By Bob Larson - Assistant USA Director

Church planter Paul Caldwell is an associate missionary with the Reseeding America ministry through BIMI. He was saved in 1992 at the age of 15, but did not fully surrender his will to the Lord until the age of 21. While working as a mechanic, Paul felt called to ministry. He and his wife, Christina, attended a Bible institute at their sending church, Heritage Baptist Church of Woodbridge, Virginia. The Bible Institute, which was started by their pastor, Brother Mike Edwards, had as a primary goal to train church planters.

After graduation, the Caldwells worked for two years in the school and on staff at Heritage Baptist Church. During that time God burdened Paul's heart about planting a church in the state of Arkansas. He had spent many summers on his grandparents' farm in Arkansas and had developed a great love for the people and the state. After a survey trip to different areas in Arkansas and much prayer, Paul and his wife, Christina ,felt that the Lord would have them start a church in the Northwest corner of Arkansas in the growing area of Springdale. Their hearts were broken for this area and they saw a great need for the Gospel there.

In 2007, after much prayer and consultation with Pastor Edwards, Paul, his wife and four children joined the associate missionary program with BIMI and started their deputation to raise support. After crossing the nation several times to present their burden to numerous churches, the Caldwell family moved to Springdale in February of 2008. They settled in, found a place for the church to meet, and started assembling and preparing church advertisement flyers and Romans booklets in plastic hanger bags. Many people got involved at different times in helping to distribute close to 15,000 packets of information about the new Lighthouse Baptist Church of Springdale. Those involved with the distribution of materials were Pastor Mike Edwards, a group of friends from Heritage Baptist Church, Arkansas churches, Bob and Jennifer Larson from BIMI, local friends and family. After facing several obstacles and setbacks, the Caldwells were pleased to have 51 people (10 people were from Heritage Baptist in Virginia) in attendance for their "Grand Opening" service on April 13, 2008.

This month the new church is planning a move from their present temporary quarters to a store front building located on the north side of Springdale. This will be a wonderful location, situated on one of the main highways of the city with lots of parking available.

Paul and Christina are grateful for a pastor who has a real vision for seeing churches planted in America, the largest English-speaking mission field in the world. They are also grateful for family and friends and supporting churches across this nation who share in their burden for reaching the lost. They appreciate the guidance BIMI has been able to give them in the starting of their church. They thank the Lord for His goodness to their family and for what He is doing both now and what He will do in the future through this ministry. They would greatly appreciate your prayers for Lighthouse Baptist Church and their family.

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By Bob Carson

In June of 2006 my wife, Debbie, and I completed the rebuilding of Cornerstone Baptist Church, a work located in Douglassville, Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter the Lord introduced me to the man He would have serve as their pastor. During the following months as I searched for the perfect will of God, we traveled some 12,000 to 14,000 miles, presenting ourselves and our ministry in some 23 churches. As the months seemingly dragged on, I began to wonder if God was through with me. I began searching my life, wondering what I might have done that would remove me from serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I became somewhat depressed and it was then that God opened yet another door. A church in Juniata, Michigan, contacted me about coming out to fill their pulpit and asked if I would help them in their endeavor to find a pastor.

On a beautiful Sunday in November 2007 I stood in the pulpit of Juniata Baptist Church, Juniata, Michigan, and preached a message entitled "One Sin Too Many." The people were warm and friendly, the message well received, but even as I preached I knew in my heart of hearts that it was not where God was calling me. The next day I received a call on my cell phone from an individual who was a member of Juniata Baptist Church. He had not been in the service but his wife had related to him the message and the understanding that I was seeking where the Lord would have us next serve Him. He asked if I would be willing to take a day trip with him to some places where there was a need for a church to be planted.

As we approached Grand Rapids we took a wrong turn that brought us into the town of Cascade, Michigan, an affluent suburb of Grand Rapids. Mike stopped to get directions and I got out and started witnessing to a man. He related his salvation experience and asked what we were looking for. I informed him of what we were doing. It was then God began to speak to my heart about this area of Michigan. The gentleman told me that he wished me well and said, "I've been praying God would send someone to start a good old-fashioned church. Everything around here is changing, and not to the glory of God." As Mike returned from getting his directions, we were off to the Cascade Township Building to get some vital statistics about the area: population, size, and other particulars. While this was going on, God introduced me to yet another person. This time it was a young lady who had dropped her children off at the elementary school next to the township building. I handed her a tract and began to witness to her. She informed me that she had accepted Christ when she was young. I informed her of what I was doing there and asked where she went to church. It really got my attention when she said, "I hope you'll come. My church has started using another version of the Bible. We could really use a good Bible church."

