Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Prayer Requests

August 2022

WEST AFRICA, CȎTE D’IVOIRE, BINGERVILLE, Robert and Rebekah Mach —They share the following: “On the first day of June, the Bingerville church was able to ordain three new deacons, giving the church a total of six. As a part of the Sunday morning service, we went through a time of doctrinal and practical questioning of these candidates elected by the church body. These men were able to demonstrate good Scriptural knowledge and understanding. After the questioning, the three previous deacons and I prayed over these three new deacons individually dedicating them for this service.

We had the privilege of baptizing six converts into the membership of the Bingerville church in the morning service, three men and three women ranging from 18 to 56 years old. It was a pleasure to exercise this church ordinance. In the evening, we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. The six deacons assisted me in directing this service and church ordinance.

This church has already reached autonomy in many different aspects. Once our construction is complete and our future pastor has completed his training, it will be terrific to officially grant autonomy to this church.”

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, Layne and Nelia Jones —They share the following report and prayer needs: “During the students’ soul winning last Monday, one of the students was able to lead two families to Christ who had been listening to 104.5 FM Christian radio. I witnessed to a lady who works at the Department of Trade and Industry. She had been listening to our radio station. She got saved! Many more are listening to the radio. Pray we can get the 3,000-watt transmitter hooked up so we can reach many more with the Gospel. There have been nine new students who have moved into the dorms for Bible college. Please pray for more laborers for this great harvest field. Yesterday was our Alumni Meeting. Please pray for all the graduate pastors’ needs. We appreciate so much those who are helping our graduates. We would appreciate your prayers for our World Missions Conference August 15-18.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross —He shares the following with prayer needs: “This year the Lord has opened many opportunities for us to present the Gospel to the lost, and we have seen several saved. A high school boy was invited to church. He stayed with us for about three weeks during school break. Our young men witnessed to him and after about one week he accepted Christ as his Savior. He showed much interest in learning the Bible as well. He is now living at a home for students and going to high school. He has already expressed a desire to come and study with us. Two of his friends are living with us and going to high school while learning the Bible.

We also went to another province and visited a family of two of our members. We were able to spend some time with one’s grandparents and present to them the Good News of the Gospel. We also spent time with the other’s aunt and cousin and were able to talk about the Bible, religion, and salvation. Tradition and ancestry are very important and influencing Thai families. A Thai person feels like they are betraying their family if they trust in Jesus. Many believe that good luck comes from ancestors, so there is a fear not to follow in ancestor paths.

• Salvation of several
• Learning language & culture
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take root in Hearts”

SOUTH AMERICA, BRAZIL, TAUBATE, Ed and Maribel Johnson —They share the following: “Our focus has always been the Great Commission—to preach the Gospel, baptize converts, and disciple God’s people. On Saturday afternoons during our church-wide evangelism time, we have around ten teens and fifteen adult soul winners, who go out door-to-door or visiting on a regular basis. Our one-on-one discipleship program continues to grow and we currently have approximately 15 adults meeting regularly with their disciples.

• Our Nehemiah Project (funds for church property)
• Missionary Keith Putnam’s church plant in Pindamonhangaba in August
• More laborers”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, CAYO, Jonathan and Elizabeth Shertzer —They share the following report: “In May I took our teens to Amazing Grace Baptist Church in another district for a youth rally. Our youth enjoyed seeing familiar faces and making new friends during the preaching and activities. One of our young men started taking sermon notes because of the influence of the rally. He and I go over his notes together and have been able to talk about what he is learning from the preaching. I am thankful for this Godly influence in his life, Please pray for unity and growth in our church as we serve the Lord together.

For Father’s Day this year, we invited the men and teen boys to our house for pizza and fellowship. I am truly thankful for the men in our church who have a desire to lead their families according to God’s Word. Please pray for men to follow Jesus. Almost every family in our church has at least one unsaved or spiritually apathetic man for whom we are praying.

At the end of June, we had a couple’s luncheon to celebrate anniversaries. We had a great fellowship of food, singing, and an encouraging devotion. What a blessing to hear the testimony of a couple that has been married for 43 years! May the Lord continue to raise up healthy marriages for His glory!”

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Jorge and Aimee Rodriguez —They share the following: “We are rejoicing with the blessings of baptizing 10 people on May 29 at the new property. Please pray for their continued spiritual growth and involvement in reaching the lost.

We have been overwhelmed and encouraged with the generous response by friends and church families and their giving toward buying the church property. This has made the church become a more permanent location and identity in the community. We have also been blessed because the struggle in dealing with the difficult landlords had come to an end. Sad to say, but the place we were renting, the owner did not return our deposit.

As the community becomes more aware of the church and its current location, pray that new doors will be opened to evangelize the lost. Because of our new location, a member of our church has invited her sister and husband and they have been coming faithfully for a couple of months. On June 23 I started a Bible study with them. Please pray for their salvation. They have three small children.

Some of the husbands of the ladies who were baptized have not trusted in Christ yet. I have had the blessing of sharing the Gospel with some of them, but they have rejected the Gospel of our Lord. Please pray that these ladies with patience will be a testimony to their lost husbands.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, Adam and Esther Fridenstine —They share the following report with prayer needs: “The third week of May we had an amazing revival meeting Sunday through Wednesday. Honestly, it was one of the best revival meetings that I have ever attended. We prepared with much prayer and fasting and our people were faithful and open. God worked in so many hearts and there is a love, a unity, and a desire in our church family to reach the world for Christ.

We need more churches and we need the churches that are already planted to remain strong and healthy. Folks, in the last few weeks our lives have been full of encouraging and helping pastors and missionaries. We took one couple out to lunch, welcomed another to the country, helped work through some problems here and Stateside with another and have sent one of our couples to cover another who is going on furlough. With all of that, our own Walter and Myra Menjivar (who were discipled and trained and staff members in our ministry) are finishing their deputation and moved to Nicaragua July 7! Please pray and please consider helping us get them settled and equipped so they can jump right in and reach souls with the Gospel.

• The Menjivars need a little more financial support to come in.
• They need help with start-up costs.
• They need a different vehicle.”

SOUTH AMERICA, SURNAME, Mark and Emily Mariner —They share the following: “We are excited that in addition to souls coming to Christ for salvation, we have been able to see new believers grow in Christ. . . . A couple along with another gentleman came to our home for their first discipleship lesson. We are using the “Foundation of My Faith” series published by the Grace to Grow Ministries of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Emily prepared an excellent meal and we spent time reading and explaining the Scriptures. Please pray for continued growth of this ministry. We desire not only to disciple new converts but also to train and equip others to do the same. The discipleship program will go hand-in-hand with an increased focus on follow up visitation. We will also be employing WhatsApp—a free messenger app that is used by virtually everyone here in Guyana. We will be using this new tool to send sermons, devotionals, and Gospel music and to keep in touch with prospects and church visitors.

• Follow up ministry
• Discipleship classes
• Recurring vehicle engine issue to be resolved
• Upcoming survey trip to Suriname”

CLAIM Ministries, Carl and Glenda Vonnoh —They share the following report: “I was privileged to travel to Ushuaia, the most southern part of South America. Missionary Raymond Zacal and his family have established the Counselor Baptist Church and a three-year Bible institute. He was saved and received training in our ministry at Harvest Baptist Church in San Juan City, Manila, Philippines.

Pastor Zacal gave me the invitation to teach couples and preach the organizational service for the church. After I preached the morning service, three young men made professions of faith. The following Wednesday afternoon a new believer braved frigid temperatures (32 degrees F) to follow the Lord in baptism in a cold mountain stream. Praise the Lord for his dedication and obedience! This is a soul winning, discipling church minister interested in reaching Ushuaia and others towns in the Argentine Patagonia. Pray for the Zacal family. They need your prayers and financial support in this missions endeavor.”

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield —They write: “We took part in a local fair giving out John and Romans with church tracts along with ice cold water bottles. Andrea did a couple of magic tricks to draw people in and we were able to witness to quite a few. We have had many visitors recently and several returning guests. Two families are starting to become regular and we pray they will join our church soon. One couple has only been married a year and have a two-week old baby. The man had surrendered to preach when he was 15 but never followed through with the call. He feels convicted about it and has asked me to help him learn to preach! Pray for him and his wife as they continue maturing in Christ.

A lady called me out of the blue from Alaska worried about her grandson who lives in Commerce. His girlfriend left him and he is in a bad way. We had been meeting with him and he is accepting counseling. He has been coming to church for the last few weeks faithfully. Please pray for wisdom as I encourage and teach these that the Lord has brought across my path.”

CARIBBEAN, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, Paul and Amy Valles —They share the following report: “There is incredible pressure here for locals to go to a predetermined church—usually their ‘family’s’ church (grandparents, uncle, aunt, etc.) if they do choose to attend a church at all. If they start attending another church, their family pressures them to come back to their family’s church. Therefore, we might have occasional visitors, but they do not often continue coming because of that pressure. That being said, we have seen people get saved, even given them Biblical assurance of their salvation, but this pressure keeps them from attending our services. They seem to understand the Gospel when we present it, but then we talk to them again, and they have been bombarded by a false gospel works salvation in their family’s church. They do not have any assurance in their hearts of where they are going, but for a moment when we open our Bible and show them. This false gospel has a chokehold on their hearts. Please pray for Satan to be hindered, for people to be saved, and for them to have assurance of their salvation that they might grow.”

FAR NORTH, GREENLAND, Gage and Aleah Gilbert —They share the following: “We are so happy that we have finally been approved for residency in Denmark. However, that was only the first step. We then had to register our address, apply for our health cards, set up our NemID (a personal digital signature needed for all online banking, etc.), and get a bank account. This entailed three trips to the borger service (an all-in-one citizen service for things such as health cards and drivers’ licenses) and one to the bank. Outside of ironing out a few details with our bank, we have been able to accomplish each of those things and have received our health and residency cards. Praise the Lord!

• For our continued learning and understanding of Danish
• For completion of Gospel resources in Danish

• Finalization of our residency
• Decisions made and people saved at our camp”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, NTINDA, Dan and Amie Dwire —They share the following with prayer needs: “The first week of June is always an intense week for our community. While the past two years were exceptions because of COVID, our neighborhood expects about a million visitors every June as part of the annual Martyrs’ Day Pilgrimage. The religious event remembers 25 Ugandans who died for their faith in the late 1800s. The Catholic and Anglican churches each have special services which draw millions of pilgrims, thousands of security personnel, and hundreds of street vendors. As a missions project, our local church gave funds to print 27,000 high-quality full-color Gospel tracts titled ‘Something Free for You.’ We also had a few thousand tracts in local languages from Fellowship Tract League. It was exciting to see our church work together to fold and distribute about 22,000 tracts over four days. The remaining tracts will be used in our ongoing outreach and evangelism.

