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thousands and thousands of special edition New Testaments printed with covers to commemorate the 128 th anniversary of the founding of that city. Virtually saturated with God's Word by the time we left Ushuaia, the majority of those to whom we tried to give a New Testament said, “You have already given me one!” Invigorated by our experiences in Ushuaia, the team moved on to Buenos Aires where we continued to distribute New Testaments on the bustling streets of Argentina's largest city. It would be hard to put into words the joy and excitement we felt as many thousands of people eagerly received the Word of God from our hands! During our 12 days in Argentina, our team passed out nearly 34,000 New Testaments, leaving the remainder of the 50,000 copies to be distributed by our resident missionaries. Please pray that the sowing of the seed of God's Word in Argentina through the End of the World Bible Project will soon bring forth a great harvest of souls. W 24 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2013