We looked around the Cascade area for a little time after that and then headed off to the other side of Grand Rapids. Mike dropped me off at the location where we had met that morning after looking at some other towns. As we parted company, I told him I would be in touch and that I had a lot of praying ahead of me.

My wife, Debbie, and I returned to Pennsylvania shortly thereafter, all the while pondering what God had showed me. It became a harder decision to make than it should have been. We had a house and a mortgage in Reading, Pennsylvania, and our first increment of real estate and school taxes were due: total of $6,323 for the year. But the greater part of it all was that we had had our house on the market, trying to sell it for nearly a year and a half without even the hint of interest. I knew in my heart God wanted me to go and start a church in the Grand Rapids-Cascade area of Michigan, but how could I afford a place to live in Michigan and pay our mortgage in Pennsylvania, especially with the first of our taxes due, $1,723.

I prayed and prayed and prayed some more. Each time God simply said, "Go." Being from Kentucky (it is as good as any other excuse), I took longer to finally say, "Yes, Lord." On Wednesday, February 6, I stood up during prayer meeting at Cornerstone Baptist Church and openly declared that I didn't know how God was going to do it, but I knew he wanted me to start a new work—a church in the Grand Rapids–Cascade area of Michigan. I told them we would be leaving in March to start setting in motion on earth what God had preordained in heaven. That step of faith was what God was waiting to see. That night God had a couple who had previously been through our house to contact our realtor with a bid. By the next morning there was a signed contract for our house lying on our kitchen table. I had forgotten two things in serving my Lord and Saviour: first, we need to wait upon the Lord and secondly, it is by faith that we are to walk upon this earth.

It got very busy the next couple of months with the move and all that it entailed. After two trips back and forth to Pennsylvania to get all our goods and make settlement on our house, we settled in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area and started setting up for all that was ahead. Over a period of eight weeks more than 41,900 John & Romans booklets were distributed throughout the Southeast Grand Rapids and Cascade, Michigan area. Over 8,900 of those were distributed door-to-door with the help of some nine (9) churches (eight from Michigan, one from Indiana) traveling over two hours to help us spread the word of the new Community Baptist Church to begin in town. It has been a blessing to watch as so many gave of themselves their time and their finances to help ensure this church had the proper birth. The church was birthed at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cascade, which I find a little funny seeing how ". . .there was no room for them in the inn" (Luke 2:7).

We kicked things off with a week of special meetings, May 4 through May 8. Dr. Bruce Love, pastor of Bensalem Baptist Church, Bensalem, PA, (which is our sending church) brought some men from Bensalem Baptist and was with us for these services, preaching the Wednesday evening service. Dr. Doug Jackson, pastor of Community Baptist Church, Saginaw, Michigan, our birthing church, brought several of his people over and preached our Monday evening service. During our Monday evening service the church was formally birthed and given its charge by Dr. Jackson. On Thursday evening I preached my vision for the church from I Samuel 3:1-4 entitled "A Lamp Unto My Feet." It was uplifting to see many of the churches that had helped us in distributing the John & Romans were in attendance throughout the week with the average attendance each night being approximately 72. To all who prayed and played a part, I give many thanks. It is almost unbelievable the way God moved and the number of people that got involved in making this happen.

Our first official Sunday as a church we had 21 for Sunday School and 30 in the 11 A.M. service (24 of those were from the immediate area: half that number brought in by the John & Romans and the other half were brought in by an article that was written and was run in one of the local newspapers.) This church plant is truly of the Lord as He has blessed it in each and every way one could think possible: from the many helping hands to the raising of additional support that we have had need of for some time (but was a definite need for this church plant to be successful). With the additional support, much of which is only for a year, we can take care of the leasing of our meeting place for at least the first year.

Six (6) of those in attendance on our first Sunday were lost that we know of, and although none received Christ as Savior, they were all open to the Word and have scheduled to come again or meet with me. We ask that you would pray with us for their souls to be saved and for God's blessing and hand upon Community Baptist Church of Cascade, Michigan; as we seek to reach the lost for Christ and to establish the Light in this area that has gone dark. We thank you for your faithfulness to Him, whom we serve, and to us and ask only that you keep us before His throne of grace that He would strengthen us for that which lies ahead. We also take this opportunity to thank BIMI (Baptist International Missions, Inc.) for all they did in making this church plant a successful one: for their help, contribution, continued prayer, and for always being there.

