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Chester & Maria Sheren

Chester Sheren was saved as a young child and at the age of eight the Lord called him to be a missionary. When he was 13 years old, he became the teacher of the Adult Sunday School Class because he asked and answered so many questions.

Brother Sheren attended Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music (GRSBM) and graduated on June 2, 1965. He and his wife, Violet, met while attending GRSBM. She asked him for a date and five months later they were married. The Sherens moved to Chicago to work for AWANA, hoping to be their first missionary, but that was not God's plan for their lives. The Lord opened the door for Chester to become superintendent of the City Rescue Mission in Lansing, Michigan, where they had the opportunity to work with Mexican children.

In 1975 God called Chester and Violet Sheren to serve with BIMI as missionaries in Honduras. Brother Sheren started The Peace of God Baptist Church in the city of La Paz. Later they moved to Comayagua, Honduras, and served as a pastor in that city for 10 years. The Lord directed their paths back to La Paz to serve once again at their first church and they remained there until October 2014.

Violet went Home to be with the Lord in October 2014. After Violet passed away, hundreds of people expressed gratitude for the love that she and Chester had shown for each other and the Honduran people. A doctor said it best: "What you and Violet did for us in 36 years, no Honduran has ever done."

The Lord blessed Chester Sheren's ministry mightily. (There were 1,466 recorded salvations in 16 public school sessions in 1 1/2 months.) Brother Sheren was instrumental in raising $10,000 in three months for an international Spanish Sword Conference. This sparked the starting of seven more international Sword Conferences, which were organized in Central America and Mexico.

At this time, Chester Sheren is serving in the Hispanic church in Graham, North Carolina, playing hymns, preaching, and soul winning. He is busy writing down about 2,000 illustrated sermons that he has prepared for Hispanic pastors. Also, he has written a three-year correspondence Bible institute curriculum. Brother Sheren has written his autobiography in English and Spanish.

In the future Chester Sheren plans to fill in for missionaries who are on furlough or are out of the pulpit because of illness. He is available to hold Spanish and English evangelistic campaigns. (He plans to travel to Central America as an evangelist several times a year in 3 week periods). It is his desire to be used of the Lord in the Spanish-speaking world here or on the foreign field.

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