Prayer Requests

May 2016

BRAZIL, Dan and Becky Bennett — They share the following report: "We returned to the United States for our third furlough on January 29, and we hit the ground running....We have been busy visiting supporting churches so far and have even been able to get into some new churches and schedule some upcoming meetings....Our colleagues back in Brazil, Jon and Hannah Speights, are doing well in our absence. Jon is continuing the discipleship of W. and has also begun other Bible studies with more deaf who have a desire to study the Bible. We also just heard that H. and another one of our deaf ladies were able to lead another deaf lady to the Lord several days ago. We praise the Lord that, although we are not there, the work continues, people are being saved, and the deaf are growing in the Lord."

BIMI/ARM PERSONNEL, Janet Burchell, Reaching Japanese in the USA — She shares the following report and prayer requests: "Since my last letter, I have had several ladies join our English/Bible class. Some have expressed the desire to attend, but the time is not convenient for them, so I have been making arrangements to teach some of them in my home. In this way I have had the opportunity to meet new ladies. Now I have a class on Monday and another one Friday as well as the main one on Tuesday. Although there is no outward evidence of the things of the Lord, I believe He is working in hearts because He had promised that His Word will not return void."

Please pray for the salvation of ten Japanese ladies.

EASTERN EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, Adam and Angela Young — They share the following: "For our marriage seminar we handed out a total of 36,000 invitations. We had five adult visitors who had never one time visited our church services....For us this is a great result and absolutely worth repeating.

EAST AFRICA, UGANGA, SOROTI, Lawrence and Rebecca Lantz — They share the following: "We finally have our building! We worked hard so that our first service in the building could be held on Easter Sunday. At the last minute we had a problem with the sheet metal roof. The long iron sheets we needed could not be ordered in time. I was told there was no possible way. But I went to a different Indian shop owner who said he would try his contacts. Amazingly, he was able to get us the sheets in time. We finished the roof three days before Easter! (As a thank you, I treated the shop owner and his wife to a nice dinner)....Just like in North America, many Ugandans will come to church on Easter and Christmas when they will not the rest of the year, so we had many visitors....At the invitation three people raised their hands indicating that they wanted to receive Jesus as their Savior! Two of the individuals were old men. It is rare to see older people here respond to the Gospel. Praise the Lord!"

Prayer Requests
• Our discipleship program
• Church growth
• Conviction and salvation of K., S., D.
• Spiritual growth of A., R., C., P., I., O.

USA, HARRISON, TENNESSEE, WORLD MISSIONS CENTER, Dan and Sharon Daugherty — They share the following: "Much of March was spent redoing the entry circle at BIMI. The ground was tilled and cleaned of old tree roots, new plants were put in, irrigation was redone, and mulch was put on the whole area. Praise the Lord for the new beauty as people enter the BIMI headquarters!

April has been busy with mowing, weed control, trimming bushes and trees, and planting flowers. Praise the Lord for three part-time but faithful helpers! Kyle and Nicole are high school seniors who do a lot of the mowing. Lee is a middle aged man who helps with all kinds of jobs.

Please remember to pray for two men in our church. One dislocated his knee and tore three of the four tendons. He is waiting for surgery now. The other cut his hand while operating a circular power saw. Praise the Lord, the man has started back on his job!"

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, Nathan and Marllorys Arce — They give the following report: "It has become so evident how empty and sinful the lives of the youth of Venezuela are. Week after week, crime related deaths involve victims from ages 14 through 25. L. (a man I am discipling), who is a PE teacher at a high school nearby, has really been growing in his faith and is having an impact on the high schools. Last Saturday our church had 135 students come to be challenged on reality, family, relationships, and decision making in their lives for the present and future. Most of all, they learned that one day they will stand face-to-face before God and will be judged for sin, and Christ died on the cross to save us from that sin and reconciled us to God.

Please continue to pray for the national believers who are struggling to find food and medicine for their families because their salaries are not enough to cover their basic needs. Pray that God will keep us safe from all the evil we are seeing every day, including crime, thefts, and violence. Pray that God will give us the love and boldness to share His message of salvation to every soul we encounter. These are very challenging moments, but 'Is anything too hard for the LORD?ʼ"

USA CLAIM MINISTRY, Joe and Linda Leleaux — They give the following report: "We just returned from Honduras where we were able to complete several projects for BIMI missionary Evan Williams. We were a group of six. During the week we were there, we were able to pour footings for columns for the new church building. We also completed the electrical work needed in the parsonage as well as tile work in the restrooms. We were also able to repair drywall and prep for paint.

While there, Carl Vonnoh, our field director, was able to lead the hotel owner to Christ. What a blessing it was to hear him give his testimony of receiving Christ during our evening meal the next day!

We have a trip planned for Costa Rica in June. Eight of us will be going on this trip and will be working on a church building for BIMI missionary Rick Dove. Then, in September we will be headed back to Honduras. We need volunteers for electrical, plumbing, and block work. If you would be interesting in helping or know of someone who might be, please contact me at 423-718-9258 or email E-Mail (View Email Address) or read more here."

EUROPE, MOLDOVA, SOROCA, David and Stephanie Gross — They share the following: "Sarah Bodaly, our new team member, arrived on March 17. We loved seeing the Lord orchestrate so many of the details. The Lord provided a nice place to rent and wonderful landlords. The Lord provided a Romanian teacher for her. The Lord also provided a way to get her belongings here cheaper, quicker, and more efficiently than originally expected. Please pray for Sarah as she adjusts, begins Romanian lessons, and awaits the approval of her residency permit application.

After the English lessons on Tuesday evenings, we have a Bible study for those who wish to stay. The study lasts only 30 minutes. Though some have come only once, one has been the only one to faithfully stay for the study. We have spent the past four lessons studying 'How we do NOT become a child of God' and 'How we DO become a child of God.' After this past week's study, she said that she had repented and actually been saved. Please pray for her as she thinks through what we have shared with her from the Bible regarding salvation."

EAST AFRICA, KENYA, Luke and Tonya Shelby — They share the following: "Furlough is winding down, and we have purchased our tickets and will be leaving on May 31. I will be traveling in North Carolina and Virginia for the next three weeks. We will be in Arkansas through the month of May as we get everything arranged for our girls before we return to the field. We will be packing a crate and sending it before we go.

We have been able to raise $11,700 for building projects, and $2,500 for the vehicle, but we still need to raise additional support. We are currently at 80% of our needed personal and ministry support. We have had several churches drop our support over our last term on the field due to finances and other things, and others have decreased the support they were sending. We must have additional support in order to continue to reach more people with the Gospel of salvation.

These are the reasons why we need additional support:
• Abigail (19) and Breanne (18) in Bible college
• Five churches that will start in the next year
• Opening two more orphanages
• The need to add 10+ children every year to our orphanages
• Starting two more branches of our Bible college over next few years."

WORLDWIDE MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH, Rebecca Pope — She shares the following: "On my recent trip, three weeks in the Philippines, the needy seemed to be everywhere, especially those children who are homeless and hungry. It is certainly not the first time or the only place I have seen it, but seeing so many malnourished and underweight kids, followed by the from-the-heart posts of two missionary wives regarding the conditions of children in the Philippines, all the while memorizing and meditating on Bible love...well, I just cannot continue seeing others in need and 'shut up my bowls of compassion.' But where does one begin when the need is so great?

After contacting one of those two missionary wives (who has given over 38 years of her life in the Philippines), I will be partnering with her and her husband to augment a feeding program their church family already has in place. She told me that for $40 they are able to provide a simple meal to several hundreds of children. They do so at least once a month. Money has already been transferred to these missionaries, and we are discussing how to provide a more nutritious meal on a weekly basis with the goal of increasing the frequency, as the Lord provides.

