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what it might have been like in 18th century America. Motor scooters, motorcycles, pack mules, and ladies carrying loads balanced on their heads packed the roads both leading up to town and in town. I was struck by the abject poverty of this country. Everywhere we stopped in town, beggars would approach hoping for a handout. Brother Dryden found it hard to turn away those who would ask and consequently gave away quite a bit of his Haitian money. Most of the street peddlers were peddling secondhand stuff or fruit and vegetables that they personally grew and harvested. It was amazing to see. We headed home Tuesday. I had a clear understanding of the sacrifices missionaries make to answer the call God has placed on their lives. I have a greater appreciation for missionaries than I ever have had before. Also, I have a greater appreciation for the good ole USA! While she has a plethora of problems that are growing worse with each passing day, she is still the greatest country in the world. I am very grateful I got to go, it has made me a changed pastor! Islander – October 2015 9