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Above: Vincent studying with Matt Stensaas Months later after finishing the disciple- ship program, Vincent still yearned to learn more and decided to continue in the Bible institute training. At first he was determined to never be a pastor because of the lying and hypocrisy he had seen in the lives of religious leaders before he was saved. However, God began to work on Vincent's heart. When he began to see people who were searching for the Truth as he had been and the need for a Gospel voice in his home village, he surrendered to start and pastor an independent Baptist church in Rubindi. He realized that if he did not do it, who else would? Vincent is currently holding weekly services, faithfully going soul winning and discipling those he has led to Christ. Some of his disciples are already starting to disciple others. Praise the Lord for another indigenous church sharing the light of Jesus Christ on the dark continent! Vincent leading others in study. Yes, Vincent has “done well for himself,” not just in the world's eyes, but most importantly in God's. While his church may be small and little known, Vincent is making a great impact in his corner of the world. May God give us more “Vincents” who will thirst after righteousness and allow God to use them in ways they could never imagine! W Number 1, 2013 BIMI WORLD 5