When Do Christians Give to World Missions?

Recently I read that in 1933, the depth of the Great Depression, Protestants’ giving of their incomes to their churches was 2.9%.  By 2000, when Americans were over 450% richer (after taxes and inflation) than in the Great Depression, Protestants were giving 2.6% of their incomes to their churches. If that be true, it seems that as a nation we were more willing to sacrificially give to missions during the Depression than we are today.

  On the subject of missions and sacrifice, when do we Christian people begin to give?

1. We sacrifice and give when we have faith. Nobody will buy a new gadget unless he believes it will work.  A missionary is willing to give his life to serve because he has faith that God is calling him.  A church will financially be willing to invest in the missionary when it senses the call of God on the missionary.  Faith is a big issue.  Faith and missions go hand-in-hand.

2. We give when we believe that our investment will pay off.  S.D. Gordon says in his book, Quiet Talks on Prayer, that Christians have five great outlets of power: life, what we are; lips, what we say; service, what we do; prayer, what we claim in Jesus’ name; money, what we do not keep, but give to God.

Is your life paying off?
How wisely are you investing?
Are you satisfied with your level of power?

3. We give when we believe in planning ahead. BIMI encourages our missionaries to plan for the future.  Our missionaries are required to have medical insurance so when emergencies arise, their supporting churches will know most costs will be covered.  The mission also requires a modest amount of money be withheld in the missionary’s retirement account for the future.  Proverbs speaks about the ants that provide for their own and save for the future. (Proverbs 6:6-8.) Planning ahead for eternity is certainly no less important for Christians than planning for retirement.

Does your giving reflect your faith in God’s promises to those who lay up treasure in Heaven?  Good works won’t save, but good works will increase our eternal benefits package.

People of faith are people who give.  We give when we have faith. We give when we believe that our investment will payoff.  We give when we believe in planning ahead.

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By Michelle Cook (Michelle and her husband Doug are missionaries to Slovakia)

In April of 2006, we had our last missions conference before leaving for the field in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Portsmouth and Chesapeake, Virginia, are old stomping grounds for me, since I graduated from High School, and my parents, John and Lydia Gouge (Baptist Mid-Missions veterans) were sent out of a local church in this area.

As we arrived at the church, friends from the past hugged and greeted me, all asking if I had been inside the sanctuary yet. "Oh, you need to go inside; you will be so surprised". Upon entering, I noticed the large banner which read: "Filling the Empty Shoes." Around the auditorium were pictures of missionaries who had gone home to be with the Lord.

Wow, what a great theme. As I walked around the church, I began to read the names. The Collins Family was one I knew, but many of the names were unknown to me.  However, the very last picture hanging on the wall was a picture of my dad, John Gouge, veteran missionary for over 30 years.  He had just passed away a mere six months earlier from complications resulting from a lung transplant. I must admit that I was taken back.  I have been used to seeing portraits of William Carey, Adoniram Judson, and others who had left their mark on the world.  But here before me was a picture of my own dad, stating the fact that his shoes in Slovakia were now empty.  I knew in my heart that I needed to do my best to fill his shoes. As the conference went on, those words kept echoing in my heart...."filling the empty shoes."  And the Lord gave me this song:

We have heard of saints gone on before the Lord has greatly used
To tell a lost and dying world, the wondrous Gospel news.
So who will go instead for them, pick up their sword and fight,
Fill their shoes, finish their course, to keep their goal in sight?

Empty shoes, who will fill
Those shoes that left their home and land to do the Father’s will?
Empty shoes, who will fill,
Who will surrender self, to fill the empty shoes?

He was born so many years ago in a land across the sea.
He loved the Lord enough to bring the Gospel here to me.
But he’s gone Home and now you see his country needs the truth.
Who will go to his land, filling his empty shoes?

Not long ago a precious saint took his final breath,
Met his Savior face to face, but oh the task he left.
Shoes left behind, so hard to fill, the task he left so great.
I’ll take his shoes back where they’ve been, I’ll fill his empty shoes.

The last night of the conference, I was able to sing that song with my mom in the congregation.  Oh what a need we have around the world to fill the shoes of dear saints that have gone on to Glory. Doug and I are here, in Slovakia, in the same town that Dad labored in for over 13 years, yet anyone that knows my Dad knew that he had big shoes to fill.  We could use help filling his shoes.  Who will surrender self……to fill these empty shoes?

