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Request for Prayer For Brianna Fluegge June 8 is a day that will forever live in infamy in our family. Our two-year- old daughter Brianna had been having some problems with her balance, coordination, and walking so we took her to several doctors in an effort to find the problem. The second Monday of June found us in the hospital having a CT scan done on Brianna. During the scan, the technician saw something he didn’t like and called a doctor to look at it immediately. He would not say what he had found, but later that day when I picked up the written report, it indicated that there was a mass in her brain and it likely was cancerous. Immediately we mobilized to leave the country. We spent Monday evening and Tuesday preparing ourselves, our house, and the church folks for our departure. We were in the air by 9 AM on Wednesday and touched down at JFK in the early afternoon. Brianna’s symptoms deteriorated during the flight, and God had the right people on the phone together at just the right moment to recognize the danger of boarding the second flight to Washington Dulles. We were directed to NY Presbyterian on the East Side of Manhattan, and by 10 AM on Thursday, Brianna was in surgery to have the tumor removed. The circumstances through which God miraculously cared for Brianna are too many to recount, but I must include the following two items. It was never our intention to seek care in New York, but God providentially directed us there where Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield operated on Brianna; people come from all over the country for Dr. Greenfield to perform their surgeries. God had the best of the best picked out to help our little girl. Second, although we were not aware of this, Brianna was increasingly in danger from fluid build- up in the brain due to the tumor. One doctor told us it was a miracle she survived the flight from the Dominican. We thank God for sparing her life long enough to get the help she desperately needed. Sharon and Brianna are going to spend the next six months at Children’s National Hospital Center in DC where Brianna will receive six rounds of chemotherapy. Please pray that God will sustain the Fluegges through this long and lonely trial. Islander – October 2015 11