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If one goes to Argentina, There are many other countries to visit and he can meet the Brosius missionaries to know. Paraguay, Uruguay, family or the Owens Argentina and Chile are the countries of family. My wife and I the southern cone. BIMI has missionaries went to language school in these countries in both the capital cities with these families back and the interior. in 1986. The Brosius family just had a project All of these missionaries whom you can DA & Debbie Brosius find listed at of distributing Bibles to the end of the world—literally! A group fiSouthAmerica.php have many years of went down and passed out Bibles in different experience. They are touching many lives and cities including Ushuaia, Argentina, the nothing could be done without the help of southernmost city in the world. More than their supporting churches and constant prayer 30,000 New Testaments were passed out. The support. Owens family is on the other side of Argentina in the historic city of Tucumán. They have In today's world we are as connected as we want a wonderful ministry reaching out to the to be—whether by internet or prayer letter. Get hundreds of thousands that live near the foot to know them, pray for them, remember them of the Andes Mountains. Thank God for their before the throne of God. Without you and faithful service over the past decades. God, the missionary can do nothing. W Journey to the End of the World by Roger D. Blevins We have been to the end of the world and back—literally! The End of the World Bible Project allowed us to take the Word of God to the remote city of Ushuaia, Argentina. Located on the island of Tierra del Fuego (Land of the Fire) on the southern tip of the South American continent, Ushuaia is universally known as the southernmost city in the world. More than 250 churches and individuals contributed to this project, helping us slightly exceed our goal of raising $125,000 and enabling us to print 50,000 New Testaments in Spanish. The generous response of God's people led us to expand our distribution plans to include the city of Buenos Aires. On October 10, 2012, our distribution team, consisting of 10 people from the USA and five missionaries serving in South America, headed for Argentina, finally arriving in Ushuaia after more than 13 hours of air travel. For the next five days the words Es gratis, es un regalo, no se cobra nada, (it's free, it's a gift, no charge), were heard coming from every team member's lips as we took to the streets of Ushuaia passing out Number 1, 2013 BIMI WORLD 23