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We are the Tacketts, church building missionaries with Baptist International Missions, Inc. serving in the CLAIM ministry. Our role is to assemble and lead teams of laymen on mission trips to complete church building projects for missionaries on the international field. Projects vary in size, duration and location according to the particular missionary’s specific needs. CLAIM teams provide skilled, high quality labor with proper tools and materials which otherwise may not be available to the missionary on the field.

We feel this ministry is vital to church planting missionaries desiring to see their work grow and become a permanent, fully functioning church home for their members. We are able to take the time-consuming burden a building project can entail, off of the missionary and allow them to continue fully focusing their efforts on ministry work. Furthermore, CLAIM teams save missionaries large amounts of money! Because we will be fully supported missionaries and our teams will be self supporting, all labor costs are provided 100% free of charge to the missionary!

However, the heart of our ministry is soul-winning. We could build thousands of churches and not one of those would matter if souls are not being reached with the Gospel. With that in mind, while on a project, the CLAIM. team will assist the missionary in evangelism and outreach work as well as ministries within their church or Christian school. Each missionary and ministry are different and we will assist them in every way possible.

Clint was not raised in a Christian home and consequently did not get saved until after meeting his wife at the age of 22. He was then baptized and became a member of Northern Kentucky Baptist Church. The Lord began working in his heart and life as he began his journey as a Christian. Upon receiving word that the power plant where he was working would be shutting down, the Lord began to impress the idea of entrepreneurship upon his heart. Clint knew the Lord had given him a special ability to work with his hands, so after much prayer and council, he decided to step out in faith and open a home repair business. The Lord blessed the business from the start but after a year or so the Lord began to speak to Clint about using his talent to help others. He thought about opening a non-profit organization or doing pro-bono work for widows or veterans but none of those doors ever opened. One Sunday morning Brother Gerry Baughman (C.L.A.I.M Founder/Camp BIMI-SMART Director) visited his church and presented Baptist International Missions, Incorporated and the CLAIM ministry. His interest was sparked immediately thinking this could be the avenue the Lord may have to use him. The following week another missionary couple serving with the CLAIM ministry visited his church where Clint was able to find out more information. It sounded like the perfect fit for him and his family! He prayed and sought godly council and then surrendered his life to full-time Christian service in missions. Clint and his wife were accepted to the CLAIM ministry with BIMI in December of 2017.

Miranda was raised attending church regularly and was saved at the age of 9. She has been attending Northern Kentucky Baptist Church for 31 years. Miranda always had a desire to be in full time Christian service. She was overjoyed to learn of her husband’s call to missions and felt the Lord had given her the desire of her heart the day they surrendered their lives to the Lord! Miranda looks forward to assisting Clint with CLAIM projects and ministering to missionaries while on mission trips. It is her sincere desire to include their children in the ministry as well wherever possible.

The Lord has prepared Clint and Miranda specifically for this ministry. Clint has a broad background of experience in many areas. He served 6 years in the Army doing mechanical and electrical work. He was employed in the welding and industrial maintenance field for 10 years. Most recently, he has worked in residential construction and carpentry.

Miranda has served in various ministries in her church for many years. She taught 4th-6th grade girls as well as K5 in Master Club on Wednesday evenings. She taught a 2 and 3 year old class on Sunday mornings and prior to that served in the nursery. She was a VBS coordinator for 2-5 year olds and also headed the meal provider program. She homeschools which allows her and the children to be available to serve in ministry opportunities.


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