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Training men for the minis- try is one of the greatest needs in any country and they look for- ward to the day when men they have trained will take the leader- ship of churches Harris Family in Andajuaylas, Peru. The Tom Pace family has been in Peru for 50 years. Having started churches throughout the country, they have many experiences to share. One is you never know whom you are going to meet or what might happen. I'll let Tom tell you about it in his own words. Forty-five years in Peru! Can Tom & Carolyn Pace you imagine how many interesting and wonderful people we have met during this time? One of them was Dr. Ian Paisley, the MP (Member of Parliament) from Northern Ireland who spent a few days in Lima in 1991. Before we met him, we knew he must be a great guy because of all the negative press he received in the USA. I had no trouble translating for him when he spoke to the Congress of Peru, as he spoke in normal English. But that night I invited him to preach to the new church that was meeting in our living room. As he preached a powerful Gospel message, the “Irish” came out and I had to stop him several times for clarification. The Peruvian government did not know he was coming until the last minute. They sent 21 fully armed security personnel to our home that night, so we invited them in for snacks. The next day Dr. Paisley invited them all to a meal at the Sheraton in order to share the Gospel. One police 22 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2013 officer commented that they had never been treated so well by a dignitary. When Peruvian authorities realized that our visitor was very well known in Great Britain, they insisted on a quick tour of Lima with a police escort. I sat on an UZI submachine gun between two police in the front seat. Dr. Paisley and another Irish MP had a policeman between them in the back seat who constantly waved his pistol out the back window. On the passenger side in the front, the policeman held his machine gun out the window to help us through traffic. You can google Ian Paisley and read more about this unusual preacher and politician. Or you can come to the mission field and meet all kinds of interesting people! Bolivia is farther south and at higher altitudes so you will need to get used to the air or lack of it! Don't forget—if you go in summer—down here it is winter, so pack a coat along with the oxygen tank! The Jake Wiebe family is working in Santa Cruz. They have been there 20 years. They just returned from furlough and will be starting a new work soon. The exciting thing in 2013 is that a mission group is coming down with CWE (Construction for World Evangelism), They will build a new building for a church with the help of this organization. What an exciting way to be active and participate in missions work! In another part of Santa Cruz is the Henderson family. Tony and Sarah just celebrated their 13 th anniversary year in the church they started. They are seeking a pastor to continue the ministry there. After a furlough they plan to begin a new work. Pray the right man will be found. Henderson Family