeg, degg gi du neex a degg). This statement was made after the quote of John 8:32, 'And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.' I also quoted the proverb 'truth is like hot pepper.'

Over the years we have had contact with many, many people, but they have never been this open to the Word of God. Pray for me that the Lord would continue to give me wisdom and discernment as I continue to do these Bible studies with this man."

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Bryan and Rebekah Johnson — "The Christmas Cantata at New Life was a blessing. Rebekah and I were able to lead a visiting couple to Christ. Pray that we can get them to start attending church faithfully. They found us on the internet and were told by a friend that they needed to attend a fundamental Baptist church. They actually did not know it was the night of the cantata. God is good.

I am currently trying to start discipleship with a taxi driver. Please pray that we can work it out with his schedule. He came to church with doubts about salvation. I was able to answer his questions. He has been attending church whenever his schedule allows.

Since our last letter we have spent much time in prayer and fasting over where God would have us to serve. We have decided to stay in São Paulo. There is a piece of property in a section of the city called Guacuari. They have been looking for someone to start a church there for a number of years. We plan to be starting a church there the end of the year. This will require building a church from the ground up, quite literally. Until our church plant begins, we will continue to help at New Life Baptist Church."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SOUTH PACIFIC, FIJI ISLANDS, Paul and Martha Daku — They share the following report: "A highlight from February was our missions conference and Bible college graduation. We were privileged to have Dr. Bob Rutta, veteran missionary from New Zealand, visit us in Fiji and preach the missions conference as well as the graduation service. The Lord used Brother Rutta in a great way to speak to hearts. Our church folks are really excited about giving their Faith Promise missions offering each week, and we are excited about how much more we can do in reaching the world with the Gospel.

Master's Use Baptist Institute graduated four students this year on February 8th. Two of those were from our church, their parents are missionaries to Rotuma. Please pray for these students that they will continue to follow the Lord and serve Him with all their hearts. A new semester began at the Bible college on February11th. Both of us are teaching on Thursdays, which ends up being a 12-hour day for us from when we leave home to when we return. We are thankful for the opportunity to commit to faithful men the things that we were taught, so they can teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2)."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, the Mark Gerosin Family — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We now have certified building plans for our expansion project. We 'should' be getting a firm estimate within the next two weeks for project costs. We will send out an update at that time for those of you who would like to donate.

• Growing church
• Positive results through door to door visitation
• Full enrollment for discipleship classes
• One saved through Bible study groups
• Approved construction plans in hand!

• Three to be baptized
• Guidance for couple inquiring about marriage
• Discipleship class
• Sufficient funds for building project"

SOUTH AFRICA, WITBANK, David and Julie McCrum — They write, "In February Julie and I enjoyed a combined church camp with several South African pastors and American missionaries. I had brought several proof copies of a new tract for comment from the other pastors. After they had taken their copies, one copy remained, which I left at the check-in counter. Later that day a young man from the camp staff took the tract, approached a national pastor about the Gospel, and the next day trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior!

Our burden for 2015:
• Church plan exploration with pastor who was ordained last September
• Pastoral training in northern Mozambique
• Literature for faith
• Continuing development of Bible training materials available for national pastors"

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, TEMA, Seth and Melisa Acree — They share the following report and prayer report: "At Lighthouse Baptist Church we have been continuing with the scheduled renovations under the tent to make the church atmosphere more welcoming to visitor and member alike. Orbital ceiling fans have been hung on custom-made mounts under one of the tents. This provides a much needed regular breeze and relief from the equatorial sun.

Also at Lighthouse we just finished our annual missions conference with a guest speaker. I personally was pleased with the attendance, services, and responses, and I believe the Lord was as well.

• Residency visa acquisition!!! (it only took 10 months)
• Addition to the family
• Progress in renovations to facilities

Prayer Requests
• Continued learning of the Twi language
• Wisdom and strength regarding the power outages
• Continued growth at Lighthouse Baptist Church"

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, RIBEIRAO PRETO, Milton and Sharon Nunes — They share the following: "Praise the Lord with us for a number of souls that have recently trusted in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Please pray diligently for the 12 newly converted people as we help them to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord. Pray also for 14 students from our Christian school who came to Jesus for salvation in the last couple months. Pray for the church in Bonfim Paulista. Praise the Lord for five families He has just recently saved there. A truck driver saved out of a life of drugs and alcohol testified in our church last Sunday night and impacted our people telling us how grateful he was for our going to his hometown and giving them the Gospel of Jesus. Pray for him and his two sons. Pray also as we will close the deal on the properties. God has given us $20,000 for the down payment and also helped us to have a loan approved for 12 years."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, (WESTERN) SAMOA, SAVAII, Jim and Emi Civale — They share the following report: "Church services continue as scheduled, were well attended, and we had active altar calls. It has been especially encouraging to see our preachers-in-training calling their own invitations, and to witness people responding so readily. During March we had a good number of visitors and saw one person saved, baptized, and added to the church family. One lady had been attending services about a month before joining Asau Baptist Church. Please pray for her husband and children to receive Christ and follow Him in baptism as well.