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Almost a decade ago, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Mohammed Zaher’s father was brutally murdered by agents of the brutal Taliban regime. His crime? Merely the possession of English books! Forced to watch his father’s beheading, Zaher began to question the veracity of Islam. He simply could not understand how such a brutal crime could be committed in the name of God. His searching for another way had begun.
After United States forces began liberating Afghanistan, many Afghans took advantage of the relaxed borders and fled the country. Zaher took his family on a tortuous journey through Pakistan, through several of the Central Asian former Soviet republics, and, finally, to Moscow in search of a better life.

In Moscow, he met several Christians working with humanitarian aid. These kind people shared the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. For the first time, Zaher heard of a loving and personal God. How different from the austere, judgmental, and temperamental Allah this new Gospel was. Here was a God that sent His own Son to earth, garbed in a robe of flesh. Here was a God that allowed His only Son to be brutally slain for the very people he had created. Here was an astounding mystery that Zaher could not solve: God is love.

After several months, when Zaher started to publicly question Islam among the Afghan community, he was physically assaulted by other Muslims twice. After appealing to several aid groups, Zaher was cleared to move to St. Petersburg to escape persecution. Soon, he was placed in contact with several American missionaries. After another year of searching, questioning, and confirming, Zaher made the decision to fully trust Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Several months later Zaher was baptized into the congregation of a local Baptist church and has since begun theology classes.

Since he began studying Christianity some years ago, Zaher simply devours the Word of God. There are few places in the Scriptures with which he is unfamiliar. His goal is to begin a Protestant church in Kabul. His love for Christ is very evident. Recently Zaher said, "I never knew what love was until I met Jesus Christ. Christ has given me a love for my people. I am glad I came to Russia, because here I found spiritual salvation; but now I want to go back so that the Afghans can also know this new life."

Nassy came to Russia in 1990 to study law. Born into a relatively educated family in Kabul, Nassy was a teenager when Communists took over Afghanistan. As an aspiring intellectual, he was seduced by the promises of radical socialism. Giving willing assent to Marxist philosophy, he rose rapidly through the education ranks of Kabul. By 1988, Nassy was the Chief of Education for the Internal Security Forces of Afghanistan. By the time he finished his law degree in 1994 in St. Petersburg, the Communist regime in Afghanistan had collapsed, the Soviets had pulled out of the country, the Soviet Union itself had been dissolved, and a civil war was raging in Afghanistan.

Remaining in St. Petersburg, Nassy received official asylum from the Russian government. He began a local Afghan newspaper in the languages of Dari and Pashto. In 2001, Nassy met some American Christians in Moscow and started his own journey to the Christian faith. Over a period of several years, this man came to understand the Gospel message. Repudiating Islam, Marxism, and secularism, he placed his faith in Christ Jesus, was baptized with Zaher, and is currently studying theology with him. About his faith Nassy says, "I have experienced a complete change in myself. Before, I was afraid to die. I was afraid of my past and my sins. Now I want to know the Bible and teach it to my people. Death no longer holds any fear for me. I have found something to live for!"

Both of these men have faced persecution and threats because of their faith. Nevertheless, they have persevered and established a Christian newspaper for Afghans and Persians. They have no hate for Islam or Muslims, despite the evil this religion has inflicted upon them. No, they simply have a God-instilled love for the souls of men. Zaher has shared the Gospel with numerous family members and has seen several come to true faith in Jesus Christ. The great truth of these men’s lives is that God has His people in every culture and among every people-group.

Zaher and Nassy are living examples of the reason for missions. Who could have known that in St. Petersburg, Russia, a Gospel lifeline to Afghanistan would be found?

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Veteran missionaries Bob and Kathi Zemeski now have a team serving with them since Don and Lisa Thatcher with their children and Stephen and Katie Finley have joined them in Ireland.

On the third of September, 2006, River Valley Baptist Church celebrated its one year anniversary. During the past year, the church experienced many "FIRSTS."

Among other events, they had their FIRST mission conference, FIRST preachers’ fellowship, FIRST evangelistic meeting/music seminar, FIRST ladies’ fellowship, FIRST missionary family sent out from their church, and FIRST church choir.

The ministry also includes consistent literature distribution in the city of Dublin and surrounding areas. Over 15,000 evangelistic packets have already been given out this year. The church has gained new families through the power of the printed word and the hard work and finances spent in getting the literature out.

