This was the headlines in the Waterbury Republican newspaper on the Sunday morning of the new church to start in Terryville Connecticut. The Players Bar (a local hot spot for the drinking crowd) had closed, and the building which looked very much like a church from the outside had been purchased for soon to be Riverside Baptist Church. There had never been a Baptist church in Terryville and so this event captured the attention of the whole town. Even the local television station began their Friday newscast at 10 pm prior to the first Sunday with pictures and a story about the new church being started.

David Townsley, the son of Dr. Jim Townsley (pastor of Central Baptist Church in Southington, Connecticut) is to be the pastor of the new church. Jim Townsley went to Connecticut as a young man and planted the church where he remains as pastor. God used David's father to establish a good soulwinning church, Christian school and the New England Baptist College. He has also been greatly used to inspire many others to plant churches in the New England area as well as other places in the US. David worked on staff at Central Baptist Church under his father's leadership for ten years prior to planting this new church.

When David went to candidate school in June of 2009, he had already scheduled 73 churches in which to present his burden for Terryville, Connecticut. With his vigorous attitude and help from BIMI, he was able to raise 80% of his support in the first 10 months. In addition to his support, he raised over $50,000 to pay down on the purchase of a building. Once the building was purchased, it became a real push to get it ready for services. Though the building looked like a church from the outside, the inside had fallen into disrepair and it required major changes and repairs, first with demolition and then reconstruction. For two months people came from many churches and many states to assist with the work and preparation of the building. While church groups were coming together to put out packets of literature, others were showing up to do work on electrical, plumbing, concrete, tile, painting, floor covering, clean-up and a variety of other things.

The week leading up to the official start of Riverside Baptist Church, it rained so much that two days of distribution had to be cancelled. The final week on the building was a battle against time while praying for the approval of the building inspector. It seemed overwhelming and unthinkable to realize what needed to be completed. God did a miracle and brought people in with just the right skills to complete enough work on the building that on Friday the Building Inspector came through and gave a temporary occupancy permit. Some areas of the building had to be locked out until it was completed.

On the Wednesday before the official start John, Bailes preached the Commissioning service for David Townsley. Central Baptist Church convened for business and voted the new church into being during that service. Pastor Jim Townsley preached a dedication service for the building on Thursday night. On Friday night there was an Open House with food and 25 people from the area came out to meet the new pastor and his wife.

On Sunday October 3 everything was set for the first service and we watched as 92 people (some from other churches) came to worship at the new Riverside Baptist Church with 50 of those from the local area. Pastor David Townsley preached an excellent opening message. The attendance from the local area has continued to average over 35 and more are coming on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

Pastor David Townsley, and his wife Annette, have been blessed with another couple from Michigan, Brett and Elizabeth Reitenbach, who have come to assist them in this church plant. An apartment is being completed in the upstairs of the church building for them to reside. Pray that God will give Brett a good job that will allow him the time he needs to be used in this ministry. Also pray for an additional $20,000 needed to complete the work on the building.

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In our last issue we shared with our readers details concerning Reseeding America/BIMI church planter David Lewis. He and his family have stepped out by faith to plant a new church in Aurora, Colorado. David and Michelle Lewis are missionaries out of Patuxent Baptist Church in Lexington Park, Maryland, where Rick Conner is pastor.

This past May Reseeding America partnered with Patuxent Baptist Church and the Lewis family in the start of Aurora Independent Baptist Church. A large Scripture distribution was conducted during the week leading up to the first Sunday. Door hanger packets with a Romans book and information about the new church were carried to thousands of doors in neighborhoods across the city.

Aurora, a suburb of Denver, has a population of over three hundred thousand people with only three very small Independent Baptist churches. It is a beautiful growing city with many new residential areas. It is also a region of Colorado where a number of English speaking International people reside. On Sunday, May 23, the first service for the Aurora Independent Baptist Church was held at the Pioneer Elementary School with approximately forty people in attendance.

Patuxent Baptist Church has seen three of their families in the past three years step out by faith to plant a church or restart a church. We thank the Lord for this local church in Maryland that has a vision for reproducing itself here in the United States. Please pray for the Lewis family who are laboring in the harvest fields of the Colorado Rockies.

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Reseeding America encourages churches, individuals and families to be involved in church planting here in the United States. One way someone can be involved is to take a short term USA mission trip to assist in a new church start, help in the restarting of a church, or assist in what we call "jump starting" a local church. Over the years we have had a number of people take time off from their usual schedules and come at their own expense to assist in these worthwhile mission efforts.