In our Christian school, classes continued steadily all month long, thanks to the faithfulness of Emi and her teachers. The school concluded its first quarter April 2. During the month of March, we passed unannounced government inspections with flying colors. We were also blessed when the Australian Embassy in Samoa provided 60 student desks and chairs and tile flooring for all of our classrooms!"

SOUTH AMERICA, PARAGUAY, Clint and Rita Vernoy — They share the following: "We officially organized as a church on March 8, 2015. Pray that the light of Iglesia Bautista Sin Fronteras will not be shadowed or falter but that we will be a beacon to this city that seeks safe harbor for their souls and families. Yesterday one of the leaders of our church had the donated property cleaned up and the grass cut. He saw that the empty property next to ours now has a For Sale sign posted. The listed price is $25,000 (this is less than the price of a new Toyota here). We will have paid that much in rent over the last two years here in our buildings, so we know that it is a fair price). It will double the size of the property and open great possibilities for the future like a Bible institute or Christian school and other ministries. At this time our growing congregation is stretched with the upcoming building project. The plot of land that we now own and the future building are coming from the tithes and offerings of the church here in Paraguay….If your church or any individuals could make a donation towards this purchase, it would be a great way to partner with your Paraguayan brethren in the Iglesia Bautista Sin Fronteras. All donations should be sent through BIMI and designated for church land in Paraguay. Any individuals may also donate at and designate for Clint Vernoy church land purchase. Pray for direction and provision for God's plan. Pray for this pastor/missionary."

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKU, Dan and Terry Gardner, — They share the following report: "In February Evangelist Bob Jones came to Okinawa and spoke to our people through an interpreter, of course. He was a real blessing to our people and us as well. While he was here, we also passed out a lot of tracts. Right after that it was the Bible School Conference and Graduation. It was a real blessing, and God used the messages to speak to hearts. The graduation itself was great, and one of the graduates this year will be coming to work with us in Okinawa. He will be coming down with his future wife as soon as they are married the end of June. Pray that God will use him greatly to reach the Japanese people here on Okinawa and eventually become the pastor of Shinko (sheen koh) Baptist Church.

We are now gearing up for our special evangelistic meetings with Pastor Wakimasu (wah key mah soo) on April 10-12. We already started passing out fliers/tracts for the meetings several weeks ago but still have a lot to get out. We are trying to get out 40,000 tracts before the meetings. Please pray that we can and that God will use them to speak to hearts. Pray for 10 people to be saved, for 20 visitors to attend, and for Christians to get excited about serving God."

USA MINISTRIES TO HISPANICS, NORTH CAROLINA, HENDERSONVILLE, Ed and Barbara O'Brien — They share the following: "We had eight in attendance for our first service on Sunday morning, December 7, and then no one for six long weeks. Each Sunday morning we would arrive early and prepare for the service, pray, and then wait by the window watching to see if a car would pull in—nobody—not Sunday morning, not Sunday evening, and not for the mid-week service. But we kept going and praying and the Lord answered prayer on Sunday morning January 25 with two families who came to visit. They have all been faithful to every service since they began to attend. It is exciting to see them grow and then listen as they give testimony as to what the Lord is doing in their lives. They are coming to know Him and the power of His resurrection as they see their lives truly being transformed. Several have shared how they have never heard the Word of God taught and preached in such a way that they could understand and apply it to their lives.

Thank you again for your continuing prayers and support."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the following report: "The Lord Jesus Christ gave our church a fruitful 'Dynamite December 2014.' He continues to shower us with blessings of souls saved and lives transformed. My former pastor in Maranatha Baptist Church, Okinawa, BIMI missionary Steve Nutt and Mrs. Nutt conducted Saturday Men's and Women's Bible Studies. On Sunday Brother Nutt preached, many came to the altar, including one profession of faith. The military transfers are hitting us early with the Vallance family. Brother Jim was our trustee and Faith Bible Institute Director. Ms. Jenny was our choir director and nursery worker and the family with their son Samuel were involved in various ministries, including Patch the Pirate. Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers. It is time to 'replant the church,' realizing church planting is not planting the building but 'people-planting' through strong missions, aggressive soul winning, and bold biblical preaching and teaching all year."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLUMBIA, RIONEGRO, Peter and Elisabeth Putney — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Recently I had the opportunity to lead a family of four to the Lord. After witnessing specifically to their teenage son and daughter they both decided they wanted to accept the Lord as their Savior. When C. (15) was done praying, she had the glow on her face of someone who just trusted Christ. She then looked at me and said, 'I have never heard this before.' For those of us who have heard the wondrous story thousands of times, let us not forget that there are billions who have never heard it once.

The Lord has given us plenty to do these last few months as we follow up with visitors, disciple believers, and do everything else that goes with pastoring a young church plant. It is hard to believe but this church is now three months old. My wife and I are currently discipling 18 people, and the number seems like it keeps rising weekly as more, and more people want to be discipled one-on-one. This will take a lot of time for a few months but we believe it will be worth it in the end when we have discipled believers who can disciples others as well.