The church is composed of a variety of nationalities including Irish, Nigerians, South Africans, Indians, English, and Americans. Pastor Bob Zemeski mentions "with anywhere from 30-40 people attending on Sunday, we are simply running out of space. We are in need of larger facilities."

Please pray for the River Valley Baptist Church in Dublin, Ireland.

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by Robb Redlin

Back in the l800’s, Beddau (bay-the), Wales, was a crossroads for many travelers going through the Rhondda Valleys. There was much crime in this town and many public executions. So when people passed through the town and saw the executions, they called the town the "city of graves" or "Beddau." What a sad start for this area!

In l867 Bethania Baptist Church was started in Beddau and the members built a beautiful church building. This Baptist church thrived during the Welsh revival; but as in many Welsh churches, after the emotion and fire died down, the members lost interest and the church started to die. In 1999, the building lay in ruins.

When we moved to Wales and saw this town, the Lord led us to start Beddau Baptist Church. On Sunday, September 10, 2006, we had our first service with 34 people in attendance in the beautiful Congregational Church we rented.

I am so grateful that in this town of Graves we can share the truth of our RISEN Savior!

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Soup "n" pudding
(Graham Forbes, missionary to Scotland)
After much prayer we have decided to open a coffee shop once a week for the elderly in the community. We have sent two of our ladies, Molly (who is 82) and Agnes (who is 75), back to college for training in catering. This will be an outreach into the community as a way to have friendships with the people who live near the church. Please pray for Graham, his wife Melinda and his daughter Hannah as they minister to the Scottish people through the Glenburn Baptist Church.

By Daniel Irvin/Ukraine
A tool that we have used to reach out to the community around us with which to spread the Gospel are the concerts our boys are required to give in their piano and violin study. There are advantages in living in some third world countries. Because music lessons are so inexpensive, we were able to hire two teachers from the L'viv Conservatory.

The boys are required a concert each semester. We hand out a printed program for the concert. I then begin the concert with an introduction. I have used this time to show from the Bible the origin, power and beauty of music. The boys perform songs that they have memorized on piano and violin. After the concert is over, each boy receives a performance award certificate for the semester. The teachers also receive gifts of recognition for their hard work, usually a large box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers and a card with a gift of appreciation inserted. Afterward, we all sit down with the guests to a meal that Judith has prepared beforehand. Most of our witnessing takes place at this time, when everyone is a little more casual and relaxed. Please pray for us that God will continue to bless these efforts.


Jack and Dot Moorman minister in the greater London area, south of the River Thames. In their thirty-eight years of service for the Lord, one outreach that has been used for God’s glory is their literature distribution.

Jack states:

We go to one of about 40 market places across London nearly every day.  Many, many people are spoken to, witnessed to, invited to church, and counseled.

We continue to get large numbers of our John 1 and 3 tract into the Moslem East End of London. Another area that we are trying to reach is the Marble Arch area where a large number of very wealthy Arabs live.

Please pray for Jack and Dot Moorman as they unselfishly give their time and love to the people of Great Britain.

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by Rodney Kidd

Our church in Mannheim is now just over twenty years old. The Lord enabled us to build our own building in 1999, and our first service in the new building was on Christmas Eve, 1999. As we got settled into the building and the joys of having a place of our own, I shared with the people that the seating capacity of our building limits us and that we are not in the business of establishing a big Christian Center seating a large number of people.

We have been working on the philosophy for a long time that when our building starts to get full (we have a seating capacity of about 150), that we will do our best to start another church by sending a team out from the mother church to do so. We have been praying about that for years. We knew that it would be best if we had committed families in the area in which we want to start another church. Finally we settled on the northern part of our city where there are over 28,000 people with no real witness for Christ. That is the population of just two of the sections of Mannheim that are closest to us. These areas include also sections that have many socio-economic problems.

The Lord laid this project on the hearts of two of our families from this area, and we started meeting together as a team over two years ago. We also conducted a children’s Bible Club in the area for several months before beginning services there. In January, 2006, we found a building that was appropriate and affordable, and we were able to begin renovations the next month.

