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And now the rest of the story: Super Storm Sandy Three Weeks Later Television viewers all over the world watched the devastation and desperation of those in the path of Sandy, the so-called Perfect Storm. Hoboken is a small but densely populated upscale city located directly across the river from downtown Manhattan. It was caught in the path of the surge that inundated the streets and knocked out electrical power. Three feet of water flooded the newly prepared church building, filling it with mud, oil and debris— ruining chairs, Bibles and drywall. Pastor Rizzo immediately began to assess the situation and took advantage of the opportunity to connect with people by providing generators to power cell phones. He also set up grills as people emptied their freezers and brought food to be cooked in front of the church. The call went out for help. Churches and individuals responded with contributions and laborers. Drywall was torn out and replaced. Ruined hymnals, Bibles and chairs were replaced or repaired. Helping hands from different churches once more came and did a good work so City Baptist could continue having services. Praise the Lord for willing hearts and helping hands! Number 1, 2013 BIMI WORLD 11