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Editorial By David H. Snyder Today's headlines from around the world are filled with news about wars, murders, power struggles, diseases, kidnappings, and much more. For many people, global issues can be something that creates fear and uncertainty. However, a biblical view of the evil taking place around us should help us focus on the greatest of all global issues. When the media speak about global issues, they are usually referring to things like social, economic, political, and environmental concerns that affect the entire world. To be sure, all of these topics are important and there are aspects of these issues that play a part in the lives of everyone living on the earth. Society as a whole is not getting better but is rapidly getting worse. Of course, God already told us that evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived (2 Timothy 3:13). The economic outlook for many nations is far from hopeful as entire countries find themselves on the brink of financial collapse. This is to be expected when mankind trusts in idols of…silver and gold rather than the true and living God (Psalm 135:15–18). When we consider politics, our thoughts often turn to corruption and deception. The Bible clearly warns us not to put our trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help (Psalm 146:3). Finally, environmental concerns seem to consume the lives of many. It is heartbreaking to see those who worship creation and serve the creature more than the Creator (Romans 1:25). In response to the global issues mentioned above, many people turn to religion in an attempt to calm their fears and feelings of uncertainty. But religion is not the solution to the global issues plaguing the human race. In fact, in many respects religion itself often adds to the world's dilemma. For example, some religions have an agenda that includes world domination. Jesus Christ is the only true answer to the problems threatening our world today. This is one reason missions is so important. We have the answer to every global issue that has ever been or ever will be. The Bible explains the reason for the evil and destruction in the world and it proclaims that Jesus has already won the victory over that evil. Society is turning to self-help books, psychologists, and many other venues in an attempt to solve their problems and make themselves better. Nonetheless, we know all men are inherently sinful and are sinners (Romans 3:23; 5:12) and Jesus is the answer to the sin problem. He is the 2 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2014