Akin and Snowy Devkota

Serving in Nepal, Southeast Asia

Many people don't realize that deaf people are an unreached people group. Though there are deaf people in every country and culture, very few have been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Growing up deaf, no one ever took the time to explain spiritual things to me. As I sought to further my education, there were no options for me in my home country of Nepal. However, God led me to Harvest Deaf Bible College in Ringgold, Georgia. Even though I was not a believer, the college allowed me to come and study. After two months of being exposed to the Scriptures, I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior!

Most Americans grow up hearing the stories of the Bible, but Nepalis do not. In fact, most deaf Nepalis have never even heard of Jesus Christ. It is our desire to reach deaf Nepalis with the Gospel so that they can receive the free gift of eternal life. Though exact numbers are not available, one website (www.ethnologue.com) estimates that there are 192,000 deaf people in Nepal. (Nepal is approximately the geographic size of Arkansas.) What an amazing mission field!

Please pray for us as we are currently on deputation raising support to go to Nepal. It is our goal to reach the field as soon as possible to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the deaf people of Nepal.


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