• Many souls recently saved
• Noted spiritual growth in the people
• Faithful attendance in all four services

Prayer Requests
• Spiritual growth for the church
• Lost souls would be saved
• Physical and spiritual protection for our family"

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They share the following: "We have been privileged to teach in the Baptist International Seminary since January 2000. Scores of people have been trained to serve the Lord in and through their local churches. Today, our seminary has 65 graduates—22 of whom are serving as pastors or missionaries! We are extremely proud of the students that the Lord has allowed us to train for His service. This semester I am teaching Bible Doctrines 1 and the Gospel of John. The Lord has given us tremendous students this trimester. We praise the Lord for each one of them. Four students are the result of our first church planting ministry.

We need to see more churches established and believers equipped for the work of the ministry. In just a few days we will be assisting one of our seminary graduates in a potential church planting project. This area of town is a new community that is experiencing steady growth. At present there is no church of any kind preaching the Gospel. As you can see, opportunities abound on every hand. Our city is growing and thus, there is an urgent need."

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, COUVA, David and Terri Long — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Since our last letter we had six people saved on soul winning and in our church services. We also had a baptism for four of our people. We went to the ocean early Saturday morning to a place that was new for us. Everything went well and we ate a 'bake and shark' sandwich when we got done.

Prayer Requests
1) Pray for us to have more people saved and for more people to come to our church services. Pray that the people coming now would be more faithful.
2) Pray for more people who have been saved to be baptized.
3) Pray for the children and teens coming to our church.
4) Pray for our Religious Instruction class in the local high school.
5) Pray for us to be able to purchase a used van.
6) Pray for the rest of our immigration work to be completed."

CANADA, QUEBEC, DRUMMONDSVILLE, Betsey Reznor — She shares the following report and praises: "It has been a bit of a struggle this winter, staying inside and feeling cut off from family and friends, but the Lord sent me a good friend who directed me to a Bible study. It has sure changed my outlook, and for the better. It takes a bit of time to go through each lesson, but since I'm not doing much activity outside of the house, I have plenty of time for an in-depth study. And I have appreciated it so much. I'm learning many things, and I just want to share them with everyone.

On an encouraging note, I sometimes wonder how much the children are learning. But last Sunday, I drew a map of Israel on the whiteboard, and as soon as I started, a little boy said, 'I can draw that—the whole thing.' I guess they really were paying attention when we were going through the life of David and I drew the map so we could put soldiers on it to represent the Israelites and the Philistines.

• Children's desire to learn to find Bible verses on their own
• Bible study that have been very helpful and encouraging
• New opportunities for service"

SOUTHEAST ASIA, KIRIBATI, Sam and Mary Beth Snyder — They share the following report about language school and prayer needs: "This semester we are studying Morphology and Syntax. This is the study of the structure of how words are built and how they relate to each other in sentences. All languages are made up of organized sounds that form together in precise ways to form words and sentences that carry meaning. It sounds like a chaotic mess when we first are learning a new language, but we have seen that God is a God of order and even though it sounds crazy to us, it is really organized in great detail. God knew what He was doing when He confounded the languages.

We are excited to return to Kiribati and continue studying the language with a better understanding of sounds we will hear as well as a specific method for learning more efficiently. Our plans are to leave for Kiribati in June. We graduate from Baptist Bible Translators Institute on May 16.

Please continue to pray for our ministry and our schooling here in Texas. Also, pray for the ministry in Kiribati. We have been hearing some good reports of how God is working in lives while we have been back in the States."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, RUTI, David and Talia Ruley — They share the following report and prayer needs: "The last several months have been very busy for us and the next several months may be even busier still. The church in Ruti is doing well. Our attendance has been steady even though many of the people went to visit family for Christmas. We have had several visitors, and it has been encouraging to see much faithfulness. Nothing has happened as far as the property dispute is concerned. The family never came to meet with us so we are praying they have decided to not pursue legal action. God is in control of this, and we know He will work things out in His timing. We plan to go to the office of land registry in the next several weeks to see if our paperwork has passed on to the next step. Please pray that the paperwork will go through within the next month so that we can get the property deed. If we get that paper, all of these issues will go away."

No property problems at Ruti
A good safe Christmastime

Healthy delivery
Growth at Ruti
Future direction

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the following: "We praise the Lord for a fruitful and wonderful 2014 He has given us in Yokosuka City Baptist Church in Japan. The months of November and December were packed with Thanksgiving and Christmas activities. On Thanksgiving Day we enjoyed a great Thanksgiving banquet with seven turkeys, four hams, and a long table full of desserts. Elvie led J. to the Lord Jesus Christ during the Thanksgiving banquet.

During our Christmas banquet, Elvie led one and Ms. Ruby led another to Christ. They are mother and daughter who trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, we were invited by a family to their house for dinner. We were introduced to their guest and I had the wonderful privilege of leading three to the Lord Jesus Christ on His Birthday!"

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, BANGKOK, the Brian Cone Family — They share the following report and prayer requests: "One evening while I was riding in a taxi, the driver wanted to know what we were doing in Singapore. I explained to him that we were missionaries and we were obtaining our missionary visas. He said, 'Praise the Lord! Good to meet you brother.' Upon arriving back in Bangkok, the taxi driver asked why we traveled to Singapore and I explained to him about our missionary visas. He said, "Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians are all the same." It reminded me as soon as I arrived back in Thailand of the great need for Christ and why my family was here.

