Prayer Requests

CENTRAL EUROPE, UKRAINE, CRIMEA, SIMFEROPOL, Tony and Dawn Hess—They share the following report and prayer needs: "Just over a month ago, R. came to church for the third time, and after the invitation was over and we closed in prayer, she came up to me and asked if I could talk to her about being saved—GLORY! I 'pert near' danced a little jig—now you all know that I didn't, but I was rejoicing THAT'S FOR SURE.... This young lady, who came to church, was now ready to come to Christ as a result of her friend who I was privileged to lead to Christ and disciple last year. Saved—discipled—bringing others to Christ!!! 'I love it when a plan comes together,' to quote an old show from yesteryear. I'm glad for those of us who aren't that creative or rich to come up with something different to build a church. I'm glad to see that GOD'S PLAN WORKS AND IT WORKS BEST!!

We never imagined that this little spot of land holding about 2 million people (nearly the same population as the state of West Virginia—I love that place) would be the place for WW III to start. Never ever would I have imagined it to be so! As I write this letter, we are on the eve of a 'referendum' or vote for Crimea to secede from Ukraine and become again a territory of Russia, which would mean that we will possibly be changing fields without changing our address! This is probably a first.... Please, please continue praying."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, SOROTI, Lawrence and Rebecca Lantz—They share the following: "Thanks so much for praying for our family during this busy furlough time. We are in the middle of meetings with some of our supporting churches. We fly back to Uganda on May 5, so we are entering the stage of heavy preparation for our return,

• Good health and safety as we prepare to return to Uganda
• Ngora Baptist Church in Uganda—to remain faithful to the Lord and to have unity while we are on furlough
• For three more churches to partner with us financially before we head back to Uganda

• A new supporting church!
• Safety in traveling during the winter months to 29 meetings so far"

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, OJOJONA, Jason and Cassy Tate—They write, "The church in Ojojona has continued to see souls saved and discipled with Pastor Gustavo Silva taking the leadership. We are excited as we help plan the first baptisms in the work since he took the leadership. We are excited to see this work continue to grow and the desire for Christian growth. It is a blessing to see that almost every Sunday there have been visitors in the adult services. Please continue to pray for this work as they continue to reach their local community for Christ.
The construction in Ojojona is almost finished. We praise the Lord for His provision up to this point. We need to finish the building so that it can be used for the Lord. We are thankful for the funds that have already been given and are praying for the additional $2,000 need to put the roof on the church.

Prayer Requests and Praises:
1. Praise for the two souls saved this past month
2. Praise for 13 students that graduated from WCBC El Salvador last month
3. Pray for Sargent C. in the Presidential Honor Guard to continue to grow in Christ through discipleship."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, BANGKOK, the Brian Cone Family—They share the following: "We have arrived in Thailand! Our first goal is to fall in love with the people to whom God has called us. We are walking the streets, visiting all the shops and malls and trying to build relationships with those around us. . . . We have also started language school and are hard at work. Pray that we can learn quickly, but properly, and we can be a witness to our teachers.

Thank you for praying for a place to live. We have a place that is reasonably priced and fairly close to all places we need to be. Our landlord has been extremely helpful. Please pray as we witness to her.

Prayer Request:
Our plan for transportation when we arrived was to use all public transportation, i.e., train, bus, or taxi. We have been here about a month and have put pen to paper and in the long run, a vehicle would be less than we spend in transportation and far more convenient. Please pray the Lord will provide in the area of a vehicle for our family."

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, SANARE, the Nathan Arce Family—They share the following prayer requests: "We would like to share some prayer requests that are in our hearts; we know we can count on your prayers to receive the answer according to our Lord's perfect time. Peace for Venezuela: Pray that in the middle of all the death and crime God's work would continue to spread freely and boldly.

Wisdom and Protection: Richard and Maria Teresa are the national couple leading the church in our absence. They are pouring their love, energy, and ability into Sanare, and we are sure the Lord will bless them for the hard work they are doing.

Car: We need to buy a vehicle that will work for us during our furlough, and then resell it in November and use the money to purchase a family vehicle in Venezuela when we go back.

Support: As we share the growth of the ministry in Venezuela and personally thank the churches for their faithful giving and praying for us through out the past seven years, we ask for prayer as we seek to partner with new churches so that the ministry in Venezuela will continue for many more years.

Our Family: Pray for us as we adjust to the different weather and new life rhythm that includes missions conferences, traveling in the car for many hours, and home schooling."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato—They share the following report and prayer needs: "In February we immediately prepared for our March for Missions Revival with guest preacher Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI) President and General Director, Dr. David Snyder. It is an honor to have him along with BIMI Military Ministry Director, Dr. James Kennard. Dr. and Mrs. Kennard, who have been serving the LORD JESUS CHRIST as missionaries for over 50 years, gave their salvation testimonies and call to missions. E., R., and Y. all prayed to trust CHRIST as Savior! Recent converts, J., Ja., A., and Y. surrendered to believer's baptism. S., N., M., and C. surrendered to full-time Christian service or Military Missions. Praise the LORD! Please pray for all of them as we follow-up, disciple, and screen our missionary prospects."

Please pray for their son in West Coast Baptist College and for Elvie who is due for a visit with her doctor.

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, CATARMAN, Layne and Nelia Jones—They write, "Thanks to all that have given toward the new radio equipment. We still need several thousands of dollars to reach our goal of $15,000. If you can help with this very needy project, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please continue to pray for the land to sell in San José. This would enable us to transfer everyone to the camp. We need to finish the boys' dorm and build an educational building plus guest houses. We are now painting the cafeteria as one of our summer projects. We just finished painting one side of the tabernacle roof. There are so many projects to finish this summer before May Youth Camp and April Youth Conference. You can see pictures of the work here on Facebook at Lighthouse Baptist Church of Catarman."

WEST AFRICA, TOGO, TCHANDIDA, the Huff Family—They share the following report: "Few things in life could bring me more joy than watching how the Lord builds His church in places like Tchandida. This is a village 16 miles from our house that until just a few years ago was almost untouched by the Gospel. Its people were steeped in voodoo and enslaved in a dark world of witch doctors and fears of curses. In fact, the first thing we had to do when we started this church was to cut down a very large tree right next to our little building where animals were sacrificed in fetish ceremonies. By God's grace, this place has come a long way from that point, and we praise God for the many who have left their old lives of voodoo to follow Christ. To see more pictures of the work and to read more of the story, please visit our blog at"

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD, John and Abby Lafreniere—They write, "During the last three months we have traveled to Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Connecticut, Arizona, Colorado and North Carolina. It has always been amazing to us to see so many Christians around our country that have a burden for the Northeast. It will be a pleasure to tell the people of Fairfield that there are many Christians all around the country praying for them. God has continued to raise our support level and we are at 77% of our needed support.

We have not fully set our sights on the work that is needed to be done in Fairfield this year. Starting in the middle of June until the middle of August, we will have a 10 week distribution campaign for us to distribute 65,000 John and Romans door hanger packets. We have many churches that have already let us know that they will help us get the Word out in Fairfield, Westport, Bridgeport and Easton. We are attempting to distribute 6,500 per Saturday."

Prayer Requests:
• That God would miraculously heal Abby from Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS)
• Wisdom and direction as we look for real estate in Fairfield
• That God would allow some workers to help us as we start the church and work in the hearts of the people of Fairfield, Westport, Easton, and Bridgeport."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, KIRIBATI, TARAWA, Joel and Brooke Daku—They share the following report: "The Lord has been at work in this New Year and we are thrilled to see our church growing. Since January 7, we have had four more people follow the Lord in believer's baptism and added to the church. Many visitors have come, and we are praying for the Lord to soften their hearts that they may come to know the Lord as their personal Savior.

February is the beginning of the school year in this part of the world. We launched the school year with a 'Back to School Sunday.' Many people were invited and there were over 65 in attendance with 30 children and teenagers. God opened the door for Brooke to volunteer teaching English in a preschool two hours a day. The preschool is operated by one of our church members, and Brooke is free to share Bible stories, Bible songs, and be a witness to these young children's families. On 'Back to School Sunday' several of her students attended with their mothers. Please pray that the Lord will work in their hearts and that they would come again."

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Jorge and Aimee Rodriguez—They write, "Aimee continues to teach music lessons on Wednesday nights. It has been exciting to see the progress of each student. This year, many of them are taking turns playing for the offering on Sunday mornings, which helps to build their self-confidence and skills. We are looking forward to seeing how each of them will use this talent in serving the Lord.

Please pray for the youth group, for some have scattered. They have been unfaithful too long from the church, youth meetings and God. The core youth group has taken it upon themselves to visit those unfaithful teens to encourage them and bring them back to the fold."

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, BARQUISIMETO, Carlos and Susan Arce—They share the following: "Our church just started holding services in their own building even though this building isn't finished. It still doesn't have walls or the roof finished. They have a rough cement floor and about a third of the roof. They put up some electric lights and benches. What a wonderful service we had with them last week! It was so beautiful to see the sun set while we were singing praises to the Lord during the service. They are rejoicing that they are in their own building, and bit by bit they will continue to build. This week they are going to start putting up part of the first wall, even though cement is also one of the items that is hard to find. God is able."

WEST AFRICA, IVORY COAST, BINGERVILLE, Kristine McLaughin, RN—She shares the following prayer needs: "What a blessing to have so many open doors to share the Gospel message with our village neighbors! We have been encouraged already this year, but there is still a lot of work to do here. Would you pray with us for the following requests?

• A.-Pray for an understanding and acceptance of salvation among the students during the literacy classes.
• B.-Pray for more men to attend the services and for villagers to be saved and grow.
• S.-Y.-Pray for wisdom in starting the church plant and especially the men to lead it.
• Vehicle-For those of you who gave last year, my mechanic has looked at several vehicles in the capital, and we are close to making this purchase. Pray that we will choose the right vehicle that will be reliable in ministry for years to come."

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, JOHVI, the Ronald Winkler Family—They share the following report and prayer needs: "A few years ago I stopped by our local prison and was able to speak to the chaplain. I mentioned to him that I had lots of tracts and Bibles that I would like to get into the hands of the prisoners. He seemed interested and told me that they do need Bibles. We exchanged contact information. In the days following I emailed him and tried to set up a time to deliver the Bibles to them. I never heard back from him. Recently, I met a local 'pastor' and mentioned my desire to get the Bibles into the prison. He told me that he had contacts there and could get them into the prison. Praise the Lord! Last week 250 Bibles were passed out to be delivered to the prisoners. Please pray that God's Word would have an impact on the hearts of the prisoners.

• Salvation of O
• Salvation of A
• Literature distribution
• Larger van"

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, TERRYVILLE, David and Annette Townsley—They give the following report: "'God has brought us back!' E. gave testimony at the end of the revival services of how God had been working in her family's hearts to be faithful again in church! The whole family came to all of the Revival Services and some of her extended family came to a few services as well. The revival was well attended but what was special was that God worked in nearly everyone's heart. On Monday night of the revival, X. brought two middle-school aged teen girls named C. and M.. After the service the assistant pastor was able to lead them to Christ in the auditorium! When C. returned Tuesday night, her face was almost glowing with the joy of salvation plus she was wearing a dress!

In addition to the revival services, God has brought more teens into the church. A new family has been attending that has three teens. During the January winter games teen activity, eleven teens attended! Praise the Lord as this is a big increase from the last year."

Please pray for (1) Spiritual growth and numerical growth, (2) Healing for Annette's neck & arm, (3) Discernment and strength in fighting spiritual battles,(4) Upcoming special services."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, LA CAMPIÑA, the Mark Gerosin Family—They give the follow report and prayer needs: "Recently I met with our deacon and he proceeded to tell me he thought God might be calling him into full-time service but wasn't sure. I gave him some suggestions to help him gage the situation, along with the moving in his spirit. Please pray for this young man. He truly has a servant's heart and would make a great pastor.

A woman recently started attending church. She was already saved but had never been biblically baptized. She got baptized and brought her neighbor later on. Her neighbor came a few times and got saved. Keep bringing them in because God is at work!

Please pray as we embark on a new evangelism program this year that includes: preaching to the homeless, preaching to drug-addicts, door-to-door soul winning, house Bible studies, and evangelism in Ebejico."

USA, WORLD MISSIONS CENTER, TENNESSEE, CHATTANOOGA, Dan and Sharon Daugherty—They share the following: "January 31 Dan returned from California and began the huge job of completely tearing down, cleaning and replacing parts of a blown Scag mower engine. Finally, the evening of February 17, it was reassembled and started. What a blessing to hear the engine running once more! From February 18 to March 1 Dan traveled with a group of five others from our church and BIMI to work again at Pacific Baptist. Thank the Lord for protecting Dan and Lyle from harm as their scaffold began to roll in a 30-foot elevator shaft."

ARM MINISTIES, MISSISSIPPI, OCEAN SPRINGS, Andy and Dianne Ramsey—They share the following report, "In case you didn't know, we are under the ARM ministry (Assistance and Relief Missionaries) of BIMI. To get you up-to-date, we are still ministering at La Iglesia Baptist Gracia in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Now, I am pastor of the Spanish church. We ask you to continue to pray for this ministry here. Pray for A., M., S., Ma. and B.. We have begun a Thursday night Bible Study and prayer meeting besides our Sunday morning worship.

Dianne is still continuing her treatment every night and is doing fine. She still goes once a month for her lab and once a month for her clinic. She has been moved up on the list. We are still waiting for that call."

WEST AFRICA, CAMEROON, BUEA, Nathan and Karie Owens—They share the following report and prayer needs: "We thank God for His grace and for His protection in this past year! We have seen God's hand on our family and in the work He has called us to do. Karie has been continuing with doctor's appointments and tests as our medical furlough has been extended until the middle of July. We thank God for His wisdom and what He has shown us about her health and his healing hand in her recovery. Currently, she is being treated for heart arrhythmia. Please continue to pray for her as in the upcoming weeks she will undergo a procedure on her heart in order to correct this problem. We are praying for safety and a fast and full recovery!

Please pray for...
• Believers in Buea to grow in faith and obedience to Christ.
• Brother Roland and Brother Promise as they serve.
• More souls to be reached for Christ in future village outreach.
• New believers to grow as a result of the evangelism during the past two months.
• Protection against evil and the devil's attack against these young believers.
• Safety from political unrest.
• The Benson family as they plan to go to Cameroon as missionaries."

WESTERN EUROPE, ENGLAND, CONGLETON, Joshua and Melissa Booth—They share the following: "K. looked at us with concern in her eyes, 'I am not being fed at the _________ church in Sandbach. Would it be okay to start coming here more often?' We replied, 'Of course you may. You're always welcome here.'

At ninety years old, C. faithfully brings her husband to church, even though he has beginning stages of dementia. To maintain her proficiency for church accompanist, she has played through 732 hymns in our hymnbook nearly three times in the last two years! 'I like the Bible studies (about apologetics) on Sunday nights,' C. said with a smile. 'They really make me think.' Discipleship with A. M. has been rewarding. Last Sunday the church received her into membership. She has shown a servant's heart and a teachable spirit, which church members have noticed since she trusted Christ and became baptized. As a faithful servant, she goes with Melissa to pick up children for Sunday school. Recently, she volunteered to serve in our Sunday afternoon Bible club and wants to learn how to teach a Bible lesson."

Pray for the Booths as they will be taking a short furlough from April through June of this year.

EASTERN EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, the Adam Young Family—They share the following news: "We have some great news that will speed up the building program. We have just found out about a change in the rules that say we don't have to have water and gas connected in order to register our building and get a title deed to it. With a title deed we can register our residence in the new building, thus freeing us up to sell our apartment, which is where we are currently registered. This process can take as little as three months, so by May we might have the money from selling our apartment and be able to hire workers to help us finish everything more quickly. We have already turned in the needed documents to start the process. Please pray that everything will be completed.

As I was searching for a place to print our new tracts, I met a lady named L. She listened to the Gospel for an hour, and although she was shy and declined to pray on the spot to be saved, she did say that she would do so in the future. Please pray for her salvation."

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, San Miguel de Tucumán, Larry and Ruth Owens—They share the following blessings: "J. came to our church to one of our prayer meetings. He was a big time drug dealer for 25 years and then was arrested and spent over 10 years in prison. While in prison, he got saved. He now is out of prison. Please pray for him as he now wants to serve the Lord.

C. was a hopeless drunk for years. He recently got saved and is on fire for the Lord. He's a bus captain bringing people to Christ. A. also was a heavy drinker and has been saved. He's so excited to serve and honor the Lord. He has been off drink about a month. The night club next to the church is really going downhill. The crowd is about half of what it was. Please keep praying.

The Bible college is about to start again in March. We have new students committed to come from Ecuador and Bolivia. Please pray that we can send out more pastors."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, INDIA, MYSORE, David and Joanne Divakar—They share the following report and prayer needs: "We look forward to what God has in store for us in 2014. Here in Mysore the greatest blessing so far was the salvation of a young couple who had come to me for pastoral counseling because they wanted to get married. The young man comes from another city, but the young lady attends the young adult Sunday school class. They had heard the Gospel before and were thinking of following the 'Christian way of life,' but they did not know how to make the transition from the old way to a life in Christ. I asked both of them if they, as individuals, had received Jesus as their personal Savior; they said they had not. I presented the Gospel to them again and again and both of them asked Jesus into their hearts. Incidentally, I had written back in August 2012 about this young lady's family who had come to church and the dad and mom along with two younger daughters got saved; however, the two older daughters refused to come to church. They did come for the Christmas service that year, and consequently began attending Sunday school. It took two years for this young lady to open her heart to Christ; she is the older of the two girls. I know there were some of you who prayed in 2012 for these girls. God has answered our prayer. Please continue to pray for the sister who is still unsaved.

Please pray for the church plant in Sikkim, which is at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Brother B., who is the pastor there, is doing a great job. I plan on going in April to help him with the work. The trip involves a plane ride, a taxi ride, a four-wheel-drive ride and then a three kilometer walk or mule ride. I plan on walking with the others, please pray for me."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, MBARARA, David and Talia Ruley—They write, "As you can imagine, the weekends here in Uganda are very busy with ministry. Saturday morning has been relatively uneventful the last several months. The children's ministry at S.'s village has been going well, but it is very far to travel every week and I have been unable to attend since last year. At 11 in the morning, we head out for Ruti, a small village located just to the west of Mbarara. There is a small church there that is in need of help and encouragement. Most Sundays, my family attends church there, and I have preached there fairly often.

We arrive in Ruti around noon. Most weeks, C. and I go out to visit the houses around the church. The church is located on a swampy lowland on a small dirt road headed up a hill behind. Not too far up this road, we are surrounded by banana trees and in many places it is more of a path than a road. Surprisingly, houses are fairly frequent and most are not the mud-brick houses that you imagine when you think of Africa. Many have cement foundations, iron sheets for the roof, metal doors and locks, solar electricity, and some even have an elaborate system of gutters to collect rain water. The only water source for this area is at the bottom of the hill so collecting rain water makes the daily chore of getting water much easier."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, the Johnson Family—They share the following prayer needs: "Thanks to all who have generously given in the midst of economic difficulties to this upcoming (building) project. Please pray for us as we are preparing to begin clearing the land and start construction very soon. There are still plenty of slots open if your church work group is interested in being a part of this project!

Prayer Requests
• Salvation — P., H., M., A., J., Ar., Jo., R.
• New Christians' growth and spiritual maturity
• New men's discipleship class on Tuesday nights
• Health and safety
• Baby Lauren"

USA MINISTRIES, OHIO, MAINEVILLE, the Mark Sage Family—They share the following: "God is so good to us here. I thank the Lord that since the beginning of the year we have seen three adults and four children saved. It may not sound like a lot, but after having snow most every weekend for the last six out of eight weeks, we are very thankful. We have been missing many of the older folks for the services because of them not being able to get of their driveways or for fear of falling—yet the services have been well attended and there has been a great spirit in the church.

We have had a couple of trials as well. It started with having our pipes freeze during the first big freeze of the season . . . But those problems are small compared to the problems with souls. In previous letters I wrote you about a woman and her boyfriend visiting our church—she being the parent of one of our bus kids and him making a profession of faith. This week she was found dead in her house. They arrested her boyfriend (not sure what happened yet—drugs were involved). Please pray for these dear children, three of whom were coming consistently either to Sunday school or our midweek Master's Club. Oh, what our bus kids often are going through—they are still a viable and important mission field."

BRAZIL, JUNDIAL, Tim and Lidia Barrett—They share the following report and prayer needs: "Please pray that we can see more souls saved this year. We hand out tracts, visit, and talk to people weekly about their souls. At least once a month, we plan a special outreach activity for the whole church where we blanket areas of the city door-to-door with Gospel tracts. We also have Bible clubs and other outreach activities (like special services) planned. Please pray that the Lord's Word will fall on good ground.

As always, we will be holding a camp during Carnival, which is in March this year. As you probably know, Carnival here in Brazil is a time of dancing and debauchery. We can't even open a newspaper during those days without seeing immoral images of samba parties and dances. Carnival comes from the word 'carne,' which means 'flesh' in Portuguese. It is truly a festival to glorify sinful flesh. Our camps are a lot of work, but we would never leave our young people without a wholesome, spiritual activity during this period. Please pray that it will be a time of spiritual growth and renewal for our people."

USA MILITARY, ITALY, NAPLES, Matt and Diane Olsen—They share the following: "The last several days have been a time of transition into the ministry at Bible Baptist Church in Naples. This area is drastically diverse from the northern region where we lived and served for over ten years. Culture shock would be the correct way of describing these months. Naples, Italy, is called the 'land of fires.' It was labeled thus because of the amount of garbage that is illegally dumped and burned across the countryside. But more than trash burns here—vice of all sort burns and smolders in this society. Sin is running its course. It truly could be a beautiful land if it were but cleaned up. Currently, we are working on getting a courtesy pass for the Navy Base that would allow more access to our military families. The head chaplain was led to the Lord by missionaries in the Philippines. He is very supportive of our work and the church off base and is sponsoring us to get the passes. In the meantime, God has sent a retired Marine and his wife here to help and serve for three months as short-term missionaries. With their help we've been able to be on the base many times and able to pass out church invitations."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis—They share the following report: "Our team of four traveled to downtown Manhattan for the purpose of helping the homeless on Saturday, January 25. During that time we gave out coffee, sandwiches, clothes, New Testaments and a Gospel message. Even though we met many individuals on the corner of 30th Street and 1st Avenue, two of these men were homeless veterans. One of them was a part of the Special Forces Unit. He was also the recipient of two Purple Hearts. Their optimism was impressive.

Approximately 50,000 people stay in homeless shelters each evening in New York City, and 20,000 of them are children. One shelter for men and women is located on the corner of 30th Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan. During our activities on January 25, we were privileged to meet many needy people. Of course, one of their problems is hunger, as one of these men made a very interesting statement, 'I was hungry and didn't know where to get food . . . God brought you here.' "

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, ARIZONA, PHOENIX, Paul and Jan Fischer—They write, "Concerning the ministry to Asians in our area, we have obtained a large list of them living here. It had seemed like a difficult task to FIND people of Asian descent by just going door-to-door. Now we can concentrate our efforts more easily. We are hopeful that the Lord will bring us on our way to those whom He has prepared. Please pray for souls to be saved.

Thank you also for praying for our finances. The Lord has been good to us over the years, and we trust His provision. We are very thankful to the many faithful churches and individuals who have allowed us to serve the Lord for so long. Thank you!"

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, ST. JOHN'S ANTIGUA, the Jerry Baker Family—They write, "March 1 is one of the times when we make changes to our broadcast schedule. We are working on some of these changes now. Pray for God's direction as we choose what might be best for our listeners.

We recently spent several thousand dollars to upgrade our AM transmitter with a device that reduces our power consumption. So far, the savings have been substantial, with about 28% reduction in power usage.

Several of our listeners have responded to our financial needs over the last few months. Continue to pray for our local churches and listeners who might not have taken advantage of the opportunity to have a part in this vital ministry. Our desire is that new ones will respond and help us continue reaching the Eastern Caribbean with a strong radio signal along with the powerful message of the Gospel of Christ!"

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MERIDA, Don and Carolyn Carney—They share the following: "How can I describe our church building right now? Well, it is a MESS! Walls have been broken down and moved; the roof has been raised; the entrance has been relocated, an extra classroom built, the old baptistery replaced, etc. There are rocks, concrete, dirt, cement, ladders, and workers everywhere. Since the first of November we have been meeting in a different location not far from the church. Silvia, a faithful lady in our church, has allowed us to meet in an office building she rents out. It is God's provision for us since there is absolutely no way we could meet in the church right now. We are squeezed into the available space, and the children have their class outside. It has somewhat modified our services, but we have an overflow crowd each Sunday. Latecomers sit outside and look through the back windows! That works as long as it doesn't rain.

1. S., M. and M.'s son, asked the Lord to save him recently.
2. Attendance has been good and several visitors have attended since November. LORD, PLEASE HELP!
1. O. is suffering horribly from the last stages of liver disease and his wife is exhausted from the 24/7 attention that she is providing.
2. E., who had a motorcycle accident in November, is still suffering complications and pain; he has not had a cent of income for almost three months. Please pray that the insurance settlement will arrive soon.
3. C., who made a profession of faith in Christ, is struggling with a broken relationship and alcoholism.
4. These men need to be saved: P., D., A., F., R., M., Da. and J..
5. A couple had their house invaded by some drug traffickers and they could not get possession of it. The neighbors are afraid to testify on their behalf, and the one man who did had his life threatened. The local police were either afraid or involved, so they wouldn't help. Finally, with the help of a lawyer, they were able to get possession of their house, but without doors, windows, water tank, and any plumbing."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOA, SAVAII, ASAU, Jim and Emi Civale—They share the following report: "The opening of the ABC Academy for the 2014 school year went well and routines are now in place. With 62 enrolled, it is keeping our teachers very busy. I have the joy of teaching our twelve oldest students for two hours a day. It amazes me that they entered the school not knowing a word of English a couple years ago and now they are receiving instruction entirely in English.

