You don't have to look in old history books to find courage. This photo from our missionary Matt Hudson in Ukraine tells it all. The orange banner carried by the patriots of Ukraine translates, "Liberty Cannot be Stopped."

It was also an amazing turn of events when the world witnessed the courage of the Iraqi people who participated in the democratic election (January 30) in the face of death threats and intimidation.

Yes, dramatic and stirring stories are being reported from Iraq. For instance, US News and World Report (February 28, 2005) told about 32-year-old Captain David Rozelle. He drove over a land mind and lost his leg. Even so, he later ran in the New York City Marathon and competed in triathlons-an unheard-of move for an amputee. That's not all. He recently returned to Iraq to command again.

In March we heard by sheer quiet courage and trust in God hostage Ashley Smith was released by her captor after he had shot a judge and two others at the Fulton County Courthouse.

Where else can you find courage? On the mission field. BIMI has over 140 missionaries serving in 20 European fields. I know them. I respect them for the work they do for God. They win souls and touch lives. They are out there building churches. Let me tell you about some of these I know who are as courageous as any American soldier. These will not cower to Satan, with all his threats and intimidations. I will not mention their names, but what I tell you is the truth.

Some show courage as they face great physical difficulties. One missionary was evacuated out of an East European country after his heart attack. He was patched up and is back serving there today. A wife and mother had a disabling accident as a child that has affected her whole life. Even today on the mission field she feels pain but is always known for her smile.

Some show courage overseas when their kids go off to college back in the States or their parents become sick or even worse. Others long to be back with their grandchildren but these brave men and women elect to stay on the field to work for God.

Others courageously stay with their mission churches in the face of severe financial cutbacks due to the weakness of the US dollar and the strength of the Euro. Only after all means have been employed will they come back to raise more support so they can get back to their people overseas.

As small as it may first appear, it takes a huge helping of courage to stay on a mission field when your landlord tells you that you are not welcome to stay and you learn later that the mafia is applying pressure to get you out; or when the local police tell you that the man directly below you in your apartment building has threatened to blow himself up and everyone in the building.

Even everyday inconveniences missionaries face require a whole lot of courage. Would you be willing to wash your clothes and bathe between 2 to 4:00AM because those are the only hours when the city provides running water for weeks on end? Or, because of bad roads or deep snow, spending as much time to repair vehicles as it takes for the long drive to camp and Bible Institute? Or knowing that there would be no heat for your church building on a bitterly cold morning, would you cancel services? They don't. What would it take for you to quit?

Where do you look for courage today? Look no further than to your missionaries. Come join them. Pray for them. Support them with all your hearts. They are worth it.

by Brant Holladay,
Editor/European Director

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Words of Gratitude from the Eszergom Baptist Church Esztergom, Hungary

To BIMI and the supporting churches of Marc Patton:

"Our hearts are full of gratitude toward the Lord for the wonderful things He has done in our church and in our lives. It is God's mighty power that brought our church to life, from nothing there is now a church here in Esztergom with 66 baptized members. It is His grace that we were able to celebrate Christmas in our new auditorium. To accomplish this God used many people like you, who have committed their lives to the Lord and who have sacrificed greatly to support our pastor and also the construction of our new auditorium. We would like to express our wholehearted gratitude for your help. We pray that the Lord will bless you richly for your sacrifice and that each of you would experience His love, grace and blessing in your lives and ministries.

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel toward the Lord for His blessings that we receive day by day through Marc and Charin's sacrificial ministry. The Lord gave Marc much wisdom and strength to direct the construction of our new auditorium. He also sacrificed financially from his own money to support the building project. At the same time he took care of all his regular pastoral duties. Charin took care of all her responsibilities with the same spirit of sacrifice and enthusiasm. The commitment and wisdom she has demonstrated in the children's ministries has set an example for all of our children's workers to follow. We trust that the Lord will give them both many years to serve among us.

We who have been so richly blessed of the Lord give praise to His holy name and offer up a sacrifice of thanksgiving to Him each day of our lives. May His grace prove sufficient in each of our lives and ministries.

The members of the Esztergom Baptist Church

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Julia Bauer, Reporter

Since 1994, Judith Skates has made nearly a dozen mission trips to Russia and Eastern Europe. She takes medical supplies to doctors and hospitals, gifts for children and adults, and Bibles for Russian men and women.