• Thousands who received tracts during Martyrs’ Day Week Outreach
• Members of Faith Baptist Church who are stepping into new areas of leadership

• The start of the new semester at East Africa Baptist College
• The favor and approval of our building plans and wisdom in raising construction funds
• The upcoming start of another year of homeschooling”

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, BAUMHOLDER, Joseph and Laura Passaro —They share the following: “Last month our church celebrated Father’s Day with a GIFT for our fathers along with food and fellowship. The Bible message was ‘The Importance of Fathers.’ The key emphasis during the Sunday sermon was ‘The battleground is in our homes and What’s at stake is ‘Our Children and our Marriages.’ I believer Christian fathers are giving up ground to keep peace, which has caused homes to be without SPIRITUAL leadership. Why my concern, because Christian Fathers need to be spiritual leaders of the household, but unfortunately Christian homes are falling away to worldly enticements. Please pray for our military fathers that have trusted Christ Jesus will be leaders in their homes like they are trained to be leaders in battle.”

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis —They share the following: “Over the past several years we have faced many problems—the pandemic, mandates, restrictions, tight controls, NYC forcing us out of our last main place because the landlord could not, would not, or did not remove all the violations in the building, and health issues. BUT, we are approaching this year with a fresh and greater determination to plant an independent fundamental Baptist church here in the Bronx. Although the ten spies stumble in unbelief, faith says, “We can!” Even though we are still meeting in our apartment for church services, we have made progress on a church facility. When the pandemic hit, our Operation Stability Project #965 also took a hit. However, we have not given up and we are still looking for more friends praying hard to God. Our prayers are twofold: 1) God will provide the Cue Lounge or something better, and 2) The monthly payments will be little to nothing. PRAY!!

July 2022

FAR NORTH, CANADA, ONTARIO, TORONTO, Cory and April McTague —They share the follow report with three prayer requests: “Please pray for our summer outreach. It will include having another Face Painting booth in local parks. In the city, especially during the warm months, the local parks are packed with people. It is a great opportunity to meet people as their children get free face painting and a free balloon or cold bottle of water. It is well received. It opens a lot of doors of conversation to invite people to church and to share the Gospel.

We have several like-minded churches in the Greater Toronto Area who have a desire to help us reach Toronto for Christ. Pray God blesses these efforts to get the Gospel out.

We do believe the Lord is leading us to homeschool our children instead of sending them to a Christian day school. Pray God blesses our efforts to teach our children. This will open up our schedule to reach into our community more as well.”

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Joy Wesson and Family —They share the following: “I am amazed how God continues to lead us to more and more deaf young adults. One of these is a deaf young man whom I had the privilege of leading to Christ. Please pray with us for our deaf for their continued growth and commitment to Christ. In a few short weeks we will begin preparing for camp. Our deaf are super excited about this opportunity, and we are trusting the Lord to work in their lives during this special time.

We appreciate your continued prayers for our need for a van. We have not been able to find what we need on the island, and what we found in the States has been out of our price range. We are trusting the Lord to guide us to find exactly what will meet our need!”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, SUCCESS, Gary and Sherrie Lester —They share the following: “First of all, we want to thank everyone for their prayers for our family. After looking at approximately 40 houses (with sometimes as many as 30 applications), we finally were able to find a place that suited our needs and our application was accepted; God answered our prayer. It was the cheapest place we saw, and it was perfect for our family. Our new neighbors grew up about 45 minutes from where Sherrie and I lived in the United States. Please pray for an open door to minister to them.

Please pray for an unsaved lady who has been attending the services now for around five months. She has recently been asking very good questions. Please pray that God would work in her life and we would be able to see her saved.”

WESTERN EUROPE, SCOTLAND, ABERDEEN, KINGSWELLS, Rick and Sarah Demastus —They share the following report: “May finished off with a youth activity at our house. We were supposed to have a scavenger hunt but had to postpone it to a later date. We enjoyed the testimonies from the youth and the blessings of food. The next weekend was our baptismal service. Two of the four scheduled were baptized on the 5th and it was a wonderful day. We baptized at the Dee River, had a fellowship lunch on the Fisherman’s Bothy, and many people stopped to watch the baptism and hear the Gospel message preached.

Sunday evening services have been challenging to begin but have proven helpful for the church. We started a series on ‘Avoiding Confusion’ and it has been insightful for those in attendance. Pray it continues to be a blessing.

Continue to pray for our church families as a couple of them have moved to England and another family is moving at the beginning of August. We have invested in these families for years and it is sad to see them go. Pray for our church to see growth and for these families as they start a new chapter in their lives.”

SOUTH CENTRAL AFRICA, ZAMBIA, Brian and Amanda Collins —They share the following: We are thankful for the many opportunities the Lord has given over the past couple of months. We had the opportunity to share the Gospel at ta three-day funeral of a man near one of the new church plants. The man had recently trusted Christ during an evangelism outreach in the village. There were many professions of faith at the funeral. Several hundred also gathered for a conference at a few of the churches. It is exciting to have things beginning to get back to normal without restrictions.

Please pray as we look at planting a church at a village close to the Congo border. A Bible study group has been meeting for some time there. A ministry has been started to reach mothers and babies at the lake. They have been able to minister by helping with food for mothers that cannot feed their babies. Another orphanage has also been started to meet the needs of orphans at the lake. We praise the Lord for all that He is doing.”

SOUTH AMERICA, BRAZIL, MATO GRASSO, VARZEA GRANDE, Peter and Zirlene Doolittle —They share the following report: “Though we have been extremely busy with camps and the never-ending construction projects on the property, the work of the church is still a primary focus for us and has been steadily growing for the glory of God.

The young man that we have been training has been a blessing to the church and is beginning to adjust and be embraced by the people. We have had two souls saved in the past month or so. Pray for these ladies. Both have been coming to church regularly and have a hunger to know more about the Lord. Many children have also been faithfully attending and are a blessing and joy to all in the church.

Three believers joined our church recently. A saved couple has joined our church and has been growing quickly. We hope to be able to use their God-given talents to aid in the church ministry—especially with the children. It has also been encouraging to see some of the people who left during the pandemic come back to church again.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, SANTA ANA, Cesar and Christine Cerna —They share the following: “Over the past few weeks, the Lord placed on me an increasing burden for my neighbors. In fact, I have a list of dozens of them that I pray for every day. A great majority of them have heard the Gospel from me over the years; however, just recently I decided to go out for a walk every day in my neighborhood. It is good exercise, but more than this, I pray God will open doors for me to be friendlier to my neighbors and witness to them. I am thankful to say that I have been able to share Christ with some of them recently. Please pray that the Lord would break down the walls of unbelief in the hearts and minds of the people who live close to us.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKA, Dan and Terri Gardner —They share the following: “The month of May seemed to be very busy as we tried to have different events to bring people to church. We were able to have a Mother’s Day service on May 8th that brought some mothers out for which we are thankful. There are still many who do not attend because of COVID and the fear of being around a group. Please continue to pray that the Japanese people would not be so paranoid about COVID.

Also, continue to pray for the Bible college as we have been remodeling the girls’ wing of the building and some of the classrooms. We are putting in new windows, doors, siding, sheetrock, flooring, and ceiling. The next phase of our project is July 25 through August 19. Please pray for the finances of this project and for laborers to help. Because of COVID, we are not able to get any volunteers from America to come to help us, so all the work is done by our missionaries and national pastors plus church members.”

SOUTH AFRICA, PORT ELIZABETH, Michelle Geiger —She shares the following report: “I am enjoying the opportunity to teach/help at Bay Baptist Academy here in South Africa. It is awesome to envision how the Lord is going to use these young people.

A grandmother who is a faithful member of Soweto Baptist Church is raising a sweet little girl and her brother. Their mother died about three years ago, sad to say, but this type of situation is common here. The brother is enrolled in Bay Baptist Academy. Pray that the Lord will provide a sponsor for the girl to attend the school in the future.

Our Xhos churches had their monthly youth meeting and the teens enjoyed the games, fellowship, and preaching. The youth meetings allow the young people time away from the worldly influences to hear from the Word of God. Please pray that the Lord will continue to give the nationals a burden to reach their own people groups with the Gospel.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, Nate and Christine Saint —They share the following report: “And the best news is that we have often come close to filling up every available seat in our new building! We are now averaging about 30 people every Sunday morning, although Sunday evenings have been more scattered with the cold season upon us. We have had at least one first time visitor almost every week this year. Several of them have turned into regular visitors. Let me tell you about some of them so you can better pray for them. J. and F. and their five-year-old daughter have been coming for the past few months. M. and M. are the wife’s mother and stepdad and they have been coming regularly as well. G. and C. have been coming regularly with their five-year-old daughter. They used to attend a Baptist church that is closing and found us through our website. They have salvation testimonies. P. and K. found us through our Bible giveaway and have been coming ever since. We now hold weekly Bible studies with each of these families, in addition to the regular studies with our church families. We have had little time to spare between mid-week ministries and needed repairs on the church property.”

USA MINISTRIES, NORTH CAROLINA, HENDERSONVILLE, Ed and Barbara O’Brien —They share the following praise report: “As I write this letter, I am reminded of the TV add about the ‘Energizer Bunny.’ It just keeps going and going and going. The Lord has brought fruit in places that we could not have imagined we could ever reach. We praise the Lord for what he has allowed us to be a part of.

A brother who was saved and baptized in our church here in North Carolina is now back home in Nicaragua faithfully preaching the Gospel and teaching the Scriptures by way of Facebook. The first church we started in Mexico is doing well and reaching many more souls for the Lord Jesus. They also support a mission work in Venezuela, which has grown and is now starting another church with a new pastor out of their own work. They had a special outdoor campaign to start off this new church plant and had several saved and baptized. Another brother came out of our church in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and has now started Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sunnyside, Washington.

On May 1 we had five young men in their 20s attend our church here for the first time. Four of the men received Christ as their personal Savior. We praise the Lord for all He has done and will continue to do. To God be the glory! Only eternity will reveal all that the Lord has done!”

