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memorable events In our BIMI southern field conference in Trinidad, Dr. C.O. Grinstead preached a message about “Memorable Events” from Exodus. Shortly thereafter, we were in the elevator at the hotel and it stopped halfway between first and second floor. What a memorable event! I had never ever been on an elevator that suddenly stopped with a three- inch drop to the safety position and we couldn’t get out until maintenance personnel were able to manually overide the computer system. Of course, I have never had a summer like this one. In May, Joy and I went to Anguilla and preached the 30th year anniversary for Central Baptist church and Cecil Richardson. We then left for home and packed for the June Candidate School. It was a joy to be with the 84 missionary candidates preparing for deputation. The following week I was in Haiti celebrating the graduation of 30 Haitian men from the five-year Bible school that Brother Benji and Brother Don Dryden have in Port-de-paix. Two days after returning home, Joy and I were heading for CAMP BIMI where we served as dorm parents for the girls and taught several classes. During the first part of July, we drove over to Roxboro, North Carolina, to see Joan Whiteheart, one of our Caribbean missionaries. Joan is always a delight to be around. She always leaves you with a memory. Upon entering the nursing home room, Joan requested some corn chips. So we proceeded to go to the vending machine and buy her some corn chips. I thought, “This sure is an easy request to make one happy.