Please take an opportunity to look at pictures of our ministry on Flickr or follow us on Facebook."

• Funds for a vehicle ($8,900 remaining)
• Salvation of English students

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, DUBLIN, the Canavan Family — They write, "N., one of our Philippine ladies, came to us with a request. As a result of her spiritual growth, she became burdened for her own people here in Ireland. She asked, 'If I invite my friends to my house, will Beth come and teach a Bible study?' The monthly evangelistic Bible studies grew to trust us and sent their children to our annual summer Holiday Bible Club. Many have heard the Gospel and solid spiritual truths on which to build their families and a few have been saved. This past fall another one of the ladies, C., got saved. She began coming to church every Sunday and bringing her daughters with her. The devil is fighting this. Please pray that her work schedule would change allowing her to come to church every Sunday. Please pray for her to be baptized. Please pray for her husband and her daughters to be saved. Please pray that more ladies would attend and they would get saved...."

Prayer Requests
1. Raise the remaining funds to buy our building
2. Salvation: B., R., N., J., C., L., A., M., E., Ma., and Jo.
3. Baptised/join church: J,, Z,, O.
4. Being Discipled: J., S., & Sw., P. and Si., A., and J.

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following: "December was full of opportunities to minister here in New Brunswick as well as in Quebec. We were able to help with two evangelistic services that were organized by Pastor Rioux and the church in Riviere-du-Loup. Many people heard the Gospel through this effort. They had more visitors for their Christmas program than ever before. Many family members and friends, who have been invited to church for several years, came for the first time. Although Pastor Rioux was not able to preach, he was able to attend and see fruit for his labor. Please continue to pray for his health as he battles cancer.

We also had a wonderful evangelistic Christmas service in a church in Edmundson, New Brunswick. Praise the Lord! The boy's football coach and his family came! It was probably the first time his wife had ever been to a Gospel preaching church. Another family that we had invited came. Those two families are coming to our youth night and we are excited to see what God is doing in their lives. Please pray that they will accept Christ as their personal Savior."

WEST AFRICA, SAO TOME & PRINCIPE, Doug and Amanda Claypool — They share the following: "Our discipleship group continues to struggle with the different schedules and we are looking at going back to individual studies for a time in order to keep any one person from falling behind or stalling out while waiting for others to catch up. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we work through this.

Two specific requests that we would ask fervent prayer for are: First—the registration of BIMI here on the islands. The process was ready to get underway last October but for some reason or another, key paperwork that we must have to proceed keeps disappearing in route. Please pray with us that we will see this accomplished as it is essential to our visa status and future ministry development. Second—we have the opportunity to purchase a small lot of land in the area where we are working, but many things need to be considered before such a permanent step can be taken. Primarily, it would be for us to live on, putting us within easy reach of the people with whom we are working, but it is farmland with no electricity or water, though there are sources nearby, and any building would be quite literally from the ground up....We truly need your fervent prayers in regards to these to matters."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Alan and Becky Jackson — They share the following report: "The church in Danli continues to grow and is now starting a new church in a neighborhood call Los Robles. God has provided a property and we have already begun evangelizing. We are praying for the funds to build the church. It is located in a very poor community. Along with this new church, we are planning on starting a school here as well. So the church building will serve two purposes. Preaching the Word of God and teaching children how to read by using the Word of God. Please pray with us for this new ministry. We are praying that we can start building in February 2015.

In addition to the new church, God has provided a property for a camp ministry. There are 12 acres of beautiful land on which to build. This property will be used for the Bible institute as well. We were able to have a youth meeting here this past Saturday and God moved in a great way. The teens have been on fire since the youth camp. Many decisions were made and many have surrendered to full-time service."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC AND CUBA, the Michael Doering Family — They share the following report and prayer needs: "There is nothing that excites me more than hearing about how God has used leaders we have been blessed to train and disciple. The ministry in Santo Domingo has been in the hands of national workers for the entire six months we have been gone. About a month ago I received a message from one of them asking prayer for a neighbor of his. He had been sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with C., and she had been attending Saturday evening outreach events at our church for three weeks and had also been coming to our Sunday evening services. On Sunday night after the main service, she approached him and said that she had accepted Christ and wanted to join the church. We rejoice in how God is using Dominican leaders to build His church one person at a time."

Prayer Requests
1. A safe return to the Dominican Republic
2. God's continued work in the hearts of our members who are walking with Him
3. Personal revival that will lead to church revival
4. Growth in our walk with Jesus so He can continue to use us to accomplish His will for the church in the Dominican Republic
5. For God to initiate a movement of planting local churches for His glory alone

EASTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, JOHVI, Ron and Rachel Winkler — They report the following: "I would like to ask you to pray for D. He is the adult son of the owner from whom we purchased our house. The Lord provided an opportunity for me to witness to him. He is a smart, educated, business man, but he has trouble accepting the simplicity of salvation. This is the typical mindset of people here. They feel they need to DO something to receive the gift that has been paid for in full.