WESTERN AFRICA, THE GAMBIA, Dan and Sarah Jenkins —They share the following report: “In April, we began a new preaching series at our church on the Life of Jesus Christ. Since the beginning of our church in 2020, it has been our desire to lay a solid Biblical foundation for our church to grow on. That solid foundation starts with Jesus Christ because without a proper understanding of Christ, the Bible would be nothing more than a religious book teaching us good morals. . . . The response to this new preaching series from our church has been incredible. Many have said to us personally that they greatly appreciate a church that actually preaches and teaches the Bible as opposed to many churches here that preach prosperity gospel and charismatic doctrines. Please pray with us as I take our people through the Gospel books and show them the beautiful redemptive history of Scripture.”

USA MINISTRIES, OHIO, MIAMISBURG, Tom and Renee Border —They share the following report: “The Joy Club continues to attract first-timers. The one in Troy was especially blessed of God with 25 people present for the Mothers’ Day ‘CUPCAKE’ themed gathering. The children enjoyed having their mothers join them eating cupcakes, doing matching and guessing games, making a craft, singing, and playing the Concerto from ‘pots and pans.’ The Gospel was proclaimed and lives were impacted in some great and yet—unknown way.

The 2021/2022 season for the three weekly ladies classes and the two once-a-month craft classes came to an end this week. We were especially encouraged at the ladies’ enthusiasm when doing their group presentation on a HERO OF FAITH of their choosing. As a result of the craft classes, we had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with nine new ladies. Please continue to pray with us for the salvation of several and for one to get plugged into a church in Okinawa and another in Utsunomiya.”

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, Danny and Janice Flowers —They share the following report: “On May 1 we filled the baptismal pool at the church so that two could be baptized. These young girls (both 8 years old) were saved recently and were ready to publicly declare their faith in Jesus. The children’s class is such a vital ministry in our church. Each week the kids are learning Biblical truths that can help them to grow and mature in Christ. So many children in France have never held a Bible in their hands, much less read a verse! It burdens us to think of a whole generation being raised without God. Please pray that we would be able to reach many more children with the Gospel.

Very few French people practice Catholicism, but they sure enjoy the traditional Catholic holidays such as Ascension. On May 26, we took advantage of the day off from school and work to travel one-hour north to Eglise Biblique Baptiste in Hierges. Eighteen people from our church participated in the special day, which was filled with Bible classes, food, and games. It was a blessing for our church family to be around other Christians and to be encouraged along on their spiritual journey. We believe this is so vital for the long term visibility of God’s work in the Ardennes.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, ATENAS, Rick and Shannon Dove —They share the following: “In March, Victory Baptist Church of Atenas, Costa Rica, celebrated its 6th anniversary. God has been so good to sustain us and encourage us during these six years! While we have had challenges, God has blessed each step of the way. We praise the Lord that the Saturday before the anniversary service, we had a group from our church pass out invitations for our special service. We had a youth activity that Saturday with our special speaker Alex Taylor, missionary to Panama, whom our church supports. God blessed the occasion on Saturday and our anniversary on Sunday! A first-time visitor received the Lord as her personal Savior that day. Please pray for her to continue to grow in the Lord. Along with all these blessings, the Lord has given us three new families and we are excited to see the Lord work.”

SOUTH AFRICA, Katie Dilfer working in Puerto Rico —She shares the following report with prayer needs: “God has done some wonderful things during my time in Puerto Rico. Last month, God allowed a friend and me to see two people accept Christ as Savior while we were out soul winning! It is thrilling to see someone give his heart to the Lord!

As the school year has ended, my time in Puerto Rico has as well. Please pray that God would allow my visa to arrive soon as I can then head to South Africa. While I continue waiting on my visa, I will be involved in many ministries in the coming days including Vacation Bible School and camps. I also am continuing to help with the work in South Africa by making tracts for the different churches and working on the Camp Rhino journal for the coming camping season. Please pray that God would use me to make much for Him!

• That God will save many through the tracts that have been made.
• That the two who were saved to grow in Christ and go to church.
• That my visa would arrive soon.”

June 2022

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, Jeremy and Michelle Blanz —They share the following report with prayer needs: “Not only have we recently changed locations for the church, but we also moved to a ‘new’ house. We are about the same distance to the church, but from the other direction. We hope that the Lord will open many doors and opportunities to share the Gospel in the new neighborhood. Since arriving, we have had several setbacks . . . roof, electrical, washing machine, and computer problems. Thankfully, we have most of them resolved. As for our family, the kids are enjoying adjusting to their new rooms, and they are doing well in school. Elijah is making significant progress in Spanish.

In spite of the ups and downs, the Lord has been faithful. We are thankful to be able to serve the Lord in Costa Rica, and thankful too for the prayers and financial support from you folks.”


• That the Lord will use us to lead many to Christ
• That God will build up His church and send forth laborers into the harvest
• That God will guide us and lead us as we move forward with the next phase of the church”

USA HOME OFFICE, HARRISON, TENNESSEE, Dan and Sharon Daugherty —They share the following report:

“With careful planning, a host of details were taken care of to prepare for the paving company to come and begin their work.
• For their protection—about a dozen lampposts had to be taken down.
• Water and electric lines were changed or put in.
• Sod was cut to save and to reuse after ditches were dug.

What a change three or four men and their machines can make!
• The paving company did digging and forming roadside ditches.
• Relaying the sod was done plus buying 4 ½ more pallets of sod.
• The paving company dug out five old rusty culverts, replaced them, and added new headers.”
All of this time God has met our daily needs for strength. Thank you for your part in praying and supporting us in the ministry the Lord has given us.

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KAMPALA, James and Cheryl Pridgen —They share the following: “Mrs. M. was born and raised in a Muslim family. Last year, she was given one of our Gospel tracts and it took her about nine months before she came to church to find out what it meant to be saved. Then at the age of 76, she was born again into God’s family and she also followed the Lord in Believer’s Baptism! In April, the Lord allowed us to see 59 people saved and baptized. Thank you for helping us to reach the people of Uganda and East Africa with the Gospel. Please continue to pray with us for more churches to be started. Within the next few months another missionary will be starting a new church plant in an area where we have seen many people getting saved. He will be starting with two men that we have trained in our Bible college. It is a blessing to start new churches and to also train others to help start churches too. Please continue to pray for us. One of the ministry vehicles has developed an unexpected problem. The mechanic told us it might cost up to $7,000 to fix. Please be praying for this as well. Thank you for praying for us.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUNEDIN, Bob and Diana Rutta —They share the following: “The borders of New Zealand have been virtually closed over the last two years as our government thought that they could keep COVID out of the country. The government is now beginning to accept that it was an impossible job and all they have succeeded in doing is to harm the economy, so the borders are opening in stages throughout the year. International mail delivery has been reinstated, so we can now receive letters again.

Recently, our church song leader and his family moved away as he accepted a job in another town. It is hard to see anyone leave, but it is especially hard when one of your workers moves on. Our church had a fellowship time after his last service with us. . . . During the fellowship two of our men approached me asking if I would train them to take the position. So they both are doing a good job and are excited to be able to serve the Lord. . . . These are definitely unusual times that we are living in. . . . Please pray that those in our church here will remain faithful and that we will be able to reach more people in our community with the Gospel of Christ.”

SOUTH AMERICA, GUYANA, Noel and Charlene Shrivnauth —They share the following report: “In April we welcomed the Mark Mariner family to work with us as missionary interns. . . . They will stay in Guyana until the end of the year and then will move to the neighboring country of Suriname.

Things have opened up significantly since the government imposed COVID restrictions two years ago. Public schools are opened again and we are able to have a Bible club in one of them.

Keep praying for us! It is doing a lot of good and we are seeing victories. By the way, our men’s group had an all-night prayer meeting, and we prayed for many of you.”

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jon and April Flowers —They share the following with prayer needs: “In March God brought four ladies to our church. Out of these four, only two of them had been to some form of church before. The other two had never heard about Jesus and who He is. They had heard that if they go to church they will be baptized and they will be okay. We have been having a Bible study with them to help them understand God’s Word. It has been a great reminder of the importance of preaching and teaching truth. So many are blind to the truth. After a few weeks of Bible study, I asked one of them if she was ready to trust Jesus as her Savior. She responded like so many others, ‘I am not ready. I still have many questions.’ This is the first church she had ever attended. Everything she is hearing, she is hearing for the first time. Please pray for her. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open her eyes to the truth. Would you also pray for the three other ladies: C., A., and M.? Pray that God will give me wisdom as we deal with them and others here in Taiwan.”

USA MILITARY, OKINAWA, OKINAWA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato —They share the following report: “My wife Elvie led a first time visitor to Christ during the Resurrection Sunday morning service altar invitation. I baptized three on that same day. Pray for them to serve Christ and grow in grace.

We currently have 13 students in Faith Bible Institute, a 3-year Bible Diploma course. We currently have 51 students in Maranatha Baptist Academy. We have four K-5 students and four high school students who graduated at the end of May. Please pray for Maranatha to continue to reach the US military, Okinawa, and the regions beyond for Christ.”

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, GRENADA, Joseph and Donna Childers —They share the following report with prayer needs: “The last two months have been months of considerable spiritual growth within the church plant. We have seen professions of faith in several recent services and each time we have gone door-to-door soul-winning this year. In March, we had another baby dedication, and in April four of our folks (including one of our daughters) were baptized. One of them was a lady who has been coming to the church for four years but had been struggling with obedience and taking that next step. Please pray for their continued growth in Christ. . . . We have seen growth numerically in our Bible institute with a record six students this term. Three of them have been in the church for six months or less and three are returning students.”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, BELMOPAN, CAYO, Jonathan and Elizabeth Shertzer —They share the following report with prayer needs: “At the end of March, a pastor friend invited us to help with his ministry booth at a country-wide expo for two days. We distributed thousands of tracts, Bibles, and portions of Scripture. Elizabeth brought our children and three of the young men from our church to the Expo for the second day. They helped give out materials for a few hours and then went around to do some of the Expo activities. We had met several people recently who said they know us because they were given a tract or Scripture from our church at the Expo. Pray for the Word of God to bring people to a relationship with Christ. . . . Thank you for praying for our family and ministry. Even in the era of instant communication, there is still something awe-inspiring about the fact that one can, at any moment, talk to God about personal cares or the cares of others. . . . He will not leave a prayer unanswered! To God be the glory!