My challenge to you—do something, even if it seems too little, to help our brothers and sisters in need."

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, SANTA ANA, Steve and Christine Cerna — They share the following report: "One of our greatest goals as a church has been to train men for full-time Christian service. A graduate of our Bible institute shared with us a desire to serve the Lord full-time. Over the past three years, he and his wife have been able to support themselves with a small business. At the same time, they have been taking care of their children and serving substantially in the church. As a result of this, we pray that the Lord will allow us to start a bakery at the church. That way, he can work only 40 hours per week, support his family, and have plenty of time to keep developing in ministry. Also, Steve can spend more time mentoring him before he is ordained for the ministry. While in many of the Christian families, one or both of the parents are enslaved to their jobs (thus not serving the Lord as He wants), this couple has shown a great desire to do the will of God.

By God's grace, the church keeps moving along in evangelism. Over the last two months, we have had the privilege of personally sharing the Gospel with over 400 people, in addition to the great many tracts that have been passed out. Please pray for a young man who Steve led to Christ while door-knocking near the church. Although there is great joy when someone makes a profession of faith, we understand that the work does not end there. We need to continue to depend on the Lord for follow-up and discipleship."

EUROPE, GERMANY, MAINZ, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following report: "We praise the Lord for a blessed fruitful day at the Lord's church in Mainz. A good group met before the service for an intensive prayer time. Then we had a full house with visitors from Romania, Croatia, and of course from Germany. The Lord spoke through a powerful, challenging message from the Word of God. We also had a good attendance in Sunday school for the children. A couple did an excellent job teaching the teens about Scriptural obedience. It was great to experience the working of the Lord in a young man who received Jesus Christ as his Savior. Praise the Lord!

As you know from the news, we have many refugees here in Germany. Some of our church people are working with them and are helping them. Some of the refugees are coming on their own or are brought to our church services. These people are from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Serbia, Pakistan, African countries, Gypsies, etc. You cannot imagine the many, many needs these people have. Please pray that we will reach some of them with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We have six people who have committed themselves to follow the LORD Jesus in baptism. We are praying for 10 to 15. Two of the tallest and strongest men of our church will follow the Lord. We expect over 150 people for the baptism, and at the present, we do not know how to accommodate so many people!"

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD, John and Abby Lafreniere — They share the following report: "On February 14, 2016, we had a special event called 'I Love My Church Sunday.' We had a high attendance of 29 for our morning service and special dinner. One of the visitors on this day was a local business owner whom I had the opportunity to work under for several years when I was a teenager. Please pray for his salvation. During the dinner, I was able to lead a young lady to the Lord! Please pray for her spiritual growth.

On April 14–17 we had our 2nd Annual Missions Conference. The theme this year was 'Extending our Reach.' Please pray for our Faith Promise commitments that we will be able to add three more missionaries. Also, pray that God will bless our summer VBS, June 27-July 1."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following: "We rejoice in God's goodness to our family and our ministry. C. and her daughter were saved and baptized this past fall. They have brought a lot of life and energy to our church. The daughter went soul winning with Erin for the first time. It has been exciting to see these new Christians growing in the Lord. B. came to our church a few months ago and is also growing in the Lord. We have about eight college and career age young people who are really beginning to serve the Lord in our services and in our outreach. Our bus ministry continues to reach new people as well. All these blessings have been an encouragement to us.

The young man from China whom our boys witnessed to for over four years has grown so much since accepting the Lord in January. Recently, he asked me, 'Pastor Mackay, why have you been so kind to me and reached out to me all of these years?' It was a humbling reminder that God wants to use us to show His love to people, and we do not always know how He is using our efforts."

USA MILITARY, OKINAWA, Gary and Karen Craft — They give the following report: "Fruit — We now have seen people saved, baptized, or join our church every week for eight straight months. A week ago, my wife and I went to the home of a couple who had been visiting the church. One had been saved when she was a teen, but her unsaved parents would not allow her to make it public and be baptized. Another was wonderfully saved that evening, and they both came and made their salvation public on Sunday. They now need to be baptized and are ready to follow the Lord. They are a young couple with a sweet four-year-old little boy. It is good to see people saved! S. and H. were baptized that Sunday, and two sisters, age 11 and 12, were saved in the service that morning. It was wonderful to see the altars full and many decisions were made.

God gave us another Easter Sunday with a large crowd and many visitors, even though the weather was not good. We are thankful for the many visitors who came to visit Maranatha Baptist Church. Last year, we averaged almost 14 first time visitors each week!"

CARIBBEAN, Michael and Anna Doering — They share the following: "Michael began the year by continuing to train church planters. He met with over 70 men who are planting churches. One church planter has been responsible for planting ten house churches.

Please continue to lift up the ministry in prayer in the following areas:
• We have often asked for prayer for those who have become cold in their walk with Christ. We are excited that two young men have recently started coming back to church and showing signs that they want to make things right with the Lord. Please continue to pray for them as well as others who are still away from God.
• Pray for our leaders to continue to mature in their walk with the Lord and be responsible. Our goal from the beginning has been to raise up autonomous Baptist churches.
• Pray for us as we begin to get ready for groups that will visit this summer.
• Pray for a genuine spirit of revival in our church family."

USA MINISTRIES TO HISPANICS, NORTH CAROLINA, HENDERSONVILLE, Ed and Barbara O'Brien — They share the following report: "It is such a joy to see people come to Christ and have a desire to know God and desire to walk with Him and obey Him. One couple is growing in the Lord as we do discipleship classes with them each week in their home, but I must share this story with you. They both work in the fields and come home very tired and sometimes at 'dark-thirty' as we call it. Even though they are extremely tired, they still want to come to their Bible study each week. They truly hunger and thirst for God's Word. A few weeks ago we were doing a lesson on tithes and offerings when we came upon the question: When a person does not give their tithes to the Lord, what are they? Without hesitation, she blurted out 'thieves.' At the end of the lesson I asked them if they had any questions or doubts about anything in the lesson. Again, with a smile on her face and shaking her head up and down, she spoke up and without hesitation and said, 'No, no question at all. Everything is plain and clear that we are thieves.' I think I got it. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise (Matthew 21:16).

Please continue to pray for them as she had to return to Mexico to renew her visa and the paperwork needed to continue here in the States. He is still here, and it is probable that she will be gone at least through December. They will need your prayers during the time they will be apart from each other."

April 2016

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, The Grinstead Family — They share the following: "More than anything we are excited about completing deputation and beginning language school in Costa Rica. Our plane departs Atlanta airport, April 19, 9:50 AM!

On April 3, our sending church, Chilhowie Baptist Church, had a Commissioning Service for us. We are glad that April's parents were able to travel down from Canada to be with us, and we appreciated that her dad, Evangelist Mark Bohman, was the keynote speaker.

We have traveled more than 130,000 miles during deputation, and we praise the Lord for giving us safety through every mile. A special thank you goes to all of our supporting churches and to everyone who has prayed faithfully for us.

Prayer Requests
• Please pray for us as we move to Costa Rica to begin language school.
• Please pray that we will have good success in learning Spanish.
• Please pray for us as we adjust to a new culture and language.
• Please pray for the children as they begin school in the Christian Academy."

CARIBBEAN, PUERTO RICO, CEIBA, Jerry and Liz Harmon — They share the following report and prayer needs: "January was our stewardship month, at the end of which we had our missions conference and took up our Faith Promise Missions Offering. We will be able to increase all seven missionaries we support from $50 to $60 a month. We hope to be able to take on new missionaries this year as well. We also raised a special missionary offering during Sunday school. Last year we bought a roll of paper on which to have Bibles printed. This year we hope to buy several bicycles for several national pastors in Africa.