In our last letter we mentioned a need for a ping pong table as we try to start a Saturday youth club. We praise the Lord that that need has been met. Within a week of mentioning the need, we were contacted by someone that wanted to meet that ministry need.

Our vehicle was purchased used 5½ years ago and over the past year it has required significant repairs to keep it running. The ABS system has recently stopped working. A new system is over $1000, which is more than the vehicle is worth at this point. We do not feel we are being good stewards of God's money to continue to put money into a vehicle that isn't worth much. Would you pray with us that God would provide a newer, more reliable vehicle to meet our need in His perfect time?"

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Dan and Becky Bennett — They share the following report: "On December 21 Dan baptized three young people (two of our own children, and a deaf Brazilian girl). Also, one lady received assurance of her salvation. We had one first-time visitor, and a few second and third-time visitors. One man who came began asking questions about salvation. Please pray for M., the husband of D., that the Holy Spirit would continue working in his heart and open his understanding of the Gospel. Since she made a profession of faith a few weeks back, she really wants her husband to get saved, too. Thanks for your prayer regarding the salvation of him.

We ended the year with a good time at Deaf Camp from December 29 through January 1. Although we have a small number, the Lord blessed as we ended the year being spiritually challenged from the Word of God."

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, SAN FERNANDO, Nick and Patty Sutmaier — They write, "What a Happy New Year! It started with a faithful couple who used to be Jehovah's Witnesses who got saved and came to me because they wanted to be baptized. I told them the water was very cold in the baptistery and they said, 'We don't care. We would like to get baptized today.' It was a blessing to baptize them. A young man that just got saved about a month ago made the decision to get baptized along with a lady in our church that got saved two years ago. Then the young lady that got saved when I preached her 21-day-old baby's funeral came to me and said she wanted to get baptized along with one of our teenagers and his brother. Everyone but two was baptized in warm water. God is doing great things in the lives of our church people as they take steps of faith and grow in the Lord."

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, SANTA ANA, the Cerna Family — They give the following report and prayer needs: "The church Bible institute has started its first quarter of the year, and there are five men enrolled. Please pray for three of these men who will graduate at the end of this year if they pass the remaining course work. These men are preaching regularly at the church, and we are excited at the prospect of starting another church in this city sometime in the future. We also ask that you pray God will bring more men to the institute who will surrender their lives to do what God wants them to do.

We are also thankful for how God is allowing us to see people receive Christ. About two months ago, the ex-husband of a lady who had been a member of our church for a few years came to visit for a Wednesday evening service. None of us had ever met him before, and we did not know who he was when he came. While dealing with him after the service, we found out that he had come for the purpose of receiving Christ as his Savior! Since he received Christ, he has been faithfully attending services, and Steve has started the discipleship course with him. Please pray for this man (JRA) and for our church as we are in the process of knocking on 20,000 doors this year. We praise God that we have already seen four professions of faith from these efforts, and we pray that many of these decisions turn out to be disciples for Christ."

USA MILITARY, SICILY, Al and Elizabeth Hamilton — They give the following report and prayer requests: "Outreach—More and more of our members are reaching out to neighbors and coworkers resulting in more of those invited coming to church and finding a church home with us. Some of these folks will trust Christ as Savior and some are wayward Christians returning to the Lord.

Sunday Evening Attendance—A new children's program has begun now that we have a qualified couple volunteer to teach it. More families return for the evening service, which allows not only the children to be under the teaching of the Word of God but the adults as well. This results in more opportunity for the Holy Spirit to mature them in their individual walk as well as their church involvement.

To continually harvest, you must continually sow and work the young plants. Pray God will continue to give strength and wisdom for the work. Thank you ever so much for keeping us here through your giving and prayers."

USA MINISTRIES, Bob and Jennifer Larson — They share the following prayer need: "We presently have 45 family units and 5 single units who could come to our scheduled field conference this spring. Not all will attend, but for those who are able to come, it will cost around $300 to house a family and about $250 per single. I have just sent our reservation forms to our missionary families and at this point we feel we have 25 to 30 family units coming to our meetings and perhaps three or four singles as well. If I have done the math correctly, it will take $8,500 to house our missionaries during the two field conferences. This does not include housing or honorariums for our speakers.... Please pray with us about this need. If your church could contribute to the USA Field Conferences coming up in just a few short weeks, we would ask that gifts be sent to BIMI by March 31, 2015, and designated for Account #553 USA Field Conference."

EUROPE, ROMANIA AND MALAWI, Marguerite Gentry — She shares the following: "I want to write about the School of Missions in this letter and the next. We have a total of 12 students this year. Eight are coming from last year and four are new this year. This is the first time in quite a while there have been more than ten students! God has blessed our small school with an increase. There are some Moldovan young folks who wanted to come to us. They were unable to this year as the process to get a passport is both expensive and long. Please pray that they will be able to come next year.

Please pray for the school, teachers, and students."