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. and Debbi Brosius —They share the following with prayer needs: “As we mentioned in our last prayer letter, we are having a Family Camp with just our church. We can report that it went well with a lot of team work, planning, and fellowship. Shana taught the children and played the piano and Debbi worked in the kitchen preparing food for 70 people.

Once again we are offering Bible institute classes in our church. This block is Hermeneutics. We have 15 students this semester. In March, we celebrated 30 years since we began our church in a little garage. Out of this church we also started another church. However, the pandemic hurt both churches, but they have recovered well. We have national leaders in both but no one who is ready to pastor yet, though there is potential there. Please pray for national pastors for both churches. Pray the Lord will send more laborers into the harvest here. In the capital of three million there are only three independent Baptist churches.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, AOMORI, Paul and Sarah Johnson —They share the following: “In our time spent in Japan, most of the contacts we have made and relationships that we have started began with us reaching out to the individual. Whether it was through tract distribution, school events, or just meeting people at the park, the common denominator is that we are usually the ones to initiate the relationship. Because of this, we were amazed recently when several people have contacted us about church. One man called and said that he saw our church sign while walking by our church building. He had previously done some studying with the Mormon church and was interested in knowing more about what our church believed. We were able to meet, and I shared some basic Bible truths with him. He was thankful and asked if he could meet again. Please pray for Mr. ‘O’ as we talk with him.

Over the past month we have also seen an influx of people attending church services as well. While a few people are still watching via livestream because of lingering COVID concerns, several people who have not attended for a long time are coming back to church. We are greatly encouraged to see them wanting to grow in Christ.”

USA MINISTRIES, NEW MEXICO, SHEEPSPRINGS, John and April McDaniel —They share the following report with prayer requests: “We had a great Resurrection Sunday with 39 in attendance and two baptisms. P. and A. were recently saved. A. came to see us while visiting East Mesa Baptist Church. P. and her granddaughter were baptized after the Resurrection Sunday service.

We are praising the Lord for the purchase of a small singlewide mobile home for a very good price. The Lord provided for us to purchase the house debt-free. We will not have a house payment, rent, or anything but utilities (when they get connected). We will be moving in from Shiprock to our home site lease in a few weeks. This will help us have a place to live while we complete the construction of our house. Praise the Lord for His provision and goodness!

• April’s recovery from gall bladder surgery
• Assembly of the playground
• Baptism and discipleship
• Van route and children’s Sunday school class
• Home construction and moving with the connection of our mobile home”

WEST AFRICA, TOGO, KARA, Randy and Jeanette Alderman —They share the following: “Gospel films are a great way to draw a crowd to hear a message that they would not ordinarily hear. We had planned a weekend evangelistic outreach with a film showing at the church plant at Tchintchinda in March, but showers coming in the dry season surprised us both nights and rained us out. Members from three other churches had helped us invite those in the neighborhood to attend. When we could not show the films, Pastor Henock as well as those who had participated in the door-to-door invitations were very discouraged. We were, however, successful in showing the films the following weekend and several accepted Christ as Savior. As a result, there is also an encouraging increase in people coming to the Sunday services.”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, SALZ, Dan and Tricia Dubbe —They share the following report: “Our church is in the center of Germany, located in a rural setting, but we have had many strangers come from Belarus, Iran, Afghanistan, Africa, and now from the Ukraine. Through a translator I assured a Ukrainian family that they were welcome to our church and we wanted to be a blessing to them.

One of our men celebrated his 60th birthday recently and asked to use the church facilities. It seems he knew everyone in town and a great crowd attended. He gave his testimony to those who in attendance. We prayed to reach the world and the world showed up at the door that evening. Even an auto mechanic who works on our cars was there. The great harvest is coming and we need to be ready. Amen!”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Daniel and Lisa Files —They write the following: “This month we were able to attend the first service of a brand new church that is opening in Bangkok. That was exciting to be a part of that and reassured us of goals and dreams that we have of starting new churches in this country. We also helped another missionary in a town about an hour and a half away paint a new building. This is his second church plant. We are excited to see what God will do in this city with this new church plant!

We have a young man in our church who had been bringing several visitors from his work with him the last couple of months. One particular young lady has been coming every week even when he does not come. Please pray for her salvation.”

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, BAUMHOLDER, Joseph and Laura Passaro —They write the following: “When we finished our last prayer letter, the outbreak of war in the Ukraine had just started with the invasion of the Russian army and because of this our soldiers here are being continually deployed downrange. During these times young people start thinking about eternity, so our prayer is that before they depart, we can be a witness to these soldiers. Also, in the first week of March, our church was able to be involved in sending everyday items to Poland to be a help to the refugees who are fleeing the Ukraine. We thank our Lord that we were able to be a blessing.

Your prayers and support are such a blessing to Laura and me. During days of difficulty or just being down a little, it is always good to know there are churches and individuals praying for this work and us.”

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin —They share the following: “I went to visit one of our shut-ins recently. She is not able to attend church due to the full-time care of her mentally handicapped adult son. After encouraging her in the Word, I decided to speak to her husband. A retired man addicted to vice and no help to his struggling wife with their son sat and listened intently. After an hour of hearing the Gospel, he gladly bowed to trust Christ. His wife later said he spent the afternoon in his Bible and everything has changed.

It is such a joy to see disciples follow Jesus in Believer’s Baptism. We recently baptized a 12-year-old boy who comes on his own, an older lady newly saved and the daughter of one of our Venezuelan families; Emmanuel, a boy who has been part of our church from the beginning, and an older gentleman who recently arrived after simply seeing our church sign. God continues to build His family one at a time from all spheres of life. It is a privilege to serve Him.”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKU, Dan and Terri Gardner —They write: “Upon returning from Kansai to Okinawa, we started getting ready for a children’s meeting called Tomodachi Time (Friend Time). It is a time when we invite kids to come on a Saturday for games, candy, and a short message from the Word of God. We passed out 2,000 fliers. We were blessed to have 60 children, three adults, and all our workers, which totaled over 75 people. Some of the boys and girls prayed for Christ to save them. What a blessing that was! It was the first event we have been able to have in the past two years.

The next day was Resurrection Sunday, and we had a great day with 13 of the boys and girls coming back for our kids’ service. We also were able to baptize two of our own church members’ children ages 10 and 11, which was a great blessing. Their father had passed away, but they are still faithful to the Lord and His church.”

SOUTH AMERICA, BRAZIL, CACOAL, Garry and Pam Tyler —They shared the following: “In January, we began to expand our auditorium so we could seat 50 people rather than 30. We had to take out some partitions but now we have more room. We also started working on the Constitution of the church so we can register and function with bank accounts, as well as buy land and build or buy a building in the name of the church.

In February, Missionary Raylda Ferreira dos Santos, who works teaching children in public schools having Bible Clubs and Vacation Bible Schools mostly in the city of Salvador, Bahia, came to visit us for a month. We have known her and have helped her over many, many years and what a joy it was to have her in our home. Pam went visiting with her and we all went walking in the neighborhood passing out tracts and talking to people about the Lord. We can still do that here without any problems. People in Cacoal are open to listening to the Gospel but not so quick to receive the Lord.”

May 2022

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, SOROTI, Alan and Elena Sutphen —They share the following with prayer needs: “A man who had attended a Catholic church for much of his life had been helping us with some light work at the church construction site when my right-hand man visited him and shared the Gospel. That day, this unassuming 70-year-old man made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. So after, we unexpectedly had need for an additional teacher in our primary school, and we had been praying for just the right candidate. My right-hand man then mentioned that this new convert had taught in primary school for 40 years and had even been a Head Teacher! We gave him an exam and found him more than qualified. He is experienced, articulate in English, and he has been a great asset to us! It is amazing how the Lord answers our prayers and needs so completely! A qualified teacher, who was previously raking up mounds of dirt on our construction site, is now one of the most humble and industrious teachers. So far, he has been very inquisitive during our discipleship studies and overall has truly been a blessing to us at SOAP!

There are still many documented COVID cases. We pray for cases to decrease; nevertheless, I will not allow the children to go into town until these cases are significantly reduced. Please pray for this conclusion.

• Salvation of souls through the SOAP ministry
• Spiritual power of the new convert
• Continued wisdom and progress regarding the church building project
• Healing for one of our teachers who has neuroendocrine tumor (cancer)
• Early salvation and academic growth for new orphans

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, GRENADA, ST. ANDREWS, GRENVILLE, Coco Chan —She shares the following report with prayer needs: “At Lifeline Baptist Christian Academy, my class and I have been striving for excellence. Watching the students grow spiritually and academically is very rewarding. We had good days and days not as good as others, but with God’s help we overcame the difficulties together. It is very comforting that at the end of the day they would still bring me flowers, pictures, and love letters. Thank God for His goodness, especially for the one girl who trusted Christ after the assembly.

• A lady who got saved while we were out soul winning
• Moving again and house hunting for a month and a half with no success
• Problem with my right eye, the retina tending to pull away
• School enrollment for this fall
• Building project this summer to add two more classrooms.”

SOUTH AMERICA, ECUADOR, GUAYAQUIL, Raymond and Anita Bradley —They share the following report: “For more than two years we have been praying to our dear Lord about an assistant pastor. The Lord placed in our hearts Anita’s second cousin whom we trained here for six years in all areas of ministry. Then he moved to take a deaf ministry we started in Ambato. He reached deaf people in different towns around Ambato for six more years. He and his sweet wife of 12 years have a heart for the Lord and for the deaf. The Lord has confirmed to us and our church that he will be the next pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church of the Deaf in Guayaquil. We all pray the Deaf school ministry will be open until the Lord comes back. We will continue to ask for prayer and financial support for our Deaf school in Ecuador.”

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, Lane and Nelia Jones —They share the following report with prayer needs: “On March 27, four young men and two young ladies graduated from our Bible college. They will start new churches—L. L. in Bobon, C. A. in Washington and one has taken over his home church in Danao, Calbayog. Please pray for J. G. as she is helping start a Bible college in her home church in E. Samar. One of the graduates has a church started already in Marobay.

We had five new students move into the dorms this summer. Pray they will stay! Recently, the Lord gave us 2,001 children in our children’s extension classes in different areas. There were 101 saved. Please pray we can get the lot beside our church building in Catarman. We need the building and the lot for more Sunday school classes.

We are having many saved on Sundays and the building is full on Sunday mornings. Last Sunday there were 20 saved and 6 baptized.”