We saw four people make professions of faith and three follow in believer's baptism in February. Two are single men in their twenties and teens. One is married and his wife and older children were saved, baptized and added to the church before we left for furlough last year.

March promises to be an intensely busy month with our Canadian mission team coming on March 17 for our building project and the estimated March 11 arrival of our cargo (Samoan Bibles, school books, radio station and sound system equipment, etc.) Getting that all cleared through customs over in the capital and delivered way out here is always a big ordeal, so please pray. Thank you so much."

USA, BIMI WORLD MISSIONS CENTER, Harrison, Tennessee, John and Mary Ramsey—They share the following report: "As we finished closeout for 2013, we are amazed and thankful that it was our best year ever, even for BIMI, as far as donations were concerned. The money God sent in allowed us to do the Fiji and Solomon Islands, Eurasia and the End of the World Bible Projects where thousands of Bibles were distributed. In addition, God has allowed us to do much needed relief work in the Philippines following the devastating typhoon. Thank you for your part in these projects.

It appears like the giving for the missionaries has held up in this economy though the giving for the needs of the Home Office is down a little. Please pray for wisdom as we negotiate the budget plus the new healthcare and all this entails for this coming year."

AFRICA, ZAMBIA, Dave and Maggie Barnhouse—They share the following report and prayer needs: "Our Bible institute has been doing great! We are praising the Lord for His provision! A church in Indiana provided the funds to remodel the institute classroom to give the "Bush" pastors a neat, well lit, newly painted place to learn with new chairs and desks. The same church will also be coming in March to help complete the project. What a blessing that will be to the men in the institute!

Over the past few months, we have been comparing Scripture with Scripture. It's exciting to see their eyes light up as they discover how the Bible proves itself.

We are one of a very few people out here in the Bush with a car, and we often get calls in the middle of the night to help transport people to the hospital. We recently took a man that was badly beaten in a fight and another who tried to kill himself with rat poison. The community is still talking about the ministry that helps people even if they don't go to their church. We pray this will provide open doors for us to share the love of Christ with others.

Prayer Requests
Many times people ask us for some specific things for which they can pray. We are including some below.
• Safety—Pray for our safety as we travel in and out of the Bush and to town. The roads themselves are in poor condition, and we never know when we are going to break down.
• Health for our family—So far, I have had malaria five times and Nathan has had malaria once, but praise the Lord, the rest of the family has fared better in that area. We often battle Giardia, and although it won't kill us, it certainly makes us think we are going to die.
• Souls to be saved—Many of the people have a concept of salvation, but very few put their complete trust in Christ—often adding baptism or some other form of works—and they are often plagued with thinking there is something that they can do to lose their salvation.
• The Farm—We continue to work towards self-sufficiency of the nationals. We have about four acres of corn planted as a test run. Please pray that we will have a good harvest."

USA SPANISH MINISTRIES, EVANSVILLE, INDIANA, Tony and Sarah Henderson—They share the following report: "In recent weeks we have been in communication with many of our supporting churches, though not all of them as of yet, concerning the change of ministry from church planting in Bolivia, South America, to Hispanic church planting in the Evansville, Indiana, area. Other churches have also been in contact with us. We appreciate the response from each one.

We are getting to know several people from the Hispanic population. A few weeks ago we met a young man, D, at a local Mexican restaurant. Upon meeting him he appeared to be distraught but was also surprised that we could speak his language. We gave him a Gospel tract and shared with him our desire to minister to him and his friends. A few days later I was able to go to his apartment and share the Gospel with him and his other roommates. Though he was not saved that day, the Gospel seed was planted. Two nights later, D called me because his friend, C, needed someone to go to the doctor with him and translate. I spent the next morning with him at the doctor. Little did we know that he lived across the highway from us. On Saturday night, C sent me several text messages that he was afraid of dying. He agreed to meet with me on Sunday afternoon to talk about the Bible. We talked about death, dying and the afterlife. That afternoon he was saved! We have been meeting together the past few weeks reading and studying the book of 1 John. He has grown in just a few weeks in his knowledge of Scripture and has developed a desire for his friends and co-workers to know more about Christ.

Local churches in this area have expressed their desire for a ministry to be established that will focus on the growing Hispanic population. Facilities have been offered and material has been donated for the purpose of starting a church. We have already begun some door-knocking when the weather permits."

BIMI-ARM PERSONNEL, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire—They share the following report: "Thank you to those who prayed for us during our recent trip to Belize to assist our missionaries Mark and Brenda Liedtke in Central America. God blessed with opportunities to preach and teach in both English and Spanish church plants in the Cayo District near the border with Guatemala. I also had many opportunities to assist in practical, physical ways in both these ministries. It was a joy to help them and see how faithfully they serve the Lord while keeping both these works going there.

Please pray as I return to England this month to relieve a family in Halesowen near Birmingham for a furlough. Later this year Christine and I will be relieving a family in Liverpool for them to take a much needed furlough. In relieving church planting missionaries like these, it will be good to be back pastoring and to church planting. Praise the Lord! These are both good missionary families who are doing excellent work and it is a joy to be able to help them through ARM ministries."

CENTRAL EUROPE, UKRAINE, Stari Petrovtsi, Matt and Johanna Hudson—They write, "On January 4, Johanna and I were married in Chattanooga, Tennessee...At the close of the ceremony, the kids knelt at a prayer altar with us and together we prayed for God's special blessing on our marriage and home!

In the Ukraine, the New Year began with protests, political unrest and freezing cold temperatures. For over two months, thousands of protesters have gone to the streets to show their disapproval in the current government...Several have been injured and even killed during these protests and we pray that a peaceful solution can be reached as soon as possible! Please pray for the situation in Ukraine!

The people of the Liberty Baptist Church in Stari Petrovtsi, Ukraine, are faithfully serving and continuing the work of the Lord. The men were recently able to build an annex to the church for the furnace and also finish the work on the heating system in the church. In spite of all that has been going on politically and economically, they are still busy laboring for the Lord. We are anxiously anticipating our return to Ukraine in April or May! Please pray for the Lord to open doors for us in the New Year."

BRAZIL, SÃO PAULO, LIMEIRA, Gary and Pam Tyler—They give the following report: "Now January has come and I am back on the field, running in full speed....I landed in São Paulo, Brazil, on January 9 and drove for three hours to get home and started a Revival Conference the same night. From Thursday through the next Tuesday we had services with good numbers of people and visitors. There were three wonderful speakers, and many decisions at the altar were made. One of our men told me, 'Pastor, this is the greatest conference ever! God has worked in my heart.' Since the conference I have been preaching on maintaining the revival that God has put in our hearts.

Again, we are waiting for a response from the owner of a piece of property for our church. It has 16,792 sq. feet of land with two little houses along the back wall totaling seven rooms and three bathrooms. We will have lots to do to clean up the land and build an auditorium, but how nice it will be if all works out for us to buy it. The banks here in Brazil will not loan money to churches that have not been registered for a least three years or to churches that do not have one man as the owner of the church. We have over 50% of the R$490,000.00 (reais) or US $205,000 (dollars) that we need, and we are praying the owner will let us pay the remainder in payments we can afford."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, COMAYAGUA, Chester and Violet Sheren—They share the following: "It is a great blessing to have our bus route started again. Pray that those who used to come on the bus will return. Each Saturday we are visiting the bus route house by house. Our goal is to bring in families as well as the children who were coming before.

Tragedy struck at New Hope Baptist (our second church). A baby was born with eye cancer. After five chemotherapy treatments, he died at three-months-old. Pray that his parents will get right with God through this time of trial. Y is faithfully visiting and preaching in Cane. They need a place to meet, as the sons in the house where they are meeting are drunks. F is preaching to the police each Wednesday. Several policemen are asking for Bibles. (The printer that provides the Bibles will not allow us to give them to people who do not attend our churches.) The twins' brother, W, will be graduating from high school. He has the opportunity to attend the university or Bible institute. Pray that he will make the right decision."

CARIBBEAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS, Cayman Brac, Russ and Bobbie Turner—They write, "It was a very profitable Christmas! In all my 60 years of sharing the Word of God, I never reached as many people as I did this Christmas. Mrs. Turner and I took advantage of Cayman Airways' direct flight to Panama to distribute God's Word, John/Romans booklets, on the city streets as individuals scurried along with both hands full of Christmas shopping bags. I slipped a Gospel booklet between thumb and fingers, telling the real meaning of Christmas.

One of our choice members, 84 years of age, went to be with the Lord. Many of us are above 80, our oldest being 95, but we continue our heavy load of missionary support, which allows us to read missionary letters each prayer service night.

Our young people grow wilder and wilder, but this makes the challenge greater. We certainly are not going to compromise Bible standards (KJV)."

USA MILITARY, FORT BENNING, GEORGIA, Bob and Becky Ingram—They give the following report: "On December 24, 2013, we had the honor to feed 75 soldiers that did not go home for Christmas. We were asked by the Jewish Chaplain (Rabbi) if we would be interested in keeping alive a long standing tradition of feeding the holdover soldiers that did not go home for Christmas. In past years we have hosted about 30 soldiers. Not this year, the first estimate was about 100 soldiers. The dynamics of feeding 100 hungry men is daunting to say the least. God burdened a man and his wife from my sending church to provide the meat (ham and turkey). The family knows what it is to have sons in the military; in fact, one son is deployed on his 3rd deployment. The soldiers ate every bit of the meat!

God blessed our efforts in so many ways. He gave us a bunch of workers from our church that donated many long hours, desserts and new equipment to pull off a first class event. He allowed the Jewish Chaplain to open the door for the Gospel. He allowed my pastor to preach. THEN GOD blessed again, by saving four soldiers!"

AFRICA, ZAMBIA, NDOLA, the Andrew Schultz Family—They share the following: "We praise the Lord for the members of Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola. If you were to visit, you would see that our attendance numbers are not huge. We have a core of about 30—40 people. Like Christians everywhere they struggle in their relationship with the Lord and their balance in the world. They face difficulties in their workplace, in their families and with their health. They battle the attraction of materialism and the comfort of complacency. They struggle to find time for the things of the Lord. Please remember to pray for the growing Christians at Calvary Baptist Church.

In our last business meeting at Calvary Baptist Church, the members raised the issue of doing more to help the new church plant in Miengwe. The motion was made that the church would pay for all the transportation costs involved in getting the Bible study leaders to Miengwe twice a month and the vote for this motion was unanimous! Praise the Lord for the members of the church being mission-minded for fellow Zambians!"

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, GENERAL SANTO CITY, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mollie Prussia—The Prussias had to return to the States recently when Dr. Stan Prussia experienced a heart attack. They give the following report: "Late on the afternoon of our 42nd wedding anniversary, December 18, Stan began having chest pain, and the surgical team was called for emergency surgery that night. The cardiac surgeon prayed with Stan and me before the surgery. He closed his prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Andy and Daniel waited and prayed with me during the surgery. Stan had three coronary artery bypasses. His sternum (breast bone) was cut in the middle and his chest stretched open as the surgeons took a vein from his left leg and an artery from the chest and connected them from the aorta to the heart arteries below the three blockages while his heart was still beating and pumping. We were able to see Stan on a ventilator at 4 AM. Each day more of the tubes were removed. Four days after surgery he was discharged on December 23. Now he is in the recovery phase. He has been able to spend some time with our family. He can lift up to 10 pounds. We have gone from very hot to very cold weather so most of his walking is inside the house.

Our desire is to return to General Santos City when Stan is able. Thank you for continuing to pray for us."

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, CORNAMADDY, ATHLONE, Stephen and Katie Finley—They share the following report: "Our own carol service, which we called 'Carols, Cocoa and Cookies,' was very joyous and Christ-honoring. After singing many carols, we did several fun and unique games (which were all Katie's creations), and then had cocoa and cookies. There were about 26 people present, and one of them was a first-time visitor—a friend of T, named J. J, who is a university student, lives a couple hours from here, but he so much enjoyed our church that he is seriously thinking of moving to Athlone for the summer so he can attend our church.

On December 19 an Irish man named P, who lives in a nearby town, walked into our service. (Irish people who are looking for answers outside the Catholic Church tend to sneak off to non-Catholic churches in other towns so that their Catholic neighbors won't know about it.) He was very interested in our library and began to pore over one of the books after the service. I invited him to come to our house for dinner and he took us up on the offer. Please pray for his salvation. He seems to be genuinely seeking answers and he gladly took the literature I gave him."

SOUTH AMERICA, PARAGUAY, Clint and Rita Vernoy—They write, "Since we moved into the new location, we have seen God blessing, and we know that it is just the beginning. God has brought us new families and many new contacts. It has been a bit overwhelming to be honest—and scary.

We have also seen Satan attacking some of our families, in fact, most of them. We need your prayers. Satan knows the danger that the church poses to his kingdom. He wants Christians who are distracted and weakened to the temptations and trials of this life. He will and has attacked, without mercy, some of the marriages in our church, children and family relationships.

Please pray for the following:
• the opening of our Christian Pre-school "Kingdom Kids" this February,
• all of the remodeling that must be completed in the next six weeks,
• protection for our church families and restoration of those who have stumbled,
• wisdom on the next steps and goals of the church, and
• teen mission evangelistic trip coming in June 2014."

USA MINISTERIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis—They share the following: "Each December I preach on the importance of Bible reading, as Jesus spoke in John 15. During the invitation one Sunday morning, D D raised his hand for salvation, and came forward to pray. After kneeling down, I asked him if he had the assurance of salvation. He said he was not a Christian. Therefore, I showed to him several important Bible scriptures, and asked him if he would like to receive Christ as Savior. He did accept Christ and has been coming back. His life has changed.

Our Bronx work has never experienced as many problems as we did in 2013. Hopefully, 2014 will be much better. The Fire Department and the Building Department gave us a lot of trouble. The landlord refuses to eliminate his 45 violations in the building. And, the architect gave us some bad advice. The expeditor who was at our last court date said there will be an 'execution of judgment' at the next court date of February 18th. He's not exactly sure what they might do to us. We are praying for this Cue Lounge."

FAR EAST, JAPAN, TOKYO TO, Dave and Glenda Carter— They share the following report and prayer needs: "I think one of the lessons we re-learned this past year was to just not give up. God rewards faithfulness. We will reap, if we faint not. For years we have taught English to get contacts and build a trust relationship in order to present the Gospel to the Japanese. They listen to our witness and even come to church for special events like Christmas, but few have come to church regularly. This past year, three ladies from Steve's class and one lady from Glenda's class have started coming to church regularly to the afternoon Bible study/English class. Two of the ladies have even bought Bibles. Please pray for the salvation of these ladies. One of our neighbors has also started coming to this class regularly. We have been working with this family since moving to this area 20 years ago."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PHILIPPINES, Layne and Nelia Jones— They write, "A family that survived the Tacloban Typhoon are now faithful members of our church and one of them is going soul winning. Both of her sisters are in our church. God has blessed with several more soul winners and choir members. Thanks for your prayers for our safety during the recent super typhoon.

Chick Tracts is sending 10,000 Tagalog tracts to us that should be arriving in February. We have a goal of putting them and other materials in 10,000 homes before our 29th Church Anniversary on April 27. We would like to have 10,000 John and Romans to put in the homes also. The place where we are able to get literature is about ten hours away by boat and bus. We are not counting the homes where we will give out the literature."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KASESE, the Matt Stensaas Family— They share the following: "Thank you for your prayers regarding someone to help us learn Lhukonzo (I had previously spelled it Rukonzo, but learned I was wrong!) because God helped me find the right man. He is one of the authorities of the Lhukonzo language. He has written several grammar books, and many of them are being used in the schools in the area. Even our children are involved in the classes, and they are doing well at learning the words. We pray that he will be able to help us to speak Lhukonzo in order to reach the Bakonzo (the tribe with whom we are working) with the Gospel.

I have two personal goals concerning the Lhukonzo: first, I want to be able to give a Mukonzo the plan of salvation in Lhukonzo; second, I would like to preach a message in Lhukonzo. Please pray that God will give me the discipline needed to accomplish these goals."

WEST AFRICA, IVORY COAST, BINGERVILLE, Kristine McLaughlin, RN— She shares the following prayer requests: "Seeing the potential of the Bingerville village ministry, we can only stand back and say, "This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes" (Psalm 118:12). We will be doing quite a bit of planning in the coming weeks, and we are certainly in need of His guidance. Would you pray with us for the following requests?
The Bregbo ministries—Pray especially for the unsaved who have heard the Gospel to understand it fully and be saved.
The Sebia Yao church plant—Pray for wisdom in starting this ministry and especially for men to lead this ministry.
The Anan literacy ministry—Classes began January 8. Pray for students to have hearts of "good ground" in hearing the Word and for His hand of blessing from the first day of class."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace— They share the following blessings and prayer needs: "Church News: It is amazing to witness the number of 'open doors' for God's children to share the Gospel in different places. Just during the holidays Peruvian believers have taken advantage of these opportunities:
• Dr. J.P., Supreme Court Judge, was chosen to give the keynote address to the entire court and many other judges on a special occasion. He naturally quoted Scripture and used Bible examples, making his position clear as a Christ follower.
• R.A. was invited to present the Gospel to 45 workers at an import/export business as well as to the employees at a new factory and to a social gathering of Palestinians.
• M.G., engineer and builder, has recently been writing editorials for newspapers in several large cities in the Andes. His latest was about the true Christmas message.
• F.D. was invited to speak to 150 military and civilians at a general's birthday party. He also preached the Gospel to many non-Christians at the funeral of a friend.
• M.A. invited the eleven students from her university deaf English class to a party and presented the Gospel along with the food!
• Many other Christians used their family and social meetings to give our New Testaments and share the message of Christ.
You may contact them at Email (View Email Address) should you be interested or know someone who is interested.

BRAZIL, SANTA CATARINA, BRUSQUE, Byran and Rebekak Johnson— They share the following: "We are excited to announce a new direction for our return to Brazil. We have been praying much about over this last year as to where God would have us serve Him on our return in January. We have found doors closed to us, and we have found new doors opened by God. We feel God leading us to the state of Santa Catarina, particularly the city of Brusque. As far as we have been able to determine, this is one of the least churched states in Brazil. We will be flying out of the USA on the 23rd of January and then heading to Santa Catarina the next week to look for housing. If you would like to locate Santa Catarina on a map of Brazil, it is the next to last state in the south.

Rebekah is feeling much better and is praising the Lord for a better report from the doctor than first given this month. She was told she had diabetes. When she went for a second opinion from the specialist, he informed her that the nurse had read the blood work results incorrectly. She does not have diabetes, but her thyroid needs some new maintenance. She is also low in progesterone so they have started her on Progesterone. Already with the medication she is feeling much better."

USA MINISTRIES, RESEEDING AMERICA, Bob and Jennifer Larson— They write, "It seems like yesterday when Jennifer and I stepped out by faith into the church planting ministry. This month we are starting our tenth year with the Reseeding America Ministry and BIMI. Ten years ago we set out with the Lord's help and guidance to assist local churches and church planters in the starting of new churches. In 2006 I was asked to become Assistant USA Director at BIMI and recently I was named the USA Director. My new title simply means more responsibility! It is not a paid position, and each director with BIMI must raise and maintain his own support. I will continue to do what I have always done. My wife and I will continue to travel extensively in the US assisting in church planting projects, church restarts and assisting our sixty-four Reseeding America church planting families who are on the field across the country. I will also be preaching more mission conferences and at the same time overseeing and heading up the Reseeding America ministry with BIMI.

Please pray with us about the following:
• Men to surrender to plant new churches and restart churches here in America. Pray that God would give us church planters who will enlist with Reseeding America/BIMI.
• Pacific Northwest Church Planting Survey Trip July 10-21, 2014. Pray that God would not only give us a good group of men to take on the trip but also that their hearts would be open to what God would have them to do concerning church planting in the Pacific Northwest."

WEST AFRICA, CAMEROON, Nathan and Karie Owens— They share the following prayer needs: "Please continue to pray for Calvary Independent Baptist Church and the faithful members. We have been praying for the church as a whole and for individual members each day. It is our prayer, by God's power, that they would continue steadfastly in the Word of God and they would not forsake the assembling of themselves together. Please pray for God's protection on them against Satan and those who do his work. Please pray that God's Word and truth would be a guiding light for all that they say and do. Please pray they would uphold the doctrine they have been taught and that is now being taught to them in my absence. Would you pray that God would continue to bless with numerical growth, and individual spiritual growth in the church?

Please pray for an upcoming trip to Cameroon that Brother Caleb Benson, another missionary to Cameroon, and I will be taking."

EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, the Adam Young Family— They write the following: "A. Makes Profession of Faith. I had witnessed to him before. He is one of our longest standing members of the football team. He was a lot more open than the last time I had witnessed to him. Praise God he got saved! Please pray for A., who is busy with a new job and needs to find time to be led through discipleship."

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Jorge and Aimee Rodriguez— They share the following report: "As we mentioned in the last letter, we have started construction on our second level because of major water leaks throughout the building during the rainy season. We are grateful for those of you who have generously responded with a love gift. There are two church men who have been leading the construction, and it is amazing the progress they have made in the few short months. We are still in need of funds and help, would you consider how you could help us? One of the ways a church could help would be to send a construction group with finances, or send a love offering to our mission board to help with the expenses of this project. Not only would it help to stop the water leaks by building the second floor but also this will provide additional classrooms, which we need."

USA MINISTRIES, OHIO, MAINEVILLE, the Mark Sage Family— They share the following report and needs: "We have faced other small trials as well, one of which is a problem with our electricity. Over the years of additions and quick (maybe cheap) problem solving—our breaker box is a mess and has been causing us some problems. Please pray that we can get this fixed; we are praying that we can get some help with this so there are no further disruptions (especially of our heat).

But in comparison to God's blessings and assurances, everything else is small. He continues to bless here at Maineville Baptist Church. Pray as we seek to disciple those we have led to the Lord."

WEST AFRICA, SENEGAL, ST. LOUIS, Pat and Jody Russell— They give the following report and needs: "Brother Joshua Mead had raised a substantial amount of money in order to build a youth center on the land that African Baptist Church purchased in 1991. Another plot of land that is right next to the land has become available for about 8K. Pray with us about the purchase of this land, which will be used for the glory of God. The lot that we have is only 15 square meters and the purchase of this other lot would double the size. Designate any funds towards this as Land/Senegal for Pat Russell.

EUROPE, GERMANY, SALZ, Dan and Tricia Dubbe— They share the following: Baptism: This month we baptized again in the town indoor swimming pool. A single lady, in spite of a very difficult background, experienced grace and salvation in Christ. She gave her testimony in church the week before and some of her family came to the baptismal service out of curiosity and perhaps out of concern for her as to what kind of 'cult' we are. Anyway, there was good feedback from them and possible open doors. Recently several new ladies have been attending and asking about baptism. They were surprised when told that we use a lake or swimming pool and not a basin to baptize. We are praying that they will soon put their trust in Christ."

Refugees in Germany: There is a refugee house near the church and we just visited it. They are Muslims from Chechnya. A man from our church who speaks Russian brought the Gospel of John in their language and a nice fruit and candy basket to them. They received it gladly and invited him back to talk with them. Our rural area does not have a lot of foreigners but for those that are there we want to reach them for Christ and His love."

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, WESTMEATH, Stephen and Katie Finley— They write, "Keep praying for the salvation of M. as well as his children. His wife is still excited about her salvation and is showing growth in the Lord. Their family has not missed a Sunday since her salvation. Their 3-year-old son is even beginning to show that he likes coming to Sunday school—something of which we were doubtful until recently. (Apparently last Sunday he told his dad, 'I wanna go church, Daddy, go warm up car'). Keep praying for the salvation of D. and T. Pray also for a man who has recently moved back to Athlone from Dublin. He meets now and then for coffee and asks questions about the books of the Bible that I have assigned him to read (such as John, Romans, and Ephesians), but he has not yet come to church. Pray that he will get past his 'intellectualism' and see that he must, in his heart, repent and believe on Christ."

CLAIM MINSTRY, Joe and Linda Leleaux— They share the following: "The September trip to Pacific Baptist Church in Long Beach, California, was a huge success. We were able to accomplish a great deal of work on the platform and baptistry as well as completing the framing for the upstairs walls. There are two groups for a total of nine volunteers on this trip. We are so very thankful for all of our workers and of course you who so faithfully support our ministry and make all this possible.

Our December trip had to be postponed due to a medical emergency. Linda had a bout with a stomach virus that landed her in the emergency room with dehydration on December 1 and then a night in the hospital on December 3. Since the trip was scheduled to begin on the 6th, I had to reschedule the trip for mid-January. Praise the Lord! The airline did not charge me a cancellation fee and is going to honor the tickets in January."