Judith's interest in Russia and Eastern Europe began in the early 1970s shortly after she became a Christian.

"For over 72 years, individuals in Russia and Eastern Europe were brutally persecuted if they professed faith in Jesus Christ," she said. " I read Tortured for His Faith by Harlan Popov in 1974 and have had a heart for the persecuted church since that time."

Popov was imprisoned for thirteen years. After he was freed, he started an organization to send portions of the New Testament to people's addresses in Russia. After reading Popov's book, Judith wanted to do something to help the people of Russia and Eastern Europe, "but the doors to Russia were closed in those days," she said. Since it wasn't possible for her to go to Russia, she sent portions of the New Testament.

Twenty years after she first read Popov's book, Judith finally had the opportunity to go to Russia. On the back of a magazine from BIMI, she saw an invitation for twenty-three volunteers to pass out 100,000 Bibles in Russia. In May 1994, Judith and her husband Richard went with the group and distributed Bibles. She and Richard have been married for forty-three years with four children and ten grandchildren. Her goal is to take each of her grandchildren to Russia with her.

Judith visited Russia alone in November 1994. In December 1995, she went on her third trip to Russia, this time as a member of her first BIMI Mercy Medical Team. Her involvement with the medical mission ministry began when Dr. James Ray and Brant Holladay talked with Judith about their desire to have a medical ministry in the St. Petersburg area.

On the medical team's first trip, they brought medications, sutures, dressings, and CPR equipment to Lomonoscov Regional Hospital. The team conducted a seminar with the hospital staff and gave each staff member a Bible. The group also visited a children's sanitarium for children with respirator problems, and they passed out 1500 Bibles on the streets.

As an associate missionary with BIMI, Judith visits St. Petersburg and its surrounding villages as well as Simferopol, Ukraine, once or twice a year. Her visits usually last about two weeks. As part of the medical ministry, she takes medical supplies to hospitals and provides items that we buy in America without thinking - Tylenol, Advil, over-the-counter cold and flu medicines, and vitamins.

Over the years, many different friends have helped Judith in her ministry. Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago contributes excess medical supplies for clinics in Eastern Europe and Russia. Steve Fitzgerald, a commercial pilot, takes boxes of study Bibles, humanitarian aid, medical supplies each month to designated doctors, pastors, hospitals, churches or orphanages for Judith.

She also takes audio versions of Russian Bibles. On these trips, she distributes Bibles door-to-door and passes out tracts and Bibles at busy metro stations and street corners. She visits orphanages and children's TB hospitals. She also visits elderly Russian citizens in their apartments.

"One lady hasn't been out of her apartment for nine years," Judith said. "She is blind; we took a tape recorder to her and Bible tapes of the New Testament in Russian. She was so happy."

Besides her medical ministry overseas, Judith is a hospice nurse and Parish Nurse Coordinator at KSB Hospital, Dixon, Illinois. She also is the owner and administrator of Genesis Healthcare in Sterling.

Judith and Lauren with two Russian ladies who chop wood to warm their church.

Polina (2nd from left by Austin) blind Russian lady received a Bible.

Mittens and Caps for Children in TB Hospital (St. Petersburg)

Taking Bibles to hospital in St. Petersburg

Judith reminds us of the words of Jim Elliott:
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

Please pray for Judith Skates and her ministry through medicine to Eastern Europe.

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Ten years ago this November, Brian Nibbe arrived in Romania. His family followed him in January, 1996. God has been blessing their efforts and, as Brian would say, "Let it be sufficient to say that anything that 'we' have done is solely attributed to what God has done."

What is God doing in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"In 2004 we received title to the land we bought several years ago. In June we began to dig the foundation for our church building. In September we began construction on the main floor. We moved into the first half of the building January 2005. We had 117 in church yesterday (with 10 visitors) and it is already full; we have already packed out all of our rooms in the building and need the auditorium badly. What a good problem to have!"

The ministry of the Gospel Light Independent Fundamental Baptist Church of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is multi-faceted. Their annual Vacation Bible School this past year saw 45 professions of faith. A Sunday attendance record was broken with a high of 219!