Mid-February Liz led 16 of her students to the Lord during a special Valentine's Day activity at her school. Around the same time, the son-in-law of one of our members passed away. His wife led seven to Christ during his hospital stay and funeral. We finished February with our annual Friend Day. Our people did a great job as we had four first-time visitors as well as several returning ones who expressed an interest in continuing to attend!"

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, DOS HERMANAS, Michael and Jen Helton — They share the following prayer needs: "It is hard to believe, but in March we will apply to renew our residence paperwork! We have been in Spain over ten months and the time has flown. It the past year, we have seen God provide in miraculous ways. We started language school, helped start Iglesia Bautista El Olivar, and even learned the Spanish hospital system.

As we learn the language, we can participate more in the church. Jen was able to sing her first special and both Isaiah and Abbey have played in the services. Isaiah now accompanies the piano with his guitar for congregational singing. I have had two opportunities to lead the Wednesday Bible Study.

• Learning Spanish
• Tapas y Temas
• Residence Renewal
• Abbey's Allergies

• R. (our tutor)
• JLB (our landlord)
• V. (a participant of Tapas y Temas)"

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the following report: "Praise GOD for several professions of faith and 11 Scriptural baptisms since January of this year. Please pray for their spiritual growth and discipleship. Our sailors face a lot of challenges as they sail the seas, sometimes for several months at a time. We give them Bibles and discipleship materials, but they must wait till they arrive in a port to search for sound local Bible churches. Please pray they will place the LORD JESUS CHRIST first in their lives and they will pray and meditate on GOD'S WORD everyday even in their super busy schedules protecting and defending our country. Extended separation of military families has unique challenges. Please pray for the spiritual welfare of our military personnel and their families."

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, KILTOOM, Stephen and Katie Finley — They share the following: "On February 21, we had our opening service in the new building and 65 people were in attendance! Some of those were believers from an evangelical church in the area and they were coming to show support. Many, however, were lost folks. For example, our unsaved neighbor came to the service along with his children. (The daughter is the little girl whom Katie had been teaching piano.) Pastor Oriel O'Gorman came up from Arklow to preach for us that morning. He preached a strong salvation message, and in the invitation, one person raised her hand to acknowledge that she knows she needs to be saved. No one received Christ, but the Word was definitely planted in hearts. Brother Oriel had the opportunity after the service to speak with a man about salvation. He said that he used to be an atheist, but has come to believe in God in the time he has been attending RBC. However, he still wants to believe that he can get to heaven by attending church and doing good. Please pray that the veil of unbelief will fall from his eyes, and pray that I may find more inroads with him. One inroad I discovered is that he likes the banjo! On that opening Sunday Brother O' Gorman and I played 'Mansion over the Hilltop' on the banjo and guitar. He liked it so much that he now wants me to teach him the banjo. He also loves history and geography—two of my old-time favorite subjects. Please pray for his salvation and the many others who heard the Gospel that day."

EAST AFRICA, TANZANIA, MWANZA, Lisa Newland — She shares the following report and prayer needs: "Bible Club Update—We are averaging 35 kids on Saturdays. Most of all the shyness and fear of the strange 'white lady' has passed, which means chaos is increasing. Can you picture 35 kids taking over your backyard? Of course, I want them to have a good time when they come to my house, but now it is time to lay down some rules. There is no reason for climbing over walls, trampling on flowers, and terrorizing my dog. It is time for them to see the other side of the 'happy white lady.' It is time for some rules and some consequences.

Will you join me in prayer 1) that the Lord's will would be done in Tanzania as it is done in heaven, 2) that the enemy's best efforts against God's work would be defeated, 3) that hidden sin would be confessed and forsaken, 4) that God would call and equip many laborers to work in His ripe harvest field of Tanzania's young people, 5) that God would direct and empower our teaching, 6) that He would protect and enable my Tanzanian co-trainers and raise up more to help us in teaching training, 7) that He would develop in each of our Sunday school teachers a love for children and a passion to point them to the Savior, and 8) that all lies of animism and works-based religion would be exposed and the glorious riches of God's grace would shine?"

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, The Ryan Case Family — They share the following: "God's Word Baptist Church is being cared for by a select team of faithful church members and led in my absence by David who was ordained into the ministry shortly before we went on furlough. Together they are doing a great job, but they are still facing many challenges. Please pray for them to remain faithful and encouraged. Brother David is experiencing a serious health challenge as well that is slowing him constantly. Please pray for his healing and for the church to step up to the need and support him.

The church is still growing. Last Sunday they needed even more seats. Some people who were visiting are becoming more faithful as they are discipled, and some who are coming are getting their extended family and friends to visit. Not only is the church having new visitors but also more of the church members are receiving discipleship with members who were discipled during the past few years. They are eager to reach out to others with the good news of the Gospel."

BRAZIL, JARDINOPOLIS, Paul and Sharon Pritchard — They share the following report: "In January we had a special meeting with Brother Sean Lunday from Sao Paulo. In the Saturday night service the Lord blessed with 254 attending. We appreciate that Brother Lunday came; he was a blessing to the church. We praise the Lord for the way he is helping our churches here. We are also thankful that four of the men of our church have surrendered to preach. All of them have been in the church serving. They are enrolled in the Bible college and they are in their second week.

February has been a good month. The Lord has given an increase to the church of five precious souls who have trusted Him as Lord this month. A man who has been in the church for many years saw his sister, nephew, and brother saved in February. Also, two others trusted the Lord."

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, SAMAR, Layne and Nelia Jones — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Three of our orphan girls will be enrolling in the Bible college next semester. Pray for them. Two of the orphans are now in their second semester of Bible college and are doing well after a shaky first semester. Pray for our almost 50 Bible college students and 10 orphans.

Lighthouse 104.5 FM is back on the air again following the typhoon. The old 600 watt transmitter was repaired in the States and hooked back up. It has been repaired three times already. It is not functioning properly and is only putting out around 124 watts. We really need a new 3,000 watt transmitter. The technicians say that we can reach much further with a new 3,000 watt transmitter. The cost for a new 3,000 watt transmitter is $15,000. Please pray that God would provide this great need!"

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, CONVA, David and Terri Long — They share the following: "Since our last letter we had 17 people saved on soul winning and in our church services. Along with our regular soul winning efforts during the week, every other Sunday afternoon we go house-to-house soul winning. It has been a blessing because we have been meeting more people at home than we usually meet Monday through Saturday, and several of our people have joined in our efforts during this time slot. Hence, at least four of the 17 people saved were saved on Sunday afternoons.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for us to have more people saved, for more people to come to our church services, and people coming will be faithful.
• Pray for the people who have been saved to follow the Lord in baptism.
• Pray for the children and teens coming to our church.
• Pray for the men coming to church to become faithful spiritual leaders.
• Pray for our Religious Instruction class in the local high school."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, The Mark Gerosin Family — They share the following encounter and prayer needs: "One of our men came up to me and said, 'I have been witnessing to young people from the gang in our neighborhood. Are you interesting in coming up to preach to them?' This is the same gang that previously shot its own leader nine times in the head!

I immediately said, 'Yes,' and began to pray. We would gather together, provide them with lunch, and then preach to them. But one can only think, 'Should I really do this?' I arrived while the food was cooking and there was a large group of young people. They ranged from 13–25 years old. We introduced ourselves then sat down and began to eat. As we ate, there were people coming and going, buying and picking up drugs. Some looked at me strangely, but for the most part ignored me. One young man arrived with his leg bandaged form a gunshot he had just recently received. These were just kids but kids ruling the streets, ruling them with deadly force.