CLAIM MINISTRY, Carl and Glenda Vonnoh— They share the following urgent report: "Your help is needed NOW! Typhoon Haiyan devastated many areas of the Visayas (the central part of the Philippines). Some of our BIMI missionaries and nationals have been impacted in many horrendous ways. They have lost houses, churches and Bible schools. Many locations still do not have electrical power or clean drinking water. They struggle to get their daily food. They are in dreadfully, dire straits.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Pray! Pray! Pray!

After the basic need of prayer, please consider what you can do to help financially. Please go to the BIMI web page at: In the top right hand corner of the home page you will see Philippines Typhoon Relief. From there you can learn how to donate to this urgent need.

FAR EAST, JAPAN, NISHI KU KOBE, Paul and Sarah Johnson— They share the following: "One of the teens who had visited our church for the first time told all of her friends at school what a great time she had. We have had a very busy and exciting past month. We had the privilege of hosting three men from our home church in Woodbridge, Virginia, for 10 days.... While the group from our church was here, we held a special teen activity at church on Sunday. My brother Dave preached and then he and Dan directed the teen activity games. Leading up to the activity, our church had been praying for 20 teens to come, and many of our teens were busy inviting their friends from school. We had nine first-time visitors come and over 20 teens at the activity. A teenage girl made a profession of faith in Christ at the service. One of the visiting teenage boys has been coming faithfuly to church since the activity, and this past week he made a profession of faith as well. Our entire church was rejoicing with him!"

BRAZIL, Larry and Lydabell Barrett— They give the following report: "As we come to the end of another year, we always have a time of joy, a time of reflection, and a time of anticipation. There is joy in the blessings of the Lord. There is reflection in service done, in moments of sadness and in missed opportunities. There is anticipation for the new year to arrive with all the prospects and promise of His presence and strength for the task ahead.

We had a very blessed camp for our young people and families in the month of November (Nov. 15-17). Five other churches participated with us and there were more than 150 present. Our theme was 'It is the time for spiritual growth.' Many important decisions were made and lives were changed."

SOUTH AFRICA, WITBANK, Roger and Darlene McCrum— They write: "In this month's prayer letter, we would like to give special honor to K M, one of our faithful young people. Just recently she was chosen to be the head girl in her high school for her senior year beginning in January. In the South African context, this is a position of very high honor, and she was not selected on the basis of popularity. Students in grades 10-12 along with teachers were allowed to vote. K was interviewed by principals and teachers in a number of areas relating to her character: 1) Beliefs and morals, 2) Academic excellence, 3) Role model, 4) Adherence to disciplinary code. While being interviewed, she often appealed to specific Scripture to support her faith and philosophy of life."

CENTRIAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, Matt and Dallita Goins— They share the following report and prayer needs: "We continue to have excellent opportunities ministering in the schools in our community. On November 29, Matt participated in the graduation ceremony of a private high school. He was given the chance to share from God's Word and pray in Jesus' name to begin the event. We must take advantage of these opportunites while the door is still open.

• Praise the Lord for the van purchased for the church plant in Santa Barbara.
• Pray as we get ready to ordain our first national pastor (A R).
• Pray as we prepare to expand the children's home and the need of house parents.
• Pray for J and M as they pray for full-time ministry at the Bible institue.
• Pray for the salvation of A, C, A, and I.
• Pray for wisdom for the location and timing of our next church plant.

USA MILITARY MINISTRY, JAPAN, OKINAWA, Gary and Karen Craft— They give the following report: "The 40/30 Challenge—Our last prayer letter told of the challenge we gave our people for the month of September. During the 30 days of September, each family was challenged to personally invite 40 people to church. The church family gave over 2,500 invitations during the challenge. As a result we have had 25-30 families visit in the past 12 weeks!


Three adults and FIVE chidlren have been saved recently, and FIVE have been baptized. FOUR families have joined with us in the work here. It has strengthened our church. This is an answer to prayer!"

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PHILIPPINES, CATARMAN, the Layne Jones Family— They share the following: "There have been many saved in our feeding ministry. We will go to the barangay and gather everyone on the basketball court where we preach to them and then feed them. The average feeding runs about $100 to feed around 200 and a lot get saved. There have been several new families come to church from this ministry. You can check out the evengelistic meetings on Facebook at Lighthouse Baptist Catarman. There have been 65 saved and many decisions for the Lord in the last two Sunday services.

We are now having a Thanksgiving Revival and have had six saved thus far and many decisions among the Christians. We have much for which to be thankful."

BIMI WEST, CALIFORNIA, LANCASTER, Mike and Wilda McCombie— These folks give the following update of their ministry as representatives of BIMI in the Western States: "Through our extremities and God's opportunities, we were allowed to minister and preach during the fall season in six Faith Promise missions conferences and three missions emphasis Sundays (two of which were Spanish) in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and British Colombia, Canada, traveling 2,865 road miles and 3,552 air miles. We saw appreciative increases in Faith Promise commitments in all of those churches and had the opportunity to present the BIMI Open Door Project video (see: in five of those churches. I also had the opportunity to present missions and preach in a Bible college chapel and preach at our local rescue mission and see four salvations. We were also able to attend our MK (missionary kid) college fellowship, with 33 MKs from 20+ nations represented."

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, TERRYVILLE, the David Townsley Family— They share the following: " 'Has it been three years already?' they asked. Over 50 people attended the 3rd Anniversary of Riverside Baptist Church! The evening service was a special blessing as people gave testimonies. C was saved in 2012 and baptized earlier this year. He is now taking evening Bible school classes and teaches a S.S. class. He said that attending Riverside has been like a wonderful dream for him. He keeps thinking he's going to wake up and it's going to be over, but it keeps on going. M and T were some of the first members of Riverside and M testified that watching the church follow God by faith has encouraged him to live by faith in his own life and with his family. 'To God be the glory, great things He has done.'

Some people are growing steadily; a few have left the church refusing to take care of sin in their lives, and many are struggling to be faithful to church and live for the Lord. Please pray for 1) Spiritual growth and faithfulness in the believers, 2) Restoraton of good health for our family and many at church who are currently fighting illnesses, 3) Discernment and strength in fighting spiritual battles, 4) Upcoming special Christmas events and Sundays."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, Dave and Debbie Board— They give the following testimony: "It was a blessing to have V and S joined together in marriage this past month. I don't know if I've ever known a finer Christian couple than these two. During the wedding ceremony we gave them both an opportunity to publicly share their testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. V boldly shared of his resolve to continue serving the Lord with his whole heart. This couple has so much potential for the Lord; they are teachable, humble, dependable, and energetic, both of them are soul winners, and now they can serve the Lord together. Their courtship was Christ-honoring and a wonderful example to the young adults in our church....Please pray for Brother V and S as they continue to faithfully serve the Lord together!"

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, the Danny Flowers Family— They share the following blessings: "As mentioned in our last prayer letter, we began holding Bible studies in our home on September 1. We began praying immediately for a more visible and suitable location for our church. After only a few weeks of prayer and searching, God provided a wonderful building in a great location. It is located near a major intersection in Charleville, one in which people are very familiar. The building has three rooms and enables us to have an auditorium as well as several classrooms. It did not need any renovating, so we were able to move in as soon as we purchased furniture. To top it all off, it comes with parking. M O, our landlord, was very open to renting to our church, even though landlords in France are typicaly skeptical and uncooperative at the prospect of renting to a Baptist church. Who could open a door so quickly and convincingly?—Only God!"

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KAMPALA, James and Cheryl Pridgen— They share the following: "Now in Kampala, the Lord has allowed us to see three churches started. Four national pastors have been trained. One pastor will soon be starting a church in Rwanda, and another pastor just started a Thursday night Bible study in downtown Kampala near the largest university in the country. We have a Bible college (where we are currently training more pastors), a Christian school and many other ministries. The Lord has allowed us to see thousands of people saved over the past 15 years and we are excited to see what the Lord will continue to do through us in the years to come. Thank you for investing in our lives and in the ministries in Uganda.

We have started our weekly updates again. If you would like for us to add you to our email list, then please let us know. You can contact us at Email (View Email Address)."

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth— They share the following report and prayer needs: "The last several weeks have presented our people with many huge challenges (giants) and also many victories. One of the victories that we have seen involves people receiving Jesus as their Savior. J C is one such individual. He is 18 and was invited by one of our youth to a youth meeting on a Saturday. The very next day he came to the morning church service and continued attending. One Sunday morning he approached me before the service began and asked if we could talk afterwards. At the conclusion of the service, we began talking and he told me, 'I want to be a part of this!'— referring to the church. And so I told him that the first step is to receive Jesus as his Savior. He looked me in the eyes and said without hesitation: 'That is what I want to do.' I immediately began working with him in our discipleship ministry. And I must admit, out of all the people that I have discipled over the years, rarely have I seen someone that has a spiritual hunger like J C. Every time we meet, he is filled with questions and eager to learn. He is already sharing his faith with family and friends and inviting them to church.

Prayer Requests at a Glance...
• Pray that J C would grow spiritually.
• Pray that we will continue to see people come to Christ.
• Pray that God would provide for the people of our church.
• Pray that God would provide our church with the funds to purchase property.

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, TONCONTIN, the Charles Arnold Family— They share the following: "We are rejoicing in what God is doing in La Peña Church. There have been 10 professions of faith in Christ, six rededications, and 10 baptisms. Also Sister Y is doing well, teaching in the public school. She has led over 20 children to the Lord during the school year. Y has three classes and intermingles and witnesses to the children during recess between her classes.

Last week I had the privilege of leading three ladies to Christ. They all three seem to be about the same age, around early or mid 30s. Pray that I may be able to get them and their families in church."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, BAYWATER NORTH, Robert and Mary Fuller— They give the following report: "Our children's Bible club and youth group are doing well. Since summer is coming, our children and teens will be going on holidays with their families. Z and L brought their deaf friend E to the club. Then three weeks ago Z invited her hearing neighbor N to the club. N is a brilliant girl. One time N asked the question, 'How can we go to heaven? What about good works?' Please pray for the salvation of these four girls.

G is faithfully attending the youth group. One Friday she invited her deaf friend W to the club. G wanted W to know Jesus, so Robert Fuller had the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. W hasn't accepted Christ yet. He came to our Ausian Service on two Sunday afternoons. Hopefully, he will continue to come to the Ausian Service. Pray for his salvation."

EUROPE, UKRAINE, SIMFEROPOL, Tony and Dawn Hess— They share the following needs: "We are loaded with some powerful, big needs. I WONDER how many of you precious folk would be willing to pray for the next seven days about at least two of these requests (two is usually all we can keep in our minds with all other stuff going on)?

• More laborers (we need a youth worker and children's ministry director—badly)
• Grace and healing for my wife's headaches
• My dad's spine (ruptured disk)— in a lot of pain
• Pastoral wisdom to unify our church family who come from various church backgrounds (much apologetic teaching right now)
• More saved souls as the Gospel goes out weekly
PRAISE TO CLOSE: Yesterday, we had the privilege on visitation to lead a man named A to Christ! Pray for our follow-up and victory for him over the bottle—when drunk, he is a very mean, violent man."

For those wanting to help financially, please send your donations to the Far East Project Fund, Account #954. Continue to pray for our missionaries and their churches in the Philippines.

BIMI missionaries David Diamante, Christopher Hurst, Phil Frasier and Rose Pyles work on the island of Luzon and are all fine. The storm hit mainly to the south of their works. Doug Sisson, Eddie Trimble, Bruce Rice, Robert Tevault and Stan Prussia are on the island of Mindanao, which is to the south and they also escaped damage. Peter Denisi and his son Frank work in Cebu City. They are doing well and are already helping with relief work. Rick Martin and his family in Iloilo are well. They also are involved in helping those who suffered loss. Many of their pastors lost homes and churches. The same can be said of Layne Jones and his family who live on the northern end of the island of Samar. Rick Fannin and his wife are safe; however, their home and church buildings were seriously damaged. Carl Sparks and his family were in the city of Tacloban when the typhoon hit. The city was devastated. We have not yet heard from them. Just before the storm hit, they sent out an email saying that they were "hunkered down" in their church building which was concrete. Continue to pray for this family. The director of our CLAIM ministry, Carl Vonnoh, has offered to do anything he can to help. We want to thank all of you who have called and sent funds to help.

BIMI still does not have any word from missionaries Carl and Ellen Sparks. If you have been following the news, you have seen the devastation in Tacloban City where the Sparks were when the typhoon struck. Continue to pray for them. Our other missionaries are safe. The Rick Fannin family who work on the island of Panay have had a lot of damage to their property. Missionary Rick Martin and his family are fine; however, at least 33 of their pastors have had homes totally destroyed and 36 churches have been demolished. There are and will continue to be great needs in the central part of the Philippines for months to come. Our missionaries and churches will be involved in relief efforts as well as getting out the Gospel.

Typhoon Haiyan (called Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines) caused tremendous damage to life and property in parts of the Philippines. We have not heard from our missionaries Carl and Ellen Sparks who were in Tacloban. All of the other BIMI missionaries are safe but several of them have had major damage to churches, homes and property. We will post more information as it becomes available.

For those wanting to help financially, please send your donations to the Far East Project Fund, Account #954. Pray for our many friends in the Philippines.

MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH, Rebecca Pope RN, BSN — She shares the following: "In September Medical Missions Outreach served in Cerro Alto, Guatemala, with American missionaries Dan and Beth Lott and national pastor Giovani Avendano. The Lord gave us a great team that despite sickness being in the camp served with a wonderful spirit! The national church members did a fantastic job of presenting the Gospel to the patients and 115 of the 1,056 patients we saw made professions of faith. I'm rejoicing again just writing about it!"

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, HAITI, PORT-De-PAIX, Don and Bridgitt Dryden — They share the following news: "On August 11—18 our associate pastor with some adults went to an area called Binquette on the island across from Port-de-Paix to do an evangelistic crusade. During the days they went out in the surrounding area inviting people to the evening service. In the afternoon, Bible Club meetings were held with the children. In the evening our folk sang and preached. The eight-day effort ended with 27 folks who confessed their sins and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This added to the many who were saved during the survey trips to prepare for the crusade. Pastor St. Fleur and others go there on the weekends to visit the saved, have Sunday school, morning and evening services and a meeting with the young people on Sunday afternoons.

Please pray:
1) Because of the difficulties and expenses of boat travel to the island.
2) That the church plant will take root and be established!
3) That the Lord will call one of our men to shepherd this new flock."

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM AM RHEIN, Walt and Thrasilla Hornung — The Hornungs share the following report: "We thank the Lord for HIS many blessings. Since we moved to our new church building almost a year ago, we had first time visitors at almost every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening prayer services. We also thank the Lord for the ones who have been saved in recent weeks and that the children of the church, teens and adult people are growing in the Lord. You should hear the earnest prayers of our prayer meetings. The encouragement to all is definite answers to prayer that we experienced in the past few months. Some of the church people got new jobs, found good housing, and others left the hospital with restored health.

One of the highlights of our church is the yearly picnic. It was a special blessed time this year. We started, of course, with a good Sunday morning worship service for spiritual food. Then we drove to an ideal picnic place with a large shelter. The men did the grilling and the ladies brought delicious salads and desserts. Everyone enjoyed the food. We sang together, had testimonies, prayed together, and had a real blessed fellowship. Please pray for the following: revival, unity, more love, victory and much fruit for the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ."

BRAZIL, Garry and Pam Tyler — They share their blessings and needs. "These past months have had many turns in circumstances, therefore, knowing that the Lord is our rock and fortress, HIS leading and guiding through these months is a precious assurance of HIS love for us.

Now in the month of October, we are rejoicing as two of our teen girls, who being convicted that they were not saved, trusted Christ after church in their home. The 19-year-old called us to tell us and then announced to the world of their salvation on Facebook! I baptized them on Sunday along with a nine-year-old girl.

Thank you so much for your part in supporting us financially and in prayer. In the month of September, we marked 36 years of serving the LORD in Brazil. As you have given, we have been able to continue to reach the lost in this country for His glory."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, Matt and Dallita Goins — They write: "With the increase in violence and fear in Honduras, we have witnessed an increase in the opportunities for harvest. Every church service we see new visitors, generated by the changed lives witnessed in their family, friends and co-workers and by the more than 50 soul winners that blanket neighborhoods with the Gospel every Saturday afternoon.

We have also received an invitation from two different area schools to teach the Bible (not teaching English, not using the Bible to teach English—teaching the Bible!). These are not Christian schools that are looking for a Bible teacher either. One is a private bilingual elementary and high school where we will teach the Bible in English to every grade level. The other is a public elementary school. What better opportunity to teach the next generation of Hondurans with the Gospel than to get into their elementary school system!"

EUROPE, ENGLAND, CHESHIRE, CONGLETON, Joshua and Melissa Booth — They share the following: "We are thrilled to see one of our church kids follow the Lord in believer's baptism on September 22! Melissa collects A. and her sister for church every Sunday morning. A like-minded church let us use their building since we don't have a baptistery. It was such a special service. A's mum, dad, sister, brother and grandmother came to her baptism! When we asked A. if she wanted to choose the songs for her baptism service, she immediately thought of these three: 'As a Deer,' 'How Marvelous, How Wonderful,' and 'Mine, Mine, Mine!' Joshua preached on the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus, and after the baptism, eight people gave a testimony. Many mentioned ways they've seen Alisha growing in the Lord and encouraged her to keep following the Lord. Please pray for her family to be saved. We have recently had Gospel conversations with her mum as we help plaster and paint their house."

Prayer Points:
• We have traveled recently to visit two church families who have moved away to find work. Please pray for the W and H families to find work and a body of believers with whom to worship.
• Joshua has many more hours of study to prepare for the Bible college class he teaches weekly.
• Pray for boldness and wisdom to challenge our church members to witness for their faith.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PHILIPPINES, GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mollie Prussia — They share the following: "Sharing the Gospel — In the midst of all the things we do, it is important to stay focused on the main thing: people around us will die and go to hell if they have not received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Mollie and some friends from our church met E. She is 82. Her husband is 85. Her only question, after they explained that Christ died, was buried, and rose again for her sins, was if she could receive Him even if she was Iglesia. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a large religious group that started in the Philippines. They teach that Jesus was not God. Mollie explained that one's religion did not matter; it was belief in Jesus Christ that would allow her to go to heaven. She had tears in her eyes as she put her hand on the Bible and prayed to receive Christ as her personal Savior. They now visit her weekly, giving her assurance that she has a mansion prepared for her in heaven, and looking for a time when they can share the Gospel with her husband.

- Annual renewal of medical permit
- Health and protection
- Wisdom for future med mission, local and with a group from the USA"

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, SAN MIGUEL DE TUCUMAN, Larry and Ruth Owens — They write: "The Lord is really blessing, saving souls and changing lives. My wife, Ruth, and Caleb go out soul winning in another area and God is also blessing them. Praise the Lord! My son, Joshua, is now a captain of a bus route and is bringing a lot of people to church. He won a young man his own age, 16, to Christ. He was a drug addict. However, he came to church and is now reading the Bible.

A very unusual blessing recently took place at church. I received a phone call from the ex-treasurer of the church. He robbed the church 12 years ago of a sizeable amount of money and later vanished. We had not heard from him in years. He stated that he wanted to give back the money that he had stolen. He came to church, publicly asked forgiveness, and wants to straighten his life out.

Students come to our Bible college from all over the region. G. arrived from Ecuador, after five days of traveling on a bus to be a pastor.

The nightclub is still operating next to the church, but not like other times. We are also soundproofing the church, thanks to a dear brother from Illinois. That will help immensely."

USA MILITARY, ITALY, NAPLES, Chuck and Linda Truitt — They share the following: "Yesterday was a really good day as we had an appointment with the senior chaplain on the base, Commander B, who walked over and met us at the main gate to sign on missionaries Matt and Diane Olsen (I already have a letter authorization to get on base).We were invited to a picnic at the unmarried personnel barracks where we prayed in Jesus name for the voluntary meal. Several interested contacts were made there at the barracks!

Pray for the ministry here in Naples; there are three here that need to be baptized. And pray for us to reach more military families, more African refugees, and of course more for salvations. Also, please pray for the Olsens as they minister in Naples."

USA MINISTRIES, GEORGIA, SMYRNA, Bruce and Vicki Kelly (ministry to the deaf) — They share the following report: "The past three months have been very, very busy for us. In September we finally did dye the cement church floor so it doesn't look like a garage floor now. In this month I baptized five people. The first week of October we had deaf missionaries from Jamaica. We had a service on Saturday night. About 55 people came. One person got saved. Then on Sunday about 60 came. The best part was nine deaf people accepted Jesus as their Savior!

Prayer Request:
I will be flying to Peru in a few weeks to preach at Efata (Missionary Vernon Miller established the deaf Christian school and church many years ago). Pray for my safe flight and good health."

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, SOUTH CAROLINA, Janet Burchell — She writes: "Just this morning I had another opportunity to talk with my Japanese student about her salvation and her need to trust Christ as her Savior. We are reading a portion of Pilgrim's Progress in our English class and I emphasized to her the need for personally asking Jesus to save her from her sin. The Japanese have been taught from birth to make decisions as a group, whether as a family, class, or other groups that they have joined so it is difficult for them to understand a personal decision. Please pray for her to trust Christ.

Recently another lady joined our Tuesday afternoon English-Bible class. It is so interesting to see how the Lord opens opportunities each week to share new truths from the Bible. These ladies are coming only to study English and have no desire for spiritual matters."

Prayer Requests:
• Salvation of S. Y. and her parents.
• Salvation of ladies attending the Tuesday afternoon English class: Mrs. S, Mrs. O, and Mrs. S.
• Japanese Bible School (KIBBS) students presently attending and new ones to attend.

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, Don and Patsy Drake — They write: "Greetings from Germany! We arrived October 10, and we appreciate your prayer and faithful financial support.... We hit the ground running here in Germany; our container arrived the day before we did and several of our men helped to unload, and we thank each one for your tremendous help. We have been busy unpacking and getting the house in order.

Glory to God! Our first Sunday back we had a great service and one Danish man was saved. He and his new wife, who was led to Christ by Mrs. Smith while we were in the States, came forward this past Sunday and made their public profession of faith and for baptism.

We thank Pastor and Mrs. Roy Smith for filling in for us and doing a superb work while we were in the States. Pray for us and our troops for much work is ahead. Pray that the Lord would send forth laborers into His harvest."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, INDIA, VISAKHAPATNAM, Sean and Suzanne Canavan — They share the following: "Our language study is continuing well. Unfortunately, our tutor has left India for a few months to teach Teluga at the University of Chicago in Illinois. We are very thankful for the help that she was to us. During the last few weeks of Ordu study, we were able to have her translate some passages in the Telugu Bible and some of our Telugu tracts. This was a great opportunity for us to clearly present the Gospel to her. She is an upper caste Hindu and very devout. Although she was still unwilling to accept the truth of the Gospel, she now has a better understanding about Christianity. She said she loves learning about other religions so we offered her a Telugu Bible and she gladly accepted. God's Word will not come back void. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will convict her of the truth of the Gospel.

Because of all the protests and disruptions to our city, the attendance in church has been down a little recently. Please pray with us as we attempt to reach new people with the Gospel. We hope to visit some of the pastors and churches we help to support in the next few months. Please pray for us as we visit those churches and seek God's will for starting new churches in unreached areas around us."

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, TEMA, the Fredrick Kearney Family — They give the following report and prayer needs: "My wife led a pastor of one of the local churches here to Christ. He earnestly listened, understood the simple plan of salvation and accepted Christ in his heart. Our son, Fredrick, came back from school with pneumonia. He underwent a week of antibiotic treatment and has fully recovered.

We took 28 registered youth to Pastor's School in Fundamental Baptist Church International in Kumasi. The theme was 'Teaching on Teaching.' Our orchestra was given the privilege to play every night. Ten of our young people surrendered to serve the Lord. The faithfulness and committed level to win souls and serve the Lord is evident."

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for my lower back pains to be alleviated. This is due to the unusual rough rides I endure during driving.
2. Pray for our upcoming family fun day that is scheduled to take place in the end of November. We are expecting to reach about 250 souls with the Gospel. Pray also for our Christmas program.
3. Please pray for God's healing and strength for my sister, Lovella Singer, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last month.
4. Pray for God's provision, protection and strength for Seth and Melissa Acree. They are BIMI missionaries completing deputation and coming to Tema to work with us in the early part of next year.
5. Pray as we reach out with the Gospel to the youth of our community who are facing hopelessness and depression. The continuation of secondary education is based on the Basic Education Competency Exam's test scores. As a result, many are suicidal during this time of the year when the test results come.
6. Pray for our faithful youth, A and E, who lost their mother a few weeks ago."

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, BELIZE, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire — They share the following: "We have been asked to help in a young English speaking church plant in central Belize where health problems have forced a missionary family back to the States. All we need is a safe and affordable place to live near this new church. So far we have had great difficulties finding anything suitable. Please help us pray as we search the internet and stay in touch with those there. Our Central America Director has asked for our help with this new church plant, and we would very much like to help, if possible.

Pray for the Market Witness Ministry. We just received another request from a supporting church to come back and help them start a Market Witness near their church. This is exciting, and it is educational for us also. I learn new things from every group that I train."

PRAY FOR NEW LABORERS FOR THE HARVEST — After encountering God's holiness and then having his sin atoned for, the prophet Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and who shall go for us? Isaiah responded, Here am I; send me (Isaiah 6:8). God's holiness has not diminished, and He is still calling out to His people, Whom shall I send, and who shall go for us? Please pray that many will respond and say, "Here am I, send me."