Bob & Debbie Carson, 616-745-3597
P.O. Box 8335 ? Kentwood, MI 49518

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Chris and Amy Corrigan met at the University of South Carolina in 1993. He was in his senior year while on active duty in the military under a scholarship majoring in business. Amy had recently graduated from law school.

Chris was raised in a devout Roman Catholic family and served as an altar boy while growing up. Amy was brought up in a secular home that included the influence of a Jewish father and grandmother. She was saved at the age of 18 but stopped attending church after entering her junior year of college.

In October 1999, Chris heard a clear presentation of the Gospel as a 34-year-old Navy Lieutenant serving in Sicily, Italy. He was saved and baptized at an Independent Baptist church and Amy immediately rededicated her life to Christ.


In 2004, God used Isaiah 6:8 to call Chris into the ministry and Bible College.

Chris took the next step of faith in June 2007 by submitting his resignation after 23 years of naval service, and took a secular position in the defense industry. In May 2008 he earned his third master's degree.

As Chris allowed God to work in his, life he felt the call to plant an Independent Baptist church in Montgomery County near Washington D.C. Starting a church in this part of the United States would mean renting a store front building with rents in excess of $4,000 a month. In the fall of 2007, a trustee from Sligo Baptist Church, located in Montgomery County, called BIMI looking for a pastor. This church was in decline and needed to be restarted. After seeking counsel and prayer from his pastor, Chris was led to fill the pulpit for a Sunday at Sligo Baptist Church. After four weeks of filling the pulpit, the six remaining members of the church called Chris as their pastor. This church restart would certainly require the help and blessing of the Lord. It would also take as much work as a new church start.


The Washington, DC, area is known as a great cultural center within the American melting pot. With a population over a million people and only a few solid Independent Baptist churches, the need is very real. Sligo Baptist Church is located in a residential neighborhood in the city of Silver Spring, Maryland, with a population of approximately 87,000. The present church building is in good condition.


In the winter of 2007 the Corrigan family drove 300 miles every weekend to knock on doors, invite people to church and preach the Gospel. Living that far from the church was a challenge but they knew that God could provide a place to live in Silver Spring. After all, he had given them a church building, land and a small core group of believers.

One crisp, fall afternoon Chris met and witnessed to the man responsible for cutting the church's lawn. He had been mowing the lawn for the past 12 years. After Chris witnessed to him a second time, he came to church and was saved. He is still attending the church. Soon after that another man was saved at the Christmas Eve service. This gentleman has now promised to start attending regularly.

Pastor Corrigan quit his job in January 2008 and moved his family to Silver Spring. They attended and completed the BIMI 2008 Candidate School and Church Planting School and then embarked on an abbreviated deputation tour. God has blessed their deputation, raising nearly 90 percent of their financial support in less than six months under the Reseeding America Associate Missionary Program.

Supporting churches assisted the Corrigan family in reaching approximately 13,000 homes with door hanger packets that contained the book of Romans and information for a Grand Re-Opening service. On Sunday April 13, 2008, the Grand Re-Opening service was held, complete with a BBQ! In attendance were 31 first-time visitors, about 50 from Chris's sending church and one person raised their hand for salvation.

In a short period of time Sligo Baptist Church has gone from a decade of offering just one service on Sundays to the full array of services from Sunday School to a mid-week Bible study. Souls are being saved, lives changed and the average weekly attendance has climbed steadily. God has been blessing this ministry.

Bro. Corrigan recently stated, "We know the Christian's great privilege from the Bible is " give light to them that sit in darkness..." (Luke 1:79). God has called us to reach the people of Silver Spring, Maryland, by being involved in shining the Gospel light of Jesus Christ in this city."

Please pray that God would continue to use this missionary church planter and his family to restart Sligo Baptist Church and reach this needy mission field near our nation's capitol city.

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Are you considering planting a church in the USA? Has God given you an interest in the Southwestern United States but you are unsure where to start a church? Join with Dr. John Bailes and Bob Larson for an eleven day Reseeding America survey trip in July of 2009. Meet with other church planters and be in some newly-started churches. You will see cities that have few or no Independent Baptist Churches. You will receive valuable information on how the Reseeding America Ministry can assist you and your sending church in planting a church in one of these needy areas of the United States.

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