CARIBBEAN, THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Tim and Sharon Fluegge — They give the following report and prayer needs: "Even as we launch into this exciting New Year, we rejoice over a fruitful year of ministry during 2014. Our first Dominican convert came to Christ during the Youth Conference in late June. A few weeks later his brother was also saved. We started the youth meetings in August and these two brothers began inviting friends to come. So many of their friends started coming that we have had to turn people away occasionally, largely due to space limitations! Eleven more teens in addition to these two brothers have professed faith in Christ since June, and most of these new believers started coming to church because of them. There is no one else but God who could get the credit for this sort of thing! Please pray for 11 new disciples of Christ."

EUROPE, ENGLAND, STOKE-ON-TRENT, Matt and Amanda Green — They share the following prayer needs: "We are praying about some major decisions concerning our future ministry. One of which is where to go upon our return from furlough this summer. The Lord has opened up an opportunity for a church rescue on the outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent (only 15 minutes away). The town where the chapel is located has a population of about 20,000. Please help us in praying for the Lord's wisdom and clear direction with many other churches as well.

We are only allowed to be out of the country for 90 days due to visa requirements. Consequently, we will not be able to visit as many churches as we hoped. Thank you for your support."

FAR NORTH, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following report and prayer requests: "We ran into R. at the mall a few weeks ago. He stopped coming to church over nine years ago. We were so happy to see him again after all of those years. He has been listening to good preaching online and has wanted to return to church. He promised to come back and has been in church the last two Sundays. This has been a blessing to us!

J. is a sweet lady who got away from the Lord several years ago. One of our faithful ladies stayed in contact with her and continually encouraged her to come back to the Lord. She came to our Thanksgiving dinner and we are praying she will make the decision to get back into church very soon. Her teenage daughter has been attending our teen classes. Please pray for J. We love her family and would love to see them following the Lord again."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, the Winkler Family — They share the following report: "One of my favorite restaurants in town serves local food with a slight Indian flavor. The owner is a Muslim friend whom I've been able to witness to a few times. Because we take their food scraps to feed our dogs, I have also gotten to know the workers in the back. At first, I would share a little of the Word with them—normally to a cynical audience. However, that has now changed to one of interest and reception. Now, when I go, I will sometimes hear one Muslim guy ask, 'What's the good word tonight?' Many times I've stood in the back of that restaurant teaching the Bible. The last time I went, that very guy told me he wanted to talk to me personally and learn more about the Bible. Pray that God would continue to work in the people at the restaurant and in the owner's heart."

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mollie Prussia — They share the following report and prayer needs: "At the end of July, Mt.Calvary Baptist Church of Gensan held a pastors' conference. Mollie did check-ups for the pastors and their wives. Stan spoke to 120 pastors. The pastors were able to sign up for a medical mission in their own church. We scheduled two medical missions per month for 12 months starting in August.

Stan contacts pastors and we usually visit the church for a service. Stan preaches and we issue tickets for the medical mission. We can also set the physical set-up of church, the members can meet us, and we can tell them about how the patients are seen medically and are invited to talk with a spiritual counselor before leaving. To God be the glory, many salvations and other decisions are made.

Prayer Request—Pastor D. asked Stan to evaluate the possibility of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church starting a 24-hour-a-day cable TV channel. Please pray for God's leading as Stan and four church workers check on programming materials, costs, and other details. Pastor D. has asked Stan to prepare to teach a science class in Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Bible Institute."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, (WESTERN) SAMOA, SAVAII, Jim and Emi Civale — They give the following: "The man who came forward at last month's 'White Sunday' service has been baptized and added to the church. Another man in the church also followed the Lord in believer's baptism along with a young girl. We have received our first batch of computers and are using them in the Bible college. Our men, most of whom have never even touched a computer before, are very fast learners and are now doing all of their assignments on their laptops."

Please pray for Emi's health, an automobile, and funds for more computers.

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, PIARCO, Coco Chan — She shares the following: "In June I handed over the children's ministry at Amazing Grace to C. and A. While getting ready for a new church, I temporarily attended Trinity Baptist Church where Pastor Gossett ministered for 6-7 years when he first came to Trinidad. In August Mrs. Santo, a national pastor's wife, called and asked if I could make two pizzas for their special Sunday and also if I would teach their Sunday school on that day. I went to Hope Bible Baptist Church not knowing it was God's plan for us to work together for a while.

Both Pastor and Mrs. Santo got saved as adults and she never knew what a children's ministry was like. She had a heart for God and children and had been praying for someone to show her how to teach Sunday school. I made a commitment to teach the Sunday school for them until the new church starts. I am also doing a Bible club for them on Tuesdays, and this will keep going until they have a church member ready to take over. The class has grown from 5 to 12-15. Please pray for God to bless His work in Valincia.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for a meeting place for the new church.
• Pray for the Bible study on Wednesdays at Pastor Gossett's home which was started in September. Pray for newcomers and visitors to return.
• Pray for the children who made professions of faith at different schools.
• Pray for safety. I was in a minor car accident in November. Thank God for protecting me from being injured. Although it wasn't my fault, it will be a long process to get all the paperwork done.
• Pray for the political situation and the continued freedom to preach the Word of God in Hong Kong. Pray also for my family over there."

