Ray & Jean Thompson

• Dr. Ray Thompson was saved at the age of 13 and called to preach at age 16. During the Second Annual Missions Conference at Highland Park Baptist Church, while attending Tennessee Temple Bible College, he answered God's call to be a missionary at age 18.

• He married Jean Carey in 1952. Jean answered God's call to be a missionary at the early age of nine. God blessed their marriage with two children: a son, Steven Ray, and a daughter, Catherine Grace.

• The Thompsons went to the West Indies in 1955 as church planting missionaries, commissioned by Highland Park Baptist Church and Worldwide Faith Missions of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

• They served in the Virgin Islands 22 years in planting churches, establishing Bible camp ministries, and training national workers. He also worked in radio broadcasting and helped establish Bluewater Bible College & Institute on the island of St. Thomas. Dr. Thompson served as president for 16 years. There are now over 220 churches throughout the Caribbean that have trained national pastors as a result of the ministry of Bluewater Bible College and Bible schools on other islands where BIMI missionaries serve.

• Ray and Jean Thompson joined Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), in 1964. Later Dr. Thompson was appointed to serve as the Caribbean Director for the Mission and was commissioned to help expand the work of Baptist missions throughout the West Indies. In 1977, he was asked by BIMI leadership to direct the Caribbean ministry from the BIMI World Missions Center.

• Dr. Ray Thompson was elected Executive Director and Vice President in 1991. As an officer of BIMI, Dr. Thompson is engaged in administrative responsibilities such as preaching in Bible colleges, seminaries, church mission conferences in America and foreign countries, and participating in BIMI Field Conferences. He, like all other BIMI missionaries, has a passion to see the Word of God and its message of Christ’s redemptive work presented to the whole world.

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Executive Director Emeritus

Dr. Ray & Jean Thompson
Read more about the Thompsons. He may be contacted through the BIMI office at (423) 344–5050 or cell (423) 280–3120.

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