Each week the church has an average of twenty people out for the weekly soul-winning time. Thousands of Gospel tracts and invitations have been distributed by the members of the church. The salvation message has been given out to hundreds of people in the area.

After a person comes to Christ for salvation, he and his family will receive teaching at the church to help them grow spiritually. There are classes for children, teens, college and career, ladies and a general adult class. Brian's wife, Lynette, teaches a monthly Bible study group with over thirty ladies attending. Their Bible Institute has recently graduated their first three men. This semester has seen an increase in enrollment with women as well as men taking the Bible training.

Music is very important at Gospel Light. As an accomplished pianist, Lynette has been an encouragement to others to use their musical talents. A choir of twenty-four people and a small orchestra of five instruments help to set the tone of the worship services. God has provided a former member of the Cluj Opera to help Brian with an important project. They have almost finished compiling a new songbook of about 350 songs for their services.

Another huge undertaking has been completed by a group of translators, proof readers and grammarians - all members of The Gospel Light Church. Their translation of the New Testament from the Greek Textus Receptus into the Romanian language is completed. The final review process will be finished in the spring and the printing of the New Testament will begin immediately.

Quite amazing - The Gospel Light Independent Fundamental Baptist Church of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, now pays for its own ministry from the tithes and offerings of its members!

Brian Nibbe states: "Blessings abound in Cluj-Napoca, and God is good - always. We have had battered women come to us; we helped an unwed, pregnant young woman; we have fed widows and their families; we have given out food, clothing and helped stranded people get home to distant cities and villages. We have attempted to do what Jesus would have done."

Do not be afraid to trust and unknown future to an all-knowing God.

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Arvin and Marsha Devers
Dunfermline, Scotland

We arrived on the field of Scotland in March, 1990. For the first time in nearly fifteen years, we have a building we can use 24/7. It has been empty for several years and the owner was relieved to find a tenant who would not be in competition with his newsagent business. The building was a legal betting shop. Now we can use it to tell people of a sure thing.

Jonathan and Mary Thompson
Lielvarde, Latvia
(In their second term)

God answered our prayers and we found a building in Lielvarde to meet in. We put flyers in the mailboxes and on the bulletin boards around town. Our first Sunday, we had a total of 0 people show up. Trying not to be discouraged, we distributed flyers again. The next Sunday we had two people come. The following Sunday we had seven people come. We are praying that God will allow the Bible study to grow and become a church.

Clayton and Cheri Livengood
Fuengirola, Spain
(In Spain since July, 1982)

The remodeling of our building is almost completely finished. We have just some finishing touches to go -- handles on the door, trim around the doors, etc. Since the beginning of the project, our attendance has increased by more than half of what it was.

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Matt Hudson - An Icy Baptism in Ukraine:

The Lord has certainly been at work in the village of Stari Petrivtsi. The first two months of this young church's history have been very exciting. There have been many salvation decisions made and it is exciting to see the hunger in the new believer's eyes to study the Word of God.

Two of the men who recently received Christ as their Savior also immediately decided to follow the Lord in believer's baptism. I was excited about their decision and said that I would go and rent a local "heated" swimming pool for the baptismal service. These men said that they didn't need a heated pool but they were willing to be baptized in the Dnepr River. There was no way that I was going to be the "wimp" and say that I was the one who needed the heated pool after I saw their eagerness to be baptized. I agreed and we went to the river. With a cool November breeze and the temperature at 38 degrees F., we waded out into the water and these two men were baptized. They have already begun tithing and are witnessing for the Lord.

Marc Patton - An ice storm does not stop the children of Epol, Hungary:

We were scheduled to be in a small town called Epol (to present a Gospel program to the school). The town is about 15 miles from Esztergom tucked away in the mountains. The previous day we had a bad ice storm, and we were debating about whether or not we should try to make the trip. In the end, we decided to brave the elements and were very glad that we did! Every child in the whole town was present from preschool through 8th grade (about 70 children). The children were so appreciative that many of them followed us out onto the snowy streets to wave to us as we drove away. The principal was very friendly and said they would love to have us come any time.

