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Paul & Jan Fischer

Paul and Jan Fischer were saved on April 10, 1977, while in the U.S. Air Force. After almost 15 years in the Air Force, they enrolled in Hyles-Anderson College, where Paul graduated in 1986. They were accepted by Baptist International Missions in June 1986. After working part-time and completing deputation, they arrived in Japan in July 1991. Paul and Jan first worked in New Life Baptist Church in Kawagoe City and later in Akiruno City and Mizuho City. Then they served for ten years in Okinawa.

The Fischers worked for 22 years in Japan with Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and Filipinos. In Okinawa they worked with American servicemen and their families. Now the Lord has brought them to the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

The church they have been attending, North Valley Baptist Church, has had a burden for the Asian people for some time. According to the 2010 Census, Arizona's Asian population is the fastest growing minority group in the state. The 2010 Census showed a population of more than 176,000 people from Asia. This was almost twice as many as that of the 2000 Census.

Phoenix has many high tech jobs available, higher education and less expensive housing than other areas. The Asian population is also becoming more diverse with growing numbers of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Burmese moving into the state. Though the largest concentration of Asians is in the southeast part of Phoenix, they are rapidly moving throughout the entire city. The city of Phoenix proper has approximately 45,600 Asians. Within the 15 zip codes that are the most easily accessible from where they live, there are approximately 10,000 Asians with that number growing each year.

Paul and Jan Fischer believe that the Lord would have them endeavor to see people in this area hear and heed the Gospel and to assist North Valley Baptist Church in this ministry. Please pray for them that the Lord will have His way and bless the work.

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