USA HISPANIC MINISTRIES & AVIATION MINISTRIES DIRECTOR, Bob and Patsy Green — They share the following: "We have had some wonderful meetings in Spanish and English in South Carolina (Iglesia Bautista Maranata) and Virginia (Marlbrook Baptist Church).

Please pray for my upcoming neck surgery. It should be routine, but we want God to bless and oversee what men cannot. The Lord has been so gracious. While preparing for surgery on my neck, scheduled for October 4, I am using some of my time to continue to write in Spanish the book on the planting of indigenous churches.

We have received inquiries from at least two men and their families concerning serving in church planting aviation ministries. We are especially praying for missionaries to serve in Alaska."

USA, CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, General Director Emeritus Don and Virginia Sisk — They write: "In June I had the privilege of visiting in Japan. I had not been there in four years. What a joy to once again see friends and be able to minister in the churches there! I preached one Sunday in a new church in Tokyo. A wonderful work is being established there by Brother and Mrs. Nathan Kinoshita. I often think of the verse in 3 John where I see people of this nature being used of God in such a wonderful way—I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. I also particiapted in the services at Senri Newtown Baptist Church in Osaka. God continue to bless that great work."

CLAIM MINISTRIES, Carl and Glenda Vonnoh — They share an experience they had on a recent trip to Unalakleet, Alaska: "A first time CLAIM team member that went on this trip has his own marine motor and boat business. As he worked on an outboard motor given to the missionary, he realized a shaft was missing. Someone recommended he go up the mountain to the junkyard (affectionately called 'Lowes' by the Natives) to look for the part. He scoured the junkyard without finding the needed part. After going back to the village to work on the motor, he decided to pray. Then he and another man went back to 'Lowes' to look for the part. Again there was no part to be found. As they were leaving the junkyard, a dump truck in front of them backed into the junkyard. One of the first things that dropped out of the truck was an outboard motor that had the needed shaft. Praise the Lord! He answered a need even in the junkyard."

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI, Jon and April Flowers — They share the following report and prayer needs: "In our last letter I asked you to pray for the folks I have been teaching Conversational English each week. I want to thank you for praying and ask that you continue doing so. Last time we had class, our conversation led me to teach them the difference between being a proud person and being proud of someone. I used our son, Ethan, as an example. I told them that when he does right or says 'please and thank you,' I will tell him how proud I am. This led our conversation to me telling them, 'I want God my Heavenly Father to be proud of me and my family; so we are teaching our boys what the Bible says.' They wanted to know more about what we are teaching and how we are teaching it. This was God giving me the green light. I was so excited. I opened the Bible and took them step- by-step through the Romans Road. The whole time I was reminding them that we want our boys to understand three truths from God's Word. They were hearing about their need and the love that God has for all to turn to Him and be saved. When we finished this class, one lady (Linda) came to me and thanked me for helping her understand more about what we believe and why we were here in Taiwan. I believe that God is really working in this class. I ask again, please pray for this class and these folks."

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, LAOAG CITY, Rose Pyles — She and her daughter, Sarah, give the following report: "The teachers and I go on visitation each Tuesday afternoon in the homes of some of our students who live here in Laoag City. Several of the teachers have been able to start Bible studies and lead members of the families to Christ. Please pray for these outreaches that those involved will grow and mature. Part of our group is also using this time to survey and find any deaf persons who have moved into the area or 'come of age.' One such trip led us back in among the rice fields into the hills where we discovered a forty-something-year-old woman living by herself. One of the neighbors took care of her when she was sick, but no one knows her name or where she came from before she moved into this area last year. She has a four-year-old daughter, but no one knows where the daughter is now. The woman knows few signs but does work for food although no one seems to know where. Her bamboo house is on a strip of land between two irrigation streams. As it was raining pretty hard and getting dark, we could not stay long and had a slippery time getting back onto the roadway. She was not at home when we visited later during the day. Please pray that we can reach her for the Lord and help her to be able to communicate."

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, David and Rose Maskey — These folks are on furlough and give the following report: "So far this furlough, we have traveled about 12,000 miles to new and supporting churches, giving reports and telling what great things God has done for us in Nigeria. All of the meetings have gone well and the churches have really been a blessing to us. We still have several more months of meetings to go, so we would appreciate your prayers for safety and success. Some of the new churches have promised to take us on for support, for which we are grateful, but we're still praying for a total of $600 more per month that would allow us to get back to the field. Also, we are continuing to get good reports from Nigeria from our churches, and things seem to be going very well there with good attendance and many souls being saved in our absence."

USA MILITARY, OKINAWA, Gary and Karen Craft — They write: "A SUMMER OF BLESSINGS— Although summertime is generally a slowing down time, this summer has been full of activity, service and fruit-bearing here at Maranatha Baptist Church on Okinawa. Someone has been saved every week except one through the last three months. The baptismal waters have been often stirred as well, and we are blessed beyond measure. In answer to prayers, God has given us many new families to strengthen the work here. Several good families have moved on to new duty stations and yet the Lord has given us increase. Sunday school and Sunday evening attendance are fast approaching the Sunday morning attendance of the spring. The Sunday am service has increased by 20%, and we are truly grateful for the blessing of the Lord."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, Jeff and Carla Bassett — Jeff shares a day in the life of a missionary: "Today at 7:00 AM, I took a local taxi to the refugee camp to preach at two of our churches. What an experience it was! The driver turned on the fan; it blew a cloud of dust into my face just as I inhaled through my nose. Sinus infection here I come. Eleven people were crammed into a small car. An hour later a couple got out. The man argued with the driver over the price. Fifteen minutes later the driver got back in and we were on our way. He told me that the lady next to me was holding a dead baby. What a surprise! I had talked to her about her covered up baby. His name was Joseph. I talked of Mary and Joseph and Jesus. I told them how to be saved and all in the car listened. They never once let on that their baby was dead. It is illegal to transport dead bodies without papers and permission.

They put me out of the taxi 10 kms before my destination as all other passengers had gotten out. They put me on a motorcycle and sent me on my way. I met Djuna and we went to Kabazana. I preached there in French, and it was translated into Kinyarwanda. We then rode the motorcycle to the Sangano church where I preached. A man wanted to be saved. We took a pick-up truck back to the main rough dirt road. We stopped to check a problem with the wheel. One large lug nut was missing and the other five were nearly all unscrewed and off. We tightened them and on we went. I crammed in a taxi with nine others.

As we waited a disturbance caught everyone's attention. A mob came our way dragging a thief and were all taking turns slapping his head. He was frightened and angry at the treatment. The crowd was laughing as they worked him over. That is a typical treatment of thieves. I go to preach to my fellow passengers how that our sin will someday find us out. I finally got back home about 4:30."

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth — They share the following experiences and prayer needs: "It's interesting how problems and difficulties in life will cause people to seek God. The reality is that God will oftentimes use storms in life to bring people to Him. Such has been the case here in Chile. We have seen four people come to Christ recently. One of them was a young girl that has been visiting the church. She was invited by a newer family in our church. Tiffany had the privilege of leading her to the Lord during Sunday school. Two of the others are a couple that has visited the church a few times. Their names are R and Y. God used difficulties in their lives to bring them to Him. However, they are struggling with church attendance. They recently opened a business that requires them to work on Sundays. Also, R is a full-time student and works another job and so they are having a hard time budgeting their time. Please pray for them that they will take a step of putting God as their priority in their lives."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, SOROTI, Lawrence and Rebecca Lantz — They are back in the States on furlough and share the following report and prayer needs: "Being back in the States on furlough allows me to compare how different witnessing is over in Uganda. Here in America, I find that many people are not home when I do our witnessing in the evenings. In Uganda, there is almost always someone at home—and my visit is always a welcomed one... I would have no trouble sitting down and sharing the Gospel for an hour or more in each home.

We are finally feeling adjusted back to life in the States! This furlough seems harder to adjust since we have been away for a longer period of time overall. Our children have now started going to school at the Academy of our home church—that has been quite an adjustment for them, especially the new idea of homework. Thank you for praying for us during this time."

Prayer Requests:
• Good health
• Ngora Baptist Church in Uganda—to remain faithful to the Lord and to have unity while we are on furlough
• For us to gain a few more supporting churches this furlough

SOUTHEAST ASIA, FIJI ISLANDS, Don Arnold, Audio Visuals — Don shares the following report relating to the Fiji Bible Project that has been in progress since May, 2013. He writes: "On the way back where we were staying, I wanted my team member to see the Changing of the Guard at the President's Palace. When it was done, I offered a free Bible to the guards at the garrison. The guard made a phone call and told me where to go. On the way up I got lost but made it to the garrison. As I got out, I explained things to the sentry guarding the gate. About that time a car was driving our way and everybody came to attention. The car stopped and the man getting out was the Garrison Commander. I explained to him that I wanted to give Bibles out to the soldiers, and I asked him how many he would need. He replied, 'Four hundred Bibles are what I need. You see, 400 of my troops are deploying on a UN mission to the Golan Heights next week and it would mean a lot to the troops.' I said, 'That is exactly how many I have.' So you know God had a plan to get the soldiers His Word before they deployed.
I plan to return to Fiji in October to finalize shooting footage to complete the Fiji update video...Please pray for me as I travel in October."

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MORELIA, the Ron Goodman Family — They write: "We were privileged to host a group of people from our sending church in Washington. The group was composed of teenagers whom we have known since they were babies, dear friends of many years, and my niece as well. They were with us for ten days and were such a blessing. They were a great help during our VBS. This year I decided to do things differently. Instead of having a traditional week-long program at the church, we decided to do four, one day programs in different places. Two of the days we were in different parts of Morelia and each of the other days we went to different pueblos outside of Morelia. The Lord blessed and gave us the greatest year ever! The Lord protected us, provided for us and answered so many of our prayers! We saw over 120 people saved in that week! We have followed up and seen some parents of the kids saved as well. Please pray that we will continue to see fruit as the result of our VBS."

SOUTH AMERICA, GUYANA, PROVIDENCE, Noel and Charlene Shrivnauth — They share some of the activities they are involved in reaching that needy country. "On August 11, we restarted the Morashee Baptist Church. The church is about three hours away from us by land and river. Morashee Baptist was started by another missionary, years ago. The church was virtually down to one member. This church has its own building and land. It is a country church between the banks of a creek and the Essequibo River. The two buildings on the property are badly in need of repair, refurbishing and a paint job. The roofs, gutters, doors, windows, and property need lots of work. We had to spray for hundreds of wasps and hornets that had made nests inside and outside of the buildings. My wife and daughter got stung by some very angry wasps. I estimate it will cost $5,000-$7,000 to fix everything and to make it look sharp. We run boat routes on the creek and river. Right now we are borrowing boats and engines. We sent out our assistant pastor and he is pastoring the church. The first week they had eight people show up. They are now running in the thirties and are seeing people saved and baptized each week."

EUROPE, IRELAND, WESTMEATH, Stephen and Katie Finley — They share the following: "Something very exciting happened this past Sunday, September 1...At De's invitation, a Russian-Jewish family came to our services! They emigrated here from Israel nine months ago. The husband and the two children didn't come, only the wife, B, came. However, she enjoyed the Sunday school hour so much, that she rang her parents ( J and V who live literally around the corner) between services, and they came to the worship hour service with their six-year-old grandson, D (B's nephew). The timing of their visit was unquestionably of the Lord. None of them (except D), speak much English; but they were amazed as the depictions of the Tabernacle, Tabernacle furniture, priests, sacrificial animals, and even the few Hebrew words that were up on the walls. B sat down by De during the service, so that he could help her find and write down Scripture references. B's family seemed to be very happy that we know about their Jewish feasts and customs. We gave them a Hebrew New Covenant. We 'happened' to meet B again during the week, and she was very eager to talk. She said she will bring her children this Sunday." PRAY FOR THE SALVTION OF THESE PRECIOUS PEOPLE!

USA MINISTRIES, LANCASTER, CA, WESTERN STATES REPRESENTATIVES, Mike and Wilda McCombie — They share the following report: "For the past 7 1/2 years we have endeavored to advance the Gospel in the Western USA and around the world through our BIMI Western States ministry to local churches and their missionaries. A few of the highlights of the summer were: My wife and I were privileged to knock on the door of a Filipino young lady named G; saw her come to church and get saved, and then, bring her friends to church; attended the Bible college graduation of Rey Villarreal, BIMI deputation missionary to Nicaragua; attended a summer college intensive course on Evangelizing Muslims; launched a new website on June 3 at; attended the wedding of Jeff and Andrea Wright, future missionaries to the US military; attended the BIMI Directors Meeting in Tennessee and gave our annual ministry report and a devotion; attended a church in Peabody, Massachusetts, that I helped to plant in 1976 and pastored for 15 years; preached one missions conference, three missions emphasis Sundays; gave a BIMI Open Door Project presentation in one church; provided pulpit supply in one church and visited six churches which were not regularly scheduled meetings. And, to top it all off, we had the opportunity to spend some vacation time with our children and grandchildren."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, the Russell Mackay Family — They share the following report: "We look back over the summer months of ministry and thank the Lord for His goodness. Our teen camping trip and fine arts camp were great. We just keep praying that our teens will give God their hearts and lives. We will continue working and preparing for the fine arts competition in December.

Our Vacation Bible School was a lot of fun, and everything went smoother than ever this year. We saw four children accept the Lord; we will now begin to follow up on the new contacts made during this outreach. Our church family worked hard and met our goal of getting 5,000 evangelism books in 5,000 homes! Please pray for God to give us fruit from this outreach.

We now move into the fall and will begin a new discipleship series on Wednesday evenings. We would really like to see some of the new Christians join this class. We will also begin our second semester of Faith Bible Institute. We are excited that we have 14 enrolled this fall! Last semester was a great encouragement to the ten students we had, and we are very thankful to have more enrolled for this coming semester...Thanks for making it possible for us to be here!"

EAST AFRICA, ZAMBIA, NDOLA, the Andrew Schultz Family — They share the following: The Lord is really blessing at the church plant in Miengwe, and I wanted to share a bit of a breakthrough we have had. One of our Zambian men, F, who leads the Miengwe church plant, has really been burdened lately for a village we have seen beyond the river where we baptize. Every time we hold a baptism, the people from the village will come to their side of the river and watch what is going on. We have tried to talk to them, but they always run away.

Recently, F. received permission from the village headman to visit. F. explained to the elders how he wanted to come to the village to hold a Bible study. At that present time, he was asked to hold a Bible study immediately. F. opened his Bible and taught a basic lesson and over 20 people of the village listened and asked questions. When the lesson was over, they invited him back for the next Sunday to teach again. This time even more people attended, and one person received Christ as his Savior! We are so excited about the fruit from our church plant in Miengwe. What a step in the right direction for the Miengwe church plant!

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, Grafenwoehr, Chuck and Susan Sligh — They give the following report and prayer needs: The most exciting thing for a pastor is to see people make eternal decisions for the Lord. We have had many people join the church recently, and a number of people who have trusted in Christ as their Savior as well as several who have followed the Lord in believer's baptism. Many decisions are made in people's seats as they respond to the preaching of God's Word. It is thrilling to see God working and see people grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior and to get excited about their church and about serving the Lord!

USA ARM PERSONNEL, Ferrell and Barbara Kearney — They share the following: In March we had committed ourselves to go to Ireland to fill in for missionaries Don and Lisa Thatcher. We were at that church five years ago, so we were looking forward to the opportunity of ministry there again. At that time Barbara was suffering from pain from the Temporal Arthritis, along with difficulty in walking very far. In May the doctor said she would hurt if she were in Ireland or in Harrison, so on May 30 we boarded a Delta flight to Dublin.

What a blessed time of ministry! The first month Barbara slowly began to improve. In July she visited a doctor in Waterford and the blood work showed that she was improving and could take a lower dose of medication. During our stay in Ireland and since being home, she is getting her health and strength, for which we both thank the Lord.

Now that we are home, we are settling back into the routine of work here. At the BIMI campus there is always maintenance work to do.... We thank God for the pastors, churches and friends that have prayed for us and supported us financially through the years.

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Rick and Kathy Anderson — They give the following report: Three mission trips and a move have kept us busy the past months. In July we had four people from one of our supporting churches visit us. We were able to take them to visit several of the places where we had gone with our school during our big evangelistic outreach. They visited two children's homes and also were able to help serve breakfast to children at a new little church.

In August we had a team of university students come down for a week. I was able to go with them to Canete to work with one of our Peruvian missionaries. We went to four different towns and were able to present the Gospel to children and adults. During one of the church services, 8-10 people made a decision to accept Christ as Savior. We really enjoyed having this team here as well. We are still enjoying the 19 jars of peanut butter, pie filling and green chilies that they brought us!

EUROPE, RUSSIA, ORYOL, Dan and Ruth Ossewaarde — They share the following report: On Russian holidays thousands of people go to the parks just to walk around and enjoy themselves. We like to go there and give them Gospel tracts. We recently took 1,000 tracts to give away in the park on a holiday celebrating victory in World War II. I met V in the park and gave him a tract. He came to our service the following Sunday and brought his friend D. They are both in their late 20s. They listened with great interest to the message. After the service I talked with them for a long time about the plan of salvation. They have both been back for more services, but D is coming more often than V. D comes to two or three services every week and he asks lots of questions. Pray that these young men will see their need of salvation.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, WEST AUSTRALIA, KELLERBERRIN, Gaylor and Dorothy Carter — They give the following report and prayer needs: We want to give you an update on what is happening since our last prayer letter. My physical body has improved some since you have prayed for us. God has given us renewed strength. We are determined to not give up, but to regroup. We pray for strength and for healing. I have been diagnosed with a form of Parkinsons's called Diffuse Lewy Body Disease. I have been put on a medicine to help balance my body and memory. I have been poked, prodded, and tested, but I know that I have also been prayed for. We want to thank each one for your calls, cards, and letters of encouragement and for your prayers on our behalf.

Please pray for these requests.
1) C. M. who is in a diabetic coma (from Kellerberrin).
2) For my driver evaluation that has to be done over the next four weeks.
3) For Dorothy to get her Iowa's driver's license.
4) S's safe return to Africa.

USA MILITARY, ITALY, GLUGLIANO, Chuck and Linda Truitt — They share a couple of wonderful blessings: We had Christmas in August Sunday the 18th for our refugees—even had a visiting Nigerian family from Perugia, Italy. They all went home blessed and beaming. The children were so happy with the English books (they all speak English at home but have no books to read in English) and with the new school supplies to go back to school. The mother from Perugia was so impresssed with the display of love and generosity that she was open to receiving Christ as her Savior. I met C. a couple of days ago at the food court on base, NSA Gricignano, Naples, on Friday and invited him to our church services today. C. is a 1st Class Petty Officer who is about to retire from the Navy in October. He came to church Sunday, 25 August, and I was dealing with him just after the morning service. C. is now one of our newest brothers in Christ. The Lord is doing some great things here. I praise Him for allowing me to be a part in it all.

WEST AFRICA, TOGO, KPAHA, the Huff Family — They write: Oftentimes we get so focused on the work that is right in front of us during the week, i.e., the Bible institute and the orphanage, that we do not spend enough time praying for the work of this second church plant in the village of Kpaha.

The first prayer request is for land and our own building. We started this church in the local elementary school five months ago, and now we are ready to go ahead and buy land and put up a simple building. This is not a plea for financial help as neither the land nor the simple building will cost much. I expect to pay about $200 for a lot in the village and may spend $500 putting up a tin roof, bamboo wall and dirt floor building. It is a request that God gives us wisdom for the land that we pick out and that the sale would go through smoothly.

The second prayer request is for a new translator and song leader. This second prayer request is more pressing than the first. We looked long and hard to find a translator before going out to this new people's group, and we finally found J who not only speaks the Lamba language, but he is Lamba. Unfortunately, he will be leaving us soon to get training for a position in the ABWE hospital here in the country. The last prayer request is for the one thing that we are utterly helpless to accomplish in our own power.

THE FAR NORTH, CANADA NEW BRUNSWICK, the Dan Post Family — They share the following: The Lord has been helping us get our rental house set up here in Edmundston. Pastor Matt Litson and several church members have helped us greatly in providing basic needs. I am amazed by how much the young Christians in church have been a help and blessing to us.

We see that we have quite a challenge ahead for us in learning a third culture. When I speak, I have a distinct African accent and a tendency to associate French with the African culture. This has been a cause of a few puzzled looks while out on visitation. Pray that we will make this transition well so as to be good witnesses.

We are helping the church start a youth program. Please pray that this will be an effective tool for reaching souls for Christ. We are presenting it more as a citywide young people's program. The attitude toward religion and church in general is very negative so we have to be wise in how we spread the Gospel. Some parents have been upset because we pray after the meetings. I look at the mentality here like the difference between trout fishing and bass fishing. Most trout fishermen know that you need to be careful not to scare the fish away and you can't set the hook too hard.

CARIBBEAN, DOMINCAN REPUBLIC, Jeff and Traci Garrison — They share a prayer need: My doctors in the Dominican can no longer give me the chemotherapy that I must have so we had to return to Indiana in late June. After receiving advice from my pastor, fellow missionaries, our mission board and my doctors in the States, we have decided to return to the U.S. for medical furlough. I started a new round of chemotherapy in July. Since the drugs that my doctor is using are experimental for my Wegener's Granulomatosis, I have not been given an expectation of the length of time that I must be on the therapy. We are planning a six-month furlough, but will evaluate it with the help of my doctors, my pastor and our mission board. We want to thank you so much for your prayers and ask that you continue to lift us up to the Lord.

Praises and Pray Requests
1. Praise for the Lord's provision of the church taxes
2. Traci's and my health
3. Our daughter Elizabeth as she continues in nursing school
4. Both churches while we are on medical furlough
5. Funds for the new church van propane project
6. A. and W., two of our Haitian church members
7. Salvation of the father of one of our teens
8. Community Baptist Bible Church of Mansfield, Ohio
9. The start of our AWANA program in September

WESTERN EUROPE, ENGLAND, LIVERPOOL, the James Mansfield Family — They share the following report: Since our last prayer letter we have seen quite a few saved. A young man and his girlfriend are two of those and they have been coming for the last few weeks and bringing their 1- year-old daughter. What a blessing to visibly see the results of soul winning! I have asked three men in our church to preach on different Wednesday and Friday nights. They are growing and learning. Please pray for the women to become faithful and willing to serve in the church.

Please also pray for a single mother in the church. She received Christ, got baptized and has been growing quickly, but Satan desires to have her and the children and is fighting hard.

It looks like we finally are going to have the paperwork finalized from the council on the small building we've been using, given by the other church that closed. Please pray this transaction will go well.

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, PARAISO, DANLI, Alan and Becky Jackson — They share: The house where we are meeting at the moment is set up in the shape of an L. Last Sunday night there were about 125 in attendance with several visitors. We, as a church, go out every Saturday on visitation. There are many salvations, and many new people have come to church. We have only visited about 1/3 of the city and there is no more room to grow. There is space enough for 85 chairs in the church and it leaves many standing until we send the children to their respective classes. There is not enough space in the church for the children's' classes so we send the kids around the corner to our house. Needless to say, we are in need of prayer for the property and the new church.

USA MINISTRIES: RESEEDING AMERICA, Bob and Jennifer Larson — They share the following: For every one request we get to assist in planting a new church, it seems that we get three to four phone calls for assistance in the restarting of churches that have closed or are in decline. Many times in a church restart, the property and buildings are debt free, but there are only a few people left to conduct a ministry. We are convinced that we need to plant hundreds of new churches across America, but we are also convinced that we need to keep the doors of our existing independent Baptist churches open and doing what the Lord has commanded the church to do. Sometimes the challenge we face is finding a man to pastor a church restart who is willing to work diligently to get the church going again to reach the community with the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests:
• Pray for many more men to surrender to church planting in the USA.
• Pray that God will continue to give us opportunities to challenge and then assist many local churches across America in church planting and missions.
• Pray for the Pacific Northwest Church Planting Survey Trip, July 10-21, 2014. Pray that God will give us men that He wants to make the trip and church planters whose hearts will be touched with the need for churches in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

SOUTHEAST ASIA DIRECTOR, Robert and Shelba Meyer — They share the following:

Fiji Bible Project
After handing out Bibles in the schools in Fiji, Brother Alan Brooks, Assistant Southeast Asia Director, has returned after three months to report that 75,000 students, teachers and administrators have heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and received a copy of the Bible. The schools varied in size from 100 to over 1,200. Brother Brooks plans to return in September for three more weeks where the New Testaments will be provided for the primary schools.

I am trying to work out dates for going back to Fiji in October to help finish up in one area with the Fiji Bible Project. Please pray for us concerning this. We also had hoped to make a trip to Nepal in November, but it is not definite.

Shelba still lives with chronic pain and fatigue. She appreciates the cards and notes from many who say they pray for her. We do appreciate all the prayers that go up for us and our ministry.

EUROPE, THE NETHERLANDS, the Family of Joel Michel — On August 13, 2013, Missionary Joel Michel was killed in a car accident at the Holland/Belgium border when his car struck a semi-trailer truck. He was alone in the vehicle and died on impact. Please pray for his wife, Collette, and their three young children, Annita, age 4; Timothy, age 2; and Annalise, age 10 months. Their sending church is FaithWay Baptist Church, Ontario, CANADA.