Why was Yushchenko's color ORANGE???
by Marc Hudson

"We have been independent for the last thirteen years, but now we are free." Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens recently heard their newly inaugurated president, Viktor Yushchenko, declare these words. He has strong ties to both the USA and the EU. His wife is an American citizen. Viktor Yushchenko and his party, "Our Ukraine," have chosen orange as the party's official color. In Ukraine, orange is the color of rejection. There is an old time Ukrainian tradition that concerns a young man's proposal of marriage to a young lady. If the young lady was not willing to accept his proposal of marriage, she could tactfully just place a pumpkin on his doorstep. The pumpkin became a symbol of rejection. There is even a modern Ukrainian proverb that speaks of "giving someone a pumpkin" instead of telling them "no." The opposition party chose the color orange to symbolize the fact that they are rejecting the current administration and the way that they have been conducting business.

Further comments about the reforms in Ukraine from Bob Van Sant:

Ukraine's new president last week has started new reforms in the area of religious freedom. Surprising his listeners on a visit to Zhytomyr in central Ukraine on 8 February, Yushchenko announced that among a whole sweep of government agencies to be abolished was the State committee of Religious Affairs, including its local offices. "The government will work with every religion openly," Yushchenko pledged, promising the equal treatment of all faiths and an end to state interference in the internal life of religious communities. "It is not our goal to create deliberate obstacles for one or another faith or church." He stressed that it is the business of the individual to choose which faith to follow. Yushchenko's move to end state meddling in religious affairs is a powerful signal to the entire region.

Dawn Hess - Easter Traditions in Ukraine:

Instead of saying "Happy Easter" as we do in the States, here in Ukraine we say "Christ is risen." The other person answers, "Indeed he is risen." That is one tradition here that we like. Everyone says it, if they are saved or not. It is only said on Sunday, Easter Day.

Here in Ukraine the Thursday before Easter is cleaning day. The people of Ukraine clean their houses and take a shower or bath. Then that evening they go to the Russian Orthodox Church, light a candle and bring the candle back home with them. If they get the candle home while it is still lit, they believe they will be blessed. Friday and Saturday they spend baking bread and boiling brown eggs and making the eggs pretty. Some just color them; some make designs on them. Then they take their food to the orthodox Church so that the priest can bless it.

On Saturday night they go to the Orthodox Church for an all night service. They all stand the whole time except for the Babushkas (grandmothers); they bring chairs for them to sit on. On Sunday they start their day with eating the blessed food; they eat the eggs all through the day whenever they want one.

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ALBANIA - Mike McCombie Family. In the past year, we were able to distribute almost 84,000 John/Romans and various tracts.

CZECH REPUBLIC - Samuel Barth Family. New BIMI missionaries just arrived in Czech Republic. Please pray for them as they begin language school.

ENGLAND - Mark Bell Family. We have had a number of new visitors over the last few months as a result of our church newsletter, The Calvary Chronicle. Janice Goodwin joined our church and Emma Ward trusted the Lord Jesus Christ.

John Jones Family. The church plant in Congleton continues to move forward. In recent months, we adopted our constitution. Also, our church voted unanimously to ordain two of our faithful men to serve as deacons.

Glenn Palmer Family. We are grateful for a church in Canada that has printed 15,000 tracts for us. Our Bible correspondence course now has 30 students.

Glenn Pizor Family. Rodel and Daylyn, a young Filipino couple, have attended our church numerous times. Rodel is a Christian but Daylyn is not. When I visited them, she eagerly repented and embraced Christ as Lord and Savior.

Jim Reynolds Family. While Don and Helen Hughes were filling in for us, God has allowed them to see three saved, three families join the church and four are ready for baptism. Praise the Lord.

Mickey Schrimshire Family. It seems the Lord has another assignment for Christine and me back in the Midlands of England. Since the people of Leek Baptist Church are unable to call and support their own pastor, we will be serving there as missionary pastor.

Ben Wharton Family. We held our first revival service since coming to pastor the church in March 2004. We averaged forty-seven over the four services with several visitors each night.

FRANCE - Gailen Abbett Family. There were 56 of us at our annual youth camp. We rejoice in the salvation of Karim and Jonathan.

Bob Huffman Family. We begin our 10th term on the mission field. One Wednesday evening a man came to the Bible study for the first time, sharing with us that he had received a New Testament from a colleague in the town just across the river. The WORD is getting out!

