So often, the good we do...

So often, the good we do is not immediately known to us. Such was the case on Good Friday in 1966. That morning twelve-year-old, Graham Morris, walked into the little two-hundred year old Baptist Chapel in Cregrina, Wales. A young BIMI missionary stepped behind the pulpit and read his text from John chapter one, verse 29: "Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world." He preached a simple salvation message to no more than thirty-five and closed with an invitation to which no one responded. Then he mechanically went to the back of the church to shake hands and wish the people "Happy Easter." Before young Graham could exit, the preacher bent over and said quietly, "Are you saved?" Graham went home with a heavy heart and before the day ended, the boy bowed his head and invited Jesus to be his Savior.

I was that young preacher. More than 32 years later, God provided the opportunity for me to learn of the good I had done in challenging that young man with the claims of Christ. Graham had written down my name along with the day he received the Lord. He had even copied an outline of my message from John and kept it safely in his Bible for three decades, always wondering if he would ever meet up with me again. Graham grew up. He is a farmer now, married, has a wonderful Christian family, and is a member of a sound evangelical church in Llandrindod Wells. His pastor eventually brought us together for a grand reunion. That Saturday over forty people came to Graham's barn in spite of the rain (which stopped just as the service began). There was singing, preaching, fellowship, and tea. There is a lesson all of us need to remember. Many times the good we do in this life is not immediately known to us. " careful to maintain good works."

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(Duane and Bonnie Hearron, Russia)

"Julia, 14 years old, has been saved now over two years. Not long ago the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was in our city, Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), for nearly a day campaigning for the Mayor of our city. He was shaking hands and asking question of people passing of which was our little Julia Cakyn.

Among many questions President Putin asked her was what she liked to do in her spare time. As typical with Julia, she just blurted out that she attends the Yenisei Baptist church.

Julia went on to explain where the church was located and that she was a believer in Jesus Christ already two years. She even reached into her coat and pulled out a church invitation and tract personally inviting the President of Russia to attend one of our services!!"


(Tony and Dawn Hess, Ukraine)

"After a Wednesday evening service, I shook Brother Sirgay's hand. I noticed he had ultra-cheapo wool gloves...old and NOT warm. THE LORD SAID, 'You have a better pair of gloves than that; give him yours.' (Now these are the gloves that my mama got me way back years and years ago. They were my good, no -FAVORITE pair of gloves...I mean I liked these gloves, do you understand???)

Even though part of me didn't want to, I gave him my gloves and he gave me his. A few days later I met Sirgay on the street passing out tracts. When he shook my hands, he was wearing my old gloves. He said, 'Brother, these are YOUR hands passing out these tracts.' I told him that I was very glad to be a part and help the hands that were giving the Gospel."


(Paul and Wanda LaGant, Latvia)

Paul and Wanda arrived in Latvia in 2000 with their son Daniel. God has used them in a unique way to reach the children of Latvia. They constructed an outdoor play gym in their own backyard for local children to jump from and swing on. They also provided bicycles for the children to enjoy.

Before long, young people from ages two to twenty began to come to enjoy the play area and to ride the bicycles. Paul and Wanda soon began holding services on Sundays from noon until 5:30. Because of the children, some adults have begun to attend also. Their church services include a message, dinner, Bible stories, arts and crafts, and a discussion of the message. Many have been saved.

Wanda said it is wonderful "to hear the children in our yard laughing and playing with a new joy in their hearts that they did not know before."

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...a land of fairy-tale sights and breath-taking scenery; a land of seaside villages, densely populated cities, terraced vineyards on steep mountainsides, snow-capped Alps, BMW's and Mercedes speeding down the autobahn, romantic castles, gingerbread architecture, clean-swept streets, majestic churches... with a population of approximately 82 million people. Today its modern industrial economy has helped to make Germany the economic powerhouse of the European Union.

Most Germans pride themselves on a rich cultural life of theater, opera, galleries, libraries, and music festivals. Civilization still feels the impact of the lives and works of Germans who lived many years ago, such as Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Mann and Luther.

Even though religion seems to play a relatively small part in the lives of many German people, our BIMI missionaries ARE making a difference in this beautiful land. Three veteran families and one "rookie" family are serving the Lord there.

