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Transporting the Bibles and the teams had its own set of challenges. On October 1, Brother Brooks and others passed out Bibles all day, then travelled 12 hours by boat to Savusava for scheduled distributions on October 3. After problems with two different rented trucks that required loading and unloading the Bibles three times, the Bibles were finally prepared (placing stickers with local contact information in each Bible—a four hour process in this case) and in the necessary places. The weekends gave opportunity to observe some of the fruit of their efforts. One teacher has been attending a Baptist church in the Nausori area. A man from one of the schools started coming to one of the churches and was saved as the result of a Saturday visitation from the pastor. One set of parents called a church to find out the Sunday school times because their three children said, “We have Bibles now, so we need to go to Sunday school.” They did show up! A teenager from Suva Christian School insisted that he and his mother (a recent widow) come to a Baptist church in Suva. One church had ten people attend as a direct result of the Bible Project. Churches all across the nation are seeing results. The last Sunday Brother Brooks was in Fiji, he had the opportunity to preach and two adults who were at church as a direct result of the Bible distribution were saved. One was a grandmother who came with her granddaughter who had received a Bible. There will be many other long- term opportunities as well. A national pastor has been asked to have a private Bible study with a Hindu headmaster. Another missionary has been invited to come every Wednesday to one of the schools and teach moral principles from the Bible. He has been doing that and having the opportunity to clearly explain the Gospel. Another Christian lay pastor who is the headmaster of a Hindu school wants someone to come on a weekly basis. He does not want the children bowing and praying to idols anymore. Sadly, there is no one in that area to go! 22