I shortly after began to preach the Gospel, and amazingly, they listened very attentively, stopping only to attend to arriving buyers. I challenged them regarding the brevity of life, knowing that some, although very young, would not survive the year. I spoke boldly to them regarding their 'supposed control' in the streets and frankly told them that God would soon require justice from them and that He would not be bullied.

As things finished up, the head of the gang, told me, 'Pastor, there is no hope for us here. We cannot change.' I disagreed and told him that there is always hope in Christ and there is no one too bad to be saved.

We ended the meeting very cordially and I gave each one a New Testament. They asked me when I would be coming back and I said it would be soon, I sensed somehow a desperate cry for help in the midst of the exchange.

Some let me take their pictures although their faces were covered. And others scattered as the camera came out. Can young people so hardened and so violent be saved from the darkness? When God opens the door, we just have to walk through it.

Prayer Requests:
• Salvation of gang leader
• Spiritual maturity and growth in the church
• Spiritual growth of E.
• Furlough in June."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, Tim and Bonnie Meyer — They share the following report: "A pastor in a nearby town emailed me a few weeks ago to tell me that a lady he knew had moved down into our area and was looking for a church to attend. She eventually emailed me asking for our service times and showed up the following Sunday with her husband. He had gone to a Catholic school as a kid but readily admitted he knew very little about the Bible. He responded to the invitation, I then followed up with a visit to their home to share the Gospel. He accepted Christ as his Savior. After gaining assurance of her salvation, she asked to be baptized also. The next Sunday, both were baptized. Pray as we disciple them.

Please pray for us as we continue to deal with a domestic violence situation. Pray for the mother and children's safety and pray for the salvation of the husband. Pray that God gives us wisdom in how to handle it. It has given us opportunity to share the Gospel in several places, for which we are very thankful, but it is also a fairly violent situation. We have to remain on guard for both our sakes and the children's."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOTA, Danny and Haruna McKittrick — They share an encounter in witnessing and prayer needs: "The other day I was driving to the 'Chicken Shack,' a street side Japanese 'hole-in-the-wall' restaurant to pick up some fried chicken and rice for lunch. The 'Chicken Shack' is a favorite off-base lunch spot for those stationed on Yokota Air Base. I was praying that I would have the opportunity to share the Gospel to any airmen standing underneath the dingy yellow awning marking the restaurant. Sure enough, as I pulled up in my van, I saw two airmen in uniform waiting for their chicken. I introduced myself and began to witness to them about the Lord and His salvation. One young man was from Hawaii. He said he was Catholic but non-practicing. The other young man was from Minnesota. He was quite standoffish about the whole thing. Both admitted believing in heaven and hell, but both were unsure as to which place would be their eternal abode. I briefly shared my testimony and the Gospel that Jesus Christ saves! Orders were up and off we went. However, I am again reminded that the Gospel message so familiar to me is so foreign to many. Please continue to pray as we try to spread the Gospel to those in uniform."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEPAL, KATHMANDU, James and Holly Tamang — They share the following: " 'When can I get baptized?' We had just begun classes for those interested in being baptized. We have been praying much because this can be a time when the families give them pressure. To the unbelievers getting baptized means that you are 'really' a Christian. We have about 15 who are ready to be baptized.

One of the candidates for baptism is a brother of two of our children in the orphanage. He is about 15 years old. He has been coming faithfully. Pray for K.

We have a major prayer request. Since our Home and School have grown, we are running out of space. Currently, we have our school at the home. We have begun to feel the squeeze. Space in our Home that could have beds in it is taken up by desks. Just this past week we had to tell a lady who learned of two boys in a desperate situation that we have no more room to take children. There have been others as well.

We need to get to the village of Shivapur. It has been a long time since I have been able to get out to this ministry due to the petrol crisis. The ministry is in much need of encouragement. It has been very difficult to get gasoline and cooking gas. We are praising the Lord that we have been able to get some cooking gas and the Lord has provided our needs....Pray that hard times will open the hearts of the people to hear the TRUTH OF THE SAVIOR."

Prayer Needs
• Candidates for baptism
• Wisdom for school location
• Trips to village and lack of gasoline."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace — They share the following report: "Two families followed the Lord in baptism, the others were young people. One was walking by the church on a Wednesday morning. She saw many cars outside the church an inquired what was going on. The person she asked invited her in to the ladies' meeting, which was in progress. She came in, and the ladies welcomed her with open arms. Later, she told her husband and they returned on Sunday. They were very interested in the preaching and Bible studies because it was different from the studies they had been following at the local Kingdom Hall. When she, her husband, and 12-year-old daughter made the decision to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, it was not easy, but they had come to the conclusion that Jesus is God and that He paid for their sins. They trusted Him and Him alone for their salvation.

We are very thankful for the open door to share the Gospel at the Senior Citizen's Center. Probably 90% of those who participate in the different activities are not saved. They are religious but trusting in good works, keeping the 10 Commandments and the Sacraments. Please pray that the Lord will open the heart and mind of each one, and that each will be able to understand that if man can work for this salvation, then Christ died in vain (Galatians 2:21). This is not an easy concept to accept since they have been taught and believed the contrary for more than 60 years."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, QUEBEC, Betsy Reznor — She shares the following: "What an odd winter it has been. Even for us in Quebec, it has been unusually warm....However, the warmer weather has given me an opportunity to witness to my neighbor who is afraid that it is a sign of global warming. I was able to tell her that, although I do not want to waste the earth's resources, I am not afraid of what will happen because I can trust my Creator to take care of His creation. Please pray that the Lord will open her eyes to her need of a Savior Who she can trust."

March 2016

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross — He shares the following report and prayer needs: "The Lamphun Baptist Church had a special service this month. We had our first baptism service and saw four Thais baptized! Also, we had several lost visitors come for the occasion and we were able to present the Gospel to them. The testimony of baptism is very strong here in Thailand—the reason being to identify oneself with Christ here can bring heavy consequences. In Thailand it is not so much physical consequences but social and emotional. Many times a Thai is the first and only Christian in the family. The conversion of a family member brings fear to the family. In return the family will accuse the new Christian of betraying family, culture, and country. Family honor is very important here, so it is hard for a new Christian.... So it was encouraging to see these Thais get baptized.

Prayer Requests
• Salvation of two men
• Learning language and culture
• H's father to get saved
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take root in hearts"

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, Miguel and Leticia Parada — They share the following with prayer needs: "In the last two months we have seen the Lord work in various people to whom we have spoken about the need to trust in Christ as their personal Savior. Such is the case with a man who lived for many years in New York and whom I met in the park. He listened to what I had to say very attentively and I could see the Lord touched his heart although he did not want to pray for acceptance. Please pray that the Lord will use us to reach more souls.

Please join me in praying for the following:
• Saved souls
• Pick-up truck or van for the ministry
• Wisdom to make prudent decisions
• Strength and good health
• Residency in Nicaragua"

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, SASEBO NAGASAKI KEN, Steve and Debbie Kissling — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Our church services have been going well at Lighthouse Baptist Church. Several ships are out to sea at this time so some moms and kids are missing their loved ones. Ladies Bible Study has gone well on Tuesday mornings, and we are still passing out tracts twice a month at a downtown mall. We had enough candy canes left from Christmas that we passed out with our tracts on February 19. The Japanese love American candy! We pass out tracts in English and Japanese and we even have special tracts for children. We invite Navy folks to visit our church and Japanese that speak English as well.

