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Well anyways, while I was jogging yesterday, I prayed and asked God to please show my husband and me how we could be better “missionaries” to what BIMI called “Open Door #6.” I felt really convicted about it. I thought about the people in our state that I have met, and how true it is about our area, that a massive amount of people reject even the idea of God here. I thought about the REI hippies, and the Seattle grunge crowd, the environmentalists, the activists, and all of these identities people take on because they don't believe in God and so they have to believe in something else, like buying jackets that turn into tents, or cremating their dogs and making their ashes into a necklaces. (If you've ever lived in the Seattle or Oregon area, you'd know what I mean!). I'm getting off topic I know, but here's my praise: You know the girl I was privileged to talk to last night at church? After talking with her a few moments, I found out she is a self- proclaimed atheist. An atheist. I could hardly believe it. I was just praying about this exact thing and the Lord brings me an atheist to witness to. I have never directly witnessed to an atheist before. People usually have a vague belief in some sort of God, although not Christ. I almost laughed when she told me, but praise the Lord I didn't. I had a wonderful time talking to this girl, and my nervousness went away, because she was exactly the person God had laid on my heart to witness to earlier that day. She had no answers and no direction and she needs the Lord so much. And you know what? I found her to be just as open to what I had to say as any African or Honduran or Mexican. God is so faithful to grow me up in my walk with Him. Thanks BIMI :) Bernadette W. Make Your Plans Now BIMI is organizing an exciting twelve-day-trip to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States to see firsthand the church planting needs in the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. This is a wonderful opportunity for future church planters and especially men praying about planting a church in the Northwest. The men who make this trip will be with experienced church planters and pastors who have planted or are planting churches. They will travel with men who can answer their questions about planting churches. Everyone will also have soul winning opportunities during the twelve days of traveling. W Contact Dr. John Bailes, 423–605–4020, or Bob Larson, 423–605–6098, More details are available on 18 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2013 at BIMI Reseeding America