Walter Hornung, German by birth, was a little lad during the occupation and remembers well when American soldiers came to his town. As a six-year-old, the only thing he knew to say to the soldiers was "I surrender." Later in America, he met his wife Thrasilla and "surrendered" his heart to her. They were married at Moody Bible Institute on October 7, 1961.

When they surrendered to do God's will, Walter and Thrasilla were led back to his homeland as missionaries with BIMI in June 1970. For 34 years they have faithfully served the Lord in Germany.

Their church in Mainz has a missionary outreach as well as local visitation. They have also had a fruitful ministry with Moslem people from Iran. Twenty-eight have been saved and followed the Lord in believer's baptism.

Dan Dubbe, with his wife Tricia, was stationed in Germany from 1979 until l982 and God used that experience to call them to work with the German people. They arrived in Germany with six of their seven children in 1991. Their daughter Renate was born in Germany.

All of their children have been a vital part of their ministry with involvement in their local schools and church work.

Church services were started in 1993 and the Unabhaengige Baptisten Gemeinde Wildflecken was organized in 1995. The church in Wildflecken has been taught to reach out to others and it now supports eleven missionary endeavors. Dan says, "My goal is to work myself out of a job. The church men helped move Andreas Fraund and his family to our area where he will begin ministering as a pastor in our church. It is an exciting step for the church as well as a financial one, as it is on its way to being completely self-governing."

Rodney and Lindy Kidd were used by the Lord to help begin the Heritage Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, before they became missionaries to Germany. At that time they were unaware of how certain circumstances - Rodney's majoring in European history, studying the German language and being stationed in Germany - would soon be divinely used to lead them to leave America and become church planters in Germany. Over the twenty years they have served there, the Kidd family has immersed themselves in the German culture. They have raised their five children to be outstanding Christian students in the local schools.

In January 1985, they held their first home Bible study. One year later, their first worship service was held in their home with fifteen people present. Within the next two years, their attendance increased to over fifty people so they rented a building in Mannheim. Their burden kept growing for the German people and, in 1993, thirteen members of their church began a new mission church.

The Freien Baptisten Gemeinde-Mannheim is now about eighteen years old. It is a lively, growing church with around 85 members and a usual attendance on Sunday morning of about 120-140 people. Because of his experience and reputation, Rodney has been able to help others in their church-planting ministries. They are the sending church for missionaries to Mexico and to Lithuania. Rodney has also involved our new BIMI missionaries, Michael and Cheri Fields, in his church as they continue to learn the German language.

The burden doesn't stop there. The Mannheim church is laying the ground work now to start another mission church during the year 2005.

Michael and Cheri Fields

Baby dedication

Thoughts from Rodney Kidd on:
Germany As a Mission Field

Before Communist East Germany united with West Germany, the population in the West was about 67 million and the people in West Germany were about 45% Lutheran and 45% Catholic.

Since the two have become one country, the statistics are vastly different due to the large atheistic population of the old East Germany. Recent statistics show now there are 33% Lutheran, 33 % Catholic and 0.5% Evangelical. There are no doubt some Christians in the state churches (Lutheran and Catholic), but conservative Christians in Germany estimate that only about 2-3% of Germans are really born again people.

Since approximately 66% of Germans belong to the two state churches, that means that about 66% of German children born are "baptized" as babies and later taken into the church in a ceremony at about age 12-14. In the Lutheran church, they go through confirmation; in the Catholic church, they receive communion. They are then considered "Christians" and members of the church. Everything is taken care of regarding their relationship to God. Once they start working, a "church tax" is taken out of their paycheck (like the US social security tax) and given to the church where they are members.

Evangelical churches are considered to be cults or sects since they are few in number and generally misunderstood. The youth of Germany are yearning for someone to love them, to give them good advice and sound principles, BUT they are not readily open. Therefore, one of our big tasks is to win the confidence and trust of the German people so that we can share the Gospel.

One of our great joys is to be able to share with Germans who God really is. They have grown up with a very distorted image of God. The majority of liberal theologians over the past 200 years - names like Barth, Tillich, Bultmann, and Schleiermacher - are German theologians who have basically destroyed a confidence in the Word of God and have taught that the Bible is either very relative or simply cannot be accepted at face value.

