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April 2021

During the past year, the worldwide pandemic has dominated the news. Understandably, most of the reporting has been negative since there has been a great deal of heartache caused by COVID-19. Nonetheless, God has been using the Coronavirus to bring people to Himself. BIMI Missionary Peter Denisi shared an example of this:

This year we have seen people here in the Philippines come to Christ that probably would have never been saved without a pandemic. I think recently of a new convert who was saved when I led him to the Lord over Zoom. He contacted me through a friend and asked for a pastor to help him understand if the pandemic was a sign of the “end of the world.” Amazingly, he trusted Christ and his life was soon flipped upside down. He stopped his drinking, his language changed, and his actions changed. His cousin, who was very close to him, had observed the changes. “What happened to you?” she asked. “Just come with me to church on Sunday, and let’s talk to Pastor Frank,” he told her. Sure enough, she came to church on Sunday, and at the invitation time she bowed her heart and trusted Christ also!

The Bible says, in every thing give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18a). It is amazing to think that we can—and should—give thanks even for COVID-19. God is using it in a positive way. I pray that this update will be an encouragement to you. Thank you for your faithful support of missionaries like Frank Denisi who are seeing God bring something positive out of something that is usually thought of as negative. May the LORD richly bless you!

In Christ,
David H. Snyder
John 15:16

President/General Director

David & Barb Snyder
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