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Gavino & Mariana Hernandez

Serving in Mexico, Central America

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Gavino Hernandez was born into a single parent household. His mother and he lived in a small town in Ohio. At the age of six Gavino and his mother started attending a Local Baptist Church. After a few years of attending and serving in their local church, God called Jayne Hernandez (Gavino’s mother) to the mission field in Monterrey, Mexico. Jayne and Gavino partnered with veteran Missionaries Doyle and Dixies Johnson for more than a decade and half. Gavino went to the Christian school at the local church. He received Jesus as Savior at the age of eleven. He surrendered his life for the service of Christ at the age of fifteen. He immediately began serving in his local church. He assisted Pastor Raul Reyes for the next six years full-time while finishing high school and the Bible institute. In May 2014, Gavino graduated from his local church Bible institute and married Mariana on November 27, 2014. They are blessed with two daughters, Naya Marie and Alya Monserrath. In 2017, the Hernandez family moved back to Ohio. They began attending Cornerstone Baptist Church in Findlay, Ohio. Months later, Gavino and Mariana took over the Junior Church ministry. In 2020, Gavino began working on the church staff as a Management Associate. They are second generation Missionaries called to the country of Mexico. When they return to Mexico, They will pick up the ministry the veteran missionaries had and also plant churches in every municipality in Monterrey, Mexico.


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