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, BEILINGEN, Rusty and Karen Pilalas —They share the following: “We have had the privilege of taking in an extended Ukrainian family who got out four hours before the borders closed for the men. It is a dad and mom, their three adult children, two sons-in-laws, and two grandkids. We rent and live in a 1-bedroom apartment and rent a 2-bedroom apartment above us for extra room. That is where they all are staying. They are thankful to be safe and with other believers. We are bring encouraged by them with their wonderful testimonies and attitudes. Please pray for them as they seek God’s will about where to immigrate. Until then, they are a great blessing to us and our church. One of them translates the services and we even have Russian-speaking visitors come. They are also repairing things all throughout the building and help with cleaning. We have grown to love this family and are so thankful that the Lord guided them to us.”

CARIBBEAN, NORTHERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Jeffri and Pamela Polanco —They share the following report: “Toward the end of 2020, a young mother started coming to church faithfully (her daughter came to church through the bus ministry years prior). We have seen the Lord at work in her life, yet she was unsure of her salvation decision despite sharing the Gospel with her multiple times. In one of the ladies’ Bible studies my wife hosted at home, she finally realized that no work on her part could earn her a place in God’s presence. In tears, she cried to the Lord for salvation in what looked like a regular dull Tuesday night to some but ended up being a special night in Heaven. Her joy and growth have been very evident since. She resigned from her job shortly after to look for a job where she could honor the Lord. Please pray that this young mother would continue to grow and that the Lord would continue to supply for her family needs.”

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SAN PEDRO DE LA PAZ, Nathan and Christine Saint —They share the following with prayer needs: “On March 27, we finally organized Truth Baptist Church in San Pedro de la Paz! We have 17 adult members from nine different families! On that Sunday, we had over 30 people in both services. For each of the past three weeks, we have had a least one new family visit and keep coming back! God’s work is growing, and I sometimes wonder if we can keep up. Andres was a man we met through door-to-door visitation. He started coming to church, asked a lot of questions, spent time speaking with Nathan, and a few weeks after that initial contact, Andres made a profession of faith.

TO TOP IT ALL OFF, on March 30, we finally took possession of the church property we have prayed and waited for during the past four years! I can hardly believe it has taken that long, but the paperwork was finally approved on the 28th and the squatters voluntarily left (we paid them the money we would have to pay the lawyers to evict them) two days later. We found the house in terrible shape, but most of the repairs needed are rather minor and we expect to be able to get it in a suitable condition for less than the amount the construction company paid us to cover those repairs.

• Wisdom with using and protecting the property God has given us
• Time to witness and disciple new families
• Safety as we travel
• Growth among our church people (we’d love to see others get involved with the church ministries)
• Our health”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, David and Debbie Board —They share the following: “It was a great blessing to join together two couples in marriage over the past several weeks. Our eldest son, Joshua, was married to a wonderful young lady in our church named SreyNech. Her father was the first adult to accept Christ just prior to our planting a church back in 2010. We are so blessed to see our son and daughter faithfully serving the Lord here in Cambodia! I also had the joy of joining another couple together in marriage. His family are faithful members and she is a new believer. We were blessed to see the testimony this couple maintained despite her family strongly objecting to them having a wedding that honored the Lord. Please pray for these young couples to continue to grow in the Lord and follow His perfect will for their lives. Please pray for us over the next month as together with some of our national leaders we anticipate adding additional discipleship groups in several different villages.”

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, ACCRA, Harold and Bridgette Holdbrook —They share the following report: “We are glad to report that the Lord has provided us with the amount of $12,500 for the purchase of a plot of land for the Kwabenya church building. One of our supporting churches in Virginia gave us $7,000 for us to realize our objective. We give God the praise and thank every one of you who contributed so generously for us to reach our goal!

We need prayer for the following:

ADAWSO: The pastor of Jesus Saves Baptist Church at this village was involved in a motorcycle accident and lost his small finger. He has a deep wound in his foot that is not healing. Pray for a quick recovery so he can return to his work.

BOWKROM: This church is doing well with about 40 members with A. O. as pastor. They had been meeting under a tree. Recently, they were allowed to use a classroom in the local village school. They have purchased a plot of land and we are encouraging them to use the land to cultivate a farm and use the proceeds to start their church building. PLEASE PRAY!”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, DANGRIGA, John and Robin Harris —They share the following: “Our attendance has increased and new people are starting to come to church. Once the people enter our church, they are treated with a very friendly atmosphere. We were told that at the beginning of April all of the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted and now we are starting to hold our mid-week services and also a monthly teen night and a monthly kids night. There is a woman who has been coming to our church for several weeks. Recently, she was saved and I am talking to her about baptism. Pray that she eventually will take this important step of obedience.

Please pray with us as we are in need of some land. We are starting to run out of room at our current location. Land could be pretty expensive as we are on the coast. If you wish to donate, please send it to BIMI and make sure you write our missionary number 1501 in the designation. Please prayerfully consider this.”

WESTERN EUROPE. FRANCE, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, Danny and Janice Flowers —They share the following report: “I recently received a handwritten letter from a local man inviting me to visit with him in his home and discuss the Bible. He explained that he had received literature in his mailbox from our church and had some questions for me. Upon meeting him, I was surprised to find that he is a devoted Bible reader. He reads 5–6 chapters a day and has done so for years. Despite this religious fervor, he told me he had no idea where he will spend eternity. In years gone by, he studied periodically with the Mormons. We have read and studied God’s Word with him several times, but he has yet to make a decision for Christ. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to open his eyes to the truth.”

April 2022

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Josue and Rebekah Ortiz —They share the following report with prayer needs: “Josue and Paco are currently counseling eight to nine people each week. The need is great! In the past six months, a group of about 15 people in our church have been going through training to become biblical counselors. In the next month, they will finish their training. We will then be able to have an even greater reach for counseling those in our church and community. Please pray for this ministry. It has been amazing to see God work in marriages and broken lives through the use of His Word in counseling.

We are nearing the end of the legal process to obtain a piece of land in order to build. We have had several meetings with our architect and are excited about beginning this project soon! Please continue to pray that all the paperwork and permissions will be granted to us. Because of the pandemic, everything takes longer than normal.”

CARIBBEAN, TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS, Paul and Amy Valles —They share the following: “Around two years ago, I led a teenage boy to the Lord, but I have not seen him since that time. About two months ago, he called me and asked me to meet him. We met and I was able to guide him through the Scriptures and he received assurance of salvation. He has faithfully been coming to our church on Wednesday nights since that time. He goes with his family to another church on Sundays; a church that believes you can lose your salvation. He loves coming to our church on Wednesdays and tells me he is learning so much from our teaching and tries to apply it to his life. Please pray that he would grow in Christ and be a witness to others.”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM am RHEIN, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung —They give the following report and prayer needs: “I am writing to you with more than a great burden. Because of COVID-19 and strong different opinions on the COVID vaccination in the church as well as serious criticism and various other problems too much to explain, our pastor resigned as pastor of the church, the Freien Baptistengemeinde Mainz. It started so well for us with our new pastor and it is very difficult and painful to understand. However, our Lord is building HIS church. He has declared that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. We are thankful and confident. As you can imagine, it is not easy for an 84-year-old man to have the responsibility of the church Uon his shoulders again. We do have a number of spiritual, loyal, and capable men in our church.

• For a man of God to be the pastor of our church
• For wisdom in relation to the many refugees
• For more strength, health, and wisdom in this spiritual warfare
• For God’s perfect will to be accomplished in our lives”

SOUTH AMERICA, GUYANA, Noel and Charlene Shrivnauth —They share the following with prayer needs: “In February, we launched our online Bible college. This is something we had in mind to do for a long time. . . . We are glad to partner with Pastor Mike Wells and Parkside Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas, to start this college.

Another great ministry we launched in February is Saturday Teen Soul Winning. This is going great! Thirty-five to forty teens are picked up on buses and brought to church on Saturday morning for instruction, teaching, a meal and then to the bus routes for witnessing.

In all these things there is great opposition from Satan, but our confidence is in God and in His promises. In the last two months, 105 people have made Christ their Savior and eight have been baptized. Among those who were saved are children and youth from a government-run home for children and families. Please pray that the Gospel will break the stronghold Satan has on these young lives. We hold a weekly Bible club at this facility.”

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield —They share the following report: “Our weather here in Texas has been quite schizophrenic! One week the boys are in shorts and T-shirts and the next we are cracking the ice so our animals can drink water. Back and forth, back and forth! Sadly, many people here seem to be like the weather. A few weeks of faithfulness and involvement in the church, then no sign of them! It is frustrating to say the least.

However, we do have a few faithful people that do not change with the weather, and we are so grateful they are in the yoke with us serving Him! The New Year’s Eve party held at our house had a great turn out with 17 children and 8 adults who enjoyed games, food, and fellowship till the early hours of the next year.

We had a fantastic Valentine’s Banquet with 42 in attendance. Evangelist Caleb Reed brought an applicable message. The carnival theme and games for the guys to win their lady a stuffed animal and other prizes provided much laughter and romantic enjoyment.” Please pray for the Mansfield family as they reach out to the lost in Commerce, Texas.

FAR NORTH, GREENLAND, (Language School in Denmark) Gage and Aleah Gilbert —They share the following report: “December and January showed huge rises in COVID cases and so the Danish government reinstated certain restrictions. Masks had to be worn again in public transportation and most indoor places and a COVID pass was needed to eat in restaurants or go to certain places. But then, by February 3, they lifted all restrictions. We do not know all the reasons, but we are thankful for the freedom once again.

During the work on our house, Gage had the opportunity to witness to two of the workers. We have been told that Danes tend to not be very open about their private lives or religious things, but both opened up to us and were willing to listen. One man seems to be an agnostic while the other has a belief in God, but we are not sure he understands his need of salvation.

• Everyone recovered from COVID.
• COVID restrictions are lifted!
• Pray for the lady in our church with ongoing health problems.
• Pray for the two men to whom Gage witnessed.”

SOUTH AFRICA, John and Chrystal Matney —They share the following report: “God’s goodness and grace continues to flow over our family and His protection is ever about us! I am so thankful for the growth in the members of our church. We have men wanting to grow in their marriages and personal and spiritual lives, and one man wants to start sharing what he gets out of his Bible with others. I am excited to see how God uses these men! The missionary whom we support here out of our church stays busy visiting the ships in the harbor, witnessing, and preaching to the sailors. I went with him a few weeks ago. We visited on the corner of the Durban harbor, which had 3 ships. It took us 4 hours to walk to the ships, visit each ship, and walk back. By the time we finished, we had walked 4 miles. He has visited a total of 32 ships in the month of January, passing out Gospel tracts and Bibles. I go with him when I can, but my responsibilities here and schedule do not allow me to go.