GERMANY - Dan Dubbe Family. "I have been adopted into a Jewish family and look forward to reigning with a Jewish King in Jerusalem" was my reply to a Jewish man who recently emigrated from Ukraine to Germany. My deacon and I were able to share how the Messiah Jesus had offered the necessary blood offering for our sins. He said he would read the Old Testament passages I pointed out to him about the Savior.

Michael Fields Family. In my language studies class at the University of Mannheim, there are four Turkish students, two South Koreans, one Chinese, one Japanese, one Tunisian and one Israeli. I gave the Israeli a Bible. Please pray that God's Word will bring her to Christ.

Walter Hornung Family. It has been 34 1/2 years since we first arrived to work here in Germany. At our church in Mainz, a 26-year-old man accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Rodney Kidd Family. Our church is now 19 years old. The church planting team continues to plan and pray together about decisions we have to make to start church services in northern Mannheim this fall.

HUNGARY - Marc Patton Family. We made it! We held our first service in our newly completed auditorium. On that Sunday the Lord gave us our largest attendance ever with about 170 present. It was also a special joy to baptize 11 new converts - six men and five ladies.

LATVIA - Paul LaGant Family. Praise the Lord! God has been working out a major problem with a neighbor that would have resulted in our moving. Instead, God moved the man who was complaining about our services.

Jonathan Thompson Family. At a youth meeting in Ogre, I used for my text John 14:6 where Jesus said that he was the Way, the Truth and the Life. At the end I gave an invitation and hands went up for salvation, including the youth leader's!

NORTHERN IRELAND - Ed Bissett Family. Through our visitation, "Dickie," seventy-two years old, attended Sunday evening services. After I preached on the Pharisee and the publican, Dickie told me he thought he had been too bad to get saved. With tears running down his cheeks, Richard McBurney prayed the sinner's prayer of repentance.

Tom Fittis Family. We celebrated our 5th anniversary of the birth of our church. In conjunction with the anniversary weekend, we had a baptismal service when two young ladies followed the Lord in baptism.

POLAND - Darrell Johnson Family. One more comes to Christ! Irena became a newborn babe in Christ. One of her three children, Agata, and her boyfriend Robert have started attending church.

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - Dan Canavan Family. During our invitation, two Chinese visitors raised their hands for salvation. Man Juan did not appear quite ready to receive Christ, but after the service I spoke with Yang. She truly believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Don Thatcher Family. Our recent youth activity was a success because our neighbor boy, Mark, and his parents came! Our son Kevin has been praying and working on Mark.

Bob Zemeski Family. We rejoiced in seeing Moria and Vossie Vorster and their two boys Neil and Craig in church. It has been Karl Grouse who was saved last November who encouraged them to start coming again.

ROMANIA - Tom Gentry Family. The Lord has again smiled on me. Mihai, one of the toughest, meanest guys that ever worked on our building, has gotten saved and is being baptized. Also, a girl who was saved in the first year of our camp in 1993 has surrendered her life to Jesus and will be following him in baptism.

Ed Hembree Family. Our church took a big step with the ordination of Brother Florin Stanca as my assistant pastor. He graduated from our 4-year Bible Institute and is currently in his third year of college. I believe Brother Florin will make an excellent leader.

Keith Herndon Family. One of our teens, Florin, has been coming from the nearby town to our church. His little sister began attending Sunday School and church with him. After several visits in the home, Florin's parents received Christ as their Savior and have been faithful to all the services. We now have five candidates for baptism.

Brian Nibbe Family. - The Gospel Light Independent Fundamental Baptist Church of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, now pays for its own ministry from the tithes and offerings of its members!

Tim Tyler Family. I had the privilege of preaching in a young independent Baptist church in Lugoj. After passing out almost 6,000 invitations, we saw a high attendance of 80. The greatest blessing for me was to be able to speak in Romanian and lead a young father to the Lord.

Kyle Charters Family. We celebrated our fifth anniversary of ministry with the Open Bible Baptist Church in St. Petersburg. We had an attendance of 90 with many visitors. At our weekly Bible study with English teachers in Kolpina, three precious ladies prayed to accept Christ's free gift of eternal life.

