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We were there for the graduation of the Bible school that Brother Dryden started in Port-de-Paix. There were 30 graduating this year. The service lasted over three hours in the blazing heat of that Haitian afternoon. It may not have been that bad for those who were conditioned to it, but it was to me. Even Brother Sprunger didn’t seem to be bothered by it as I was, but then he was a Caribbean missionary himself for a number of years. Brother Sprunger delivered the commencement message and seemed to be very comfortable with the translation process. Brother Dryden’s son, Benji, who was born and grew up in Haiti, seemed to do an excellent job of translating the message. I was able to preach in the Sunday morning service while Brother Don translated. Gary Sprunger was more comfortable with the translation process. However, I did get to speak to the teens Sunday afternoon. I was able to use some of the illusion illustrations that was given to me by another missionary out of our church, Dr. Bill Haag. The time I spent with the teens was much more comfortable. Monday, Don Dryden and Gary Sprunger and I took a trip into town and to the port leading to Tortuga, an island off the coast. I got to see firsthand 8 Islander – October 2015