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Nine years later, my family and I arrived in Germany. This time there were no tears but there were nerves—we had never been to Europe and had never lived in a foreign country together. We knew God would take care of us, but the unknowns were abundant. Where would we live? Could we still homeschool? Where will we go to church? We found ourselves praying to God for daily wisdom and protection as we took each step. Thankfully, God in His mercy and grace had called Pastor Gary and Karen Craft to be missionaries to the military many years prior. The next three years proved to be an amazing experience of watching God do what only He can do. Under Pastor Craft we grew as a family as we heard the Word of God taught and preached lovingly with conviction, unmatched clarity and practicality. He taught us not only how to love each other as a family but also how to love others, especially the lost who were looking from the outside and wanting to be a part of what we have inside. Together, the Crafts became mom and dad to most of us who were stationed far from family—they loved their church family as their own and taught us how to do the same. I realize now the seeds that were planted in Korea years earlier had grown and we were able to stand with and behind God's man to support him the best we knew how. Again, to God be the glory, great things He hath done! I think we still have that little sock somewhere in our keepsakes. It will always serve as a reminder of God's provision and how He taught us the importance of military missions. What is really amazing is that the young boy who used to fill that sock, Zachary, was gloriously saved while we were serving at the military ministry in Germany! Not only that but also our youngest son, Benjamin, was saved there, too! God is truly a God of overflowing blessing! W Colonel(select) Roberts was commissioned in 1992 at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and is a Command Pilot with more than 2,700 hours in F-16 and AT-38 aircraft. He is currently assigned as a student at Japan's National Institute for Defense Studies in Tokyo, Japan. Number 1, 2014 BIMI WORLD 17