One family who enjoys getting involved in short term trips here in the USA is the Anthony Holtz family from Louisburg, North Carolina. Grace Baptist Church, their home church, not only teaches members to be involved in local church ministry but also tries to encourage and assist their members to be involved in mission projects and trips. Over the years, Pastor Wes Bailey and Grace Baptist members have helped Reseeding America, local churches, and church planters on several different occasions. The Holtz family (Anthony, Amy, Tyler and Kaylee) have assisted us in three projects: "jump starting" two churches in California and Arkansas and in the starting of a new church in Alabama. Anthony, who is a policeman in Louisburg, takes his vacation time to travel and take his family to different regions of the country to be involved in this type of mission work. When asked about the short term trips, they gave us the following comments:

"We like taking these trips because we can help other churches grow and get started. Besides enjoying the time together in travel, we get to see so many different needs in our country and we realize how much we have been blessed to have a good church to attend. We enjoy being able to give the Gospel out and show our children how important it is to follow God's command in Mark 16:15, Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. It is a blessing to see how God has supplied and led in these different trips. Joshua 24:15, …choose you this day whom ye will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

For information on short term mission trips in the United States with Reseeding America, contact Dr. John Bailes or Bob Larson at Baptist International Missions, 423-344-5050.

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By Bob Larson

Back in May, Jennifer and I were in Fort Smith, Arkansas, to visit with Missionary church planters Ed and Barbara O'Brien. God has used this couple to plant a growing Independent Baptist Hispanic Church in this city of 80,000 residents. Recently, they reached a record attendance of 95 people! It was a joy to learn how the people in the congregation were growing as Christians, being discipled, and wanting to serve God. The church enjoys stability among the members due to the fact that most of the congregation has regular employment and the majority has lived in the area for a number of years. The small building they were meeting in was packed to capacity on the Sunday we were there.

Missionary O'Brien shared with us how God has opened up a wonderful and rare opportunity to purchase a church building in Fort Smith. After the services we drove over to the property to find a beautiful church building complete with 116 chairs and a baby grand piano! Some work is needed in the classrooms but over all, it is a very sound structure. Appraised value of the property is $152,000 to $203,000.

They made the following offer: $100,000 with $30,000 down and with a request to finance the remaining $70,000 at 0% interest with one payment at the end of 24 months. Within hours the seller responded and accepted the offer. Brother Ed wrote, "We are excited about what the Lord has done. The down payment was donated and I have challenged our people to come up with at least $25,000."

Would you prayerfully consider assisting in the purchase of this building? If many would get involved in this worthy project, the building could quickly be paid off. We highly recommend this church planter and his church; they are making an impact on the Hispanics in the Fort Smith area. If you have any questions concerning this work, please call me at 423-605-6098. I can also share with donors how funds should be directed.

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the Legacy continues...

By Mike Clark

I was saved and called to preach at Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge Virginia, in 1989. As a Marine I was trained and prepared to go anywhere in the World the Marine Corps needed me. Once I was saved, I kept that same mentality. Wherever the Lord desired to send me I would go. We joined with BIMI and worked in the county of Ukraine for many years. While we were serving there, our firstborn sevenmonth-old son Josiah, got sick. We rushed him to the hospital and forty five minutes later the Lord called our son home. We then returned to the States to bury him. What dark days those were for us. However, by faith we were going to return to the field. As we were getting ready to return, my wife, Terri, found out she was pregnant. At the seven week physical the doctors told us there were going to be problems with our daughter, Jena. She would need a series of heart surgeries as soon as she was born. I resigned from BIMI and took a job at the Pentagon so that we would have the proper health coverage for Jena. After the second surgery Jena caught RSV and was not able to recover. The Lord called Jena home also when she was eight months old. Our Home church stood strong behind us and our supporting churches prayed and helped to get us through those dark days. Our faith was tested and tried but ultimately our faith was our victory. We know we will see our dear children again!

We were able to adopt two wonderful Russian children and our completed family was able to again enter full-time Christian service. After I served as a pastor in West Virginia for a time, the Lord led us to Charlotte to be the Assistant Pastor of one of the most exciting church plants in America, the Grace Baptist Church of South Charlotte.

While I was serving under Pastor Chris Edwards in this thriving work, God started moving my heart for Church planting in America. Having prayed and sought council about what God was doing in our lives, we targeted several cities in the Northeast for possible Church plant sites. God has made it very clear to us that the south side of Pittsburgh is the place he has called us to go. Pittsburgh is the 13th largest city in America, and there are 340,000 people in the area where we plan to go. We believe with our background and training that God is going to use us to do marvelous things in Pittsburgh.