• Our visa renewal to be approved soon
• Our church building in dire need of a new roof, costing around $8,000, including removal of asbestos in the roof
• Prayer for church and the spiritual growth of those attending as we continue to disciple new believers”

WEST AFRICA, COTE D’IVOIRE (IVORY COAST), Kristine McLaughlin —She shares the following report: “A lady has long attended a large Methodist church, which is central to the belief system in Sebia-Yao. From the beginning, she has welcomed Bible studies in her home. Although we have shared Christ at length with her, we have not known exactly where she was spiritually . . . until recently.

To begin the year, we decided to give large bags of rice to the chiefs in our area along with smaller bags for the villagers. In Ivory Coast, it is customary to begin the new year by exchanging gifts. When we arrived in Sebia-Yao, we were greeted by the chief’s grandson. He asked questions about the Gospel and later trusted Christ as his Savior that day. From there we went to visit a woman. The Lord blessed with a very good visit, during which she shared a clear testimony of salvation. We praised the Lord with her! The Lord was working beyond this. As we continued talking, she agreed to allow us to move our Bible club to an enclosed area in her yard. What a blessing that the lady who first greeted us in the village is now saved and willing to open her home to ministry!”

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, RIONEGRO, Peter and Elisabeth Putney —They share the following report and prayer needs: “Last month I had the privilege and honor to graduate nine students from our seminary, Seminario Bautista Victoria. These students completed many hundreds of hours of classes in addition to papers, homework assignments, tests, book reading, and much more. . . . Several of these men are called to preach and we will be ordaining one of them as my assistant pastor in April. Another will hopefully be sent out as a missionary very soon. Training others is such an important part of missions and we are thrilled with what God is doing through our seminary!

We have been trying to purchase a building or land for a long time now. Praise the Lord, we are currently attempting to purchase a building that we have found here in Rionegro! This building is about 4,500 square feet and has the possibility of adding two additional floors of the same size in the future. It is already set up to be used by a church and has an auditorium that currently seats 160 and could seat twice that with some renovations. We had agreed on a reasonable price with the building owners, but just lack a permit from the city to have religious services. Unfortunately, this permit has been a challenge to obtain, as the city wants to limit churches to a very small part of land. If we are able to get this certificate, we will immediately buy the building. Please pray fervently that the Lord’s will be done.”

WEST AFRICA, CAPE VERDE, PRAIA, Nathan and Tina Fritz —They share the following; “Our church in Praia was able to host a special Valentine’s Day dinner on the 14th of February. It was not anything incredibly fancy, but a good opportunity to get together with the couples of our church. The theme for the month of February has been the home and the family. I believe it has been a strengthening time for families in our church. One of the great needs in our church is faithful, God-honoring families!


• Pray with us that the truths of God’s Word will override the secular cultural ideas of the roles of husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, etc. • Please pray for us as we are trying to finish up some visa paperwork here in the next few weeks as well.”

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KASESE, Matt and Keila Stensaas —They share the following: “We praise the Lord . . . we are now open and back to where we were ministry-wise before the pandemic!

The Bible college started up with 37 students in four locations of the district. Praise the Lord! The graduates from last year are now assisting me in teaching at three of these locations.

We also had our first Tri-annual Bible Institute with over 40 in attendance for the weeklong course. We taught the basic fundamentals of personal evangelism and then had them practice on one another. We also gave different ways to witness to different people and especially those of other religions.

The police had allowed us to start meeting with them at their Monday morning assembly again. I am thankful for the opportunity to preach to them and pray with them. They also recently allowed us to go back into the jails and preach to the suspects. God has opened up the Mubuku Prison to us as well. We had the opportunity to preach to over 400 prisoners at a time. What a blessing it was for me to see the prisoners excited that we were there with them!”

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOTA, Danny and Haruna McKittrick —They share the following report: “The first two months of the year were somewhat hindered by new/revived restrictions on base personnel. The bases were shut down again early January but, praise the Lord, Yokota Air Base allowed service members to leave base for ‘essential services’ and listed church attendance as ‘essential.’ The restrictions were lifted late in January and things are getting back to normal.

We held our Sweethearts Banquet in February with 10 couples attending along with two individuals whose spouses were away. We had Filipino cuisine complete with chicken adobo, pancit, and lumpia! I gave a devotional message on the blessing it is to be married and then we played Spouseology! Couples were asked questions and if their answers agreed, they scored points. If their answers disagreed, the couples had to perform a funny task such as ‘whistle like the Andy Griffith theme song.’ At the end of the questions, the couple with the most points was crowned the Spouseology Champion!

Please pray for a USAF Lt. Colonel who is attending our services; he is yet unsaved. We are praying for the Lord to work in his heart; will you join us in this matter of prayer?”

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKU, Dan and Terri Gardner —They share the following with prayer requests: “Our activities and some of our services have been hindered greatly the last two years because of COVID. We are still not totally in the clear here and on the edge of being put back into a state of emergency. We were able to have a Valentine service and have since had a visitor come for the past two weeks. If you would, pray for him. He is a Christian but needs to be scripturally baptized.

We are still able to go out and pass out Gospel tracts, so please pray that God would use them to open the hearts of the Japanese people. Their traditions and beliefs in many gods and all their superstitions keep them from believing. Please pray that we will be able to continue reaching people with the Gospel.

• Terri’s fibromyalgia and nerve issues in her back and foot
• My shoulder as it is healing from my rotator cuff surgery
• More people to be saved and baptized
• God’s leading on new ways to get the Gospel out while we are dealing with COVID
• Our planned furlough this year”

CARIBBEAN, GRENADA, Joseph and Donna Childers —They share the following report with prayer needs: “We are praising the Lord for His working in the Christian school. Just yesterday, one of the students approached Joe after the chapel service. He was able to lead her to Christ. She comes from an unchurched background and her family is steeped in the Rastafarian religion. . . . We are praising the Lord for his provision toward our school expansion. By faith, we are hiring two national teachers from other independent Baptist churches. This summer we are looking to build two new classrooms for their classes (and the next summer we will build one final classroom).

• Godly wisdom
• School growth
• Finances (school and personal)

CENTRAL SOUTH AFRICA, BOTSWANA, Mike and Cindy Haley —They share the following with prayer needs: “Our church and ministry theme for this year is PRESSING ON based on Philippians 3:12–14. Dr. Lee Roberson liked to say, ‘The doors of opportunity swing on the hinges of opposition.’ We are excited about the incredible opportunity we have to preach the Gospel, print Bibles, reach the lost, disciple believers, train pastors and lay leaders, conduct children’s Bible clubs, start a Christian school, and plant churches! Without a doubt—our LORD doth come—and by God’s grace, we will carry on as we watch, wait, and work till the trumpet sounds! Glory to God and Hallelujah!

• $3,000 to pay the $25k for the printing of another 20,000 Setswana New Testaments
• Faith Bible Institute students’ final tests for graduation in May
• Legalities to come together and financial provision (Amantle given land from his father to build a house on)
• Salvation of Mr. and Mrs. ‘S’ and the ‘K’ family
• Our ministry team and our church family—unity, wisdom, patience, and grace as we love one another and labor together”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Dan and Lisa Files —They share the following: “We finished off 2021 with a great service and it seemed like things were leading in the right direction. Then we had a COVID outbreak in our church. We had to go back to live stream only for the first month and a half of the new year. That is not how we wanted to start out; however, we have been able to meet in person as of late. However, not everyone is coming back. Please pray that all our members here will have the courage to come back to church soon. The people here are extremely afraid of COVID. We did have a man who has visited several times bring his wife and daughter for the first time. That was very encouraging!

The Cone family whom we are assisting while studying the Thai language came back this month from their furlough. It is a blessing to have them and their experience back here with us. We still have issues from time-to-time with the language barrier, and it is helpful to have someone to call when we get in a bind.

We are sending in our paperwork to apply for a missionary visa. Our education visa will be up in June. With a missionary visa we will be able to legally be here as missionaries and we only have to renew it once a year instead of every two months like we are doing now. We have had all kinds of issues with visas since we have been here. Please pray that we get approved for the missionary visas before ours expire in June.”

March 2022

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Sam and May Beth Snyder —They share the following: “November and December were busy months with finishing up a term of Bible institute, Kamea literacy classes, and work projects on the mission property. Mary Beth put together a cantata of eight songs for a large choir to sing at our Christmas Day service. One was in Kamea and the rest were in Melanesian Pidgin. On Sunday, she and our children sang ‘Misp’la King B’long Hap Sankamap’ (‘We Three Kings’ that they recently translated).

The past several months there were some issues that came up in the church that required a lot of counseling, helping the leaders in the church to solve some of the problems.

January started off well with many of us church members getting together for a time of fun and some preaching to bring in the new year. We thought that some of the previous problems had been resolved. Sunday, January 2, brought good worship services and time in God’s Word. After the service, we heard of some problems with some living close to us. Those problems became very heavy over the next week, and we ended up flying in a helicopter out of the village on January 9 to avoid a possible dangerous situation.

After seeking the Lord and counsel from others, we have concluded that we should take a 6-month furlough in the States to figure out what is next for us.” Please pray for wisdom for the Snyders!

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, Jeremy and Michelle Blanz —They share the following with prayer needs: “Last month, we continued to push forward with Jeremy preaching a series on Biblical Priorities. This applies to us both on an individual level and also on a church level. One woman came on a Sunday morning and prayed to receive Christ after the service. As church planters, we have continued to prioritize evangelism and discipleship. We have continued meeting with families that attend with us for counseling and discipleship as well as hosting weekly in-home meetings. Unfortunately, our attendance has dropped somewhat due to a faithful family moving away. However, one couple that has not attended for a while has started attending again. Another blessing is that we found a great location for our church plant. Not only that but the owner is a Christian and also desires to help us in any way he can. We are currently applying for permits. If everything goes according to plan, we should have our own location soon!

PRAYER REQUESTS • That God would allow us to obtain the proper permit for the building we seek to rent
• That God will bring forth an increase as we continue to sow God’s Word in the community
• That God will strengthen each missionary family and clear any obstacles to ministry here in Costa Rica.”

