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this side of heaven! But because of what I saw in these churches and others I have visited this year, I cannot help but think that there is coming a day—a day of great rejoicing—for those who gave their all for the cause of Christ! God is doing some remarkable things in the land of the Philippines. Many are serving faithfully in this fruitful yet difficult place. Many more laborers are needed and many more prayers are needed for ministries throughout this land. The devastation in portions hard hit by the typhoon is being described as a war zone. Yet, it is difficult for those of us who are on this side of the world to understand what ministries are enduring in the aftermath. There is death and destruction. There is a scarcity of food and supplies. There is no power in some places and it is being reported that this may be true for many months to come. Since it was difficult to know just what was happening, Don Arnold, our BIMI videographer, and I spent two weeks in January assessing the needs in four of our ministries. The hardest hit areas were Tacloban and Roxas City. Carl Sparks serves in Tacloban in Leyte and farther east. The other visit was to Roxas City on northern Panay Island where Rick Fannin's church is located. The storm did not affect the ministries of Rick Martin in southern Panay Island and Peter and Frank Denisi in southern Cebu Island. These men were able to visit the hardest hit areas soon after the storm and help pastors and churches north of their locations. Thankfully, the Lord protected all of our families. Though there was much destruction, these ministries are moving forward to help others in difficult areas. We heard many reports of people being saved and talked to many pastors and churches who are extremely grateful for your prayers and support. It will take many months to recover. Your prayers are needed for the ministries in the Philippines. Please help us pray for the health and safety of our missionaries as they minister to many in need, for souls to be saved in all of our ministries throughout this land, for many to be willing to go to help us not just with the recovery but with reaching this land with the Gospel. Number 1, 2014 BIMI WORLD 9