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Roy and Ellen Smith

Brother Roy Smith served 20 years in the United States Navy and retired in 1983. While stationed aboard the USS Canopus in Rota, Spain, Brother Smith attended Bethel Baptist Church and received the Lord Jesus Christ has his Savior on July 7, 1978. After retiring from the Navy, he entered Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida, and received a Graduate of Theology Diploma on May 21, 1986. Subsequently, he satisfactorily completed the prescribed course of study and received a Bachelor of Church Ministries from Baptist College of America on December 29, 2010.

Roy and Ellen Smith were accepted as missionaries with BIMI in July 1985 to minister to the U.S. Military and have been serving the American Military for the past 27 years. After completing their deputation, the Smiths went to Rheinberg, Germany, to work with BIMI missionary Ron Parrott, pastor of Rheinberg Baptist Church. This work was involved in serving the American military, British military and local nationals.

Soon after the Smiths arrived in Germany, the Lord called Brother Smith to pastor Liberty Baptist Church in Schweinfurt, Germany, where 20,000 American servicemen and their families were stationed. When the Smiths began their ministry here, the church was meeting in a home about 20 miles from town. After a year of increasing attendance, they were able to relocate the church two blocks from the base and the church began to grow even larger.

In 1989 the Lord enabled the Smiths to take the leadership role of Bethel Baptist Church in Rota, Spain. Under Brother Smith's leadership at Bethel Baptist Church, several men were called into the ministry and others are now faithfully serving in stateside churches.

Liberty Baptist Church in Schweinfurt, Germany, contacted Brother Smith in 2003 and asked him to return and pastor the church. The Smiths served the American military and local nationals until 2010 when they came home for a furlough. While on furlough, they went to Misawa, Japan, to fill in for a missionary who needed to return to the States for six weeks for medical reasons.

The Lord presented Roy and Ellen another place of ministry in 2011 in Aviano, Italy, with the Calvary Baptist Church. However, due to governmental road blocks, Ellen was unable to get her paperwork to stay in Italy, and they had to return to the United States.

The Smiths are members of Immanuel Baptist Church in Roscommon, Michigan, where they take part in all available ministries. Brother Smith has filled in as a substitute Sunday school teacher and has taught in the Christian school. He also filled the pulpit for Dr. David Hansen for three months in 2012 while the pastor took a medical leave of absence.

Roy and Ellen Smith are available for short-term fill in or assistant ministry for any English-speaking work. They keep their necessary travel documents current and can leave on short notice. The Smiths truly wish to "stand in the gap" as the Lord directs.

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