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South America A Missions Trip Around South America by Clint Vernoy A century ago when missionaries said goodbye to their loved ones, churches and friends to depart for their fields of service, everyone understood it could possibly be the last time they would hear their voice or see their face. As travel time has shortened, mail service improved, internet service reached into the most remote corners of the globe, that reality has changed. Today, many churches take advantage of the technology available to reach out to their missionaries in ways they could not have two decades ago. What would Adoniram Judson have thought about a SKYPE contact with a supporting church during a service in Burma? David Livingstone would have loved a FAX machine or a GPS! Mail went by ship, taking months to traverse the globe, in peril of storms, pirates and so many unforeseeable mishaps. News that six months before was pertinent and important became mundane by the time it arrived. Something unheard of 50 years ago was a short-term missions trip to a foreign country to see the mission field firsthand. Travel was measured in weeks or months, not hours. Costs were astronomical compared to today. Now, missions trips in some churches are an annual event and beneficial to both the missionary as well as the one who travels. One might travel to Venezuela to be with Carlos Arce during their Annual Men's Camp. I have been many times and it is always a joy to see God work. This year at the closing campfire, a man gave testimony that his reason for Carlos & Susan Arce 20 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2013 attending was to kill another camper, but during the week he received Christ and his life is now changed. He asked the other man to forgive his new brother. Yeah! That is something to remember. One of the greatest blessings is to see so many trained Venezuelan pastors who are starting churches throughout the nation. May God be praised! Moving to the Equator and the country of Ecuador one can visit the Lyon family who are studying the Ketchwa language so they can one day work among the Imbabura Quechua people. If you want to William & Laura Lyon learn more about their day-to-day life learning language and culture before your visit, you can read their blog at Earnhart Family Another destination is Peru where there are several missionary families. The Earnharts have a thriving ministry, but they have recently returned from a medical furlough. Several of their children are facing major medical issues. They definitely need your prayers. There is no need to leave Peru yet. We can visit with the Jon and Nisha Harris family. They have been in Peru just a few years. Each day they learn just a little bit more of the culture and language.