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After all these tragic events, the thing that shocked us most was the absence of like-minded churches with whom we could work to help the people. This problem is true in most of northern Japan. In addition to 400 miles of coastal towns, northern Japan has 32 cities of 50,000 or more, 14 cities of 100,000 or more, 7 cities of 200,000 or more, 3 cities of 300,000 or more, and 1 city of over 1 million. Do you know how many like-minded churches there are in all of these coastal towns and in the cities referenced by this map? There are THREE throughout the whole area but only ONE in the cities listed on this map! From where do these numbers come? After discussing this situation with two independent Baptist missionaries who are with other missions agencies, the three of us came to the conclusion that there were only three like-minded churches north of Fukushima prefecture. Yes, we know there are other Gospel preaching churches for which we are grateful, but where are the young men from like- minded churches who are needed to respond to such great need? Thankfully, some are responding to God's call! As I write this article in January 2014, I have just enjoyed spending a week with Paul and Sarah Johnson. They flew to Aomori to see the city to which they feel the Lord is leading them. They are completing their language studies and, Lord willing, are headed to Tohoku region Aomori City 302,000 Aomori Prefecture Akita Prefecture Morioka City 298,000 Akita City 325,800 Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata City 254,000 Iwate Prefecture Miyagi Prefecture Sendai 1,033,500 Aomori in the summer of 2014. Josh and Amy Durden are blazing the deputation trail. We are in contact with others who are burdened about coming to help. Thank you for helping us pray for the great need in northern Japan and for the 10 missionary families we are asking the Lord to provide. But as you pray, do not let your prayers stop with northern Japan. All of Japan is in great need. There are millions in need—but so few preachers. Northern Honshu is an Open Door needing your help! Help us pray for more laborers. W Number 1, 2014 BIMI WORLD 13