EUROPE, IRELAND, ROSCOMMON, ATHLONE, Stephen and Katie Finley — They share the following report and prayer requests: "Please pray for the salvation of a homeless man whom I first met while handing out our tracts back in September. I have met him on the street repeatedly since then and have given him several tracts, and he is beginning to ask me earnest, voluntary questions about the new birth. Pray that the Lord will show me wise and practical ways in which to show compassion toward his physical needs as well. Keep praying for the salvation of M. and his family. Despite being upset about a biblical teaching that he doesn't like, he has returned to church. To our surprise, his oldest son came to church for the first time last week! He admits that he is not sure of his salvation, and he wants to learn more. Also, keep praying for D. Because of ongoing illness, he hasn't attende•d church for weeks. The enemy is using this to pull him away from the Word of God. Don't stop praying! This is a spiritual battle afoot."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, FIJI, LAUTOKA, Paul and Martha Daku — They give the following report: "In Fiji the Lord continues to build His church. The year 2014 has been a year of unprecedented spiritual growth in the lives of our people. We continue to encourage them to grow more and do more for the cause of Christ.

Several students recently completed another semester at Master's Use Baptist Institute. This ministry remains a vital tool in training nationals to reach their own people in the South Pacific. PLEASE PRAY the Lord will call more men and women to serve Him.

Many changes have taken place in Fiji since the coup of 2006. WE PRAY the door will remain open for missionaries and nationals to preach the Gospel in this place.

As we reflect on 2014, we are grateful for the Lord's sustaining grace, and His mercies that are new every morning. He has met all our needs and given us grace and spiritual weapons (Ephesians 6) to face the battle here on the front lines. As we look to the new year, we have many goals we are praying about for the work in Fiji."

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, MEHLINGEN, Jason and Leah Harvell — They share the following: "At the end of the month of October, we launched our Single Adults Living Triumphantly (SALT) ministry. There were a total on nine who attended our first meeting. On Thanksgiving Day we planned our second SALT meeting, and with many traveling for the holidays we were trying to remain hopefully optimistic that we would have a good turnout. God showed me how little my faith was by bringing in 14 for the day with eight who were new to the meeting! Praise God!

Pray for two of our singles who are currently deployed in different areas of the world. In November we celebrated Veteran's Day at the church in which we had a tremendous turnout."

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D.A. and Debbi Brosius — They share the following blessings and prayer requests:
"Blessing: We baptized six people in the last month, four teens, a baker, and a producer for ESPN.
Blessing: Some churches sent in offerings for our car fund after our car burned. We have about half of what we need for another car.
Blessing: Several who had been attending church for a while have made professions of faith.
Prayer Request: Serious family problems with some of our couples.
Prayer Request: Spiritual fruit from the many special activities and meetings of the season.
Prayer Request: God's leading in the lives of our youth, that some would be called to the ministry and prepare as missionaries and pastors and that all would serve God.
Prayer Request: For Shana's future since she has finished her Master's degree. She would be happy staying here as a missionary but would need to raise support, which is difficult for a single young lady. She is open to teaching here or there in the States and is seeking God's will."

WEST AFRICA, SENEGAL, ST. LOUIS, Pat and Jody Russell — They share the following: "Basketball Evangelism — This past month the coach of the basketball club here has made me the official coach for their club. This is a great honor and position. It gives me opportunity to reach out to the community and to also influence many young people. Before, I mostly worked with one or two kids who had difficulty with shooting or dribbling the basketball. Now, I am leading some of the practices and introducing new drills, which the coaching staff is also using. Keep in mind that I have been in contact with this club for over two and half years and it has taken a lot of patience and hard work to gain their confidence. There have been a number of coaches who are also from the States who have participated in this club, but they did not last long. Pray as we continue to exemplify the Lordship of Christ as we minister to coaches, students, and parents.

A few prayer letters ago we informed you that we would begin translating some much need discipleship material into the French and Wolof languages. The first of 15 lessons for the Journey Discipleship Course by missionary John Honeycutt has been completed in French. Next we will begin to translate lesson one in Wolof."

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, IGELHEIM, Walt and Thrasilla Hornung — These veteran missionaries share the following: "This past Sunday on the first Advent we observed the Lord's Church here in Mainz, our yearly Christmas Celebration Service. We are grateful that we could start this special event with a crowded auditorium and a piano/flute concert. The children, teens, and some adults sang special Christmas songs. There was a powerful message from the Word of God 'Reasons Why Jesus Christ Came to This Earth.' After that we enjoyed the delicious meal that the ladies prepared so well. We returned again to the main auditorium and had what we call a Favorite Song Service. We thank the Lord who gave us such a spiritual blessed time together.

As we reflect upon the year 2014, we are thankful for the many sermons that have been preached, lectures that have been taught, people that have been counseled, literature that went out, lives that have been changed, and people who have been saved and followed the Lord in baptism, also for the new visitors who have started to come to our services."