Any trust in the government and the church was significantly damaged after World War II with Adolf Hitler, since the state churches did not stand up against Hitler. Many of the present political leaders in Germany (including the Chancellor) were left-wing student liberals active in the student rebellions of the 1960's. Over half the members of the cabinet and the Chancellor himself refused to include any mention of God in their oath of office.

The only one left to trust is YOURSELF. Germany has become a very materialistic, pleasure-oriented society. After the War, the rebuilding of Germany through their hard work and intelligence has resulted in a humanistic philosophy in the country. The people have almost everything this world can offer - but not God.

EVEN THOUGH Christian work in Germany may be very difficult and slow, our goals are to plant as many churches as the Lord allows us to do and to train nationals to take over the leadership of these churches. Once German people are won to the Lord and are committed to the local church, there is a high degree of faithfulness and commitment.

Many, many German Christians are encouraged by the examples of faithfulness through the years they have seen in Walter and Thrasilla Hornung, Dan and Tricia Dubbe, and Rodney and Lindy Kidd.

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Your gifts and our BIMI missionaries at work!

In Russia

"The Educational Director of the English Language for all the public schools in Kolpina (an hour south of our city) invited me to lead an English Bible Study. This has given me many opportunities to speak in public schools and distribute Russian New Testaments to many students and teachers." (Kyle and Jodi Charters)

"We attended an all Russian Deaf Track and Field Championship in St. Petersburg. It is not only for the championship but also for the tryout for Deafylmpics in 2005. We handed out New Testaments to each person there." (Robert Fuller)

"With missionary Keith Sampson and others from our church, we passed out over 1200 Bibles and thousands of tracts in our church's region as well as several other outlying cities. The farthest area is almost two hours away." (Adam and Angela Young)

"We continue to distribute more of the thousands of New Testaments that came to us from BIMI's project 'Bibles to Eastern Europe.' We have given away about 9,000 of them this year in our city. It's a tradition here for newlywed couples to go to all the monuments on their wedding day and place flowers in honor of those who died for their country. We enjoy meeting those wedding parties and giving them a gift - a New Testament!"(Don and Ruth Ossewaarde)

In Ukraine

"As our neighbor Mary explained to me some of the sorrows she has experienced, she started crying. She then pleaded with me to please give her something to read that could help. I told her that I would give her a New Testament later that evening. My wife and I went to see Mary and her husband, Yarislave, gave them New Testaments and witnessed to them for an hour.

Already within our first term on the field, we have been involved with giving away about 8000 New Testaments. When we gave a New Testament to a lady in the vegetable market, she was surprised that it was FREE and wanted to give me some of her vegetables in exchange. It is still amazing to realize that most of the folks who take these New Testaments have never before had their own!" (John and Rhonda Magas)

In France

"It has taken eleven months of going out at least once a week to pass out over 29,000 New Testaments. This month has been encouraging because we have begun to see fruit from the New Testament distribution. A man came to our Friday evening prayer meeting and, in tears, told how he had been far from the Lord for years, how receiving the New Testament in his mailbox had reminded him of God's love and that he wished to become faithful again. Michael has been coming to each service ever since." (Bob and Gail Huffman)

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(Submitted by Daniel Irvin, BIMI missionary in Ukraine)

Olas is the second from left.

I was born July 9, 1980. I am the only son in my family and my parents surrounded me with an atmosphere of special concern and love. My childhood was given to the early eighties. It was the time when "The Empire of Evil," the Soviet Union, still existed; therefore, everything that was going on in our country took its base on absolute atheism. Starting in kindergarten and then caught up in school they told us that there is no God, and that everything about God - a myth.

Nevertheless, in our family we had different ideas concerning God. My mother was a true Christian; she regularly attended a House of Prayer. My father then opened up his heart for Jesus Christ. I also attended our House of Prayer and was enrolled in Sunday School where they told us about Christ, His unlimited love, about salvation and eternal life. However, I did not have any real desire to attend Church...

After some time had gone by, I was enrolled into University and dreamed of becoming a famous sportsman. At that time, sin had grown deep roots already; it would stay with me wherever I went...I left the church and walk away from God. My mind was filled with how to win and make more money, which would help to reach my goal. Nothing changed after I got married. The birth of my son increased our needs, and we needed more money.