Prayer Requests
• New Japanese Christians to grow in Jesus
• More families to come and join us and be sure of salvation and want to serve the Lord
• Finances to improve so we can meet our monthly budget
• Safety for sailors out to sea and for their families waiting for their return
• Tracts we give out twice a month will touch hearts about salvation"

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOA, SAVAII, Jim and Emi Civale — They give the following testimony with prayer needs: "It was not that I doubted God wanted me to preach on the passage I had studied all week. He clearly directed me to 1 Chronicles 13....However, I was hesitant because a certain high ranking chief and his family had visited for two weeks in a row and they said they were coming again. The week before I had preached on King David and Mephibosheth and the beautiful picture of the gospel of grace that passage presents. I really did not want to follow that with a tough message on God's absolute holiness and requirement as we approach Him exactly as He dictates.

By God's grace I yielded to His leading and thundered forth for nearly forty minutes. When the invitation started, nobody moved. Then it happened! The visiting chief and his wife moved from their pew in the back of the church. As the same time, the daughter and son-in-law moved from their seats on the other side. Another woman who was visiting also walked the aisle. Emi, our deacons, and deacons' wives knew what to do. Joining the visitors at the altar, they first led them to the back room of the church and then to the Lord Jesus Christ. What a God we serve!

The next Sunday four of the five were baptized and added to the church. Please pray for our newest church members—the chief and his wife, their daughter, and another were baptized. Please pray for T. to follow the Lord in believer's baptism. Finally, pray for us and we continue to rely on the Spirit's leading and power to preach Christ."

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Larry and Lydabelle Barrett — They share the following with prayer needs: "We are working hard in our church in Almerinda Chaves. We continue using various teams from the main church to help with weekly visitation and by helping in the service through teaching, preaching, and special music. Please pray for the Lord to bless in this church. There are many homes in that area but so little interest in eternal things. Pray for souls to be saved. Pray that we will see growth in our ministry there. In the main church in Jundiai, we are going forward! We had a man saved this month. We are still praying about our plans for building a place to be used for Sunday school classes and activities such as daily Vacation Bible School and other church related activities. Prayer Requests
• Health for us and protection from the Zika virus that is so prevalent
• Construction of the Sunday school addition
• Church in Almerinda Chaves—that the Lord will give fruit and growth
• Bible Institute
• Souls to be saved"

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, ST. PHILLIP, Robert and Rhoda Smith — They give the following report: "A Chinese couple began coming to our church a few weeks ago. She understands a little English, but he is fairly fluent. Two weeks ago, they told Rhoda that they had questions. She told them I would be willing to come to their house and teach them. They were excited. Last Thursday we had our first meeting. I did not know how much Bible they knew so we started with Genesis 1. We met at 9 a.m. and when they finally looked at their watches the time was after 11 a.m.! Next week we will get to Genesis 2 and 3 as we lay some ground work before going on to the plan of salvation. Throughout the course of the week, I will teach people from eight different households. We meet in parks and in homes, and we usually spend about an hour teaching the Bible."


Praise: We were able to purchase a car last month. It is a 2011 Renault Kangoo. With Debbi's still rehabiliting ankle, it was a real blessing to just get in the car and drive to church. Thank you for all who helped with special offerings towards it.

Praise: This is summer camp time and we were happy to send 68 young people between the ages of 8 and 25 to camp. We went as counselors with the oldest group. Two of the older campers and several children made professions of faith.

Prayer Request: While we were at camp, one of the men from our church committed suicide after his wife left him. Their daughter was at camp. We had to tell her and bring her back to the city for the very tense and sad days of the funeral proceedings. There is a lot of anger between the daughter and her mother, and we ask your prayers for the healing of their relationship.

Praise: We baptized 13 people this month! The oldest is 57 and the youngest is 12."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, RIVIERE-DU-LOUP, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following report and prayer needs: "God has been guiding and providing in the church here in Riviere-du-Loup. Since the passing of Brother Rioux, the church members have been very faithful. Every Saturday there are about ten to twelve people who come out for visitation. The Lord is good in allowing us to distribute about five to six hundred John and Romans along with a Gospel tract each week. If we can keep that up, we should be able to cover the whole town and several other surrounding towns this year. It is a blessing to see the Lord work in the lives of these dear folks through preaching and other means. It is a young work but they are eager to go forward for the Lord. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom to know how to help them get to the point that they are totally autonomous. They are not able to support a pastor. It is evident that it takes a longer time for churches here to be autonomous than where we were in Africa. Faithfulness and patience are two qualities required to do the work for the Lord here.

Pray for us as we look at re-starting our paperwork for our Permanent Residence in Canada."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They give the following report: "By the grace of God, several years ago I had the privilege of baptizing A's mother. She was a shut-in for many years and recently passed away. The family asked me to do the funeral. She had five living children and in this situation there was far more concern for the living than the dead. During the viewing, four individuals raised their hands to accept Jesus as Savior during the invitation.

Our last prayer letter spoke about a new couple who had recently begun attending our Bronx mission work. After preaching a message on 'Mercy' one Sunday morning, A raised his hand for salvation, came forward, and prayed the sinner's prayer in front of everyone present in the service. His countenance clearly changed that morning and he said, 'I'm content.' He also said, 'I want to do better.' And he also kept using the word 'try.' He wants to be baptized soon."

AFRICA, BURKINA FASO, OUAGADOUGOU, Randy and Tonya Smith — They are returning to the field and give the following report and prayer needs: "Please pray that I will be able to find an adequate house for our family.... I will be taking a couple of boxes of John and Romans and I look forward to teaming up with a national pastor and the people of our church to get a copy to those booklets to the people living in the vicinity of the terrorist attack. I believe the Lord can use this tragedy to cause people to think of the brevity of life and the great need to prepare for eternity. Please pray that we would be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit and that we would see souls saved. I pray this time would be a great encouragement to our church people as we have been delayed in returning due to our need to raise our support level by 49% this furlough."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SAMAIPATA, Malcolm and Jan Gregory — They give the following report and prayer needs: "Arriving home in Samaipata, we found our house had been burglarized. They were very neat thieves, so it took a few minutes to realize someone had definitely taken the time to go through the house. Jan first noticed her cookware and pressure cookers were gone from their usual places. Then going into the bedroom closet, I saw all my shirts were gone, some of Jan's clothing, jewelry, and walking shoes had been taken. Making our way to the office, where they did the most damage dollar-wise, they stole all of our ministry equipment: projector, printer, speaker, microphone, paper cutter, and a very nice Spanish study Bible. They didn't forget the stapler and tape dispensers and even the poster board we used for Bible verses and visuals. This makes the eighth robbery we have experienced in 35 years, which does not include slashed purses on the streets and pickpockets on buses. Personal loss is a price we have to pay while living and working in Bolivia. We are happy to find the Sunday school that we started before going to the States doing well. Many of the children and adults have remained faithful. Do pray it will continue to grow and the Lord will work in hearts about salvation."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PHILIPPINES, GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mollie Prussia — They share the following: "We traveled by car to the University of the Philippines—Los Banos. That evening Stan discussed common research interest with an Ag Engineering professor. The next morning, Stan did a seminar and a workshop that included discussion of four ways to learn the unknown. One of the four ways is from God's Word. He pointed out that the Bible is the only way to know truths such as where we came from, who we are, why we are here, and what happens when we die. Stan also gave his personal testimony of trusting Christ as his Savior. As a result, a woman invited him to speak at a Bible study that evening. Please pray for a recent master's degree program graduate of Ag Engineering who is from Myanmar. She listened intently to the Gospel and Stan's testimony, but she was not ready to forsake her Buddhist beliefs and accept Christ as her Savior."

