June 2018

I want to begin by saying that I am extremely grateful for the missions offerings that you have sent and are sending to our missionaries. Your generosity is not taken for granted. Not every Christian has the gift of giving but every Christian should be involved in giving. This is true not only for believers in well-established churches in the States but also for believers in newly established churches around the world.

Troy and Suzannah Lewis, BIMI missionaries serving in Belize, tell how they are teaching their people about giving:

We recently enjoyed stewardship month at New Hope Baptist Church. God truly blessed as Bible messages on giving of our time, talent, and treasure were taught. We had sign-up sheets for the members to get involved in the ministries of the church. This was the first time in the birth of the church that tithing was taught and preached. This month we had three testimonies in church of God “opening the windows of heaven” and blessing those who have started to tithe.

I trust it is encouraging for you to know that as you give to missions, your offering is being multiplied because Biblical giving is being taught in new church plants worldwide. Giving God His tithe and giving offerings to missions never gets old. It is still God’s way to finance the local church and the Great Commission. Thanks again for your generosity. God is using your offerings to teach others to give and thus multiplying the fruit that abounds to your account. May the LORD richly bless you!

In Christ,
David H. Snyder
John 15:16

President/General Director

David & Barb Snyder
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