EUROPE, SPAIN, PARLA (MADRID), Julio and Andrea Velasquez — They share the following report: On July 7 we had the inauguration of the new work in Colmenar. There were 53 in attendance, 30 of whom came from the church in Paria to help with the service and share in the blessing. Since that first service, we have had anywhere from 4-11 people from Colmenar attend the service. We are excited about what God is doing there and anticipate people coming to know Christ as their Savior through this new ministry.


J. has been growing in the Lord. He has helped us with all the work in setting up the new church, and he is attending the services and playing the guitar to help out with the music. David is giving him discipleship classes, and Lord willing, he will be baptized soon.

A young Romanian family has been coming off and on over the past 3 years, but recently, C. made a commitment to do more for God. He is now taking discipleship classes with me and attending all the services. Please pray for a new convert...and his family, as I have been giving him discipleship classes every Saturday, and they have begun attending our services in Paria.

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, COMAYAGUA, Chester and Violet Sheren — They share the following: The police are very grateful for F. preaching to them each week. They often stop to talk to our people and ask questions about the Bible.... Y. now has 17 people attending church in Cane. Several have been saved and received Bibles.

Pastor Edwin has a branch church from ours. That branch church has now started another branch church in La Villa de San Antonio.

Pray for the need of a bus. Ours is beyond repair. It is a real problem for people to get to church when it is raining. Many of our children live too far from the church to be able to walk....Our greatest need is for more of our members to visit house to house.

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They write: June 30, 2013, was our last official day at Open Door Baptist Church. Our church is now under the care of a man who has been a part of the ministry for five years. He and his wife were reconciled to Christ in 2008. All of their children were saved in our church over the course of several years. It gives us joy to see the church march on its own. Throughout the history of the church, the congregation was accustomed to our furloughs and return. This time, the church understands that we are not returning to that ministry. We believe this move will instill more maturity in the church body.

One of the last highlights of our ministry at Open Door Baptist was to have one of our young ladies participate in BIMI Seminary's annual mission trip. The trip consisted of a six-hour bus ride at night and then a two and a half hour walk into the villages. The group shared the Gospel in one of the tribal Indian languages. They also took clothes and food to some of the village neighbors. The activity resulted in the salvation of some.

BRAZIL, GOIANIA, the Carl Johnson Family — They share the following report: W. is a deaf man who was invited to church by one of our deaf ladies. He had a drinking problem and wanted a change in his life. Well, it just so happened that I know of Somebody Who could give him a makeover in life—Jesus! W. accepted Christ as Savior and has been coming every week since then. He also took me to another deaf person's home so I could invite that family to church. Please pray for his spiritual growth.

On Sundays I have been teaching a separate class for the deaf married couples. I have been speaking on "The Five Love Languages." The goal of the class is to strengthen the husband and wife relationship. Each week I give the couples a challenge and they seem to be enjoying the classes. An average of seven couples have been attending.

EUROPE, ENGLAND, CHESHIRE, CONGLETON, Joshua and Melissa Booth — They share the following report and prayer needs: On Sunday, June 23, our church walked through another building and discussed the possibility for our church to change meeting places. This building for hire is four times the size of our present meeting place. It will accommodate church growth, which we have been seeing lately.

They ask that you pray specifically for B. and E. and for their families to come to Christ for salvation.

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They write: Last week our boys received a call from a realtor who wanted her property mowed. After meeting her, I began to talk to her and try to witness to her. She told me that she was beginning to seek spiritual help as she has survived cancer twice. When I handed her our evangelism book, she said, "Oh, I got one of those at my house this week." We pray she will read the book and allow God to open her eyes to the truth of the Gospel. She is searching and confused by some of the things she has read and heard. We know that the "Truth of the Gospel" is the only thing that will help her. It was an encouragement to know that already God had placed one of our evangelism books into the hands of someone seeking the Truth. Without a doubt, there are many more just like this dear lady!

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SINGAPORE, Chantha and Susan Chhim — They share the following: After eight months in the country, we feel as though we have adjusted well. I think we began to adjust the first few days of being in Singapore. We are delighted at how God is allowing us to be used for His glory!

I would like to ask that you please be in prayer for us as we attempt to resolve our Sunday meeting location. We are currently in the process of procuring a more permanent meeting place. We have been meeting in my home for the past few months. However, Sunday, September 1, 2013, will be our official launch service. We are praying that this faith move will honor the Lord and allow us to minister in a more effective way. Please pray for this special service as well as a more permanent meeting place.

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, PARAISO, Alan and Becky Jackson — They share the following report and prayer needs: The Bible institute in Danli is going into the fifth week and what a blessing to see the fervor and enthusiasm of those who are studying. There are 20 students enrolled in the two different classes offered: Bible Doctrines and The Gifts of The Spirit.

The church in Danli is really growing and we are just about out of space. We have found a piece of property, and we are waiting on the response. It is possible by this next weekend to have an answer about the property. Because it is owned by a neighborhood, we have to get the approval of all of the neighbors to purchase it. Once the approval is given, they will have to determine the price. We are praying that they will sell it to us for a very moderate price. Please be in prayer with us for the decisions that need to be made and that they will be made very soon.

Sunday night we had one of our largest attended services—90 or more people in attendance for Sunday evening. Two weeks ago we started visiting a new area of Danli called "Waliqueme." Try to say that three times fast. Well, God has truly blessed in this area and there are about 15 new people coming and several of them have been saved. Please continue to pray with us for the evangelization of Honduras and for the souls of the men, women and children that are still waiting to hear.

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They write: Greetings from the "Concrete Jungle." Our spring contest ended on May 26, as the individual who accumulated the most points would win a new Scofield Bible. S. S. was the winner. She blew past everybody on the last day, as points were tripled. We had a total of 15 first and second time visitors. The highlight, however, was the salvation of two ladies, one named N. C. Yes, God rejoices over every saved soul!

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, OKINAWA, Gary and Karen Craft — They share the following: We have been in a whirlwind of activity since arriving here. Besides the normal ministry activities, we have been upgrading, renovating and retooling everything with "The Spirit of Excellence in Ministry" in mind. We are extremely grateful to our Lord for doing HIS GREAT WORK in our midst. The people of Maranatha Baptist Church are rallying behind the vision for the future.

The church has experienced growth in spite of many families traveling this summer and duty assignment changes. Attendance has increased about 20%. On Sunday, June 23, the Lord sent 21 first time visitors. FIVE new families and FOUR single GI's have joined with us. The baptistry waters have been stirred almost every Sunday. Nine have been saved and 11 baptized in these first few weeks at Maranatha Baptist Church.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Jim and Carol Stackhouse — They give the following report: We continue to praise God for His faithfulness to the ministry in PNG. Seven more souls accepted Christ in June at the Haven of Rest Baptist Church. Also in June, the church hosted its first annual "Papa's Bung" (men's retreat). Seventy men attended the camp, and four visitors accepted Christ as Savior. God recently blessed the church with a new 15.000 watt auxiliary generator. We have been praying for three years for this needed equipment. PNG has frequent power outages and many of them are during service times. Also, Haven of Rest has planted yet another new church in the East Sepik province. Twenty souls have been saved recently at this new baby church.

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, the Nathan Arce Family — They write: Today our mission field is considered one of the most violent countries in the world. About 90% of the population has been robbed, kidnapped, held at gunpoint, or been a witness to or even a victim of a shooting (in most cases more than once).

Last week as I was opening the front door of the house, I was approached by a man who did not look like he had good intentions, and I was very frightened. But he said, "Pastor, we need to speak. I'm involved in drugs, and a gang. I was recently shot in the leg, and a month ago I had a discussion with our neighbor, and I pulled out a gun and threatened his life." I was swallowing very hard. He said, "I need a change before I totally destroy my life; can you help me?" I told him I would introduce him to the only One who can. Please pray for J. He lives a few blocks from our church.

Pray for us to live not just a moment of courage every now and then but entire lives of bravery that would impact this town and this nation. Pray that we will invest 100% in what is eternal in order that we may present many souls to Christ. This has only happened throughout the years because of your prayers, your support and your love. To Him be all the glory!

FAR EAST, JAPAN, Paul and Sarah Johnson — They write: One of the greatest blessings for us is to see young people here in Japan who witness to and invite their friends to church. In any culture, young people typically find it difficult to speak with their peers about God, and particularly here in Japan, it is a challenge. We have a young lady name S. in our church that plays softball for her school and has been asking us to pray for her teammates. This past month she invited some of them to church, and four of them came with her one Sunday, and two more came another Sunday. One of the young ladies made a profession of faith. We had a testimony time later and S. wept as she thanked God for His goodness. Her boldness was an encouragement and challenge to us all.

Every week, T. attends an English class that our Japanese tutor teaches. The class is for pre-school age kids, and he loves playing with the other kids. One of the mothers of two of those kids began coming to church in the beginning of June. This past Sunday, we had a baptism service for Mr. I. who was saved some time ago but had not taken the step of believer's baptism. In the past two months, we have had 13 visitors come to church and are so encouraged to see the Lord working.

USA MINISTRIES TO MISSIONARIES, Bill and Gwen Griffin — They share the following: We are busy with the plans for Enrichment Week, which will be held from July 22 to 26. We have a large group (19 families) registered to be with us.... Many have asked me how they can help with Enrichment Week. Here are few suggestions:

• Pray for Enrichment Week. Pray for Dr. Shumpert as he speaks to the adults. Pray for safety as the teens and children travel to their activities.
• Consider making a donation to Enrichment Week. Because of the large group and the fact that there is no cost to the missionaries, we could use your help. Make your donation to Enrichment Week Account #8 at BIMI.
• Consider donating gift cards to Cracker Barrel ($25). These are given to the missionaries and are a great help to them as they travel to visit their supporting churches.

SOUTHEAST AFRICA, ZAMBIA, Ndola, Andrew Schultz Family — They give the following report: Last weekend the Lord enabled us to pass out over 2,500 tracts. This was at the World Cup qualifier soccer match held here in Ndola. We were able to witness to many. Please pray for fruit from this outreach. The match ended with a tie score.

We need your prayers in a couple of different areas in our lives and ministry right now. Pray with us about the well in Miengwe, which was dug last year. When we went to put the concrete "cap" on top of the well, we found some problems with the well walls. Even though they were reinforced with concrete it appears that at least one of the walls has collapsed in one or more areas. We need to discern if it is better to fix the problem or look for another solution. We pray that we do not have to condemn the well and dig another.

Please also pray with us about the Trade Fair that will be in our city June 26 through July 2. We have rented a booth at this international event and will be distributing tracts to many of the 100,000+ attendees. We have over 50,000 tracts that have been donated as well as other literature for distribution.

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, TERRYVILLE, The David Townsley Family — They share the following report and prayer needs: "How do I get saved?" Devin asked me. He had heard the Gospel during the teen mystery trip several weeks before and has been asking questions about spiritual things. I invited him to go with me on a trip so that I could explain the Gospel. After asking several questions he asked how to be saved and then prayed to receive Christ! Please pray for his growth as he graduates from high school and enters the armed services. Also, please pray for:

1. People to be faithful during the summer months.
2. People to be saved and baptized and grow.
3. Wisdom, discernment and strength in fighting spiritual battles.
4. Our July VBS Outreach.
5. Financial provision for RBC.

WESTERN EUROPE, UKRAINE, ODESSA, John and Dawn Spillman — They write giving the following report: Thank you for praying for our family and ministry. Thanks to the Lord, Dawn and Rio Grande Baptist Church, J.J. has reached an important milestone in his life in finishing high school. He has testified that God has called him to preach. Please pray for him for wisdom in choosing a Bible college and for the Lord to use him there even more that He has here.

Thank you for praying for the delivery of the books we had printed in Russia last year. After huge delays and problems with personnel, the books are slowly getting out to the missionaries that requested them. The missionaries still haven't received their books, but we've promised that they will be shipped within a month. Please pray for the books to arrive soon, so they can get to work.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, REPUBLIC OF KIRIBATI, TARAWA, Sam and Mary Beth Snyder — They share praises and prayer requests.

• Friends let us use their mwaneaba (pavilion) for Sunday meetings rent-free. God provided a truck for the ministry. Transportation is hard to find here, especially on Sundays. A friend let us use her truck for a while, and then the Lord provided one that belongs to the church.
• A mission team was here for ten days from BIMI. They taught the Bible in schools, helped with a Bible club in our front yard, handed out New Testaments, learned a lot about the land and culture of Kiribati, and even helped with our first ladies' meeting at Brooke's house. We were excited to have 16 I-Kiribati ladies present for the skits, crafts, songs, devotional and food.

• Growth of people who have responded to the Gospel and more to respond
• That the church people will gain a burden to tell their friends and family about the Lord and the church
• A faithful translator
• Ones who are saved to follow the Lord in believer's baptism
• Language learning

CENTRAL AMERICA, PANAMA, Christine Gay (On Deputation) — She gives the following report: I have been so overwhelmed by the graciousness of God's people in one meeting. I had two individuals take me on for support as well as the church. My family has also played a huge part in helping me get items that I've needed. For my birthday, they all pitched in to help me buy a projector, which I have already had to use in one church. I could go on, but the point is God is good!

I just finished a week of Candidate School at BIMI. I thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship with fellow missionaries. The classes were very helpful, and it has been a joy to sit under the teaching of seasoned missionaries! After I return home, I will have a couple free weeks to try to schedule meetings, and then I will head to New England for several meetings up there. Please pray that God will continue to open doors that He wants me in.

WEST AFRICA, TOGO, Huff Family — They share the following exciting report: More believers are getting baptized and more students are graduating from the Bible institute! This is what we envisioned before coming to Togo and how exciting it is to see these ministries develop right before our eyes. God has been so good to us both in our first church plant and at the Bible institute. By His grace we are continuing to see more and more people forsake their fetishes and come to Christ, and by His grace we saw another five students graduate from the Bible institute this month. Please pray for both these new believers and for the recent graduates of the Bible institute that God would be glorified in their lives and that they would seek Him and serve Him with all their hearts. Please visit our blog at for more pictures and updates. Thank you for partnering with us and making all of these ministries possible.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, Dane and Debbie Board — They share the following report and prayer needs: We recently began a new ministry in the Phnom Penh Church called Highways and Hedges. The goal of this ministry is to distribute Gospel tracts door-to-door in remote villages where there is not currently any type of Gospel-preaching church. We were blessed to have 61 of our folks show up the very first Saturday, eager to get involved in this new ministry. We were encouraged to have 15 of our teens involved in Highways and Hedges. This year we are, on purpose, trying to do some things to help ground the teens in their faith. An important part of their spiritual growth includes being a public witness for the Lord. We were all encouraged to see their excitement and boldness as they went door-to-door. Please join us in prayer for the following requests:

1) Salvation - K. & S. and family, L. and N.
2) T's work hours to be changed, so that he can continue to be involved in ministry

SOUTH AMERICA, ECUADOR, GUAYAQUIL, Raymond and Anita Bradley — They give the following report: The Christian deaf school is well on its way for this school year. Two of our young hearing ladies, E. and J., sisters of a deaf man the Lord allowed us to reach, are the newest teachers in the school. They received the Lord about seven years ago. After high school they went to college with the goal of serving the Lord in our deaf school. After they graduated, they took a position in a hearing school. The Lord, in His love, dealt with them about serving Him. The Sunday before our trip back to the States, they asked to talk with us, as they realized they were making a mistake by not obeying the Lord, and they wanted to serve Him. Praise the Lord! We need their help. Reaching the deaf starts with the very basics such as teaching them to communicate with Sign Language along with the precious Word of God, sharing the wonderful Gospel and training them to read and write, etc.

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM, Walt and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following report and prayer needs: After moving into our new church facilities six months ago, we finally had our official dedication service. It was a very blessed Sunday with special music, earnest dedication prayers, a demonstration of the light of the world and an excellent message from the Word of God by BIMI missionary Rodney Kidd. One young lady accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior, and with almost 90 people at the dedication service we had a full house. The ladies of the church prepared a delicious meal for everyone.

In recent days two of our older ladies died, both with large families. At both of the funerals there were many lost people that heard a good Gospel message. Please pray for the lost as we follow up. Pray also for the grieving husbands, children and grandchildren who are having a difficult time at the present.

WEST AFRICA, IVORY COAST, BINGERVILLE, Kristine McLaughlin, RN — Kristine works with a BIMI church planter and she gives the following report: While on furlough, it is great to be able to keep in touch with those in the Ivory Coast through cell phones. Ivorians may not have a refrigerator, but most will have a cell phone. The cell phone is likely the most "plugged in" commodity in Ivorian households. As I call them, and they call me, encouragement is mutual. It is wonderful to hear of the faithfulness of young believers. Seasonally, June is well into the more intense of the two rainy seasons that we experience. With the rains the temperature dips down to a comfortable 80 degree range. We as missionaries welcome this relief from the heat. Our people typically tell us that it is "so cold" as they pull out their knitted hats and scarves. Roads, especially those that lead to our 12 Bingerville villages, turn into swamps, and transportation becomes more challenging. Would you pray for our four nationally-led village teams as they continue in the work of evangelizing the lost during this difficult season? Pray that they will have safe transportation, wisdom and encouragement as they minister. Pray for our villagers that they would have hearts of "good ground" in making decisions of salvation and growth in Christ. These are all formerly closed villages.

CLAIM MINISTIRES, Christian Laymen Assisting International Missionaries, Carl and Glenda Vonnoh — They give the following report and prayer needs: Larodde, France: Thanks to Dr. Bud Grinstead and the mission team that help labor on this project. Also thank you to several folks who donated financially to help with the expense of our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter to go on this trip to help. The 13 member team hung steel stud walls, ran electrical wiring and plumbing, and tore out old sheetrock in a five-story building being renovated for a youth camp; plus, the ladies worked extremely hard in the kitchen. Much work was accomplished. They all were the hands and feet of Jesus for this ministry. More work is needed. Pray for this timely ministry to reach the youth of France for Christ.

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, MISAWA, Sammy and Joan Popwell — They share the following: April and May were really busy months. I had the privilege of leading a young boy to the Lord and baptizing him on Easter Sunday. We had Operation Saturation as a campaign theme preparing for the revival at the end of the month of May with Evangelist Randy Chovan. We were able to reach all the military homes off base as least twice during the effort. We had around 30 people go out each Saturday morning. We were able to give away over 100 full KJV Bibles during these visits. We now are awaiting the response from God to honor our work. Joan and I have been going seven days a week for the past two months.

Prayer Requests
• That souls would be saved and become committed to God
• That we would be blessed with continued good health
• That the YEN rate would improve and hold

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, ST. PHILLIP, Robert and Rhoda Smith — They write the following: Each Wednesday afternoon G. I. goes to the hospital for soul winning. There, during the noon visiting hour, he and I will distribute about 300 tracts, pray at the bedside of any who will allow us and witness to those we can. Last week he found a prisoner named D. handcuffed to the bed. G. led me to D. The prisoner listened carefully and bowed his head and trusted Christ. D. is still a prisoner for his crimes in Barbados, but his soul has been freed by the blood of Christ.

I was taking Brother G. home one day after soul winning together, and as we passed a house he remarked that he had formerly lived there. Seeing that house struck a memory in me as well. Years ago, I had been at that house and tried to witness to a man under the tree in the front yard. As I related that to G., he just smiled and said, "Yes, I know. That was me." Boy, was my soul soaring after that! What a reminder to me to "Never give up, never give in, and never give out." Just keep on plugging away.

U.S. MILITARY, GERMANY, Chuck and Susan Sligh — They write: I shared in our last prayer letter about some folks who had recently trusted Christ. One couple, recently saved, had twins. Despite being in the hospital for most of the last three months until the twins' birth, one of the twins is experiencing complications and requiring heart surgery. This couple is still clinging to the Lord. Their baby's surgery is this week, but they were in church Sunday, even while their baby was still in the hospital. Please pray that God will sustain them during this difficult time and that they will continue to grow in Christ.

One of our young believers is continuing faithfully with one-on-one discipleship with our deacon along with a saved friend of hers who had been in a sound, Bible-focused church. It is so good to see them growing in the Lord and beginning to get involved in ministry.

Another new convert is the wife of a "nominal Christian" (perhaps not really saved), who is holding her back. She faces real struggles as she seeks the Lord, but also wants to love and please her husband. Please pray that he would come to faith or greater commitment to Christ and become the spiritual leader in his home.

WEST AFRICA, SENEGAL, ST. LOUIS, Pat and Jody Russell — They write: Since September three people have accepted Christ and His wonderful forgiveness. However, only one, N., has followed the Lord in baptism and continues to follow Christ. M. is facing resistance from his grandmother, mom, dad, big brothers and even the whole neighborhood. His Bible was destroyed by his family, and some men came to the door of our church with a Muslim priest. It appears they prayed at our door. This probably means that our church has been marked and that people are watching our door to see who comes and goes. In spite of this, M. still comes to church from time to time. At this time we are encouraging him, and we have had contact with him through the basketball club. Pray with us that he will follow the Lord in believer's baptism. A., who does not speak French, is coming to the services and is growing in the Lord. She will have some obstacles from her family that I will tell you about in another letter later. Would you please pray with us as we disciples these precious people?

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, EDMUNDSTON, (French-speaking Canada), Dan Post Family — They share the following report and prayer needs: The Lord has answered prayer in giving us four new supporting churches this furlough. He has used churches and individuals to help us "on our way" and we are thankful.

We also praise the Lord for helping us with our paperwork that will allow us to get a visa. The church in Edmundston, New Brunswick, was able to write an official letter of invitation. This will enable us to be able to go directly there and begin serving the Lord.

God has also answered prayer concerning a house to rent in Edmundston. During the week of May 14-21, M. L. was able to find a house to rent, transfer the electricity to our name and buy some basic appliances. Praise the Lord for his help and blessing! The biggest blessing about my trip was to see how much the new members have grown in the Lord in Brother L's church. We also went out soul winning one day and had several opportunities to disciple folk during the trip.

Here are some other prayer requests that we have:
1. Pray for the salvation of our landlord—Guy R.
2. Pray for our move to New Brunswick. June 18 is our departure date.
3. Please pray that the Lord will begin to prepare hearts for salvation.
4. Please pray that our expenses will be met as we set up our home and begin our new ministry.
5. Please pray that we can get a two-year visa when we cross the border.

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Sean Lunday Family — They share the following: CHURCH PLANTING in South America's largest city involves working with families. We generally separate the first months of the year to emphasize the home. This year during this time we baptized 12 new converts. Among those baptized was the family of L. He and his wife, L., while facing new divorce, visited our church. We were privileged to lead them to Christ and baptize their family. God then miraculously restored their marriage and has given them a desire to serve Him. After completing our discipleship course, they became involved in children's ministries, including the bus ministry.

Recently our bus ministry suffered a major blow in the form of a blown engine. We have some 15 children from the orphanage who depend on the van for transportation weekly. The majority of these kids come from the ranks of thousands of unwanted children who live on the streets of Brazil's largest city. For many of them the church is the only family they have ever known. Our workers face many challenges as they seek to teach and disciple these kids in the Word of God on a weekly basis. Please pray that the situation with the van would be resolved quickly.

WEST AFRICA, GHANA , ACCRA NORTH, Christian and Emma Dogor They give the follow report: SALVATION RESULTS—21 souls accepted Christ as Savior this quarter and 12 of them were baptized on Easter Sunday. Pray for their spiritual growth. Some of them are already faithfully serving the Lord.

ANOTHER ALMOST FATAL ACCIDENT An accident occurred on the 4th of March at about 10:30 AM at the Abeka Lepaz Community here in Accra. I was on my way to the bank when it happened. J., the young man who has been helping us for our house work, was driving. A very big and heavy motorcycle rider ran into the backseat right door. If I had been sitting in the back, I would have been in heaven by now or maimed for life. I broke one right side rib and my right shoulder was dislocated. By God's grace I averted surgery and I can now move and use my right shoulder and arm. Praise Him! Thank God once again, the Lord spared my life.

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, MAXIMO GOMEZ, Joshua and Joy Wesson They write: We are excited about the spiritual growth and interest we have seen in our people, especially in our institute students. We had a pastor who taught "Methods of Bible Study," which we readily received and has produced a renewed eagerness to study the Bible in our students. One of our favorite times of the year is our annual missions conference. Each year at the end of April we have special speakers come and share with us about the need to evangelize the world. Our planned speaker for this year was Brother Bob Johnson who is a missionary here in the Dominican, working with the Haitian community. Unfortunately, because of a family emergency, he was unable to be here. Please pray for them. We had a wonderful time in spite of having to change our plans. God moved in a special way. Our people have been involved in giving for the past few years, but we feel that this year we really need to do a better job reaching our "Jerusalem."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan Davis Family They share the following: Yearly, our Spring Campaign starts the first Sunday in May. Extra effort and energy goes into this time as the focus is upon evangelism of the lost. After giving out around 1,300 brochures, several first-time and second-time visitors came on May 6th. During the invitation three individuals, F. C., G. A., and G. M., accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior! SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST—CRIMINAL COURT
The Fire Department has raised the bar one notch by giving us a summons, which has placed us in criminal court on June 25. Yesterday, I spoke to the Fire Inspector who said if we get everything done, they will dismiss the summons. So, if everyone signs off on their jobs, we can still come out okay. Would you please take one meal to fast and pray for our situation?

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, METAPAN, Charter Family They give the following report: We are very burdened to reach out to the college age single young people here in our community. There is very little for them to do here in our town as far as healthy, wholesome entertainment.

We have started a new outreach ministry to this age group. We had 11 attend our 1st activity. Please pray for us to be able to reach more of these young people before they make serious wrong decisions with their lives.