The year 2000 was approaching its end. There was only one month before the tragic moment. One Sunday morning my wife together with my mother confirmed me to attend our church. I agreed...That day in the church preached former criminals. They told about their past life, filled with sin and suffering. Their testimony went deep into my heart. I heard a life story which was same as mine. According to the story, first for me awaited imprisonment. Now I understood that in such a way, the Lord gave me His last warning. Nevertheless, the Devil had great power over me.

March 7, 2001, was the last time when I saw my home. Overwhelmed with a feeling of easy enrichment, I went to commit my last crime. On that very day, I was caught and imprisoned, sentenced to four years of imprisonment in the colony of touch regime...By God's grace, I got a minimum imprisonment term and was sent to a jail which was located close to my home city. A more important provision of God was waiting for me in the future.

My wife Svitlana introduced me to Daniel (Irvin). She accepted the Lord over a year ago and kept attending services in Lviv. Daniel began to come to our institution and brought to prisoners the Word of God. His sermons gave a hope to our weak hearts. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior during one of our services. At that very moment, a burden that I was carrying through the years fell off. I was freed from the power of Satan and gave my life into the hands of God...No hardships can scare me anymore, for I am not alone.

Postscript by Daniel Irvin:

When Oles was released from Prison, he became very steady in church attendance. It was his testimony that attracted his friend Roman who had also served time in prison. After Roman got saved, he began to bring his wife Olena. She wanted this newly found hope that had caused so much change in Roman's life.

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Milton is located on the north side of the greater Stoke-on-Trent area in Staffordshire, England. That is about 155 miles north of London. It is part of what is known as "the Potteries." This area is historically where the Royal Doulton and Wedgwood factories have been turning out the finest China over the last two hundred years or more.

On Saturday, 19 June 2004, local history was made when the Milton Free Baptist Church called its first British pastor, David Moore and his wife Hazel. BIMI for years played an active role in bringing the congregation to the place where it would be indigenous, that is, self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating.

Church leader Brian Ecclestone remembers when Bob Vaughn and Farrell Kearney (BIMI) held meetings in the Smallthorne Community Hall in the 1970's. A few miles away in Milton, there was an old Congregation Church, established in 1828, which had closed and became a billiard hall. Here is where a well-known local preacher named Bob Bolton-Lear came to preach to a little group called the Full Gospel Church (not Charismatic).

In 1981, the two fellowships joined informally until Brant Holladay (BIMI) was called two years later to form what became the Milton Free Baptist Church on June 11, 1986, with thirty-one members. When the Holladays left, Bob Davis and family came to labor for four years. BIMI church planter Michael Schrimshire followed Davis in 1997, and remained until David Moore was called this last June.

The message from Milton tells how God's people first came together for worship, accepted some missionary assistance until they were able to stand on their own feet, called their own pastor, and provided the pastor's family with adequate salary and home. The focus of Baptist International Missions must remain the establishing of Baptist Churches where the need is the greatest.

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ALBANIA - Mike McCombie Family. Zenepe got saved! It was crucial that she make a salvation decision when she did, as she was scheduled to move to Italy to live with her husband who is working there.

ENGLAND - Mark Bell Family. Janice is attending our church now because of our new ministry - our newsletter called "The Calvary Chronicle." Frank, our neighbor, and Sarah, a university student, were recently baptized.

Don Hughes Family(helping John Reynolds). Someone from our church presented Christ's love and forgiveness to Roya, a Muslim, and she received Christ. She is translating my message about Baptist beliefs into her language for her 21-year-old son in Iran.

John Jones Family. Adele, the daughter of our faithful member Anne, testified that she has received Christ as her Savior. Other outreach opportunities God has given us is to take our choir to one of the largest women's prisons in this region.

Ferrell Kearney Family (helping Ford Baker). We are in England while the missionary is on furlough. Recently we passed out 140 Gospel of John and Romans on visitation.

Glenn Palmer Family. The Lord has blessed our visitation program with two new Sunday School girls, Lucy and Lorna. We also helped load two forty-foot containers with clothing to be shipped to Armenia.

Glenn Pizor Family. Thousands of Filipinos have moved to England mostly to work in the health care system. Over 300 people came out to celebrate Filipino Day. Our church set up a booth and distributed tracts. Since we have two Filipino ladies in our church, it was a great opportunity for outreach.

