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Malcolm & Jan Gregory

Malcolm and Jan Gregory have been privileged to serve the Lord as foreign missionaries for the past 40 years. Thirty-six years were dedicated to Bolivia, South America, focusing on planting churches, hosting youth camps, and holding Vacation Bible Schools in different churches throughout the country. Working in the lowlands and later in the Andean city of Sucre, they established two churches, which today continue under the leadership of Bolivian pastors. Through the years they had several preaching points with small congregations that were continued by other missionaries or Bolivian pastors when they went on furlough. Malcolm and Jan are thankful that several are functioning local Baptist churches today.

In 2017 the Lord was leading Malcolm and Jan’s ministry in a new direction. Growing older with medical issues had made living in a third world country more difficult. Praying for an open door to serve the Lord elsewhere, they received an invitation from Grand Cayman to minister among the Hispanic population. Malcolm and Jan were blessed to work on the island for 2½ years, evangelizing the populated West Bay area where they had the unique opportunity to witness not only to the Spanish-speaking people but also to people from all corners of the world. During those years, Malcolm was grateful to preach and teach for the Spanish-speaking people at Calvary Baptist Church in Georgetown.

March 2020 the Cayman government announced the border of the islands would close and in the midst of the COVID pandemic, their island ministry had come to a close as well. Within months the Hispanic population had dwindled as folks returned to their homelands, and it was clear the Lord was leading their ministry in a different direction.

Malcolm and Jan desire to follow the Lord’s leading and be obedient to His will. They are excited He has led them to serve with BIMI under ARM (Assistance and Relief Missionaries). This will allow the Gregorys to continue an active level of service and use their experience in foreign missions to expand their ministry to English-speaking as well as Spanish-speaking countries. Malcolm and Jan look forward to using their knowledge to assist the resident missionary who may be in need of a short furlough, to fill in should the missionary have a need to return to the United States when an emergency arises, or to work with them on special projects or evangelization.

Although their focus will be to assist foreign missionaries, between assignments Malcolm and Jan will be available to help in Hispanic ministries in the United States as well as missions conferences or mission Sundays to encourage the local church for world evangelization. They ask for your prayers and support as they serve in the ARM ministry. Malcolm and Jan would like to share their new ministry with your church, so please feel free to contact them if they can be of help to your missions program.

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