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My Unforgetable Missions Trip by Pastor Bill Adams (Smyrna Baptist Church—Pensacola, Florida) Recently, I had the experience of accompanying Brother Gary Sprunger, the Caribbean Director for BIMI, on a trip to Haiti. I was totally blown away with this experience! Upon our arrival in Port-au-Prince, I became apprehensive at being white in a totally black nation and unable to communicate in their language. This apprehension was obviously uncalled for as the Haitian people seemed friendly and helpful. We took a short ride to the home of a Filipino missionary to Haiti, Brother Leny Funtecha. His sweet wife prepared a wonderful supper for us and we then retired to a very nice room they provided for us for the night. I was impressed with the 20 plus years that the Funtechas had served in Haiti and the great work they are doing. Brother Leny took us to the bus station after wonderful breakfast that Mrs. Funtecha had prepared. I had already noticed 6 Islander – October 2015