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Jason & Mary Ritchie

CAMP BIMI Director & Assistant Candidate Director

Jason and Mary Ritchie have been BIMI missionaries since 2008. After arriving in Mongolia, they learned the Khalkha Mongol language and planted Khan-Uul Baptist Church. Later, churches were planted in Jargalant and Bayanzurkh and other existing churches were helped to become indigenous and were established under their ministry. They have actively discipled and mentored national leadership and this led to the founding of the Faith Baptist Bible College (FBBC) of Mongolia in 2018. FBBC continues to train Baptist pastors and their wives for the ministry. In 2019, Faith Baptist Publishers began, providing resources for the college, outreach, and Sunday school ministries. Since 2016, Jason has overseen the Traditional Text Bible Translation (TTBT) project which will be the first Mongolian Bible to be translated from the Received Text. In 2022, Jason took a new leadership role with Baptist International Missions as the Assistant Candidate School Director and CAMP BIMI Director. Jason and Mary look forward to what God will continue to do in the years to come.

Camp Bimi Director & Assistant Candidate Director

Jason & Mary Ritchie
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