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Brother Brooks had many opportunities to interact with the police. On one trip to Ba, he was pulled over for speeding (it is not unusual for the speed limits to change without notice). The policeman recognized him and rather than giving a ticket asked for Bibles. Brother Brooks did not have any whole Bibles with him at that time but promised to bring some on the trip back. On the return trip Brother Brooks was looking for the area so he could give out the Bibles. He found it by being pulled over for going one mile per hour above the limit! As a result he was able to give Bibles to every policeman in the division. No ticket was given! On another occasion an older policeman told him, “The Bible is the best weapon a man can have.” One of the Fijian partners was a young man with seven children who had spent ten years in jail for drug abuse. The Lord used him to give a testimony of how drugs had ruined his life but Jesus Christ changed him. He had stepped out by faith to serve the Lord. He works on a farm and sells his produce on Saturdays to try to make a living. His journey of faith has been exciting. To help with the project, he would travel to an area and camp out. The Lord met his needs in many wonderful ways. BIMI missionary Robert Rutta received a love offering at one service that he was able to pass on to this young man to help with expenses. Even a Hindu man gave him food for his family. An Australian man paid for his children to attend a Christian school. He gives praise to the Lord as he sees his faith and boldness increase. The schedule was packed day after day with a repetition of the process. Each team would visit six to eight schools per day. As many as 6,000 to 8,000 students heard the Gospel and received a Bible each weekday. At times the schedule seemed overwhelming but God always gave grace and strength. 21