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Editorial A providential Meeting, an unprecedented opportunity and an extraordinary outcome by David H. Snyder I remember well the trip my wife and I took to Fiji in July 2011. We had arrived there in order to be part of BIMI's Southeast Asia Field Conference. Since Fiji is south of the equator, we enjoyed their winter season that is only a little cooler than their summer season. I must say I was thankful for the island breezes that helped to keep us more comfortable as we enjoyed the sights and sounds of Fiji. The highlight of our trip was the time we spent with our missionaries. The Daku family hosted the conference and it was evident they had spent a great deal of time planning and preparing for our meeting. The accommodations they had arranged allowed us to enjoy a good time of fellowship and edification. One day during the conference, some of the men came to our meeting with an unusual story. BIMI's Assistant Southeast Asia Director, Alan Brooks, was talking with some of the Daku family when someone pointed out a man and said, “There's the Prime Minister of Fiji, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama!” Brother Brooks, unsure as to whether or not they were joking, said he did not believe it was really the prime minister. After confirming that the man in question was indeed Fiji's prime minister, it was decided they would introduce themselves to him. It was a very congenial meeting that included Brother Brooks and some of our other missionaries having their picture taken with Commodore Bainimarama. As you can imagine, everyone was excited to hear about this providential meeting with the country's top government official. It was something no one would soon forget. Little did we know at that time the unprecedented opportunity that would come as a result of this Divine appointment. After arriving back in the United States, Alan Brooks felt burdened to contact Commodore Bainimarama. Brother Brooks asked about the possibility of distributing Bibles to the school students in Fiji as BIMI had done in other locations in the South Pacific. After the letter was sent, all we could do was wait for an answer. Weeks later Brother Brooks brought me a letter that had come from Mr. Nemani Drova (Fiji's Deputy Permanent Secretary for Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts). The letter granted us permission to distribute Bibles and informed us that the government of Fiji would help to expedite the process. This was an amazing door God had opened to us, but now we had to enter that door. On June 7, 2012, Brother Brooks presented this open door to the local church pastors who make up the BIMI Board of Trustees. The Board members were 2 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2013