USA MINISTRIES, NEW MEXICO, SHEEPSPRINGS, John and April McDaniel —They write, “A boy, 16, recently called on the Lord for salvation. Pray for him to follow the Lord in baptism and in discipleship.

We have a new theme for 2022 that we are emphasizing. Our new theme is STAND, based on Ephesians 6 and Daniel 3. I want our people to develop a Christ-like boldness that will not cave and conform to this world but rather stand for God and for righteousness no matter what everyone else is doing.

The Steward family has been an encouragement to us, especially in the past two years during the COVID shutdown and afterwards. They came out from Rio Rancho (a suburb of Albuquerque) a few times, bringing needed supplies and food. They love the Lord and I am not surprised at all to find out that God is calling them to plant a church on the Navajo reservation. Recently, while visiting with us and a family in Naschitti, they felt that God is calling them to plant a church there. Pray for them as they are preparing for the next step.

• For the purchase of and assembly of a playground
• For baptism and discipleship
• For a van route and children’s Sunday school class”

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, SALZ, Dan and Tricia Dubbe —They share the following report: “The church Christmas Eve service had a full house and many visitors as well. Fellowship makes one strong and fit for service. Kids were running all over the place with good stuff about the new year and God answering prayer! The best is yet to come!

On Wednesday afternoons, the children’s ministry began with excitement and growth. This is great for the children as well as an opportunity for outreach in the neighborhood. With very few programs presently being offered for children, this is a valuable tool for sharing the Gospel. We are thankful for having bold people that have church gatherings without cutting back!

Prayer meetings are held both onsite in person and over Zoom meetings. A special emphasis on prayer is being delivered through the preaching and teaching in the church. A counseling and prayer team is now being trained. I am personally enrolled in an extensive counseling online training course. Thanks to Pastor Nevin and FBC in MD for making this possible. I am determined not to let the well go dry. We are commanded to pray for one another, and the need here in Germany to see God work is tremendous!”

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI COUNTY, Jon and April Flowers —They write, “Taiwan is not an easy place to plant a church. It takes a lot of sowing before seeing some harvest. We do not see hundreds or thousands saved each year, but we ask that you would pray for us to be faithful sowers. We know God is in control of those who trust Him, and we want to be ready for the time when the harvest does come.

In December, God gave us a wonderful opportunity to sow His seed. We had a tremendous Christmas party and the Lord gave us a great crowd. I had the opportunity after the meeting to talk with one young lady and sow the seed of the Gospel in her life. Please pray that we would have more chances like this to share the Gospel with people who are willing to listen. In previous letters, we have asked for prayer for a lady. Please continue to pray for her salvation.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, SUCCESS, Gary and Sherrie Lester —They share the following with prayer needs: “While a lot of the world is moving on with life as COVID continues on, Australia and more specifically our state of Western Australia is experiencing some of the tightest restrictions we have had yet. The new restrictions include locking the unvaccinated out of everything except essential services and smaller gatherings. Even things like the zoo and some medical services have been locking the unvaccinated out. Our city also made international headlines when a police officer stopped a Catholic service to check the people wearing masks and checking papers of those who were exempt. These things will most likely affect the churches in coming weeks with limits on how many can attend and who can attend, and for us, if our building will be allowed to be used or not. We have recently had visitors and returning visitors, so please pray that God will open the hearts of the students to the Gospel.”

EASTERN AFRICA, UGANDA, KAMPALA, James and Cheryl Pridgen —They share the follow report: “So far this year the Lord has allowed us to see 55 people saved and 11 have followed the Lord in baptism. Please pray with us as we now work to disciple them. It is a blessing to see these precious children back in school and church again. I am thankful that many of these children are now saved. We have two ‘new’ vans—they are both 2010 models and they do not break down every time we go to pick up kids for school or for church. Thank you for praying for this need and for those who gave! These vans will help us to reach more people with the Gospel!

We have started a new semester of East Africa Baptist College with 22 students in Kampala and we may have 15 to 20 coming to the new college in Arua. Attendance is still down a bit as we are just now coming out of COVID restrictions. We have some students who could not come back this term but plan to come back next semester. Please pray for our students as these are our future church planters—men like Pastor H., who is back in Rwanda now starting a new church. . . . Please be praying with us as we need to get another piano.”

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, BAUMHOLDER, Joseph and Laura Passaro —They write, “The last two years have been VERY difficult for everyone with the COVID pandemic being front and center. Through this, you, the churches and individual supporters have been faithful to not only pray for this work but also always give faithfully.

Our church once again had to be virtual for five weeks starting January 16 due to the many cases concerning COVID. Our church was not affected, but a few of our members tested positive and had to be quarantined during this time. However, with that said, the members are shrinking, so we started having in-person services again on February 23.

Please continue to pray for our ministry here to the military in Germany.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross —He writes the following with a list of prayer needs: “Our church started the New Year with a church retreat. We were able to spend two days at a nearby mountain resort. Our theme was Seeking the Lord. We also had a great opportunity to sit down and witness to some family members, all lost. The mother of one of our young ladies came to visit. We spent some considerable time with her mother talking about Jesus Christ, the Gospel, and the Bible. In addition, we were able to explain Christianity to the mother, sister, and her husband, and another member named. No decisions were made but some good seeds were sown!

Our group had the opportunity to teach and train some men from a tribal group called Lahu. One of these men has a church in a neighboring province. Due to restrictions, we were not able to go and visit this village church. They have since started a Children’s Home for their tribe and help look after 14 children. We were able to spend a day in the village. Our group did a Bible play about creation and how sin started. We then had a Bible study. In addition, our foundation gave them some food and clothes. We thank you for your continued prayer and support.”

• Salvation of four
• Salvation of one’s sister
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take root in hearts

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, SAINT-QUENTIN, Dan and Jennifer Post. —They share the following: “There is much to be done in this area. Years of a lack of a Gospel witness is so evident in society. What people call normal or accepted in the eyes of man is definitely not accepted in the eyes of God. We are thankful to have had a visitor this last Wednesday night. C.’s friend is interested in coming again and we are praying for her salvation. We are praying that the church will grow and that the Lord will give us a permanent location. Please pray that C.’s family will get saved as well. We also ask you to pray for the husband of a lady who faithfully comes to church. The cancer seems to be in remission. I have witnessed to him and he says that he is saved. Our advantage of having our services over the Internet was that he was able to hear the messages.”

USA MILITARY, ITALY, MARSURE, AVIANO, Chris and Lou Anne War —They share the following report: “This past Monday, I received an email from an Italian man. He told me that he found our church through the Internet and was very interested to come to church to see our services and learn more about Baptists. He speaks English well and was planning on coming to the 11 AM service, which is only in English. Then he could stay for the afternoon service as well. I also explained that between services we could answer any questions he had about what Baptists believe.

He arrived at 9:45 AM and seemed very nice with an open personality. We gave him an Italian Bible as a gift and he appreciated that greatly. He seemed to really enjoy opening his new Bible in Sunday school to learn from the Bible. During the class, he asked questions about what was being taught. Then between services he spent time in conversation with many of our church folks and again seemed to enjoy being in our church. He stayed for the morning service and the afternoon service. He was not in a rush to leave after the service.

He is Catholic and this was all a very new experience for him actually, learning directly from the Bible. Please pray for his salvation! I hope to be able to sit down with him and share God’s simple plan of salvation very soon.”

FAR EAST, MONGOLIA, ULAANBAATAR, Jason and Mary Ritchie —They share the follow report: “I continue to improve each week. All the battery tests show that I am indeed much better than expected at his stage of recovery. I just had an EKG and though I am still a bit tachycardia, everything else looks good. Next month I will probably have a CAT scan, which will map my lungs. For now, I am continuing with the pills, therapeutics, exercise, and rest.

Meanwhile, we help as we can in the ministry from afar. Faith Baptist Bible College is in full swing and this will be the first year we have young people graduate. The students are studying Theology 4, World Religions and Cults, Daniel and Revelation, Church Planting, and Mongolian History. We also have a new student. I had the privilege of baptizing him when he joined our church several years ago and we look forward to helping him in his understanding of the Bible.

Thank God for co-laborers in the ministry! Brother Bradly Kubik and his family have continued to serve faithfully in the church ministries during our absence. Brother Chuck Weber and his family arrived safely back in Mongolia this past December and he is leading the work now until we can get back. A special baptism and membership Sunday was held just before our Vision Conference last month and many that have been discipling came forward to follow Christ in this step of obedience, Praise God! He continues to add to His church! This year our theme at KUBC is Love the Lord Your God. Please pray for us as we develop a greater love for God!”

February 2022

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin —They share the following report and prayer needs: “Our two faithful workers in charge of our mountain mission in El Brasil recently had a special Christmas service. They invited me to come and preach. We had an excellent turnout and I preached about The Most Precious Gift. Afterwards, two responded to the invitation and were born again. Pray for this work as our desire is to convert it into an independent Baptist church.

One of the wonderful signs of what a wonderful year 2021 has been is in the number of people we have seen follow the Lord in Believer’s Baptism. Recently, we added 5 more to that number for a total of 24 this year. All of them are people actively being discipled either by others or by myself in our church. God called us to win them, baptize them, and make disciples. Praise God He is stirring the waters!

• Old church building to sell
• Funds for new building purchase
• More souls to be saved and baptized
• English ministry to bear fruit
• Our national leader as we begin new church plant”

CENTRAL AMERICA, BELIZE, BELMOPAN, CAYO, Jonathan and Elizabeth Shertzer —They share the following: “During the months of November and December, we looked for specific ways we could encourage the people of our church to get involved in serving the Lord. As we served together, we enjoyed sweet fellowship. Several people came to help us put together invitation packets in preparation for our church Christmas program, which was on December 19. Each packet had a Christmas tract, invitation to the Christmas program, church information card, hot chocolate packet, and a candy cane. One of the ladies who helped make the packets is not physically able to go door-to-door to invite others to church but she was a wonderful help with the preparations. We made and passed out over 300 packets in the neighborhood surrounding the church.

When the day of the program arrived, we were all looking forward to celebrating Christ’s birth and sharing the Gospel message together. Almost everyone in the church had a specific role in the service and all the children did a wonderful job portraying the events of the first Christmas. We had several first-time visitors join us! One of the visitors was the head of the Belmopan police department. His two children have been coming to church with their step grandparents and had invited him to come see them in the program. His daughter trusted Christ as her Savior the following Sunday and his son trusted Christ on the first Sunday of this new year! Please pray for this family as the Holy Spirit is working in this home.”