Ben Wharton Family. Here at Bicester Baptist Church we have had a record month averaging 50 in our Sunday morning services. Also, we have seen a young woman, Louise, trust Christ as her Savior.

FRANCE - Carey Abbett Family. The theme of our camp was "faithfulness." I had eleven young men in my care; almost all have made decisions for the Lord.

Gailen Abbett Family. After 34 years serving the Lord in France, we know there is a good side to everything. Our plumbing problem presented an opportunity to get to know our plumber quite well. He graciously accepted a Bible from us and Gospel literature. Pray for his salvation.

Bob Huffman Family. A man who has been coming to our church invited us to lunch. I was able to share Christ with his wife and three of their children. All four of them made professions of faith. The family is coming faithfully now.

GERMANY - Dan Dubbe Family. One of our ladies brought her sister-in-law to church and she trusted Christ after the service. At our annual church family camp, I had the opportunity to lead Ida Zahn to saving faith in Christ. Ida is in her 50's and has a wayward son for whom we are praying.

Michael Fields Family. In our language class, our teacher asked us to tell why we wanted to learn the German language. She gave me about 15 minutes to share about Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Walter Hornung Family. Farry, a saved Iranian man in our church, witnessed to his two friends in Iran for two years by telephone. On their way to jobs in Sweden, they stopped in Germany so they could come to our service and receive Christ. They flew to Sweden rejoicing with Christ in their hearts and the Word of God in their mother tongue in their hands.

Rodney Kidd Family. Four more young people or children have been saved in our monthly evangelistic service for young people on the last Sunday night of the month. A team of nine from our church assisted a church in northern France with some work on their building.

HUNGARY - Marc Patton Family. We had 99 present for our annual Harvest Sunday. Recently a young mother from Slovakia gave a testimony of her salvation and desire to be baptized. She would be our first member from Slovakia.

LATVIA - Paul LaGant Family. At our four-day camp, Christops received salvation. Four others have recently received Christ as their savior.

Jonathan Thompson Family. During the invitation, Rihards looked at me while others had their eyes closed. One Sunday, he lifted his hand for salvation. Although he has had a problem with stealing, he didn't think he was a sinner. After showing him the story of the two thieves who died with Jesus, he called upon the Lord to save his soul.

NORTHERN IRELAND - Ed Bissett Family. A young Catholic girl, aged fourteen, has trusted the Lord as her Savior. Our daughter Heather has invited Claire to our church, to youth fellowship and to Word of Life. There she trusted Christ.

Tom Fittis Family. Please pray for Ruth Kyle and Liz Hill who attend but are unsaved. Liz had brought her friend Jackie to church and we witnessed to her. Jackie intended to come back the next Sunday but tragically died that next Saturday night. Please pray for Liz.

POLAND - Darrell Johnson Family. Danuta has entered the gates of Heaven. Danuta was the first Pole to attend our services 10 years ago, the first saved and baptized, and now the first to enter Glory! A man Piotr has been saved and the priest told Piotr's wife: "We must pray he will return to the Catholic church." But she replied, "Yes, we must pray but it is better to wait until after he dies, because he is a better man and husband now than he was when he was a Catholic."

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - Don Thatcher Family. (New BIMI missionaries) God provided a house and van for us within the first two weeks. We took possession on July 1 and our container arrived on July 6!

Bob Zemeski Family. We have been witnessing to Karl Grouse for seven years. Karl has been coming to church for 2 months and has given a clear testimony of his coming to Christ.

ROMANIA - Tom Gentry Family. Our electrician, who has been working on our Bible Institute, and his wife have received Christ as their Savior! One by one these guys who come to work on the building are getting saved.

Ed Hembree Family. This year's graduates brought our total to 77 men trained in this four-year institution. This year finishes ten years of uninterrupted ministry in the Institute.

Keith Herndon Family. We averaged around 300 children each week in camp. As part of their practical, each Bible Institute student is required to serve four weeks at our camp. Here they get experience being group leaders, teaching Bible lessons, working in the kitchen and cleaning outhouses. What a blessing they are to us!

Brian Nibbe Family. In our soul-winning class we have had two "unusual" people attending. Adrian, an atheist who was curious about salvation, has been saved, baptized and joined the choir. Mihai, a Jehovah's Witness, who attended the class for over two years, has been saved and baptized.

