New Zealand
New Zealand is an island nation, located approximately 1200 miles southeast of Australia . It comprises two main islands (called the North and South Islands ) and a number of smaller islands. New Zealand is a mountainous nation that extends more than 1000 miles from North to South and is similar in size to Japan . The climate is temperate, with plenty of sunshine, adequate rainfall, and few extremes in weather.

The population of New Zealand is about 4.1 million. The people are principally of two separate and distinct cultural backgrounds: about 80% are of European origin, primarily English, Scottish, Irish and Dutch; another 15% are Indigenous Maori, a tribal people of Polynesian origin. In addition, other Polynesians from Tonga , Samoa, and the Cook Islands have migrated to New Zealand in search of work and have settled primarily in Auckland .

There is a great need for strong Bible preaching churches to reach the people in New Zealand . There are only a handful of fundamental churches across the country that are reaching out with the clear message of the Gospel of Christ. New Zealand was originally settled by missionaries in the 1800’s, but the people have turned away from that message and have established a secular society. Church attendance is nominal in New Zealand , with only 2-4% of the population actually attending church on a regular basis. Of those who do attend church, most are Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist with their different interpretations of salvation.

Our goal is to fulfill the Great Commission – to win people to the Lord, baptize them, and then teach them all the things that they need to know through the ministry of the local church. We also want to train up workers who can effectively reach their own country. Our ultimate goal is to see independent, Fundamental, Baptist churches started across New Zealand .

Missionaries in New Zealand:

Devin S & Amy S Frost
Robert & Diana Rutta

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