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Maui Relief

On August 8, fires very possibly caused by downed electric lines, ravished the town of Lahaina, Maui, a town of 13,000. Over 2700 structures were destroyed and over 100 casualties have been confirmed.

BIMI has three families on Oahu and contact with several ministries whose pastors are working to get relief to the people of Lahaina. Pastor Wayne Surface, Ohana Baptist Church, has a missionary on Maui with whom he is coordinating response and Pastor Skip Woodfin, Koolau Baptist Church, both responded that they are willing to help funds get to people in need.

We know that Grace Baptist Church, Pastor Arza Brown, in Lahaina was destroyed along with several of the homes of their staff members and church members. BIMI will be working with these ministries to get funds to the ministries and people affected.

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