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, ATHLONE, CO ROSCOMMON, Stephen and Katy Finley — They share some exciting news about their new church building. "On January 10, the members of RBC made a very important decision—after seven years of meeting in our current premises, we voted to move into a new building! This building is in an industrial park and is easy to find. It has 1,600 square feet of space (in contrast to the 1,000 square feet that we now have), has windows and natural light (in contrast to our current place, which has no windows), has plenty of parking and even looks like a church building. We have our first service in the new building on February 21.

Please pray that the Lord will show us how we can best reach out to the many Muslims who are pouring into our country. There are many Muslims in our town....they are here and they need the Lord!"

USA BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, TENNESSEE, HARRISON, Ferrell and Barbara Kearney —They share the following report: "We have had a busy autumn on the BIMI World Mission Center campus and I (Ferrell) worked with the maintenance crew in building six suite bedrooms in the upper story of the Hudson Taylor Lodge. These rooms will be used for the BIMI meetings that will be held this summer—Candidate School, CAMP BIMI, and the Enrichment Week (for furloughing missionaries). Barbara has continued to volunteer one day a week at a local hospital, as well as helping in the BIMI office coffee room.

Our ministry at Lakewood Baptist Church has continued. I (Ferrell) am teaching the men's Sunday school class as well as directing one portion of the Bible Institute. I also continue to teach in the Chattanooga Rescue Mission Rehabilitation program."

WEST AFRICA, CANARY ISLANDS, LAS PALMAS, Terry Sharp — He sent a letter describing his ministry and the ups and downs of a building program that he has started, trusting the Lord to work in the lives of those he has been witnessing to in the past days. He shares the following prayer needs:

• M. J. — salvation
• J. & M.— salvation
• A. & M. — wisdom
• L. — growth, faithfulness
• V. — wisdom, encouragement
• I.— salvation, blessings
• K. & J. M. — salvation
• Building renovation—completion in good time within budget"

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Jason and Cassy Tate — They write, "The year-round school year in Honduras makes January a perfect time to get our teens away from the world's influence and into God's Word. This year's attendance grew by 10 with 82 from 5 churches joining us in a mountain camp south of the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Missionary Leroy Rolston preached and a group of men form Camps Abroad in North Carolina joined with us to influence the youth for Christ. Many life changing decisions were made including 10 young people accepting Christ as their Savior.

Prayer Requests and Praises 1. Praise for the 15 souls saved in the past 2 months
2. Praise for the 7,700 New Testaments distributed in local schools and business establishments in the past 2 months
3. Prayer for the finances to finish the construction of the Bible Institute — We have raised $43,000 to this point. We need to raise $7,000 to completely finish the building.
4. Prayer for the health of our twin babies"

January 2016

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, David and Rose Maskey — They share the following report: As 2015 comes to a close, we are rejoicing in what God has done in spite of all the challenges we faced this year....The average attendance of our main church increased to 660 per Sunday and to God be the glory, we saw over 10,000 souls trusting Christ as Savior through all our churches and ministries in 2015!

There are many difficulties we face here on the mission field (almost on a daily basis) that we don't always share with you, but in spite of them, God continues to be faithful and do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. We are so thankful for the privilege of serving here in Nigeria, where so many people are open and receptive to the Gospel.

We are planning to expand our ministries and churches to see even more souls saved in the coming year and praying for an open door to start our fifth church plant. Many thanks to all of you for your prayers throughout the year, your faithful support and gifts that really help and bless us during the holiday time.

EASTERN EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, Adam and Angela Young — They share the following: Our kid's language teacher gets saved. As you know from reading our prayer letters, we have been teaching our children's Russian language teacher from the Gospel of John. When we reached the last verse of chapter 20, it read, "But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name." I told her that God did not write this to her just to introduce Himself but to change her life and her eternal destiny. I asked her if she believed that this Gospel was true, and she said, "Yes." Then I asked, "What would stop you from getting saved?" She said, "Nothing." She prayed there in our kitchen and was gloriously saved. She then came to our ladies meeting that weekend. Please pray for her.

More Tracts Handed Out For the month of December, we distributed around 6,000 tracts into homes. We attempted to witness to about 200 people, although not all of those people let us finish a Gospel presentation.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, Dave and Debbie Board — They give the following testimony: I began going to a new village named Elephant Den about six weeks ago, and one of the first people I was able to meet was Grandpa Son. At 80 years of age, he is the oldest person in the village. It seemed that his heart was soft to the Gospel from the very first time I met with him. After I taught him of his need of salvation and how to be saved, God began working in his heart. I am happy to report that Grandpa Son trusted Christ as his Savior this past week! Please pray for his spiritual growth and influence for Christ in the village. He has already begun sharing his faith with several of his friends in the village who are also quite elderly. Please pray for the individuals whom Grandpa Son has taken me to meet. They are all in their upper 60s and 70s.

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following report: God has really blessed our bus ministry! We baptized five people this past Sunday, and three of them were reached through our bus ministry. This has really encouraged and inspired our people. It has blessed our hearts to see God blessing their sacrificial giving toward this ministry.

We took nine of our teens to a Christian School Fine Arts Competition in Oregon this month. Most of our teens attend public schools, so it is quite an undertaking to prepare them for this kind of event. These nine teens won 20 medals at the competition! It was exciting for them and for us.

We covet your prayers as we press on in 2016! We have a great year planned and are asking God to do great things.

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, SALZ, Dan and Tricia Dubbe — They share an interesting testimony: Refugees, primarily from Syria, are streaming into our area. A former furniture store and shopping area are full of them, and more are on the way. Apartments are being taken over by the government to house these people fleeing their countries for freedom. Please pray with us as we seek to know the will of God in how to present hope in Christ to them. Our church just hosted an Open Doors service for persecuted Christians worldwide with emphasis on prayer and the will of God. A couple that has recently become involved in the ministry organized a five-hour prayer meeting for our church and revival in our area. It was a great encouragement and we plan on doing that more often!

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, SAMAR, Layne and Nelia Jones — They give the following report: Monday, December 14, at 1 PM, Typhoon Nona hit northern Samar. We were in the eye of the storm. Praise the Lord none of our people were hurt! I have been here over 30 years and this is the second worst since Typhoon Sisang in 1990. My wife and I were trying to hold our garage door, but we could not withstand the force of the wind. My left arm is still numb from trying to hold it. The garage doors were blown off. Most of our buildings' roofs were destroyed, and the walls of the new boy's dorm were blown down. We have been through about eight typhoons, and the roof of the tabernacle has been replaced by short metal roofing several times. The Bible college boys have been putting the ripped off metal roofing back on along with the old wood as a temporary solution. They have been working hard, and we have been paying them a little to buy their needs. This time we need to replace the roof on the tabernacle with long span roofing so it will be stronger to withstand the storms. We are buying diesel so we can run the camp generator all night for safety as there has been plenty of looting....Last Sunday, after the typhoon, we had 20 adults and teens saved on Sunday morning.

AFRICA, TANZANIA, MOSHI, B. J. and Catherine Schultz — They share the following testimony: Many of our core members have realized that this is their church, not the missionary's. They have come to me with ideas on how to invite people to church. They also wanted me to teach them how to show someone how to be saved. We held a soul winning seminar and nearly half the adults attended. I was really encouraged a few days later to hear that one of the men was able to talk to a friend about being saved. Please continue to pray that our church matures spiritually and grows in number.

As soon as our people got a personal burden to win souls and grow our church, we began to see many trials. Satan is really trying hard to discourage me and our people. I can't give many details in this prayer letter but know that your African brothers and sisters in Christ need your prayers.