Our first Sunday in the building was May 7, 2006, and the Lord gave us 55 people. We had a good number of visitors from the contacts that we have in the area and through our children’s Bible Club. We have the problem that most Germans consider anyone to be a part of a cult who is neither in the Catholic or the Lutheran church. In the section of town where the daughter church is, we will have to overcome that hurdle and win the confidence of the people.

Lindy and I will still be active in both churches, giving us the opportunity to lead the German leadership into full responsibility in the mother church. The next step will be turning over the daughter church to someone else and then starting over again, Lord willing, with the next church planting effort. We are thankful for the open door that God has given us.

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BRIAN NIBBE – Romania (On a trip recently from Cluj, Romania, to Dublin, Ireland, he traveled through Budapest, Hungary).

Hungary is a country that has a very, very difficult language. I feel like I am looking at Chinese, because I recognize virtually nothing that is written there. After arriving at the Budapest train station, I needed to get to the airport.

As an experienced traveler, I have traveled to many countries; I have filled up three passports with stamps. Yet, there I stood in Budapest, staring at an incomprehensible (to me) map of the public transportation system. It all started with a simple, "Lord, what now?"

I could not see spending $35 to go 18 miles by taxi, so I went into the subway system. As I was standing there looking like a very ignorant person, a man from Ecuador walked up to me. He spoke about 10 words in English but knew enough to say to me, "You need help." I just nodded in the affirmative. He asked, "To where you go?" I said to the airport. He just looked at me and said, "Very difficult." That was something I was already sure was the truth. He pointed at the automatic ticket machine and said, "2 Euro." I put in the money, got my ticket, and he practically grabbed my arm and caused me to follow him.

Off into the subway we went. A few stations later, the subway came to a complete stop and everyone had to get off because the tracks were under construction. At this point I was really lost. He just motioned for me to follow, so I followed. Up to the street level, onto an unmarked tram car, off a few stops later, back into the subway, a new ticket in the machine and the Ecuadorian directed me to a train platform, pointed and said, "To the end."

He turned to leave. I stopped him and asked his name. He smiled, responded in perfect English and told me his name was Paulo. At that he walked away and I lost him in the crowd. Two different subway lines, a tram detour on an unmarked tram, and a bus transfer, and I was deposited at the entrance of the airport. Humanly speaking, one would say I made it to the airport because of Paulo, yet it all started when I simply breathed out a simple prayer "Lord, what now?"

Who says that God doesn’t care about even our smallest requests? It all started when I breathed out a simple prayer, "Lord, what now?"

CARLA BARTH - Czech Republic

Last week we were passing a small store that sells cosmetics, hygiene products, and a variety of other items. We noticed all the lights were out and emergency vehicles were arriving on the scene. Not knowing what was going on, I quickly got Jadon to the other side of the street, out of harm’s way. Sam stayed around the scene to see what was going on.

The ceiling of the store had collapsed! Sam saw emergency workers bringing people out. As far as we know everyone was able to walk out, not badly injured. We were praising the Lord for His protection, because just the day before Jadon and I were in that very store in the exact spot where most of the damage was! GOD HEARS AND ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS!

BRANT AND MAYLOU HOLLADAY (going from Hungary to Romania by train) -

We had just visited our missionaries (Marc and Charin Patton and their children) in Hungary to help them with a Bible distribution. Marc took us to the train station in Budapest so that we could journey on to see the camp work in Romania, where Tom Gentry, Keith Herndon and their families are laboring.

After waving goodbye to Marc, we settled into our seats on the train. In the course of the trip, the ticket master stopped to stamp our tickets. He became very agitated with us, but we could not understand what he was saying. He could not speak English. We tried and tried to decipher why he was so upset with us.

A few seats in front of us, God had placed one of His "angels" who could speak a bit of English. She overheard the problem and told us that we were on the wrong end of the train. At a certain point in the journey, the front part of the train (where we were) would split from the back part of the train. We would be headed for Ukraine instead of Romania!

That split was coming in just about ten minutes. She told us we would have to grab our bags, get off quickly, run to the back of the train and get on before it started up again. Talk about QUICKLY…that is how we did it! When she said, "NOW!"…we ran for the exit and then down the long path by the train cars to an open door in the back. Hot, relieved, grateful we flopped down in an empty seat – amazed that the Lord had given us an "angel" to get us out of a dilemma we did not even know that we were in!

