Troy and Suzannah Lewis

Serving in Belize, Central America

God called our family to foreign missions a month before our church's mission's conference. Through prayer and counsel with our preacher, God burdened us for the Central American country of Belize. We took a two week long survey trip, and there in Belize God began to put a burden on our hearts for Belize. Upon returning, we then prayed about which people group to reach in Belize. God burdened our hearts for two unreached people groups in Southern Belize. They are the Mayan Indians and Garifuna people. Both live in the Toledo District in Southern Belize.

We will be located in the capital of the Toledo District, Punta Gorda. From that city we will reach out to the more than twenty-five Mayan villages that have anywhere from 100 to 1,000 Mayans in each village. The Garifuna people live primarily in Punta Gorda where we will be living. We can reach both of these groups, who are predominately illiterate, by starting a radio station along with a Bible Institute where nationals will be trained and thus establishing indigenous churches supported completely and independently by a national pastor. We are currently looking for someone to co-labor with us in Southern Belize. Southern Belize is white unto harvest, but the laborers are few. Would you pray for God to soften your heart for missions, and would you consider joining us in reaching the Mayan and Garifuna people for the Lord Jesus Christ? We are praying that the Lord would allow us to be on the field by the end of 2013.