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USA Church Planting Conference at City Baptist Church Hoboken, New Jersey By Phil Rizzo As a church planter I recently went through the deputation process before planting City Baptist Church on October 14, 2012. Deputation was a unique experience for my family and we loved many parts of it. We met wonderful people, gained prayer support and refined our vision for City Baptist. We also had the opportunity to go to some church planting conferences held in different regions across the USA. Having gained personal experience along the deputation trail, I learned that church planting conferences provided a quick way to raise the most “financial” support for a church planter in the USA. Therefore, it became my desire to start having a conference in Hoboken, New Jersey, to help raise money for Northeast church planters. Without knowing what to expect, we had our first conference in December 2013. December 12–14 we had a financial commitment of $23,150 for six church planters! Evangelist Dr. John Hamblin preached Thursday and Friday services and Dr. Chuck Harding from Awake America preached the Saturday and Sunday services. The spirit of the conference was fantastic, and we had a great response from pastors in New Jersey and the New York City area. We have already scheduled the 2014 conference and are expecting God to continue to bless. I believe it is vital for each region of the United States to have a conference for church planters of that area. Regional pastors can get behind these men and create a network of support for the new churches being started. Benjamin Franklin said immediately following the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “Gentlemen, we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” At this time of our nation's history, I feel this to be true for those of us who are passionate about our United States church planting movement. Our churches and pastors must join together to perpetuate the pioneering spirit of the local church to reproduce itself and evangelize the world. W Number 1, 2014 BIMI WORLD 5