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CARP and CHRISTMAS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC (Sam and Carla Barth) CARP! That is the main Christmas dish here in the Czech Republic. For a few weeks before Christmas, the barrels of carp are everywhere around the city. It is a long Czech tradition for the family to buy the carp, bring it home in a bucket, then let it swim around in the family’s bathtub for a up to a week before Christmas Eve! The clean water is to help get rid of the mud taste typical to carp. My neighbor who is a Chinese Christian asked me to help her prepare her carp. As I was "helping," I looked over at a large pot on the stove; two eyes were looking back at me!!! My neighbor was preparing the traditional carp head soup, too! We did try the fish but not the soup.

The days leading up to Christmas are very festive. On the evening of December 5th, three people dress up as a pope, a devil and an angel. The three walk around together, and the pope asks the children if they have been good or bad. If the children have been bad, the devil gives them coal or potatoes. If they have been good, the angel gives them chocolates, fruits, and nuts.

During the holidays, there are many nativity scenes displayed around the Czech Republic. They are a reminder why God has brought us here – to give the truth of Jesus Christ from God’s Word to people who need Him in their daily lives all year long.


Marguerite Gentry and her husband Tom have a big responsibility in Romania – church planting and directing a camp and Bible Institute ministry. Marguerite’s story gives some insight into needs on the mission field that are not always present in the United States:

"When we first came to the field of Romania, I wanted to have a flock of chickens, but I did not see any for sale anywhere. I asked our translator about this. Well, I do not know what happened…but within a couple of weeks, some of the ladies of the village where we lived started bring me hens from their flocks. When it was all over, I had a flock of ten hens and one rooster; God does provide all we need.

Doug and Michelle Cook and their daughters Kayla and Jessica are serving the Lord in Slovakia. One day the girls asked for bicycles.

"We told the girls that we were not able to buy bikes at this time because we were saving all we could for a car. We told them we would have to pray and ask God to supply the funds. Within a few days of the conversation, we were contracted by one of our supporting churches, asking if the girls had bikes. The church wanted to use the VBS pennies to buy bikes for them. How exciting to encourage our children to pray about something and see them get an answer back so quickly."

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By Maylou Holladay

CZECH REPUBLIC - Samuel Barth Family. We requested prayer for obtaining our visas. Praise the Lord, we now have our visas, which are good for two years!

ENGLAND - Ford Baker Family. We have been busy going to different town centers and preaching and passing out tracts. I am also teaching at the School of Evangelism on soul-winning.

Mark Bell Family. As a result of our distribution of 1,300 John and Romans, a lady visited our church. She told us how refreshing it was to heard someone actually preach from the Bible.

Reta Burns. Sunday mornings we are averaging 35 in attendance in church. I rejoice that Philip, a young man from my Sunday School class, recently prayed to be saved.

John Jones Family. As we were in the town centre preaching the Gospel, I noticed two attentive young ladies. I shared the Gospel with them; they bowed their heads and prayed out loud to be saved!

Ferrell Kearney Family. During our fill-in ministry in Nuneaton, I had the opportunity to teach two modular courses at the Baptist Bible College. The Bible College is a continuing work of the college that we helped to start in l979.

Marcia Kittleson. Rita and I met a young widow whose husband died in England, while she was in Zimbabwe. We attended the funeral and have befriended her. She has been coming to the church. Please pray for her.

Jack Moorman Family. It has been an amazing 38 years on the field. Our morning attendances still remain good. We had first-time visitors this past week from India, South Africa and Romania.

Glenn Palmer Family. (Glenn and his wife Charlotte received their BIMI pins for twenty-five years of faithful service this summer).

Glenn Pizor Family. We praise the Lord that during this past year, we have had 25-30 visitors. Also, God has added three new members to our membership.

Jim Reynolds Family. We are continuing to see fruit. An eighty-three-year-old lady named Marie Lucky was saved last week. We also had a new visitor recently.

Mickey Schrimshire Family. On our last night of camp, we had 20 young teens respond to the invitation. Seven of those were first-time professions of faith. Also, our North Staffordshire Christian Choir gave a free concert and I preached to over 200 people that evening.

Ben Wharton Family. Our baptismal and Friend Day services were a blessing. We had six candidates for baptism. For Friend Day, we had a record high attendance of 69. Praise the Lord!

FRANCE - Gailen Abbett Family. In the past years, Matthieu was a young and sometimes troublesome camper. This year he is 19 and was a first-time counselor. When I led Remi, who was in Matthieu’s tent, to the Lord, I saw Matthieu holding back tears of emotion.