As we enter 2022, we recognize the impact your prayers make in the hearts and lives of our family and our ministry. Please pray for us as we begin new endeavors for the Lord this year and continue Bible studies, home school meetings, church services, and weekly outreach.”

FAR NORTH, GREENLAND, Gage and Aleah Gilbert —They share the following with praise and prayer needs: “We are so thankful to be here in Denmark because being here brings us closer to Greenland. We took about a week and a half to get settled in and somewhat acclimated to our new life before jumping into language school. We have a wonderful teacher who is patient and kind but also very thorough. We now have several hundred words and phrases in our heads; it is just a matter of remembering them all and saying them correctly. Spoken Danish and written Danish is often very different, so we find it difficult sometimes to remember the correct pronunciation; however, the Lord is giving grace and we are progressing.

• Application is in process; pray for quick approval.
• Praise the Lord, we have a house!
• Language school is going well; pray for grace and strength to comprehend.
• We give praise for new letterhead and prayer card designs.
• Pray for church meeting and growth despite COVID.”

USA Military, Italy, Sicily, Al and Elizabeth Hamilton —They share the following: “As mentioned in our last prayer letter, we were looking for a place to baptize and the Lord provided. A local farmer allowed us to use his above ground swimming pool—what a blessing we enjoyed as four people who had recently been saved identified with Christ! Regarding discipleship of believers, we have recently had one couple finish, another couple will finish soon, and a single sailor will begin immediately. Praise the Lord!

I asked for prayer that God would raise up new younger missionaries to replace us pastors in these overseas military churches. It appears God has done that for us! There is a recently retired USAF Master Sergeant who recently began deputation to come here. . . . Please pray for his support to be raised quickly so they can arrive sooner than later.”

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield —They share the following: “There is nothing more satisfying than serving the Lord. It has its battles, but the rewards are so worth it! I love seeing people grow and mature in the Lord. He has led me to have a separate Sunday school class for new believers or ones needing the fundamental truths. I am praying to expand this class in the new year! We had an ‘Old Fashioned/Western’ Sunday. A guest speaker challenged us and the dinner on the grounds was done in true potluck. My boys are such a blessing and helped as well as challenging the other teens to become vocal in their faith. A girl that received Christ at our church a couple months ago is getting a ride and coming quite faithfully. It is exciting to see young people desire church.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross —He writes the following with prayer requests: “The theme of Bible Baptist Church this last couple of months has been ‘The Fruit of the Spirit.’ Studying the fruit of the Spirit made us painfully aware that our understanding of love, joy, peace, gentleness, and goodness . . . is not the same as God’s meaning. The world has an imitation for each fruit, which certainly does not lead to real peace and joy. Real fruit, of course, can only be produced by the Holy Spirit. The study has been and eye opener for our group. We thank the Lord for His Word and for the Holy Spirit to lead and teach us!

About two years ago, we were able to witness to the mother of one of our young men and her second husband. The young man’s father died about 10 years ago. His mother was Buddhist and also worshipped a female god. She showed little interest in the Gospel, but we knew the seeds were planted. We were amazed to hear that her husband accepted Christ several months ago. We are pleased to report that his mother has also accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. This is truly a miracle, as Thai adults are set in their ways and rarely get saved. She has been on our prayer list for some time now. We thank you for your prayers.

• Salvation of four
• Salvation of the young man’s sister
• Learning language and culture
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take roots in hearts”

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, Jason and Cassy Tate —They share the following: “During the past few weeks, we had several weddings and new members were added to the church! We were also blessed to see a good number of new believers follow the Lord in Believer’s Baptism.

As we began our new semester, we were contacted by our landlord to inform us that we would need to look for new housing for our family. As we began to pray about what to do, we received word that the house we had purchased and were selling from when we ministered in Ojojona was finally ready to close! That gave us the finances to begin construction on our new home a few blocks away from the Conference Center! In the meantime, we are living in one of the recently built cabins at the Conference Center as we oversee the construction of our home.

• For the man saved since our last prayer letter—we are seeing decisions made on a weekly, if not a daily basis!
• For growth for the nine churches that have been started
• For the eleven seminary students to remain fervent for the Lord
• For the prospective students considering studying in the spring term
• For our twins to have their US visas approved so we can travel as a family when needed”

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Erik and Holly Johnson —They share the following with prayer requests: “In November, we marked another sign of a return to normalcy with our annual Bible Conference. Due to COVID-19, it has been two years since our last conference and we were uncertain how it would be received and attended by our church. For the conference we were greatly blessed to have three terrific pastors from the capital graciously travel up to our city to share the Word of God. Each message was a unique and special challenge for out church. All three evenings we saw first-time visitors come and clearly hear the Gospel. Our final night was the most well attended as it was hard to find an open seat! We praise the Lord for the powerful preaching of the visiting pastors, the faithfulness of the church members, and the dedication of many who serve to make sure that the conference was a blessing.

• Follow up and salvation of many visitors
• Planning activities and outreaches for the new year
• Health, safety and spiritual growth for our family”

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, MADRID, PARLA, Julio and Andrea Velasquez —They share the following: “GOAL REACHED! We are thrilled to inform everyone that we have reached the total amount of $80,000 for the remodeling of our church! We are praising God for providing the money needed. Because of rising prices in construction materials, we have had to raise our expenses by $10,000. If any friend or church would still like to give to this project, just send it to our Mission Board in our name and label it Building Fund. In all, we received money from 10 of our friends and from 22 of our supporting churches. We want to thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity in giving. May the Lord bless you richly for your generosity.

URGENT REQUEST! We have completed 75% of the remodeling, but have come to a standstill because we still do not have the permits to finish the work and also begin using the building. Please pray with us about this need. With the large amount of COVID cases here in Spain, there is a shortage of workers everywhere, including the government jobs, which includes the office that needs to sign our permits. However, we know that God is able to get the permits quickly. We appreciate so much your prayers in this matter.”

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, METRO MANILA, John Mark and Kristin Catalan —They share the following report: “For the past two months, we have been working with my father and brother’s church in Makati City and Taytay, Rizal, both are within 15–20 minutes away from us. Weekly we alternately go to these churches to preach, witness, and help in the ministry. As of now, the Philippine government just put the country to Level 3 restrictions and checkpoints due to the increase in people getting sick because of COVID, which makes it difficult for us to go out to do surveying for a place and soul winning to someone who is a stranger. Despite the restrictions, we keep ourselves busy by contacting people that we know and scheduling to visit them. Please pray as we meet with two families this month. One family is Catholic and in the other family, only a few of them are saved. Our goal is to share the Gospel with them and possibly start a Bible Study that might lead to a church plant, Lord willing. Continue to pray for guidance as we continue to survey and look for leads where we can start a church.”

SOUTH AMERICA, GUYANA, Noel and Charlene Shrivnauth —They share the following report: “In December, we conducted a Christmas tract blitz! We were anticipating giving out 40,000 Christmas tracts. We surpassed the goal and gave out 90,488 tracts. . . . The Christmas paper missionaries were distributing in such places as open air markets, busy traffic areas, shopping areas (where many were Christmas shopping), barber shops, parking lots, and ball fields.

Pray with us that God will use the seeds sown in the hearts of people. Our church is continuing to distribute John and Romans to every house and village around us. Please keep this in prayer. We are planning to launch our online Bible college in January as well as starting a Saturday teen soul-winning program. . . . On Saturdays we will bring the teenagers to our church, teach them life principles from the Bible, have a meal together, and then take them out soul winning on the bus routes. It is our prayer that this will greatly help to reduce the loss of these teens to the world. We are truly excited about this new ministry. Pray with us for strength and wisdom.”

WEST AFRICA, COTE D’IVOIRE, Bob and Becky Mach —They write, “We were finally able to complete the sale of the Yopougon property. This has been an ongoing situation since late 2014. We have passed through many legal battles, many complications, and many threats as well. However, the Lord has allowed for the sale, and we have received the proceeds, which will be used to further the ministry here.

Although this is not a permanent situation yet, we will be positioning one brother in the north of our country to work with the Zanapledougou church. I plan to return there in February to help the church and begin more construction on the property. We are still hoping for a more permanent solution, but this one should help us through the first few months of 2022.”

EAST AFRICA, KENYA, Erica Bohman —She shares the following report: “These past two months have been full of opportunities for us to both reach out to the lost and be a blessing to other Christians. I encouraged the girls in my Bible studies, who are already saved, to focus on reaching out to others. They had an opportunity to do something for others by coming to my apartment for a fun time of decorating cookies to give out to all the children in the Bible club!

Recently, I was able to start Bible studies with two new individuals, including the first regular Bible study I have been able to have with an adult. The lady, who is studying the Bible with me, received a new Bible this Christmas and I look forward to our studies together this year. In reviewing 2021, I thank the Lord for all He has done! Last January, I was just arriving on the field, and what an encouragement it has been to look back and see how God was working throughout the year,”

FAR EAST, OKINAWA, Dan and Heidi Gardner —They share the following report: “Continue to pray for a man who comes occasionally, but his job is moving him south, so he will not be able to come much. However, he brought a friend to English class. He lives in the apartment right NEXT DOOR to us with his parents! He calls me almost every week to come for English. After one class, we went out for dinner together and talked for a couple of hours. His heart is tender. A couple of weeks later, he brought a friend. After class, we ended up playing games for several hours and just talking. Please pray for these young men to be saved! They are so open to talk and I have had several opportunities to share about God’s Goodness and love.

We are thankful that the Lord allowed us to hold several events in December to share what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. First, we had a teen activity with 6 teens; one was a returning visitor. Second, we had the ‘Movie in the park’ again this year. One young lady brought 7 visitors to that. The next day for our Christmas service, 3 visitors from the previous night came AND the young lady brought 8 more people! It is exciting to see her invite so many of her friends and they come. The last event that we had was for the men that one of them works with and their families. We had them over for games, food, and fellowship and to share with them the REAL meaning of Christmas.

PLEASE pray as we follow up and keep in touch with these new friends. PRAY for more opportunities to tell them more about our loving Lord and that they will trust Him.”

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Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not (Jeremiah 33:3).

Jeremiah 33:3


I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men: For kings, and for all that are in authority: that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Please pray for Alassane Ouattara, President of Côte d’lvoire, West Africa.