October 2018

The teaching and preaching of God’s Word are of utmost importance. As you support BIMI missionaries, you are helping to preach the Gospel and teach the truths of Scripture worldwide. As a result, you have a part in the salvation of souls and the edification of believers. In a recent update, Ed Johnson (BIMI missionary to Brazil) gives a testimony about the life-changing effects of God’s Word.

Paulo and his wife, Aurora, were very religious people. They had a longing for truth and wanted to get to know the Lord, but they were also very frustrated and empty….Because of different problems and circumstances, each one went to a different church. They were taught that baptism saves and to prove their salvation, they had to speak in tongues. Paulo heard that the Baptist church was a church that really took the Bible seriously and taught God’s Word. He wanted to start going to one but there were no Baptist churches close by, so he started praying that God would open the doors for him. He prayed that he could find a church where the truth was taught and where he and his family would be helped to come closer to God and to each other.

Well, God heard his prayers! In September 2015, we went by his house while he was at work and left an invitation at his door for the inauguration of New Life Baptist Church. He was so excited that God had answered his prayers. He and Aurora came a week later....They both made decisions for Christ and left with the assurance of their salvations....They have been faithful ever since, despite some trials and tribulations....Paulo tells everyone he can that “My family and I learned and grew more at New Life Baptist Church in our first six months there than we had at all the other churches we had gone to for six years!” Praise the Lord, God’s Word changes lives!

Thank you for faithfully supporting our missionaries who are regularly seeing lives changed as they teach and preach God’s Word. It is an honor to labor together with you in God’s harvest field. May the LORD richly bless you!

In Christ,
David H. Snyder
John 15:16

President/General Director

David & Barb Snyder
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