CARIBBEAN, ANTIGUA, ST. JOHN'S, Nathan and Renee Owens — They share the following: "Thank you for your continued prayers for us, especially during this hurricane season. We thought we were going to slip by without any storm activity, but on October 13 Tropical Storm Gonzalo seemed to form out of nowhere and visit our island. Since no one expected the storm to become as strong as it was, little was done for storm preparation. On the day of the storm, Nathan and the Kirklands were at the radio station securing the building. Renee stayed at home battling the water coming in the house through the windows, doors, and leaks in the roof. Both the water and electricity were turned off that morning and were not restored to our home for a week. We're very thankful for the generators that the radio station has to be able to continue to broadcast without power and that allowed us to keep our refrigerator cool and use our cistern water to bathe and wash dishes. At the radio station, the strongest winds that we recorded were 68 mph, which is just under hurricane strength (74 mph). Praise the Lord for His protection of us and that we can say nothing was significantly damaged!

Please Pray
• That the station will be able to purchase land in Antigua for a new studio.
• That God will supply the financial support for the land and a new studio building.
• That our missionary team will be able to work together to operate and improve the radio station.
• For finances for the station.
• For our involvement in our local church and with the youth and older-young people.
• For the streaming license agreement."

FAR NORTH, QUEBEC, Betsey Reznor — She shares the following report and prayer needs: "I know that some people ask themselves if all the effort is worth it when there are so few children and teens in our churches here in Quebec. For example: for VBS we had nine children, and it was a big group for us! Yet I can't help but remember that I was the only person in my Sunday school and youth group. People invested in me anyway, and they influenced my life tremendously for the Lord. And so I believe that even if there is only one child at church, I will make every possible effort to help that child see his need for salvation. And even if there are only a couple of teens, I will keep planning activities for them, encouraging them to get involved in serving the Lord, in spite of the enormous cultural pressures they face. And isn't that what missions is after all—reaching one person at a time with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Prayer Requests
• Open doors for witnessing
• Decisions made through junior and teen outreaches
• Wisdom preparing materials
- for the ladies' conference
- for the children's church and next year (VBS, etc.)"

CENTRAL EUROPE, UKRAINE, ODESSA, John and Dawn Spillman — They give the following report: "Please continue to pray for the provision for our church roof and for much needed monthly financial support. Also pray for the renewal of our residency papers for this next year. With the political turmoil and war over the last year, there have been a number of changes to Ukrainian law.

Please pray for the churches in Crimea. The economy of the area is in great upheaval. The churches are in need of pastors and spiritual leadership. Pray for men of God to stand up and take responsible and spiritual leadership positions in their churches."

BRAZIL, SÃO PAULO, Kirk and Kathy Hickok — They share the following: "On October 23 we arrived safely in Brazil.... The first matter of business was to see if Pastor J. was willing to take the pastorate here in Sertaozinho. We have been praying for many years for the right person for this work, and many of you have helped us in that request. Pastor J. has been faithfully serving the Lord in Barrinha since the inception of that work (12 years). During our furlough he took care of both churches. He graduated from our Bible institute and is a strong fundamentalist. He is committed to keeping our churches biblically sound and doctrinally pure. He was ready to accept the pastorate as long as we stayed to help with the transition and help take over some of the responsibilities in Barrinha.

The Antioch Ministry is such a blessing. This is a group of Brazilian pastors that Kirk formed to join together to plant churches in Brazil. They are all pastors of fundamental Baptist churches in our area who take a biblical stand on Christian living in these last days."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, Peter and Elizabeth Putney — They give the following report: "November 30 marked the first Sunday of our new church plant Iglesia Bautista Victoria. Victory Baptist Church is finally a reality and we are now holding four services per week. The Lord has given us several young families who have been praying for a fundamental Baptist church for some time now. They have been a tremendous help in starting the church. We also have some folks who have been attending faithfully from various religious backgrounds and we have seen several saved. One such person accepted Christ after coming to our Bible study for several months. She was involved with the Jehovah's Witnesses when I knocked on her door and shared the Gospel with her. We have been encouraged to see 20-40 people in almost every service. The last month has been a very busy and challenging time, but it is such a blessing to see new people saved and the other encouraged by what the Lord is doing."

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, MEHLINGEN, Don and Patsy Drake — They share the following: "In November I was invited to speak on our Baptist beliefs at a German high school. For two hours I sat in a circle with 20 or more ninth graders and two teachers who asked me one question after another. I had such liberty and was able to give them the Gospel over and over again as the questions came to me. One girl was so excited and interested that she stated in front of her peers, to my surprise, that she wanted to convert from her Roman Catholicism to Baptist and wanted to know how to do this. What an opportunity to tell her first, she needed to trust Christ as her Savior and then find a good independent Baptist church and follow the Lord in believers baptism! Please pray for her that she will be saved. The teacher would like for me to come again next year and said she would try to arrange such a meeting for me to speak to the twelfth and thirteenth grades: yes, they have a thirteenth grade. I thank God for the open door to plant the seed of God's Word."

Missionaries of the Day
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1 Corinthians 3:11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Don & Gypsie Arnold -  AUDIO VISUAL
Ronnie & Chona Autrey -  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
David & Teresa Azzarello -  USA - CHURCH PLANTING
I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people: I will sing unto thee among the nations. (Psalm 57:9)
I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men: For kings, and for all that are in authority: that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Please pray for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan (eastern Asia).
Project Medellín

Update: October 21—30, 2015

Distributing 40,000 New Testaments in Medellín, Colombia

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