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A DVD presentation has been produced to help you see what God is doing with your gifts and what is needed ahead. To receive a copy of the DVD, please see the instructions on the back page. On behalf of our missionaries, thank you again for all you have done and are doing for the Lord. How To Help News coverage of this massive typhoon has come and gone. But the fact remains—that damage is massive and the aftermath will be a constant challenge for months and even years to come. Please pray that God will use these extreme conditions and circum- stances left behind by the typhoon to keep hearts tender and turning towards Jesus Christ. You can help with any of the following: · A love offering of $100 will support a national pastor for four months while he and his family continue to minister and rebuild their church. · Your gift of $300 can build an unfurnished home for one of the national pastors. · A gift of $1,000 can build a new church building. · No gift is too small. You can have a part in providing a basic item that will be used to furnish a national pastor's home. · Our missionaries are in desperate need of funds to purchase building materials to rebuild and repair their homes and churches. We have mentioned many needs but the greatest need remains the need for men and women to answer the call to reach the lost in the Philippines. W Number 1, 2014 BIMI WORLD 11