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More than a decade on from the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Germany is now unified with the former Communist area that was known as East Germany. Today it is Europe’s major industrial power and the world’s second-biggest exporter. Its population is 82 million.

Roman Catholicism is especially strong in the southern area of the country. The Lutheran Church dominates the north. The witness of Baptist churches is minimal. For over 20 years BIMI has maintained its presence in this important area of Europe. Good churches have been established who are themselves seeking to send missionaries out to the regions beyond.

Church planting, camp ministries, and strong discipleship programs are all included in the present efforts to expand the BIMI witness. Other team players are very much needed to further the outreach in today’s very progressive German society. Only the Gospel is “the power of God unto salvation.

Missionaries in Germany:

Mark & Naomi Byers
Daniel & Patricia Dubbe
Walter & Thrasilla Hornung

Europe Director

Ed & Carole Hembree

Read more about the Hembrees. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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