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Beginnings of Whosoever Baptist Church in St. Lucia By Missionary Wes Bartley  We were told by people in the area that the area that God led us to start a church was not a good area. But when God leads, we need to obey. God kept opening doors and we just kept walking through them. By God’s grace we started a church in Dennery, St. Lucia, in February 2014. God provided a building. We started the church with our family and a couple of other people from the village. We are praising the Lord that in just over a year we are seeing growth in our church, certainly not because of our doing, but of God’s doing! After just a few months of meeting there, we were outgrowing our small living room space. Once again the Lord provided. The landlady gave us permission to knock out a wall. Little by little the church is growing physically as well as spiritually. It is exciting to see our church people give, even out of their own poverty, for the needs of others. People are getting saved almost on a weekly basis and God is changing this town one soul at a time. Islander – October 2015 13