Tim Tyler Family. A "first time" experience for our students in the Independent Baptist College of Romania was a choir tour to 9 different Baptist churches - traveling almost 1200 miles. There were several decisions and at least two saved.

Kyle Charters Family. We were able to see six follow the Lord in believer's baptism. Sasha and Anya, two of our most faithful teenagers, were very excited to receive baptism because it was illegal to baptize teenagers under 18 years of age during communist rule.

Robert Fuller (missionary to the deaf). Maksim was burdened for the deaf children at his alma mater. When he visited there, he showed our videotape of me telling the story of Jesus' birth. As a result, two deaf children invited Jesus into their hearts.

Duane Hearron Family. Saturday is Evangelization day. We praise God for the young people who come and help in this ministry.

Don Ossewaarde Family. My children and I went to a youth conference at the campground which belonged to the "young Pioneers" - the official Communist party youth organization. It is amazing to proclaim God's Word in such a place. Ten different people have visited our services in our home so far!

David Sterling Family. Dennis told us that during the preaching he was smitten with the fact that he had no hope but to trust in Christ. After the morning service Dennis accepted Christ as his Savior.

Ron Winkler Family. On our Siberian camping adventure, we and thirty campers braved bear, giant hornets, giant deer, horse flies, mosquitoes, Siberia's only poisonous snake, and two trips across the river all to preach the Gospel. As a result, four boys now have a home in Heaven.

Adam Young Family. While soulwinning in the park, I was able to lead Sergei to Christ. My wife and I invited Galina to our home for tea. When we shared the scriptures with her, she accepted Christ. Praise the Lord.

SCOTLAND - Doug Cameron Family. The leaders from the Bible Centre with five teens (including our son Doug) will be taking a missions trip to Bulgaria. They will be fixing and painting as well as teaching Bible stories and spending time with needy children.

Arvin Devers Family. Our goal is to plan a self-supporting, Bible-preaching, God-loving and sin-hating Independent Baptist Church. We are presently looking into a ministry in Fife.

Graham Forbes Family. God is still blessing and adding to our numbers with three people following the Lord in believer's baptism. Our church gives $900 per month to worldwide missions.

Mickey Schrimshire Family. I have started a men's mentoring fellowship in my home for possible future leaders in the church. I also have the privilege teaching discipleship lessons to a young man whom the Lord allowed me to lead to Him recently.

Dennis Snelson Family. We met Ken on visitation. I was able to meet with him later and he asked the Lord to save him. Also, our faith promise is over $3800!

SLOVAKIA - Ellis Johnston Family. We have distributed over 5,000 "Blessed Assurance" tracts in seven cities. Our bookmarks have been a help in meeting people one on one.

SPAIN - Clayton Livengood Family. We were privileged to have teen-agers Lydia and Seth Folkers from South Dakota helping us recently. What a blessing they were!

SWITZERLAND - Tim Carnicle Family. Because I had to have an MRI on my back, I was able to explain why I moved here to Switzerland. I shared my testimony and the Gospel completely with one doctor, three nurses and the MRI technician and gave them each a Gospel tract.

UKRAINE - Tony Hess Family. Our Neighborhood Bible Club's high attendance was 48. Eternity will tell the lasting effects of our Gospel outreach in Pastor Bob Van Sant's driveway!

Matthew Hudson Family. Nikolay and I went to see his unsaved friend Anatoly. Anatoly's two sisters were visiting him from a city in eastern Ukraine. They allowed me to share with them from the Bible how to be saved. All three bowed their heads and trusted Christ as Savior.

Dan Irvin Famil. God allowed us to baptize seven including the mother and father of the young man we gave literature to over two years ago! He had stolen a New Testament years ago.After reading it, he asked the Lord to save him.

John Magas Family. The Lord had already blessed with the conversion of Sophia. Now her daughter Lecia will stay in the living room to hear what we have to share from the Word of God. Please pray that Lecia will come to Christ soon.

John Spillman Family. The Lord has marvelously answered prayer in saving Olga, who turned to Him for salvation. Praise the Lord!

Bob Van Sant Family. Alina is a 12-year-old girl who has been paralyzed from the waist down for two years. I shared the Gospel with Alina, her aunt Ludmilla and her sister Tanya. All three were saved. Praise the Lord!

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John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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