Carey Abbett Family. Praise the Lord, there were 11 professions of faith at our camp. After an evangelistic outreach we conducted door-to-door, John, an older Jewish man, asked that I come back to talk to him. Pray for John.

Danny Flowers Family. Sandy, a faithful teenager in our youth ministry, had been witnessing to her friend Sebastien for some time. After his second service at our church, I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord.

Bob Huffman Family. Praise the Lord for two children who made professions of faith during Children’s Church. We also had seven youth who went to the Good News Camp in Southern France.

GERMANY - Dan Dubbe Family. For the past year, two other men and I have been leading the church in discipleship courses. We also praise the Lord that while standing at the bus stop, I was able to lead Leonid, a middle-aged man who had come to Bible study, to the Lord.

Walter Hornung Family. We are grateful to the Lord that the church here in Mainz is growing. There are four new families and five singles that have started attending our services.

Rodney Kidd Family. We had the joy of baptizing six people – three adults, one teenager and two children. We also used the time of the World Soccer Cup in Germany to hold a soccer camp for children, to share Christ with them.

HUNGARY - Marc Patton Family. We have seen four young people saved recently. One is a single man about 30 who has been attending. The other three are teenage girls, children of church members.

LATVIA - Jonathan Thompson Family. After a couple of months of working with the youth on Wednesdays, we got to see some good fruit. Kristaps, a 13-year-old boy, and two teen girls, Ieva and Aiga, asked Jesus to save them.

POLAND - Darrell Johnson Family. With great joy we share with you that Irena, saved 18 months ago, was baptized. With God’s help, Irena has been able to bring her husband Jacek, an atheist, to our services where he has heard the Gospel.

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - Dan Canavan Family. Michael, the dad of Shauna (a friend of Becca’s), came to me with questions about religion. This is amazing because Michael initially forbade Shauna to come to church or to play with Becca. Over several months, I was able to witness to him. One of our members led Michael to the Lord and he is coming faithfully for discipleship.

Stephen Finley Family. We have delivered the last of the 15,000 copies of the Guidepost to the homes in this area. A new convert, Dnie, has become my eager partner in soul-winning. Please pray for Dnie that God will give him direction for his future.

Don Thatcher Family. We had our first ever ladies’ fellowship with 21 ladies present. I was also privileged to baptize five people – three were my own daughters.

Bob Zemeski Family. With anywhere from 30 – 40 people in attendance, the River Valley Baptist Church is in need of bigger facilities. Please pray for us in this regard. We also have had 5 Polish people visit our services recently.

ROMANIA - Tom Gentry Family. In the first four weeks of our camp, we have seen over 500 saved here in Romania. Also, when I preached on the last day of camp in Moldova, a young girl surrendered to missions.

Ed Hembree Family. The big news is the first graduation of Independent Baptist College. Our graduates are my assistant pastor, Florin Stanca, and Sergiu Sidor, our missionary intern. Please pray for these men.

Keith Herndon Family. One week at camp an Orthodox lady was present with her two small children. During the invitation, she prayed to receive Christ while still sitting in her seat. Her daughter was also saved.

Brian Nibbe Family. Over 241 different children attended our Bible School this year. There were 82 professions of faith by young people and one grandmother was led to the Lord.

Tim Tyler Family. We had the first Vacation Bible School ever at the Timisoara Independent Baptist Church. On Monday, we had only ten. When we went to the park to play games, three boys asked if they could come. They returned with two others and the next day brought nineteen! At the last night, we had 34 in attendance.

Kyle Charters Family. Our outreach among the Indian medical students set a record high with 180 in attendance for our Gospel drama and songs. One family has joined the church as a result of visiting the service.

Duane Hearron Family. After four months of holding Bible Clubs in the village, we continue to have many in our services. Even Sasha, the director of the center where we hold our Bible club, was skeptical at first but now usually attends every service.

Don Ossewaarde Family. When a BIMI group visited us, we were not sure how many we would have for a service. BUT we had ten Russians – a record day for us! Our meeting room was so full, we had to unwrap the plastic from three new chairs to have enough for everybody. It was thrilling!

David Sterling Family. My wife had the privilege of leading one of our neighbors, seventeen-year-old Natasha, to the Lord. Natasha’s niece, Tanya, has also been saved. Tanya’s grandfather has come to church – the first time in his adult life.