Robert Fuller (missionary to the deaf). I attended the World Championship of Martial Arts of Deaf Athletes in Moscow where 13 countries competed. My team and I led evangelistic campaigns among deaf athletes there. I met a group of five deaf Moldavians and shared the Gospel with them.

Duane Hearron Family. Nadia Fedorovna, 76 years old, has been our first convert in the villages. Grandma Nadia opened the gate surrounding her village home to me and received the tract that I offered her. She then allowed us to enter and preach Jesus Christ.

Don Ossewaarde Family. To date we have received 25,000 New Testaments from BIMI's "Bibles to Europe" project. We have already distributed about 14,000 of them on the streets, in the parks, at bus stops, on city squares and from door-to-door. We also are praising the Lord for the approval of our 3-year residency permits.

David Sterling Family. Dee has had the opportunity to see three of the students in her Sunday School class accept the Lord over the past two months. Please pray for the unsaved parents of these young people. Our green cards have arrived - to allow us to stay for three years.

Ron Winkler Family. Over 4,000 BIMI Bibles have been delivered to us and will be distributed very soon. Please pray for this effort.

Adam Young Family. Mahil, the sister of one of our Indian medical Bible study men, got saved this month. Also a former member of the study asked to meet with me and his Russian friend who was interested in God. His friend Ariana got saved at our house when we met and then she came to church on Sunday.

SCOTLAND - Doug Cameron Family. Our church is reading through the Bible together this year. For some this will be the first time they ever read the Bible in a year. Two elderly ladies, Ruby and her 86-year-old friend, have been coming Sunday evenings.

Arvin Devers Family. For the first time in nearly 15 years we have a building we can use 24/7. This building was a legal betting shop.. Now we can use it to tell people of a sure thing.

Graham Forbes Family. We have begun an open air meeting in the center of Paisley. This is a great opportunity to reach people with the Gospel.

Dennis Snelson Family. We have achieved a goal of putting out over 18,000 tracts and leaflets. This amount doesn't include the weekly tracts that God's people here give out as they go about their daily duties in the market place or at the bus stop.

SLOVAKIA - Ellis Johnston Family. (Another means of getting out the Gospel) We have enough books to start a lending library. We will run ads in a local paper, and, hopefully, we will be able to make some contacts for witnessing through the library.

SPAIN - Clayton Livengood Family. We have Russian believers, now living in Spain, in our services. I am currently teaching them Spanish.

SWITZERLAND - Tim Carnicle Family. We had a special afternoon service for Annalisa's baptism. Her husband and children all came. Annalisa was very excited about their witnessing her baptism and hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel.

UKRAINE - Tony Hess Family. We just got back from our Winter Youth Conference. This is an activity where we reward the faithful kids in the youth groups.

Matthew Hudson Family. I recently met with the regional director of the board of education concerning the possibility of conducting a weekly Bible lesson with children in an orphanage outside of Kyiv. She asked if I would like to work in another orphanage also and possibly teach a Bible class in the local village public schools.

Dan Irvin Family. Praise the Lord for answered prayer. We are averaging almost as many on Sunday evening as we are on Sunday morning. We continue to receive a few visitors every month since moving to our new hall.

John Magas Family. It is such a joy to see Sophia's growth in the Lord .When her unsaved niece visited, who is a Catholic from Poland, Sophia purposely asked me questions about the Bible and then translated the answers to her niece. She wanted her niece to know her need for salvation.

John Spillman Family. As part of the registration process, our church must get a special stamp that authenticates all legal documents that the church must create. Some churches have been trying to get a stamp for about a year and a half. Pastor Vadim told me that he received our stamp in just four months. Praise the Lord!

Bob Van Sant Family. The Deaf Conference was fantastic! There was an average of 70 deaf in each service with guests from four other cities. Best news of all - three were saved.

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Missionaries of the Day
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Galatians 3:11 But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, [it is] evident: for, The just shall live by faith.

Michael & Anna Doering -  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Christian A & Emma Dogor -  GHANA
Marvin A & Marilyn Donnell -  AUSTRALIA
International Representative
Brant & Maylou Holladay

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Europe Director
Ed & Carole Hembree

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016