A few weeks ago I was called to the hospital by one of our members. She was nine months pregnant but somehow the baby died in the womb just a few days before being born. The family has been praying for years for a baby and specifically for a son. There were many tears shed when their perfectly formed baby boy died for no apparent reason. At the hospital the nurse wrapped the 8.5 pound body in a cloth and then placed him in a cardboard box. We transported the baby to the couple's home and buried him in the yard. We held a small impromptu funeral in the family's house. It was a very difficult time. Please pray for them. Please pray for the ministry work here.

EUROPE, MOLDOVA, SOROCA, David and Stephanie Gross — They give the following testimony and prayer need: In November I had the privilege to preach for a pastor friend's church's evangelization like I did last year. The Lord gave grace with my Romanian. It just flowed. Another man preached after me and gave the invitation, and a man came forward and publicly testified of trusting Christ that night. The pastor from another village who had brought him told me that he has been witnessing to him for five years. Please pray for him since he lives with family who is opposed to anything other than Orthodoxy.

USA MILITARY, ITALY, AVIANO, Chris and LouAnne War — They give the following testimony: Tonight we talked with a man who recently visited our church. He is in the Air Force and grew up in a Baptist church. When I asked him what he was trusting to take him to heaven, he told me that he would go to heaven because he was saved. So I asked him what being saved meant in his words. He told me he would go to heaven because he was baptized, he tries to do right, and he has accepted God in his life. I asked him if I could show him what God says about going to heaven. He agreed and seemed very interested. As we went through the Scriptures concerning salvation, I could see his eyes widen and he realized that he was not saved, but in fact lost and on his way to hell. He, with his eyes full of tears, bowed his head, repented , and placed all his trust and faith in Jesus Christ and Him alone as his Savior. Please pray for his spiritual growth and please pray for his wife and daughter's salvation.

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, ONGUNAI, Alan and Elena Sutphen — They share the following testimony: A woman who we saw in our clinic in early 2014 with AIDS, whom we had not seen in ten months, walked up to us a couple of weeks ago and we did not even recognize her! When we saw her last, she was emaciated, weak and we thought she would not last long. She must have gained at least fifteen pounds and looks like a new woman! But she actually became a new woman when she accepted Christ after being treated in the clinic last year. She remains with AIDS in this life, but will remain forever a new creature in Christ.

We have begun the village clinics again this fall and have ministered to two villages with nearby church plants this far. We saw many more cases of malaria in children than usual. This disease kills many children less than five years of age, but all were successfully diagnosed and treated. We saw almost 115 patients thus far, and all were given the Gospel in their own tongue and will be followed up by the preachers in the two church plants.

Prayer Requests
• Commitment and faithfulness of the village church members
• Salvation decisions through the village clinics
• Wisdom and discernment concerning future ministry work
• Salvation for unsaved family members

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, PIARCO, Coco Chan — She writes, "I want to be born again just like Nicodemus," said a seven-year-old, and he was born again into God's family on October 19, 2015, after the lesson about Nicodemus. Praise the Lord! Besides him, in the past three months four Sunday school children also became children of God and 15 elementary school students. These boys and girls need your prayers to help with their daily walk with God.

In addition to teaching the children the truth from the Bible, I have also taught them to appreciate Godly conservative music. The children's choir practices during Bible study on Tuesdays. From time to time, the choir will sing a special song at church service.

Prayer Requests
• Complete healing from Chikungunya
• Wisdom and strength for each day's service
• Young people to work with me in the children's ministry
• A, the young lady I worked with when at Amazing Grace Fundamental Baptist Church, has been teaching Religious Instruction class with me at two schools. Pray that God will help her keep going and provide her needs.

BRAZIL, JARDINOPOLIS, Paul and Sharon Pritchard — They give the following report and prayer needs: Sharon and I are very thankful for your concern for the mission work around the world. We are witnessing the work of God in our midst. We are having visitors almost every service and souls are trusting the Lord. We baptized 15 on December 15, and they had completed the discipleship program. And in January 2016 we have around 20 more that are still in the discipleship classes. Amen!

Prayer Requests
• God's power on our lives
• God's will in our lives
• Souls to trust the Lord and be saved
• The funds for the new church construction
• Our health (Paul and Sharon)

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, ARIZONA, PHOENIX, Paul and Jan Fischer — They share the following prayer needs: We had asked you to pray for our work here. We were greatly blessed and encouraged recently when three children in Jan's Sunday school class were saved and baptized. She puts a lot of prayer and study into the lessons and it is a great thing to be able to see the fruit. There are others in her class that need the Lord, so please continue to pray for Jan and the children.

Also, we need prayer for our physical needs. Jan still has a lot of pain in the knees, back, and neck. She went to a chiropractor for several sessions but saw little lasting improvement. We would appreciate your continued prayers for relief of the pain.

Concerning the ministry to Asians in our area, please pray for many more promising contacts. We have a Japanese couple studying Youth Ministry at our church. We hope to make contacts with Japanese folks who are living in our area. They seem to stay for a while and then leave. We have a Bible study at the home of a Filipino couple on a regular basis. Please pray for more contacts and a bigger impact on the Asian community.

MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH, Rebecca Pope — She shares the following report of ministry: By God's grace, Medical Missions Outreach served in eight different countries in 2015, three of these being on the continent of Africa. At least 16,700 patients came through our clinics, and 2,290 made professions of faith. I'm thrilled to be a part of that sowing process.

December 2015

USA MINISTRIES, WASHINGTON, SEATTLE, Perry and Barb Gibson — They have a special unspoken need concerning their family. Please join in prayer for them. Thanks!

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, David and Debbie Board — They give the following report and prayer needs: "Over the past two months we have seen 16 new believers follow the Lord in believer's baptism. One lady was saved out of Islam and still lives in a Muslim village. Last year her daughter and son-in-law accepted Christ but they kept it secret from her for quite a while out of fear that she would disown them. When she finally found out that they were saved, she desired to visit the church to find out what they were being taught. I remember the first Sunday that she showed up to witness a baptismal service. However, God used it in her life to plant the seed of the Gospel. Thank God, she is now saved and living for the Lord in her village.

We are so blessed by this new family that recently accepted Christ as their Savior. The husband is a university professor and his wife is a childcare provider. They were reached through the Phnom Penh Children's Ministry as a result of one of our teen boys witnessing to them over the space of several months. He recently shared a testimony that God is opening the door for him to witness in the classroom. He presently teaches around 900 students in his classes. Please pray for a hedge of protection to be placed around this family as they grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ."

CARIBBEAN, JAMAICA, MAY PEN, Mrs. Fran Young — She shares the following report: "I endeavor to visit the widows, the sick, and the shut-ins. I pass out Gospel tracts when witnessing and phone those in need of encouragement. I am available to assist through the church in whatever I am asked to do.

With help I was finally able to sort books and clean Brother Young's study. It was bittersweet as that is where he spent time praying, studying for messages, Bible reading, listening to messages and Gospel music on CD. I now know how to sympathize with those whose companion has gone home to be with the Lord."

EASTERN EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, Adam and Angela Young — "For the month of October, we distributed 8,000 tracts into homes. We attempted to witness to about 200 people, although not all of those people let us finish a Gospel presentation. Please pray for power in witnessing. I met a young man while at the mall with my daughter. He was very interested in speaking English, and I invited him to our home to witness to him. We worked on speaking English for half the time, but for the first half I explained to him how to be saved and why I believe God is real. Please pray for his salvation."

