Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Bill & Tammy Brouwer

Serving in Kenya, Africa

After being accepted by BIMI in 1993, Bill and Tammy had the privilege of starting the Grace Baptist Church in the town of Nakuru, which is the fourth largest city in Kenya. To this day, this church continues to grow and reach many for Christ. Out of this church, two other Baptist churches have been started in the same town. The Brouwers, now on their second term, believe God is leading them to start another church in the Nakuru area in the beginning of 2005.

Update March 2005
Praise the Lord for a great start in the year! Since January 1st of 2005 we have seen 73 people saved! Praise the LORD!!! Here are some highlights of this year so far. - Bill and Tammy Brouwer, Tanzania

This is our new building going up. The people have worked hard and given much toward this project. Several supporting churches also gave toward this project and we truly appreciate their help! We have just finished phase 2. The rest needing to be completed is the finishing work on the inside and the windows put in.

We had a special service for our King's Kids program. This is a ministry some men in our church got a burden for and have done a great job! For this special service we had 169 children/teens present They asked Bill to preach and 51 children/teens came forward to be saved! We are planning another special program for them on March 19th. A couple from our sending church will be here and plan to make it a special day for the kids. Pray that we see many saved!

We also had a special time for our ladies ministry. Tammy held five weeks of meetings. The ladies were able to earn points for Bible memory, Bible study worksheets, bringing guests, and also memorizing a bonus passage of Matthew 5:1-16. Over the five weeks there were 61 first time visitors with two being saved. The joy for Tammy was seeing so many ladies memorizing the Bible and doing their weekly studies. As prizes Tammy gave out various items church gave during our deputation. The five ladies who memorized all their verses, including Matthew 5:1-16 earned either a Swahili Bible or a Concordance.

Here are some of the men of our church. Currently all four of these men are enrolled in Bible College and preparing for some type of future ministry. The man on the far right, John Mbugua, is our Assistant Pastor.

Update 2004
Here are some more photos of our new auditorium being built. We are excited about what the Lord is doing!

Here is our old building with one new wall being built. On the far right is a pile of stones. They take these stones and chisel them by hand with an ax. This shapes the stone and makes one side flat. The flat side goes on the outside with the inside still rough.

Here all the walls have gone up.

They are now working on the gables.

This is an inside view.


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