Ron Winkler Family. Our main focus for most of this year has been in the village of Shela, 45 minutes north of Krasnoyarsk. We are presently using the Cultural Center for our meetings, but are praying that we can build a place of our own.

Adam Young Family. I had the privilege of leading Artyor, a teenager, to Christ. Later I had a good talk with Artyor’s father. At first he was a little leery of me, but warmed up towards the end of the meeting. Please pray for his salvation.

SCOTLAND - Doug Cameron Family. Judy and I will be teaching 30 young people in our evening Bible class at the Bible Centre near Glasgow. Sarah, an elderly lady, took a wrong turn and found our church. She has been attending and calling it "my church."

Arvin Devers Family. Two ladies who have been attending our church for the past month have completed our "New Life In Christ" Bible Correspondence Course. Also, two people came to our services as a result of our newspaper ad.

Graham Forbes Family. Lee Dribbell came for the first time to church. We have been praying for Lee for five years. Lee’s wife and children are members and have been faithfully praying for Lee’s salvation.

Dennis Snelson Family. William is a middle-aged man that we have had contact with for about a year now. He has asked the Lord to save him and has since begun the discipleship lessons and is growing in the Lord.

SLOVAKIA - Doug Cook Family. The director of a local high school here in our area asked if I would be willing to teach conversational English at the school. We are asking the Lord to help us fill that need and possibly begin English speaking youth clubs within the school system.

SPAIN - Clayton Livengood Family. We are blessed to have Americo Godoy and Maritza Orrego added to our church membership. Americo has been attending services regularly since his arrival in Fuengirola. They both have experience in helping to get churches started in Chile.

SWITZERLAND - Tim Carnicle Family. This past month, three young people, ages 12 – 18, got saved (one boy and two ladies). The boy has already gotten baptized. We rejoice in that!

UKRAINE – Robert Fuller. Veteran deaf missionary from Russia. Now working with the deaf in Ukraine. He will be working with the deaf pastor Slava and Missionary Bob Van Sant to begin a new church plant. Six deaf have already been saved.

Tony Hess Family. Please pray for Allosha and Sasha, two deaf boys from the deaf school near our house. Our son, Marc, invited them to church. They met us the next morning by our driveway, went to deaf church and, before the invitation was even given, were signing about getting saved. That day was remarkable!

Matthew Hudson Family. After our Sunday morning service, we all walked across the street from our church to the bank of the Dnepr River. What a blessing to see four people follow the Lord in believer’s baptism that day.

Dan Irvin Family. Please pray for the church in Minsk, Belarus. Pastor Giorgi spent ten days in jail due to government enforced control, which violates the age-old Baptist belief of separation of church and state.

John Magas Family. We are currently helping a missionary friend, Dan Irvin, with his work. After preaching, I gave the invitation and a man named Miroslav came forward and received assurance of his salvation.

John Spillman Family. We had to renew our visas and registration. God worked in the hearts of people and we were able to get all of our paper work done without extreme expenses or leaving the country. Hallelujah!

Bob Van Sant Family. Praise the Lord, for our TENTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY there were 234 in church (98 in deaf church and 136 in hearing church). One special guest was Pastor Slava’s father. Slava is deaf but his father is hearing. After many years of Slava witnessing to his father, today for the first time he came to see Slava preach

WALES – Robb Redlin Family. Praise the Lord, in one month we saw five young people come to know Christ. Two of those, Lauren and her sister Tammy, had been coming to the services. After several weeks, they came forward and accepted Christ.

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Ron and Rachel Winkler and their children give out BIMI Bibles on the streets of Siberia.

We still need your help to provide God’s Word to those who do not have it.

Please send your love gift to:
European Bible Fund
Account 656
PO Box 9215
Chattanooga, TN 37421

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Missionaries of the Day
Saturday, February 6, 2016

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Bob & Sabina Dayton -  NICARAGUA
Michael & Joanna DeLuca III -  GREECE
International Representative
Brant & Maylou Holladay

Read more about the Holladays.

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He can be contacted through the BIMI office
(423) 344-5050.

Europe Director
Ed & Carole Hembree

Read more about the Hembrees.

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He can be contacted through the BIMI office
(423) 344-5050.

Saturday, February 6, 2016