We would like to ask all of you to pray for more laborers to come to the harvest field of El Salvador, especially Metapan. We can use the help to see our ministry grow not only in size but also in the ability to accomplish more by reaching more lives with the Gospel. We have so many people in our church that have great potential and are eager to grow and learn more about how they can live for God and reach others with the Gospel.

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mollie Prussia They share the following report and prayer needs: In late February we traveled in our car about two hours north of General Santos City to Digos City to do a medical mission for Saving Faith Baptist Church. We were accompanied by a dentist, a nurse, a translator, and several counselors from our church in General Santos City. There were many decisions to accept Christ and many decisions about being baptized. Two weeks earlier we made the same trip for Stan to speak in Sunday school and church and give tickets for the medical mission.

During March we did two clinics at the Sarangani Provincial Prison to care for inmates who attend the bi-weekly MCBC Bible Study. April and May are the hottest and driest months of the year in the Philippines. All of the schools and colleges are out of session. During this time MCBC focuses on children, teenagers, and singles. Daily Vacation Bible School brought 120 children each day. Between cut fingers, bumps on the heads and fevers, Mollie had the blessing of helping with the snacks. At the graduation the following Sunday, 92 relatives made decisions for Christ. Stan and two men visited one of the grandmothers last Saturday and she was in our Sunday school class on Sunday.

Please Pray for Wisdom:
1) As Stan prepares Scriptural science lessons for a Bible school in Manila.
2) As Mollie prepares to teach a health class to ladies of MCBC Bible Institute.
3) For each medical mission and patient.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NAPAL, KTM, James and Holly Tamang They write: One of the blessed things we get to see is the foothold (high places in their lives) of Satan being torn down by new converts. The last two being torn down were a mountain top experience for Bethel Baptist Church ministry. Praise the Lord for souls being saved. On Easter day six souls were baptized and eight souls have been saved in the past two months. One of them we have been praying for the past four years. His wife has been saved for four years already. She has been praying for him as we have been for a long time. To make the story to the point, he got saved and we are rejoicing.

Through our church members and their desire to bring people to Christ, there were four (dad, mom, son and daughter-in-law) who got saved. They had been worshipping ancestors and other gods. With prayer we were able to take down all the strong footholds of past relics and BBQ - I mean burn them.

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, Rob and Angela Willoughby They share the following: We completed our first round of "Christianity Explored," which gives an in-depth presentation of the Gospel. Our regulars, T. and M., attended with great enthusiasm. H. was our most faithful non-believer. At the end of the course, he explained that he still has some doubts, so I gave him a couple of good books as follow-up and invited him to our weekly Bible studies. T., as an unbeliever facing some real trials in his life, came because of our ad on Facebook. Unfortunately, he missed most of the sessions, but he has since come to one of our Bible studies as well. Our friend, U., also came to two or three sessions, but she is still not ready to make a decision. Please keep these dear people in prayer!

SOUTH AMERICA, ECUADOR, CUMBAYA, Will and Laura Lyon They write: God is continuing to bless the church that we are working with here in Cumbaya, Ecuador. We have had many visitors over the past few weeks and several of the members are really starting to grow in the Lord. One man, C., whom I baptized in December, asked if we could start one-on-one training/discipleship classes. He asked for these classes because he has no Christians in his family and he feels a burden to reach them. His family lives about eight hours away and he wants to begin traveling to visit them once a month to lead a Bible study for his family and the community in which he grew up (there is no church there). Please pray for him and our church!

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay They share the following report: Last week our boys received a call from a realtor who wanted her property mowed. After meeting her I began to talk to her and to try to witness to her. She told me that she was beginning to seek spiritual help as she has survived cancer twice. When I handed here our evangelism book, she said, "Oh, I got one of those at my house this week." We pray she will read the book and allow God to open her eyes to the truth of the Gospel. She is searching but confused by some of the things she had read and heard. We know that the "Truth of the Gospel," is the only thing that will help her. It was an encouragement to know that already God had placed one of our evangelism books into the hands of someone seeking the truth. Without a doubt, there are many more just like this dear lady.

BRAZIL, JUNDIAL, Tim and Lidia Barrett They share the following report and prayer needs: This past month we were blessed with the visit of the new president of BIMI, Dr. David Snyder. He preached at our annual BIMI Missionary Field Conference, a time when our BIMI missionaries get together for a yearly "business meeting," which is required by the government, and for fellowship. The Sunday before that, Brother Snyder preached at our main church here in Jundial, and I (Tim) had the privilege of translating for him here and at the work of another missionary in another city. At our church he preached on Peter walking on the water with Jesus. During that altar call, we asked those who felt called to "step out of the boat" and serve the Lord full-time as a pastor or missionary or in some other special capacity to come forward. The front of our church was filled with men, women, and couples who felt the Lord's call on their lives. Many of them have finished our Bible institute, and some of them are still studying. Please pray that the Lord would continue to direct our ministry so that we may have the necessary funds and wisdom to do what the Lord would have us do. Very Special Prayer Request
We are trying to get our children's American Citizenship. At the moment, Stephen's case is being processed, and we are praying that an answer will come soon, before he turns 18 in September and then it will be too late. I (Tim) and Stephen might have to take a trip to the States to finalize the process if they call us for an interview. We are also praying that Stephen will escape from being drafted into the Brazilian army, which would also complicate things. We would really appreciate your prayers for this situation.

SOUTH AMERICA, GUYANA, GEORGETOWN, Noel and Charlene Shrivnauth They share the following: Someone has said, "If you want to reach people you have not reached, you need to do things that you have never done." I sense urgency in our mission as missionaries to Guyana. This is to get the message of Christ's power to forgive and the good news of salvation to people we have never before reached.

We have been on the mission field 19 years and have seen God do some amazing things to reach Hindus, Moslems, and others with the Gospel. I am 50 years old and my health is good, though it is not what it used to be. I don't know how long I have left on this earth, but I want to run well and strong to the end. God has set my family and me on the frontlines of the battle. He has enlarged my vision and we are moving forward. I am asking that you stay with us and help us in your prayers and finances more than you ever have. I want to talk to you about three areas that I believe are critically important to us in order to reach out to more people with the life-changing message of Christ.
1) We would like to take the Gospel to every home in the capital city, Georgetown—a population of 200,000 people.
2) The church building is in need of structural correction from cracks in the concrete beams, which pose a significant safety concern for our people who attend here, not to mention my family and me who live on the third floor. It will cost about $35,000 to put in steel beams.
3) We want to start a third church in the next year.

Please pray with this family about these three prayer needs!

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, Jon and April Flowers They share the following report: May 9 we had the Ladies' Tea at the Tandz church (the Filipino church). April had the opportunity to speak to the ladies that came. I want to thank all those who prayed for these ladies' meetings. We had a great crowd of ladies at the Tandz church. We had a number of first-time visitors. After the meeting some of the ladies told April that many of the visitors were being dealt with. Later that day April was told that 10 ladies accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We praise the Lord for His blessings on this meeting. Please pray as we try to follow up and see these that accepted Christ get into church and begin growing in their walk with the Lord. I thank the Lord for April and all that she does with the ladies at the Tandz church and with the kids and the Daya church. Please continue to pray for her.

SOUTH AFRICA, WIHTE RIVER, Richard and Laura Badgett They write: Our Phola services have been hindered due to venue issues. Please pray we can resolve this soon. Some of our church members from Phola have distanced themselves from our church due to conflict with the family members from other churches. Pray for these members that we can continue discipling them. We are now providing transportation to the Msholozi services due to the venue issue in Phola. We actually have five different languages represented in this group.

Please pray for our continued efforts to win South Africans and to disciple them to become mature believers. Please pray for the church here in White River, South Africa. Please pray for Richard to be encouraged during these challenging times.

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, Jerome Pittman Family They share the following report: A couple of years ago a man by the name of J. K. attended our church. He recently immigrated to Australia and asked me to visit his 80-year-old father who is in the hospital. J. had witnessed to him many times over the past two years, and this past Sunday I was able to lead him to Christ! J. and his son cried tears of joy as they watched the video I was able to send to them of their loved one acknowledging his salvation. Sometimes technology is a good thing!

We have a major prayer request concerning our building situation. The premises we are currently renting has been put on the market by the liquidators. We are in a situation of month-by-month rental at this point. The cost of purchasing the building is beyond our financial abilities, and at the present there are no other permanent meeting places available. We need the Lord's direction in this matter.

FAR EAST, JAPAN, KOBE, Paul Johnson Family They write: God meant it unto good. The devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March 2011 affected many lives in Japan. Thousands of peole lost their lives and thousands more lost their homes and all their earthly possessions. Mrs. S and her family were displaced from the tsunami and moved to Kobe almost two years ago. Shortly after arriving here, she saw one of our church flyers advertising English classes on Sunday mornings. She began bringing her young son to English class but would leave as soon as class was finished. After a few months they began staying for Sunday morning services as well. Last year, they both trusted Christ as their Savior and her son was baptized. In March of this year, she followed the Lord in baptism as well. It was thrilling to think how God used a situation as devastating as the tsunami to being people to salvation. Please pray for her husband who has not yet trusted Christ. Thank your for your continued prayers on our behalf.

WEST AFRICA, NIGER, Agadez, Brenson and Joanna Jennings They give the following report: The greatest blessing of the past two months was the salvation of our friend, P, whom we mentioned in our last prayer letter. I had witnessed to him on numerous occasions in French, and although he seemed interested, he said he just wasn't ready. Our co-worker, Brother David Edens, had the opportunity one day to clearly explain the Gospel to him in Tamajaq. P told me later that day that he understood and believed. After talking more we feel that he has indeed accepted Christ! This is such an answer to prayer. We see such potential in this young man. He has already expressed a desire to teach others the things of the Lord and he is very receptive as I disciple him in French. Please pray for him to grow as a Chrstian and to be a bold witness. Converts here face a lot of ridicule and sometimes hostility from their friends and family. Pray for this young man and also that God would give him a Christian wife.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOA, Jim and Emi Civale They share the following report and prayer needs: We spent about as many days in as we did away from Asau last month — and the Lord blessed every minute and every mile.

At Asau Baptist Church, we baptized and added five new members on the first Sunday in March. Later that day, I flew across the dateline to visit American Samoa for a second Sunday, March 3. As always, it was a joy to visit our first church plant and to preach to the dear people of Vai o le Old Baptist Church. Praise God for a young man whom Pastor Scot Daku led to the Lord during the altar call.

Two days later I traveled back to Samoa to stay with missionary friends to continue working on the Samoa Bible Project. While there, I preached for Pastor Peneueta Faafouina at Lighthouse Baptist Church in the village of Vaitele-Fou. Praise God for a sweet couple who came forward at the altar call and placed their faith in Christ as Savior. Later in the month, they were baptized and added to the church. There is a lovely twist to this story. The wife in this couple was born and rasied in Asau, and some in her family opposed opening Asau village to allow the Baptist church in back in 2010. Three years later, members of that same family are becoming Baptists! Hallelujah! This story gets more exciting. She brought her sister to the church the next week and she also got saved, and they are eager to reach out to other family members with the Gospel.

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, Terryville, David Townsley Family They give the following report: "Thank you for choosing Terryvile!" This new Christian is one of the many we are discipling and helping through personal problems. Many are eager to grow in the Lord and be more like Christ. Several more Christians are planning to be baptized and to join the church soon!

Easter was a great blessing this year as we had to put out extra chairs to seat everyone. We had first-time visitors plus people who had not been to church in a while in attendance. After the service a college age young man walked the isle to ger assurance of salvation. Tears rolled down his face as he prayed to receive Christ as Savior!

There are many special Sundays planned in the month of April. Please pray for more first-time visitors and for those who have not been faithful, to come to church. Also, please pray for M and her husband. M is saved but has been out of church for years. She attended during the revival and on Easter. Pray that she will decide to put Christ first and that her husband will be saved.

Also, pray for: 1) God to work in the upcoming services. 2) Visitors to return, be saved, and grow. 3) God's people to grow as they are discipled. 4) Protection from Satan's attacks.

WESTERN EUROPE, ENGLAND, Liverpool, James Mansfield Family They give a very exciting report and prayer needs: God has answered some very specific prayer needs. Last prayer letter we told you about a building God has given us. It is now too small! We had 70 in attendance for Easter Sunday and have averaged in the 50-60s for weeks now. We have not been able to have any big promotions or advertise like we want simply because we don't have room! We are excited to share with you our vision and what we feel God would have us do. The council (local government) owns several community centers in the area where we have our church. With all the recent cutbacks, they are looking to find someone to, in essence, give the building to. They will lease the building to us for £1 a year for 35years! We would be responsible for the utilities and upkeep. The building consists of two large rooms each able to seat 150 (auditorium and Jr. Church) each with its own kitchen and set of bathrooms, a room for a nursery and even an upstairs office, plenty of parking, in a very visible and prominent location! Right now, we are the only ones interested in it, but there is a ton of red tape when working with the government. We have to have all our ducks in a row, books audited to prove we are financially able, business plan for helping the community, a lawyer, surveys, and the list goes on. PRAY THAT ALL THE RED TAPE DOESN'T GET TANGLED AND WE ARE ABLE TO MOVE INTO IT!!

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, MOOROOLBARK, Robert and Mary Fuller (working with the Deaf) They share the following: Our New Year activities began with indoor putt-putt, a prayer for the New Year and ended with the Lord's Supper after overnight Bible reading. We are still learning a great deal about Australian sign language, how the people think, their culture, their seasons, etc. We are settled in a rented house and we are doing well in our ministry at the chuch and starting a school. Living is very expensive here.

A sixteen-year-old deaf girl who got saved last fall at the National Baptist Fellowship has been attending Youth Group. She joins with the hearing teens for games then comes in with us for the Bible study. Our goal is to teach purity and truth from the Book of John and the needs of teens as new Christians. We have seen ups and downs in the life of this teenager both physically and spiritually. Please pray for wisdom for us to be a Godly influence to the children and teens.

Our Bible Instiute for the Deaf opened for the first time. The offered courses are Old Testament Survey, Women in the Bible, New Testament Survey, Bible Study/Discipleship and Ausian [Australian Sign Language]. We have eleven students. Pray for the future opportunities for our Bible institute.

CLAIM MINISTRIES, WORLD WIDE, Joe and Linda Leleaux They give the following report: As I make preparation to return to California for the second phase of plumbing for Pacific Baptist College, let me bring you up to date by giving you a report on the February trip. There were five of us on the team who worked alongside of many of the men of the church. Our tasks included cutting and assembling metal trusses for the porch overhangs and running the cast iron drains and vent stacks for the upstairs and downstairs plumbing. We completed 80 trusses in two days. We then moved on to the plumbing. We spent the next ten days on that project, and the ladies worked diligently cleaning the school kitchen. In the evenings we are able to do some repair work at the pastor's house. According to labor rates in California, it was estimated that we are able to save the church over ten thousand dollars. Praise the Lord for the willingness of the team members to sacrifice their time and talents for the Lord.

USA, SPANISH LITERATURE MINISTRY, Jerry and Gail Reece They share the following report: Easter week we passed out hundreds of Gospel tracts and invitations to our special campaign to those who live near the church. Response and attendance was very good. The church is in the middle of an area that rents to 10,000 students of the Universiry of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez. I am preparing a series of messages in the defence of biblical creationism. The church hopes to invite as many people as we can to these meetings. The church needs younger couples. Most of our dear, faithful people are older and many are sick with various serious physical conditions. We need a lot of the Lord's grace and mercy.

USA SPANISH MINISTRIES, FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS, Ed and Barbara O'Brien They share the following report: Since our last letter, we have seen the Lord continue to work in the lives of new people coming to church. Two ladies have recently received Christ as Savior. One, M, is a single mother with two children. She had only come twice and on the third Sunday, she received the Lord as personal Savior. The other is D, the wife of R, who happens to be the one who invited M to church. R is excited about what the Lord is doing in his life and is so thankful that I counseled him to not give up his marriage. He already has a list of family members he wants to take me to witness to. What an encouragement! He is willing to even take off work tohelp out and do things for the church and calls me regularly just to see how I am doing and says "thanks" for how the Lord has used us in his life.

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, GRAFENWOEHR, Chuck and Susan Sligh They give the following report: We were very concerned that we will be losing most of our workers when the 172nd IB departed, but the new members who have recently joined are some of the highest caliber of Christian workers we've had at Grace. "Crunch time"—when the 172nd IB leaves, has not arrived yet, but we know that God has never left us without enough workers in the past. Since the Kisslings left in September, we've not had a single ministry spot that went unfilled due to Susan's superb recruiting, motivational and organizational skills. Somehow we believe we will never have to cancel a single kid's class, or keep the kids in the worship service or cancel a fellowship or not have a nursery for lack of workers. I honestly can't visualize how it happened...but God has always come through in the past and we believe He will in the future.

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Kirk and Kathy Hickok They share some important happings in their ministry: Our Easter Sunrise Service is always a highlight of the New Year. This year we had several first time participants who had been saved and added to the church. It was an overcast day, but nothing can hold the sun back. We may not see it, but it is there! After our testimonies, morning devotion and singing, we were walking back to the church when someone shouted "There it is!" The clouds had parted and the sun had burst forth in all its glory. One day the SON will do that as well!

National Pastor — We have been asking prayer concerning a national pastor for this church planting ministry church. We will be voting on a candidate on April 14 and are praying for God's will. There is so much more to be done in our area and beyond. Pray that God will keep us strong, steady and true to do the work He has called us to do.

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, JAMAICA, ST. CATHERINE, Swante and Linda Lindquist They share the following: P and D, the two young men mentioned in our last prayer letter, need your prayers. P lives too far away now to make it to the services. D has moved into Kingston and simply disappeared; we fear that he has gotten back with his old friends and may have reverted back to his former way of life.

Pray also for two ladies in our church (a member and her neighbor who attends regularly). Their neighborhood is "locked down," especially during evening curfew because of gang killings. Evidently someone had turned one of the gang members over to the police, and now the entire neighborhood gang has said seven people, no matter whom, must die. So far two have died. Except for the essentials, people hesitate to go out of their homes, even though the police are patrolling the area constantly. Our church is about a half mile from the area, so we must be careful moving about, especially when I am driving people home in the evenings. Jamaica needs prayer! And as our entire world seems to be unraveling, remember to lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:28).

MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH WORLD WIDE, Rebecca Pope, RN, BSN She shares the following: Santiago, Chile—a ten hour flight from Atlanta, sitting between two mountain ranges, entering into fall while we enter our spring, over 1,300 patients treated and 403 professions of faith. Our team of 18 served with a team of three missionary families and two single ladies, pluse three national pastors and several church members. During the week the Chilean pastors who presented the Gospel to the patients told us they had never seen such responsiveness to the Gospel. "After more than eight years of serving in Chile, last week was the most fruitful week ever." "We had a family of four visit our church today from the clinic." These are just a couple of comments from the missionary team. Praise the Lord for His blessings!

Our next mission is Cambodia and before that occurs I hope to be able to get moved to the Baltimore, Maryland, area where MMO will be based. I'd appreciate your prayers for this mission and that I find the right place to live. It's always been my desire to have a little cabin in the woods and enjoy my solitude, but having been involved in missions that desire has changed. Now I wish to live around those to whom I may bring the Gospel and help meet their needs. The Lord can sure change a heart in many ways

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL WORLD WIDE, Ferrell and Barbara Kearney They share the following: As Barbara and I have both passed another birthday this spring, we look forward to what the Lord has for us in the coming months. As we have related in previous letters, Barbara has been treated for temporal arteritis for almost a year. Thankfully, the treatment seems to be working.

Thus, we have felt the Lord would have us accept the invitation to go to Waterford, Ireland, at the end of May and fill in for missionary Don Thatcher at the Anchor Baptist Church. We were in Waterford in 2008, so we are looking forward to serving there again—getting reacquainted with folks that were there in 2008 and meeting those who have come into the church since then. We will be in Waterford from May 29-July 29.

USA MINISTRIES, RESEEDING AMERICA, Bob and Jennifer Larson The Larsons are on the road in different places and share the following: Winter brings special challenges living in an RV. Water lines have a tendency to freeze; the propane furnace seems to run non-stop. And it always seems that some necessary procedure involves lying in the ice/snow under the RV (Brrr!).

The end of February found us south of St. Louis in Perryville, Missouri, to fill in for a church planter while he and his wife took some needed time off. While there, we were also able to visit a brand new church in Bloomsdale, Missiouri. It was a joy to assist the new church with special literature funds given by Reseeding America to help several new church plants.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for two other dear souls we recently led to the Lord on church visitations.
• Please pray for our support. We have several churches that have had to drop or lower their missions support in recent months.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, MILDURA Steven and Christy Maldoffs They share the following: The Lord has been so good to us in raising up or providing us with more capable workers for the expanding ministry of the church. People have now begun to take responsibility of the teen group, Kid's Club; Christianity Explained teaching and the various men and women Bible study groups. What a joy to see the church serve!

Many times in the past I have written about our desire to start a Bible study group in the remote town of Wentworth. We are finally going to begin this in the very near days with a couple of the church. Advertisements are being posted throughout town, and we have had responses from some people wanting to attend. Please pray for this endeavor.

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, GULA, Nate and Sara Wright They write: In the space of five weeks, Nate conducted three weddings, the first ever here at Grace Baptist Church of Gula. Please pray consistently for these couples. Becoming biblically wed was a definite step in the right direction, but it will be very difficult for these couples to establish good homes that truly honor the Lord in this culture, which encourages polygamy, wife beating, children going away to boarding schools, dishonesty and so much more.

Prayer Requests:
1. The minstries here to go on faithfully and fruitfully in our absence.
2. M and the other leaders, both here in town and out in the villages, as they lead these ministries that they will stay close to the Lord.
3. Health and wisdom as we go into our furlough. If you have not yet scheduled a meeting with us, there may still be room on our calendar! Please contact us soon.

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, Sean & Stephanie Lunday They give the following very exciting report: AMAZON OUTREACH MINISTRY recently returned from the Javari Valley region of the Amazon where were involved in leading two teams: a medical team and construction team from Temple Baptist Church of Herndon, Virginia. Our medical team traveled 500 kilometers up the Javari River, visiting villages in both Brazil and Peru. We were able to travel farther that we had ever gone to reach villages previously untouched. All totaled, we visited 10 different villages. Two of the villages on the Brazilian side were Kanamari Indian tribes; however, they did not receive us well and therefore, we were not able to minister the Word to them. One of them was very remote and could only be accessed at this time of the year when rivers are up. The people in the villages would beg us for Bibles, and we could not take enough to supply the demand. Through the medical clinics and evangelism we are preparing the soil for a future church plant. There are no churches of any kind in the areas where we have gone. In the short four days we were able to treat over 240 people, visit 10 villages and distribute hundreds of tracts and Bibles. There were three precious souls who received Christ.

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, Joe and Laura Passaro They write: The exciting part of military work is seeing our heroes come home from their deployments. I attended two of these events and must conclude that emotions ran high even for me. Five of our wives have been waiting nine months for their husbands to arrive home safely. Two of our men from Harvest Baptist Church were introduced to their new baby boys for the first time. What a joy to see the tears and excitement on their faces. God is so good to bring each one of these soldiers home safely. Praise to our Lord Jesus.

This is somewhat late in reporting, but our church truly enjoys the fellowship before and after services. The year 2013 started with a fellowship that had visitors, great food, and some old fashion preaching. Our church has seen an increase in attendance and an opportunity to witness God's grace. Please pray for our folks to see not only the importance of growth in their lives but also the need to spread the Gospel.

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, TONCONTIN, Charles and Brenda Arnold They give the following report: I was waiting there in La Colonia La Pena for the man to come to buy the bus; and while I was waiting, I saw a man open the front door of a house. He just stood there. I felt led to go talk to him. I carried on a conversation with him for a short time and began to share the Gospel with him. He looked to be perhaps in his early 50s. He was so polite and seemed to listen to every word. When I asked him if he would like to invite Christ into his life, he didn't seem to have any hesitation at all and he professed Christ as his Savior. Since then there have been three more that invited Christ into their lives. Pray for these that they may grow in grace.

WESTERN EUROPE, ENGLAND, STOKE-ON-TRENT, Matt and Amanda Green They write: We have now been in England for over four months! That's hard to believe...since coming in November, we have had the privilege of personally leading five people to Christ. As much as the flesh would love to take the credit for these instances, most of them came to Christ with very little assistance from us. This was certainly the case of S.

S. is a Venezuelan exchange student that one of the young men of our church met on the way home from college. Eventually, he was able to get a good witness in with her. All the while she was attending our youth Bible study and church services.

One night after church, I approached her about trusting Christ. However, a few moments into "winning her to Christ" she began rehearsing everything that M. told her. After sharing a few verses with her, she wept her way to Christ. Later that night she posted this on Facebook, "Not just a decision, I will trust You!"

On March 2 she returned to Venezuela. We were sad to see her go, but we are thrilled to have found a good Bible-believing Baptist church for her in Velencia—where she will be going to university. She is burdened to reach her people for Christ. Please pray for her.

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, David and Rose Maskey They give the following report and prayer needs: On January 27 we had 1,050 in attendance for our 18th Anniversary Sunday, along with 128 saved and 20 baptized! We also had the highest attendance for the month of February, averaging 636 in the main church. In Omoku we were able to clear the land and start building the block fence around the property, so we are now one step closer to starting a new church, and we are rejoicing in all these good results so far in 2013.