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, Danny and Janice Flowers — They share the following: "On October 11, our church celebrated its 2nd anniversary. We had a great service with 22 in attendance, six of whom were unsaved visitors. One lady invited five of them herself, and she was so pleased when they all showed up as promised. Having a 'big' day is exciting for our young church, but we were specifically praying beforehand for the Holy Spirit's conviction in lives. Since then, several of the visitors have invited us into their homes to continue our conversation about Christ. A couple, whom we mentioned in our April update, is one step closer to making a decision. I have answered many of their questions, and now it is a matter of the heart. Another visitor is under conviction. Please pray for the salvation of these adults."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin — They write, "One of the church attendees asked if we could visit her cousin who was recuperating from nearly lethal aneurism and stroke. We went to his house and talked with him about his soul. We were amazed to hear his story. He said while in the hospital he had a dream in which God told him he was going to be okay but he wasn't 'with' Him. He wanted to know what it meant. I began to explain to him that God's mercies are new every day and that is why God had spared his life. I also told him that if he wanted to be 'with' God someday, he had to be born again. After a thorough explanation of the Gospel, he bowed tearfully to trust Christ as his Savior. Praise the Lord! He was inches away from an eternity without Christ."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOTA AIR BASE, Daniel and Haruna McKittrick — They share the following report: "I had the privilege to baptize an Air Force MSgt in September. He was sure he was saved, but he wanted to be obedient to follow the Lord in believer's baptism. In an unexpected turn of events, our landlord not only decided to sell us the property the church sits on but has also decided to let us rent his house (directly beside the church) for FREE! Can you believe that? God is working. Our plan is to purchase the land in three years."

WEST AFRICA, COTE d'IVOIRE, BINGERVILLE, Kristine McLaughlin, — She writes, "Before leaving for furlough, our last medical evangelistic day was held in Anan, the first of the Bingerville villages that opened to us. As always is the case, we had lines of sick folks who came to see us that day with several making decisions to either be saved or to be more committed to serving Christ. In the midst of the business of the day, the Lord showed us something neat and exciting. We realized that there was a new church in Anan. Traditionally, Anan had only allowed two religious groups to establish themselves, the Catholic church and the Harrist church (a denomination founded in nearby Liberia). This is because neither of these two religions speak out against animistic practices, so the people could go to church while continuing in animism. Now, this mentality appears to be changing. Missionary Bob Mach, a deacon (the village ministry director), and I were encouraged by this development. Perhaps now after years of treating the people with medicine, the Lord will allow the nucleus of believers in Anan who the Lord has allowed us to disciple to grow into a church plant. This is our prayer. Please pray the Lord will bless the visitation group led by the deacon with fruit and with unique favor from both the chief and the ruling family. Pray too for the Lord to give us wisdom in this important step and to call a national pastor to this future church."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, Matt and Dallita Goins — They have had a series of extra-ordinary God-ordained events. They sent the following prayer needs:

• "Pray that we will be able to recuperate all of our personal and church funds that we had in the bank. At the writing of this letter, we have receive 75% of our personal funds and 60% of our church funds. In times of injustice, we look to the Righteous Judge and anticipate His reign on earth one day.
• MINISTRY NEED: We could really use a 15-passenger van for several different activities in the ministry. Will you pray with us for God to supply this need at this time?"

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, COUVA, David and Terri Long — They write, "Souls Saved: Since our last letter, we have had 11 people saved in our services and on soul winning. Also, during September and October we have been having more visitors in our church services.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for us to have more people saved, for more people to come to our church services, and that the people coming now would be more faithful.
• Pray for more people who have been saved to get baptized.
• Pray for the children and teens coming to our church.
• Pray for our Religious Instruction class in the local high school.
• Pray for us to be able to purchase a used van."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace — They share the following report: "GPS, UniTeam, Alta Ruta, Vida Nueva Teens, Mujer Real, Grifo, Vida Nueva Kids, Acts 29...these are the names of some of the dynamic groups aimed at reaching and making disciples in the La Molina district of Lima. On Wednesday over a hundred ladies meet for Mujer Real Bible studies. One of the pastors has a regular Bible study group for retired men. They call themselves the Service Station Gang because many are in the 84, 90, or 90 range just like the octane rating of gasoline here! Our four youth groups are also active and growing. The college age group has an interesting ministry called Micro-ambassadors. They meet for prayer on Thursday; after their classes they get on the buses (called micros in Lima) and ride to the end of the line, preaching, passing out tracts, and witnessing to individuals. A new ministry has opened up in the Municipal Senior Citizens' Center for Bible study once a month. Carolyn is making friends as well as teaching God's Word.

A battle with kidney stones has slowed Tom down for three months. Recent surgery has still not taken care of it, so please pray. Our insurance company considers it a pre-existing condition and refuses to pay, but God has provided."

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Tim and Lidia Barrett — They report, "The Nehemiah Project in our church in Almerinda Chaves is going strong. As we wrote in our last letter, we have scheduled families from our main church in Jundiai to help in different services and outreaches in the fledging church in Almerinda Chaves. These past months we had three weeks of Bible clubs (in both churches) and several children (and a few of the parents) accepted Christ as their Savior. Please pray for fruit to remain in the church in Almerinda Chaves.

Please pray for our family camp this month. Several churches participate with us, and it is always a very blessed time for our church people. Our theme this year will be Moldado ou Conforomado (Molded or Conformed), based on Isaiah 64:8 and Romans 12:2."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They share the following: "Our new church is five weeks old. Prior to this, Open Door Baptist Church came to participate in our open-air service on September 20. We are grateful for the participation of those who helped clean the lot, set up lights, and prepare the equipment. At present, two couples are helping us in establishing this work. Their responsibilities are music, Sunday school and treasury. As we become more established, they will be actively involved in personal evangelism. These two couples were saved at Open Door Baptist Church within the past 10 years.

Apart from our family and the two families who are helping us, we have an average of ten people attending. One person in particular who is attending every service is a man whom I found passed out in the street. With the help of other neighbors, we managed to get him home. We have a small beginning, nevertheless, this is where we are. We are working among a people group that has more economy and formal education than our previous ministry. We ask you to pray that God would give us wisdom in ministering to these neighbors."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the following report: "We thank God for souls saved. Before we left for Eli's graduation, I baptized one who was led to the Lord by my soul winning wife, Elvie. She visited her parents in Japan. She got baptized shortly before she left for the States! Please pray that she will find a church in Oregon.

When we came to the States for Eli, the first day we were at Great Lakes and I was able to lead a fellow Marine to Christ, a Sergeant T, who was struggling due to family hardships. I shared the Gospel with him. He bowed to pray and trusted Christ as his personal Savior! Please pray for his follow up and Scriptural baptism."

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth — They share the following report: "Recently, an older lady who had been visiting our church received Jesus as her Savior. Her attendance has been sporadic. Pray with us that she would grow and see the importance of being faithful. We also have some individuals that are getting involved in discipleship. Please pray for three others as they are now learning more of God's Word through the discipleship ministry. There are several new people in the church who need to be discipled. However, at this point they are hesitant.

While God is at work, the enemy is working as well. One of our key families is dealing with a very difficult situation and needs prayer. Their credit card was cloned and the thieves charged over $12,000 to their account and now he is responsible for the debt (there are no laws protecting consumers from credit card theft in Chile)! As a result, he has begun working extra hours which has pulled him out of church. Please pray with us that God would help this family to trust in Him and not fall away. Also, another family is dealing with a very serious situation that is dividing the family. The father was saved a few months ago as he put his trust in Jesus. There is no doubt that his salvation got the attention of the enemy and now the family is under attack. Please pray for them that they would grow close to the Lord through the difficulties. Many of our families have suffered spiritual attacks this year. As the church grows, we proceed further and further into Satan's territory and he is angry and lashing out. Pray for this church plant that the people would remain strong and faithful and look to the Lord to fight the battles."

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But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them

(Psalm 22:3–4)


I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men: For kings, and for all that are in authority: that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Please pray for President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil.