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He was watching out for Brother Brooks and stayed with him until he was in a safe place. This was not the only instance of God's watching over and protecting team members. On at least two trips, vehicle accidents with large trucks were avoided at the last possible moment. The experiences in the schools were much the same as they had been in the secondary phase. The initial meeting was with the headmaster, and it was at this point that the team leader would be able to discern whether the welcome would be warm or cold. The range or reaction could be from excited to indifferent to hostile. One assistant principal told his students this was the fulfillment of the prophecy that the Gospel shall be preached in all the world. He firmly believed the team was hastening the coming of the Lord. At a large school they were told originally they could only give Bibles to the 550 Christian students. The headmaster was not present when the team arrived and his assistant allowed the team to give Bibles to all 1,000 students! Other headmasters emphatically denied the team the opportunity to hold assemblies and pass out the Bibles even though each team had written instructions from the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Education to be allowed to do so. In these cases at the instruction of the authorities, the Bibles were passed out to the students as they left school. By nature the Fijians are quiet and reserved. It was interesting to observe how the Lord gave the national partners the boldness to enter the headmaster's office and firmly state, “We have written permission from the Prime Minister to hold an assembly and give Bibles to each student. The Ministry of Education has set this as the time for this school. Please call the students for our presentation.” Rarely were they turned down. 20 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2014