Visit our new website, for updates, pictures and videos of our ministry, and for information about Nigeria. We hope this will be a help and blessing.

Special Prayer Requests
1. Our Furlough—Lord willing, we'll arrive in the States on April 25 and our main task will be to raise some much needed additional support so your prayers and help with that will be much appreciated. We're also looking forward to seeing some of you when we visit some of our supporting churches as well.
2. Our College Kids—Jonathon will be graduating from Hyles Anderson College on May 10 and is considering working as an intern in a church this summer or longer. Carissa is finishing her junior year and will need a summer job. Joshua will also be looking for a summer job as he is thinking about starting Bible college in the fall as well. They all need your prayers for provision, wisdom and direction.

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, Bill Pettit Brother Pettit gives the following account: Brother R was saved from a life of extreme alcoholism and was known as the town drunk. Now for the sixth time he has taken our students (and some pastors) on a trip "back home." Catholics are known to be fanatical, even violent, in this area. It was what can be called a risky place; yet, it is Brother R's home area. At first the people said, "We are all Catholics," and they asked our folks to leave. On the first trip, after singing and preaching on the streets, the women found some very limited lodging but the men lay down for the night in the public plaza and so, right in the center of town, a new work began. Limited finances are always a risk factor, and yet God can use even that painful situation.

Slowly there was a response. The local folks began to respect them and listen. It was a God thing. During the last trip the wife of the local county judge came up and said, "My family and I have been watching. We are going to make this our church home." Praise God. Many have made professions of faith. A new church is born.

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, ACCRA, Harold and Bridgette Holdbrook They share the following report: On the spiritual front we are glad to report that three of the churches are growing. Attendance in both morning and evening services is encouraging. We can smile and thank the Lord for what He is doing in the Akramaman Baptist Church near Nsawam in the Greater Accra Region. The shelter we left them six months ago is now a church building with walls. Attendance has also increased and new members and children started coming again.

Pastors from three of our churches alternate in the preaching and the teaching services weekly, and the members are growing in the things of the Lord and the Word of God. The same can be said of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dodowa where they have turned the shelter into a beautiful church building where the Word of God is being preached every week and souls are constantly being saved.

Pray for N A, the leader of the Akramaman Baptist Church that he might grow in his love for the Lord Jesus and the Word of God. Pray specifically that the Lord will give us a faithful pastor to lead the Akramamam Baptist Church. Uphold Pastor L D in prayer. He is the pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dodowa. He needs prayer to be strong in his leadership role at the church. He is a family man with five children.

We plan on starting a Bible believing church at Adawso the first week of April. We are in the process of fixing our vehicle, which is in disrepair. Be in prayer with us and for us that the Lord will have His way with us in this project.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, CROYDON NORTH, Wayne and Angela Harper They write: Two days after our arrival in Melbourne, I received an email from BIMI to contact my doctor in the States ASAP. After the breathing test and x-ray here and without going into all the details, I have a collapsed lung and am breathing at 34% of my capacity. Still to come is an MRI and then on to the pulmonologist. We appreciate your prayers.

Despite health issues, I am still endeavoring to preach and teach, however, at a little slower pace. We are confident in God's leading and trust Him to enable us to continue the ministry here. We are privileged to represent you in Australia and are thankful for answers to prayer that have made this possible.

CARIBBEAN, CAYMEN ISLANDS, CAYMAN BRAC, Russ and Bobbie Turner They share the following: We wish to thank S. G. (I do not know him) who responded to our request in our last letter for a new supply of "God's Simple Plan of Salvation." This dear believer supplied this Spanish tract, written by Ford Porter and printed by Lifegate, Inc. He sent two large boxes of the tracts, which we insert into Spanish John/Romans booklets and distribute freely on the streets. On a trip just completed to Honduras, we found the people more ready to receive the tracts than ever before.

One young man (28-30 years old) asked in English, "How long have you been doing this?" "Well, I'm almost 83 years old," was my reply. He said, "I have been wanting to study this for a long time." Thank you for making it possible for him to begin a study of God's Word.

EUROPE, UKRAINE, ODESSA, John and Dawn Spillman They give the following report: We asked that you pray for visits we were going to make to three orphanages in our city. We praise the Lord for good visits in each one. We were able to supply some of the physical needs of the orphanages in various supplies, thanks to the kindness of a number of people and churches. Our program of singing was well received. The plays made their impact on impressionable souls. We had great opportunities to witness to the young people. Several teachers commented that they themselves enjoyed the program, and were glad we were there for the children. There are regular ministries to only one of the orphanages. Please pray for workers to be burdened with care and love for the children of the other two.

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, TONCONTIN O COMAYAGUELA, Alan and Becky Jackson They write: The door to preach to the soldiers here in Danli has been opened and what a blessing it is to be a part of this ministry. We have been preaching for three weeks to the 110th Brigade, and today three men accepted Christ as their personal Savior. There are about 50 soldiers that are always on the base and every Wednesday morning God has opened the door to preach to these men and women. Then on Thursday morning the door has been opened to preach to the 9th Battalion. There are many more soldiers in this group.

The door to preach to the schools here in Danli has been opened to the glory of God. We have the opportunity to teach the Bible in one high school and two grade schools with three more asking us to come and teach the Bible. The high school that I will be teaching in once a month has about 500 students. Please pray with me for these high schoolers that they will make wise decisions, which is salvation.

USA MILITARY, ITALY, GLUGLIANO, Chuck and Linda Truitt They give the following report: We are in the process of a big changeover in our military personnel/church membership...folks are leaving, but we have no new members to replace them. We just said goodby to some of our dear folks who have transferred out or departed to various parts of the globe, such as Houston, San Diego and Berlin, Germany. That always leaves a big hole in our hearts, but that has been our particular type of ministry for all of these years now. There is another key family in our church who will be departing in just a month and five days.

During our church services we always have a time of testimony of God's goodness. A few weeks ago, B (one of our African refugees who was saved many years ago in Ghana) said "This is the best place I have been in my Christian life. I have learned so much from all the teaching...." And he once again said to me, "I want you to tell those people, those churches that send you here, Thank you!"

FAR EAST, MONGOLIA, ULAANBAATAR, Jason and Mary Ritchie They share the following report and prayer needs: One of our great desires has been to reach our teachers with the Gospel. U. B. has been teaching Mary and me for some months now. Recently during our lesson, I had the opportunity to share the difference between religion and a relationship with the Creator God of the Bible. "What a wonderful thing!" she exclaimed, "Our scriptures are all in Tibetan and we understand nothing of what is said at the temple." I encouraged her that the one true God could be her God as well. Though she did not receive Christ that day, since that time our lessons have, more often than not, been filled with discussion of the Bible and Christianity. Please pray for U. that she might receive Christ.

We continue to help with the preaching and music at both Faith Baptist Church and Straight Paths Baptist Church. Last Sunday at Straight Paths we had a special salvation service. The choir sang and the Gospel was preached. An older gentleman who had been attending this month brought a whole bag of idols from his home saying he did not need them any longer because he knows the one true and living God! Please pray for R. as he is discipled in this new faith.

EAST AFRICA, TANZANIA, MWANZA, Brouwer Family They write: Our two newest church plants have shown themselves faithful despite having to meet for services on Sunday under trees and a plastic tarp. We purposely allow these new church plants to go through difficulties in order to see how serious they are about starting a church regardless of the circumstances.

Pastor S. was burdened to plant a church in the village of Bundilya in January 2012. They have met on the side of the road for over a year now with around 60–70 faithful attendees each Sunday. Pastor B. has a similar testimony. He planted a church in his own village of Kikano in May of 2012. Their Sunday attendance is around 75–80 people.

Both of these congregations have proven themselves to be serious about reaching their villages for Christ. In the last few weeks God has provided the funds to purchase property and to build very modest church buildings for these two new churches. We will provide the building materials while the people will provide free labor so that we are working together to see the churches established....Above all, we give God all the praise for His provision. Please pray for these two new churches as they move forward for Christ.

CARIBBEAN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, Miss Coco Chan She gives the following report: Over 1,300 Romans Given Out Over Christmas—This past Christmas I did a Romans distribution at the 10 schools of 14 classes I am teaching. One of the school principals even allowed me to give to the whole school. Praise God for opening doors! Each student got a package of a Christmas Gospel tract, a book of Romans and a couple of candies. Many teachers and workers at these schools also received a package. I was very excited to see some of them read the tract as soon as they opened the bag.

Besides giving out packages, I also baked Christmas cookies and cakes to send to some of the homes in my neighborhood, with a tract and a Romans. The widow lady who lives across the street from my house was glad to see me. S is a Catholic. Please pray for her to read the book and see the truth. Pray also for God so uses these packages to reach many homes.

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, Carte Family They write: The spiritual situation is worsening because most Venezuelans have stopped looking for answers from government and have started looking toward their idols. We have done all we can to get the Gospel to people during the last several months.

I baptized 14 people after the Sunday services on February 24. This is the first baptism since we started evangelizing to start the Abundant Life Baptist Church a year ago. We are excited to see how these new converts are growing.

BRAZIL, COTIA, Jon and Mandy Crews They write the following: So far, this year has been our busiest camp season since purchasing the property four years ago. In January a church used our facilities for two deaf retreats. There are many deaf people in Brazil, especially in São Paulo, but very few ministries for them. We also had a great Carnival Camp. Our camp did not have enough beds to sleep everyone, so many camped out. They braved the rain and wind to be a part of this special event. The organizing church chose the slogan, "Making a Difference." Oh, how Christians need to make a difference in our community, our relationship and our church. The Lord blessed with a great spirit.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOA, Jim and Emi Civale They share the following blessings and prayer needs: Last month we asked you to pray that the government of Samoa would grant the FM designation for our radio station. They did! We may now go "live at 105.5." The only remaining steps are to ship out and set up the equipment. We are grateful for the tireless work of Pastor Ted Martens in New Jersey who has been testing and tweaking everything needed to launch operatons. Please keep him and this project in prayer over the next couple of months as he ships the items out and then travels to Asau for the set-up and orientation.

USA MINISTRIES, RESEEDING AMERICA, Bob and Jennifer Larson They give the following report and prayer needs: This past month we have been very busy with a church restart in Albertville, Alabama. Albertville Baptist Church all but closed last fall. Ken and June Love, with BIMI Reseeding America, has moved to Albertville to restart the work. We came in to plan and coordinate an area wide distribution of Gospel material for this church. Over 140 volunteers from eight sister churches in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee helped us distribute thousands of door hanger bags. We prepared meals for all the volunteers as well as a dinner for the "Get Acquainted" Sunday on February 17. Praise the Lord for the visitors who came on the special Sunday and for those who said they would be back!

EUROPE, ENGLAND, CRADLEY, Graham Forbes Family They write: Many years ago God used Nehemiah 2:17-18 to speak to me in returning from the States back home to build up spiritual walls. Since the year 2000, we have served back in the UK and delighted to be where God has put us. We have established two churches and seen many saved and lives changed.

Now, in our present church, God has been speaking to me and re-teaching Nehemiah 2:17-18 to me. Cradley Baptist Church has 200 years of history. It supported William Carey and, in fact, the founder of the church was a good friend of William Carey. John Wesley stood and preached only a stone's throw from where I now preach and the Second World War Pastor R. Knox-Wylie was General Monty's minister.

Today we have 68 regulars, some of whom have come to faith in the time we have been here. The original building was torn down, and they meet in a very old, cold and uncomfortable building that was built for Sunday school 200 years ago.

The land where the original church stood is in ruins and is a reproach to God. The Lord has impressed me to help the church get a vision for the future. Like Nehmeiah, the enemies looked at the city of God and thought "Why should we serve a God who cannot take care of his own city?" And so the community looks at Cradley Baptist Church. We are now at the dreaming stage and the planning stage. No one gives to a pipe dream, so I ask for your prayer support that we can get things done so that one day Cradley Baptist Church will be a shining light to the community.

Why, in these days, would we want to take on such an endeavor—so that we can reach men, women and children for God, plain and simple. Between us and our dream stands the obstacle of £-400,000! Between Nehemiah and his dream was a hard hearted pagan king who cared nothing for God. Both were big obstacles but compared to the greatness of God—incomparable!

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, Dan Post Family They share the following prayer needs: In this prayer letter I would like to share some special prayer requests with you. We certainly covet and appreciate your prayers on our behalf. We are so thankful for the truth that God hears and answers the prayers of His children. We have seen God work on our behalf in the past and know that it is due to the fact that our supporting churches pray for us. Will you pray for us concerning these needs?

Prayer Requests:
1. God's blessings upon our meetings with souls saved and others called to the mission field.
2. That the Lord will give us ten more supporting churches. We need our support level to increase to match the cost of living in Canada.
3. Our visa situation—we are praying that we can be invited directly to Edmondson, New Brunswick, so that we can begin serving without any delay.
4. That the Lord will begin, even now, working on hearts so that they will be open to receive Christ as their Savior. While serving in Africa, we always prayed that God would give us people who would have a heart for Him.
5. God's provision as our departure date of June quickly approaches. We are literally starting over and have many needs for our family.

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, MISAWA, Sammy and Joan Popwell They give the following report: The year 2012 was a difficult year; we saw over 50% of our church rotate out. This is the heartbreak of the ministry to the military. We had just begun to know each other and then they are gone. However, we thank the Lord for the new ones that came in and filled some of the vacant Sunday school classes, even though we had to combine some of the classes. We rejoice that about 25 were saved and baptized this past year even though it was less than the previous year.

The year 2012ended with a Watch night Service. All of the military are on a curfew which requires them to be in by 11:00 PM, but our base was able to be out until 1:00 AM on New Year's Eve. We had three of our men preach. What a blessing it was to see these men expound the Gospel. I delivered a message on our theme for the year "OUR GOD IS ABLE."

God continues to work as we have seen some saved and three baptized in January.

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAICHUNG COUNTY, Jon and April Flowers They write: In January we went to Taipei to meet with our group of young people who are up there for school. After our meeting, one of the guys took us over to a Christian bookstore. We had never been there before, so as we entered the store, I was a little excited to see what kind of Chinese materials they had. While looking around the store, I saw April talking with a lady. I came to find out that she is from Brazil and her husband is in Taiwan for work. She was at the bookstore looking for some information on a church she could attend. April began to tell her about our plans to move to Taipei the end of the year to start a church. From that day to this, there has not been a week where April has not Skyped with her. Her husband is not saved. Please pray that we could be able to reach him with the Gospel. Pray that God would give April wisdom as she talks with her and tries to help her with what she is going through being married to an unsaved person.

SOUTH AFRICA, Richard and Laura Badgett They share the following accounts: Saturday morning, February 2, we woke to the dismay that our car had been stolen. The doors were locked, the alarm set, and the two immobilizers were working, yet, somehow in the course of the night it was taken. The police are not holding out much hope of gettng the vehicle back. The entire drive train is interchangable with a majority of the most popular taxis in this country.

We need a car. The Venture served us well since 2007, but parts are harder to get and we think it's time to upgrade to a more practical vehicle. The price of fuel continues to rise, and we are looking at the Isuza 4- Door Diesel Bakkie. We want to trust the Lord for the provision of this vehicle.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, INDIA, MYSORE, Sam and Sharon Dayanand They share a lengthly report as follows: On January 6 we were involved in starting our fourth church about an hour away from where we serve. Several Hindu families are attending and have asked for prayer for specific needs in their lives.

Last year we started training a young pastor who works among HIV patients, and on the 30th of December three people were baptized at Grace Baptist Church. Also a young couple was baptized at Bethel Baptist Church. They had been targeted by Jehovah's Witnesses, but by God's grace they took a stand. It was a blessing to see these young believers bonding with the church as a family. We praise God for souls being saved and baptized.

We were able to put together a doctrinally sound tract in the local language, Telugu. We praise God that even the man who printed the tract realized some truths. Another man, who is not even connected to our church, took a handful of tracts and distributed them. Several days later a lady called from a local hospital and asked us to pray for her father. She had received one of our tracts and read it to him. We are glad that the seed was sown and we ask the Lord of the harvest to give the increase.

By God's grace our TIBS program (Theological Institute of Biblical Studies) is going strong and pastors and laymen alike have testified what a blessing this has been to them in their ministry and their walk with the Lord. Several young men from this group are now willing to further study the Word of God at our Bible college in Mysore. We are so grateful to God for the way He is working in our lives and the lives of many others in the ministry here.

USA MINISTRIES, ARKANSAS, FORT SMITH, Ed and Barbara O'Brien They write: The Lord is blessing here in special ways. A couple of weeks before Christmas I had the opportunity to lead M. to Christ at the hospital. Her husband was in intensive care and unconscious. A week later I was able to visit them again and he was awake. He also received Christ as his Savior. He passed away in January, and M. asked me to come to the funeral and say a few words about what happened. At the viewing, I had the opportunity to speak and share the Gospel with about 30 people, and we had nine receive Christ as Savior. Please pray that we will see some lasting fruit from this and we will continue to visit the family.

We also had the blessing of seeing R. receive Christ as her personal Savior while we were making a visit to their home one evening. She and her husband have asked that we come to their home and disciple them. They have a desire to grow in the Lord but also shared with us that there is a constant battle with the things of the world. Please pray for this young couple that we will see them become grounded in their new faith and faithfully serve Him in the future.

WORLD MISSIONS CENTER, USA, TENNESSEE, HARRISON, Dan and Sharon Daugherty. They share the following: Walter Rhoton was born May 29, 1923. He served in the U.S. Army, worked for Eastman Kodak, and loved missionaries. As a result of his love for missions, he asked BIMI to build a house for retiring missionaries in honor of his deceased wife, Ruth. After the home was finished, he gave money to pave the road to the house. Then he gave a contribution to build a second house for furloughing missionary families to use. On December 3, 2012, Walter went home to be with the Lord. Missionaries will reap the benefits of Walter's love for his Savior. Both homes stand side by side on Bethany Lane.

The Lord has used Pastor Esposito to build a ministry to Cambodians, Filipinos and others in Long Beach, California. January 26 to February 9 we will participate in a CLAIM work trip with the inside construction jobs of a new church building there. Please pray for our safety, physical strength, and witness in this endeavor.

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Jeff and Traci Garrison. They give the following report and prayer needs: Praise the Lord, I was able to be in the Dominican to hold our official mortgage burning service. We were able to pay off the mortgage 11 months early! The facilities are now valued at approximately $450,000 US and we are now 100% debt free. The Lord blessed in every part of this facility's construction, and we are truly blessed to have such a great and usable facility as well as the property for room to grow.

Our annual Christmas Dinner was a big success again this year. Over 135 folks celebrated the birth of our Savior with a wonderful meal. We celebrated Dominican style with fried chicken, rice and beans, pastalon de plantanos maduro (a casserole made with ripe plantains), and of course, many different sweets. One adult came forward to accept Christ as his Savior during the invitation after my message. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

Adult saved at Christmas program
New people brought into both churches

Jeff's health
Grace Haitian Baptist Church
Jarabacoa Baptist Temple
M. C. - father murdered after Christmas
Alexis and Emma - taking care of things while we are in U.S.
G. and M.
Funds for new batteries for inverter system

BRAZIL, GOLANIA, Bethany Thompson. She writes, I had the joy of teaching a Sunday school class and leading two children to Christ, M. and S., in early November. M's mother is deaf and has been coming to church. Last Sunday night I also had the joy of leading her to Christ. Please pray for the salvation of more souls and for our deaf evangelistic conference in April.

God blessed our December kindergarten. We praise the Lord for the way He is using the school to reach young lives! Next week I will be giving a teachers' clinic....We praise the Lord for the 73 K3 through 3rd graders already enrolled and are praying for God to send us the remaining students He has for us. We have the capacity for 89 this year. Please pray for our teachers, workers, parents, and students.

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD, John and Abby Lafreniere. They share the following: We are excited about starting Fairfield Baptist Church. God has continued to bless our deputation with safety and the increase in financial support. We are now at 20% with several churches praying about supporting us financially.

Over the past couple of months we have seen several saved, visited another great church in Fairfield County, and presented the Gospel to a Hospice memorial in Bridgeport, Connecticut. God is GOOD! In December we were at the first annual church planting conference at City Baptist Church in Hoboken, New Jersey. Though much of their building had been severely damaged by Storm Sandy, it was quickly restored thanks to the financial help of several churches across the country. That Sunday morning there was a visitor from Fairfield, Connecticut, and she expressed excitement for a church coming to her area! She has been looking for a home church and gave us her contact information.

EUROPE, IRELAND, WESTMEATH, Stephen and Katie Finley. They give the following report: On December 15, M. and W., for whose salvation we've been praying, had a little boy. He is a cute little guy. Incidentally, M. and W. are still having Bible studies in their home, and they are enjoying them very much. Please keep praying for their salvation. M. is still attending on Sundays and Wednesdays, and doing one-on-one Bible studies. He is really starting to open up and ask questions, especially in regard to eternal security. Please pray that he will overcome the doubts that he sometimes has on account of sin struggles and that he will soon be ready to receive teaching regarding biblical baptism. Please pray for the salvation of L. and V. (T's Catholic sister and brother-in-law), who visited our services this month.

WEST AFRICA, COTE D'IVOIRE, BINGERVILLE, Robert Mach Family. They write, Our church in Bingerville is progressing well. We are in the process of selecting our first deacons. The construction on the permanent church building is continuing. Our new evangelism program has greatly increased the interest of our people in giving out the Gospel to others. Also, the church met its church budget as well as its missionary budget for the last third of the year. This is a new development and one we are thrilled to see.

The Bingerville church ministry reaches out principally into the Muslim community. We have 180 students from ages 12 to 63. Classes meet every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Through this ministry we are able to give the Gospel to Muslims on a regular basis, which is certainly necessary in order to win Muslims to Christ. We were concerned at the beginning of this school year that we could lose many of our students. A local official, who did not appreciate our evangelizing at the literacy center, tried to hamper our opening this year; tragically, he fell dead of a stroke. The Lord allowed us to open with our biggest student body yet.

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRIES, Dana and Debbi Brosius. They give the following report and prayer needs: At church we had a teen pizzamada (pajama party for teen boys), which was well attended and a blessing. We also had a ladies' Christmas Tea and our first meeting for university students at our house. They never had homemade hamburgers before and were very impressed. McDonalds brought the hamburger here, but since it is summer, a big grilled burger was a real treat for them!

One of the two who were baptized was the youngest of a family of sixteen children. She lives in a dangerous slum area, and it will be a real challenge for her to live a pure Christian life there. Also baptized was a third year medical student. His mother came to church for the first time.

If you prayed for L., whose father wouldn't let her come to church, the Lord is answering your prayers and she has been allowed to come to youth meetings, but still not to church.

Please remember to pray for our safety as there are always robberies in our neighborhood. Everyone I know has been robbed, and several church teens were robbed two weeks ago by stabbing them with wires! Several people have left our church because they or their parents consider it an unsafe area. We know that our safety is in the Lord's hands.

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, TERRYVILLE, David Townsley Family. They share the following: The tragic news from Newtown hit our people hard as we are only 45 minutes from there. One young family who has only attended church sporadically before the Newtown shooting has now been attending every service including Sunday school and the midweek service. The wife has now decided she wants to follow the Lord in believer's baptism.

Please pray for:

1. The many new believers in the church to follow the Lord in baptism and to grow in their faith.
2. Visitors to return, be saved and grow.
3. God's people to be faithful during the cold winter.
4. Protection from Satan's attacks.

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Todd and Kim Lapato. They write, Praise the Lord, in January we officially start weekly evening German services. I love preaching in German. Ministering in the Alpine region is a dream come true for us. God called me to preach when I was 16 and I felt a specific burden for Europe when I was 21. Now, nine years later, we are realizing our dreams. When we experience periods of time without fruit, I remember God's calling and rejoice that I even have the opportunity to preach the Gospel in this wonderful place.

We are busy creating new fliers, tracts, websites, invitations, brochures, and the like. I knew I would have to know so much about computers. (I was glad when I figured out how to send an email). We are trying to get the word out about our church and special services. Kim has a good eye for graphic design. If it were me, it would be hand drawn stick figures.

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, CARAPICHAIMA, David and Terri Long. They share the following: Throughout December we had activities for the ladies, the young people (the activity at our house was a great time of food, fun and preaching), and a children's program at our church. We had our usual service on New Year's Eve (called Old Year's Day here) and had 30 in attendance.

Praise: Since our last letter, we saw six people saved on soul winning and in our services.

Prayer Requests:
1) Pray for us to have more people saved, for more people to come to our church services and that the people coming would be more faithful.
2) Pray for more people who have been saved to be baptized.
3) Pray for Kevin Field as he raises support to come to Trinidad.

WEST AFRICA, CAMEROON, BUEA, Nathan and Karie Owens They give the following report and prayer needs: My wife met a woman drying beans in the sun and a man washing his laundry by hand. After being received kindly, she shared the Gospel thoroughly for half an hour. Both had trusted in their religions and good works to take them to heaven. This is common in Cameroon....After they understood there was nothing they could do in their own strength to go to heaven, both gladly received Jesus as their only way to heaven and final payment for their sin debt.

Another opportunity to share the Gospel came one evening before discipleship. A young, well-dressed, sharp man walked into the church, with briefcase in hand.

'Good evening, Pastor,' he stated and sat down.
'I am a Physics teacher at the secondary school, and I want to join your church.'
'Wonderful,' I exclaimed!