We believe the Legacy of the Lord Jesus Christ is the Church. We are excited to have our sending church, a fiveyear-old church plant itself, sending us forth to plant another local church. We believe the name Legacy Baptist Church is the perfect name for the new Church we will start in Pittsburgh. We, of course, have partnered again with BIMI and Reseeding America. It has been a wonderful homecoming for us as well as a tremendous resource to be able to plan this new work and get it up and running with the help of the Reseeding America staff. Please pray for us and the planting of Legacy, a local New Testament church on the south side of Pittsburgh.

Please contact me for your next Mission Conference or to present our ministry in your church. Send your invitation to Michael Clark, 176 Grange Road, New Wilmington, PA 16142 or call 704-691-8651. You may also reach me by email at

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Pictured to the right is a group of men who went with USA Director, John Bailes, and Assistant Director, Bob Larson, on a Northeast Church Planting Survey trip. In the center of the picture is Cal Fuller, an experienced pastor in New Hampshire. He was the pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Londonderry, New Hampshire for many years prior to resigning to promote church planting and church growth in New England. He shared the needs that exist in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. The group traveled by Van over 3700 miles in 12 days, meeting with pastors from Washington DC – Maryland area as well as Long Island, New York City and New England.

Pastor Mike Creed and Independent Baptist Church in Clinton, Maryland, hosted our group as well as a group of local pastors that meet monthly to promote church planting in their area. A delicious lunch was served, and the pastors who had planted churches gave testimony of their progress. They shared some of the difficulties as well as their blessings.

We traveled from there to Long Island and were blessed by Pastor Ray Cazis making provision for us to lodge and eat at the International Baptist College in Stony Brook. Our group joined their members on Saturday morning soul winning, and we saw several individuals receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. While we were in New York City, we spent time with our inner city missionary Dana Dice, pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Queens. He was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to carry our group around Manhattan and many other places, sharing the need of churches to be planted. On Sunday, besides being able to attend s er vices in Stony Brook on Long Island, we were blessed to be in services at the International Baptist in Brooklyn and Gospel Light in Queens. Our group was able to catch a glimpse of the international cultures of the inner city communities.

Traveling on to New England, we were invited to stay in the New England Baptist College facilities in Southington, Connecticut. While we were in Southington, we spent time with Dr. Jim Townsley, pastor and founder of Central Baptist Church and New England Baptist College. He is an experienced church planter and has taught on the subject for many years. He shared with us some valuable information and his perspective on the needs that exist in New England. It was a blessing to be in a service of Central Baptist Church and hear Dr. Townsley share how God led him into planting a church.

During our time in New England, we were privileged to be taken on a 180 mile historical tour led by Pastor Marty Shott from Torrington, Connecticut. Pastor Shott shared with us the history surrounding the Haystack Prayer Meeting with Samuel Mills and other renowned men of God who became some of the first missionaries that were sent out of our nation to other lands. Along the way we also visited locations where churches needed to be planted. As we traveled to New Hampshire to meet with Pastor Cal Fuller, we were privileged to visit the church in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts, where George Whitfield (the well known preacher of the Great Awakening) is buried.

On our way back south the Valley Forge Baptist Church people opened their homes to us and fed us meals that we greatly appreciated. We took this opportunity to visit Philadelphia so that our group would have some understanding of the needs there. Summing up our trip, we believe that two of the men who made the trip came away with a desire to plant churches—one in the Northeast and one in the Northwest. All of the men who made the trip said that God had used this trip to open their eyes to the great need for churches to be planted in the USA and they felt a much greater burden to see it become a reality. Pray that God will use these men to make a difference in our nation by following through with planting a church.

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Please consider the following Reseeding America/BIMI Church Planters for a meeting at your church or for your next Mission Conference.

Mike Clark Planting a church on the south side of Pittsburg, PA
704-691-8651 • WebsiteE-Mail (View Email Address)

Ron Manuel Planting a church in Phoenix, AZ
704-985-6924 or 704-984-6035 • E-Mail (View Email Address)

Kent McBay Planting a church at Mesa, AZ
256-431-6558 or 256-233-3817 • E-Mail (View Email Address)

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Missionaries of the Day
Thursday, February 11, 2016

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Rick L & Shannon Dove Jr -  COSTA RICA
Kristen Dow -  HONDURAS
Donald & Patricia Drake -  MILITARY - GERMANY
National Reseeding America Representative
Dr. John & Sandy Bailes

Read more about the Bailes.

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He can be contacted through the BIMI office
(423) 344-5050.

USA Director
Robert and Jennifer Larson

Read more about the Larsons.

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He can be contacted through the BIMI office
(423) 344-5050.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016