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able to meet that day's quota of schools. There were days when the logistics seemed absolutely impossible but God always proved faithful in superintending the schedule. On one occasion a team went to the wrong school. Brother Brooks had a long witness with the headmaster who was hungry for the Lord. Had the team not gone to this school at this time, they would not have had the opportunity to have such a fruitful time with the headmaster. An assembly was scheduled the next day and more than 1,200 students heard the Gospel and received Bibles. God truly makes no mistakes! Clearly presenting the Gospel to younger students also required forethought and preparation. The team members developed a flip chart that was used to illustrate the Gospel from creation to the cross. This proved to be very effective in helping the younger students understand their need for the Savior. The team members all wore matching, brightly colored shirts so that the Fijians could quickly identify anyone who was associated with the Bible Project. It was not unusual for students to come up to them on the street and thank them for bringing the Bibles. One young man approached Brother Brooks and said, “Hello, Pastor. Thanks for the Baptist Bible.” Even students from the first phase of distribution would thank them. The shirt even aided in Brother Brook's safety as he went to a bank to exchange currency. A plain- clothes policeman approached him and said, “I watch people who watch people and you are being watched.” Number 1, 2014 BIMI WORLD 19