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part of a larger picture of preparing, planting, praying, and eventually reaping. It is exciting to see everyone being ambassadors for Christ.” Jamaica — Fran Young celebrated the 35 th anniversary celebration with Bethel Baptist Church. She says that the Lord reminded her of Psalm 126:3, The Lord hath done great things for us: wherefore we are glad! She said, “As I sat in church I looked over at the almond tree where Bethel Baptist began on February 17, 1980. Three were baptized that day, and God was honored for all He has done. It was a blessed day for Jimmy, my son, and me—a little “handful on purpose.” Trinidad — Coco Chan shares that Tanizia, a nine-year-old girl, asked her, “Ms., How can I become a child of God?” I had just taught the lesson on the prodigal son. I explained to her how she could be a child of God, and on Wednesday, May 20 Tanizia was added to the family of God. In the past several months Aaron (9) and Olusegun (9) have also trusted in Christ. At Hope Baptist Church in Valencia, I received love notes from the children in my class. One said, “Miss Coco, I love you!” My heart was touched. After the service on Mothers’ Day, five ladies came forward to accept Christ as their personal Savior. Pray that the Lord will give me some faithful members with whom I can work and train for this ministry with children. Dominican Republic — Jeff and Traci Garrison are praising the Lord for their first Dominican wedding. One of the greatest pleasures for any missionary is to see young men and women who have been won to Christ, grown up in the church, and fallen in love. Chi Chi Tirbucio and his fiancé were married the first week of July and another couple of our young people, Hidetoshi and Anna Colon, were married the end of July. Trinidad — John and Brenda Gossett started Anchor Baptist Church in the area of Sande Grande. Two people accepted Christ during the first week of meetings. The church is meeting under a 20 x 20 foot tent, and a number of folks have been saved in that town. John and Brenda also report that Anna, their oldest daughter, married Matthew Sculley on July 3. Nassau, Bahamas — Shirleen Godfrey reports that Redemption Baptist has branched out, visiting a new area. The bus is loaded, people young and old are getting saved, and the small building is filled. Some come singing on the bus. It sure helps to get the service off to a good start! (Redemption Baptist is a Haitian ministry.) Jamaica — Swante and Linda Lindquist attended a “remarkable” Memorial Service for the wife of one of our dear neighbors. The preaching was powerful and decidedly used of the Lord as six people trusted Jesus Christ to save them. Victory Baptist continues to grow in good ways. Each Sunday we have Scripture memory (a new verse each week). Our theme for the year is “Walking Worthy” (Colossians 1:10). On Good Friday, four of our young people trusted Christ as Savior. Islander – October 2015 15