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I said I could go but only for the weekend. I would take Monday off without pay. Five men and I left on a Friday night for Peru. We arrived on Saturday morning and we were back in Philadelphia on Monday evening. As a result of that trip, our church took on a new missionary for support. We have since sent two teams to do construction work for week-long projects. That was the start of my weekend missions trips. Since I live in the Philadelphia area, I have been able to access missionaries in South America, Canada, and Europe for a weekend. Maybe you do not have a lot of time, but do you have a weekend? Maybe you have accumulated some frequent flier miles and could fly for a weekend trip. You can be such an encouragement to a missionary family and to the people with whom they minister. Hebrews 10:25 tells us to exhort one another. Let's encourage our missionary families. from each other, but please know it was a real encouragement to us.” Can you take a week to visit a missionary family? How about a weekend? If your home church does not have a missions trip program, talk to your pastor about getting a group together to go and be a blessing to one of the missionary families your church supports. Not only will you be a blessing but also you will be blessed! W Pictured below: Peter and Lois Rall visiting Joshua and Melissa Booth, missionaries in Congleton, England. We were on a weekend trip to minister with them. Let me share excerpts from emails I received after weekend trips. “Thank you so much for taking time out to swing over here to France and preach and teach and fellow- ship. We appreciated your messages and testimony.” Another missionary sent an email to my wife. “I just wanted to say thank you for allow- ing your husband to come over to Wales and be a blessing to us here. I know it must be a sacrifice for you both financially and being away Below: Volunteers helping in new church plants 13