We talked back and forth for a while and I learned that he was trusting in church attendance and good works for his salvation. I opened the Bible and showed him that Christ is the payment for our sins. He bowed his head and asked Jesus to become his Savior. He is very excited about his newfound faith in Christ. This past Sunday he brought three of his friends with him to church.

Please pray...
• For the spiritual growth of new converts during discipleship courses and men's and ladies' meetings.
• For the many youths, as they are the future of Cameroon!
• For God to work in the lives of the teachers in the secondary schools as they are role models for their students.
• For strength, wisdom and safety for my wife, children, and me as the many victories are accomplished for spiritual battles.
• For more families to serve together to reach Cameroon for Christ.

CLAIM MINISTRIES, Joe and Linda Leleaux. They write, In the fall we made two trips to Cleveland, Tennessee, to assist in a building project for the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry. They are relocating their headquarters and are constructing a new building. We did the framing for the offices and restrooms.

We finished off 2012 by getting involved with a BIMI Reseeding America project. In my last letter I mentioned that our daughter has done her internship in this particular ministry. In November I began leading music and teaching a discipleship course. This has been a real blessing for us and an encouragement for the Threldkelds.

Our New Year is starting out quite busy. I just returned from a missions conference in Michigan and will leave for a project in Long Beach, California. This will be a two-week project for Pastor Joe Esposito and Pacific Baptist Church. It is a large project, and we plan on making several trips there this year.

Please pray for Sharon as she enters her final semester at West Coast Baptist College. She has done well thus far, but she will have a heavy schedule this semester. We also want to mention that she plans to go to Russia as a missionary with BIMI. She is currently seeking prayer and financial support for a survey trip to Russia a few weeks following graduation. She has the backing of the college in this endeavor and will be serving with BIMI missionary Adam Young for three weeks. If you can give toward her trip, you may do so by sending it to our account at BIMI marked 'Russia Trip' and I will see that she gets those funds. She is seeking to raise $3,000 and needs plenty of prayer.

WEST AFRICA, NIGER, AGADEZ. Branson and Joanna Jennings. They give the following report, "In recent days, God has provided another tool for spreading His Word. At the market here in town, we can purchase small radios that have MP3 players with a SD/USB port. Yes, even out here in the Sahara Desert, technology is progressing! What use to take about 30 cassette tapes to record the New Testament, now takes only one SD card! Since these MP3 radios and SD cards with the NT have become available, requests for them have poured in. Since April, 290 SD cards and 90 radios have been distributed. Please pray that God's Word will continue to have free course. The Bible says, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God' (Romans 10:17). If you would like to help with purchasing these MP3 radios, they cost $22 each.

WESTERN EUROPE, ENGLAND, LIVERPOOL. The James Mansfield Family. They write the following, "We have been led of the Lord to start a Reformers Unanimous Bible-based addictions program which will meet weekly on Friday nights. This is a huge commitment, but the over-whelming need has made the decision crystal clear! There is NO addiction program in the whole area of Skelmerdale! Not an AA or any government program! In fact, we will be the only RU in all of the UK! Like all locations, Skem has its rich and rough areas, but the rough areas are quite large and drugs, alcohol, and other addictions run rampant. The government has alternative drugs like Methadone that have had people in bondage for decades! We have a new couple in our church that have been coming faithfully and are begging for the program. They recently accepted Christ, are following Him in baptism this week, and have asked me to marry them! I have met with the government authorities and local charity groups who are excited and plan to send people they come across our way. I flew to Ireland where there is a RU home and gathered as much knowledge and training as I could. We officially start January 4th! Please be in prayer for this huge step. We have ordered all the material from the States and are gathering workers from our faithful core for this needy venture.

Having said all that, please be in prayer for someone to come and work with us. The need seems overwhelming and task very great. We could really use some labourers to come and help us!"

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY. Russell and Lisa Mackay. They give the following praise and prayer need report, "We have secured a place to meet and will have our first service in the new building on December 16. We have signed a lease for the conference centre of the Best Western Hotel.

This new location opens up a new area for us to evangelize. Our city is so densely populated that just moving this small distance will bring us in contact with thousands of homes and people untouched by our outreaches thus far. So, we are putting together a book containing the salvation testimonies of seven of our people. We are praying and working to get 4,000 of them printed to distribute over the Christmas holidays in our Gospel and Goodies Outreach. The project has been made possible because God had guven us a man in our church who is a professional writer. He has given many hours of his time to compile the book. It will cost quite a bit of money to print it, so please pray for God to supply for this need. We are very excited to see what He will do through this outreach."

USA MINISTRIES, LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA, WESTERN STATES REPRESENTATIVES. Mike and Wilda McCombie. They give the following report, "In the months of October, November and early December we traveled 3,800 miles in the three states of California, Arizona and Nevada to preach one missions conference, four missions emphasis Sundays, and proclaim the need for participation in carrying out God's plan for world evangelism through local churches. In each meeting we saw believers surrender to the Lord's wll to go "beyond their power" through God's grace, as "they were willing of themselves" (II Corinthians 8:3) to give and to "hold the ropes" in prayer for the cause of world evangelism. In each church the faith promise commitments were met, and some were exceeded, and ultimately missionaries will be supported and sent forth."

We covet your prayers for the New Year of 2013 for:
1. Health, safety and travel mercies.
2. A full schedule of meetings in 2013. We are scheduled to be in California and Arizona in the months of January and February and in the Northwest during March and April.
3. God's wisdom and power in preaching and presenting missions in the churches and for people to answer the call to "go and/or send."
4. For churches to continue supporting our ministry and for new churches to take us on for monthly support."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, MISAWA. Sammy and Joan Popwell. They give the following report, "We celebrated the 29th anniversary the first Sunday in December. Evangelist Richard Harper was our speaker for the special week of revival services. We had a total of two saved, two that received assurance of salvation, and four to follow the Lord in belivers' baptism. The altars were full during each invitation during the week. The meeting was concluded Friday with a great message on the 'AntiChrist.' We are rejoicing over the great things God has done for us.

We are looking forward to the New Year. We will start off with Brother Bobby Brown and a Family Bible School January 13-16. We have a lot of great things planned for 2013 as the church will celebrate its 30th year. There have been many saved because of its ministry and many are in full-time service for the Lord. We had five to surrender this year to be missionaries. We have had three called to preach. God is soooooo good!"

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, WATERBURY. John and Abby Lafreniere. They write, "One of the greatest blessings has been the excitement of church planting that we have seen in churches in the Northeast. We have seen God increase our support level to 13% and we are confident that we will reach our goal for support by the spring of 2014.

As we conclude, we ask that you pray for the people of Fairfield, CT. On October 29, 2012, hurricane Sandy caused major destruction, as powerful winds and an 11 foot storm surge in the Long Island Sound caused major flooding and power outages. Please pray that their hearts will be turned toward their need of God as they recover from this natural disaster."

WESTERN EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GARMISCH. Todd and Kim Lapato. They shared the following praise and prayer needs,

"A New Christian:
"A few months ago, Pastor Johnson and I met a man who is a refugee from a middle-eastern country. He wanted to know what it meant to be a Christian. After bringing him to some of our English services and spending time with him, we were finally able to share the Gospel. A few days later he let us know of his decision to accept Christ as his Savior. We praise the Lord for using us to reach this man. We hope to help him to stay in Germany. The government might send him back to his home country—a dangerous situation for a new Christian.

New German Family:
A new family moved into Garmisch a few months ago. They were looking for a Baptist church to attend and found our church while walking down the street. They have been faithfully attending our German services. A few weeks ago they shared their interest in church membership. We pray they will decide to join our church. They love the Lord and would be a great asset in reaching other Germans and Austrians."

CARRIBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, SANTO DOMINGO. Joshua and Joy Wesson. They share the following, "Pastor Samuel Ovalle is the pastor out of our church that recently started a new work in the nearby neighborhood of Guaricanos. We just recently helped him re-locate his church to a more centralized location on a main street. We took a group of our members over and walked through the streets passing our fliers and inviting people to the new location. I preached for him the following Sunday evening for his first service in the new building. It is a blessing to see their growth and their excitement about what the Lord is going to do there."

We know that the Lord is always watching over us and guiding in our lives as we serve Him here in the Dominican Republic. With the passing of Hurrican Sandy we received a lot of rain, and there was some flooding in many parts of the country, but thank the Lord that it didn't hit us directly and was not any worse."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, LA CAMPINA. Mark and Katie Gerosin. They give the following report and prayer needs, "After many prayers and preparations we are finally ready to hold our third anniversary service at Armistad en Christo, our church plant in La Campina. We had prayed for our neighbors and families and other invitees that they would come for this special day. We had also prepared a large meal for everyone after the services. Members were encouraged and visitors were blessed. Praise the Lord we were able to pull it off, and none of it would have happened had the people not had a mind to work. After preaching a message on Biblical manhood titled, There was a Man, ironically a woman decided it was time for her to get saved. You will never know what is going on behind the scenes, but you can be sure God has A Mind to Work and His eyes are on the goal, precious souls.

• Salvation of souls
• Spiritual growth for church plant and Bible study group
• More Laborers
• Language proficiency
• Next building phase: new roof

EAST AFICA, KENYA, SIDUNDO. Luke and Tonya Shelby. They share the following praise and prayer needs report,

Orphan Minstry Undate:
We are now feeding over 40 children on a daily basis in two of our village churches (Kuresoi and Sudundo). At the Orphan Home Project in Sidundo, the buildings now have windows, doors and locks on one dorm building and the kitchen/dining room. In May, we also discovered that there was already a well dug on the property more than 20 or 30 years ago. So we re-dug it, and the water supply is enough for the college classes and even for the orphans, once we are ready to start housing them on the property. Our plan is to start with 10 boys and to work through the things that will be needed to take care of them. We will be meeting shortly with the guardians of these boys, whom we think would be the most needy, to prepare for the boys beginning in January. Please pray for the necessary funds to come in on a monthly basis to care for this ministy.

Bible College, Graduation & New Students for 2013:
We are finishing up the 2012 year of classes, and we will be having five graduates, who finish the three-year course, this year...There are already 10 new students signed up to begin classes in January 2013, and we have several more appointments to interview others as well. Classes have continued to go well throughout the year in Sidundo and in Kisii.We thank God for the faithful pastors who are helping to teach and train others. There are several churches also who had not had students in our college this year; and before classes start in January, I will be meeting with them to encourage them in training up men and ladies to serve the Lord.

BRAZIL, JARDINOPOLIS. Paul and Sharon Pritchard, Sr. They share the following, "Sharon and I appreciate your faithfulness and your prayers. We ask that you pray for our health. The Lord is blessing the works, but we need much prayer. Satan continues trying to hinder the work of our Lord. We just had a special Friday night meeting in our members' homes to try to reach a new area for the Lord. The member worked very hard and the Lord gave us around 70 people. One lady accepted Christ. Tonight we are having a special conference in the church that we started in December, 2008. Pastor Luiz from our church has been pastoring from the beginning. Tonight Brother Robson will be preaching. He is the assistant pastor of the church in Jardinopolis."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, BINGHAMTON. Don and Helen Hughes. They give some exciting news, "God has truly blessed us abundantly during the months of October and November and continue to bless us as the Chrismas season arrives. As you already know, we have been having our services in the Best Western Motel for over a year since our church building was destroyed in the floods of 2011. We have been praying and seeking a permanent place to worship the Lord. There is an Independent Baptist Church as short distance from us and they have struggled with low attendance. We were asked to pray about merging with them. They are willing to give us the building, change the name to Lighthouse Baptist and their people would join with us and I would be their pastor. The young man who had been pastoring the church will work with me to build the church to the point where they can pay a full time pastor. We have already had one high day of 70, and on last Sunday we baptized a young lady. Several others are waiting to be baptized.

The amazing way God works continues to bless our lives. When this church had the opportunity to buy this building, we gave them an offering of $500 to help. Not only has the Lord given us the place we needed to worship in and it only cost us that $500. The government buyout of the flooded buildings may come soon. This would give us the funds to make some need repairs to this hundred year old building."

CENRTRAL EUROPE, HUNGARY, TAT. Marc and Charin Patton. They are involved three special areas and give the following report from each of them.

The highlight of our church in Tata was the baptismal service held in September. Rozsika Wort was reached through our outreach to needy people. She had sort of a mixed religious background and was seeking the truth.

The building project in Nagysap is progressing slowly but surely. We are focusing on the interior of the front half of the building which will be used by the church. The back section of the building hopeflly will one day be an apartment for our church planting couple. The biggest accomplishment this fall was the installation of the gas line, furnace and heating system. We were given two large financial gifts that covered those expenses.

We had several big events at our main church in Esztergom. Our Leadership Conference on October 20th went well. We also had a special service/fellowship for those 60 and older on October 27th. I really think we could do more to minister to the older generation. I am praying that we will see someone in our church get a burden to work with then on a regular basis."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS. Keren Burdick. She gives the following report, "Over the next couple of months, I look forward to what He has in store for me. Please pray for the following requests:

1. I might continue to be a witness for Him
2. I might raise the remaining 11.2% of my needed support
3. I might raise the needed funds for passage and set up fees
4. I might have wisdom as to what I need to take to the field and what to leave behind.
5. For the final details need to complete before heard to the field (i.e. commissioning service, exit interviews, paperwork, etc.)

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis – They give the following: After the first message on Sunday morning, one lady, R., came forward for salvation. Her heart was touched by the message. She was attentive and prayed the sinner's prayer. She was also interested in obtaining a Bible, which we gave her after the service. After the second service, Sabrina was able to lead another lady, B. G., to the Savior. Even though her native tongue is Spanish, she was able to understand enough English to hear and respond to the power of the Gospel.

AFRICA, SOUTH AFRICA, WHITE RIVER, Richard and Laura Badgett – They share the following: The revival (Baptist Tent Revival) went well and the Lord gave us strength. We had the power of God as we preached and prayed, seeing nearly 50 people make professions in Christ. P. M. came and trusted Christ the first night and was there for each service, hanging on to every word. He is a middle aged man from Mshadza that just showed up at the tent. He now has a job that takes him out of church some, but we trust the Lord will help in his new walk with Christ. We want to thank the Victory Baptist Church for sending their pastor, Chad Branch, this year. The Lord used him mightily to encourage and challenge the church, this missionary and to see souls saved.

A new church has come from the tent revival....Please pray for us as we have many that are being discipled from the revival meeting. We are also beginning to train our folks in Reformers Unanimous on Friday nights. Please pray for the RU materials to be completed and paid for so our container can be shipped. Please pray for Pastor M. and me, as we are in the middle of negotiations with the Masoyi Tribal Council and Chief T. M. for properties for church in the Masoyoi area.

BRAZIL, Cotia, Jon and Mandy Crews – They share the following very urgent prayer needs: Please understand what I say, we needed prayers more than financial support this past month. Several situations have occurred since our last prayer letter. First, the violence in Brazil has increased dramatically. The drug lords and gangs have declared "war" on the police and their families. The gangs gave a curfew to everyone that stated "stay indoors after 10 p.m. or die." Even though this "war" is between the government and the gangs, many civilians have been assassinated as well. Recently, violence broke out in our city during the day that "killed" the 10 p.m. curfew they set. We have been using extreme caution as we try to continue our every day living and ministry here in Brazil.

Second, a situation recently happened with our family. Mandy and I reached out to a teen by the name of A. Some may remember the name as I have used him in my presentation. I cannot tell the whole story, but he was saved through a soccer ministry of a church in São Paulo. Six months ago, his mom kicked him out on the street, and we invited him to stay with us in our house and attend our church. Two weeks ago, he tried to commit suicide in our home. This devastated our family, especially Mandy. After 20 hours in the health post, A. pulled through and God gave him a second chance. The "resources" for this situation are very limited in Brazil, so A. had to return to our home to recover. As a husband and father, the security of my family was of most importance, and so I put them on the first flight to the States. They are now with family recovering as I counsel and monitor this young man. He is having many ups and downs and draining me emotionally and physically. I need your prayers to handle this delicate situation.

SOUTH AMERICA, ECUADOR, CUMBAYA, Will and Laura Lyon – They share the following report: God continues to bless the ministry here in Cumbaya. He is maturing the church spiritually and opening doors for ministry in the surrounding areas. Please keep our church in your prayers. Jeff, the missionary we are working with, recently returned to the States for furlough. Another veteran missionary is pastoring our church in Jeff's absence. This time of transition has been good for our church as it has encouraged many of the Ecuadorian people to step up and take leadership responsibiliites in the church. There are four men who have taken on several leadership roles. Please keep these men in your prayers as they seek to be a help to the ministry. Also, please continue to pray for our family as our ministerial roles have increased as well. It is our desire to be used of the Lord while we are serving Him in Cumbaya.

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato – They share several blessings and prayer needs: Last Sunday, 25 November, after the morning service, we had one soul saved and two assurances of salvation. The LORD has been blessing us with a "full house" even before all the ships came in. Pray for more souls to be saved this season when many of our military men and women are turning to alcohol, drugs and ungodly relationships. They need the LORD.

The LORD is blessing our Japanese ministry where we have interpreters for our Sunday morning. Mrs. R, a Filipina married to Brother K, a Japanese, flew to the Philippines just to lead the loved ones of her discipleship student to the LORD. She led at least nine souls to CHRIST.

FAR EAST, JAPAN, Paul and Sarah Johnson – Congratulations to them on the birth of their second child on November 27. Karen Ruth was born weighing 8 lbs. 4 oz. and is 19.5 inches long. They give the following report of their ministry: Just before I preached my first sermon in the church of the Japanese pastor we are working with, he told me "Your ministry in Japan is now starting." I am not at a point where I can preach in Japanese yet, so I preached through an interpreter. We are thankful to be a part of the ministry here. God has been doing great things in these past two months.

We had four special services and activities planned for the last two weekends in October with me preaching for the last Sunday in October. We were praying that we would have 10 new people come to chruch during these meetings. Church members bathed the meeting in prayer and invited friends and family to attend. The first meeting was a children's meeting on Saturday. We were exctited to see our neighbors who we invited to come to the meeting. There were 27 children at the meeting and they all heard a clear Gospel presentation. Over the whole four meetings we had 12 new people attend. Two children and one lady made professions of faithin Christ, and we are praising God for His goodness.

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, OJOJONA, Jason and Cassy Tate – They share the following report with prayer needs: Our Missions conference was a great success, seeing the response. Evangelist Jonathan Castro came and preached. It was a blessing that we were able to see 11 make professions of faith and 14 came down the aisle stating that they had at some time or other been called to serve the Lord full-time. We have since seen the amount of our mission giving increase. We are excited to be able to raise the support level of the three missionaries that the church supports.

Prayer Requests and Praises:
1. Praise the Lord for 20 souls saved this past month.
2. Pray for us to obtain a new vehicle. We have commitments for over half of the needed money for a 15-passenger van. We still need $4,000 to make the purchase.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, KIRIBATI, Joel and Brooke Daku – Brooke Daku was involved in an automobile accident in which she fractured her L1, L2, L3and L4 vertebrae. At the time, she was seven months pregnant. Other than the breaks, bruises, and cuts, she was miraculously spared, along with their unborn son. The last two months were a struggle; however, on November 6, she gave birth to a 7 lb. 4 oz. son, named Bennett Wesley.

They share the following news about their work in Kiribati: Praise the Lord! He continues to do an awesome work in Kiribati. We are so thankful that God prepared the Snyders to be there during these months we have been away.

Our tickets are booked and we plan to return to Kiribati at the end of January. This will depend on Brooke's health and the progress of Bennett's paperwork. Please pray for wisdom concerning these decisions. We are anxious to return, but as we have learned this past year, God's timing is perfect.

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILI, MAIPU, Clifton and Tiffany Booth – They write giving the following report and prayer needs: In the last two months, we have seen God working in wonderful ways in our church plant in Maipu. Two people have accepted Christ as their Savior. Both are interesting stories. The first is the grandmother of N. You might recall in our last letter that two family members of A. and N. received Christ. N.'s grandmother was very sick, and they knew she didn't have much time left on this earth, so they were greatly concerned with sharing the Gospel with her. Shortly before she died, she accepted Christ as her Savior, so three people in their family have now accepted Christ. A. took E. and M. through pre-discipleship, and now Tiffany and I are working with them both in level two of our discipleship ministry.

Prayer Requests at a Glance:
1. Pray that God would continue to bring new people into our church that need to hear the Gospel.
2. Pray that God would provide our church with the funds to buy a permanent facility.
3. Pray that God would increase the value of the dollar as it is at a seven year low.
4. Pray that God would strengthen us and our people as we endure the attacks of the enemy.

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, SOROTI, Lawrence and Rebecca Lantz – They asked that we pray for the people of a village where a believer by the name of O. M. lives. A group from the States along with Brother Lantz traveled to his village and through an unusual situation was able to minister to over 100 people and Brother Lantz was able to present a Gospel message to them in the Ateso language. No pressure was put on the people to respond but many questions were asked by the men of the village.

Brother Lantz reports that O. told him that he is doing his best to memorize Scripture because so many of them are coming to him with questions. PRAY FOR THAT VILLAGE.

Prayer Requests:
• Good health and safety
• Church growth - both spiritually and numerically
• For conviction and salvation of: S, A, C, M, A, J, A, D
• For more young men to desire to be discipled
• For faithful men to watch over the church while we are on furlough

• Good health and safety
• A safe trip with our visitors
• The salvation of multiple people in the last few weeks
• Growth as a church and the individuals who are part of it—thank you for praying

CARIBBEAN, ST. JOHN'S ANTIGUA, CARIBBEAN RADIO LIGHTHOUSE – They write: A listener writes, "We thank God for the Christian programming your radio station broadcasts. So many people find your music and Christian programmes soothing and inspiring." Our station team has remained healthy and active for the most part with very little sickness this year. Several decisions for Christ have been recorded because our staff members have been involved in personal ministry, with a desire to see individuals come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Christmas broadcast schedule will begin the first week in December and will run until the first week of January. This is always a blessed time of hearing messages geared toward Christ's first coming, special stories, drama productions, and of course, the beautiful music that always comes with the season.

USA MINISTRIES TO THE DEAF, FAYETTEVILLE, TENNESSEE, Willie and Shirley Rowan – They give the following report: These last three months have been so amazing that it is very hard to put our amazement into words. We are busy with the new deaf ministry and we have had deaf saved.

In August God directed us to Huntsville Bible Baptist Church where the church was praying that God would send a missionary to the deaf. The church already has a deaf Christian man faithfully attending.

We jumped in by interpreting in all scheduled meetings of the church, visiting deaf, starting a Sunday school class for the deaf and starting sign language classes for a very enthusiastic and motivated church. We had so many who were interested in being able to talk with deaf that we have a class for men (I teach it) and a class for ladies (my wife teaches it). After a few short weeks, two of the ladies have interpreted announcements.

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, CARAPICHAIMA, David and Terry Long – They write: A man named Mr. L., who has been coming to our church, brought two men (T. and F.) to our services. (By the way, T. is from Ghana, so I had a good conversation with him about our ministry in West Africa). We went to visit them and were able to explain salvation. Both men trusted Christ. Mr. L. also invited his neighbors to come listen to us. The husband is a Moslem and the wife is Hindu. The man asked me some questions about Jesus, and so I started with the sacrifice of Isaac. Of course, the man thinks Ishmael was the potential sacrifice, but I explained why it had to be Isaac. He said he had asked many Christians, but he has never heard what I told him. Please pray for us that he will follow through so that he may know and receive the truth.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for us to have more people saved, for more prople to come to our church services, and that the people coming now would be faithful.
2. Pray that more people who have been saved would get baptized.
3. Pray for Kevin Field as he raises support to come to Trinidad.

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, SAN RAFAEL DE HEREDIA, Andy and Michelle Shinabery – They share the following: We are so thankful for our church and people in Costa Rica. One case in particular is Brother F. and his wife, S. I was praying for a married couple that would be able to take over the youth department. The Lord laid F. and S. on my heart. One day, as I was about to approach Brother F. about teaching the youth class, he asked me if he could talk to me about something. He said that he felt led of God and was praying about the possibility of teaching the youth group. God answers prayers and calls workers from out of the congregtion. AMEN!

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. Brosius Family – They write the following: "Es gratis. Es un obsequio. No cuesta nada." "It is free. It is a gift. It doesn't cost anything." We must have said those words thousands of times in the two weeks that were dedicated to giving away New Testaments in Argentina. We started in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost part of the world or "the end of the earth." With a group of 13 associated with BIMI, we traveled to give away around 13,000 New Testaments there. What a privilege!

The next week we returned to Buenos Aires where a smaller group of visitors and a group from our church gave away another 20,000 near our house. We continued with our church distributing the remaining New Testamentsanother 10,000. The Lord truly protected us, and there was only one member of the group who was shoved and pick-pocketed during the time. It was a major concern of ours to have a group of Americans here where the crime level is one of the highest in the Americas. Thank you all who contributed to this project of bringing the Word to Argentine homes.

Missionaries of the Day
Sunday, April 20, 2014

1 John 2:28 And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming.

E Josue & Rebekah Ortiz -  MEXICO
Leo C & Rosie Osborne -  MILITARY - GUAM
Donald J & Ruth Ossewaarde -  RUSSIA
And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men (Matthew 4:19).
I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men: For kings, and for all that are in authority: that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Please pray today for President José Daniel Ortega Saavedra of Nicaragua (Central America between Honduras and Costa Rica).
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